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"What am I, some sort of object? Am I invisible or something that you talk about me behind my back in front of my face? Sheesh, no respect."
Fenris (when asking Erasmus about him), Quest for Glory

Alice and Bob are having a private discussion about their friend Carol. Or, at least, it would be private if Carol weren't standing right there, in plain view, and making no attempt to hide her presence. Even if she protests ("what am I, chopped liver?"), they don't care — they just ignore her and continue on. They don't even wait until she leaves the room!

Can play out near-identically to Right Behind Me, with the key difference being that Alice and Bob are fully aware of Carol's presence the entire time (or, if they're not, then they really should be). They're merely speaking of her as if she wasn't present. Might also result in a Right in Front of Me moment, depending on the status of the person being ignored. Either way, it's clear that the people making the remarks just don't care that the target of their conversation is right there with them.

If this happens to The Hero, they may be wondering Dude, Where's My Respect? Compare You Know I'm Black, Right? Contrast Right in Front of Me, in which Alice and/or Bob don't know that the other person in the room is Carol.

If Alice and Bob know that Carol is here but don't figure out she is concerned by their commentary, this is an Oblivious Mockery.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Bloom Into You, Yuu and Doujima happen upon Akari, one of Yuu's friends, crying. After dropping off a bottle of water for Akari, Doujima whispers to Yuu that he's leaving Akari to her, only for Yuu to protest that she doesn't know what to say, either. After a brief argument between Yuu and Doujima over whether Yuu knows about "girl stuff," Akari, who's sitting a few feet away, laughs and says she heard them.
  • Cahe Detective Club: On the bus home from school, Nana and Touma discuss Emina's immature behavior at the cafe. Then Emina angrily reminds them she's standing right in between them. Also taken up to eleven in that most of the main characters also got on the bus just to hear them discussing about Emina.
  • In Daily Lives of High School Boys there's a scene in which Mitsuo walks into a room in which his friends are telling embarrassing stories about him. They notice his arrival, pause for a second, and then continue laughing at him as if he isn't there.
  • Death Note:
    • Unlike most examples, Matsuda is actually in another room, watching via surveillance (but he had contacted them moments ago), so it's somewhat natural that they'd forget about him for a moment. Also, this is arguably the kind of thing L would do deliberately.
      L: Oh, Matsuda's acting stupid again.
      Light: Well that's his specialty.
      Matsuda: I can hear you, ya'know.
    • There's also the instance where Misa is contemplating killing Rem — right in front of Rem.
  • The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan: During the Valentine's Day arc, when Asakura and Haruhi are searching for Nagato, who ran off after seeing Haruhi give chocolate to Kyon, Asakura tells Haruhi that upon reflection, the situation is partly Nagato's fault, too. "The Devil appears to steal the Princess, and the Hero just runs away?" Haruhi gives her a sour look, pointing at her self and saying "The Devil?" Asakura pays her no mind, and resumes her search of Nagato.
  • Occurs quite frequently in Fairy Tail. Mostly it's Natsu and Happy saying something embarrassing about Lucy, who doesn't appreciate them doing this right in front of her.
  • This happens quite a lot in Fruits Basket, usually with parents talking openly about how unsatisfied they are with their children, while said children are standing right there. Tohru's grandfather later discusses with Kyo how wrong it is to do something like that, because children can tell just as well as adults can if something rude or insulting is being said about them. (Said discussion arises after it was revealed that Tohru's paternal relatives gathered at her father's funeral to gossip and call her mother an adulterous harlot who likely had Tohru out of wedlock, all while Tohru was right there, listening). Another notable instance is when Akito's father dies, and her mother is informed that Akito is now the head of the family. Ren furiously tells a maid Akito (who she refers to as "that") was "a toy" used by her father for amusement. While Akito is not a foot away, kneeling next to her father's corpse. Ouch.
  • Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam 00: In the very first episode, Union members Graham and Billy are observing the public demonstration of the AEU's new mobile suit, the Enact. When Billy makes an offhand comment that the Enact is just a cheap knockoff of the Union's Flag with a different exterior design, the pilot loudly objects.
    Patrick: Hey you! I heard that! [comes out of the cockpit] What did you just say? Huh‽ Come on!
    Graham: [amused] At least it has good sound pickup.
  • How to Treat a Lady Knight Right: In chapter 103, the king has just told Leo that a warrior and mage from another kingdom want to have a match with her and Houli, who is currently under a Fountain of Youth spell that has yet to wear off. Throughout the encounter the two groups provoke one another and Houli's spell wears off just in time for both Leo and the rival swordswoman, Diana, to see him buck naked. Once everything's over, the king asks if they've all forgotten this has all been happening in front of the king.
  • Minami-ke:
    • Touma gets this a lot from her older brothers. The three brothers will regularly hold family meetings between them regarding Touma's behavior, or what to do about a birthday gift or Christmas present, all while Touma is sitting not five feet away from them seemingly ignoring them.
    • The Minami sisters' cousin Takeru gets this treatment, as well, in the fourth season.
  • In episode 4 of Pani Poni Dash!, the girls discuss ways you could slip cheat sheets into a test, while the teacher giving that test is right there in the room constantly reminding them of her presence.
  • Rebuild World: When Akira talks to Carol about the possibility of killing Shirou because He Knows Too Much, Shirou in the same room, responds with this line.

    Comic Books 
  • In Green Lantern #48, Sinestro offers an allegiance to Atrocitus to destroy the Green Lanterns... while he and the leaders of all the other Corps are supposed to be banding together to fight the Black Lanterns... and Hal Jordan is within ear shot:
    Carol Ferris: Um... Hal's right here.
    Hal Jordan: He knows that, Carol.
  • In The Order of the Stick print-prequel Start of Darkness, this happens when Xykon steals something from Eugene Greenhilt's master Fyron. Eugene asks what a Sorcerer is, and Fyron goes into "Lecturer-mode" to give a less-than-flattering description of Sorcerers, heedless of Xykon's anger.
    Xykon: Stop talking as if I'm not in the room!
  • In Supergirl:
    • In The Supergirl from Krypton (2004) Superman and Wonder Woman argue because Clark wants to take his cousin back home whereas Diana argues that she must remain in Themyscira. Kara breaks in to remind them that she is standing there.
      Supergirl: Hey. Can I say something? Not that I mind you two talking about me like I'm not here... Well, actually, I do...
    • Red Daughter of Krypton, when Superman talks to Guy Gardner about his cousin, he preemptively says: "And yes, Kara, I know you're behind me and listening to this."
    • Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl: The Joker doesn't like when someone does that. When Lex Luthor asks Hamilton who he is, Joker threatens him in a... not quite veiled way.
      The Joker: Don't talk about me like I'm not right here. It makes feel so... petty and vindictive.
    • Variant in Many Happy Returns: Linda and Dr. Faulkner have a private conversation about Kara and her mental state, all while Kara is sitting not five feet away. However, Dr. Faulker took Linda aside to discuss the subject, not realizing that Kara could hear them until Kara spoke up.
      Kara: I can hear you, you know.
  • In Violine, one of the tribesmen remarks how their witch-doctor Kombo is unmasked as a fraud... to Kombo himself.

    Comic Strips 
  • This often happens in Dilbert, usually involving employees insulting the Pointy-Haired Boss and/or his demands. Most of the time, he either completely fails to notice or becomes angrier and angrier in each frame, with the implication that he hits his limit just after the last panel. In at least one case, he doesn't even hear the insult:
    Asok: You said that right in front of him.
    Alice: He only listens when he's talking.
    [the boss smiles peacefully]
  • One Retail strip showed Marla, Cooper, and Val discussing their plan to get an annoying co-worker fired... right in front of him. They were unsuccessful in getting rid of him.
  • In one Sherman's Lagoon arc, Fillmore the turtle loses his shell, and has to live with the other characters until he gets it back. When hearing about how vulnerable Fillmore feels without his shell, Megan remarks, "He really is unmanly. A downright cream puff."
    Fillmore: I'm RIGHT HERE, Megan.
    Megan: I'm sure this isn't news to you.

