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Fridge / Kamen Rider Amazons

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Fridge Logic

  • As shown in the second episode, Amazon Omega is capable of running at high speed and leaping great distance to get to his prey. And then he joins the extermination team, which uses a van to travel long distance. There's no need for him to get a bike, other than being the protagonist of a Kamen Rider show.
    • More like due to needing to assist the Extermination team when they need him. If he just suddenly attacks an Amazon several miles from them, then no pay for them, since they are mercenaries getting paid by his mother. He only needs a bike when he needs to follow the team or chasing an enemy in specific areas.
    • There's also the fact that he burns through his protein reserves in his transformed state, meaning wasting it traveling when he doesn't need to would be foolish

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