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  • Due to the fact that Sougo is not exactly knowledgeable with the powers and quirks of previous Riders, he just ends up "modifying" some of the finishing moves, much to their confusion.
  • Similar to past series, there's a specific noise accompanying comedic Beat moments. In this show? It's a cuckoo clock.
  • General reactions to Sougo's dream if they're not the Time Jackers or from the future is a complete confusion that someone still wants to be a king in this day and age.



     Episode 1: Kingdom 2068 
  • After being shown just who he is in the Bad Future, Sougo decides to step out of Time Mazine to get some air... and is given a *Drool* Hello by a T-Rex that he didn't notice and that Tsukuyomi didn't see fit to warn him about. Also, for whatever reason the T-Rex's roars sounds like an elephant.
    • Fridge brilliance kicks in when you realize the fact that some T-Rex are voiced by baby elephants in Jurassic Park.
  • Sougo refuses to go to college, holding onto his absurdly childish dream of becoming a king. This makes his uncle a bit frustrated.
  • When a friend of Sougo's lifts him up and slammed to the ground, trying to "wake him up" and realize his childish dream, Sougo exclaims that "You can be the head of the royal police!", much to the former's annoyance.
  • The first time we see a Time Mazin, it's creeping through an alleyway right behind two kids, and peering around the corner to find Sougo. Somehow this is all it takes to hide the twenty foot robot.
  • Sougo is happy that he is going to become a king in the future, but thinks that the evil overlord part kind of sucks.
  • While time travelling to the Edo Period, Tsukuyomi decides to see whether or not there are signs of the future evil overlord in Sougo, by making him try to break up a fight. Turns out the poor guy is timid as all hell and says he dislikes fighting. He even ends up getting thrown into a nearby river, and can be seen curling up in a warm blanket a few scenes later as a result.
    • What makes this even funnier, is that after being tossed, the five guys fighting end up resolving their conflict and walk away cheerfully. When climbing out of the water, Sougo merely says he's happy they stopped fighting… without any regard over the fact they tossed him into the river just moments ago.
    • Tsukuyomi's reaction upon seeing 'the future Demon King' getting thrown into the water, especially after it was her fault that got him in trouble in first place.
    • Her actual methodology deserves some appreciation-throwing her voice and pretending to be Sougo, telling the rioters to shut the hell up.
  • Sento introducing Ryuga to Sougo as his assistant, which Ryuga takes some umbrage with.
  • Tsukuyomi knocking Ryuga out is treated as Funny Background Event. Ryuga turns towards the opening door, which is not visible behind Sougo's head, stares for a moment, then raises his hands up and gets knocked out. Sento sees him on the ground and tries to rush to him only to get knocked out as well. Sougo is too focused on his Ride Watch to notice any of this until he turns around, gets shot and falls on the floor next to Sento.
    • To make matters worse for Sougo, the Faiz Phone X that Tsukuyomi uses is not silent in the slightest. Sougo was just so absorbed in talking about his story that he completely missed the sound of gunfire.
  • All of Woz's hammy interactions with Sougo. From telling him to beware a red robot to handing him the Ziku Driver on a velvet cushion.
    • His incredulous reaction to Sougo wanting to be a "beloved" overlord is a simple, yet effective, "Huh?!"
  • Another Build makes two sportmen into essences and captures them in empty FullBottles. Then he identifies those bottles as karate and tennis and glumly notes that they are not a Best Match.
    • The Victim of the Week is a basketball player, so Another Build attacks with basketballs made of fire.

     Episode 2: Best Match 2017 
  • It seems that Woz will be one performing the opening narration. While he does so, he realizes he went too far in telling Zi-O's story.
    Woz: ... Then, Zi-O steals the power of Kamen Rider Build, taking his first step into becoming the overlor— Oh! Perhaps I read too far ahead.
    • While this isn't actually funny, just noting here that he also does closing narrations for the episode, hinting at who will be the next Kamen Rider cameo.
  • Heure skips across the basketball player's still unconscious body, shifting between going on one leg and both legs like if playing a game.
  • Through the episode, Sougo get repeatedly spooked by Woz appearing out of nowhere. He turns up by the stairs, in the clock shop and just walks on the battlefield like nothing happened. Sougo gets tired of it by the end and just asks him what's the point of that.
  • In 2017, Another Build seems to have inherited Sento and Ryuga's Ho Yay as part of his personality as he makes a beeline to Ryuga and clings to him, saying they are a Best Match. Needless to say, Ryuga is justifiably creeped out and untangles himself the quickest way possible: He shoves the Another Rider away and jumps back like he has cooties, causing Another Build to land on his back with a pained grunt.
    • Made funnier because, as Another Build beelines to Ryuga, Sento just sidesteps out of the way as if to say "Welp, not my problem..."
    • Made even funnier because, as Ryuga hides behind Sento in disgust, Sento suddenly says, "I feel oddly jealous..."
  • Sento sneaks up and tries to teach Sougo his catchphrase and pose while Woz gets caught up in doing his Mysterious Prophet bit just offscreen. Sougo ends up botching the timing AND the pose to Sento's dismay.
  • There's something funny in seeing Sougo doing the Build Driver cranking with his hand, considering the Ziku Driver doesn't have any lever to crank.
  • Due to Sougo himself being something of an Idiot Hero, Build's usual floating equations are replaced with sentences saying:
    "Learned in First Grade"
    "Nothing but Numbers"
    "Part I don't understand"
    "Some difficult numbers"
    "Lucky number x Lucky number"
    • Sento takes a look at those signs and grimaces, while Ryuga stands there puzzled.
      Ryuga: That doesn't seem right.
      Sento: This is the worst.
  • After the battle is finished, as Sougo watches Ryuga and Sento (Or, more accurately, Takumi) walk away, Ryuga can be seen briefly doing something with his pants in a panic. Although we only see him from behind, the implication is that, once again, Ryuga's fly was down.
  • Sougo wakes up and walks downstairs to find out he has two new housemates - Tsukuyomi and Geiz. He tries to shake hands with Tsukuyomi, but she ignores him. Geiz does so, but mainly so he could pull him closer to assure him that nothing changed. Sougo is too sleepy to care about most of the situation.
    • Later during breakfast, Sougo is asked by his uncle if the three of them will get along. Sougo says they will, and Tsukuyomi and Geiz immediately pause eating for a second with looks on their faces, expressing thoughts like "Wait, what the fuck did he say?"
  • Due to anomalies in time caused by Another Build, 2018 Sento's and Ryuga's past and memories are altered to become really close buddies and huge fans of Lynks, and have converted the Nascita cafe into their own Lynks Fan Cafe. However, when their memories DO come back due to the appearance of their own Ridewatches, they immediately get creeped out and pulled away from each other the moment they realized what they were doing.
  • Sougo's method of escaping from Geiz the first time is to drive his bike off the road, then crouch under the curb (while still transformed) until Geiz drives past. It's a little reminiscent of Emu hiding behind a corner from the humans-turned-Bugsters while in his invincible form.

     Episode 3: Doctor Gamer 2018 
  • Woz once again almost spoiled the episode while doing the narration.
  • When Sougo asks Geiz to pass the butter knife, he immediately throws it at him, skewering his toast and impaling it into the counter. He even says "Here you go" in a nonchalant manner.
    • Sougo is intimidated, but tries to thank Geiz in a similarly nonchalant manner.
    • Sougo's uncle enters the room and assumes Sougo's dancing after seeing him stumble around after pulling the knife out of the counter.
    • Just the idea that Geiz is resorting to Super Dickery in lieu of being allowed to kill Sougo outright.
  • Geiz and Tsukuyomi in school uniforms. Nothing else needs to be said. Apart from maybe Tsukuyomi still having her white mantle, and Geiz still has his Watch holders on his arms and that futuristic leather collar harness thing.
    • The entire reason they're doing so is to keep an eye on Sougo, they don't even attend classes themselves. Essentially the uniforms are just disguises. Tsukuyomi pointed out it's going to be weird to simply say they're from the future.
  • One of the scenes of Geiz and Tsukuyomi spying on Sougo has Geiz standing in the toilet stall that Sougo is about to occupy. Sougo quickly decides he can hold it.
    • And before that, during PE class, Geiz tries to hide behind Tsukuyomi's cape as Sougo looked at them.
  • While hiding from Geiz and Tsukuyomi, Sougo ends up bumping into his friend Owada in a PE storage room playing a video game. When the former says he could be the head of his Royal Cybersecurity, the latter asks if he's still obsessed with his dream.
  • Immediately after transforming into Zi-O and throwing a punch, Another Ex-Aid just disappears causing Sougo to punch a shelf and kick a bench.
  • Sougo's screaming while trying to attempt the video game supposedly linked to Another Ex-Aid... and miserably failing, with "GAME OVER" sound playing over and over again.
    • Geiz mocks his inability to win the game, saying such an amateur could never pull that off. This gives Sougo an idea that he should seek out a gamer that can. Geiz gets upset upon realizing that he accidentally gave Sougo advice, quickly protesting that he didn't.
    • Becomes kind of a dark humor when you remember that the "GAME OVER" sound usually means death in Ex-Aid series.
  • When another victim is hit by Another Ex-Aid, Sougo runs to see if he's okay. Meanwhile, Woz appears out of nowhere with his greetings and is immediately ignored. He gets a look of raw exasperation on his face when he realizes that Sougo didn't even notice he was there.
  • Even after getting a promotion to being a full-fledged doctor, Emu's reputation for loving games endured. His disappearance is assumed by some of the staff members to just be him on a gaming bender.
  • When Emu's name is name-dropped Hiiro appears once more, this time, with an entire entourage of doctors and nurses. Cue two female doctors fangirling over him... and getting ignored in the process.
  • As Hiiro takes the three to Emu's office, they notice that he left notes perhaps regarding the game. You can see Sougo getting ignored while raising his hand for the note in Hiiro's hand and hands it to Geiz. Geiz and Hiiro's are both confused why he did that, with the latter stating an inexplicable feeling like he should help them.
    • Tsukuyomi tells Geiz he is getting surprisingly involved. He nearly storms out of the room to prove that no, the events don't bother him in the slightest.
  • Sougo's confusion as he tries to decipher Emu's note, questioning what language it's written in.
    • Geiz is able to translate the note, and it turns out to be an inverted version of the Konami Code written in German .
  • After inputting the cheat code, the scenery changes from outside to a warehouse, with the same animation as the Stage Select from Ex-Aid. This includes removing the bench Sougo and Geiz were sitting.
    • Additionally funny is the way Geiz, the more combat capable of the two, immediately rolls to his feet while Sougo just lays on the ground until Another Ex-Aid shows up.
  • Geiz telling Sougo he'll kill him if he tries slipping from the fight against Another Ex-Aid... for about the third time in the episode. Sougo doesn't react at all as it seems he's gotten used to it.

     Episode 4: No Continues 2016 
  • Geiz comes back to the past, right after Ex-Aid Episode 2 to be exact, to warn Emu and Hiiro about Another Ex-Aid. Hiiro doesn't believe him and leaves, prompting Geiz to call him a cold guy. Emu agrees, but then mentions that he gets the feeling Geiz is too, a sentiment that Geiz agrees with until it clicks in his head what Emu actually said.
  • Ora is annoyed by the first defeat of Another Ex-Aid and complains about her plans getting messed up as if it was a minor inconvenience.
  • Geiz watches Emu work in the pediatric ward to catch anything alerting him to the appearance of Another Ex-Aid. Unfortunately for the former, this also means being surrounded by children tugging on his uniform and straining his ability to keep a straight face.
  • Zi-O Ex-Aid Armor not only looks silly, but also, it debuted in a silly way as well: Zi-O jumps towards the armor pieces in the exact same way as Sento's preferred way to attach the RabbitRabbit/TankTank armor to himself. In other words, awkwardly thrown around towards each armor pieces.
  • Sougo activates Zi-O Ex-Aid Armor's finisher, the usual attack name bar from Ex-Aid shows up.....and Sougo actually uses it as a weapon a la MVC3 Deadpool!
    Emu: That's not quite right.....

     Episode 5: Switch On! 2011 
  • Ora and Heure stop time for everyone around them just to bicker over their failures with Another Build and Ex-Aid.
    • Swartz stops time for them while keeping them conscious so he could berate them. Then, he proceeds to steal someone's candy bar and offers it to Heure as the child of the group. Heure blows him off, so Swartz puts it in his hand before releasing them. As they watch him leave, Heure shoots a glance at the candy bar as if he wanted to chuck it after Swartz.
  • Sougo's uncle once again gets a request to fix something that's not a clock.
  • Tsukuyomi and Geiz don't look any less ridiculous in the school uniforms of Amanogawa High than those of Sougo's school. Wearing part of their regular costumes over said uniforms definitely doesn't help with blending in.
    • Geiz's refusal to remove his Watch holder and leather collar costs him his investigation since his mere presence scares off the people he was trying to ask questions.
  • The Trio meets the current Kamen Rider Club, which was altered to an Occult Research-like club that seeks out Kamen Riders as a form of "Unidentified Mysterious Animals" (as Tsukuyomi puts it) based on the remaining urban legends due to the absence of Fourze in the altered timeline.
    • Two students from the club are Daita Kondou and Chikao Nezu from the Fourze-Wizard crossover movie, who were originally part of a group of villainous psychics before a Heel–Face Turn after being saved by the Kamen Riders. Now retconned as a pair of Kamen Rider enthusiasts who are understandably excited to finally meet actual Kamen Riders Zi-O and Geiz.
    • Special mention goes to Nezu essentially feeling Geiz up while the Kamen Rider from the future just looks increasingly bewildered.
  • Another Fourze mimicks the gestures usually accompanying Gentaro's Catchphrases ... without a word.
  • Woz appears just in time to stop Another Fourze from punching Sougo. Naturally, Sougo is startled upon seeing him. This time he is holding his chest as if Woz's sudden appearance nearly caused a heart attack.
  • Once again, Sougo messes up a Rider’s finisher. While he got the launch enemy into space part correct, actually becoming a rocket that corkscrew kicks the enemy wasn’t quite right...
  • In a bit of a Continuity Nod, Ohsugi-sensei still has a photo of Sonoda-sensei safekept for at least seven whole years.
  • Ohsugi snaps his suspenders so hard he injures himself after giving Sougo the Ride Watch.
  • When Geiz declares he'll go to 2011 to fight Another Fourze, Sougo says he'll go with him. Geiz correctly guesses that he's going to come even if told not to, which Sougo cheerfully affirms. Geiz decides to give up, and walks grouchily off while Sougo follows grinning like someone just gave him candy.
    Geiz: ... Do what you want.
    Sougo: You know I will!