    Fan Works 
  • Played for laughs in Beyond Heroes: Of Sunshine and Red Lyrium, when Inquisitor Bethany Hawke climbs a tree in the Frostback Basin. Dorian chastises her, saying that he doesn't want to have to inform her war council that she fell to her death from a tree.
    Dorian: Though I at least would be spared the necessity of informing Varric. That would be considerably more difficult.
    Varric: I'm standing right here, you know.
    Dorian: Yes, so you are. That was my point.
  • Code Geass: Paladins of Voltron: C.C. says as much when Suzaku tells Lelouch they will discuss as to who she is.
  • Death Note:
    • From All You Need Is Love:
      Light (to L): I think your successor thinks we have the combined I.Q. of Matsuda.
      Matsuda: You guys know I'm right here.
    • In Ragnarok, Light and L begin speaking of Mello like he's a highly contagious disease while he's in the room with them.
    • In That Epic Plan when L and Light are discussing their arrangements for keeping Beyond Birthday in front of Beyond and Light suggests that Beyond room with him:
      L: Are you aware of the fact that he's an insane killer?
      Light: Couldn't help but notice.
      Beyond: Hey, don't talk about Beyond like Beyond's not even here.
    • In Those Who Stand for Nothing Fall for Anything, there are several moments where the social circles will start gossiping about a person who is right there with them or standing nearby.
  • Evangelion 303: In chapter 11, a bunch of senators spend several pages grumbling about Gendo Ikari and wondering about his true intentions and goals until Fuyutsuki suggests that they address Commander Ikari directly, since he IS in the same room (and looking pissed off at being ignored).
  • For the Glory of Irk: A Syndicate High Council member makes disparaging remarks about the Irkens, and then halfheartedly makes an exemption for Tak, who is a Syndicate member and sitting in on the meeting, when she points out her presence.
  • In Guardians, Wizards, and Kung-Fu Fighters, this is Frost's reaction when a noble calls him a brute and implies he's distrustful, while he's still in the room.
  • Happens in The Hell Butterfly Effect, a Bleach fanfic, where during Ichigo's meeting with the 13 Squads, Byakuya is telling Rukia to marry Ichigo. What follows may be the most awesome dialogue example of this trope:
    Byakuya: [talking to Rukia] It is for the honor of the Kuchiki household, Rukia. Make sure the boy is aware of the large dowry that you have. Common people can be easily swayed by monetary gain.
    Ichigo: I'm less then five feet away from you.
    Byakuya: [turns to Ichigo with an indifferent look on his face] Very good. I see that you are able to judge distance.
  • Harry Potter:
    • From A Black Comedy:
      Remus: Can you change us back now? And put an end to the most humiliating experience of my life?
      Tonks: You slept with Bellatrix.
      Remus: Fine. Second most humiliating.
      Bellatrix: I'm right here.
    • Harry and Jane:
      Harry: Lavinia is not the type to let others fight her battles.
      Jane: You have no idea. She's going to make an interesting monarch - that much is certain.
      Lavinia: I am standing right here, you know.
      Jane: Yes, my little Majesty.
    • In Honey after Harry catches Draco and Ginny snogging:
      Harry: This is, I don't even, he's not blackmailing you or anything? Why are you with him? You're not acting like you even like him.
      Ginny: No, I don't. He's like potato chips: a fat lump of nothing and you'd be happier if they'd never existed, but pathologically addictive.
      Draco: I'm right here, you know.
      Ginny: Yes, I do know.
    • If Them's the Rules: When the orphanage caretakers discuss Tom's punishment for knocking the kid who tried to smother him unconscious. Tom notes they are completely apathetic to him. On a lighter note, there's the instance when Madeleine convinces Tom the benefits of having Harry go out and for both of them to attend a birthday ball.
      Madeleine: Think of it this way. He’s going to meet people either way. At least this way, you’ll be there to—
      Tom: Make sure he doesn't meet the wrong people... Harry, if you want to accept her invitation, it's fine with me.
      Harry: I'm glad to know I'm the one who makes the decisions in this family.
    • From A Necessary Gift:
      Hermione: Augereys? I read about them in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. They're also known as Irish Phoenixes and used to be considered really bad luck-
      Draco: We know. It's common knowledge amongst real wizards.
      Harry/Orion: Draco.
      Draco: No, Orion. Let her run off and tell her fellow mud- muggleborns by all means, but she shouldn't presume to lecture her betters.
      Harry/Orion: Don't be so snobbish. She's just excited about all the new things she's learnt.
      Hermione: She is right here.
      Draco: Yes, but I prefer to pretend otherwise.
    • From the Hurt/Comfort Fic Rescuing Darkness:
      Narcissa: Harry we're not going to harm you. At least I have no intention to, and the Dark Lord wouldn't kill you after all that he's done to make you better.
      Harry: I'm not so sure about that, Mrs. Malfoy.
      Narcissa: Please Harry, call me Narcissa.
      Voldemort: I'm still here, you know.
      Harry: Obviously.
    • In The Power of the Press Hermione's mother is upset because Harry used Auror Teleportation, which is silent, to appear in the Grangers' backyard, startling her.
    Hermione: Honestly, Mum, his apparation is nearly silent anyway. I suppose we could put a bell around his neck.
    Emma Granger: Maybe some kind of siren or alarm of some kind?
    Harry: I'm right here, you know.
    Emma Granger: Yes, dear, we know.
  • Happens to Crowley in Manchester Lost. The only demon in a crowd of angels (Aziraphale's "family"), they know he's there and (after deciding not to smite him immediately) instead take to talking about him, his boyfriend, who he was and why he Fell, and giving him an overall headache. It's a bit of a subversion though, because eventually they do try to drag him into the conversation: "You know, the reason I'm sitting in the dark is so you don't talk to me."
  • In Shimmering Sunsets (a crossover between two My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfic verses):
    Sweetie spoke up. "And Princess Celestia allows that kind of behavior from her representative?"
    "Oh hay no," Sunset glared at Trixie. "She's just so full of herself and thick headed."
    "Your Majesty," Dot spoke up reverently. "She is right there."
    "Oh...." Sunset said and looked to Trixie. "You're thick headed and an idiot."
    Trixie didn't remark back, because she knew she couldn't.
  • In The Count of Monte Cristo from Start Again, Goro and Makoto discuss through a chat app why Haru knows so much about the Metaverse, and why she is going through so much trouble to take her father's heart, despite his corruption and trying to force her into an arranged marriage, with Goro suggesting that her concern for him is from lifelong conditioning. Haru then responds that they're discussing this on their Phantom Thief chat, meaning she can read the entire conversation.
  • X-Men: The Early Years: In "Bridesmaid Dresses, Slime, and Other Horrible Things", Scott Summers loves when people pretend he isn't in the room.
    Scott ate his dinner slowly, wondering where the Sentinels were when you really needed them. The Greys were studying him with an expression that most people reserved for rather distasteful insects. He always loved being discussed as if he wasn't even there.
  • Colosseum of the Heart: Sora gossips with Bonnie about how long it will take Ash and Serena to get together, with the two sitting right in front of them. Serena reacts with embarrassment, while Ash is just confused (though this also quickly turns into embarrassment, since he's not as clueless as he used to be). Serena hits her limit when Sora and Bonnie, after watching a heartwarming moment between them, both agree that it will only take them two weeks, and she turns in her chair and yells "YOU GUYS!" at them.
  • Played for Laughs in the Splatoon 3 oneshot graaaamps, you can't say stuff like that anymore, where a shy Octoling takes the mantle of New Agent 3 and questions whether Cap'n Cuttlefish is even aware that she's one of the Octarians that he's constantly badmouthing. The fic was inspired by a tweet that pokes fun at the game itself for inadvertently doing this to players who choose Octoling as their race.

    Films — Animation 
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse: When the various Spider-Heroes get ready to crash Kingpin's lair, Gwen is offended that he's hiding his evil plan under the guise of a memorial gala for Spider-Man (whom he killed, by the way).
    Spider-Gwen: [disgustedly] What a pig.
    Spider-Ham: I'm right here.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Babylon A.D.. Toorop discusses with Finn the possibility that Aurora, the women they've been hired to escort, might be a viral weapon. Toorop says if that's the case, he'll kill her and burn the body. Aurora looks at him at that point, and later makes it clear she heard what he said.
  • In the short film Blinky, the protagonist's mother threatens to order the titular robot to cook and clean him if he makes another mess, while the robot is suffering from a Logic Bomb-generating Heroic BSoD. It turns out that, despite his freakout, Blinky was still hearing things and thus receiving orders. So the next time the protagonist made a mess... well, some interesting food was served.
  • This happens in Collateral when Vincent, the hitman antagonist, forces the lead character Max to go visit his mother in the hospital like he does every night just to keep up appearances and not appear suspicious when he's being held hostage for the night.
    Max: Don't talk to me like I'm not right here!
    Max's mother: What's he saying?
    Vincent: He says he's right here, in the room.
    Max's mother: Why yes, you are!
  • Death Proof. The girls joke that Stuntman Mike is going to get some from Pam. She calls them "double fucks" and strides over to them so that Mike can't hear them.
    Pam: I am not going to fuck him!
    Mike: I can hear you.
    Pam: (moving further away) He is old enough to be my dad—
    Mike: I can still hear you.
  • In The Hammer, Robert bitches out his coach for offering main character Jerry (an overweight, 40-year-old white guy who's in the room) a chance to compete for a shot on the U.S. Olympic boxing team. Jerry tries to point out "You know, I'm right here. I heard everything you just said."
  • In The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard, Kingcaid is annoyed that his wife brought Michael Bryce to his rescue and even calls him "the most annoying motherfucker on Earth". Bryce, meanwhile, is standing a few feet in front of him.
    Michael: Excuse me? I have 20/20 hearing.
  • In Hot Tub Time Machine, believing Lou to be asleep, Nick and Adam start having listing off all the reasons why Lou's life sucks and why he'd want to kill himself. Lou is not asleep, and he calls them out for it.
  • HOUBA! On the Trail of the Marsupilami: While traveling on pirogue in the Palombian jungle, Dan Geraldo is recording his reportage and mentions his guide, Pablito.
    Dan: My guide, Pablito Camaron. Puny, underfed, probably illiterate...
    Pablito: I can hear you from that close.
  • Done memorably in Jurassic Park in one scene, when John Hammond casually insults his investors' lawyer while he's sitting right next to him.
    Hammond: Unbelievable! You're supposed to come here and defend me from these characters, and the only one I've got on my side is the bloodsucking lawyer!
    Genarro: ...Thank you.
  • There's a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest where Gibbs, Ragetti, and Pintel freak out at the sight of the Black Spot on Jack's hand. Jack responds with "My eyesight's as good as ever."
  • The Room: After Lisa's affair with Mark comes out in the open, Johnny storms into the bathroom after their fight. Lisa then has the gall to call Mark on her phone while Johnny's in earshot (although this was more out of spite than anything else).
  • Shaun of the Dead does this in the opening scene. Shaun and Daisy are introduced arguing at a table in a pub. Daisy complains that Shaun spends all his time hanging with his loser friend... who is revealed to be standing right beside them and listening in. Shaun counters that he doesn't want to spend time with Daisy's boring friends... who are revealed to be sitting at the same table with them and hearing every word.
  • There's a scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace where Obi-Wan is trying to dissuade Qui-Gon from training the young Anakin Skywalker, repeating the Jedi Council's premonition that "the boy is dangerous". It's a shame that they're walking right past Anakin as he's arguing this.
  • In Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Dr. Demento bluntly warns Al that Madonna is just manipulating him for her own ends... while Madonna is standing right next to Al.

  • In Catch-22, the doctor has a habit of putting his name on a certain pilot's flight roster but not actually going along, so he can continue to get flight pay without the danger. It backfires horribly when the plane crashes and it's immediately noticed the Doctor was a passenger, as per the flight roster. The Doctor, standing right there watching the plane crash, protests and points out he's standing right in front of them, but the other characters immediately begin ignoring him and lamenting his death.
  • Aunt Marge from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, regarding Harry's mother and Harry himself, at the dinner table: "If there's something wrong with the bitch, there's something wrong with the pup." It's mentioned in the second chapter of the first book that the Dursleys often talk about Harry as if he's not in the room even though he is. (These are the Dursleys we're talking about, though, so you know it's intentional.)
  • A Sweet Valley High book has Elizabeth and Jessica bickering about their brother Steven's love life. Elizabeth disapproves of the girl he's thinking about dating, whereas Jessica thinks it's time for him to move on after the death of his girlfriend Tricia. A fed-up Steve demands that they stop talking about him as if he isn't there (in fact, they had become so absorbed in their argument that they genuinely forget that he was in the room) and tells them both off - Jessica for her meddling, Elizabeth for her self-righteous and judgmental attitude about the girl.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Played with on 3rd Rock from the Sun. Tommy and Alissa are in the attic when Dick bursts in, loudly complaining about Strudwick.
    Alissa: Hey, that's my dad you're talking about!
    Dick: Oh, I am so sorry. What was I thinking? Would you please leave so I can trash your father?
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.:
    • Hunter grouses to Director Coulson that he didn't mention their backup is a "killer cyborg" — even as said cyborg is less than ten feet away, piloting the Quinjet.
      Deathlok: You know I can hear you from up here.
    • In the episode "The Man Behind the Shield", when S.H.I.E.L.D. is attacking an enemy base, Simmons wants to chase after a lead on Aida, leading to this wonderful exchange:
      Fitz: You want to go after a killer robot by yourself?
      Simmons: I'll take Davis with me.
      Fitz: Concern only slightly lessened.
      Davis: [standing in the doorway] Thanks.
  • Arrested Development:
    • The show does this several times as a running gag with Buster where people would be saying some pretty harsh things about him while the camera slowly panned out to show that he's right there. And it is absolutely hilarious every time.
    • A season 4 episode has Lindsay and Tobias being asked whether they have children, both replying "no". The camera then zooms out to show Maeby standing next to them.
    • When her children mention the family boat The Seaward, Lucille will occasionally think that they're referring to her and snap, "I'm standing right here!"
  • In As Time Goes By, Jean laments "God, give me strength!" after Lionel is curt to the point of rude towards a TV producer in charge of greenlighting his script. When Lionel snaps "I heard that," she unabashedly replies, "I hope God did!"
  • The Big Bang Theory: Happens three times in the same sitting when Penny accuses Howard of holding out for an unrealistic fantasy woman instead of being with Bernadette, who is one of the few women who isn't creeped out by him:
    Howard: Hey, just because you settled [nods toward Leonard] doesn't mean I have to!
    Leonard: Excuse me, I'm sitting here!
    Penny: Hey, I did not settle for Leonard! I mean, obviously he isn't the kind of guy I usually go out with - you know, physically.
    Leonard: Again, I'm right here!
    Penny: My point is, I do not judge a book by its cover. I am interested in the person underneath.
    Leonard: [to Sheldon] I am here, right? You see me?
  • Boston Legal had a running gag in which Denny Crane would talk about (and not notice the presence of) the four-foot-tall lawyer Bethany Horowitz.
  • From Boy Meets World:
    Jack: If she's telling the truth our lives are perfect!
    Eric: Well, she's not. She's testing us, just stick with the plan.
    Rachel: Stop! Stop planning, and oh stop acting like I can't hear you!
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • In the episode "Buffy vs. Dracula", Buffy stakes Dracula, who disintegrates. Everyone leaves. Mist swirls around and Dracula re-forms. Standing just off-screen, Buffy stakes him again.
      Buffy: You think I don't watch your movies? You always come back.
      [Dracula disintegrates; mist swirls and coalesces]
      Buffy: I'm standing right here.
      [mist dissipates]
    • Joss Whedon and his staff really like this, and play it both for comedy and drama. From "Selfless":
      Xander: Hard for me to hear? Buffy, you wanna kill Anya!
      Buffy: I don't want to.
      Xander: Then don't! This isn't new ground for us. When our friends go all crazy and start killing people, we help them.
      Willow: Sitting right here...!
      Xander: I'm sorry. But it's true.
    • And over on Angel. From "The Price":
      Groo: You are truly a goddess.
      Cordelia: Well, demoness, anyway. Sure beats horns and a tail.
      Lorne: [offended] Hey. I'm standing right here.
  • Castle: Beckett and an FBI agent talk about Castle in the car in the episode "Tick, Tick, Tick".
    FBI Agent: If you're not sleeping with him, why do you keep him around?
    Castle: You know I can hear you.
  • Cheers: In the episode "What's Up, Doc?", Frasier commends Sam for flirting with a colleague of his, Dr. Sheila Rydel, commenting that most female psychologists are "real bowsers" but he'd not mind sleeping with her. A heavily pregnant Lilith chimes in from behind that she can hear him, and so can their kid. Frasier has to beg profusely to get out of trouble.
  • Community:
  • In the series 1 episode "Sex, Death and Nudity" of Coupling, an entire conversation is one of these. Jane is travelling in Steve's car to her aunt's funeral and is annoyed that somehow all of Steve's friends have invited themselves along.
    Jane: Four of them. Four of your friends.
    Steve: Look, I explained. Susan won't let me come with you unless she brings Patrick. Patrick won't come unless Sally comes and Jeff won't back out because he's the only one who actually knew your aunt and he thinks it's unfair if he's left behind.
    Jane: Well, I think your friends have behaved appallingly and I think you should tell them that!
    Steve: You tell them!
    Jane: It's your job to tell them, they're your friends.
    Steve: It'd feel stupid.
    Jane: The very least you can do, Steve, is tell them!
    [Camera cuts to the backseat of the car where all four of the others are crushed together.]
    Steve: You've all behaved appallingly.
  • In one episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, correspondent Larry Wilmore delivers a completely deadpan parody of "American exceptionalism" nostalgia speeches while sitting behind Jon Stewart:
    Larry Wilmore: I believe in Daily Show exceptionalism. But a show that was once so vibrant and thin, a show whose best days were still ahead of it, is now old and bloated, graying, droopy-faced....
    Jon Stewart: I, uh, actually — I can hear you. I'm right—
    Larry Wilmore: ...flatulent, tubercular, iron-deficient...
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show: In "Coast-to-Coast Bigmouth", Laura accidentally reveals that Alan Brady is bald on live television and goes to his office to apologize. Rob soon arrives and they start discussing who should take responsibility in the middle of Alan's office:
    Alan: Hi there! Remember me?
  • Doctor Who:
    • "The End of the World" has it happen to Rose: When the Doctor tells Jabe that he and Rose aren't married, she makes some more guesses, ending in "prostitute?"
      Rose: Whatever I am, it must be invisible.
    • Happens again in "A Town Called Mercy". The Doctor and the Ponds are arguing about what to do with an alien war criminal who's been hiding out in the title town... right in front of said war criminal. He coldly reminds them that he's "still in the room."
    • In "Hide", the Doctor explains what wonderful people empaths are, how compassionate they are, and wanders off talking about how hard it is to be an empath and what a strain it puts on your relationship with everyone else. His companion prompts him to shut up as the empath who he was talking about seems close to tears.
    • In "The Magician's Apprentice", the Doctor grudgingly acknowledges Davros as his greatest enemy, right in front of the Master, who is not amused.
    • "Death in Heaven": In the middle of Danny's Rousing Speech, he says his orders are not the order of a general (aimed at The Doctor) or the whims of a lunatic:
      Missy: 'Scuse me?
  • Doom Patrol (2019) presents a variation when Larry and Dorothy meet the Dead Boy Detectives. Charles and Edwin are visible to both the characters and the audience, but being ghosts they assume they're invisible to Larry and Dorothy, and immediately start insulting them. When Larry bluntly comments that he can hear them, Charles and Edwin are dismayed. Crystal is more surprised that they can see the boys.
  • Firefly plays with this in "Serenity".
    Jayne: Testing. Captain, can you hear me?
    Mal: I'm Standing Right Here.
    Jayne: [into radio] You're comin' through good and loud.
    Mal: 'Cause I'm Standing Right Here.
    Jayne: Yeah, well, but... the transmitter's...
  • Friends:
    • This happens to Chandler a lot. Hence lines like, "Can you people not see me?" and "Should I use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil?"
    • Also:
      Rachel's boss: Should I call him? Or would that be sad and desperate, something Sophie would do?
      Sophie: Um, I'm right here.
      Rachel's boss: I know.
    • Not a direct example, b/ut same basic principle:
      [Monica is walking away, Ross mutters an insult]
      Monica: I heard that!
      Ross: Well, I said it out loud!
    • Also when Ross's new mother-in-law flirts with him right in front of her husband, who name drops this trope, word-for-word. She is not fazed in the slightest.
      Mr. Waltham: Excuse me, I'm standing right here.
      Mrs. Waltham: Oh yes, there you are.
    • In the Friends spin-off Joey, in the second season, Joey realizes he slept with neighbor Alex the night before. As he starts to bang his head against the pillow about it and call it a stupid decision, it zooms out to show that she's still there, and heard the whole thing.
  • Gilmore Girls:
    • When a laser surgery mishap leaves Emily temporarily blinded, she ropes Lorelai into driving her around to do various errands. Emily is her usual demanding self, and Lorelai soon mutters to herself about what a drama queen her mother is being. Emily pointedly remarks that her hearing is just fine.
    • An agonizing version happens when Rory is showing a Chilton girl around Yale and tells her that she and Marty aren't an item, just good friends...utterly oblivious to the clear chagrin of Marty, who is sitting right there with them.
  • Glee has Brittany and Santana ask Finn out to dinner. However, they spend the night gossiping to each other about boys, completely ignoring Finn, who is sitting at the table next to them.
    Brittany: Puck's super fine. Finn's cute too.
    Santana: Yeah, but he's not hot though.
    Brittany: He really isn't.
    Santana: And you know what, Brit? I think that dwarf girlfriend of his is dragging down his rep. I mean if he were dating, say, popular pretty girls like us, he would go from dumpy to smokin'.
    Finn: Hello? Hey! I'm right here!
  • In one episode of Good Luck Charlie, PJ and Emmett argue about temporarily adding Bob to their band after discovering his guitar skills, while Bob is standing right next to them.
    Emmett: [to PJ] Look, I knows he's old!
    Bob: A little quieter, guys.
  • Gossip Girl has an episode where Blair equates Chuck sleeping with Vanessa (or, as Blair puts it, "the dregs of DUMBO") to she herself sleeping with Chuck's evil uncle. With Vanessa standing right next to them.
  • Gotham:
    • In the episode "Worse Than a Crime", Leslie objects to Jim's plan to ally with Penguin to bring down Galavan:
      Leslie: You're on the run from the law. You want to attack the mayor with the help of a depraved sociopath. That's not crazy?
      Penguin: [standing six feet away] I can hear you.
      Leslie: Shh! Don't speak.
    • Then a couple of seasons later, the episode "Pieces of a Broken Mirror" gives us this exchange:
      Gordon: So you're partners with Ed. Why?
      Ed: I'm right here.
      Lee: Why not? He wouldn't have been my first choice, but the universe has funny ways.
      Ed: Still here.
  • On the first season of Heroes, Nathan gives a campaign speech where he's calling his brother Peter mentally disturbed and suicidal, knowing damned well he's right there in the crowd and they make eye contact. Naturally, Peter gives him a nasty punch in the face in the parking garage after the event and stalks off into the rain.
