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A game based on a sport. Simple, right?

Well, there are basically two types of Sports Games:

  • Simulation, the game that tries to get as close as possible to the real thing. The Madden series is a prime example, as are most of the sports titles from EA Games.
    • A subclass of these are management simulators, in which instead of taking control of the players you're in charge of the club itself with control over such things as transfers and tactics. The Football Manager series is currently the most popular example.
  • Arcade-style, the game that puts the emphasis on fun (and breaking the rules). NFL Blitz and NBA Street fall into this category.
    • A subclass of these take the base sport as a framework, then add wacky alterations like magic or other powers, trick balls, traps, or excessive violence that would never be allowed in the real game.

Sports games are older than grit. One of the first video games ever was a tennis sim.

Compare Exergaming (which often features sports), Racing Game (which give racing a similar treatment), Digital Tabletop Game Adaptation (which simulate tabletop games)

Notable games in this genre: