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Moon Raider is an Action Platform Game by Cascadia Games.

One day, an explorer named Dr. Cover got on a spaceship and went to the moon. While there, he met the Selenites, a race of warmongering green aliens that lived below the moon's surface. While there, the queen of the Selenites was suddenly betrayed by her own people. She was ultimately forced to escape the moon to Earth with the help of Dr. Cover. The two fell in love, and had a daughter together.

Now the former Selenite queen is dying. The only thing that can cure her is on the moon. So Ava, the daughter of the queen and Dr. Cover, decided to go to the moon and face the Selenites to rescue her mother.

The game was released on September 10th, 2020.

Moon Raider contains examples of:

  • Action Girl: Ava, the daughter of Dr. Cover and the former queen of the moon, is willing to brave the moon and its hostile inhabitants to cure her mother's condition.
  • Crate Expectations: There are plenty of crates in the game. Shoot them and you get stuff.
  • Double Jump: Ava can do one by doing a flip in mid-air.
  • Floating Platforms: This game has them. They're propelled upward by little rocket thrusters on their undersides.
  • Heart Container: Giant atoms with a heart nucleus. Collecting one gains Ava another square of health.
  • Life Meter: Located in the top left corner.
  • Mecha-Mooks: A number of enemies, and at least one boss, in the game are robots.
  • Rewarding Vandalism: You can shoot crates and crystals to get items.
  • Side View: The game is viewed this way.
  • Spikes of Doom: The game has spiky vines that do damage to Ava if she touches them.