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  • Jin and Nanaha, while they kidnapped Haruka, treated him rather well and fed him while he was at their place. Jin and Nanaha also get a mention for telling Haruka to fight, with Jin giving him advice and Nanaha giving him Jin's spare Driver. Quite nice of them, considering.


  • Mamoru gets a lot in this episode, including splitting a burger with Haruka, who have just joined his team (as far as he can see it, anyhow); and living up to his name, disobeying orders in order to protect an injured Nozomi.


  • Haruka's decision to fight is both this and a Tear Jerker. He states that should he ever turn, he would rather die at the Extermination Squad's hands than at Jin's.


  • Mamoru once again delivers, this time managing to patch up the relationship between Haruka and the rest of the team by offering to pay them with his savings (which were in 1- and 5-yen coins). While the amount was of course laughable, the fact that everyone liked Mamoru ultimately was reason enough. They've even brought the coins with them in the final confrontation with Sigma, with Fuku having taped his to his hat.



  • Jin shows up, intent on finishing his promise of destroying all Amazons, and Mamoru comes in and fights him off but is quickly outmatched. The reformed NPS comes in and decides to help Mamoru. He may be an Amazon, but the group's bonds with each other take precedence over anything else.
  • Haruka, Mamoru, and the surviving Amazons have formed a small community to try and live in peace away from humans.
    • Haruka has also taken on the role of their protector, fending off attacks from an unhinged Jin and Mercy Killing any Amazons that awaken and go wild.
    • Speaking of protecting, seeing the Pest Exterminators dogpile Amazon Alpha to protect Mamoru before Jin and Haruka's final bout.
  • The fact that after basically telling Shogo to get lost repeatedly because there's no way in hell he's going up against Amazons again, Shido changes his mind upon learning that Mamoru might be alive. And then all he has to do to convince the others to come back is to hold up the necklaces they made with Mamoru's coins.


  • Chihiro taking Iyu into an amusement park for a "date" so she can at least enjoy herself like a normal girl even it's just for a while. It works too, as Iyu starts remembering a bit of her past and the distance between her and Chihiro are clearly shrinking.


  • Chihiro having a huge smile on his face when he hears how Iyu used to act when she was alive, he even takes the time to buy her a cake as he learned she used to love making them.
  • Iyu protecting Chihiro by taking the Rose Amazon's hit, it is ambiguous if she did this to protect him or if she just remembered that he did that for her last time and thought it was a strategy but it's a kind gesture none the less
  • In a more heartbreaking example just how much Shuya, the Rose Amazon loves his fiance, Emily. Despite it being shown that the new Amazon's original personalities are erased, it's obvious that he truly loves Emily. For extra points Emily murders people just because she loves him and even gives him permission to eat her.


  • When Chihiro is losing against two Amazons, Iyu, who was already very hurt, tried to help him
  • Jin's big smile when he finds Chihiro is this when you find out he just found his son. Subverted in that Jin has been looking for Chihiro to kill him all along.


  • We get glimpses to Nanaha's life with a young Chihiro. While it was certainly brief, the fact that Chihiro experienced the love of his mother certainly qualifies.
  • We see both Iyu and her father pre-Amazon. Their relationship is surely one of love, and the reason Iyu's father refuses to help Jin is because he cannot turn his back on his humanity and therefore his relationship with his family.


  • Fuku and Mizuki showing that despite turning their back on their friends, they still deeply care about them.
    • The moment that Makoto is hurt Fuku focuses on his well being.
    • Mizuki warning Haruka to stand back from the High Pressure Round from killing him.
  • When Mizuki is about to fire the High Pressure Round, Mamoru tries to join his fellow Amazons in shielding the invisible Amazon from it, but they push him away and insist that they can't let him be killed too.


  • Even though he's their enemy now, Haruka and Mizaki free a trapped Mamoru and the rest of the team takes him to a safe place to heal him.
  • Hiroki interfering with 4C's hunt of Chihiro to buy him time to escape, a far cry from someone who only saw Chihiro as a meal ticket at the beginning of the season.


  • Nagase doing everything he can to help Chihiro, showing much he's grown as a person. From trying to stop Iyu from killing him, to even shooting Jin at point blank.
  • Mizuki protecting Haruka from Nanaha, then treating his wounds.
  • Iyu deciding to protect Chihiro from Jin after regaining her sense of self.


  • Haruka begging Jin to allow him to stop Nanaha and Chihiro to protect Jin's sanity.
  • Chihiro giving Iyu a much needed Cool Down Hug as she remembers the moments leading up to her death.


  • Nanaha sharing one final tender moment with Jin before pushing him out of the blast radius of the HP round fired by the NPS team.
  • The final battle is appropriately treated as a solemn affair, given that it marks the end of the series, yet kudos to the writers for letting us viewers witness Jin and Haruka transform side-by-side and assuming their original battle stances before fighting Chihiro, a wonderful callback to Season 1.


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