     Episode 6: 555・913・2003 
  • Takumi still has trouble with a hot dish or drink, after all these years.
  • Sougo outright claimed to Karin that he wants to be a king, and a king does not need any reason to protect his people. As Takumi turns around you can see his face showing disbelief at what he just heard.
  • Sougo thinks something is weird about Karin and of all things it turns out to be how she didn't go to the bathroom once while he was bodyguarding her for four hours.
    • Not to mention that he's saying the above within obvious earshot of her.
  • Amidst the awesome recreation of Faiz’s Crimson Smash, one may notice that not even Geiz can perfectly recreate a Rider’s finisher as he barely makes the landing after kicking Another Faiz.
  • Near the end of the episode, Tsukuyomi asked Sougo if he has closed the loop by handing the blank Ride Watches to Fourze and Faiz. Turns out he completely forgot about it.
  • The preview of Haruto Souma being the next Legend Rider shows him using the Connect Ring to swipe a plain sugar donut from someone who stopped paying attention to it.

     Episode 7: Magic Showtime 2018 
  • Sougo's uncle...once again gets a request to fix something that's NOT a clock. It has become a Running Gag at this point.
  • Sougo cleverly tricked Geiz into joining him watching the magic show, by pointing out that Geiz needs to watch over him anyway. And then he passed the Ridewatches to Geiz like they're just a bunch of toys.
    • Sougo brings everyone drinks. Geiz's face is all screaming I am not taking any favors from you! when he accepts the drink after momentary hesitation.
    • Woz is first confused and then exasperated when he sees Sougo carrying a tray of drink before the magic show. The way he flops to lean on the wall shows just how tired he is from having to watch Sougo's unkingly manners.
  • Swart stopping time to throw Geiz off a roof is pure Nightmare Fuel, but then Woz grabs him with his scarf and pulls him to safety.
  • Woz tells Geiz that his king could use an acquitance. Geiz angrily tells Woz that they (he and Sougo) are not friends and never will be.
    • Woz is not bothered by Geiz's attacks at all. He just deflects his punch and then flies out of reach.
     Episode 8: Beauty & Beast 2012 
  • Alternate version of Nitoh still lives a nomadic life, sleeps in a tent and eats grilled food sprinkled with mayonnaise.
    • He denies Geiz the two Rider Watch he has until he remembers why he has them.
      Nitoh: Now run along home, you grouch.
    • Geiz's disapproving scowl while dealing with Nitoh's antics is even better than his default one.
  • Sougo uses Woz's Undying Loyalty towards him against him, forcing him to allow Sougo to do as he pleases. Poor Woz could only stand and watch from the side as his hopes for his overlord to obtain Wizard's powers crumble to dust.
  • There's something funny in Hayase going through the trouble of putting the nurses to sleep and walk all the way to the room....only to bust his way in through the window from outside anyway.
  • Geiz’s Strike Time Burst. Think it’ll just be Wizard’s Rider Kick? Nope! Instead, Geiz kicks through a magic circle that causes his foot to enlarge and stretch, like a combination of Wizard’s Big and Extend Rings, before destroying Another Wizard.
  • At the end of the episode, Woz begins his narration of the upcoming rider...only for him to announce it in a slightly disapproving tone. We then see why.

     Episode 9: Genm Master 2016 
  • The Time Jackers bicker again. Ora and Heure mock each other's futile efforts. Swartz tries to break it up by mocking both of them, which doesn't work out well for him. Heure then decides to give it a go because he has an exact idea who he is going to pick.
  • Heure gets a tiny pause when he finds out that Kuroto is insane. Then he gets excited because it means much more fun for him.
  • Kuroto introduces himself as King Dan Kuroto. Tsukuyomi and Geiz are weirded out. Sougo is excited.
    • Sougo manages to confuse Kuroto just by being himself and asking to become his apprentice.
  • Kuroto is getting measured for his king robes by Hina, and decides that they should be themed after...zombies. You can take Kuroto out of Genm, but you can't take Genm out of Kuroto. Or something.
  • Junichiro, Locked Out of the Loop as always, thinks the kids are out on an errand and reminds each of them to get chicken for dinner, leading to some massive Mood Whiplash when Geiz has to be hauled back after an unexpected beatdown from Zi-O of all people - and Junichiro wonders how an errand can lead to Geiz looking like he fell out a window. For even more whiplash, Junichiro starts looking for the first-aid kit...and instead comes across a whole bunch of other stuff he hasn't fixed yet. Also, take a look at what item he is currently fixing on the table, just before Geiz and Tsukuyomi comes in. Nope, it's not a clock. It's a rice cooker.

     Episode 10: Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper 2010 
  • Woz almost spoiling the episode... again.
    Woz: And ultimately, Tokiwa Sougo encounters yet another legend, Hino Eiji, and the power of OOO shall— *slams book* Oh dear... as usual, I've read too far ahead.
  • Kuroto calls Sougo poochy, a reference to Episode 9.5 ending.
  • Kuroto reveals his goal as king: to become Great King Dan Kuroto. The whole room (except the Waste Yummies) falls silent, followed by Sougo asking "Is that it?"
  • Hina's strength is still a source of amusing scenes.
  • While Sougo delivers his "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Kuroto, he accidentally lets out a bit of his own self-centeredness before correcting himself.
    Sougo: You don't have the right... to decide who is King!
    Kuroto: Then who does!?
    Sougo: Me!...or that's what I wanted to say, but no!
  • When Woz arrives on the scene to give his usual spiel, what's the first thing he says about the OOO Armor's advent? Happy Birthday, naturally.
  • After his defeat, Kuroto still rants about himself being king. Woz decides to rub salt in his wound by telling the defeated Kuroto that he became a fertilizer for the king. Kuroto tries to rant some more, but quickly collapses.
  • Apparently, one of Sougo's kingly skills is that Changing Clothes Is a Free Action. He goes from wearing the grey uniform to brand new clothes in his usual style in the space of a single cut... Between him rushing away from Hina and Eiji after receiving the Ride Watches to arriving where Another OOO is. One can only suppose he pulled on his clothes as he ran, though where he got them/when he picked them up remains a mystery.
  • If you look carefully, you can see Kiyo-chan on the shelf behind Kuroto when he is sitting at the computer in his office in 2010. It makes one wonder what happened to Dr. Maki in a timeline without OOO.

     Episode 11: Zi-O On Parade 2018 
  • The preview showed that Sougo still has no idea how certain Riders' quirks are done, in this case mangling Gaim’s belt's transformation announcement and doing his pose very Goemon-esque.
    Sougo: On parade through the flowered path!
  • Junichiro is so used to fixing everything but clocks that when Woz presents him with a clock to fix he almost rejects it with his usual line of "I'm sorry, but we don't fix things that are not clocks"... and then realizes it is a clock. His joyful reactions to finally getting to fix a clock is priceless.
    • He has to yank that thing out of Woz's hand as the prophet doesn't seem convinced to hand it over.
  • After half an episode, Tsukuyomi finally realizes that she has been dealing with two different Sougos all day. She reacts to this realization by flopping the one currently at hand on the table and then dragging him out by the collar.
    • Junichiro is concentrating on the clock he repairing so much he doesn't notice any of this and just mutters a distracted goodbye when they walk past.
  • Sougo (the one from three days later) just handing Woz a magazine and a tea set (that Tsukuyomi was holding) to hold when he rushes off with Tsukuyomi at the beginning. The best part is that he does it without a second glance, and Woz doesn't even seem to register what happened until Junichiro points it out.
  • The apparent Cold Open, where Zi-O is fighting Another Gaim, and, after a dramatic moment of it getting knocked from his hand, manages to put the Gaim Watch into the Driver and activates it... Only for a giant armour ball that looks like an orange with Gaim's face to appear above him and drop on his head, the new weight causing him to fall forward and become stuck with his feet kicking in the air. And then? Woz appears out of nowhere with his usual 'Rejoice!' without missing a beat, despite the fact that his overlord is currently stuck upside down in a very undignified position.
    • Even more hilarious, it's immediately followed by him trying to give his usual speech about the new form... Only to get interrupted twice. First, by Sougo finally getting himself upright, then by the Armour itself. Both times result in an annoyed Aside Glance and the music itself stopping abruptly, then restarting when Woz gets his groove back.
      Woz: Rejoice! The one to inherit all Rider powers—
      Sougo: I stood up!
      Woz: ...The king of time—
      Sougo: It opened up!!
      Woz: ...who will rule over the past and the future. And his name is Kamen Rider Zi-O, Gaim Armor!
    • The first thing Sougo says when he notices Woz is next to him doing his usual bit? "Woz, help me!"
    • Zi-O's Squash Time Break consists of encasing his target in a badly-drawn orange before slicing it in half.
  • (Future)Sougo informs Tsukuyomi and Woz he already knows of the Another Gaim situation and that he already obtained the Ridewatch to counter him. Woz falls into shock over the fact that this event was not recorded in his book.
  • Tsukuyomi & (Present) Sougo shouting to converse right next to each other amongst the audience cheering for Team Baron's dance performance, in an attempt to get Sougo to attack Another Gaim despite his whimpering over the fact that he has not gotten the required Ridewatch yet.
    • Tsukuyomi then disrupts the performance using a mic from who knows where, and pushes Sougo to the front. The audience's attention to "his" disruption reminds him a Déjà Vu moment with the Edo period incident in Episode 1.

     Episode 12: Me x My Stage 2013 
  • Future!Sougo reveals he tried to keep himself hidden because he was afraid Tsukuyomi and Woz would scold him for his actions, which they did, but due to him cowering behind Present!Sougo they ended up scolding the wrong Sougo, which they shortly apologized for.
  • Both Sougos blindly exclaimed "I'm back" together upon their return home, earning a smack from both Woz and Tsukuyomi for almost exposing themselves. Luckily for them, Junichiro was too busy with the clock repairs to notice them.
  • In a nice Call-Back to Gaim's other riders, Kouta is properly introduced by accidentally dropping a pair of oranges on Sougo and Tsukuyomi's heads while holding a box of fruits corresponding to the other Armored Riders' Lockseeds. However, this begs the question of what the hell Drupers is using pinecones for other than decoration.
  • Tsukuyomi tries to contact Future!Sougo to inform him that Present!Sougo has obtained the Gaim Ridewatch. Present!Sougo also picks up the same call, despite being just right in front of her, causing her to yell at him for being too annoying. The heroic battle music just plain stops and Present!Sougo whimpers.
    • Future!Sougo meanwhile informs them to continue fighting Another Gaim while Rudely Hanging Up on Tsukuyomi, pushing her anger even further.
  • The Kodama Suika Arms Ridewatch activates and lands on the ground with a large crash, seemingly as big as the original Suika Arms had been... but it turns out to still be as small as a regular Ridewatch, being unable to deal any real damage or prevent Swartz from tossing the Gaim Ridewatch into Helheim.
    • It still tries though, enthusiastically but fruitlessly punching Swartz's boot.
    • Sougo does a Big "NO!" and sobs partially offscreen as Tsukuyomi confronts Swartz over his actions.
  • Junichiro walks in on the group with both Sougos in the same room. Tsukuyomi Hand Signals for Sougo to hide, but it shortly becomes a lengthy sign language argument between the two Sougos over which one of them should hide.
    • The sign language debate deserves special mention just because both Sougos start going off on hilarious tangents. Future!Sougo states that Present!Sougo should be the one to hide because his legs are frozen from panicking, Junichiro tends to turn left when he walks, and technically speaking he's older so they should respect their elders (and call him "Mr. Sougo" while they're at it). Present!Sougo instead calls him out for being an irresponsible senior, how Junichiro actually tends to turn right instead, and that it's weird for a future him to be here to begin with. Tsukuyomi's frustration is so strong that her subtitled "URRRGH!" breaks out of the white text boxes.
    • Junichiro turns around and gets a shock from seeing two Sougos, but after a quick distraction from Tsukuyomi he sees just one Sougo, the other just barely struggling to hide behind him as he walks out of the room thinking it was just exhaustion from repairing Woz's clock.
  • Geiz actually came back to the house... bringing chicken meat.

     Episode 13: Ghost Hunter 2018 
  • When Geiz mentions that he stole the Ghost and Drive RideWatches from Oma Zi-O, Sougo's uncle overhears and chastises him, saying it's never okay to steal anything from anyone. He immediately goes back on what he says not even a second later...
    Junichiro: No matter what the reason, you shouldn't take things that aren't yours. Got it? Although stealing a girl's heart is quite romantic. A ha ha ha!!!
  • When Takeru tells Sougo he trusts him, Shibuya is the first to show skeptisism. When Sougo states his dream is to be a king, Narita immediately pushes him on the floor.
    Narita: Now I don't trust you again!
  • After word gets out that Another Ghost resurfaced, Takeru and co. depart to intercept... leaving a still tied up Sougo back at the Daitenku Temple with Shibuya. Poor Sougo is seen rolling on the floor whining, as Shibuya waves goodbye.
  • When Heure tries to provide assistance to Another Ghost, Sougo decides to just sic the Kodama Suika Arms Ridewatch at him, backhandedly. The Ridewatch then lands on Heure's head, then a nearby rock and fires watermelon seeds at him.

     Episode 14: Go! Go! Ghost 2015 
  • After Makimura is saved from the falling girders, the real action begins while the workers operating the crane can be seen dropping to their knees and apologising like crazy. Justified of course, but funny in a way.
  • Woz gives his usual advent speech from the sidelines for Zi-O Decade Armor, to which Tsukasa asks who is he talking to, leaving Woz at a loss for words.
    • Woz tries to do it again for Zi-O when he activates Build Sparkling with the Decade Armor, but Tsukasa snatches his book away and shuts it, telling him he's too noisy.
      • Woz's reaction? A silent expression, and scoff, as if he were saying "Well jeez man, you don't need to be RUDE about it."
  • Sougo kinda botches up Ghost's finisher catchphrase just a bit. Well, at least he's....err, trying.
    Sougo: My what I'm trying to burn bright here!
  • When Sougo returns to his body after defeating Another Ghost, how does he feel? Hungry.
  • At the end of the episode, Sougo gets back home and Junichiro tells him that he made dinner...but then a customer came in and ate Sougo's portion. As he enters the dining room we see Tsukasa finishing up the meal. Clearly he's been taking Trolling lessons from Kaito.
    • Apparently Junichiro is so used to fixing things that are not clocks he even goes along with fixing up meals for people like his shop is a restaurant.
      Tsukasa: Thanks for the meal! It was delicious.
      Junichiro: Glad you enjoyed it! We hope to see you again— But we're a clock shop though.

     Episode 15: Back To 2068 
  • At breakfast, Geiz suddenly takes hold of Sougo and threatens to cut his throat. Sougo and Tsukuyomi are understandably upset even though Geiz is holding a baguette.
  • Junichiro almost rejects another clock Woz requests to be repaired.
    • On that note, the fact that Woz seems to have clued in that all he needs to talk to Sougo freely about matters relating to Zi-O is to hand Junichiro a broken clock. Also this clock looks a lot more dirty and broken than the clock he has given before which implies Woz found it in the garbage.
  • A rather grim Brick Joke from the end of the last episode. At the end of the last episode, Tsukasa took a photo of Sougo. This episode? Sure enough, something bad happens to Sougo. He's tossed into the Bad Future and sees what kind of king he is there.
    • He takes a picture of Geiz this episode—as well as the giant machines attacking the city. So either side could be effected. Or it could cancel out.

