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Headscratchers / Kamen Rider Amazons

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  • The Amazons are stated to be nothing but masses of man-made cells that happen to look like humans, but a few of them show a proficiency in integrating into the outside world that calls this into question. The Queen Ant Amazon posing as an apartment owner and drawing in prey by calling a repair company to fix her refrigerator. The first Butterfly Amazon posing as a bus driver. How would they know to do these things if they'd always been Amazons? If they had always been Amazons, then presumably they would have had no prior knowledge or experience with the outside world prior to their escape. So how would these two Amazons be able to put together these complex plans without such experience? It's one thing to be intelligent enough to formulate such a plan, but it's another thing entirely to know elements of said plan exist in order to put them into effect. Is it possible that some of the escaped Amazons could have actually been human originally? After all, we know that a human implanted with Amazon Cells will be transformed into an Amazon because that's what Jin did.

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