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Video Game / Zany Golf

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What begins as a typical mini-golf course (with the obligatory windmill obstacle) becomes an increasingly Bizarre and Improbable Golf Game (with one hole that can even wander around the floor.)

This was the first cross-platform hit to originate on the Apple IIGS. Another, also by Will Harvey, was The Immortal (1990).

Zany Golf contains examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: The Sega Genesis port gave each level title an extra word: Wacky Windmill, Hamburger Hill, Will's Walls, Pinball Palace, Frantic Fans, Chaotic Castle, Ambling Ant Hill, Knock-Out Nightmare, and Energy Enigma.
  • Bonus Dungeon: The Mystery hole is only accessible by completing the rest of the course under par, or by exploiting an Easter Egg that doubles as an Easy Level Trick. After hitting both buttons on Energy, send the ball into the Mouse Hole when the eyes in the hole glow red for an instant. This will not only win Energy, but send you to Mystery regardless of current score.
  • Breaking Out: The first half of the Mystery level (Knock-Out Nightmare on the Genesis).
  • Button Mashing: Used for some holes, such as the flippers in the Pinball hole, and the bumpers for Anthill.
  • Copy Protection: The DOS version included a codewheel, which you'd have to consult before starting the second hole.
  • Foreign-Looking Font: The title "Fans" is displayed over a paper fan in a pseudo-Asian font.
  • Gimmick Level: Several levels give you something unique to do with the mouse while the ball is in motion, such as clicking to operate a pinball machine or waving it back and forth to blow fans.
  • Level Ate: The Hamburger hole has you bounce the ball off a squirting ketchup bottle and underneath a bouncing hamburger.
  • Logo Joke: The cube, sphere, and pyramid from the EA logo appear as scenery objects on the Pinball hole.
  • Magic Carpet: The hole of that name is symbolized by a traditional flying carpet, but actually features a smooth surface that gives you direct mouse control of the ball.
  • Pinball Zone: The Pinball hole.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: The Genesis controller wasn't suited to controlling the ball on the magic carpets, so that level was left out and the Bonus Dungeon made the eighth hole of nine.
  • Teleportation: Part of the equipment in the Energy lab.
  • Vent Physics: Introduced by the player-controlled windmills on the Fans level.