     Episode 16: Forever King 2018 
  • Kasshin attacks Sougo and spills his groceries. Heure stops time and seemingly reaches for an apple from offscreen. When the camera cuts to him, he is munching on a bell pepper the same way he would eat an apple. All while gleefully telling Sougo that they need him dead. It's just surreal.
    • Woz's face when Sougo flies past him. Simple, mildly annoyed, and screaming "Do you have to make everything this complicated?"
  • Once Sougo gets the resolve to transform and fight once more, Woz takes the time to bring a ladder down to the pit where Sougo and Geiz are in, just to recite his speech.
    • When the scene cuts back to said hole when Sougo sends Geiz the belt, you can see that, though Woz has left, the ladder is still there; but Geiz has apparently refused to use it, and is still standing in the wet pit for some reason.
  • After Sougo uses the Ghost RideWatch to summon the Parka Ghosts and retrieves the replacement Ziku Driver, he tells Geiz to use it and even up the odds. Geiz had only this to say:
    Geiz: Great. A bossy overlord.
  • Tsukasa walks on the scene following Ora and asks whose side is he supposed to be on. Ora has enough of him and just tells him to pick one.
    • Tsukasa then cheats when he control water with Flame Style.
  • When the odds of the fight shift against Tsukasa and Kasshin's favor to become 3 on 2 note , Tsukasa's next remarks essentially say "Screw This, I'm Outta Here!". Meanwhile Ora isn't exactly pleased.
    Tsukasa: Alright, now the odds are bad. Time to make my exit.
    Ora: He just does whatever he wants...
    Tsukasa: Take care. We'll meet again. *disappears behind his barrier*
  • Heure shows up in Time Mazine, and orders Ora to help. Her reaction is of clear boredom and slight annoyance, as if knowing this won't end well as usual.
    • In fact, as their Time Mazines are going out at the end of the fight, Heure leaves with a pissed-off reaction, while Ora leaves with an "I knew it" reaction.

     Episode 17: Happy New Woz 2019 
  • Kamen Rider Shinobi's pre-transformation pose-fest is so absolutely over the top it's impossible to take seriously.
  • Woz shows up in 95Do, which prompts Tsukuyomi to wonder if there's something off. Junichiro catches on this, but for an entirely different reason.
    Tsukuyomi: He took the effort to come all the way here, he probably has something up his sleeve.
    Junichiro: Oh he has something up his sleeve, alright. A broken clock, that is!
    • Junichiro goes to prepare a cake to celebrate New Years with everyone right after, but when he comes back, the entire gang left. He falls into bigger shock over the fact that Woz did not leave behind any clock for repairs.
  • There's something comical about the fact that Toei made 2022 look like it's Back to the Future Part 2. Toei thinks that, in three years, it'll look something like that.
     Episode 18: Fantastic! Historic! Futuristic! 2022 
  • In order to differentiate between the two Woz, Sougo decides to nickname the original and Another Woz "Black Woz" and "White Woz" respectively. Woz retorts that they are not sheep, but Geiz takes to using the nickname almost immediately, much to Tsukuyomi's surprise.
    • This moment can be Hilarious in Hindsight, since in Episode 14.5 he says "ma-shing" in a tone little different from a sheep's bleat.
  • Black Woz goes to find Heure for an explanation regarding Another Shinobi's existence. Heure shudders in fear upon seeing him before he clarifies that he is not White Woz, putting Heure at a lot more ease.
    • How he clarifies himself? When asked which Woz he is, he responds "the black one".

     Episode 19: The Quiz Shock 2040 
  • White Woz does the story recap this time, noticeably rushing through Sougo's Oma Zi-O premise in a rather disapproving tone.
  • When Black Woz remarks that Kamen Rider Quiz is most likely from the future, the first thing to come out of Sougo's mouth is asking whether he's White or Black Woz, much to his annoyance.
    Black Woz: ...Are you trying to cause me distress, my Overlord?
    Sougo: (laughs) Yeah, was it that obvious?
  • As the group splits up to find Quiz and Another Quiz, Sougo asks if Black Woz knows where he is. He replies with asking the former to not treat him like a "radar for Another Riders".
  • While searching for Mondo/Quiz, Sougo and Black Woz unkowingly get manipulated by White Woz to return to 95Do, which they realize was an odd move for them to take. Inside, we see Junichiro being handed a broken watch to repair, the owner of said watch being... Mondo himself.
    • After learning Sougo and Mondo are acquainted with each other, Junichiro gets overly excited over Sougo having so many friends as customers, to the point of offering to fix up lunch for everyone, including Mondo.
    • We later on see Junichiro hosting a quiz game for the gang (Geiz having backed out from playing) with Mondo acing it, and after the day has passed, Mondo was given temporary lodging at 95Do for the night. It seems Junichiro may have been a bit too kindhearted for Sougo's friends.
  • White Woz gets little too excited and close to Geiz, who is visibly restraining himself from punching him in the face.
  • The sight of Geiz in nightclothes without the harness and watch holder is just bizarre, in part because one would expect that he sleeps with those things on.
  • After Ora deliberately sets Zi-O and Geiz to Rider Kick each other, she snarks at them for nearly ruining her plan. Karma gets her back immediately after:
    After Zi-O and Geiz are forced out of their transformation
    Ora: Serves you right.
    Ora is suddenly flung to the side and hits a flight of stairs thanks to White Woz
  • Kamen Rider Quiz fighting Zi-O and Geiz. He keeps throwing them questions about his attacks which triggers electrical shocks in them should they get the answers wrong or even not answer at all. It gets to the point where Zi-O seemingly gives up when he initiates his Rider Kick upon them.
    Quiz: Next Question! I'm going to land my next kick: True or False?
    Zi-O: Please, let it be false...
    • Quiz's Question Kick has him hiding between a set of "True or False" panels, which has Zi-O in a panic while guessing which one is he going to come out from. He bursts out of the "True" panel, and successfully lands his kick on them right in the midst of their panic.

     Episode 20: Final Answer? 2040 
  • Black Woz is annoyed Sougo is still pulling the "Which Woz are you?" joke.
    Black Woz: Must we do this every time? I'm Black Woz, my Overlord.
    Tsukuyomi: He actually said it...
  • In a slight aversion of the usual Running Gag, Black Woz once again hands Junichiro a clock to repair. Only this time, it is the Zi-O Ridewatch II.

     Episode 21: Mirror World 2019 
  • Swartz is trying to have a serious conversation with Heure, who keeps on breaking and reversing a mirror. Swartz's patience eventually runs out and he gets mad that Heure is not paying attention to him.
    • Heure explains to Swartz that—according to Tsukasa—1 in 1000 times, breaking a mirror will cause their world to connect to a mirror world. The funny part here is twofold; one, it's Tsukasa of all people who claimed it (knowing his personality, the "1 in 1000" part could be a trolling attempt), and two, if it was really 1 in 1000, how long has Heure been doing the "break mirror-reverse the time-break mirror again", and how many times it was done until the mirror world finally connected? Regardless of whether the "1 in 1000" part is true or not, Tsukasa successfully messed with Heure here.
  • Junichiro trying to imitate Black Woz (while gesturing out his wavy hair) to Sougo to refer to him, as the prophet had never introduced himself to him proper despite being a regular customer, just to tell him that the item he was given to fix was out of his league and all he could do was give it a good cleaning.
  • Black Woz tries to talk to Sougo, who doesn't have a time for him. The whole scene is similar to Swartz trying to have a serious conversation with Heure as described above.
  • Sougo was able to put two-and-two together and realized Geiz planned to sacrifice himself to defeat Another Ryuga. He pulls out the watch Black Woz gave Junichiro and prepares to use it... only for nothing to happen.
  • Kamen Rider Woz finally getting beaten up is not that funny. What's funny is HOW it happened: while in Quiz form, he smugly questions Another Ryuga regarding whether Woz can beat him or not, clearly thinking the answer will be True...only for his Quiz shoulderpad to show the right answer as False.
    • And before that, Kamen Rider Woz gets sucker punched by Another Ryuga!
  • Sougo ends up in Mirror World and meet his reflection there. He absolutely misses any sinister cues and thinks that his reflection is the same as himself from two days in the future that he worked together with in the Gaim arc. So he tries to drag his reflection away to battle Another Ryuga. The other Sougo refuses to budge, punches him and challenges him to fight.

     Episode 22: Zi-O Strongest! 2019 
  • Tsukuyomi and Geiz are talking to Junichiro when they hear the mirror sound. Sougo then comes tumbling out of a glass window, causing heavy confusion for Junichiro. Tsukuyomi and Geiz are completely unfazed at this event.
    Junichiro: W-Welcome back, Sougo. Where did you come from!?
    Sougo: A mirror world, I guess...
    Junichiro: Right... that is Sougo, isn't it— Oh, you guys aren't fazed by this... I guess this is normal... I'll just go for a walk to refresh myself...
    • Geiz's exasperated face through the whole scene shows just how done he is with all the weird stuff that happens to Sougo.
  • Upon Sougo's transformation into Zi-O II, Black Woz appears to deliver his "Rejoice!" catchphrase.
    Sougo/Zi-O II: Hey, it's been a while, hasn't it?
    Black Woz: (Smirks in reply) By all means, my overlord, fight to your heart's content.

     Episode 23: It's Kikai! 2121 
  • The title of this episode in Japanese is "Kikai Da! 2121", a humorous reference to the actor for Rento being the actor for Kikaider Reboot.
    • Furthermore, one of Kikai's finisher is "Kikai De Hakai Da" - "Hakaider" is Kikaider's main enemy.
  • Only one of the Humanoise encounters isn't creepy, thanks to how this old man gives us a good close-up with a glow in his eyes, along with the "IT'S HUMAN!" statement.
  • Sougo falls asleep every time he tries to study, which always brings him to meeting Rento/Kamen Rider Kikai in his dreams of the year 2121.
    • This ticks Geiz off when Sougo explains he met Kikai in a dream, telling him that his main priority is to study hard.
    • In his last attempt to stay awake while studying, Sougo consumed bottles of energy drinks and taped his eyes open. Unfortunately for him, Geiz brings in lavender-scented bottles, telling Sougo his main priority now is to fall asleep.
    • Sougo retorts that he can't just fall asleep whenever he is told to. While Geiz explains his reasons for needing Sougo asleep to get hints for defeating Another Kikai, Sougo instantly falls asleep anyways.
    • What's actually funny about all of these is that they happened 3 times in a single episode just to show how bad Sougo is when studying.

     Episode 24: Best Friend 2121 
  • The prologue of the episode starts with Black Woz sleeping.
  • What should be a dramatic scene of White Woz relating his plans to get the Kikai Watch to Tsukuyomi and (a very reluctant) Geiz, is made somewhat hilarious by the fact that he's somehow acquired and set up a full dinner spread complete with glasses and multiple plates of food—none of which is ever touched over the course of the scene.
  • Sougo has fallen asleep during his makeup exam and panicked over the time he had left to finish it and the fact he didn't answer a single question. The professor's Facepalm is justified, but somehow Sougo still knew how to do it all and did really well too.
    • And the very next scene we see after that, is Sougo bragging about it to Black Woz.

     Episode 25: Another Zi-O 2019 
  • As a callback to Episode 21, Junichiro repeats the gesture when addressing Black Woz, except now he's welcoming Black Woz when he comes to visit Sougo during a breakfast doubling up the "Friend!" and "Welcome!".
  • Sougo waking from his dream where he fights Geiz by falling flat on his face.
  • Sougo and Geiz go back to bickering like always the first chance they get when Geiz arrives to fight the suspiciously revived Another Ex-Aid.
    Geiz: Do you have the Ex-Aid watch?
    Sougo: (pulls out the watch in question) I do, but he...
    Geiz: (snatches it out of Sougo's hand) Just give it to me!
    (Geiz uses Ex-Aid Armor to fight Another Ex-Aid and gets knocked on his ass)
    Geiz: But how?
    Sougo: (wearily bewildered) I was trying to tell you the Ridewatches don't work on him.
    Geiz: Then you should have told me sooner!
    Sougo: I was gonna tell you sooner, but you- (Another Ex-Aid cuts him off)
  • During the battle against Another Zi-O in Another Gaim's form, Woz tries to use Quiz's power to defeat him and of all things asks "Tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, yes or no". The topic is divisive enough that Another Zi-O is able to simply ignore the attack.
  • A piece of black comedy comes into play when Sougo wonders about how it's bad that he is eager to meet Tsukuyomi and Geiz again because it will happen only if someone gets attacked by Another Rider. Woz gleefully tells him that it is the sort of bad tendencies he is supposed to encourage.

     Episode 26: Geiz Revive 2019 
  • White Woz appears just to give an advent speech for Geiz Revive, this event being not too much of a surprise to Zi-O II.
    Zi-O II: So White Woz does this thing too, huh...

     Episode 27: The Beginning of Everything 2009 
  • Having been just mauled by Geiz Revive, Black Woz lies prone on the floor and the only thing he has to say is that White Woz is awful.
    Black Woz: My damnable other self has given rise to something truly horrid...
  • Kadoya Tsukasa as the bus driver. Namely, how completely unperturbed he is for much of the incident, behaving almost exclusively like a regular driver (albeit one that's exceedingly calm in the face of what's happening, having literally not even a single word to say), and the sheer absurdity of him even being there in the first place.
  • Swartz stops a shot from Tsukuyomi's Faiz gun with his hat.
  • In order to retrieve his Rider powers from Hiryu right after he had stolen it, White Woz writes in his book "Kamen Rider Woz's powers returns to Woz." The powers do come flying back, but it ends up in the hands of Black Woz, who leapt into the fray to snatch it away from White Woz. This still works, because White Woz never specified which Woz the power returns to. This is soon followed by White Woz screaming in anguish over being outsmarted, which is quite cathartic, specially since Heure and Black Woz pulled this one on him.
  • Black Woz giving himself an advent speech. Goes to show that he is truly a Hammy Herald.
    Black Woz: Rejoice! I am the chronicler of past and future, prophet of the one true timeline. My name is Kamen Rider Woz, and this is the first page in a new chapter of history!

     Episode 28: Our Goal 2019 
  • Black Woz's pose after he was beaten out of his transformation. He seems less like someone who just got his ass kicked and more like someone just chilling, especially since his plan to buy Sougo some time just worked.
  • Just before Sougo and Geiz began their fight to the death after defeating Hiryu, Tsukuyomi arrives and gets between them in the hopes of stopping them... And they burst in laughter, relieved that they wouldn't have to end their newfound friendship so quickly over their promises and leaving her very confused.
    • Also doubles as moment of heartwarming.
  • Back at 95Do, Sougo informs Tsukuyomi and Geiz are back, only for Junichiro to reveal they will have to share the room with a 3rd guest: Black Woz. Geiz wasn't very happy.
    • What Sougo asks Black Woz to do? Apologize to Geiz. After a half-hearted "Sorry" from the usually Hammy Herald, Geiz jumps on him like an angry monkey, with Tsukuyomi angrily trying to pry the two apart. The scene is made even funnier when Sougo begins screaming "Stop!" and runs in the middle of the three with a plate of food, to which the three of them immediately back away startled.
    • For April Fools Day 2019, TV-Nihon “admitted” to “screwing up” the subtitles. The “corrections” include referring to Zi-O as “Decade 2” And Geiz as “Kamen Rider Bill Gates”. It also turns Geiz’s argument with Black Woz into fodder for the shippers.
    Black Woz: I love you.
  • In a blink and miss it moment, you might forget the Running Gag that Junichiro is getting requested to fix non-clock items. There is also one here. Apparently, some outrageous customer even request him to fix a washing machine.

