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Older Than the NES

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The Oldest Ones in the Book
Older Than the NES | Before 1985
Older Than Cable TV | 1939 — 1980
Older Than Television | 1890 — 1939
Older Than Radio | 1698 — 1890
Older Than Steam | 1439 — 1698
Older Than Print | 476 — 1439
Older Than Feudalism | ~800 BC — 476 AD
Older Than Dirt | Before ~800 BC
Here are The Oldest Ones in the Book for Video Games, from before The Golden Age of Video Games to The Great Video Game Crash of 1983. The US introduction of the Nintendo Entertainment System in October 1985 marked the beginning of the beginning of the Third Generation of consoles.note 

A good number of the RPG tropes can be found here, since these games trace their roots pretty much directly back to Tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, which were among the first commercial games to be adapted for a video game system. And to be clear: as long as it was an actual game, it counts for the purposes of this index, video or not; that being said, if a pre-1986 video game example exists, it should also be listed here.

Of note, the Nintendo company itself is Older Than Radio.


Alternative Title(s): Older Than NES