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Purple is a freeware Platform Game by Stanislav Stoyanov ("Rolling Cat").

The game is about a purple Waddling Head who escapes from prison with his Precision Guided Frisbee, only to meet Satan-lookalike thereafter who teleports him to a faraway land. That's pretty much what is there about the plot.

Purple draws, as the author states, inspiration from Super Mario World and the Mother series. There are 6 straightforward worlds with occasional Bonus Stages where player can earn 1-Ups and points. Each new level introduces a new gimmick to the game (either an old recolored enemy or an object appearing only once). There's also a dozen of various weapons for the player to find.

This game is also very hard. The author also made a (somewhat self-depreciating) playthrough for anyone who thinks it's too hard.

Purple provides examples of: