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The second chance of life that they truly deserved.

Moment Subpages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

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    Episode 1: Kingdom 2068 
  • Its quite incredible that Tsukuyomi saves Sougo. Even though Sougo might be this Evil Overlord who ruined the entire world and presumably murdered her family and friends in cold blood and yet she still moves on and wants to show the young man another path. Give that girl the Big Good medal.
    • Sougo's uncle is shown to be very supportive of him, even if his Goal in Life is unrealistic.
    • While in the Edo period, Tsukuyomi gets Sougo involved in a fight, which leads to him getting dumped in the nearby river. His first concern upon getting back up? Joy that the people arguing had stopped.
    • Sougo's resolve to be the "nicest Demon King ever." His reason for that? He wants to make people happy. Sure, he doesn't seem to get the idea of how this could lead him to becoming an Evil Overlord, but the reason for doing so is touching at least.

    Episode 2: Best Match 2017 
  • After the defeat of Another Build, the young basketball player awakens in the same spot where he was supposed to be ran over by a car, but is alive and well (although the car is still swept aside). It's really sweet to know that the young basketball player was given a second chance thanks to the efforts of Sougo, Geiz, Sento and Ryuga.

    Episode 3: Doctor Gamer 2018 
  • When Owada reveals that he ditched class to play a game, and a teacher was about to check in on the room he and Sougo were in, Sougo went and took the blame for being in there, preventing Owada from getting in trouble. Goes to show that Sougo's new goal isn't to be the King, but to be The Good King.
  • Both times Another Ex-Aid appears in front of Sougo, his first instinct is to take its victims to a hospital, to the point of ignoring Woz.
  • The Monster of the Week isn't some Evil Counterpart to Ex-Aid in any way. He's just a normal guy who chose to become a monster to save his son. While it is a Sadistic Choice, this man still chose saving his son. He was willing to become a horrendous demon to save him.

    Episode 4: No Continues 2016 
  • In 2018, Sougo was told by Hiiro that, had Mr. Iida's son been admitted to him just one year earlier, the son could have been saved, as his disease is still not fatal enough at that time. Near the end of the episode, after Mr. Iida is saved in 2016, Sougo introduced Emu, and by proxy, Hiiro as well, to Mr. Iida, causing his son to be admitted not just one year earlier, but a whole two years earlier. At the end of the episode, back in 2018, we see that his son has fully recovered and is now completely healthy, walking happily with his father.
  • Despite the fact that Geiz came back to kill him if he shows any signs of becoming Ohma Zi-o, probably knew both Geiz and Tsukuyomi only for a couple of weeks or so and determination to not become evil king but a good king, Sougo trust them enough that if he strays from the good king path that they will do the right thing and it sounded like he won't personally hold it against them.

    Episode 6: 555・913・2003 
  • Takumi seems to be content with his life as it is now. He is working in a dry cleaning service and states that his dream is for people of the world to have clean clothes as opposed to Faiz proper that has him state he doesn't have any dreams of his own.
  • Kusaka saves a student from Another Fourze and when he gets his ass kicked, Takumi appears to help him.
    Kusaka: Inui, why?
    Takumi: Kusaka, while I hate you sometimes, you're still my friend.
    • Sougo settles down on considering Geiz his friend in a similar way.
  • While it's small, the fact that Kusaka is much less of a Jerkass than in the original series is a nice thing to see.

    Episode 9: Genm Master 2016 
  • Ankh isn't in the episode, likely owing to the fact that Another OOO being created negating the existence of the Greeed, but he isn't forgotten. Eiji's outfit in this episode has a red feather on it. Aww...
  • In the same week that we truly learn that Sougo's potential to be Oma Zi-O was already there, we get a brief taste of it when Kuroto is about to strike Hina down, and Sougo just strides right in and grabs his hand like he was just going to shake hands the whole time, while grabbing all of Kuroto's attention and sparing her.

    Episode 10: Hawk, Tiger and Grasshopper 2010 
  • To truly show that Ankh isn't forgotten, Eiji just doesn't have one, but two RideWatches. One RideWatch is based on his base Tatoba Combo. The other one is based on OOO Tajadol Combo. This truly shows that Eiji's bond with Ankh is strong enough that their history together is enough for the creation of a separate RideWatch.
    • And Taka Watchroid has shown some of Ankh's behavior, such as distracting Another OOO and gesturing Sougo to use the Tajadol Ridewatch inside the Time Mazine.
  • After hearing Sougo's dream to become a king, Eiji gives him some wise words of wisdom - No matter how hard he tries, he cannot do everything nor save everyone he wishes to by himself. Hearing that from someone who himself was the son of a politician, and was unable to save a little girl he befriended in Africa is not just heartwarming, but his reason for becoming a politician is as well - he also wants to reach out to a lot of people as well.
    • For added aww, this is what Eiji learned through OOO. Sometimes, even he needs a helping hand. Some things stick even in an altered timeline.
  • Odd dream as it still is, Sougo is determined to do right by the people of the world, protecting some construction workers from Waste Yummys, all the while calmly talking down Geiz, not wanting to fight him again.
    Sougo: What are you doing to my subjects?!
    • Later when fighting Kuroto, he tells him off for calling himself king without actually earning the title. When Another OOO angrily asks who determines who gets to be king, Sougo starts by first claiming that he does, before realizing his mistake, and asserting that Tsukuyomi, Geiz, and the people of this era do. While it also acts as a small bit of Nightmare Fuel, given the future, and Woz's rather worrying smile as he says it, the fact that Sougo is so dead set on earning the respect of the rest of the world is reassuring if you're worried about him becoming Oma Zi-O.

    Episode 13: Ghost Hunter 2018 
  • Geiz has renewed convictions to kill Sougo at any time and anywhere, if he even so much as suspects him to turning towards the path of Oma Zi-O. Later in that same episode, he is shocked and dismayed to find Sougo seemingly dead. Perhaps he's being Tsundere, but clearly Geiz thinks of Sougo fondly to some capacity.

    Episode 15: Back To 2068 
  • After spending most of the series so far either hating Sougo or trying to kill him, Geiz instead genuinely tries pleading with him this time, telling Sougo to get rid of the Driver so he won't become Oma Zi-O while also telling him it isn't too late.
  • Sougo tries to protect Geiz from Oma Zi-O's forces despite the fact that Geiz tried to kill him again just a while before. This and #13 prove that they really do care about each other to some extent despite their messed up relationship.
  • The fact that Geiz claims that his naivety this episode stems from his inability to see Sougo ever becoming what he is said to be in the future. Even if he is here to kill him, he still believes that Sougo won't go down the path of evil.

    Episode 16: Forever King 2018 
  • Meta example: Unlike past two years, Toei had not ruined Christmas this time over. Things had actually improved, if only slightly and there is no catastrophe in sight. Yet.
  • When Sougo emotionally begs Geiz to destroy the Driver, Geiz is shook enough to actually use Sougo's name in a concerned tone. It seems like he's genuinely worried by Sougo's clear distress, despite this being the result he was hoping for.
  • Geiz protects driver-less Sougo from Kasshin even before he sees that Sougo was shielding a child caught in line of fire.
    • This is followed by Geiz running in to fight for Sougo.
    • Even without the Ziku-Driver, Sougo is no less determined to protect people. He shielded a child with his body and was prepared to die doing so.
    • Geiz reminds Sougo of his determination to become a good overlord to get him to pick up the Ziku Driver again.
    • When Geiz and Tsukuyomi realize Sougo is being attacked by a revived Kisshan, they both rush back to help, despite the fact that fact that they could easily have left it, and it probably wouldn't have effected much—and might even just have ensured their mission.
    • Also, the fact that they hadn't left yet. While the show doesn't specify what they were doing, there's certainly been enough time that Sougo is genuinely surprised that they're both still there. It kind of seems like they were both a little reluctant to go.
    • Geiz's oath to kill Sougo if he becomes evil becoming a promise to Sougo about keeping him from going down wrong path is one, in a way. After Sougo spent the whole episode dejected and appalled to learn that Ouma Zi-O really was him, Geiz swears to him that he will stop him from becoming the Demonic Overlord that so terrified him.
    • He also willingly gives up his Driver, so that Sougo can fight again. An act that truly shows his trust in him, and one that's immediately rewarded, as Sougo goes into Decade: Ghost Armor and has Goemon steal back the spare Driver Woz brought for him and give it to Geiz so he could rejoin the fight.
  • Tsukuyomi firing on Kasshin when he's about to finish Sougo, and declaring she won't let him kill Sougo.
  • In the end, Sougo, his uncle, Tsukuyomi and Geiz all celebrate Christmas together.

    Episode 18: Fantastic! Historic! Futuristic! 2022 
  • The last time Rentaro is forcibly transformed into Another Shinobi, having attempted to resist Swartz interference, Sougo tries to protect him from White Woz and the two fights along against White Woz, until Another Shinobi pushes Sougo out of harm's way and decides to take the rest of the fight against White Woz in his hands. Sure, he is defeated, but goes to show that, even after being turned into a monster, Sougo's words reached him and changed his future for better, ensuring he will become Kamen Rider Shinobi.
    • Note that doing this means Sougo's dream of becoming King becomes harder, since it pushes time towards the Alternate Timeline White Woz is from. He knows this. Not only did he do so anyway intervention or no, but he was genuinely happy about it afterward. Future Demon King or not, the present Sougo is truly worthy of being a Rider.

    Episode 20: Final Answer? 2040 
  • Despite his cold attitude, Mondo still cares about his father in a way and wants to meet him to find out whether he does too. He even keeps his father's watch regardless of denying it's for sentimental value and having no other use for it as it doesn't work.
    • The only question Mondo wanted to ask his father, and the answer that follows, accompanied by an acoustic version of Over "Quartzer"
    Mondo: Let's say your research never goes anywhere. And that one day, you grow distant from your family. And then... Maybe you even die young. But... If there was anyone in life you could say you loved... Who would it be?
    Tamotsu: Your mother.
    Mondo: I'll believe that's the right answer.
    • Note that in the above conversation, Mondo is turned away from his father, to give himself the needed strength to ask the question. When his father answers, immediately in fact, he is visibly holding back tears of joy before replying.
  • Both Geiz and Sougo wonder what the other one would do through the episode. They both ask Tsukuyomi and work with what she tells them, showing that they both value her opinion and are aware that she can judge them better than they can each other.
    • Geiz hesitates between defeating Mondo and taking his power to defeat Another Quiz and letting him reunite with his father. He asks Tsukuyomi what would Zi-O do and when she tells him that he would prioritize Mondo's feelings, he gets this thoughtful expression for a moment. Then he tells her they have to fight, but it definitely is in part so she wouldn't figure out he considers this the right answer. He can't be caught agreeing to anything coming from Sougo, can he?
      • And when Geiz comes to "confront" Quiz, who Sougo wants to help draw answers from his father, he rushes straight at them only to punch Zi-O and start fighting him, allowing Quiz to have his chance to escape and go after Another Quiz. This is later revealed to be their plan all along: Geiz wanted to give Mondo time to confront his father and then to prevent Hora from interfering, while Sougo caught on the hint of that the moment Geiz punched him, as Geiz is usually too straight-forward to make that simple mistake. What happens next is Zi-O buying them time by stalling White Woz while they defeat Another Quiz to draw out answers for Mondo's questions.
  • White Woz defeats Another Quiz and hands the Quiz Miridewatch to Geiz, who immediatelly offers it to Mondo, who refuses and tells Geiz that he needs it to change the future. He doesn't need it anymore, because he doesn't have any reason to continue fighting now that he got his answers.

