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When your mentor takes being cuckoo little too literally...
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TV Series

    Episode 1: Eyes Open! It's Me! 
  • During his first henshin, the Gamma ask what Takeru thinks he's doing. His response?
    Takeru: I wish I had an answer for you!
  • Like Kouta and Ryotaro, Takeru has no idea what he can do with his Rider powers during the time he's first transformed.
    Episode 2: Blitz! Inventor King! 
  • Takeru learns the hard way why one does not bring swords to a fight against an enemy that has the power of electricity at its command.
  • By now, we know the Sennin is a little out there. What seals it is him skipping his way out.
    • Also earlier: Sennin asking why he couldn't read Takeru's favorite book and his Mood Whiplash-inducing "I don't know." after asking if the monolith in the lab had any meaning to it.
  • Denki's sudden lax mannerism when confronted by Takeru.
    Denki Gamma: I have no idea what are you talking about. (Leans onto his side lazily.)
  • The Ore Ghost Parka dancing while waiting for Takeru to transform.
  • When Onari asks Akari who she believes saved her, we have this:
    Akari: Was it Takeru?
    Takeru: It was an iguana.
    [Spit Take from Onari that reaches Akari from across the table]
  • Onari has too many other hilarious moments to properly list; from confusing Sennin with one of Takeru's actual deceased relatives, to his close-up number and running off.
  • Takeru finally discovers the Condor Denwor on Sennin's table. What did he get when he used it? This gem:
    Takeru: Hello, Gramps?
    Sennin: Yes, hello?note  I'm really busy; don't call me unless it's important! (Ends call)
    Takeru looks at the receiver with a utterly baffled look.
    Takeru: What was that all about?! (Hangs up irritably)
    Episode 3: Bullseye! The Bow & Arrow Of Justice! 
  • Any time Onari devours the sets.
  • During the fight against Ono and Ghost Robin Damashii, Takeru sends some of Ono's axes airborne... right towards Akari and Onari. Cue explosions going off behind them as they run.
  • Sennin's costume this episode around? A fox hunting uniform, complete with a fake horsie.
  • Akari's reaction to seeing Yurusen for the first time.
    Episode 4: Amazing! The Castle In The Sky! 
  • The Robin Hood Parka Ghost outdoes the Ore Ghost Parka with ballet pirouettes and flips as the belt sounds play. Fridge Brilliance if you know that this was the sort of thing associated with Errol Flynn-era Robin Hood.
  • So the Monster of the Week is defeated, and Takeru—using his new Newton Eyecon— is trying to stop the Floating Continent from destroying Tokyo. He succeeds, but laments that he'll be crushed to death in the process... only for Yurusen to remind him that he's a friggin' ghost.
    • His response? "Oh. Right." Then he proceeds to let the continent (seemingly) crush him. He then simply phases through the ground, declaring the mission a success before getting chewed out by Yurusen regarding Nobunaga.
  • Kuroda noticed that he lost Takeru (again). His exasperated scream of "HE'S GONE AGAIN?!" was particularly shrill.
  • Whoever was dressing up Sennin for this episode was brilliant, mainly for his first scene. Said scene had him in a parakeet onesie.
    Episode 5: Shocking! The Mystery Kamen Rider! 
  • Takeru and Makoto meeting for the first time. No one spoke a word, so Takeru nodded a silent greeting at the awkward situation.
  • When the Tutankhamun Parka Ghost is first called out, he does a pose like every other Parka Ghost before him. However, since Tutankhamun has no sleeves to pose with, it makes him look like he is awkwardly floating in place.
    Episode 7: Fast Shooting! Legendary Gunman! 
  • Onari and Akari score a personal victory by finally tracking down Saionji - and then he steps out of the store, forcing them to start Acting Unnatural by pretending to be a couple. Bear in mind Onari is a monk.
  • Onari's attempt at confronting Saionji results in him tripping and falling on Saionji.
    Episode 11: Magnificent! Mysterious Eyes! 
  • Yurusen gets completely fried couple of times for ramming into things she really shouldn't like into a giant force field of the Eyecon-created glyph. When she appears after the second time, she is patched up due of the injuries she received.
