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Punky Skunk (also known as Cooly Skunk in Japan) is a rather old and overlooked Playstation game with an interesting history. It was originally developed and planned to be released on the SNES, but it was decided that it would released on the Playstation instead because at the time, the Playstation had been out for a while and the SNES era was on its last leg. It was released in Japan in November of 1996. The game was eventually released in the United States, but it wasn't released until February of 1998, a year and a few months after its original release. Since it was released when most games were coming out in 3D, many people didn't think much of this game since Side View games were becoming far less common. Because of that, it's seen as a Cult Classic by a handful of people.

As the title says, you play as Punky, a skunk that wants to stop Badler, a wolf and his crew, the BB Brigade, from destroying his island home. Kelly, a rabbit, and Nash, who is also a skunk, ensure Punky that they will help in any way they can. After you clear the first island, Commander Chew, The Dragon to Badler, kidnaps Nash because he's been making gadgets to aid Punky in his quest. After he is kidnapped, Kelly informs Punky, who was looking for Nash, that he was captured and that he's been taken to one of the many islands. So it's up to him to find Nash and rescue him from Badler and Commander Chew. Needs Wiki Magic Love.


Punky Skunk provides examples of:

  • Big Bad: Badler who is the leader of the BB Brigade. But although he is mentioned at the beginning of the game, you do not encounter until the end as the final boss.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: On the last island, Punky learns that Nash has been controlled by a machine made by Badler and Nash uses his latest invention to defeat Punky. Once Nash has been defeated, the machine will be destroyed and Nash will go back to his old self.
  • Catchphrase: Whenever Punky gets an extra life, either by collecting 100 stars or finding one, or when he switches his gear, he'll always say I've got it!.
  • The Dragon: Commander Chew is this to Badler. At the end of every island he will challenge Punky in some way to stop him.
  • Glass Cannon: The chews, the enemies you encounter on every stage, can be taken out with one attack by Punky. But as you progress through the game, they will be harder to kill as they will be different versions to stop you that are more difficult to defeat than their normal form.
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  • Side View: The game is a 2D platformer that was released on the original Playstation. Since most games that came out around its time in 1998 in the United States were in 3D, it was criticized for being this and it's overlooked by many.
  • Smelly Skunk: One of the very few, if not the only video game that not only plays this trope straight, but it has a skunk as the protagonist as well. It is also played straight as whenever Punky is in his normal mode, he will use his spray to attack enemies.
  • Totally Radical: This is what the game was trying to pass itself as, while doing things with Punky that would be seen as this like roller skating, snowboard and paragliding. Even the boss fights against Commander Chew count as they all revolve around sports instead of actual fighting like most games.
  • Verbal Tic: Every time Punky jumps, he will always make a yea sound. Considering the amount of platforming, you will hear it a lot.

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