    Episode 21: Mirror World 2019 
  • Sougo comes in to stop Geiz from suicidal attack at Another Ryuga and tries to use Zi-O II Riderwatch to prevent him from trying again.
  • Geiz gets upset at Sougo disappearing into the Mirror World after tackling Another Ryuga, banging on the glass and calling out to him. He cares when no one can see him (especially not Sougo).

    Episode 22: Zi-O Strongest! 2019 
  • Tsukuyomi assures Sougo that she believes in him and his determination not to become Ohma Zi-O.note 
  • Sougo manages to convince his mirror self he is not going to turn evil upon using the Zi-O II Riderwatch. That's right. He made the personaification of his inner darkness (100%, pure evil) that tortured him through the episode agree just how good he is.
    • Mirror Sougo even hands over the other half of Zi-O II RideWatch so Sougo could go about changing the future, starting with saving Geiz and defeating Another Ryuga.
  • Sougo uses the Zi-O II RideWatch to turn back time and save Geiz from his suicidal plan.
    • He doesn't just turn back time, he shatters the timeline where Geiz dies and rewinds Geiz's Time Burst to stop him.
  • White Woz seems genuinely worried about Geiz when he goes down fighting Another Ryuga. He also fights on Geiz's behalf even if he can't even scratch Another Ryuga and would rather kill Kido to get this over with.
  • Shinji Kido and Daisuke Okubo’s meeting at the end of the episode, with Shinji giving an uplifting speech to his weary ex-editor-in-chief. Those who are also fans of Ryuki might even tear up a little at their nostalgic “reunion”, as at the end of their conversation is a brief slice of their classic interaction in Ryuki.
    • Also, after how Shinji was tormented by Ryuga’s actions in the previous episode (even pushing him to the brink of suicide just to prevent his evil mirror side’s rampage), seeing him with a bright relieved smile when he realized his reflection is back to normal might be the most heartwarming moment in the episode.
  • There's something a little sweet about Sougo noting that it'd been a while since Woz had done his "Rejoice!" Catchphrase and seeming happy that he did it. Even when embracing his darker side, he remembers what his friends enjoy.

    Episode 24: Best friend 2121 
  • Based on the end of the previous episode and the preview of this episode, Hora is honestly worried about Heure and asks Sougo and the others for help in saving the young Time Jacker.
    • This is later subverted as she never cares for Heure, she only wants to get the power of Kikai for herself.
  • The preview also features a shot of everyone (sans Black Woz and, understandably, Swartz) in the front room of the shop; while Tsukuyomi is standing next to White Woz, Geiz is notably standing next to Sougo behind the counter—implying that, despite the ending of 23, he, at least, returned to the shop and is still standing by Sougo.
  • When the children tell Sougo that Rento is a friend to them, he immediately thinks of Geiz and Tsukuyomi, despite still being unsure about how they view him.
  • Zi-O in this episode proves how much he desires to be the benevolent demon king. Despite Tsukuyomi and Geiz betraying him, that didn't stop him from pleading to Geiz to save Tsukuyomi even if it results in his future demise. Meanwhile, Sougo became the protector of the children refugees after Kikai went rogue. Although it was hard fighting both the Humanoise and Kikai, Sougo manages to save the latter.
    • Even more touching is that Geiz, who before and after the saving, defends Sougo and expresses severe disappointment at Tsukuyomi for switching sides so easily.
    • While Sougo lost his two allies, Black Woz is there to greet him, especially when he obtains an 82% mark in his make-up test for graduation.
  • Just the smile on Sougo's face when he presents his test to Woz. Awww!
  • The entire reason things go badly the first time around in the fight is that Geiz actually hesitates over creating the Watch, reluctant to move toward a future where he has to kill Sougo. It's not until Sougo rewinds time for him and himself pushes him to go through with it that he does.

    Episode 25: Another Zi-O 2019 
  • Even though they were attacked by Another Zi-O, it's nice to see the hosts of the Another Riders move on with their lives such as Sakuma whose a researcher at a satellite house, and Hayase who continues to do magic at a cafe.
  • Despite responding affirmatively to Tsukuyomi asking if she can trust him to defeat Zi-O, Geiz behaves no differently towards Sougo when they do meet soon afterward, other than his usual gruffness and exasperation at Sougo's cluelessness.
  • Shiro Woz explains that the Geiz Revive Watch will only activate if Geiz has the will to kill Ouma Zi-O (aka Sougo). When Geiz attempts using it at the end of the episode, it doesn't work, to his surprise and Shiro Woz's disappointment. Whether it's for better or worse, Geiz has apparently gotten fond enough of Sougo that he can't find the resolve to kill him anymore, even without realising it.

