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Forget mushrooms, this is what all the cool kids are doing!
"Ironic, isn't it? The hunter has become the hunted! Hahahaha!!"
Mr. Burns, The Simpsons, "I Married Marge", playing Ms. Pac-Man

A Power-Up, often found in video games, that makes the player invincible for a short period of time. Not only are you immune to damage, but sometimes you are able to inflict Collision Damage against enemies. Often accompanied with a celebratory power-up theme that doubles as an indicator for how much time you have until the invincibility wears off.

In spite of all this awesomeness, you might still die if you do something the game considers inescapable, such as falling into a pit or getting crushed.

Can overlap with Super Mode, especially if the character's appearance changes while the power-up is active.


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    Action Game 
  • Arkanoid: The Mega Ball. For one, it can plow through the black sphere enemies. More importantly, it instantly plows through any brick - even gold and silver bricks. The only things it will bounce off are the walls and the Vaus. However in all games starting from DoH it Again, it receives a Nerf to where it can no longer destroy gold bricks.
  • The magic hat in Crystal Castles, which not only made Bentley Bear invincible, but allowed him to kill Berthilda, the Wicked Witch.
  • The invulnerability in Namco games Battle City and its sequel Tank Force doesn't provide the complete protection. Even though helmet/shield power-up grants invulnerability to the player, it's still possible to get game over due to the base still being vulnerable. Of course, there's a shovel/fortification powerup to protect the base too.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • In Clash at Demonhead, Bang's final Force ability, Karate Power, makes him invincible for 30 seconds and capable of taking down most non-boss enemies in one or two hits. The only drawback is that he loses the ability to shoot while the power is active.

  • A7XPG has you power up your invincibility attack meter by collecting gems at high speed. Once your meter is maxed out, you will become invincible and can crash into enemies for extra points. In fact, crashing into enemies is your main source of points; even the first extend, at 20,000 points, takes a long time to get if you don't use invincibility.
  • In Fix-It Felix Jr., sometimes the building inhabitants will leave you a pie. Eat it and Felix will become invincible for a short time (indicated by his hat flashing). Not only will you be unaffected by the birds that fly by and the debris that Wreck-It Ralph rains upon you, but you can also repair the broken windows more quickly (two window panes are fixed at once, and Felix spends less time hammering away). (In an earlier "Beta Code" version of the game, the pies only restore lives you lost.)

    Beat 'Em Up 
  • The Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for the Gameboy Advance has the Kame Shell. Since colliding with enemies with it active only does as much damage as a regular punch, enemies don't have collision damage, and projectiles can be outrun, it's not particularly useful. More so since colliding with enemies while it's active reduces the remaining time left.
  • Rush'n Attack for the NES has one star, and only one, during the 3rd level near the beginning, which provides Invincibility and the Touch of Death.
  • The fist powerup in Robo Army transforms your character into a doom-buggy that barrels through enemies.
  • One of the lollipops from the Bayonetta franchise is the Yellow Moon, which makes Bayonetta invincible for a short time. The Mega Yellow Moon lollipops do the same thing, but for twice as long.

    Fighting Game 
  • Super Smash Bros.:
    • Many Final Smashes in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and onward in the series work a bit like this, making the character invulnerable for the duration of the Final Smash. In fact, most Final Smashes are this or a single powerful attack. It's still possible to suicide with most of them, though.
    • The original Super Star from the Mario series is in all Smash games, granting temporary invincibility, but doesn't allow you to hurt opponents by touching them. However, the Assist Trophy Isaac from the Golden Sun series, who casts the Psynergy Move, is notable for being capable of knocking out characters who are even under the effects of the Super Star's granted invincibility. Isaac's technique utilizes a property of the games known as Set Knockback, which enables Isaac to merely push foes off the arena without actually dealing damage.
    • In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Banjo & Kazooie's Wonderwing special attack allows them to charge forward and suffer no damage for the attack's duration. As a trade-off, they can only use this attack five times per stock, and their supply of Golden Feathers needed to use the attack will not replenish unless they are KO'd.
  • Beat serves this purpose in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters; once summoned (an ability exclusive to Proto Man and Duo), he gives the player character a shield that completely protects them from harm for a short time.

