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Video Olympics is one of the Atari 2600's launch titles. It has 50 games, based on Pong, Quadrapong, and Rebound.

  • Games 1-8: Pong, for one to four players.
  • Games 9-12: Super Pong, with two paddles per player.
  • Games 13-18: Soccer (Pong with a different playfield)
  • Games 19-22: Foozpong (Pong with lots of paddles)
  • Games 23-32: Hockey (Pong with another different playfield)
  • Games 33-34: Quadrapong.
  • Games 35-38: Handball (Pong with both paddles on the same side of the screen)
  • Games 39-42: Volleyball (Rebound)
  • Games 43-50: Basketball (Rebound with hoops)


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