    Episode 26: Geiz Revive! 2019 
  • The small moment of happiness is when Tsukuyomi sees young Sougo talking to Junichiro. When Sougo starts to breakdown about his parents' death, Junichiro offers to let Sougo live him, calming him down.

    Episode 27: The Beginning of Everything 2009 
  • The scene of Tsukuyomi shooting in the bus was a major misunderstanding, she was trying to protect Sougo by shooting Swartz. Even if she put all that "We must stop Zi-O no matter what" front, she Wouldn't Hurt a Child.
  • Black Woz sounds genuinely concerned about Geiz's usage of Geiz Revive, and once again works with the Time Jackers to devise a plan to stop him.
  • Junichiro taking the time to advise Sougo saying he doesn't have to pretend that everything is ok and it's fine to be sad. Sougo gives a smile as a result.

    Episode 28: Our Goal 2019 
  • Geiz holding Another Zi-O back to protect Sougo, before they trust each other in fighting together against Another Zi-O and his army.
    • More importantly: This is when he finally admits that Sougo is his friend.
    • This also leads to Sougo and Geiz transforming together for the first time not as allies of circumstance or in an instance of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, but as genuine allies.
  • The very moment Tsukuyomi arrives at the scene, courtesy of Tsukasa's dimensional barrier, where Geiz and Sougo all tension evaporates as the two laugh in relief. While Tsukuyomi is confused by their reactions, it's clear that they're both relieved that they don't have to fight to the death over Tsukuyomi getting killed after all.
    • This is the first time Geiz laughs outside of the .5 episodes, and it's with Sougo.
  • Sougo finally managing to reconcile with Geiz and Tsukuyomi, the latter two returning to the shop with him alongside Black Woz.

    Episode 29: Blade Joker 2019 
  • It's sweet to see Tsukuyomi and Sougo talking normally again after Tsukuyomi lost her trust in Sougo in episode 22.

    Episode 30: 2019: Trinity has Begun! 
  • While Amane was berserk as Another Blade, she absorbed both Kenzaki and Hajime's rider powers as well as their undead powers, turning them into plain humans, red blood and all. Now Hajime and Kenzaki are both free from their eternal burden. The Battle Fight the Undead were made to fight in is finally over. Now Hajime and Kenzaki can talk to each other again without risking the end of the world.
    • On top of this, with Another Blade being free from the rule that Undead cannot die the Joker Undead are well and truly gone forever and as long as the other Undead remain sealed then the Battle Fight really is finally over.
    • Hajime left Amane because he wanted her to grow up and stop depending on him. She took it and decided to start her own life and he assured her that he will be there for her when she needs him.
    • When Amane screamed for Kenzaki and Hajime to stop fighting, they managed to restrain their Undead instincts and stop. It's ambiguous how long they could keep it up, but for the moment it all looked okay.
  • Despite spending most of his screentime going against Sougo, White Woz admits that he likes him and wonders what kind of future he will create. He also admits that unlike himself, Black Woz has been able to make friends, and as his final words, he advises him to beware of Swartz and whatever he plans next, and hopes his future is not tarnished in darkness.
    • When White Woz tells Black Woz that he made friends, Black Woz reacts with Flat "What" because it never occured to him. White Woz could tell that Sougo cares about his other self actually more than his other self.
    • Sougo tried his best to motivate White Woz to fight for his future. It didn't matter to him that White Woz is an enemy. He just didn't want him to be this sour and angry that he wants to destroy the world. It fits well with the story's general theme of moving forward and creating your future and also with Sougo's motivation to be a good demon king.
  • Geiz decided that he can't forgive Black Woz for his betraying of the resistance, but can face the apocalypse with him because otherwise there won't be any future for them to shape.

    Episode 32: 2001: Unknown Memory 
  • Just how happy Junichiro is to have his food complimented by Shouichi. He's literally beaming from joy.
  • Shouichi finding the depressed Tsukuyomi and takes her to his restaurant to cheer her up.
    • He relates how he was in a similar situation, losing his memories and gaining incredibly power. But he tells her to not fear her past or her powers as even without them, she's still her. After she smiles from eating some of his food, Shouichi then tells her to show her smile to Sougo, Geiz, Woz and Junichiro as they all care for her for who she is.
  • When Tsukuyomi finds a tired Sougo and Geiz from beating Another AgitΩs. Tsukuyomi tries to apologize for her rude behavior but Sougo reassures her that he trusts she wants to make the world a better place and believes that it's because of her, Geiz and Woz, he can be a good king. She agrees that she wants to make the world a better place too, no matter who she was in the past because that's who she is now as she smiles. Sougo welcomes her back with a smile.
    • After Zi-O Trinity and Agito Trinity defeat the Another AgitΩs. She smiles to Zi-O Trinity and mouths I'm back as she smiles.

    Episode 33: 2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar! 
  • This episode happens to be the last episode of the series to air in the real-life Heisei era. So as a nice set of Book-Ends, this episode marks the televised debut of Zi-O's Kuuga Armor, which he got in Heisei Generations FOREVER.
  • When Sougo realizes that his childhood friend, Tsutomu is Another Hibiki. He simples says he'll listen to his friend and helps him up.