     Episode 29: Blade Joker!? 2019 
  • Tsukuyomi asks Sougo about not continuing his education after graduating from high school. He proclaims that he is going to be the king. Geiz makes a hilariously annoyed face. He has been just so done with Sougo for the past couple months already.
  • Black Woz is clearly playing Geiz during the breakfast scene.
    • He asked Geiz to pass him the soy sauce and Geiz actually does it. It's somewhat surprising considering how the last time he was asked to pass something to someone he didn't like, he flung the butter knife at Sougo so hard it lodged itself into the counter.
    • He does lose his temper when Black Woz asks him one too many things.
    Geiz: I'm not your servant!
    Black Woz: (feigning concern) Now, now. Losing your temper in the morning raises your blood pressure.
    Geiz: Am I a horse?!
  • Kaito makes breakfast for Sougo and co. (even wearing a pink apron), takes a bite out of his own cooking then simply waltzes out of the house, leaving the others confused before they even register what happened. It seems that his thought processes were Tsukasa took his dinner, so I should do something about his breakfast before I steal all of their Ridewatches.
  • After chasing Kaito down, Sougo and Geiz proceed to whip out their Ridewatches, only to realize that they have already been stolen. Kaito immediately shows them the Zi-O and Geiz Ridewatches in his hand, saying "Looking for these?" with a smug smile on his face.
  • Geiz asked Black Woz to retrieve the Ridewatches, to which he replies 'Why me?' then Sougo asked the same and he had no choice but to obey.
    • Woz's next remark is also a callback to Episode 16, where Geiz says something similar regarding Sougo.
      Black Woz: My word... what a demanding overlord.
    • After the battle, we see that Woz did manage to retrieve the Ridewatches... except Zi-O II Ridewatch, and both of Geiz's personal Ridewatches, leaving Geiz still unable to transform anyway.
  • When Sougo asks about the past that Geiz and Black Woz share and muses that it's actually the future from the current viewpoint, Black Woz politely tells him to shut up.
  • Sougo asks Black Woz and Geiz to look for Daiki and get the Ridewatches back. They are not happy, to say the least.
    • Then, when Tsukuyomi asks how he's going to find Kamen Rider Blade and get a Ridewatch, he says that he didn't think that part through and only wanted Geiz and Black Woz to work together and try to get along.
  • Geiz tells Daiki that Black Woz is not his comrade, just roommate.

     Episode 30: 2019: Trinity has Begun! 
  • Remember Kamen Rider Decade and its humorous yet Body Horror-like transformation? Now Trinity does it by turning Geiz and Woz into watches! Also bonus for Zi-O's face falling down to the chest.
  • The debut of Zi-O Trinity is a Call-Back to Den-O Climax Form's first transformation. Geiz and Black Woz both get turned into wristwatches and become Zi-O's shoulder accessories. Zi-O is initially shocked at Geiz and Woz attaching themselves to his shoulders, before getting the final shock from his face being shifted downwards. Moreover, much like Den-O, whoever is not in control of the main body talks by moving where their original face is located.
    Sougo: [holding his newly-formed face] Dang, this is pretty wild!
    Geiz: Wh-what the hell!?
    Black Woz: We seem to have combined...
    • The icing on the cake is Kenzaki and Hajime just watching the whole thing in silent bewilderment.
  • After the initial surprise at the new form, Woz decides to just roll with it and takes control of Trinity to deliver a new, albeit very uncertain, ascension speech.
    Black Woz: Rejoice! The power of the three Riders appears to have been united! You likely bear witness to the ruler of time and architect of the future. The name... is Kamen Rider Zi-O Trinity! This is truly the moment when a new record of history will be scribed.
    Sougo: Hey, that was a little more subdued than usual...
    • Gets funnier when you notice that Trinity's body actually tilts alongside Zi-O's original face when Sougo commented on Black Woz's new speech, since the face is now attached to the chest.
    • Also, Woz opens his speech by asking the other riders to pardon him while he takes control because he has "something [he has] to do." The way he moves implies that either Woz is spectacularly excited about this development or he's being uncontrollably compelled to make a speech.
      • The clock hand that dictates who controls the body appears to agree; it skips Sougo and Geiz solely for Woz to speak.
  • When it's Sougo's turn to control Trinity, the inner-mind clock's hand stops just shy of his exact position, prompting him to manually adjust the clock's hand to where he stands.

     Episode 31: 2001: Awaken, That Agito 
  • During the cold open, everyone in 95Do is horrified watching footage of Another AgitΩ mauling a G3... Except for Woz, who throws a handful of confetti and exclaims "Behold!" while congratulating Sougo for his high school graduation and breaking into his usual intro speech.
    • This also serves the double purpose of finally confirming that yes, Woz is using his Time Jacker-style time stops to narrate the show.
  • Zi-O mispronounces Agito's name as "Agi-omega", prompting Woz to correct him.
  • Woz attempts to use Quiz's powers to cheat on finding the Agito Ridewatch ("Will fighting them lead us to a new Ridewatch?"). However, Quiz's powers don't work like that - Woz asked a question whose answer is uncertain/not set in stone yet since it's about something in the future, so nothing happens.
  • Sougo's first idea of how to find Agito is to search for "Agito" on the internet. Because Shouichi named his restaurant after his Rider identity. It works.
    Sougo: I wonder if we can look him up online...
    Geiz: You nitwit, like it would be that easy...
    Sougo: Found it!
    Geiz: Eh?!
  • When Sougo and Geiz visit Restaurant Agito, Sougo has such a lack of social skills that Geiz of all people calls him out on it. He first asks Mana if he can see Kamen Rider Agito. And then later says he wants to be king and he needs to see Agito to do so. All the while Mana is completely confused and Geiz looks completely done.
  • After Zi-O assumes Trinity form, Woz once again takes control for an improved ascension speech in the middle of the battle. What follows is everyone from the G3 Units to the Another Riders staring at him in Stunned Silence.
    Woz: Fall upon your knees, for we are Kamen Rider Zi-O Trinity! All hail the great overlord Zi-O and his retainers, Geiz and Woz. The Triumvirate, architect of history, and ruler of all time!
    Zikan Despear: Sicklest!!note 
    *everyone halts their battle and stares*
    Woz: Hmm? *clears his throat* We are—
    Sougo: Alright already! Woz, what the heck?
    Woz: Whatever do you mean?
    Geiz: Since when am I a retainer?
    Woz: Please, do be quiet. This form is the symbol of my overlord's conquest; it must be proclaimed as such.
    Sougo: Ehhh? But it's so embarrassing...
    • Adding to this is the subtle detail of the control clock hand pointing to whoever is speaking at the moment, which in hindsight implies that on the surface, Zi-O Trinity's main body may have looked like an extreme case of multiple personality disorder while everyone's attention is on him.

     Episode 32: 2001: Unknown Memory
"Rejoice! The one who raised the man who will become the Demon King of time, the fun uncle whose cooking got praise from a man chosen by the Overlord of Light. His name is Tokiwa Junichiro. Let us witness his smile of joy!"
  • Woz inexplicably breaks free of Tsukuyomi's time freeze just to narrate the previous episode's events.
    • Now that Sougo has graduated from high school, as from the previous episode onwards he is now known as "High school graduate/former high school student Sougo Tokiwa" in Woz's narrations.
  • Shouichi, who is an accomplished chef, compliments Junichiro's cooking, much to the latter's delight.
    • Junichiro is so giddy by the compliment he thinks Shouichi will offer him a job but quickly asserts that he's a clock repairman at heart. When Shouichi offers to take Junichiro to his restaurant as a thank you, Junichiro says thanks for the job offer but he needs time to consider it, leaving Shouichi very confused.
  • When Sougo is able to get the Agito Ridewatch back to Shouichi, Shouichi has no idea what to do, leaving Sougo to over eagerly Buffy Speak how to start the Ridewatch.
  • Woz repeats the previous episode's speech when Zi-O Trinity is formed. The three constituent Riders starts arguing while Shouichi amusedly comments that Tsukuyomi has interesting friends. Then Shouichi becomes Agito Trinity and Woz can't help but make another speech about the fact there are two Trinities now. The camera then switches to Tsukuyomi, sighing at the trio's wacky antics, particularly Woz's.
    • Even funnier is that Woz at the moment had control over only the left arm, and somehow he pulled Zi-O Trinity entirely before he even took over.
    • The argument itself:
    Geiz: You're gonna embarrass me every single time!??
    Woz: Silence, right shoulder.
    Geiz: I'm no one's right shoulder!!
    Sougo: Both of you are shoulders.....

     Episode 33: 2005: Rejoice! Echo! Roar!
When Woz has Skewed Priorities for Sougo's birthday over fighting Another Rider, even his Large Ham is a Serious Business to him!
  • Zi-O and Geiz having a small debate over which powers are better suited for countering an "ancient oni/demon".
    Zi-O: Let's fight ancient with ancient! *Kuuga!!*
    Geiz: No way. You need magic for an oni. *Wizard!!*
  • At the beginning of the taiko drum training sequence, while Woz and Geiz are doing it slowly in a synchronized manner, Sougo just beats the drum very quickly, but somehow still has a rhythm of his own.
  • Woz's hypeman status has made him a huge joke through the entire episode:
    • Holding a small desk calendar and walking through the 95DO, he trips on Geiz, who was doing push-ups in the middle of the clock shop. Geiz jumps up immediately, thinking it as an Another Rider attack and upon realizing it was Woz he yells at him. Woz is too distracted by the calendar to bicker with him for once.
    • Woz's referral to a "fated day" arriving makes it seem like the original Day of Oma is at hand, but he's actually geeking out because it's Sougo's birthday.
    • He stops Junichiro before he could wish happy birthday to Sougo and hints him to keep his birthday a surprise.
    • Woz, who has always been confident at worst and smug at best, gets nervous and fidgety trying to think up a way to properly plan a surprise celebration and keep it away from Sougo until then. He has obviously never been nervous once in his life and just doesn't know how to deal with it.
    • He gets a little too excited upon hearing from Kyosuke that taiko drumming is an art of blessing all life on earth, bursting out into the main lobby from the dining room he was just sulking in to insist Sougo take on taiko training in the hopes of blessing his overlord's conquest.
      Kyosuke: And who are you supposed to be!?
      Woz: An oni, OF BLESSINGS!!
      • Immediately after Woz says this, you can see Geiz in the next shot trying so hard not to laugh, even hiding his face behind his collar.
    • Woz alone, standing on a table, practicing his "ascension speech" for Sougo's birthday. Nevermind how he hurriedly tries to hide the cake when he hears Sougo enter 95Do.
    • The taiko training gets interrupted abruptly. Twice. First when Woz gets a little too excited, he shoulder slams Sougo off the Odaiko, who then falls over Geiz and away, and then proceeds to drum like a crazed oni. That leaves Sougo and Geiz to lift weights instead, and we get the former exhausting himself with two small weights while the latter lifts a large dumbbell without problems.
      Woz (in a small pause while drumming): REJOICE!!
    • The second time he gets interrupted is by Tsukuyomi tossing a small rock at his arm when her yelling fails to catch his attention. You can just see how done she is with his antics.
      • She tries to call him out for ignoring the Another Rider attacks, but he reasons that Zi-O and Geiz are already handling it, and demands that she not interrupt his training for Sougo's birthday. She then shoots back at him for never listening to others and that Sougo will not enjoy this, causing him to slump upon his realization that he had been wasting his time and was just trying to satisfy himself.

     Episode 34: 2019: Heisei Oni, Reiwa Oni 
  • When it comes time for Woz to do his usual intro, it cuts to him passed out on the ground, apparently still reeling from Tsukuyomi yelling at him last episode. When he comes to, he forces himself to get back up and begin narrating.
    • He slumps into 95Do, and just in time to go for a walk with Sougo and Tsukuyomi. Despite him being not in the mood, Sougo just pulls him away.
  • Despite Tomizo's insistence in not taking any disciples, Sougo forces him to take in a depressed Woz as his disciple for a day, in the hopes that he would learn something from it.
    • Woz ends up doing Tomizo's laundry by the river, and not in his usual attire, but in white with a blanket around his hair. It's seriously so jarring to see him even in anything like this.
    • Woz's shock upon realization of what he was washing ("FUNDOSHI!") followed by him falling into the water.
    • Tomizo then asks Woz to gather some stones in order to start a fire. Cue Woz lugging a stone, staggering with a laborious look on his face.
    • By the end of the episode, and after seeing Kyosuke and Tsutomu grow and reconcile, Tomizo changes his mind about not wanting a disciple and starts to consider getting himself one as well.
  • This episode shows what happens when Sougo accesses Trinity form without Geiz and Woz being transformed beforehand. Just as Geiz and Woz whip out their belts, Sougo decides to activate the Trinity watch right away. When the Regulus' beams hit them, Woz and Geiz spasm uncontrollably as if being electrocuted and then automatically transform into wristwatches and fuse into Zi-O Trinity.
    • Once again, Woz steals control from Sougo to repeat his ascension speech for Trinity, leading to this response from the new Hibiki:
      Hibiki!Kyosuke: Do you really need to do that?
      Zi-O: (slaps Woz's arm down) It's not so much need to, but-
      Geiz: Who cares, we've got an Oni to catch!
  • Sougo's birthday party has two highlights: Geiz's party hat is positioned like a horn (prompting the viewers to spout "Geiznicorn") and the cake is decorated with Ridewatches.