  • House does this in the third season finale while talking to Chase.
    House: Foreman's not as easy as Cameronnote , but of course, who is?
    camera pans across the office
    Cameron: I'm in the room!
  • On How I Met Your Mother, Lily is complaining about the "random skanks" that Ted brings to group stuff, and Ted points out that Robin is her best friend.
    Ted: And who was Robin before she was your best friend? Oh, that's right, one of my random skanks.
    Robin' Hey!
    Lily' Okay, this particular skank—
    Robin' Hey!
    Lily' —worked out, but she's the skanky exception, not the skanky rule.
    Robin' Hey, I'm crying a little bit here!
  • A common gag on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is to have the gang strategizing with one another about how to impress, deceive, or otherwise manipulate a person they have a meeting with - often copiously insulting the person in the process - only for them to turn around or the camera to pan over, revealing that they were discussing this in the middle of the meeting and the other person heard everything.
  • Aunt Agatha from Jeeves and Wooster has a habit of listing Bertie's faults to others while he's standing there. If he attempts to interject she normally silences him with an offhanded "Oh, be quiet, Bertie."
  • Justified: In "For Blood or Money", Art is talking to Raylan and describes Rachel as the best marshal under his command:
    Raylan: You do know I'm sitting right here?
    [Art eyes Raylan up and down]
    Art: I do.
  • On Just Shoot Me!, this happens in Maya's art class when the professor goes over the students' photographs:
    Martin: [to the class] What has Greenberg captured here? The essence of a flower, or the point of view of an aggressively average thinker?
    Greenberg: Dude, I'm right here!
  • An episode of Law & Order: UK which had Fair Cop DS Devlin flirting with the crime scene tech prompted a look from his partner Ronnie that was pretty much the visual equivalent of this trope.
  • Once, during a blizzard in New York, David Letterman did a weeklong running gag wherein Norm MacDonald was the final guest of the evening, but he said at the end of the night "Norm MacDonald was going to be here but he was snowed in," with the gag being that MacDonald was in the Green room. On the fourth day MacDonald ran out on stage and said "Hey I'm right here!" but Letterman pretended he didn't see/hear him.
  • Million Yen Women: Some of the women have a quite low opinion of Shin's novels, and sometimes discuss the fact with each other, regardless of whether Shin is in the room or not.
  • The Mindy Project loves this trope. Especially concerning the sex life of anyone present in the room.
  • Mimpi Metropolitan: In episode 8, Bambang angrily confronts Alan for ruining his father's message for Maudy Koesnaedi. Alan and Prima comments to each other that Bambang is scary when he is angry, fully aware that Bambang was and is still standing next to them.
  • British panel show Mock the Week:
    • In one of the final "Scenes We'd Like to See" round, the panelists ignored Ed Byrne and kept walking up to the microphone before he could. At one point, Ed Byrne opens his jacket, turns to the audience and yells, "Are I invisible in this fucking jacket?"
    • A later episode featured as one of its Scenes We'd Like To See "Unlikely Things for Andy Murray to Think". This being while Wimbledon champion Andy Murray was sitting in the audience. Referenced by Dara Ó Briain when Milton Jones kicked things off with What the Hell Is That Accent?.
      Dara: What was that?! What was that?! He's in the room!
  • Perhaps the most comedic example ever in Mystery Science Theater 3000. One of the Observersnote  comes to study the inhabitants of the SOL, claiming he will not interfere with them, as he is an impartial observer. He then proceeds to rattle off a series of increasingly insulting opinions about Mike and the Bots and talk about how he's disgusted by Mike in particular. He does this right in front of them, until they get sick of it and shove the Observer out the airlock. Without his brain.
    Observer: I shall now observe the ungainly peach-colored creature. His humid, fleshy extensions struggle as he attempts to dominate some simple, seemingly purposeless toy. Already a sense of pity overcomes me, and yet I am repelled by my own compassion! Although his biological makeup implies a living thing, I'm certain we will discover him to be but an animated piece of refuse or feces. But I must remain impartial and continue to study even as he mocks everything I hold dear. I hate him, and can take comfort only in my own cool detachment. He looks at me now, and no flicker of comprehension do I discern in his flat and lifeless eyes. I can only pray his tiny spinal column conveys no spot of truth, no splinter of the horrible reality that is his own soul. My god, I pray for his death! As do all things that love rightness and decency!
  • NCIS:
    • Happens to Special Agent Michelle Lee while McGee and Abbey chat about her relative "hotness" level ("Shalom", Season 4).
    • In "Grounded", McGee does this over the phone to Bishop and her husband as he gushes over her efficiency in processing a crime scene.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles: Half-German Eric gets this twice in five minutes when Deeks and Hetty make cracks about the Germans. (To be fair, Hetty did apologize the second time.)
  • In one episode of NUMB3RS, Charlie says the trope name word-for-word when he becomes the subject of an argument between Don and Alan.
    Alan: Explain how a mathematician ends up on a case involving the Russian mafia.
    Don: I told him to drop it!
    Alan: You know he can't just drop that stuff!
    Charlie: Hey, I'm standing right here!
  • The Office:
    • In the episode "Employee Transfer", Cornell grad Andy asks Dwight if he thinks he can get into Cornell. Dwight replies, "If someone who can barely outsell Phyllis can get in, I think I can manage." Phyllis is, of course, right beside them.
    • In another episode, Andy is eager to go on a business trip with Michael because "the old ball and chain has been more chain than ball." Fiancee Angela angrily points out that she's right there.
  • The pilot of Once Upon a Time has Emma and Mary Margaret discussing the difficult life Henry has led:
    Mary Margaret: He struggles with that most basic question that they [adopted children] all inevitably face: "Why would anyone give me up?"
    [Mary Margaret makes an Oh, Crap! face as she remembers that Emma is the woman who gave Henry up]
    Mary Margaret: I am so sorry. I didn't mean in any way to judge you.
  • The Professionals. A variation in "A Stirring of Dust". Cowley is showing slides of people suspected of being the "Fourth Man" in a KGB spy ring. When the lights come on, the last man to be shown is sitting right next to him.
    Cowley: You've included yourself in the list of suspects.
    Stadden: Of course. Some of my colleagues thought — still think — it's me.
  • On Raising Hope, Burt and Virginia do this to Jimmy all the time:
    Burt: We know what it's like to have an ungrateful child.
    Virginia: And an uncoordinated child. And an underachieving child, but we stuck around.
    Jimmy: Mom, I'm right here.
    Virginia: And a child with an annoying voice.
  • Schitt's Creek:
    • Johnny is in hot water for putting the expectant father Roland's phone on mute. When Bob is discussing the situation with someone over the phone, Johnny guesses the context:
      Bob: I wouldn't say 'snake'... but he sure is slippery!
      Johnny: You know, I'm standing right here.
    • David and Johnny have agreed to play for opposing baseball teams, but Johnny keeps coaching David to his teammate Roland's chagrin.
      Johnny: I'm just helping out my son, Roland. The kid has no idea what he's doing.
      David: I can hear you!
  • Scream Queens: The episode "Dorkus" has Chanel and #3 discussing which horror movie character the disfigured Melanie Dorkus reminds them of. While standing right in front of her.
  • Seinfeld has Elaine and her boyfriend David Puddy breaking up in the cab to the airport after a long vacation and immediately commencing Operation: Jealousy with the nearest people they can find on the plane ride home. Elaine has to wake up her seatmate for this purpose, and Puddy, seated on the other side of her, nicknames him "Vegetable Lasagna," which they call him for the rest of the episode, even after he offers them his real name (Magnus).
    Puddy: What's going on with you and uh... Vegetable Lasagna?
    Elaine: This guy? Oh, he's an idiot. He doesn't mean anything to me.
    "Vegetable Lasagna": I can hear you.
  • Sherlock. Sherlock, speaking via Wi-fi, goes on an uncomplimentary rant about a crime witness (including calling him an idiot, and describing him having a "tiny IQ", "limited life expectancy", the "right sleeve of an internet porn addict" and "the breathing pattern of an untreated heart condition"). Then without missing a beat, Sherlock moves in his chair to reveal the poor guy sitting right there behind him.
  • Star Trek:
    • In Star Trek: Discovery, Michael Burnham explains some of Saru's species' physiology to Ash Tyler. Saru comments "they especially enjoy being referred to in the third person while present."
    • During a rare moment of levity in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "It's Only A Paper Moon", Nog's friends and family discuss the fact that Nog's PTSD has him living in Julian's 1950's lounge singer program. They all agree that it could be worse and start listing off Julian's other holosuite programs, with Julian quietly interjecting "hey—" until he gets fed up and shouts "HEY!" when Rom complains about his "stupid Viking program." Adding insult to injury, that last one isn't even Julian's. It belongs to Chief O'Brien and even Julian thought it was a bit stupid at first.
    • In the first season of Star Trek: Voyager, this is done as the Emergency Medical Hologram's What Measure Is a Non-Human? theme. The Doctor forcing patients to address him directly is one of the first in his Character Development.
  • There was a whole episode of the The Suite Life of Zack & Cody where this was a Running Gag, where the current group of characters are huddling to discuss if they should get a newcomer involved in finding a treasure in the Tipton, whilesaid newcomer is only a few feet away..
  • Superman: In Smallville, "Kara", Kara insults Chloe by saying she is "just a human" condescendingly when she is standing right there; Clark defends her by saying Chloe is smarter than both of them put together.
  • Supernatural. In "Goodbye Stranger", Castiel leaves the room and the Winchesters start discussing their suspicions about him.
    Castiel: [from the next room] You know, I can hear you both. I am a celestial being.
  • Super Sentai: Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger has an instance of this trope similar to above Buffy example. One episode features a Monster of the Week that can change from a demonic-looking creature into a ludicrously adorable baby, which it uses to charm people. It attempts this move on the Kyoryugers, and almost seems to get away with it... until Daigo just shoots it.
    Daigo: You do realize you changed right in front of me, don't you?
    Debo Kyween: Crap, someone with common sense!
  • Shows up hilariously in The West Wing: British ambassador Lord John Marbury walks up to the First Lady and asks if he can grasp her breasts... while she's standing three feet from her husband, the President of the United States. It's immediately lampshaded.
  • What We Do in the Shadows (2019): Nandor goes off to the documentarians about Guillermo's incompetence, then adds:
    Nandor: I don't like saying this kind of thing in front of him, of course.
    [pan out to reveal Guillermo standing in the corner]
    Nandor: Sorry, Guillermo. I don't like saying this kind of thing in front of you.
    Guillermo: It's okay, master.
  • Without a Trace:
    • Agents Martin Fitzgerald and Samantha Spade inadvertently begin flirting while discussing a case. Agent Danny Taylor, who is standing between them, promptly gives them a look that's the physical equivalent of this quote.
    • A darker example in a later episode when the two begin sniping at each other (he's getting annoyed at her insistence on keeping their relationship secret). The reaction from Danny, while more uncomfortable, is basically the same.
  • A magically animated zit got offended in this way in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.
  • Young Sheldon:
    • In "White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People", Coach Wilkins and Principal Petersen are at the bar talking, and the subject changes to George. Camera reveals that George is sitting at the same table as them, and not happy about them ignoring him.
    • In "Blonde Ambition and the Concept of Zero", Missy says that Connie is "kind of old", when Connie is in the next room over.

  • In the super hidden bonus track of Irish comedy band Dead C.A.T. Bounce's album 'Live at the Róisín Dubh', the rest of the band sings about a wonderful dream they had about their perfect day out after firing Damo (the drummer), and how much better their lives were for it. This was the first time Damo had heard the song, and, while he initially played along under protest, he stopped in an outrage. The others then go on to say that today would be the day that they would fire Damo, while he's still in earshot.
    We took the train down to the coast
    Dodged the fare, got ice creams on the beach
    And then we sat there skipping stones
    Off the pier into the perfect sea
    Mick, Shane and me

    [drum line starts]
    The day we fired the drummer, life was good
    Damo: What?!

  • Six: In the opening, Jane Seymour introduces herself as "the only one [Henry] truly loved." Right in front of his other five wives, who aren't too amused.
  • Westeros: An American Musical: Melisandre, who only sees Edric as a Human Sacrifice whose only value is being a King's bastard son, has a habit of calling him some variation of "my reserve of King's blood". At some point she does so right in front of Edric, who promptly reminds her of his name.

  • The BBC Radio 4 series about disabled issues Does He Take Sugar? is titled in sarcastic reference to the way disabled people often find themselves victims of this trope.
  • In The Now Show Edinburgh Fringe 2019 episode, guest stand-up Alice Snedden reveals that she has the lowest Uber rating of anyone she knows: 3.4. The audience "oohs" and she responds "Whoa, easy. I'm still in the room! Mind your manners!"

  • Happens constantly between Isabel Guerra and Dave Morrison in Survival of the Fittest v4, mostly involving racist remarks towards Isabel.
    Dave: Listen, me and the Help, we're pretty fucking tired to be honest.
    Isabel: I can hear you still.

    Video Games 
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown: In the second half of the mission "Last Hope", Trigger and the LRSSG must escort a liason plane out of Anchorhead Bay, when its attacked by conservative Eruseans. After driving them off the aircraft escorting the liaison plane are revealed to have been self-aware drones, and they attack Strider squadron. Long Caster orders them to engage the drones, and Count calls their creator "the king of all dumbasses", not knowing that Dr. Schroeder, who is aboard the liaison plane, was the one who made them.
    Count: Hey, it's not our fault they won't listen to reason. Why build something like that? Whoever did is the king of all dumbasses.
    Dr. Schroeder: (eavesdropping on Count's radio) ...Maybe he meant to build something else entirely.
  • Baldur's Gate 2: Phaere wants you (while your party is disguised as drow) to "make an example" of a gnomish patrol. If you have Aerie (or Keldorn) in your party, she will immediately protest that a murderous act like that is wrong. Thank you, Aerie, I had no idea... and saying something like that in front of the daughter of a drow matriarch would be suicide if she actually paid attention.
  • Baten Kaitos Origins: This happens between Guillo and Milly quite often. Twice in the first half hour of gameplay when she joins up.
  • BioShock Infinite: The Lutece twins discuss whether or not there's any point in asking Booker to help row the boat... whilst being within earshot, so that it would be easier to just ask him to help row the boat.
  • Borderlands 2: Claptap badmouths Sir Hammerlock almost immediately after Hammerlock repairs him.
    Claptrap: Minion! Now I've got my eyesight back — and you're far uglier than I remembered! Time to join up with the Crimson Raiders in Sanctuary! This glacier’s full of nothing but murderers or jerkbags, like that Hammerlock dude!
    Hammerlock: I'm standing right here "dude."
  • Dragon Age:
    • In Dragon Age: Origins, if the player character romances Morrigan and then puts Alistair and Leliana in the party, they strike up a conversation about what the hell he sees in her. Leliana points out that he's standing about five feet away... and Alistair brushes it off by saying, "Look, he's not even paying attention." Another time, if Zevran is romancing the Warden, Alistair will ask Zevran what his intentions towards the Warden are, and Zevran will point out the Warden is in proximity. And then there's this:
      Oghren: So, you and the Grey Warden, huh?
      Morrigan: I hope you're not referring to Alistair.
      Oghren: Him? Does he even like girls?
      Morrigan: [amused] I believe the matter is still up for debate.
      Alistair: I'm right here, you know.
    • Also happens when you cure Arl Eamon, and the discussion about the Ferelden throne begins, Teagan mentioning Alistair as an option. If you pick the "Alistair, are you serious?" type of a reply to that, Alistair will protest that he's standing right there.
    • If you import a male Human Noble to the Awakening expansion, when you meet Nathaniel's sister, she comments on how she found a husband on her own, rather than marrying 'that stuck up Cousland lad father wanted to set me up with.' The reply options are all variations on 'I'm standing not two feet in front of you with a flaming sword of death, you realize.' You do get an apology from her, though.
    • This is Leliana's reaction when Alistair questions whether she is too insane to join. Doubly humorous when it turns out she actually is "Princess stabbity, stab kill kill."
    • This happens a lot in party banter in the sequel. Most seriously, Sebastian can try to persuade Fenris of the merits of turning in Anders and Merrill to the Templars while one of them is standing right behind them and Hawke (who might well be a rogue mage themselves and/or in a relationship with one of the mages in question) is standing right in front of them.
    • The third game follows suit. For instance, Varric can ask Solas which of the Inquisition's upper ranks is the toughest while one of them (Cassandra) is also in the party. "That doesn't rule you out, Seeker."
  • Final Fantasy:
    • Final Fantasy IX: There are several times that Steiner pleads with Princess Garnet to return to Alexandria, usually referring to Zidane (who is standing right next to her) as a "kidnapping scoundrel", or some variation, who is trying to use her. At least once, he reacts this way.
    • In Final Fantasy XIII-2, characters, even Serah and Noel, often talk about Mog as if he isn't right there. Some of them don't know that he's real, but Serah and Noel know better.
    • Final Fantasy XIV: In the post-Shadowbringers storyline, the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud, Alisaie, and Ryne are discussing how the term "Warrior of Light" is used in both the Source and in the First's past as a synonym for "hero". After they have been discussing the matter for some time Moren, the librarian who helped them find some of the books they were using and who isn't in the loop when it comes to details of the Source and its reflections, interrupts to ask if he should actually be privy to this conversation.
  • A variant about Volke shows up in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    Soren: I believe this will be a good opportunity. We will almost certainly have need of this man's talents. He is a dubious character at best, but at least we know his motives: everything begins and ends with gold. He'll be easy to control.
    Ike: Soren, he's standing right there.
    Soren: I don't think he minds.
  • In the start of Golden Sun: The Lost Age, Alex deals with the town's soldiers blocking the way while Jenna and Kraden are left to deal with the scruffy workers. The two mention, out loud, that they could easily handle them since they don't look so tough. Naturally, the workers get offended and call them out for being so rude.
  • Gordon Freeman of Half-Life is simply born of this trope.
    Alyx: I guess you proved you can handle yourself out there.
    Eli: There's nothing Gordon can't handle... with the possible exception of you.
    Alyx: Dad, please... [Eli makes a mocking sound]
    [Gordon is standing less than five meters from them the whole time]
  • In Holy Umbrella, after completing a Fetch Quest with the Emperor Dondera in your party:
    Vegette: Hm, guess I'll have to reassess you guys. I bet you guys could even take out the root of all evil, that damned Emperor Dondera.
    Dondera: Hey now, wait just ONE—
  • In the RPG Maker 2000 game Jay's Journey, one NPC remarks on the attractiveness of one of your female party members:
    NPC: Oh! That Gaia is sooooo sexy! I'd do anything to... you know... "get" with her.
    Gaia: You know I'm right here, right?
    NPC: Oh... I mean, uh... Welcome to Nifton!
  • Love & Pies: When Sebastian tries convincing Amelia to fire her Love Interest Joe to streamline the café's profits, Joe tells him that he was standing near him when he said that.
  • Mass Effect:
    • Several of the elevator conversations consist of Wrex asking various squadmates who would win in a fight between Shepard and themselves. Shepard is, naturally, standing right in front of them, but doesn't say a word.
    • Another one of these happens in the second game, if you bring Tali along to Mordin's personal mission.
      Shepard: [riling up a sick krogan] You? I said a badass, not a sick scout whining like a quarian with a tummy-ache!
      Tali: I'm standing right here!
    • Actually happens twice to Tali. The other one is in the engine room, during one of the non-interactive conversations between the Engineers Gabby and Kenneth.
      Kenneth: So, Gabby, what d'you think of our new quarian boss?
      Gabby: Hush! She's right over there!
      Kenneth: Ah, she can't hear us with her head in that bucket. Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful bucket; the whole suit is lovely, quite snug in all the right places.
      Tali: You know I can hear you.
      Gabby: Ha.
    • Another one appears in the 3rd game if you brought Javik to Thessia.
      Liara: [to Shepard] The beacon seems to think you're a Prothean. It must be the Cipher you picked up on Feros years ago!
      Javik: Or it could be the Prothean standing next to you.
    • In the first game, if you decide to kill the Rachni with Garrus and Wrex in your squad. Garrus protests, saying that genocide is unacceptable, and mentions the krogan committing genocide before remembering that Wrex, a krogan, is there, prompting Wrex to make his own remarks about the genophage.
      Garrus: We can't exterminate them. Not without the Council's approval. Genocide is one of the reasons we fought the krogan- ah...
      Wrex: You want to learn about genocide, Vakarian? I'll take you to a krogan obstetrician's office.
    • Another example from 3, after Joker finds out that EDI has installed herself into a female body.
      Joker: Come on, Commander. Don't you trust me? Okay, let me put it this way: if I knew EDI was gonna install herself into a sexy robot body, do you honestly think I'd be able to keep quiet about it? [gesturing towards EDI] Look at that! I would've baked a cake!
      EDI: I am right here, Jeff.
      Joker: Yes you are, EDI. Yes you are.
    • And again in 3, twice in the same moment when you walk in on Mordin giving Joker sex advice:
      Joker: You're not going to tell anyone about this, right? Like Shepard? Shepard doesn't need to know.
      Mordin: (notices Shepard) Ah... Guarantee Shepard won't learn about it from me.
      Joker: ...S/He's standing right there, isn't s/he?
      Eve: I wish I wasn't.
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda gets in on the action. In a visit to the base of La Résistance, Ryder can encounter two angara talking about Ryder's unscheduled landing on Aya, with one saying she hoped the local security force "dealt" with them. Ryder will then confirm that the angara "dealt" with them alright (for added snakery, this can come after Jaal chews the two other angara out for being jerks).
    • And another from Andromeda, after Nakmor Drack's loyalty mission, Ryder can go speak to Vorn, the guy dating Drack's granddaughter. He can ask if Drack likes him, even if Drack's present.
      Vorn: Does Drack hate me?
      Drack: I'm standing right here. And no, I don't.
    • And again in the mission "Out of Gas", when a scavenger offers to help Ryder when their car breaks down, saying "always happy to help a fellow human". Of Ryder's team, only two are human. The other four are an asari, a turian, a krogan and an angara, and if one of them is part of the party, they respond to the comment as you'd expect.
  • In the Neverwinter Nights 2 module Dark Waters, a male PC who is pursuing a relationship with Heather can cause one of these. While trying to recover more of her implanted memories of being Kendra (who was in love with Conley (whose memories were implanted into the PC)), you come across a memory of Kendra cheating on Conley with Sheridan, whose memories were implanted into your other friend Daniel. The exchange immediately following it consists of the player reassuring Heather that he trusts she won't cheat on him, culminating in a discussion of all of Daniel's faults that would make him an unsuitable partner, while he is standing nearby. He complains about it.
  • Advance Wars: When Eagle accuses Andy of having attacked Green Earth's territories prior to the events of the first game, Sami's defense is... less than flattering.
    Sami: Look who you're accusing! Andy couldn't pull off anything that complicated. You suspect this kid who has his hands full just getting dressed?
    Andy: Um... Excuse me?
    Eagle: Well, it's not really a face that shines with intelligence.
    Andy: Hold on a...
    Sami: Exactly! Andy spends the entire day not thinking of things!
    Andy: All right, that's...
    Eagle: If you put it that way, It's hard to imagine Andy pulling it off.
    Andy: You guys are mean!
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon has this exchange in the epilogue:
    Dedenne: I'm glad to have a new member! Plus, Mythical Pokémon are super rare!
    Jirachi: Um... you do remember that you've already got one Mythical Pokémon right here? Here I am, flying, right here?
  • The Simpsons Hit & Run: Bart complains that if he doesn't get the new Bonestorm game, he'll be as uncool as Milhouse. To Milhouse's face.
  • In Sonic Lost World, after Tails gets kidnapped by the Deadly 6. There's this little exchange between Sonic and Orbot:
    Orbot: If we don't find your friend, can I be your sidekick?
    Sonic: What? Shut up! What kind of question is that?
    Orbot: I didn't mean anything by it. I just thought it might be better to work for you than Eggman.
    Dr. Eggman: Hello? I'm sitting right here, you know!
    Sonic: Orbot, no matter what happens, I won't fail again. I will save Tails.
    Orbot: It's stuff like that that makes me want to be your sidekick. Tails is lucky.
    Dr. Eggman: Seriously! I'm right here. I can still hear you!
  • Spiritfarer: After Jackie argues with one of the hospital residents about his work, he asides to Stella not to mind the resident, for he's an idiot. The resident then tells Jackie that he's right in front of him, but gets cut off by him.
  • Trails Series:
    • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd, if you speak with Anelace if she's not in the party after Agate joins, she asks if he headed out yet, that she wants to make her move on Tita when he's out of the picture, but doesn't want to try anything too soon and get caught in the act. If Agate is actually in your current party...
      Agate: You do know I'M RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, right?
      Anelace: Wh-Where'd YOU come from?!
    • In The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, the party compliments Tita on the power of her Orbal Gear, but notes that she didn't have to stick with them, that she could have stuck with Agate and helped him and her other friends from Liberl. She tells them that she's a branch campus student first and foremost and she explained all of this to Agate the night before. Ash suggests that something else may have happened between her and Agate afterwards, but she replies that he just gave a little smile and patted her on the head. Altina says that as far as head-pats go, it was probably more innocent that the ones that Rean gives out, Musse saying that she might be right, but that Rean doesn't realize the implications of what he's doing half the time. Kurt comments that he hopes he doesn't end up like that and Rean thinks to himself, "I'm RIGHT here, you guys..."
  • Averted in Wasteland 2. You can ask General Vargas what he thinks about Angela Deth (while she's in your party), and he'll respond that he thinks enough of her not to talk about her behind her back when she's right in front of him. "Oh, how's it going, Angie?"
  • This keeps happening in the XCOM 2: Shen's Last Gift DLC mission, in which XCOM investigates an automated factory run by Julian, a maliciously snarky rogue AI who's patched into XCOM's comm channel and spends the entire operation taunting the invaders and reacting to their conversations.
    SPARK-01: The elevators near the atmospheric control console provide direct access to the roof.
    Julian: Thank you for announcing your next move. And I am the flawed program?
    Bradford: Firebrand's on approach now. Prep for evac!
    Shen: No argument here! We'll reposition near the landing pad.
    Julian: (disappointed sigh) You do realize I can still hear you, right? Dispatching all units to your location now.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Animation 
  • Arby 'n' the Chief
    Colin: May I ask why you befriended that mongoloid? Granted Eugene, Tyler, and I have achieved some form of stability despite our diverse personalities, but yourself and Master Chief strike me as polar opposites.
    Arbiter: Neither of us really had a choice in the matter. Circumstance threw us together. Kept us together. Forced us to dig for friends in one another. Even if they weren't to be found. The only thing worse than being around him is being alone.
    Colin: I can respect that. Though I pity the shit out of you for the fact that your selection of company begins and ends with somebody whose smarts can be put to shame by a fucking glass of water.
    Arbiter: Don't remind me.
    Master Chief: im rite h33r, u fucking assholes
  • Helluva Boss:
    • In "The Circus", during the "Still Not Divorced" party, Stella bemoans about her marriage with Stolas (especially their sex life) to her friends while Stolas is within earshot, and she indirectly calls him pathetic to his face just to piss him off.
    • In "Seeing Stars", Blitzo has a flashback to when he first met Loona at the hellhound adoption center. The social worker describes Loona as a burdensome nightmare with a bad attitude that will never amount to anything. She says this right in front of Loona, who had just fended off her violent cellmate and was having an emotional breakdown.
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • Grif to Sarge:
      Sarge: It's critical to keep a little padding in your stats. That way if we're far enough ahead, I can stab Grif in the face, and still stay in the lead.

      Grif: You know, I'm standing right here.
      Sarge: Right where I want you! Within face-stabbing range.
    • Also when the Blues see Donut's new "lightish-red" armor:
      Tucker: No fair, how come they get a girl?
      Tex: You guys know I'm a chick right? And I'm standing right here.

    Web Comics 
  • In 1/0, Petitus and Zadok try to exchange "Yo Momma" jokes, but that falls flat because Zadok doesn't have one. So they switch to "Yo Creator" jokes.
  • In Ask White Pearl and Steven (almost!) anything, Pearl and Amethyst argue about having Steven bunk in Amethyst's room, Amethyst comparing it to babysitting while Pearl thinks that it will teach her responsibility, as well as the fact that Steven and Amethyst are similar. This goes on with Steven sitting between them, acting as though he is not even there.
  • Used hilariously in Basic Instructions:
    Missy: Why do you two like hot wings so much?
    Scott: You might as well ask me why I like Rick.
    Missy: Why do you like Rick?
    Rick: I'm standing right here!
    Missy: That's not much of a reason.
  • Bob and George:
    • In a strip from the early days of the comic appropriately titled "Gotta Be Careful When Making Evil Plans", Dr. Wily hears Proto Man is considering quitting, and Wily turns around and wastes no time in declaring his intent to use Dr. Light's robots to Take Over the World. Proto Man was standing behind him the whole time.
    • In this strip from the "Tales from Another Universe" storyline, Bob declares vengeance on another character, and a shadowy figure assures him that he will have his revenge in time. Even though they appear to be alone, Bob wants to kill the Author, who immediately pops into view and points out that he can hear everything they're saying. Neither of them care.
  • In Dominic Deegan, Donovan says it word for word!
  • In El Goonish Shive, a girl laments that Justin is gay because it means she can't ask him out.
    First girl: Don't you already have a boyfriend?
    Second girl: Of course I do. He's right here.
    Boyfriend: I am less than happy right now.
  • In an arc of General Protection Fault Fred the Slime Mold is being harassed by Smug Snake Trent. This culminates in a meeting in Dwayne's office.
    Trent: Aw, c'mon! You don't seriously believe what that thing is saying!
    Fred: "That thing" should not be discussed in the third person when it's present.
  • In Girl Genius Agatha and Brother Ulm discuss Krosp right in front of him:
    Brother Ulm: I can't put a cat in the confessional! They're filthy liars you know.
    Agatha: True...
    Krosp: HEY!
  • Grrl Power: Maxima and Sydney take offense when they find out their alien friends are actually betting on what will most probably cause human extinction, with "antibiotic-resistant superbug", "runaway anthropogenic climate change" and "rampant A.I." in the running.
    Maxima: Please stop death pooling Terrans!
    Sydney: We're right here!
  • In Guardian, Wakka kids Chappu about his girlfriend Lulu carrying around a moogle doll — while Lulu is just twenty feet away practicing magic. Her next shot of Thunder topples a tree.
  • The Order of the Stick strip "The Trial of Belkar Bitterleaf (Abridged)" has Roy and Belkar discussing how to use loopholes in Azure City's legal system to get Belkar out of a murder charge without punishment — while in earshot of Hinjo, a Samurai tasked with upholding Azure City's laws. Hinjo then makes sure Belkar gets a longer-than-average sentence just to make sure their plan doesn't work.
    Hinjo: You probably shouldn't have discussed how you're going to beat the system in front of the guy charged with upholding the system. I still get to make Listen checks when I'm three feet away, you know.
  • In Questionable Content, Marten quickly finds out the dangers of monologuing out loud:
    Marten: [to himself] Oh man, I am such an idiot. She totally heard me talking to myself just now. Way to go, Marten, you've made a total ass of yourself. Speaking of asses, Faye's got one hell of a nice—
    Faye: I'm still right here, you know.
    Marten: Gah! Dammit!
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • During Schlocktoberfest 2005, Shodan comments on the competence of the local constabulary.
      Michelle: Uh-oh. These teeth are too small. I think we got the wrong shark.
      Shodan: Elizabeth might take issue with that since this is the shark that was trying to eat her.
      Michelle: Yeah, but the cops said that the teeth-marks on Monk were bigger than this.
      Shodan: True. But the cops are also stupid, and think Der Trihs faked that attack somehow.
      Policeman: I'm standing right here.
      Shodan: Oh, good. That means you heard me.
    • Shows up later when Captain Tagon and his father are discussing the woman who used to own the ship they're on.
      Karl: Make her a sergeant.
      Tagon: Are you kidding me? Dad, she's a complete unknown!
      Murtagh: I'm right here.
      Karl: She's not UNS intel, and she's not trying to steal the ship back.
      Tagon: How can you possibly know that?
      Murtagh: Listening to every word, boys.
      Karl: I'm old, and I'm smart about a few things. I've got her pegged as a knight errant, a ronin. She's a sullied paladin questing for redemption.
      Murtagh: Gentlemen, I'm standing between you.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Sam gets this treatment from Zoe twice.
    • This is actually a running joke for Sam; even after he becomes a vampire and spends an arc kicking ass and taking names, we get dialogue like the following:
      Zoe: Wow, I can't believe it, Sam was actually awesome!
      Sam: YES! WHO DA MAN! SAM DA MAN!!
      Zoe: I take it back, he's just as unbearable as ever.
      Sam: Still in earshot... Just moving out of earshot...
  • Spacetrawler: This page.
    Pierrot: And that King, what a disgusting and thick piece of work he was.
    Krep: Makes me vomit in my mouth just thinking of him.
    King: You know, I'm sitting right here.
    Krep: Hey! Does it look like we're talking to you?
  • Unsounded: When Duane's nature is revealed to Toma and Quigley, they immediately disregard the pressing threat in order to engage in I Knew It! with each other and theorize that he's a mindless plod under someone else's control while Duane is standing right there. Eventually he gets fed up and uses pymary to knock their heads together.
    Quigley: ...This makes sense. No legitimate human could be such a prancing twat-
    Duane: 'Legitimate?!' Plat, shall I legitimately drop you from another cliff?!
  • "Why Be an Aspie Supremacist When You Can Collude with Other Autistic People to Tear Autism Moms out of Their Reality?": Concerning a mother and her autistic son talking to someone:
    Matt's mother: [right in front of him] Matt has the mind of a five-year-old.
    Woman: No, he's an adult. He has the mind of an adult.
    Matt's mother: He can't even answer how old he is — he thinks he's five!
    Woman: [to Matt] Matt, how old are you?
    Matt: I'm 28.
    Woman: Thanks.
  • In The Wotch, Miranda recommends that Anne stop including Robin and Jason in her adventures. Jason replies, "Gosh, how embarrassing for you, forgetting we were right here."
  • Zebra Girl: Walter has this reaction when Wally wonders out loud if the Ghoul isn't leading them into a trap.