    Episode 13: Daring! The Man Who Lives Freely! 
  • Onari's insistence that Takeru use Goemon's Eyecon. He even gets disappointed every time he doesn't.
    • Then Takeru finally uses Goemon, and we're treated to a Kabuki-style fight that's equal parts awesome and funny.
  • When Alain and Planet Gamma invade the satellite station, the latter's interference causes one of the computers to Blue Screen.
    Episode 14: Magnificent! Dawn for Earth! 
  • Toukon Boost Parka Ghost dancing around Takeru. Mind you, that was Ryu Tenkuji's soul. I guess it is okay to sacrifice his soul for his son as long as he can dance around his son then fuse with him.
  • Planet Gamma heading up to space to take manual control of the satellite he's been controlling to steal people's souls through their phones should be intimidating, but the fact that he does it by standing stock still and rocketing up while shouting "Lift Off!" makes it more than a little silly looking.
  • When Captain Ghost flies Takeru into space he panics for a little bit because he can't breathe, only to remember that he's a ghost and he doesn't need to breathe.
    • He also mimics Fourze's signature pose and "It's space time!" catchphrase.
    Episode 15: Anguish! The Stubborn Escape King! 
  • Takeru calling for Yurusen and her appearing in a bucket. Then Takeru looks at her.
    Yurusen: Eek. Don't look~
    Episode 16: Perfection! The White Rider! 
  • When Makoto announces his intent to return to the World of the Gamma, we get a cutaway to Sennin saying something ominous about Ryu's dream only to get interrupted by Yurusen, what follows is amazing.
    (Yurusen pop up behind Sennin while wearing a blue afro with an oni horn)
    Sennin: Don't scare me, you goof!
    Yurusen: You think Makoto's gonna be alright going back there?
    Sennin: Why do you ask?
    Yurusen: I mean, it's Hell, ain't it?
    Sennin: Oh snap, that's right...
  • Takeru tries to get info about the Gamma World from Yurusen.
    Yurusen: There are some things in the world you're better off not knowing. Adieu. (floats away until grabbed by the head by Takeru) Ow! Ow! You poked my eye!
    Episode 17: Gorgeous! The Fantastic Queen! 
    Episode 18: Reversed! Mysterious Science! 
  • Akari nearly strangling Yurusen while demanding where Takeru disappeared to.
    Akari: Tell me! What is this "scarier place"!?
    Yurusen: Hey! Quit shaking me!
    Episode 19: Explosion! Paint From Your Heart! 
    Episode 21: Amazing! The Gamma's World! 
    Episode 23: Intimate! The Giant Eyecon! 
  • Alain drinks fruit juice with a straw while complaining about being burdened with physical body.
    Alain: (to Makoto) The two of you longed for such an inconvenience?
    Episode 24: Appearance! The Mysterious Warrior! 
  • Onari gets possessed by the Goemon Eyecon. You can see teeth marks in the scenery.
    • A subtle moment, but as Goemon!Onari hams it up, Cubi slowly slides the door shut in a "I'm not getting involved" way.
  • Yamato Kazakiri (Zyuoh Eagle) shows up out of nowhere, and the team-up is both this and awesome.
    • When Yamato does his roll call, Takeru says that's really cool and does his own roll call.
    • The two draw their weapons, and Takeru notes how similar the Sunglassesslasher and the Zyuoh Buster look. The writers mocking Bandai's laziness? You make the call!
    Episode 25: Disaster! The Red Sky! 
  • Cubi stating that Alain's quite nice when push comes to shove, with the latter angrily glaring at and spooking him.
  • Early in the episode Akari points out to Alain that it seems like he's having second thoughts about his father's plans, causing him to storm off. That's not the funny part. The funny part is that next time we see him he's sitting on a bench near Mrs. Fumi's Takoyaki stand with ten empty boxes of Takoyaki next to him and a eleventh currently being eaten.
    • Even better is his complaining about Akari to himself, making the previously serious and dangerous Alain seem like a petulant child. According to Mrs. Fumi he'd muttered the word "Ridiculous" to himself 54 times since he got to her stand.