     Episode 35: 2008: First Love, Wake Up! 
  • Woz is in a little pink boat watching over Yuko and her lover in 2008, doing the narration while raising Sougo's next issue to overcome: First love.
  • After trying Junichiro's apple pies, Woz of all people is absolutely smitten and mindblown.
    Woz: At last, you have added sweets to your repertoire... *turns to Junichiro with widened eyes* Can I have more, please?
    Junichiro: Of course, you can eat as much as you like!
  • The fact that making this pie took Junichiro three days with no sleep to perfect. The baggy eyes make it very apparent.
  • Sougo experiencing first love. The very idea shocks everybody in the room, including poor Woz suddenly choking on his pie.
    Geiz: First love?! You've been in love before?!
    Sougo: That's a weird question, of course I have. Even I have time for romance.
    Tsukuyomi: I'm surprised too, to be honest. It's just that you can be a little... childish, at times.
  • Junichiro stroking Sougo's chin while the latter was reminiscing about how he loved his crush's chin strokes prompted the others to ask if he was a cat, followed by a few cat puns, first from Junichiro then later on from Geiz. Even funnier is Geiz saying it with his usual rather angry tone.
  • Tsukuyomi's various annoyed faces throughout the episode. She is getting even more done with Sougo than Geiz.
  • Swartz and Heure eat ice cream while commenting on Ora's futile attempts to control Another Kiva as she struggles with said effort at only small distance from them.
    • What's even more hilarious is how Swartz eat the ice cream with the smuggest face he can muster.
  • Geiz and Woz being pulled in place by Regulus' Beam while Sougo is about to use Trinity, the look on their face is a mix of pain and "Here We Go Again!".
    Geiz: I keep telling you to ask first!
    Woz: *in a pained voice* Stop it! Stop it!
    • As the three begin to transform, Geiz and Woz both look at each other with pained expressions like they know what's going to happen.
  • The trio's arguing while fighting Kamen Rider Ginga leads to these gems:
    Geiz: He's too strong. We'll have to try it.
    Sougo: Try what?
    Geiz: You know, the thing!
    Sougo: What thing!?
    Woz: You're being too vague.
    *All three suddenly look forward as Kamen Rider Ginga kicks them forward*
    Tsukuyomi: *exasperated* What a mess.
    • Immediately afterwards, Sougo complains that Geiz was lacking a plan, to the latter's denial.
  • As Ginga is about to fire a energy ball at the trio, Sougo actually tries pleading with him to stop. It doesn't work.
    Sougo: W-Wait a sec! Hang on! Don't!

     Episode 36: 2019: First Love, Finally! 
  • Swartz convinces everyone that sucking up to Another Kiva is their best chance against Ginga for the moment. When she asks them to bow down to her, everyone plays along but Geiz, who has to be pulled down by Sougo and Tsukuyomi and then force his head to the ground, and Ora, who has to be pushed down by Swartz. And then Yuko decides not to cooperate with them anyway.
  • Swartz asking if Yuko understands how dangerous Ginga is after she refuses to work with them. Yuko retorts that she's not interested in his opinion. Heure breaks out laughing that Swartz's catchphrase was thrown back at him.
  • There is something ironically hilarious about the fact Yuko decided to ignore Kamen Rider Ginga, yet it's Woz using that power that ultimately stops her.
  • Yuko comes to crash Tetsuya's wedding wielding a manhole cover. When Sougo, Geiz and Woz arrive she throws it at them. It's unclear who she threw it at specially, but the next scene shows an especially peeved Geiz flinging the cover aside. Two examples of Muscles Are Meaningless against each other.
    • Earlier in the episode, Yuko also used the manhole cover to stop Ginga's finisher. The hilarious part here is how she stopped such a powerful finisher, while untransformed, with just a manhole cover.
  • Woz finally gets his Mid-Season Upgrade, Ginga Finally. He gives a surprisingly short and to the point Badass Boast instead of his usual speeches, but rather than this being Character Development he flat out admits he abridged it due to the urgency of the situation.
  • Despite it being a heartbreaking moment, Sougo still falls to calling Yuko "Sailor-san!!" during her death despite her initially shooting him down for trying it earlier.
  • Woz helping himself to a heartbroken Sougo's portion of apple pie, after the latter insists he doesn't want any. He just took the slice gleefully from his own lord, with practically almost no sign of his usual humbleness. Apparently the pie was so delicious, he momentarily forgot he's supposed to be Sougo's retainer.
    Geiz: What's wrong? Not gonna eat?
    Sougo: I don't want any.
    Woz: If so then... *takes Sougo's slice of pie*

     Episode 37: 2006: Next Level Kabuto 
  • During the fight of Gatack vs PunchHopper, their Clock-Ups ends up causing Sougo to crawl behind a boulder while peeking up from it. Keep in mind that he is currently Zi-O II, bringing to mind the second episode.
  • Woz stays behind in 95Do to have another bowl of Junichiro's food before following everyone outside. He is really getting comfy there.
  • As Tsukuyomi realizes that both Blade and Agito never lost their powers despite their Another Rider counterpart existing, Sougo states he's having fun since he gets to meet all these Riders. He then wonders who will he meet next, before skipping away like a gleeful fanboy awaiting to meet his idol. Tsukuyomi is not amused.
  • When Sougo says he and Tsukuyomi will go to one of crashsites, Geiz protests that he is not teaming up with Woz. Sougo takes it as a great suggestion for what he should do and thanks him for that. Geiz huffs angrily, but goes anyway.
  • Geiz and Woz arguing about the chain of command here:
    *Worms begin to surface from another crashsite*
    Woz: Indeed, the meteors are escorting the Worms to Earth.
    Geiz: We gotta clean this up. Let's go, Woz!
    Woz: Do not presume to command me.
    Geiz: What...?
    Woz: I shall take the lead. Come along.
    • Later, Geiz's underestimation of the Worms' strength leads to this exchange:
      Woz: I suggest you stay cautious. For you see...
      *A Worm begins to molt and change form*
      Woz: ...they are in the process of maturing.
      Geiz: So they look different now. What of it?
      *The Gryllus Worm uses Clock-Up and throws Geiz to the ground*
      Woz: *standing on a hill* And then they can perform "Clock-Up", in which they move at impossible speeds.
      Geiz: You could've said that first!
  • Even after all this time, Sougo still butchers the catchphrases of the Riders before him. And this time he was stating the obvious too.
    Sougo: ''It's time for spaaaaace!!''note 
  • Sougo's reaction to the meteors, both of them.
    Sougo: Alright! I have a feeling that this'll...
    *sees the actual size of the meteor in front of him*
    Sougo: ... not work. IT'S WAY TOO BIG!!
    • Later after destroying the first meteor:
      Sougo: I did it!
      *Cue a red, even larger, planet-sized meteor approaches him*
      Sougo: Huh? What? Eh? Eh? EEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!? You've gotta be kidding me...
  • Junichiro this time fixed up an old radio and went on to listen to it, only to realize a little late that he heard a giant meteorite is heading towards Tokyo, taking it as expected.
    Junichiro: Sure been a lot of meteorites lately... EEEEH!?

     Episode 38: 2019: Kabuto's Chosen One 
  • When Junichiro asks when is Sougo coming back, Woz does Tendou's finger-pointing-up gesture and says "He'll be back soon, from space." Cue Junichiro taking him seriously and being the least bit concerned about what is Sougo doing there or even how did he get there in the first place.
    Junichiro: That far!? The boy must be starving! This is definitely not enough food for him! *picks up an entire sack of rice*
    • By the end of the episode, we find out just how many rice balls Junichiro made. He made about eighty of them .note 
    • Keep in mind that Junichiro initially made seven rice balls. Now comparing that to the eighty he had by the end of the episode...
  • Just like with the previous episode, Kabuto's opening starts playing before Zi-O's own bursts through and continues on like usual.
  • Sougo and Woz come to Kagami's aid after he was captured by Kageyama. He asks them to turn in Fourze and Ginga Ridewatches and they do. When he bolts to pick them up Kodama Ridewatch pops up and spits seeds on him and Taka Ridewatch frees Kagami.
    • It was a useless effort anyway as Heure just walks in Kageyama and Yaguruma's hideout, stops time and fetches the Ridewatches to return to Woz.
    • Heure still carries an umbrella upon meeting Swartz just after he confronted the Hoppers. It made sense there because it was raining, but it's not anymore and the sun is covered by the meteor, so there is no reason for it. Heure apparently realizes that after talking to Swartz and throws the umbrella away.
    • Swartz then goes and gives those Ridewatches to Tsukuyomi, who returns them to Geiz and Woz. What were Kageyama and Yaguruma doing again?
  • Geiz's ringtone is the Geiz Revive standby noise.
  • Woz sharing Zi-O's excitement in going to space.
  • Kagami starts laughing when Sougo says he is going to be a king and mentions, while not explicitly named, that not even his old friend Tendou would say something that outrageous.
  • The plan to destroy the meteor involves Zi-O and Woz going into the meteor and using Ginga Taiyou to kill everything in it and even though it's a serious matter, there's still considerable humor during the execution:
    • Firstly, Zi-O decides to use Build Armor's drill to force their way inside the meteor. The next cut shows Zi-O holding his arm in pain.
    • When Woz changes into Ginga Taiyou, the heat generated from the transformation is so great that Sougo desperately tries to break the walls with his hand to avoid it, completely forgetting that he still has a DRILL in his hand.
    Sougo: Woz, that's hot!
  • By the end of the episode, we see Junichiro has made a lot of rice balls. Everyone was quite too shocked with that, especially Sougo.
    • To elaborate on the point above, Sougo collapses on the table, Tsukuyomi hangs her head in defeat as she usually does when people bother her, Woz is tired and Geiz looks both amazed at the amount of rice balls, and absolutely done with everything.

     Episode 39: 2007: DenLiner Crash! 
  • The Taros, alongside Yuto and Deneb are back! Whether or not you have watched Den-O, you'll know that with this lot, hilarity will ensue.
  • In the Cold Open, Grand Zi-O summons OOO to attack Another Den-O with his Tatoba Kick, including the broken pillar that Kazari hurled in his way to soften the finisher back in episode 3 of his own series.
    • On a related note, Woz accidentally spoils Grand Zi-O during his beginning narration and asks the audience to forget what they just saw.
  • When the DenLiner crashes, we get this wonderful exchange from the Taros:
    Momotaros: What a freakin' mess!
    Urataros: "A fine mess" is how I would describe it, and I'd add that this is your fault!
    Momotaros: The heck you say?!
    Kintaros: Why were you driving if you didn't know?!
    Momotaros: You were asleep the whole time!
    Ryutaros: *shoves Momotaros* Why are you such a dummy, Momotaros?
    Momotaros: *strangling Ryutaros* Say what, you snot-nosed brat?!
  • Urataros suggests asking "the locals" a.k.a., Tsukuyomi and Geiz. When the two get into a defensive position, Urataros immediately starts hitting on the former.
  • After Geiz and Tsukuyomi brought the Taros back to 95Do, Sougo returns home surprised to find them, with Junichiro assuming they were more of Sougo's Oni friends from the Hibiki Arc.
    Junichiro: Your friends are here!
    Sougo: Eh? My friends...?
    Junichiro: Remember that important oni fella that came by? Now, these guys are oni!
    Momotaros: Who you callin' an oni, pal!?
    Ryutaros: You look like a real oni!
  • When the Taros start fighting over the food Junichiro apparently prepared for them, Ryutaros later complains that he wanted something from the kids' menu.
  • The Taros' reason for finding Junichiro? They needed him to repair the DenLiner. Junichiro tries to reason with them that he is just a clock repairman , to which Urataros explains that the train works just like a clock, while Kintaros tells him he is apparently known as the best repairman in this era.
    Junichiro: Wow, well how can I refuse after that?
    • Poor Uncle Junichiro gets possessed by Ryutaros as the Taros form a conga line to bring him back to the DenLiner to repair it, much to a concerned Sougo's dismay.
      Woz: My overlord, I fear they are your lead to the next Watch—
      Sougo: I'm little worried about my uncle right now! *chases after the Taros* Uncle!
    • Later as Junichiro inspects the DenLiner, he notes that it does indeed work like a giant clock. Sougo tries to reason with him, to which he gleefully does a little dance and replies,
      Junichiro: Your uncle's got this under control, so leave it to me. I'm the best repairman in these parts! Although I'm a clocksmith.
    • We get to see a doodle of Junichiro that Ryutaros drew to support him.
  • As Yuto and Deneb appear to stop Zi-O Trinity, Sougo immediately mistakes him for Kyosuke Kiriya from Hibiki, and then immediately backpedals when he realized he messed up after Yuto denies knowing Kyosuke.
    • Deneb handing out Sougo and co. his trademark candy. Some things never change, not even 12 years later.
  • Poor Geiz also gets possessed, this time by Momotaros, who runs out of 95Do with both Woz's and his pieces of candy.
    • Later, when confronting Another Den-O, Geiz/Momotaros prepares to transform... only to not know how to, much to Tsukuyomi's frustration, who ends up setting the transformation for him. He also hurts himself playing with Revive Goretsu's weapon.
  • When turning into Zi-O Trinity, we see Momotaros in control of Geiz's position, while Geiz is just sleeping, due to his subconciousness being suppressed.
  • Deneb trying to stop Zi-O Trinity and Zeronos from fighting. It doesn't go well for him.
  • This exchange between Yuto and Deneb after turning in Zeronos Vega Form:
    Deneb: Before we begin, let me say... I hope you can make friends with Yuto. *bows*
    Yuto: I don't hang out with overlords!
    Deneb: Ah, sorry.
  • Once the DenLiner is fixed, we see Junichiro riding on the Machine DenBird like a crazed biker.
    Junichiro: There is no clock that Junichiro Tokiwa can not repair! Yeah!
  • After de-transforming, Geiz starts fighting Momotaros for possessing him, complete with grabbing onto his horns.
    • Later, we see Geiz putting Momotaros in a chokehold, with the latter trying to tap out.
  • Yukihiro, one of the civilians this episode, makes a contract with an Imagin. Which one? A Mole Imagin. As in, what was essentially the mooks of Den-O. As if that can't get any more disappointing.

     Episode 40: 2017: Grand Climax! 
  • After the Grand Zi-O Ridewatch was created for the first time, Yuto warns the gang of the unrivaled power that will turn Sougo into the Demon Lord. In response to this, Momotaros then proceeds to forcefully take back the Den-O Ridewatch and the newly created Ridewatch fades from existence.
  • As everyone is fleeing the hospital Another Den-O II attacked, one guy mistakes Momotaros as a monster, which makes sense, as Another Den-O is based off of Den-O Sword Form and Momotaros himself.
  • In order to fight Another Den-O II, Momotaros tries to possess Geiz again. Geiz responds by throwing Woz in front of him so that Momotaros possesses Woz instead.
    • Momotaros finds the Mole Imagin and prepares to fight it, loading the Ginga Watch onto Woz's belt. He has a rather... meta comment about its activation sequence.
    Momotaros: Hey, enough with the music!
    • Before running into battle, he actually throws Woz's book aside.
    • Momotaros finds the Mole Imagin and use GingaFinaly against it and is confused by the cape at first but rolls with it.
    • Later as Momotaros was forced to exits Woz's body by Woz himself using the TimeJacker stop time ability, the latter demands Momotaros to never possess his body again, along with throwing shade at the former, calling his catchphrases "vulgar".
    • It's doubly hilarious that Woz of all people would be embarrassed of Momotaros' catchphrases.
  • After Sougo is able to talk down past Takuya, Momotaros is impressed ... till Sougo reveals he forgot to ask present Yukihiro where he took Sayuri, infuriating Momotaros as he starts smooshing Sougo's face.
  • When Sougo finally transforms into Grand Zi-O, we see Woz about to give his trademark ascension speech... except he doesn't. Instead, he decides to simply relish the moment, for even he deems this moment too powerful for words.
  • Remember in the last episode in the Cold Opening where OOO was frozen in mid-air, and looked like an editing mess-up? There is an actual reason for this. Turns out, not only can Grand Zi-O replay events in the Riders home series, he can rewind and pause said events. That's right, they took what was seemingly an error, and give it an actual reason why it exists.
    • The "playback" is controlled by the mini Zi-O statue on Grand Zi-O's head crown. Yes, the mini Zi-O there actually moves and talks. It even uses the same cuckoo sound as well.
  • During Grand Zi-O's fight against Another Den-O, Momotaros attempts to transform and join the fight against the Mole Imagins... and nothing happens. He falls into bigger shock over learning from Woz that he can't transform due to having given his Den-O powers away to Zi-O.
    Momotaros: Ah, makes sense. *Beat* Wait, the hell does that even mean?! Nobody warned me! That's messed up!
    • To resolve this, Grand Zi-O summons a past version of Den-O, in Sword Form doing a lackluster "I have arrived!" from episode 18 of his own series. Momotaros takes the chance and possesses Den-O before calling up the other Taros to form Climax Form.
      • It gets funnier when you realize this essentially means Momotaros is possessing himself.
    • Once again Urataros complains that Kintaros is stepping on his foot as Kintaros defends himself that there isn't any space.
    • During the fight, Ryutaros gets too excited and high-fives one of the Mole Imagin, much to Momotaros' annoyance.
  • After Yuto and Deneb leave, Momotaros admits he likes Sougo... only for Sougo to have disappeared, leaving an extremely dumbfounded Momotaros to wonder where he went. With, for some reason, body twirling around as if he's posing in a fashion show.