    First-Person Shooter 
  • Ashes 2063 has the TITAN stim in episode 2, Afterglow. Downplayed in that it doesn't make you invincible, just unkillable — Hit Points above 1 and any armor at all will still be lost upon taking damage while TITAN is active.
  • The Blood series has two invulnerability power-ups, the Death Mask and the Reflective Shots. The former is the run-of-the-mill total invincibility, but thanks to a developer oversight it doesn't have a tell for when its effect expires, so you can't go on as much of a tear as you might expect. The latter reflects hitscan damage such as bullets and melee attacks right back at whoever attacked Caleb, but doesn't protect at all from fire, explosions or projectiles.
  • Corridor 7: Alien Invasion has a blue alien sphere that makes you impervious to damage for a few seconds. It's a rather painful Doom clone, by the way.
  • Doom, Doom II and Doom 64 have a green sphere that grants you temporary invincibility. While it's active, your character portrait has glowing eyes and black-and-white vision, but only for attacks dealing up to 1,000 damage in one blow. If an enemy or another player teleports or spawns onto your exact position, it does 10,000 damage, which is way more than enough to kill anyone.
  • Heretic has the Ring of Invincibility, a portable inventory item. It tints the whole screen in bright yellow-orange when used. The game tends to hand you a good number of these, as there's no other way to safely traverse damaging floors like lava.
  • Quake series has two examples:
    • Quake has the Pentagram of Protection. While it has obvious combat utility, it can also be used to find secret areas hidden in lava. It doesn't protect your armor from damage, though.
    • Quake II has an invulnerability powerup, too, without the pentagram's armor drawback. However, since it's portable, it falls in Too Awesome to Use territory.
  • The Hexen games have the Icon of the Defender. Instead of invincibility it provides a near-perfect defense whose nature varies greatly with the invoker's class. You can be killed with one active, but it's a lot less likely and some sources of damage may in fact be shut out entirely.
  • Descent has an invulnerability power-up, in the form of a blue glimmering orb encircled by two linked rings which, irritatingly, could be stolen by the Thief-Bot.
  • Serious Sam - The Second Encounter has an invulnerability powerup.
  • Turbo Overkill features God Mode powerup that makes the player invulnerable for half a minute.
  • Shaw's Nightmare has a invulnerability powerup in the form of a blue orb with two rings.
  • Ken's Labyrinth has several protective items: first, the gray cloak is a basic invulnerability powerup (protects against everything but Bottomless Pits). The green potion lets you reflect enemy shots back against them (but doesn't protect against melee attacks), and the blue cloak lets you One-Hit Kill enemies by running into them (but doesn't protect against projectiles).
  • Rise of the Triad has multiple invincibility power-ups.
    • God mode has invincibility, plus the ability to shoot giant glowing orbs from your hand that home into enemies and disintegrate them on touch.
    • Dog mode also gives invincibility, plus a super bark that turns everyone who hears it into gibs.
    • Downplayed with the bulletproof vest and asbestos armor. Bulletproof vests prevent damage from bullets, and most Mooks have either a pistol or an MP40. Asbestos armor prevents damage from fire and explosives, which many of the traps and environmental hazards in the game use, as well as a handful of enemies. Neither makes you fully invincible to everything, and they're mutually exclusive; picking up one makes the other one instantly wear off.
  • In Halo 3, Brute Chieftains will use an invincibility equipment and charge you with their gravity hammer. If you kill them before they use it, you can pick it up and use it yourself. One can also be found during the wave-defense segment of the final level. This equipment isn't available in multiplayer, but its effects can be replicated with custom power-ups.
  • The Adventures of Square has the angel sphere. It gives invincibility and the ability to flight to the player.
  • The Cruel Aegis Artifact from WRATH: Aeon of Ruin grants you temporary invincibility when activated... but in exchange, your health is reduced to a measly 10 HP (or, if you're below that, increased), so it's best to use it if you're already low on health, if there are healing items around, or if you have some Life Siphons to spare.

    Maze Game 
  • The famous Energizers (aka Power Pills, aka Power Pellets) from the Pac-Man games are perhaps the Ur-Example. Super Pac-Man added a second type of Energizer, the Super Pill, which turned him into a giant and makes him completely invincible, but doesn't let him go on the offensive like regular Energizers. Word of God has said that he was meant to be flying "over" the maze and the monsters, but as of Super Smash Bros. 4 it appears Namco has settled on the "grows larger" angle.
  • In Trog, eating a pineapple temporarily transforms you into a full-grown dinosaur who can eat cavemen and demolish obstacles. Meanwhile, collecting horseshoes will just give the player invulnerability for a short period of time.
  • The Magic button of the arcade game The Adventures of Robby Roto gives Robby a few moments of invulnerability that can only be used once per stage.


    Party Game 
  • Mario Party 10: In Cheep Cheep Leap, all participating players are given a Super Star, making them invincible and allowing them to defeat Cheep Cheeps just by touching them. In this state, their goal is to defeat more Cheep Cheeps than anyone else within the time limit to win.

    Platform Game 
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • The series is the Trope Codifier, featuring the Super Stars since Super Mario Bros. in hidden or seemingly-normal blocks and helping Mario and Luigi defeat multiple enemies in a quick succession. Most, if not all, stars in subsequent platform games make the character sparkly and flashy as part of their effect. The Rainbow Star serves the same purpose in Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 and, as per Mario Kart, they also makes Mario run faster at full speed. In later games, a jingle is added to warn the player when the effect is about to wane.
    • In Super Mario Bros. 2, a star will always appear every time a character collects five cherries, which in turn will speed up the process of eliminating eight or more characters to make a heart appear and restore a part of the Life Meter. Note that this powerup wasn't added into the game as part of the dolled-up process - it was already in Doki Doki Panic, just like the POW Blocks (from the arcade Mario Bros) and the Sparks (from Donkey Kong Jr.).
    • Starting from Super Mario Bros. 3, there are levels in which blocks that otherwise have nothing more than one coin apiece will pop up a star if Mario or Luigi is under the effect of another star. This allows them to create a handy chain sequence of invincibility, and it's required to complete one of the last levels of SMB3's World 7 (in fact, since the pipes are overrun by Munchers, failure to prolong the sequence will result in a guaranteed death).
    • The Super Star in Super Mario Land works identically to all other iterations in the series, but it doesn't use the iconic tune it debuted with in the first game. It uses a fast-paced remix of the iconic Can-can. In Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (where it appears every time 100 enemies are defeated), it uses yet another tune (original to the game).
    • In Super Mario 64, the Metal and Invisible Caps have similar invincibility functions. Super Mario 64 DS, New Super Mario Bros., New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World also feature a Mega Mushroom that make Mario a giant and also make him impervious to normal enemies, as well as ram through anything, including pipes, flagpoles, and all types of blocks.
    • The spinoff game Yoshi's Story has Heart Fruits, which not only make your Yoshi invincible, but also gives him unlimited eggs to throw and allows his Ground Pound to defeat all normal enemies on the screen.
  • Mario's recognizable Super Star is subverted in Syobon Action, where, to put it simply, the Super Star kills you.
  • Distorted Travesty 3 also features the classic Super Star during its Mario segment.
  • Invincible Candy from the Kirby series, makes Kirby invincible and, sometimes, hyperfast. It's the definition of a Sugar Rush.
  • Meat from the Bonk games for the TurboGrafx-16.
  • In Sonic the Hedgehog, characters turns invincible when they get a power-up known simply as "Invincibility." They are then covered with flashing stars (original 2D games) or have bright light shining out from inside them. The Chaos Emeralds from Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles can be considered with having the same effect as well (working during normal levels, not as a story or stage requirement as in later games) once they're all gathered and the character has at least 50 rings to activate the effect. However, the Emeralds may be closer to Bonus Rewards.