    Episode 34: 2019: Heisei Oni, Reiwa Oni 
  • Kyosuke's determination to save his pupil causes the Hibiki Ridewatch to appear. He takes it as a sign that the original Hibiki accepts him.
  • Todoroki's invaluable lesson for Woz, who was still troubled over properly celebrating Sougo's birthday was that Woz should be there for him as his friendship is already a blessing for Sougo.
  • Sougo stops Geiz from transforming to let Kyosuke have a shot at talking Another Hibiki down. Additionally, Geiz trusts Sougo's judgement enough to let him make that decision. They really are a team now.
  • After defeating Another Hibiki, Kyosuke and Tsutomu happily resume their training. Todoroki watching this, is inspired to take a pupil as well.
  • Geiz humors Woz's idea of birthday party by wearing a gaudy party hat. He smiles a tiny bit too. Well, at least the corners of his mouth turn up slightly and he doesn't look as mad as usual. That's a progress.
    • Sougo is happy to have everyone at his birthday party. Everyone seems to be happy to be there, too.

    Episode 35: 2008: First Love, Wake Up! 
  • As noted by Geiz, the beginning of this episode show the first instances of where we see Tsukuyomi actually happy and excited for once. It's sweet seeing someone like her who's gone through crap the last few episodes, from becoming paranoid over the idea of Sougo possibly being on the path towards becoming the tyrant she fears, to having time powers she never knew she had suddenly resurface without warning, actually look genuinely happy.

    Episode 36: 2019: First Love, Finally! 
  • While a heartbroken Sougo goes on a walk alone, he sees this girl having problems with her bike. After he helps her, it turns out this girl was Sougo's first love, for real this time. After going through two episodes worth of emotional crap, he honestly deserves a win.

    Episode 37: 2006: Next Level Kabuto 
  • When Tsukasa appears and addresses Tsukuyomi, Geiz steps between them to protect her if the need arises. Also, he gets worried when Decade asks her to follow him to see her past and appears to consider stopping her for a moment. To him it probably looks like if she was making Deal with the Devil.

    Episode 38: 2019: Kabuto's Chosen One 
  • As hilarious as it that Junichiro's reaction to Woz saying that Sougo is in space is to make more food for his nephew instead of questioning what Woz means, his reaction is sweet.
  • When Kagami is feeling down for losing to Yaguruma and Kageyama, leading to them stealing the Fourze and GingaFinaly watches. He confides to Sougo that he still feels inferior to Tendou. Sougo gives him a short but effective pep talk, calling him a "powerful warrior" and promising to make him his kingdom's head of security to protect his people. This actually does cheer Kagami up, as not even Tendou made boasts like that.

    Episode 40: 2017: Grand Climax! 
  • Yukihiro revealing that Sayuri's disease was terminal but she didn't have the heart to tell Takuya. Even after her death and the abuse Takuya throws at him, he keeps it a secret to both give Takuya something to focus on and fulfill Sayuri's last wish.
  • After Sougo reveals to past Takuya the truth about Sayuri's illness and Yukihiro's future actions, he shows up on the two of them where they are and accepts that Yukihiro is simply following Sayuri's will and is happy for them. He even calls Yukihiro by his name, showing he won't develop a grudge on him like present Takuya did.
  • Momotaros saying that he thinks Sougo is a pretty good guy even if he doesn't compare to Ryotaro.

    Episode 41: 2019: World Reset 
  • It is very subtle but despite Tsukasa's Jerkass behavior towards Sougo, Tsukasa still does have his Hidden Heart of Gold moment when he comparing Sougo's current situation at the alternate 2019 with his own shown that they are really Not So Different with their inability to exist in a world that never acknowledged their existence.

    Episode 42: 2019: Missing World 
  • Tsukuyomi manages to convince Geiz not to kill Sougo, treats his wounds and tries to understand him, not unlike her other self that Sougo knows.
    • Alt!Geiz asks about what is Main!Geiz like and Sougo describes him quite favorably. Alt!Geiz is convinced that if his other self trusted Sougo, he might try that too. Relating the squabble with Woz makes Alt!Geiz grab him in anger as he doesn't wants to be Sougo's servant either and he doesn't even know Woz. Sougo just cheerfully says that's exactly what Main!Geiz would do and Alt!Geiz relaxes because he realizes that being mad at Sougo is futile effort.
  • Woz comes to stop Sougo and tells him not to get in the way or he would be forced to kill him. Sougo says he doesn't want to fight Woz, who sadly tells him that neither does he and leaves. Regardless of the situation, he still does have something for Sougo that he doesn't want break as of yet.

    Episode 43: 2019: Tsukuyomi Confidential 
  • Swartz reveals his final plan, which causes Sougo, Geiz, Tsukasa and Woz to ally against him.
  • Hearing that the Time Jackers kidnapped Tsukuyomi, Junichiro armors up and is determined to rescue her.
  • After Swartz takes back Ora's power, Heure immediately moves to protect her from Swartz and escapes with her. Especially heartwarming since she used him to gain the Kikai Anotherwatch but he never thought of leaving her to save himself.
  • Woz tests if everything is really back to normal by patting Geiz on the chest to see his reaction and appears to be relieved when Geiz pats him back, proof that he is his usual self.

