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Sokoban is a game invented by a Japanese company, "Thinking Rabbit". Essentially, it's the Block Puzzle of all Block Puzzles.

The idea is simple: Push all of the blocks inside a maze on their target positions, but there are three rules that make it tricky:

  • You cannot pull blocks; you can only push them.
  • You cannot push more than one block at a time.
  • Your character can't just move anywhere; to push a block, he has to have a route to the square behind it.

Suddenly a task that seems so simple becomes really challenging. In other words, the game can get very hard, very fast.

A lot of people liked the idea and now there are tons of remakes and new levels on the Internet. Many of them are rather difficult.


Sokoban provides examples of:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: In the official Sokoban Touch app, you can simply tap the target location and your character automatically moves to the place you tapped, with steps counted.
  • Back Tracking: Since you can only push one block at a time, you will have to traverse the map multiple times. This is amplified in some layouts (e.g. Level 20), where you need to traverse the entire level to get a box around a corner.
  • Block Puzzle: The gameplay consists entirely of self-contained box puzzle levels, where a warehouse worker had to move shipping crates into specific places to complete each level.
  • Permanently Missable Content: You cannot retrieve a block pushed in a corner, or next to an edge wall. If one of the target squares is right there, it's all fine, but if not, then you need to undo or restart.
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  • Timed Mission: Versions count the number of seconds, moves or pushes.
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: Very rarely, some poorer clones/remakes feature levels that are unsolvable from the very start.


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