  • Banjo-Kazooie has gold feathers which can be used at any time, but each feather only lasts for a few seconds. This move is also present in Banjo-Tooie and Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, but in the latter it's necessary that the characters stand onto Wonderwing Pads to use the gold feathers and enable the skill.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit had invincibility in the form of small floating stars that would wreath the player in sparkles.. Jazz Jackrabbit 2, on the other hand, had it as part of a Sugar Rush mode available after collecting 100 pieces of food and also gave collision damage.
  • The first three Adventure Island games on the NES have this in form of the "Honey Girl" fairy, which provides temporary protection against enemies, projectiles, rocks, and fire. However, it won't stop you from running out of energy due to lack of food. In Adventure Island IV, Honey Girl is replaced by a pentagram which does the same thing.
  • Donkey Kong Country:
    • Diddy's Kong Quest and Double Trouble have a barrel that serves as this. No such thing in the original, however.
    • In Donkey Kong 64, the eponymous character can become invincible by entering the proper magical barrel. It requires Crystal Coconuts, though.
    • Donkey Kong Country Returns has the Banana Juice. You can use it before starting a level, but it's worth remembering that you can't refresh the 10 extra hearts provided. It returns in a nerfed form (it lasts shorter after the first hit) in Tropical Freeze.
  • Kid Icarus (1986) has a lyre that turns all enemies into harmless mallets for a period of time.
  • Black potions in Noah's Ark grant you invulnerability and you can kill everything with a single touch. Even minibosses.
  • Ivy the Kiwi? has Super Stars beginning with the second set of stages, which protect her from enemies and the many instant-death spikes.
  • The moon crescent in Purple gives the player temporary invincibility along with an ability to kill enemies by running through them. It becomes necessary at one point where the player has to get through a floor covered entirely in spikes.
  • The red mushroom in Crystal Caves - makes you invincible, makes you kill enemies by touch. They're very rare (only three or four in the entire series) and are always a critical part to completing a level. There's also the even rarer stop sign which temporarily freezes all enemies and makes them harmless, though also impossible to kill.
  • Bug had "Stunt Bug", in which an invincible Stunt Double of Bug (a movie star) replaces him, and rapidly damages all enemies on contact. It lasts for a short while, of course.
  • The Fairyland Story has a potion that temporarily transforms Ptolemy into a red mouse, which somehow is powerful enough to kill enemies by running into them.
  • In Atlantis no Nazo, the star protects against all enemies and their attacks. It doesn't let you defeat them by walking into them, but it stays with you until you die.
  • In Putty, absorbing the Dweezil icon gives Putty 30 seconds of flashing invulnerability.
  • The magic medallion in DuckTales gives Scrooge McDuck temporary invincibility.
  • In Shovel Knight, the Phase Locket gives 3 seconds of invincibility when used. Ichor of boldness gives 10 seconds of immunity to damage but requires finding a troupple pond or visiting Troupple King to renew, while Phase Locket can be used as long as one has mana.
  • Hearts in the Intellivision game Beauty And The Beast give Bashful Buford temporary invulnerability against the creatures and objects Horrible Hank throws his way.
  • The third episode (game) of Commander Keen has an ankh-shaped relic that makes the eponymous character invincible for a few seconds. They're very useful to dodge dangerous enemies like Vortininjas and Vortimoms.
  • In Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure, hypercubes have this function. They're formally introduced in the seventh level of the first episode, but a hidden one can be obtained in the second.
  • The Dash powerup in Blender Bros lets you dash forward invincibly. You can find it lying around levels, but the Mini Bro Spish lets you do it at any time. Well, except for the cooldown period.
  • Crash Bandicoot has the Aku Aku mask that serves as your hit points. If you collect three in a row without taking damage, you'll gain temporary invincibility that'll let you plow through any enemy and ignore hazards except bottomless pits.
  • Kyle & Lucy: Wonderworld: Collecting one will make Kyle or Lucy glow brightly for about a minute.
  • Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribe: Golden idols turn Sydney's hat and coat pink, and allow him to be invincible for a short time.
  • Punky Skunk: The Snowboard makes Punky invincible when going at full speed.

