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Video Game / Nomolos Storming The Catsle

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Nomolos: Storming The Catsle is a Homebrew Platform Game by Gradual Games.

One day, a cat named Solomon and his lady cat friend Snow are just sitting around outside, when all of a sudden, a portal appears right before them. A purple hand reaches through the portal and snatches Snow right before Solomon's eyes. Immediately, Solomon leaps through the portal before it can close.

When he does, he discovers he's gone from an ordinary house cat to an anthropomorphic cat warrior named Nomolos. With his sword in hand, Nomolos sets out on his quest to rescue Snow.

The game was released on May 15th, 2012.


Nomolos: Storming The Catsle contains examples of:

  • Dem Bones: Starting in the stronghold, Nomolos encounters skeleton enemies.
  • Epic Flail: Nomolos can get a flail that he swings around himself to attack enemies.
  • Excuse Plot: The story for how you ended up in this situation is that a portal appeared out of nowhere and kidnapped your lady cat friend.
  • Floating Platforms: This game has them.
  • Giant Spider: Nomolos can encounter spiders almost as big as he is as enemies.
  • Life Meter: In the top left corner of the screen are hearts that show Nomolos' health.
  • Pun-Based Title: Yeah, castle was deliberately spelled catsle for the cat pun.
  • Rule of Three: Nomolos starts the game with three hearts and three lives.
  • Sdrawkcab Eman: He was Solomon in his own world, and now he's Nomolos in this world.
  • Side View: Like the NES games that inspired it, this game is viewed in this manner.