     Episode 41: 2019: World, Reset 
  • Tsukasa taking a photo of Sougo using a brown camera..... while he still has his usual pink camera.
  • The 95Do has become a safe house for the resistance, filled with knives, guns and ammunition.
  • Junichiro tries to attack Sougo using a radish, and misses, causing the radish to snap in half. He still tries to attack Sougo anyway with the remaining piece.
  • Resistance group and apocalyptic history change aside, Junichiro STILL offers to cook something for Tsukuyomi and Geiz after they come back from battle.
  • Ora has somehow deluded herself into thinking that she's Swartz's equal, completely missing the fact that Swartz is obviously way out of her league.

     Episode 42: 2019: Missing World 
  • Like in the Supplementary Plan, Tsukasa is back to fooling around while the protagonists have a serious talk. To wit:
    • Stuffing packs of bread from the resistance's food supply in his helmet.
    • Putting the helmet on the kitchen counter, using it as a bowl, and admiring it.
    • Opening a pack of bread, peeling the bread and eating it.
    • He even pipes up to tell Geiz and Tsukuyomi that Sougo is not going to fight the overlord, because he is going to become one himself. Then he proceeds to ignore the chaos he caused.
    Tsukasa: He's a stubborn one.
    Sougo: You're the one who made it worse!
  • Even when history is changed, Tsukuyomi still tries to listen to Sougo, and Geiz is.....still a Tsundere towards Sougo.
  • Geiz and Sougo run into Decade fighting Another Zi-O II.
    Geiz: Who's the guy in pink?
    Sougo: That's Tsukasa Kadoya. And it's magenta, actually.
  • Geiz and Decade bicker after Another Zi-O II flings the former into the latter.
    Decade: Finally decided to play sidekick?
    Geiz: Please. You're my sidekick.
  • Another Build jumping over some boxes and drums while trying to run after Tsukuyomi, only to end up tripping and rolling over the ground. Made more hilarious by the fact that this hilariously dumb moment is from Another Build, a.k.a. the Another version of the smartest Rider in Heisei era.
  • Daiki is just ridiculously gleeful when he uses his new time stopping ability. The way he waltzes over to a frozen Sougo, snatches the Grand Zi-O Ridewatch out of his hand and taps on his helmet a few times reminds of Heure's usual antics.
    • He keeps that attitude even face to face with an angry Ora demanding how he got his time power.
    Daiki: Well, your friend gave it to me... that Swartz guy.

     Episode 43: 2019: Tsukuyomi ・ Confidential 
  • Upon hearing of Tsukuyomi's kidnapping, Junichiro immediately decides to go rescue her...while wearing what looks like armor made out of kitchen appliances and armed with vegetables.
    • Sougo manages to calm him down, with Geiz making tired and annoyed faces behind them all the while, because he is just as done with the weirdness of the Tokiwa family as his original timeline counterpart.
  • When Heure and Ora are hiding after Swartz's betrayal, Kaito appears before them, assures them he doesn't plan on following Swartz's orders, which were to dispose of them, and gives them the Grand Zi-O Ridewatch. Then Kaito starts walking away like if nothing happened and only at that moment he remembers that he should do something to at least make it look like he is following orders.
    Diend: Sorry, kids! (-grins-}
  • Right before engaging the Another Riders in battle, Woz cuts in to make another ascension speech.
    Woz: Rejoice! In this moment, my overlord strikes down a false king, and affirms his right to the throne of time!
    Decade: He's still doing that?
    Geiz: Huh? He's done it before?
    Decade: You have no idea...
  • When Woz and Geiz fight the Another Rider army, Geiz is asking Woz what the timeline really was like. Woz says Geiz was his loyal subordinate and together they worked for his overlord. Geiz can tell that's completely wrong and Woz just wonders how he knew as they finished off the Another Riders.
  • Seeing that everything is back to normal, Woz grins and pats Geiz on the chest before walking over to Sougo. With his old memories of Woz back, Geiz grins too and pats Woz back after catching up to him.

     Episode 44: 2019: Aqua Calls 
  • Ora wearing an apron. We're not making this up.
    • Even funnier is the expression she makes.
    • Heure and Ora come to 95DO to ask for protection from Swartz. They are granted their wish in a way that apparently leads to Ora having to help with cooking. Saying that she is annoyed would be a massive understatement.
    • Woz seems to be enjoying himself much more and that's not helping her mood at all.
  • Michal still has the underwear Eiji gave him in Movie Wars Megamax and he apparently keeps it in his pocket as a good luck charm that he pulls out before battle to give himself strength. He even called it as "Tomorrow's Underwear" just like Eiji. Tsukuyomi's expression as she is watching him without knowing any of this just sells it.
    • Kamen Rider Aqua's confusion when Zi-O and Geiz comes to assist him in the fight against Another Drive.
    • Michal does a Double Take when Tsukuyomi reveals that her time powers have already been taken by Swartz.
  • Heure voices his confusion over Sougo's usual niceness by asking if he is an idiot.

     Episode 45: 2019: Eternal Party 

     Episode 46: 2019: Operation Woz 
  • In a serious moment when Sougo uses the Double Watch to face Eternal, he again messes up Double's catchphrase. Eternal, however, comes up with a sad excuse why Zi-O got on par with him in the fight.
    Zi-O: Now... why don't you confess your sins?
    *Zi-O and Eternal exchange a few blows*
    Eternal: Let me enlighten you. I didn't lose to him; the wind just wasn't blowing my way!
    • His excuse could also be a reference to how he was defeated by Double when wind suddenly blows out of nowhere and caused Double Cyclone Joker Xtreme to transform into Double Cyclone Joker Gold Xtreme.
  • There is something funny about Kamen Rider Yuuki Hijack Form's appearance, more precisely, the screentime the Dark Rider got. Yuuki only got one very small fight scene before ending up eliminated by White Woz's plan while not even fighting - Yuuki was just standing there next to Swartz.
    • Yuuki is also the only voiceless Dark Rider to be defeated in such a humiliating manner, as after that Swartz summoned all the other voiceless Dark Rider, revealing that they're still alive.
  • There's a bit of Black Comedy about the Woz vs Woz fight. Despite all of the previews showing it as an even match with Black Woz having to shift between Ginga forms to battle his White counterpart, the two exchanged exactly one Punch Parry before both pulled out their Finishing Move, and White Woz ate the dust. Goes to show the difference between power levels.

     Episode 47: 2019: Vanishing Watches 
  • Before Tsukasa takes Sougo and Tsukuyomi to her timeline so they can make an informed decision, he tells them that they need to remember two things. The first is that they might not like what they discover, and the second is that no, bananas do not count as a snack on a field tripnote .
  • When Sougo and Tsukuyomi finds young Alpina playing with dolls, Sougo, after they avoided her attack, jokingly remarks that Tsukuyomi always had a tough streak. You can then see Tsukuyomi give him an annoyed look in response.
  • Swartz isn't exactly the humorous type, but his younger self's reaction to the mere notion of Tsukuyomi being stronger than him basically amounts to an angsty teenager being upset over not getting what he wants.
  • For whatever reason, Tsukasa's body hilariously flails about while Kaito is reviving him.
  • Kaito's first line after reviving Tsukasa back from the dead?
    Kaito: Hey, Tsukasa. So you just died. Maybe now you can eat some sea cucumbers.
  • Sougo's face after witnessing Tsukasa turn into Zi-O is just screaming "What the fuck?"
  • After defeating Kaitonote , the first thing he does is complain about his now-destroyed treasure.
    • Decade walks up to him remarking that he is always asking for trouble, while Kaito claims that the former owes him words of gratitude.

     Episode 48: 2068: Ohma Time 
  • There's something oddly comical about the fact that, in his third battle with his future self, Sougo uses Zi-O Trinity.

Kamen Rider Zi-O Supplementary Plan

The nature of this online series is for the cast to give out meta humor while Breaking the Fourth Wall. So naturally this series is filled with hilarious moments.
     Episode 1.5: Mystery of Naming 
  • It is revealed that Geiz's name IS a pun of "Gates". And then Sougo, Tsukuyomi, and Geiz complained that the Rider name could have been simply "Gate" instead.
    • When Woz is asked why the character is named "Gates", he panics and says that it was done to make the character sound "richer, like a millionaire!"
    • Seeing Woz's panic, Geiz simply explained it as "I guess his character hasn't been established either."

     Episode 2.5: Rules of the World 
  • Sento explains that thanks to Another Build, it's like the events of Kamen Rider Build never happened. Banjou points out that if that were true, Sento should look like the original Takumi Katsuragi rather than Taro Sato. Sento retorts that Banjou himself would never have gotten Evolt's power, he wouldn't be a main character, wouldn't have gotten his red hairdo, and his script would be right-side-up.
    • Basically, this episode has Ryuga point out how much of a mess the timeline of Build's world is in the context of Zi-O's series, and Sento literally just avoids answering it. This means even Toei can't explain the screw-up!
  • Zi-O runs on three rules. 1: Two instances of the same Rider's power can't exist (the creation of an Another Rider erases the original show's events from history). 2: Another Riders can only be defeated by that Rider's power (Zi-O and Geiz need the corresponding Rider's Ride Watches and can't just use the ones they already have all the time). And 3: don't ask unnecessary questions.

     Episode 3.5: Regal Spoilers 
  • Sougo completely neglected some of the events of episode 1 on the basis that he's the star of the show and thus had to do many scenes, leaving him no time to watch any others.
  • The newly introduced Time Jacker, Ora, stops time in order to reveal some spoilers. When she walks around the other characters, you can see the pages on Geiz's book have "Slowdown" written on it, complete with the Slowdown sound effect. Meanwhile, Emu's pages have "PAUSE" written on it, complete with the Buggle Driver Zwei's "PAUSE!" sound effect.
  • When Ora points out the production staff, the camera actually turns around to show the production staff, who do a Double Take at being noticed.
  • Tsukuyomi's solution to the incoming rider war is to persuade the writer of the show. Geiz's solution is to eliminate the producers. Sougo's solution? DESTROY TOEI STUDIO.
  • During almost the whole minisode, Emu keeps complaining about spoilers being bad and that "this level is a no spoiler zone", ending the episode with an annoyed shout after he was left behind by everyone else while still in Pause.

     Episode 4.5: A Confession from Legends 
  • The episode starts with Sougo's monologue, and we clearly see there's no one behind the stairs he's sitting on. Moments later, Geiz surprises him from behind, yelling when Sougo thinks of him as a friend.
  • Hiiro claimed he forgot Emu is already an actual pediatrician, because there are so many spin-offs he's losing track of the story.
  • Emu handed Sougo the script…. from a live screen, somehow.
  • Hiiro revealed two different shots of his catchphrase....except, there is no difference, because only history changed, while his personality does not change.
    • Then Emu sarcastically remarks that he wish Hiiro's personality would change too.
  • When discussing the difference between Before and After Riders (i.e. before or after the Riders lose their memories of their series' events), Hiiro explains that they distinguished between the two versions of himself as A-Hiiro and B-Hiiro. He asks Emu how they did the same for him. Emu replies that they called him A-M and B-M. Hiiro simply says, "I see," and walks off-set, much to Emu's confusion.

     Episode 5.5: Tokiwa-sō(go) and the Mysterious Phone 
  • Sougo lampshades how Geiz and Tsukuyomi used the Faiz Phone without knowing who Kamen Rider Faiz was. They shoot back at him for how he is unaware that he himself is named after series creator Shotaro Ishinomori's home apartmentnote  and proceed to tease Sougo by concluding that his name and the Faiz Phone X are just purely cases of coincidental naming.
  • Geiz and Tsukuyomi doing an infomercial for the DX Faiz Phone X.

     Episode 6.5: The Mystery of Fourze555 
  • Tsukuyomi expresses disappointment in being unable to meet Sota Fukushi and Ryo Yoshizawa for the Fourze tribute episodes. Geiz tells her it was due to their filming for the Bleach movie, while he and Sougo posed as Uryū and Ichigo respectively. Also of note, Fukushi and Yoshizawa's names are partially bleeped, as is Bleach.
    • Sougo then starts commenting on how the two lead stars of Fourze made it big and were too busy to come back. Takumi steps in and retorts how this implies that he was able to come back because he is too free, even though he actually went out of his way to come back for the 15th anniversary of Kamen Rider 555.
  • Takumi's reasoning for Faiz appearing in the Fourze tribute was that Fourze's design was apparently a Mythology Gag to Faiz's series, with his cross, triangle and circle representing Kaixa, Delta, and Faiz.
  • Kusaka delivering his signature Slasher Smile in his introduction.
    • His reason for Faiz appearing was that the stories having a connection with schools, as well as a connection of "kings" in both series and Zi-Onote 
    • This sounded so ridiculous Takumi ends up calling him the liar as the two started to literally butt heads with each other. Their deliberately half-hearted performances being the icing on the cake.
  • The trio ignores the two Legends and happily decides to go watch the Bleach movie, while Takumi and Masato questioned the fishy script written by Executive Meddling producer Shinichiro Shirakura, blaming the entire fiasco on him.
    Masato: So this, too, is all Produc*r Shirakura's fault.
    Takumi: …maybe.
    • Also funny is the fact that they didn't censor Shirakura's name, but instead censored his job as a Producer.

