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Jaleco was a long-lived but underappreciated Japanese video game company.

The company was originally founded in 1973 by Yoshiaki Kanazawa under the name Japan Leisure Company,note  and produced electromechanical games in its early years. The company produced its first video Arcade Game in 1982, and soon after that shortened its name to Jaleco. In the mid-1980s, Jaleco began releasing home video games on the MSX and Famicom, focusing mainly on ports of arcade games, ports and localizations of various Western-developed games, and the Moero!! series of Sports Games. Thus began Jaleco's most prolific period, though many of the games they released on arcades and 8-bit and 16-bit consoles, including original titles, had their developed outsourced to TOSE, Natsume, Arc and many lesser-known independent companies.

An American subsidiary, Jaleco USA, began doing business in 1988. Jaleco USA went to unusual lengths to modify Japanese games to appeal to American tastes.

In October 2000, several years after unceremoniously quitting the arcade business, Jaleco was acquired by the Hong Kong company Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW). Then the Japanese division was operated as PCCW Japan before turning back to Jaleco around 2005, while the American division still retain the Jaleco label. Both sides of the Pacific branch of Jaleco at the time produced some of the most strangely misconceived games for various consoles at the time.

PCCW sold Jaleco in 2005 to Sandringham Fund SPC, who in 2006 incorporated a new video game company called Jaleco Ltd. so that the shell of the old Jaleco could be converted into a holding company for unrelated businesses. Jaleco's video game releases began to dwindle away, and in 2009, Jaleco Ltd. was sold for one yen to their online partner company Game Yarou (with Game Yarou soon afterwards had to inherit a massive amount of debt thanks to Jaleco's failures, in particular their final game Ougon no Kizuna costing roughly 4 million dollars to produce and only selling 12,000 units.). Jaleco eventually ceased to exist in 2014 with the rights to their game assets now currently owned by a Japanese indie company called City Connection.

Games published by Jaleco include: