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Video Game / Rebound

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Cover on the left, gameplay on the right.
Rebound is an early Arcade Game from Atari, released in 1974 at the height of the Pong craze. It's a Side View volleyball game, basically a side view version of Pong with volleyball rules and gravity affecting the ball. Each paddle can hit the ball up to three times before sending it back over the net.

Whether Atari knew it or not, using side view made it a remake of Tennis for Two, and the vertical gameplay is a preview of Breakout.

Rebound provides examples of:

  • No Plot? No Problem!: It’s video volleyball, so no need for a plot.
  • Player Versus Player: Two players controlling paddles, bouncing a ball back and forth across the net.
  • Scoring Points: Each player scores a point when the other player drops the ball or takes more than three hits to send it back.
  • Sports Game: Video volleyball.
  • Side View: The volleyball court is seen from the side, with the net as a short vertical line, and two players as horizontal paddles.