  • In succesion to the scene mentioned above, Mrs. Fumi claims that Alain ate ten boxes of takoyaki already. He looks on the pile of empty boxes in amazement before stomach ache hits him. And he complains about having a physical body, again.
    Episode 27: Do-or-Die! Ready For Infiltration! 
  • The episode focuses on 3 different events: Takeru and Alain making their way through Adel's Gamma to save Makoto and Adonis, the gang at the temple are trying to understand how Gamma World works and Onari attempt to rescue Jabel. Both are pretty serious. The third event? Igor commands Onpu Gamma to do a performance at Deep Connect. The episode keep cutting during important parts of those two events just to show us how good Onpu Gamma is performing.
    Episode 28: Current Burst! Power Of The Depths! 
  • Cubi paints bizarre Picasso-esque pictures. Here he gets upset because he’s now in a slump. Oddly enough, when he was in a slump, the pictures he paints are actually realistically painted.
  • Akari Bitch-Slapping Igor. His reaction looks like he is about to burst into tears.
    • What makes this funnier is that it was done in the exact same style that both Gaim and Drive had it, where it has two shots of the female sidekick slapping someone, the first one showing them slapping and the second showing the person being slapped in slow motion. Adding to this cake of laughs is that, while those other two times were Played for Drama and showcases the slapped person succumbing to their dark flaws, this is clearly more Played for Laughs and highlights Akari overcoming Igor.
    Episode 29: Second Coming! Ordeal Of The Escape King! 
    Episode 30: Forever! Cries Of The Heart! 
    Episode 34: Wandering! The World Of Dreams! 
  • Takeru says that he believes in the infinite potential of the 15 heroes. Cue the 15 Eyecons catching on fire for no apparent reason.
  • Everything with the brothers Grimm, culminating into them pulling Takeru into their Eyecon only for him to see them argue, then chasing him out when he tries to get them to stop.
  • A bunch of Gamma Mooks appear while everyone's in Dreamland, and Takeru, Makoto and Alain poise to transform. Takeru manages to activate his Boost Eyecon with no problems, but Makoto and Alain? They see their Eyecons replaced with mushrooms and their drivers replaced with balloons.
  • Musashi and Edison are summoned to fight a pair of Superiors. Edison's dialogue is hilarious mainly because all he says is "I am Edison".
    Edison: I am Edison. Edison! Are you Edison? No, you're not!
  • When the gang enters the dream world, we get to see everyone's idea of a paradise. Akari has an advanced research lab all to herself, Alain has a mountain of takoyaki to eat and Makoto is surrounded by a harem of Kanons all in different cosplay outfits. Uhhhhhh.
    • Makoto's hilarious gleeful expression has to be seen to be believed, especially considering he usually is a silent, stoic guy.
  • After the gang leaves for the dream world, Onari picks up a marker and looks on Alain's face. Painting ensues. However, it bites him in the ass in the next episode.
    Episode 35: Real Worth! The Power of Fun! 
  • Takeru wakes up and sees that Onari's face has turned into impromptu canvas. Alain is wiping paint off his face, while smugly proclaiming he settled the debt with Onari.
    Episode 36: Furious! An Idol's Declaration! 
  • Alain gets transported into a world inside Sanzo's Eyecon, and while he encounters a box of takoyaki there, Sanzo's three disciples (Goku, Gojyo, and Hakkai) taunt and make fun of him as he effortlessly tries to catch the takoyaki box like a child playing catch.
    Alain: "Hey, that's my takoyaki! Give it back!"
    Episode 37: Learn! All the Ways! 
    Episode 38: Resurrection! Hero's Soul! 
  • Kanon patches on Alain up after the events of previous episode. He complains that he is going to die, but she puts him down, saying that it is just muscle strain. Alain took the opportunity to complain about fragile human body again.
  • Jabel is acting like a angry child. One must see that to believe.
    Episode 39: Opposition! Father & Daughter! 
  • Even though the mood of the scene is anything but cheerful, at the start of the episode, Alia gave Igor another Armor-Piercing Slap in the left cheek.