    Episode 44: 2019: Aqua Calls 
  • Michal still has the underwear given to him by Eiji in Movie Wars Megamax and carries it in his pocket as a good luck charm. He even pulls it out before battle to remind himself how to overcome his fear.
  • It may not apply if it's just a desperate move, but Heure and Ora had apparently gotten to known Sougo well enough through the time they were on opposite sides so as to know that when they come in 95Do and ask for help, he is not going to refuse. It might seem obvious, but it is kind of a leap for them, because as far as they are concerned he is supposed to become the worst tyrant in history, they opposed him and tried to murder him more times than anyone would be willing to count. That's not the sort of person you ask for help unless you're so deep in crap that you don't care whether they'll try to drown you or not.
    • When Heure and Ora come into 95Do and ask for Sougo, Junichiro automatically thinks they are Sougo's friends and talks about them in that way. Sougo, Geiz and Woz come into the shop prepared to fight, but then they talk and decide to give the former Time Jackers their wish. Well, at least Sougo has decided to, maybe with the saying "Enemy of my enemy is my friend" in mind.
  • Sougo tries to have a little heart to heart conversation with Heure. It goes about as well as anyone can imagine. This kid made dozen (more two dozens actually) plans to get him killed and some of those missed the mark just by this little. Even then they were still pretty awful and very destructive. Sougo makes it clear that can't forgive Heure for that, but still tries to be nice to him.
    • From Sougo's point of view the difference between Geiz and Heure is that Geiz has a place to call home. Then he offers Heure a chance to consider 95Do home, wraps his arm around the kid's shoulders and pulls him close. Heure is just too stunned and moved to protest until Sougo starts to drag him back to 95Do because they should help with housework. Then he protests that Sougo is going too fast.
  • Heure gets really upset when he can't find Ora in the house or the shop and doesn't know where she went. He runs out to search for her in the city, disregarding the danger of Another Riders and Swartz.
    • When Another Drive comes out, Tsukuyomi appears to help Heure, followed by Michal, Sougo and Geiz. Heure then in turn helps defeat Another Drive by freezing it in time to keep it from using Slowdown.

    Episode 46: 2019: Operation Woz 
  • When Black Woz and Tsukuyomi end up in Geiz's Another World illusion, they find him in the moment when he yelled at Sougo for creating the worst future as Ohma Zi-O. He originally stormed off in #45, but here he says what he'd never admit in the real world: that he wants to stay in 2019 and create a new future, with Sougo's help.
    • The fact that his illusion was created from this moment means he feels regret for letting his temper get in the way and would change it given a chance.
  • Eternal thanking Sougo for destroying his Another World illusion. By destroying the world where only he was revived, he can now reunite with his fallen NEVER comrades. He even gives Sougo a thumbs-up as opposed to his trademark thumbs-down.
  • After discussing everything that's going on, Geiz admits to Tsukuyomi that he's come to feel that they belong in this time, and (grudgingly) thanks Woz for helping him realize it.
  • Michal tells Sougo that Tsukuyomi's real name is Alpina in his last moments, wanting Sougo to know it and protect her.

    Episode 48: 2019: Ohma Time 
  • Junichiro admiring what Sougo has become, admitting that he really has become a true king.
  • For even the Demon King himself, it's somewhat nice that Oma Zi-O somewhat holds traits of his personality that he had in the past and is willing to help Sougo, even if it's all meaningless as he says it is.

    Final: 2019: Apocalypse 
  • Junichiro gives Sougo the fixed Ridewatches and tells him to ask everyone what they want for dinner. Sougo tears up and promises he will make it back.
  • Geiz tells Sougo that he is glad to be Sougo's friend and encourages him to become a good overlord. Doubles as Tearjerker, because he is dying in heartbroken Sougo's arms.
  • Sougo's ultimate decision for accepting becoming Oma Zi-O. Does he fulfill the Stable Time Loop and kill off Swartz to avenge his comrades? Hell no! He undoes all the damage Swartz did to his and the other Kamen Riders' timelines, and when everything is said and done, Heure and Ora, alongside Geiz and Tsukuyomi, are brought back to life and made actual denizens of the present day timeline. Earn Your Happy Ending, indeed.
    • Better yet, exactly why Sougo did this. In order to repair the damage, Sougo had to use ALL of his newfound power as Oma Zi-O. He essentially gave up being the King of Time. Why? Because as far as Sougo is concerned, becoming king means nothing if his friends aren't there with him.
  • Even Oma Zi-O gets one for the finale. As he is wiped from existence this time for good, he goes out like a Graceful Loser, with his last words telling Sougo that it was an honor to meet him.
    • Considering that he's making a timeline with his friends revived, this is probably what he wanted.
  • As the timeline is reset, Tsukasa and Kaito watch, with Tsukasa taking one last picture. Seeing the original Anniversary Heisei Riders one last time seems fitting.
  • Present time Heure admits that he considers Sougo weird for wanting to be a king, but also that he believes Sougo can achieve his dream.
  • Woz closes his book and simply states that history is off to a fresh start and will take a different course from what is written in the book. The future where Sougo becomes a king nearly happened and might still await him.