    Puzzle Game 
  • The energizers in ZZT. They last for about 8 seconds, during which you're treated to a tune which resembles the Surfaris' instumental Wipeout.

  • The Shield Pylon from Diablo III. It's only found in Rifts and Greater Rifts, but using it makes the nephalem totally invulnerable for two minutes. It also reflects all damage they take back at whatever attacked them.
  • In Crying Suns, the boss of Chapter 5 can make his squadrons temporarily invulnerable at regular intervals.

    Role Playing Game 
  • While Super Mario RPG uses the original yellow Super Star while in the overworld, in battle it also features a new invincibility power up item called Red Essence, which makes the user invincible for three turns. The Super Star is quite original as it not only makes you instantly defeat any mook that you run into, but also gain the EXP, thus making it an exceptionally useful item. If you can find one, it will usually be in an area with a horde of enemies for you to run through and kill.
  • In Super Paper Mario, the Super Star not only makes you invulnerable, but makes the characters giant versions of their 8-bit selves. Also early on in the game a Koopa collects the Super Star for himself to use against Mario.
  • The God Mode cheats in most Blizzard strategy games (Warcraft, Starcraft) reduce incoming damage to practically nil. In Warcraft, you also deal a hundred times more damage than usual. This is downplayed in Warcraft 2, where the God Mode cheat either through intention or glitch can make you more susceptible to certain magic spells (a Death Knight's Death Coil more specifically) but invincible to everything else. More fitting, the Paladin hero in Warcraft 3 had an ability that turned him invulnerable for a short time. The Shadow Hunter on the other hand had an ability that turned every ally nearby invulnerable except him. The ability carries over to World of Warcraft. It can be bypassed by a certain priest skill though. Druids also have a way to make their enemies invulnerable and immune to all effects, which is much more useful than it sounds.
  • Final Fantasy has a number of them:
  • In Secret of Evermore, one of the spells only available from the summon stones temporarily made both you and your dog invincible. If you thought to save them for the Final Boss, you had an extraordinarily easy time of it.
  • God Eater 2 Rage Burst has Blood Rage, a Super Mode triggered via fulfilling a pledge. Among its various bonuses, you get complete invulnerability to attacks, and a Theme Music Power-Up.
  • In Persona 3, if the Protagonist has both Vishnu and Ananta in their active roster, they can summon the Fusion Spell "Infinity" which makes the entire party absolutely impervious to everything, even Almighty spells, for exactly one round. This doesn't sound like much, especially when it costs half your maximum SP, but then you have The Reaper and Elizabeth who can perform multiple actions per turn, and make good use of them with unblockable or instant-kill moves. The Persona 3 Portable version nerfed Infinity by making Fusion Spells consumable items. On the other hand, players don't need to have the corresponding Personas in their active stock, which makes the spell more versatile even if it can only be used a handful of times.

    Racing Game 
  • Carmageddon has invulnerability powerup that makes you unable to take damage.
  • Crash Team Racing and other Crash Bandicoot racing games has the Aku Aku/Uka Uka masks, which function just like the Mario Kart Super Star. Which mask you get depends on what characters you choose (good guys like Crash and Coco get Aku Aku while bad guys like Cortex and Tiny get Uka Uka).
  • Extreme-G features invulnerability powerup that makes you unvulnerable to enemy attacks.
  • Gensou Skydrift, a Touhou Project fangame, features the Peerless Patriot's Elixir. As with the Mario Kart example above, it also increases the user's speed. Reisen uses a more powerful versionnote  for her Last Word, with Youmu and Suika having similar effects as part of theirs.
  • Mario Kart:
    • The series has the Super Star, allowing you to cause opponents to flip over/spin out, items to shatter and enemies to be defeated. And it speeds you up to boot.
    • Mario Kart DS introduces the Bullet Bill, which not only increases speed (more so than the Super Star) and grants invulnerability, but also guides the vehicle via auto pilot.
    • Mario Kart Wii introduces the Mega Mushroom, which is 80% of this. You grow to an enormous size, most items won't harm you, you can go a bit faster, you can drive off-road without speed loss and you can squash the other drivers. If lightning strikes, you merely return to normal size instead of get shrunk down below it. Someone with star power, or a Bullet Bill, can still hurt you though.
  • Holy Umbrella: In some areas, you can find glowing orbs that makes you invincible and able to destroy enemies by running through them for a short time.
    • In addition to the above examples, Nue transforms into a Flying Saucer for her Last Word, behaving very similarly to Mario Kart's Bullet Bill.
  • Super Indie Karts has the Golden Shroom item. This item gives you a boost in speed and allows you to cause opposing racers to spin out when you run into them. While the 50cc class only has one on each track, the number of the Golden Shrooms you must collect to use it increases.

    Rhythm Game 
  • In Muse Dash, you normally take damage when running into enemies, and when your Fever gauge fills up, you enter a Super Mode where you gain extra points for each enemy hit. If you're playing as Buro in her Schoolgirl form, she will also become invincible when entering Fever mode.