  • As intimidating as Gammaizer Magnetic Blade powers are, it's appearance is incredibly goofy due to how wide it is. The fact that it flees it's first encounter with Ghost while tripping over itself is hilarious. Of course, it wasn't the Gammaizer in control of the body at the time.
  • As if riding the Villain Decay for all it's worth, Igor in his Superior Gamma form has also been getting the Butt-Monkey treatment - Ghost Mugen Damashi makes a feint, waits for Igor to duck, then kicks him in the butt. You just know the suit actors were having a ball choreographing all this.
  • If you saw the preview for this episode and saw the scene where Alia gets herself a Pink Necrom Eyecon, one could be easily forgiven for expecting it to be something that happened at the end of the episode. Instead, we see her transform at the very beginning of the episode, then we see her get her ass handed to, all before the theme song kicks in. It's incredibly common to see female Kamen Riders get their ass kicked that it's almost a Running Gag, but the opening takes that to almost cynical levels as if the writers were telling us: "Okay, let's cut the crap, we all know what's gonna happen so let's just get that out of the way."
    Episode 41: Shockwaves! The Magistrate's Decision! 
  • You know how we still haven't seen Beethoven do much of anything yet? There's a good reason for that. He possesses Akari and begins lecturing everyone (and I mean everyone) in the room to fight their destiny. This is hilarious because 1. Yurusen is helping him and 2. he's catching up to Goemon in hamminess.
    Episode 42: Astonishing! Sennin's Truth! 
  • After Takeru wakes up after he and Alain were defeated by Adel, Yurusen can be seen looking at the unconscious body of the latter in the foreground of the scene, calling him "Takoyaki Boy" and sniffing him because he smelt like Grandma Fumi. Also kinda shows how much positive impact she had on Alain throughout the series
  • Much like how the slap was turned from a dramatic moment into a funny moment, this episode turned the repeated Kamen Rider plot twist of the wise mentor that gives away cool power ups is revealed to be associated with the villains from what could have been a very dramatic moment (and to be fair, what happens afterwards is far from funny), into something more comedic. In this case, Edith forgot to switch personas and ends up accidentally revealing his true form to the group and is forced to fess up.
    Episode 43: Connection! Boy Genius! 
    Episode 44: Activation! The Terror Of Demia! 
  • Onari hyperactively transforms into Necrom inside Alain's body and excitedly jumps into battle. And gets pummeled by Igor.
  • Igor predicted and managed to stop Akari from slapping his left cheek, only for Akari to just slap his right cheek instead, causing him to tearfully remark that he's been slapped five times before redacting one because it was Alia, not Akari.
    Episode 48: Assemble! The Cycle Of Sorrow! 
  • The hermit pathetically attempting to fight as Dark Ghost.
    • Also, Yurusen pulling him away from battle. She calls it Yurusen Finish.
    Episode 49: Infinity! Potential Of Humanity! 
  • Takeru is finally revived! The problem? He was revived several hundred feet into the air. Since he can no longer fly, Takeru plummets to the ground screaming. Luckily, the 15 Luminaries were there to catch him.
  • You know Deep Specter and Necrom have been reduced to fodder when they get run over by something as weak as a bicycle.
    Episode 50: Future! Connecting Souls! 


    The Legend of Hero Alain 
  • Chapter 1 has Saionji continually mocking Alain and later Jabel by eating takoyaki in front of their face (With them thinking it has the same power as a Heroic Eyecon because of its round shape) and refusing to share his food. Alain's reactions take the cake.
    • Saionji on slide, with a tray of takoyaki.
    • Alain meets Harumi for the first time and mistakes her for her gradmother. She thinks he is a creep and kicks him before running away.
  • Chapter 4 has Alain serve takoyaki to Gamma Commandos in their world, dressed up in the same jacket and cap that Grandma Fumi wore.
    Rider Damashii Specials 
  • When Makoto transforms into W and says his catchphrase, Onari hams it up about how Makoto has “become the epitome of hard-boiled”.
  • Just like Takatora before him, after Makoto transforms into Fourze, He immediately does his "It's Space Time!" Catchphrase and pose...and doesn't even know why he did it when Takeru questions him about, in spite the fact that Takeru himself did it as well in the main series. The final kicker is when Takeru looks up at whatever the heck Makoto could have been yelling at.