Movies and specials

     Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER 
  • The first half of the trailer is very sad considering it's about Sougo and Sento going to the real world where they discover their lives are just TV shows which causes them to question their existence and reality. Despite this, it still manages to be hopeful when the real world is under attack by monsters, with everyone cheering them on to save them and defeat the monsters threatening their lives and that even if they aren't real there, they still are always with them inside their hearts.
    • The movie goes the extra mile to show how much Kamen Rider is a symbol of happiness and good around the world. The trailer is full of kids holding up toys and wearing the belts, smiling and being happy. And when the monsters are attacking, children can be heard in the background calling the Riders' names, and then one voice can be heard saying "It's the Kamen Riders!" in a relieved, joyous tone. It's just like Build said; it doesn't matter if they're fake heroes. The justice they stand for is real.
  • Seeing all the Kamen Riders materialize in the real world. They arrive to do what they do best; save the day. Seeing the all Heisei era Riders come one-by-one is a beautiful sight to see.
    Ryuki: Kamen Riders, let's fight together!
    • Special mention goes to Kuuga's appearance. An adult reassures two kids (who have the Build and Zi-O Henshin belt toys) on how Heisei Riders do exist. He then briefly appears as younger self, with a Kuuga belt and helmet. And soon after, Kuuga shows up to a crowd cheering for him, as he gives them his signature thumbs-up.
    • Den-O's intro is no slouch either. A terrified crowd is running from monsters, but Den-O casually strides in the opposite direction, reassuring the crowd by singing his own theme. He turned terror into excitement as the crowd cheers him on.
    • And when Build and Zi-O chase after Another Kuuga, the crowds follow them for a while, cheering the two riders on.
  • When OOO and Drive appears to do battle in the real world, OOO takes a moment to stroke the Taka Medal in his belt, saying Ankh's name. Similarly, Drive also takes a moment to say Krim's name before he and OOO fighting a horde of henchemen.
    OOO: Ankh...
    Drive: Let's do this, Mr. Belt.
    Krim: Okay! Start your engine!
    Drive: You're coming along for a ride!
  • In the long-awaited cameo of Ryotaro Nogami finally reprised by Takeru Satoh (Despite not having any spoken lines which Urataros speaks for him), Momotaros gives a speech to Ryotaro from the Taros, telling him that they are friends for life and will never forget him no matter what, to which Ryotaro gives a subtle smile in gratitude.
    • Becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight if one takes it from the perspective of Momotaros representing the original Den-O cast in telling Takeru Satoh himself that he will forever be in their hearts.
  • At the beginning, we see a montage of Ataru growing up enjoying the Kamen Rider franchise. At the end, when Shingo is finally returned to his proper time, we see the two siblings growing up together enjoying Kamen Rider all the way up to Zi-O.
  • The theme song is a mash-up incorporating the lyrics and melodies from all the Heisei Riders' theme songs. Furthermore a collage of every Rider is played during the end credits, many of them featuring the Primary Rider alongside their respective deuteragonists/Secondary Riders.
    • The Ryuki segment features Shinji posed alongside Ren, along with a shot of them clashing blades in their Survive forms.
    • The Faiz segment features Takumi and Kiba (whose actor had only passed away 3 years ago) with each other.
    • The Blade segment features Blade and Chalice in battle, along with the iconic shot of all four Riders with the former two in their respective Super Modes posed together.
    • The OOO segment features Eiji and Ankh with each other, which further highlights the moment mentioned above when OOO joins the battle.

     RIDER TIME: Ryuki 
  • Ren comes to Kido's rescue because even if he doesn't remember anything, he is still vaguely compelled to protect him.
    • They agree that they probably never liked each other, but as it turns out that never meant they couldn't care.
  • Kido is taken over by his reflection and goes on rampage. Ren attempts to bring him back and when appealing fails, he tries to stop him the hard way because he just can't let him hurt anyone else. Kido stops just as he is about to kill Ren because there is no way he could ever do that. Ren tells the disbelieving Mirror Shinji that it's because of the bond between them.
  • Ren throws himself in Asakura's path and sacrifices his life to protect Kido. He remembered everything just a while before, including Kido dying on him in the end of the original Rider War, and he wanted him to live.
    • As he is dying in Kido's arms, they share a wish to meet in a world without fighting and he assures Kido that they will bicker over something ridiculous just as always.
    • Earlier, Ren told Kido that a voice in his head tells him to stop the fighting. As he is dying, he says that it was Kido's voice. Earlier, Kido has said that he wants to meet someone he doesn't remember. When he regains his memories, he realizes that person was Ren.
  • Another Ryuki knocks Kido out in the fight, leading to Sougo and Geiz picking him up. For a moment, Kido sees Ren wearing Geiz's clothes instead of Geiz. note 

    NEXT TIME: Geiz, Majesty 
  • The sheer fact that Kusaka is alive in this world means that Sougo, upon doing his Reset Button, had given all the Riders their happy endings, meaning any heroic riders that had died are now alive in their new timelines.

    RIDER TIME: Decade vs Zi-O: The Decade Mansion Death Game 
  • After Misa learns Sougo was a robot, and he in turn learns she had been dead all along, they wish that the next time they meet she can be alive and he can be a human. They do get their wish eventually, in The 7 Zi-Os, which canonically takes place after this.

    RIDER TIME: Zi-O vs Decade: The 7 Zi-Os 
  • Swartz showing concern over his students, specially after pointless sacrifices that happened, and trying to get their mind off of the isolation and hunger that is slowly setting in.
    • As creepy as the scene of him cutting Inves meat is, he is doing so to ensure the survival of his students. It creeps Sougo A at first, but once he is done helping Swartz he can't help but compliment Swartz as he leaves the kitchen.
    Sougo A: Our teacher can be surprisingly kind at times.
  • There's only one student who never leaves Sougo A's Festival, while all others are at Sougo B's club and Sougo C's candy giveaway. The reasone he sits there alone at the festival trying to get goldfishes is solely because he doesn't have friends, and Sougo A was the one closest to being a friend to him.
  • Ora was helping Heure make his move on Sougo A just to get some laughs when he gets rejected, but when she sees him in danger she rushes to his aid without a thought.
    • When she is not clowning on him, she acts like a supportive big sister by assuring him there is nothing wrong with having a crush on another guy. He tries to put on make-up and is dejected by his perceived lack of attractiveness, but she assures him it's okay and helps him with it.
  • Only one vote could have been cast, thanks to Decade's intervention on the voting day, and that was of the student that attended Sougo A's festival.
  • Even after regaining his memories and power, Swartz turns into Another Decade to help Sougo and Decade against Oma Zi-O and the Inves.
  • Even when back to being Time Jackers, Ora is still concerned about Heure, who ended up Taking the Bullet for Sougo and is still missing after everything's restored, and Swartz actually responds before they leave that they could find him eventually.
  • Sougo A and Sougo B parts ways in good terms, after the defeat of Oma Zi-O.
    • In addition, Misa and Sougo from The Decade Mansion Death Game do get to live with their wish.
  • Crosses with tearjerker, but Decade's long journey has finally ended, and he saw it off with a smile and no regrets. That said Woz' words imply, if not outright state, that Decade isn't staying dead this time around either, and that he's coming back soon and they'll meet again.

