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The Blue Bomber goes to work.

Also known as Front View, this is a video game perspective in which all objects are viewed strictly from the side, with little or no amount of their tops or bottoms visible. This is the classic perspective for 2D Platform Games, Metroidvania games, Fighting Games and Horizontal Scrolling Shooters. This perspective has fallen out of favor with modern 3D games.

Depth Perplexion almost always comes with this view; for example note that in the picture to the right Mega Man and the turret enemies can shoot bullets "through" the walls. Cheated Angles are also very likely to be encountered.

See also Isometric Projection, Top-Down View and Three Quarters View.

Due to its ubiquity in 2D Platform Games, Metroidvania, Fighting Games and Horizontal Scrolling Shooters, please list only subversions or unusual instances.



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     Platform / Metroidvania  

     Shoot Em Up  

     Eastern RPG  


     Action Adventure  


     Other / unsorted  

     Other Media  


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