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  • The opening song, EXCITE by Daichi Miura, is a great throwback to the openings of the earlier Heisei Era mixed with elements of video game themes in both the music and lyrics all around. Now with the full version out, it's even more awesome.
  • After a year of no insert songs from Kamen Rider Ghost, we finally get a return of them here:
    • "Lets Try Together", the insert song for the Mighty Brothers, sung by the always awesome Rider Girls, that's all about the teamwork between the two Mighty Brothers.
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    • "Wish in The Dark", the insert song in episode 17 and the theme song for Genm Zombie Gamer, with lyrics revealing Kuroto's ambitions have more depth to them than they appear. Sung by Hiroyuki Takami, the vocalist of the legendary group Access, and also portrays Masamune Dan in the show.
    • "JUSTICE", Cronus' image song, sung by Hiroyuki Takami himself, is an absolute ego trip that shows exactly how Masamune views himself in the world.
    • "PEOPLE GAME", the insert song in episode 24, sung by Ruka Matsuda as Poppy, telling all the ideals of being a hero in a video game. It's also the theme song for Kamen Rider Chronicle in-universe.
    • "Real Game", Para-DX's image song, sung by the band Rayflower, serving as a reminder that Parado plays this game because he feels like it.
    • "Time Of Victory", the insert song for Hyper Muteki, sung by the Kamen Rider Girls, that not only boasts about the invincibility of Hyper Muteki, but also why Emu keeps going.
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    • "Life is Beautiful", The Movie's theme song that's also sung by Daichi Miura, is heartfelt and a perfect send-off for the series.

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