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Super Indie Karts is a Mascot Racer developed and published by One Legged Seagull, consisting of multiple characters from various indie video games. It is reminiscent to some other wacky racing games, especially Super Mario Kart due to the tracks being inspired by Mode 7. The game is currently available for Windows and macOS on Steam and Ouya.

    List of Indie Games Featured 

The game provides examples of:

  • Big Boo's Haunt: The course Whispering Garden, based on the game Whispering Willows.
  • Edible Ammunition: The items in the game are different types of food that can be used against other racers.
    • Melons are fired in a straight arc and will ricochet off walls for a limited time. Racers can receive one or three of them.
    • Ice Cream causes any racer running over it to spin out and slow down.
    • The Exploding Pineapple causes anyone coming into contact with it to spin out and stop; can be placed from behind or shot forward.
    • The Loconut homes in on the closest racer it can reach.
  • Everything's Better with Rainbows: Runbow Road, based on Runbow. The racers can fall off the course when a part of the road has the same color as the sky.
  • Gotta Catch 'Em All: You can earn Race Stars in each track of a Grand Prix by collecting a certain number of Race Jewels, getting the Golden Shroom(s), and get 1st place. The numbers depend on the race class selected.
  • Invincibility Power-Up: Whenever you collect the Golden Shroom (or Golden Shrooms in later classes), you will receive a temporary invincibility boost.
  • Nitro Boost: The Double Chili and Triple Pepper items.
  • Rank Inflation: The game goes from F to A to A***, depending on how many Race Stars you have earned during a Grand Prix.
  • Under the Sea: The Shutshimi track Seaweed Speedway. There are plenty of electric jellyfishes on and off the track that will spin racers out if they run into them.