    Over Quartzer 
  • If Heisei Generations FOREVER can be considered a tribute and celebration to the riders of Kuuga to Zi-O and what they mean to the fans, this movie can be considered a tribute to the entire history of the Kamen Rider franchise in the Heisei era. First up the movie riders are based on other series made during the era which include Black RX, Shin, ZO, J and even Amazons and second as the cavalry Zi-O Oma form summons Kamen Rider Brain, Zangetsu Kachidoki Arms, Kamen Sentai Gorider, G and even the manga incarnation of Kuuga! Truly showing that the history of Kamen Riders in the Heisei era isn't just Kuuga to Zi-O.
  • Takeshi Kinashi's pep talk to Sougo. For context: SOUGO has just imprisoned the Sougo we all know and love. Woz turns out to have been playing him like a fiddle for the Quartzers, who are now abducting everything made in the Heisei era out of existence. Our hero sits alone in a cold jail cell, with Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and Go Shijima unable to hold out against the enemy. Then Kinashi, who has for decades lived in the shadow of Takeshi Hongo as a "false" parody, sees him all washed up like this, wondering if Zi-O and his existence is worthless as a slave to Barlckxs's plans. Kinashi decides to make it clear to Sougo: it isn't. And if a silly parody could fight evil with none of the recognition as an official Rider, there's absolutely no reason Sougo, who was still chosen to become Zi-O, shouldn't be able to as well.


  • A picture of Shun Nishime, the actor who played Takeru, posting this picture. The smile he has on his face for coming back is just so sweet.
    • The response from Takayuki Yanagi, who played Onari, is sweet too. He hopes that filming went well and wished that he could've been part of the episode but was unfortunately busy at the time.
  • Part one of the tribute to Kamen Rider Ryuki will be airing on Febuary 3rd. That is the 17th anniversary of the first episode of Ryuki airing.
    • Because multiple alumni from past Riders appearing in this show, Satoshi Matsuda, actor of Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight expressed his wish to reprise his role as Ren and even guest starring in Zi-O. While the Ryuki tribute arc only features Shinji, his mirror duplicate and Daisuke Okubo, Matsuda gets his wish when the Rider Time Ryuki, a spinoff of Zi-O to commemorate Kamen Rider Ryuki was announced. Heck, Matsuda even took photos with Geiz's actor Gaku Oshida and dressed as the latter's character (which as a Crowning Moment Of Funny, is an acknowledgement to multiple fans comparing Ren to Geiz, both physical and personality wise.)
  • When Yuichi Nakamura returned to play Yuto, he tweeted this picture of his reunion with Hōchū Ōtsuka, Deneb's voice actor. Adding to the "d'aww..." factor, he also made it his Twitter avatar.
  • A few hours after it was announced that Taiko Katono would be returning to play Chase, he tweeted "Thanks to the massive response, I'm feeling a lot of love from Drive. Thank you all so much, I'm very happy."
    • And then his former co-stars added to the heartwarming, Rei Yoshii (Rinna Sawagami) responding to the news with the hashtags #Chase and #Okaeri (Welcome Home) while Yu Inaba (Gou Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach) simply tweeted "Ohh...Ohh!"
  • Some time at the end week of August, the first 5 chosen P-Bandai Ridewatches released, one of them being Cronus Ridewatch. As a way of showing his thanks, Hiroyuki Takami (Masamune Dan) even poses with the Ziku-Driver toy while using the Cronus Ridewatch.
  • After the series finale, it was revealed that the actor for Oma Zi-O's civilian form was none other than Seiji Takaiwa - Mr. Kamen Rider himself! It's very fitting to give the role of the one who wields the power of all Kamen Riders to the person that played nearly all twenty. In a way, it's heartwarming because it could be seen as a way of saying thanks to give the role of the Ruler of Time who wields the power of all Kamen Riders, to the one known for being the suit actor for countless Riders, alongside 18 out of the 20 main Kamen Riders.
    • Even more fitting ever since Takaiwa announced he would be stepping down as main suit actor for the Reiwa Era. What better send off than to have him play the man who had the powers of so many Riders he portrayed?
  • Masahiro Inoue had announced that Zi-O would be the last time he would reprise his role as Tsukasa Kadoya. But during the COVID-19 Pandemic, he channeled his inner Decade once more, joining his fellow Toku actors to cheer up the kids.
  • Keisuke Watanabe (Woz's actor) giving a message to the global audience before Nerdist House's official livestream of Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER, along with signing a Beyondriver as part of the giveaway and ending it off with an "IWAE!"
  • Ryota Murai (Yusuke Onodera's actor) announced his return to Kamen Rider with "I'm Home".
    • Even better, Masahiro Inoue actually welcomed him back.

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