     Episode 7.5: Who is The Worst Exploiter 
  • Sougo goes on a strike for feeling he wasted his efforts on filming scenes that did not make the final cut of earlier episodes.
    • Woz dramatically points out how Geiz had it worse, spending an entire day's effort to film a 5-second scene in the Edo Period set of Episode 1 that, unfortunately, did not get aired.
  • Tsukuyomi in a censored interview under the alias "TK-san", sobbing over being exploited for her efforts as an actress.
    • Despite the fact that this is supposed to be an anonymous interview, it's transparently obvious that it's Tsukuyomi — the screen has a rather weak blur filter on top, but she's still wearing her distinctive costume and her voice is just barely altered.
  • Sougo heads off to negotiate with the directors over saving their efforts by filming only the necessary scenes, slapping out the directors' images as he's going through them. The result? His entire premise of becoming Oma Zi-O was cut off, according to Woz, who comments on having to find a new overlord.
    • What this means for the series, if any, is not touched upon, but considering Sougo is the hero of the series, even without this minisode existing, there's no way he would end up permanently becoming Oma Zi-O anyway.
  • A bonus after-credits scene features Woz filming a scene that was cut from this very episode.

     Episode 8.5: The Fearsome Time Paradox 
  • Geiz having to explain time paradoxes to Nitoh, who still does not understand why he possesses the Wizard and Beast Ridewatches, to the point of Geiz having to lay out step-by-step how he gave him the Blank Watches back in 2012, then came back in 2018 to retrieve them.
  • Nitoh mistaking Geiz's name as "Gate", attacking him in an attempt to force out his inner Phantom for his consumption. Geiz had to correct him twice.
    • Geiz then realizes this is a deja vu moment with the case of his name being "Gates" instead of "Gate" back in Episode 1.5, telling the viewers to go rewatch it.
  • Nitoh reveals he could not remember being handed the Ridewatches back in 2012 because Geiz had never properly introduced himself, a lesson in courtesy he takes to heart more than learning about time paradoxes itself.

     Episode 9.5: Kings, Gods, and Executives 
  • Sougo suddenly snaps out of being King Kuroto Dan's lapdog, stating that he should have been the first King in Kamen Rider history to begin with. Woz steps in to correct him.
    Woz: THE THIIIIIRD, actually.
    Both: OHHHHHHH!
    Sougo: The third?
    Woz: OH, yes.
    • Woz states that Den-O and OOO were already "kings" before Sougo. Sougo points out that they weren't actually kings, it was just part of their names, and says that if you're going to do that you might as well count Oujanote , Blade King Form, and even Kiva Emperor Form. When Sougo complains that emperors are even cooler than kings, Woz praises him for having the humility to admit that.
  • Sougo and Woz discuss the upcoming release of OOO-related merchandise in conjunction with the OOO tribute arc, which has Woz fawning over the DX line of toys. Both barely manage to stay in character as they're talking up the toys their show's a commercial for.
  • Sougo wishes to call out the producers over this Executive Meddling, to which Kuroto Dan steps in and claims this pettiness makes him "18 years too early to become King".
  • Sougo botches the pronunciation of a fairly large number of his lines over the course of the episode, with a buzzer sounding every time he does so. In The Stinger Kuroto chastises him for this and orders him to repeat the lines, all while dragging Sougo around the room by his overly-long belt, treating him like a dog on a leash. Woz looks on, completely dumbfounded and unable to say anything but "My overlord..." over and over, while Sou Okuno is Corpsing too much to even try staying in character as Sougo.

     Episode 10.5: Mōri vs. Shimoyama 
  • Right after Tsukuyomi acts cute in front of Sougo, you can see Sougo holding his hand over his chest like he just had a heart attack.
  • This time it's Tsukuyomi's turn to flub a line, just as the names of the various directors who've worked on Zi-O so far are scrolling past. The buzzer from last week plays, and the scrolling text promptly turns into Nico Nico Douga comments laughing at the mistake.
  • The episode as a whole is an extended complaint about the sheer number of writers and directors that Zi-O hasnote , making it difficult to keep the characters consistent. Sougo gets so mad about the work to maintain their characterization falling on the shoulders of the actors that he goes Super Saiyan, calling to mind another recent Toei show that has a reputation for a similar revolving door of production staff.
  • The sketch is just about to end, with the usual outro of the clock cutting to black, when Gaku Oshida accidentally addresses Sou Okuno by his name instead of his character's while they're still in front of the camera. Cue the clock rewinding to show the cast's reaction, and the buzzer.

     Episode 11.5: The Mysterious 95Do! 
  • At the start of this episode, Tsukuyomi complains that Episode 11 feels like a Doraemon plot.
  • Sougo for some reason doesn't realize he's a rider based on a clock. Despite his appearance being very clear about it, and that he lives in a clock shop, matching how previous riders (particularly, Heisei riders) usually live in a place, or has a job, related to their rider form's theme.
  • Right after Woz recites what seems to be a prophecy, Woz and Sougo turns around....only to see Tsukuyomi moving as if she's dancing. When she realized she's being watched, she immediately stops and goes back to reading her script.
  • The prophecy Woz and Sougo give sounds like a dramatic prediction to the show itself... Until you realize that they're just reciting the prophecy from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Sougo even notes that it seems like it came from from something else.
  • Tsukuyomi explained why the clock shop is called as "9 to 5" by presenting a list that mentioned the shop's operation time as....8 to 10. Sougo complained that the shop's name should be "8 to 10" instead, but then, fitting to the episode's title, Tsukuyomi never elaborated why the shop's name ends up as "9 to 5" and not "8 to 10".

     Episode 12.5: Interview with People from the Future  
  • Geiz sucking on Woz's finger while Swartz makes a goofy face.
  • The episode focuses on a viewer-requested interview with three characters from the future to clarify their origins and motives. While at first it starts off as a (not so) anonymous interview, the subsequent cuts have the "anonymous" part gradually reduce further, from having no face mosaics while they did funny "altered" voices to having no censoring at all while the subtext states that they have completely given up on the censoring.
  • The entire episode is full of Swartz being goofy, desperate to make as much screentime as possible.
    • Geiz cracks up a few time over the course of the episode from having to deal with Swartz's antics. There is also his statement that he is nice to people whom he hates, but he has to kill Zi-O, so he can't be nice to him, can he?
  • Swartz needs to be filled in because he was busy rehearsing for a play. Granted his performance through this episode is full of (usually bad) puns, it should be easy to guess he was rehearsing for a Manzai. Specially with what has hints of a dad joke about a place cooler than Akihabara.
  • Their supposed real goals:
    • Geiz:
      Geiz: Like, the thing is, I want Zi-O dead so bad... But they say the way I'm reluctantly nice to people I should hate is my appeal.
      *Ziku-Driver digital ticking*
      Geiz: So, like... if I kill Zi-O, then... I can't exactly be reluctantly nice to him, right?
      Ziku-Driver: GEIZ!
    • Swartz:
      Swartz: I've been making a lot of poor choices in kings to support. I'm thinking about getting a bodyguard, too. After all, the villains always raise the stakes right before the Christmas sales rush, you dig?
      *Cashier chimes*
      Swartz: C'mon, pay me already! Ha! HA!
      We apologize for technical difficulties *Footage missing, please stand by *Sine wave fades into a slide whistle*.
  • Geiz's "Ding-dong!" while poking Swartz, who lets out an irritated "D-Don't ding-dong me!" as Woz tries to taste his hair, then Swartz realizes what Woz was doing and asks if he is a fish for puckering his lips.

     Episode 13.5: Ghost Teacher 
  • Sougo's first concerns over becoming a spirit is whether he can still wash his face, brush his teeth, and spread butter on toast.
    • Geiz and Tsukuyomi call out his concerns for being rather mundane, despite also claiming they should not be able to see him or hear said concerns in the first place as Sougo is a spirit. Sougo takes this chance to play around with Geiz's face.
  • Takeru brings out and puppeteers a Yurusen plush to act as a "Spirit Teacher" of sorts to address all and any of the cast's concerns. Tsukuyomi called the spirit Medama-oyaji due to its large eyeball-like head.
    • Sougo, supposedly believing Yurusen is real, starts getting into a squabble with it over the fact that its voice is different from the original. Geiz and Tsukuyomi bring back up rule 3 of their world from Episode 2.5: Don't ask unnecessary questions. And then they start treating the plush Yurusen as a "talking stick" (only the person holding it is allowed to speak while everyone else shuts up - yes, this is a thing).
  • Geiz asked why the Ghost tribute arc happened this late into the series, as he had assumed they were not going to have one due to him already using the Ghost Armor since Episode 1, to which Takeru replies that he had been busy with filming and stage plays, hence he had even Zi-O's planned use of the Ghost Armor pushed this far back for him as a result, an answer Geiz begrudgingly gave him praise for being open to admit.
    • Tsukuyomi then bashfully asks about Ryoma Takeuchi (whom she dubs as the "Nation's Boyfriend") and his potential return for the Drive arc. Takeru, referring to Tsukuyomi as Kiriko (the main female lead of Drive), advices not to talk about this, as "it would cross the line into the Entertainment Industry's private concerns, get on the ride with me here!" while doing Shinnosuke's iconic tie-straightening and henshin poses. Geiz immediately has a heart attack reaction after seeing the whole thing.
    • Hilariously turns out Ryoma Takeuchi does return just not in the Drive arc.
  • Sougo raises his concern of whether he'll return to normal. Takeru brings back up the plot of his original series: Gather the 15 Eyecons in 99 days to summon the Great Eye and make a wish. Complete with a note asking viewers to watch Kamen Rider Ghost again. Hearing this, Sougo points out how this sounds just like Dragon Ball. Geiz cuts in and rants about how they are not the same, complete with Lampshade Hanging of Sougo's apparent fixation with Shonen Jump since he also brought up Bleach a while back (also the very reason all those names get bleeped out in the actual show).

     Episode 14.5: Pink Devil 
  • Geiz worries over whether Tsukasa will be a major threat in the future. Sougo is also troubled by Tsukasa, but instead over the fact that he ate his entire dinner portion.
  • Just like he did ten years ago in the Decade Net Movies, Tsukasa fervently insists that Decade is magenta, not pink. In fact, that's 99% of his dialog in this episode.
    • The joke even extends to real life on Bandai's page for the DX Neo Decadriver. Note that on the description it says "The color was changed from the initial white to pink." Masahiro Inoue keeps insisting on Twitter "It's Magenta!"
      • And it extends to responses to fans whenever they state something about the color.
  • As usual, despite being the serious character in the series, Geiz's reactions is amusing throughout all the additional short episodes, this one included. From his over the top heart attack upon seeing Tsukasa at the start of this episode, to his bewildered reaction when he see that he suddenly has a pink scarf on his right hand, causing him to look at his script a few times in disbelief.
    • When Geiz has his heart attack you can see Sougo jump a bit.
    • He also shoots what seems to be an accusatory look at Woz.
  • The episode discusses at how unorthodox the color pink (or magenta) is used for a number of lead Riders, such as Decade, Ex-Aid and Zi-O. Sougo, Geiz, and Woz also inexplicably don pink scarfs as the episode progresses, with Woz acting feminine to go along with it.
    • Tsukuyomi complains how despite being a girl herself, all her wardrobe has are just whites, compared to the male characters with plenty of pink. An Imagine Spot of her wearing pink plays when she expresses her desire to wear pink, only for it to be interrupted by Tsukasa's "It's Ma-gen-ta." once again.
    • One of the "It's Ma-gen-ta." moments looks like a major Ship Tease, with the way Tsukasa pulls Sougo into an embrace.
      Tsukasa: It's Ma-gen-ta.
  • The episode ends with Sougo, Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and Woz yelling "Curse you, Decade!" to a flabbergasted Tsukasa, who drops his script in disbelief.
    • And afterwards we get to witness a "Sermonizing Version", where instead of just walking off-screen Tsukasa calls Sougo out for being foul-mouthed and tells him to be more respectful. Of course, Woz is upset about his overlord being spoken to thusly while Sougo silently muttering that he is King to excuse himself.
  • Tsukasa spends pretty much every moment he's not insisting 'It's Magenta' as a Funny Background Event. He wanders around the shop, tossing his script in the air without ever looking at it, then tosses it to Tsukuyomi, then steal's Geiz's script. He's also fiddling with the clocks on the walls, and when Woz is talking about how wearing 'pink' was Decade's 'better part,' Tsukasa meanders over and begins comparing their heights. The last one is especially funny because no one, not even Woz, reacts to it.
  • Both Woz and Sougo start talking in weird voices for pretty much no apparent reason at different points.

     Episode 15.5: The Supplementary Plans are Forever (Part 1) 
  • The title of this episode is an amusing reference to the "Heisei Riders Forever" movie.
  • Viewers are treated to two What If? trailers of Kamen Rider Geiz and Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi where Geiz or Tsukuyomi were the lead characters instead.
    • It becomes even funnier after Episode 48 when you realize The Tsukuyomi Ridewatch is a Red Herring for what it really looks like.
  • Geiz complained that the Supplementary Plan episodes are making him go out of character. When Sougo makes his own examples, Geiz's reaction is......obviously out of character again!
    • During the same scene, as Sougo is saying his complaining lines towards Toei, there is a small note on the bottom that......doesn't exactly do a good job at refuting Sougo.

     Episode 16.5: The Supplementary Plans are Eternal (Part 2) 
  • Geiz entered the room in one scene, saying it's unforgivable, clenching his fists....and then smile and run towards the door like a child, for no reason. Complete with a car zooming sound effect.
  • Woz mentioned that Toei sent assassins on their own producers. An imaginary spot then shows the face photos of the producers slowly sinking into the Tokyo Bay at night, followed by "and then peace came" remark complete with sparkles.
    • The next scene shows that one of them survived, grinning in the darkness. Even so, his face build is recognisable, guess who? Shirakura P himself.

