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Big Win Sports is an iOS game produced by Hothead Games. It simulates American major sports. It is an NFL Head Coach style simulation. You may create your team, edit your players, then watch them play or click the "Skip To End" button to automatically get the game results. The titles in the series are:

  • Big Win Basketball, a basketball simulation.
  • Big Win Baseball, a baseball simulation (Big Win has also released BW MLB, a MLB sim with MLB players. The game is fully licensed by MLBPA.)
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  • BW Hockey, A hockey sim. (BW has announced that they will soon release BW NHL, like MLB except with NHL players)
  • BW Football an American Football sim.
  • BW Soccer, a soccer sim.
  • BW Racing, a racing sim, will be released by BW in early April 2014.

Tropes appearing in Big Win Sports:

  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The announcer refers to the two teams as "Home Team" and "Away Team"
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Some of the uniforms in the game invoke this
  • Symbol Swearing: On one of the Impact Cards in "Basketball" an offensive player is getting the ball stolen from him and yells "$@!+!"

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