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Rising Up The Food Chain Game

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In this game, you start out as a small creature—typically a fish or something aquatic, since underwater environments seem to lend themselves to this kind of gameplay. There are many other creatures around you: some are smaller than you, some are bigger than you. If you touch one bigger than you, you are eaten, and die. If you touch one smaller than you, they are eaten, and they die — but you get slightly bigger. This allows you to eat slightly bigger creatures than you previously could. Essentially, you are the Snowballing Threat. There may be a maximum size to reach to win, or maybe it goes on forever. Maybe you reach the biggest size, ending all difficulty, and the game doesn't end, because it's hard to get there and they didn't think to program an ending. They often count your score: it's a classic style of arcade game. Because it's really simple to make, play, and understand, this type of game existed on a lot of early video game platforms, including consoles, plug-and-play games and arcade games. The first one of this type is not currently known with certainty. Multiplayer variants have risen in popularity since .

Note that you must only be able to defeat creatures smaller than you, most of the time (not counting power-ups). See also Muscles Are Meaningful and Miracle-Gro Monster.