Specials and Movies

     Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER 
  • Woz announces the arrival of the movie, intending to say the usual announcement he gives to Sougo except altered for the movie, but messes up a bit.
  • When Shingo goes flying because of Another Double, Sento simply shoves Ryuga in the way, making him into a cushion for the kid to land on before throwing around some sort of possible technical explanation for what just happened, much to Ryuga's dismay.
  • Due to Futaros's wavering ability to maintain the existence of Kamen Riders in Ataru's reality, a number of funny retcons happen that blend our main characters in as normal people of society:
    • Sougo becomes a proud and arrogant student who scores straight As in his tests, yet cowers badly in the face of danger.
    • Tsukuyomi, in contrast, becomes an extremely carefree student in Sougo's school who constantly scores extremely low grades (3 out of 100 marks on average, even worse than Sougo himself) and hangs out with friends.
    • 95Do becomes a rather empty cafe called Moji-Moji Do. When Junichiro asks a confused Geiz for an order, he exclaims to him "It's me!"note . Unable to recognize him, Junichiro assumes he was asking for a cafe au lait.
    • This eventually hits Geiz himself as well, who becomes a heavily studyholic student.
    • Meanwhile, Cafe Nascita becomes a bar called Nasubinote  while Misora loses her memories of Ryuga and Kazumi, mistaking the both of them as avid fans of hers as she runs away from them, much to Kazumi's disappointment.
  • Geiz assures Sougo that he didn't search for him because he cares. No, definitely not. He just happened to go with Tsukuyomi.
  • When Misora runs into Ryuga and Kazumi, she tells Ryuga that she was worried about him. Kazumi tries to remind her that he is there too but she shoots him down by saying she has never worried about him. He acts incresingly hurt throughout the scene as she continues to tell him off, it gets even funnier, as we see Kazumi screaming in pure agony all while Ryuga is confused about this.
  • While Sougo and Geiz were observing the retconned Tsukuyomi from afar, they witness Tsukuyomi talking about boys, saying she can't stand Geiz, but doesn't care if he's dumb as long as he has a cute face. Cue Geiz just looking completely shocked and keeling over.
    • Later the two watch her upon a rooftop, where they see Ataru approach her, calling her by her "Tsukuyomi" alias and asking for a handshake, much to her confusion. Sougo later suggests that Ataru might be Tsukuyomi's boyfriend. What's Geiz's response? Act like a Stalker with a Crush and aim his Faiz Blaster X and kill the guy. Keep in mind that his blaster is fully charged, by the way! The only reason why Ataru didn't get shot was because Sougo wrestled Geiz!
  • Sougo tries to hide behind a tree while following Ataru, but does so in such an inept way that his butt is sticking out. Obviously, Ataru would have found him even if he was not looking when Sougo tried to hide in the first place.
  • The return of the Fumen Ramen Stand and its overly-huge-naruto ramen. Ataru brings Sougo there in the hopes of meeting Kamen Rider Double. Sure enough, strong winds blow, and the one who shows up is... Another Double. Ataru is disappointed at this.
  • While excited to have met Sento and Ryuga in person, Ataru has trouble recognizing Kazumi. He even asks later on if he was really Kazumi Sawatari, or actually Otoya Kurenai, lampshading Kouhei Takeda's portrayal of both roles.
    Ataru: You are Kazumi from Build huh? It would be such a rare sight if you really are Otoya from Kiva though!
    Kazumi: Otoya from Kiva? What are you talking about? And Kazumi from Build? I'm just Grease, yeah.
  • We get to see our main characters performing a few Easter Egg tricks that originally belonged to other characters:
    • Sougo's deduction that Shingo is actually Ataru's missing older brother from the past is done in Shinnosuke-style.
    • In order to pursue Futaros, Woz accesses the Gaia Library to explain his origins as an Imagin, and finds a Rider Ticket there which they used on Ataru to find the date Futaros went to.
  • Ryuga punches a Bugster Virus aside when he and Sento enter Tid's lair and when the camera turns towards Tid, the Bugster Virus is still lying on the ground, flailing its arms inefectively until turning unconscious.
    • Tid is not amused and wonders why they are here when they shouldn't exist. Sento points out that Ryuga is too much of an idiot to understand that, so he still exists regardless of whatever happens. Ryuga doesn't protest because he didn't realize Sento is talking about him, but he understands that Tid is the bad guy and they are supposed to fight him and that's enough to know.
    • Tid throws a tantrum over events conspiring against him as regardless of what he does, they still keep on coming and he is getting seriously annoyed.
  • Grease's Pre Ass Kicking One Liner after he and Rogue saved Misora in the climax. Even though Misora is out of focus, you can still make out that she held a laugh there.
    Grease: I'll let my passion burn and —Miitan~!— crush you!
  • Zi-O botching up Double's catchphrase after assuming Double Armor.
    Zi-O: Now, tell me your sins.
    Another Double: That's half-boiled!
    Zi-O: Wait, did that come out wrong? Oh well.
    • Zi-O's Maximum Time Break finisher initially summons a whirlwind that lifts him, looking to play out like Double's original Joker Extreme kick. However, his armor instead detaches into its two Memory Droid forms, and the 3 of them land the kick together in a rather awkward-looking "W" formation with Zi-O's legs wide open. Had Shotaro and Philip make their appearance (especially the latter), it's easy to picture one of them or both will be confused or unamused while saying their own words of This Is Wrong on So Many Levels.
      • Sento comments on that, showing that he figured that out despite having zero knowledge of how Double works.
  • Another Kuuga is on the rampage again, and the Time Mazins aren't available, as Geiz mentions that Tsukuyomi is fixing them - bear in mind that this is the sort of Hand Wave we get all the time in past seasons. But then we get a Gilligan Cut to Tsukuyomi yelling blue murder as she struggles with the mechanical parts.
    • Then Build comes in to take the job over.
    Build: A genius physicist and a time machine? It's a best match.
  • Ryuga tries to high five Geiz. Key word: tries.
  • Ryuga rides with Sento in the end and their words are obscured by the theme songs playing to credits, but it's obvious by body language and gestures that Sento informs Ryuga that his fly is down again and Ryuga yells at him for not telling him earlier.
  • Sougo talks to Tsukuyomi and Geiz tries to distance themselves from them. It doesn't stop Sougo from running up to him and patting his forehead to be amiable. Three goes is all it takes for Geiz to snap and grab Sougo by chin. Tsukuyomi breaks them up and they head back to 95do.

     Rider Time: Kamen Rider Shinobi 

In General

  • The first few scenes on the opening for this miniseries, is a hilariously obvious reference to Ninninger's opening, and it's also a nod to Rentaro being played by the same actor as Kinji (Starninger).
  • The fact that everyone can use ninjutsu, ranging from cooks who use ninjutsu flame to cook, to salarymen who use their skills to climb tall office buildings.

Episode 1: First NinPow! Volume: Hattari's Love is the Ippaou Passage

  • Rentaro takes part in a ninjutsu tournament and loses to a cowboy ninja due to Obfuscating Stupidity.
    • Even better part: that cowboy ninja is played by Starninger's suit actor!

Episode 2: Next NinPow!! Volume: Yami-nin's Assassin Plan

Episode 3: Last NinPow!!! Volume: Dead-end and Close Call

  • After Shinobi and Hattari successfully fends off the Yami-nin and save Iroha, Hattari goes into a loud love-induced delusion completely reminiscent of an idol-loving, potato-farming, Kamen Rider, including after he realized Shinobi has disappeared alongside Iroha.
  • The reveal that the entire reason Yami-nin is doing this is because he's in love with Iroha. Yes the entire plot of the spin-off is because Iroha is a Dude Magnet. Rentaro has the same reaction as when he realized Isamichi sabotaged Iroha, complete and utter disbelief they would do all this just for a crush.

     Rider Time: Kamen Rider Ryuki 

Episode 1: Advent Again

  • The fact that Shinji and Ren STILL don't get along despite the fact they both have latent memories of each other and have the same goal this time.
    • No wonder they figure out they never got along. Shinji misnames Ren as Ron again and when he hands him a beer can, Ren opens it so it blasts Shinji's face.

Episode 3: Alive A Life

  • Some Gallows Humour gets thrown in when Ren is dying and he agrees with Kido that when they meet again, they will bicker like always.
  • While it was brief, there are several reasons why Shinji confusing Geiz with Ren is funny once you look pass the fact Ren just died and Shinji is probably still mourning him, but it's still rather humorous for in-universe and out-universe reasons:
    • The scene starts with Geiz and Sougo run towards Shinji's aid, he mistakes Geiz as Ren, much to the pair's confusion. During the confusion there was a shot of Ren's actor actually wearing Geiz's outfit in Shinji's POV, referencing to how fans have been joking about how both Ren and Geiz are similar both appearance and personality-wise, and have been longing for the two to meet.
    • Before the release of the episode. Satoshi Matsuda, actor of Ren Akiyama/Kamen Rider Knight, actually posted a picture of him with Geiz's clothes on Twitter. At first it seemed like a joke on the set on how they acknowledge their similarities. No one expected that he would actually appear like that in the special itself.

     Over Quartzer 
  • Sougo dodging shuriken by spinning around.
  • The fact that in this movie, the feared Nobunaga, AKA the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven... acts that of Manchild.
    • Even better, it turns out that the feared demon king that served as Sougo’s inspiration was actually GEIZ, who has spent the whole series trying to move Sougo away from said inspiration.
  • Zero-One’s cameo. You’d expect him to show up to help Zi-O and co during a plot critical moment. Nope, Sougo was just dreaming of being replaced by a new guy.

     Hyper Battle Video: Kamen Rider Bi Bi Bi no Bibiru Geiz 
  • From the Trailer, 3 Another Riders doing the YMCA.
  • The very fact that the Bibiru Armor upgrade for Geiz, based on the faceplate, is basically a frightened Geiz.
    • It's also, production-wise, a reuse of Ghost Armor, making it all more ironic considering 1. He's afraid of ghosts while wearing an armor themed after a ghost, and 2. Ghost Armor was his very first on-screen Armor Time in the series.


Suit design and naming

  • Kamen Rider Geiz's real Geiz. His own name is his own Rider name!
  • Woz too has his own name as his Rider name, and there's a LED programming in the DX Ziku Driver toy, that spells out Tsukuyomi, implying that if Tsukuyomi becomes a Rider, she too would have her own name as her own Rider name. Looks like everyone from 2068 doesn’t have much in the way of coming up with creative names.
  • The whole suit design for Zi-O and Geiz is almost nearing in Refuge in Audacity, taking the clock theme literally. Aside from the visors literally being the series namesake spelled out, the helmets are the actual wristwatches! You can even see the bands trail down from their armor, both front and back, making them look like propped out wristwatches on display! Kamen Rider Woz too, for being themed after a smartwatch. And then Trinity form happened.
  • Kamen Rider Zi-O's upgrade form has been revealed! And his name is… Zi-O II(2)… This has resulted in jokes by fans.
  • Geiz's upgrade form, Geiz Revive, is themed after an ancient method of keeping time: an hourglass. Which is both funny and ironic considering Geiz's base form is a modern digital watch.
  • The fact that Another Rider Agito is just the Another Agito suit from Kamen Rider Agito.
  • Zi-O's final and most powerful form, Grand Zi-O, takes the Legend Rider design Up to Eleven, with the form having little statues of every single Heisei Rider covering every part of the armor with a statue of Zi-O being a "crown". It looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

Driver/Toy sounds

  • Beyondriver:
    • The announcer sounds like he has a hard time believing Woz is a Kamen Rider. Doesn't help that the TV Promo starts off with a single word.
    • In fact, a number of its announcements are done in a style of Funny Bruce Lee Noises much like Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor's kiais. The slightly Chinese techno standby tune even sounds like it would fit right in with the Meteor Driver.
    • Also, due to the Driver using projection mapping technology, it announces "投影/Touei!"note  when activating a Miridewatch, which could be a pun on Kamen Rider's producing studio Toei. Whether this was intentional is not known.
    • Further analysis makes it more clear: the Beyondriver is supposed to sound like a Director.
    • The clip from Woz's transformation sound doubles down on the announcer's seeming shock over Woz's rider status.
      Beyondriver: Future Time! Kamen Rider... Woz? WOZ?
    • Its announcement for Woz Ginga and its related forms? "Finally Time!!" Almost like at long last it finally gets the upgrade it's been waiting for.
  • The fact that the GrandZi-O watch's standby announcement is literary every primary/titular Riders' standby sound associated to the titular Riders's respective Jack-of-All-Stats form including Zi-O. Why's this funny? Because its all of them at once.
    • Even better, someone actually timed the full transformation announcement, which literally sings the name of every single Heisei Riders, and including the sound of regular Zi-O Ridewatch it pairs with, it lasted A WHOLE MINUTE.
      Rider Time!
      Kamen Rider~ Zi-O!
      Grand Time!
      Kuuga Agito Ryuki Faiz Blaaaaade!
      Hibiki Kabuto Den-O Kiva Decaaaaade!
      Double, OOO, Fourze! Wizard, Gaim, Drive!
      Ghost! Ex-Aid! Build!
      REJOICE! Kamen Rider... GRAND! ZI-O!!!


  • Kamen Rider Zi-O was leaked through Kamen Rider Buttobasoul, an arcade gashapon game where you use coins and collectible toys and a chance to earn them. His image was revealed through it due to a bug, thus forcing many machines to go into maintenance. What was the programming bug? The machines had an error that made its internal calendar jump to August! Indeed, Zi-O's time powers are leaking through the arcades, it seems.
  • The opening has Heure blowing a raspberry at the viewers.
  • Playing the "It's magenta." joke further, when a fan asked Masahiro Inoue for opinions about Kaito Daiki/Kamen Rider Diend's new light-blue colored DienDriver, his reply was "It's cyan."
  • Some fans asked about Trinity towards the producer's twitter, promptly responding that they should have not known that. They tried to Hand Wave it by saying that they're referring to Agito's Trinity form. Come the episode reveal featuring Kamen Rider Agito, his Trinity Form and Zi-O's Trinity Form gets compared!
  • It turns out the very last Heisei Rider to be announced, is Kamen Rider Brain. While many thought it was a repeat of year 2017 April Fools joke at first, it was confirmed the next day to be 100% real. What makes this related to Zi-O, is the fact that we still haven't got a Drive arc yet, possibly due to another expensive actor/actress issue, so it's possible this particular joke was made real, just so that the arc can be made!
    • Made even funnier with a conversation between Fumika Baba and Shota Matsushima (aka Medic and Brain's actors) on Twitter, with the former expressing her disdain as to why Medic isn't a Kamen Rider while Brain and Heart get to. The latter immediately tells her to just go to bed, which is amusing because in Drive's series, the very first scene of Medic we see, is her being asleep.
  • One of the winners of the polling for new Ridewatches? Kamen Rider Scissors, one of the biggest Memetic Losers in the franchise, who had the support of an organized effort. What makes it better is that this one-off Starter Villain with the least screentime of any of the in-show Ryuki Riders is part of a set that includes heavy hitters Ouja, Dark Kiva, and alternate forms of Genm and Cross-Z.
    • One that is also partly frustrating, is that 3 of Genm's forms made the top 20 of the Ridewatch poll. 2 of which are forms that literally don't look different from each other apart from the Driver they use, which won't be shown on the Ridewatch anyway since Ridewatches only shows the Rider's face. It appears his Spotlight-Stealing Squad also extend to the toyline.
  • To promote the summer movie Kamen Rider Zi-O: Over Quartzer that's releasing alongside Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger 's summer movie, a video was released of Woz, Tsukuyomi, Sougo, and Geiz's actors performing the Ryusoulger ending dance, with hilarious moments in between.
    • Shieri Ohata - Tsukuyomi - keeps cracking up on multiple occasions, while Keisuke Watanabe, So Okuno, and Gaku Oshida - Woz, Sougo, and Geiz respectively - mess up multiple times during the shoot. Gaku Oshida even sidesteps off-screen towards the end for a few seconds!
    • So Okuno and Gaku Oshida - Sougo and Geiz respectively - get to do the dance again, this time with Koh and Canalo's actors. While So Okuno seems to have gotten a hang of the dance this time around, Gaku Oshida constantly has to glance at Canalo's actor to see what he does so he can somewhat stay in sync.


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