    Makoto: IT'S SPACE TIME!
    Takeru: What was that all about...?
    Makoto: How should I know?!
    Takeru: Space...?
  • Akari’s confusion when Takeru transforms into Gaim.
    Akari: Huh? A fruit? An armored warrior?
    Ikkyu Intimacy! Awaken, My Quick Wit Power!! 
  • How do Makoto introduced the gang to his newly-acquired Eyecon, Pythagoras? By showing how hard he studied about right-angled triangle, and even did some training using 2 set square rulers during his Imagine Spot
    • And then comes the Pythagoras's Power. It starts with Makoto summoning a right-angled triangle, then throws it around the Gamma, somehow the triangle fly into a line of giant Dominoes, and somehow start spawning mines under the Gamma, each has chibified pictures of Historical Figures (Tutankhamun, Nobunaga, Houdini) and Makoto. the last one has Pythagoras picture explodes right in the Gamma's crotch. To add insult to injury, everytime the Gamma activates those mines, their respective phrases suddenly pop up.
    Kamen Rider Ghost X Kamen Rider Drive: Super War Genesis 
  • In the beginning of the film, Takeru went to confront a Gamma, who was stealing items in a jewelry shop. As he was about to transforms, the Gamma stops him as he makes his escape.
  • When Shinnosuke went to investigate by visiting the shrine to interview Akari and Onari, Onari senses a Gamma, who was far off trying to him fend off, then comes Takeru running in the room, transforms and starts destroying property (on accident). Go then drives by, gives Shinnosuke a substitute Driver and calm Takeru down. Then Makoto join in, transforming and joins in the fight. Then it escalates with Shinnosuke restraining Takeru, while being restrained by Makoto, who is being restrained by Go. When Akari reveals the Gamma, who is laughing his ass off, the four Riders stop and sees him, quad-Rider Kicking the poor bastard.
  • When Takeru and Shinnosuke were brought back into the past, Shinnosuke encounters Mr. Belt (in his prototype form), and when Takeru's father comes, he tells his father they want to be ghost hunters. The next scene shows Takeru and Shinnosuke struggling to meditate. When Shinnosuke complains, Takeru's father whips them for complaining. Twice!
  • When Jun joins in with Go, Makoto and Chase, he then uses his Driver to become Kamen Rider Jun, and attacks the Roidmudes, only to be one-shotted by the Leonardo Da Vinci Gamma. The next scene shows him in a coffin, apparently had died, but was brought back to life by the Hermit. What sells it is that everyone freaks out. Even Chase and Makoto.
  • The Heartwarming moment of Kiriko receiving the ring that Shinnosuke was going to propose her with is interrupted when Jun decides to creepily butt in the moment and creep Kiriko out
  • In the final battle, Akari and Rinna join in, beating the ever-loving hell out of Gammas with wooden planks. When Rinna's wood planks broke, she coward behind Akari.
  • The epic pre-henshin group shot was interrupted when Shinnosuke realized that he doesn't have a belt to transform, leading him to panic.
    Kamen Rider Ghost RE:BIRTH: Kamen Rider Specter 
  • Akari's and Igor's hijinks while working together in the movie's beginning. Akari moves to slap Igor, but stops just an inch away from his face. Igor spends the next minute pointing to cheek, prompting her to finish it with a pouty expression. She does and nearly knocks him out.
    • Take into account that Igor is wearing what looks like Hawaii tourist shirt in the scene.
    Meta & Other 
  • During the opening, Takeru is having a blast while Akari and Onari are trying to capture him, Takeru disappearing each time.
  • One of Specter's Eyecons to come is based Harry Houdini. This is hilarious for many reasons, primarily being that Houdini was not just an escape artist, but someone who routinely debunked the supernatural. Seems ghosts were real after all.
  • The cast's social media posts also tend to range from relatively normal to downright ridiculous. This [1] speaks for all.
  • The Final Stage is full of these, such as Takeru kicking Onari in he nuts and Makoto’s Brother–Sister Incest being played up to running gag levels.