    Run And Gun 
  • The Contra series has the "Barrier" power-up (represented by the letter "B"), which provides a different visual representation depending on the game. In the first arcade game, it surrounds the player with three floating satellites that gradually disappear one by one as its effect wears out, while in both NES games it causes the player's sprite to flash different colors. In Contra III it surrounds the player with a bubble-shaped barrier that starts out as blue and turns red when its effect is starting to wear out.
  • TAGAP has blue pills in the first game, which makes you impervious to all damage at the drawback of speeding up everything but you.

    Shoot 'Em Up 
  • Shoot 'Em Up example: most Parodius games have a powerup (the green bell) that makes the player's spaceship (as well as their Options) grow about four times its own size for awhile. For some reason, this not only makes one invincible against enemies and bullets, but also lets one fly through solid terrain. As a slight drawback, it also disables your ability to fire, which means that if you pick it up, you might not be able to kill as many enemies as you normally would (and even though your Options grow along with you, they have no colission detection, meaning they can't destroy enemies they come in contact with).
  • Bombs in the Touhou series fall under this trope, as they make you invincible for a short period of time, clear bullets off of the screen, and deal damage to everything on screen (unless you are really bad at aiming).
  • Vanguard is probably the earliest Shoot 'Em Up to have a powerup providing temporary invincibility and destroying enemy ships on contact.
  • Major Stryker has a bubble shield which makes you invincible and able to defeat enemies by ramming them.
  • A variant in the Shoot 'Em Up Dogyuun. Stage 10 has a powerup that makes your ship turn invincible. As in, an invincible Humongous Mecha with the ability to rapidly punch other mecha into scrap metal.
  • When you grab one of these in Mii Force, a Streetpass Mii Plaza game, not only do you become invincible, but every weapon you have will automatically surround you, allowing you to fire in all directions (with any empty spaces taken up by a generic laser). There's one found in every level, although there's none in the Arcade Mode.
  • Star Fox: A "Shield" item can be found in a few stages, which reduces damage to nearly zero and turns your Arwing into a wireframe. However, instead of being timed, it's coded to absorb so much damage before it fades away.
  • Star Fox 2: The "S" powerup item is an invincibility barrier. Miyu and Fay, having Arwings with the lowest Shield ratings, both start with three in their stock.
  • Star Fox 64: Buried in the game's code is a blue barrier that repels all damage done to Fox's Arwing. While coded to never appear, certain Game Shark / Game Genie codes can reactivate it. Said item was eventually added to the Updated Re-release on the Nintendo 3DS as a Multiplayer-exclusive item.
  • Throughout most (but not all) games in the Aleste series, collecting a power-up chip will give you a few seconds of invincibility, whether the chip actually levels up your weapon or not (it takes multiple chips to do so, with the number needed increasing for higher levels).

    Simulation Game 
  • While it doesn't let you kill Tom Nook or anything, the Nintendo GameCube Animal Crossing has a furniture piece called the Starman, and if you activate it, your character will flash and the Super Star tune will play.

    Third-Person Shooter 
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising has the Power Drop item, which makes you invincible and reflects shots fired at you. You can also use the Brief Invincibility power to make yourself invulnerable at any time, but it doesn't last as long.
  • Jet Force Gemini has an item that can be spotted in places that are infested with enemies. It lasts for a limited time, but gives the player a chance to kill several enemies without being hurt.

  • Time Fantasy has "Time Ball," where the next 30 seconds all drained balls are automatically returned to the plunger lane for another shot. Players can hit key targets to extend the invincibility period.
  • Big Guns allows you to temporarily become Invincible — the center pop-up post is raised, the left kickback stays active, and the right gate diverts the ball back to the right flipper. Slightly subverted in that you can still lose the ball if it drains between the flippers and the center post.
    Commander: "You are invincible! Save the Queen!"

    Other Media 
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid uses a video game motif for its superpowers, and makes the title character's final upgrade based on the traditional platformer invincibility powerup by giving him golden armor with a star motif and rainbow sparkles accompanying his attacks. Most other characters can use the same trinket for ten seconds of invincibility, but Ex-Aid has unlimited use of it. Invincibility also comes with immunity to the Big Bad's power to pause the game, something he can also do for as long as he wants, making Ex-Aid the only character able to fight him.
  • Not the intended use (Zantetsuken Reverse): "Chapter 24: The Belmonts" mentions Sonia's spell that grants invincibility, along with Super-Speed.


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