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One of the most popular games of The Golden Age of Video Games. Debuting in 1979, it first appeared in the arcade, but was quickly ported to the Atari 2600, and has made its way onto most platforms since.

You control a Spacewar!-style ship in the middle of an asteroid field. You get points for shooting them; the smaller the asteroid, the more points you get. But each time you shoot any but the smallest, they split in two, and the trajectory is different for both. Oh, and you have to avoid getting hit by an asteroid. Or shot by an enemy saucer that wanders by. In a pinch, you can press the panic button and travel through hyperspace to a random location... which may not be any better.

In 1980, Atari Games, the successor to the original Atari's arcade division, released a sequel, Asteroids Deluxe, which replaced Hyperspace with shields, made the saucers more intelligent (deliberately aiming at the player and at the asteroids), and adding a new type of enemy ship, the Killer Satellites.

In 1987, Atari released Blasteroids, a Spiritual Sequel with two-player simultaneous action, transforming ships, power-ups, and a lot more enemies (including an actual Final Boss, Mukor, who appears to be a distant descendant of Sinistar), but the same basic shoot-the-rocks gameplay.

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Alternative Title(s): Asteroids Hyper 64