    Web Original 
  • In Tales of MU, the elven "queen" Glory gets irate when Mack's friends talk about their discomfort with Mack spending the night with Glory.
    Just as long as we can actually move things along and stop talking about everyone as though they’re not here, including people with really good hearing who are standing two feet away.

    Web Videos 
  • The Awkward Compilation:
    Kevin: You said he doesn't talk when he eats.
    Alex: Hey, I'm right here, you know.
    Lester: He's insecure.
    Alex: Hey, I just said I'm right here!
  • Happens to Light in Death Note: The Abridged Series (kpts4tv) when his father is negotiating with Mello and knows Light is listening in on the headset- after Mello kidnaps Sayu Mr. Yagami begs Mello to kidnap Light as well:
    Mr. Yagami: How about this? I'll give you the death note and you can take my other daughter for free!
    Light: ... [death glare]
    Mello: No, no! I don't want that! I just want the death note!
    Mr. Yagami: What if I paid you?
    Mello: I! do! not! want! Your! kids! Just the death note!
  • From Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog's Commentary! The Musical
    Nathan Fillion: But Maurissa, you co-wrote the movie. Why not just make yourself Penny instead of Monkey-Face?
    Felicia Day: I'm standing right here.
    Nathan Fillion: With a face like a monkey.
  • In the I'm a Marvel... And I'm a DC video The Dark Knight vs. The Avengers, the Avengers keep telling Batman things like his movie rebooting after only three films will be pathetic and both sides paint it like their movies are the only blockbuster coming out of Marvel or DC over the summer. All in front of poor Spider-Man whom is having that exact same thing happen to him. And after he shouts "Come on guys, I'm standing right here!" they continue to ignore his presence and the fact his film is coming out. Poor Spidey.
  • In the Fine Brothers' web series MyMusic, no-one notices Metal in one episode. He gets increasingly frustrated until he walks into the room naked in desparation. He gets noticed.
  • In one of the Rooster Teeth Shorts, when hiring Pongo:
    Burnie: Not to say that Pongo is some sort of token affirmative action hire; ya know, like Gus.
    Gus: Hey!
    Burnie: Pongo actually has a really great resume.
    Gus: I'm right here. That's not cool.
  • Chuggaaconroy has been known to take potshots at ProtonJon's sluggish and erratic update schedule in his own videos, and turns out to be completely unafraid to do it during their The Runaway Guys recordings.
    Chuggaa: On to our fourth project in the time it's taken Jon to upload five videos!
    Jon: You are a dick!
  • Ultra Fast Pony.
    • In "Little Miss Montage":
      Rainbow: Uh, guys, we need to find a nice way of telling Rarity these dresses look like ass.
      Rarity: You know I can hear you, right?
      Rainbow: Nevermind, guys, I think she already heard me say that the dresses look like ass.
    • In "Copywrong":
      Twilight: Wow, everybody really hates Rainbow Dash, don't they?
      Rarity: Yeah, we hate her more than we hate that stupid cow, Twilight Sparkle.
      Twilight: But, I'm Twilight Sparkle!
      Rarity: I know.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series gives us this in the fifth Evil Council Video:
    Dartz: I am pwoud... and honowed... to announce that we have thwee new membews.
    Raphael: (re Zombie Boy) Are they gonna be even lamer than the last one?
    Zombie Boy: I'm right here!
    Raphael: 'Sup, Lame-o?

    Western Animation 
  • Action Man (2000): "Into the Abyss" has Action Man's rival Brandon joining the team on a mission. The rest of the team don't mince words on how they don't trust Brandon, which causes Brandon to address that he can hear them.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Meatwad knows better than to say anything within earshot of Master Shake, but in some cases, he may just not be able to help himself.
    Meatwad Did you just see that‽
    Shake: I'm not in the business of seeing whatever pleases you. [leaves room]
    Meatwad: [to self] Well, I'm in business. Business of kicking your ass. And let me tell you: business is boomin'. I'm open for business. Business of giving you the business. Up your butt.
    [the camera reveals Shake standing right next to Meatwad]
    Meatwad: Did you hear me say that?
    Shake: You lookin' to expand your business?
  • On Archer, Lana tells Mallory that Barry is a douchebag. Then Barry points out that he's sitting right next to her. He doesn't seem too bothered, though.
  • Clone High: After Abe wins a drag race by following the advice of his friend Joan, he looks wistfully up to the sky and says:
    Abe: Thank you Joan... wherever you are.
    Joan: I'm right here. (pan to show she's right next to him)
    Abe: So you are, Joan. So you are.
  • The Danny Phantom episode "Doctor's Disorders" has Danny sneak into an abandoned hospital where the Amity Park youth have been sent to after getting bitten by ghost bugs makes them display various ghost-like symptoms, which he later learns is part of a plan by Penelope Spectra to harvest their genetics to create a more formidable disguise. At one point, Danny finds Sam Manson and Paulina Sanchez having to occupy the same room, with Paulina quarantined for having the ghost breath that warns Danny of spectral attacks and Sam becoming weightless to the point that she rises to the ceiling. Paulina openly insults Sam during her conversation with Danny.
    Danny: That bug bite gave you ghost powers. Didn't anybody explain anything to you?
    Paulina: No, they just brought me in here, took a few tests and stuck me in the same room as Suzie Nobody over there.
    Sam: For the record, I can hear everything you're saying.
  • Dexter's Laboratory had a field day with this in "Mock 5", their Affectionate Parody of Speed Racer. Since DeeDee is fulfilling the roles of both Spritle and Racer X, Dad talks about how he hasn't seen DeeDee since that terrible racing she sits there at the breakfast table, desperately trying (and failing) to get his attention. At the end of the episode, he finally "finds" her:
    Dad: DeeDee! Oh, DeeDee, where have you been all these years?
    DeeDee: Right behind you!
    Dad: Oh, you know I never look back there! Ha ha!
  • The Fairly OddParents!
    • In the episode "Cosmo Con", Crocker goes on a short rant about how he can use Timmy's grade as an excuse to invite himself over and search the house for fairy godparents, ending his iconic spazzing out.
      Timmy: [sitting two feet away] Um, hello, I'm right here! I can hear every word you're saying!
      Crocker: Then I don't have to repeat myself! I'll be over at eight...Fairies!!!
    • This becomes a running gag throughout the episode with multiple characters saying "Hello, I'm right here!" while Crocker is ranting next to them.
    • In "Transparent", Principal Waxelplax and a teacher are at a water cooler making jokes at Crocker's expense. When Crocker reminds them that he's right beside them, they just keep laughing.
  • Family Guy:
    Peter: Hey, between you and me, I hear Joe's got a little free time these days. I hear he hasn't touched Bonnie in months.
    Joe: Peter, you just whispered that to me.
    Peter: Wait, here he comes.
  • The Fanboy and Chum Chum episode "Camp-Arctica" ends with Fanboy and Chum Chum relaxing at the Global Warmer's tropical campsite with Man-Arctica reduced to a puddle in a cooler. Fanboy remarks how some people can't handle the outdoors, to which Man-Arctica replies by indignantly snapping that he can hear Fanboy.
  • In the Fillmore! episode, "To Mar A Stall", one of the school's bathrooms has been vandalized and the Safety Patrol are gathering information about the crime scene. As O'Farrell steps up for a photo, he sets off the motion sensors, spraying Tehama in the face. The following ensues.
    Tehama: Can we get these motion sensors turned off before O'Farrell drowns me?
    O'Farrell: Would you please stop referring to me in the third person? I'm standing right here!
  • Futurama has an example in "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back", where Bender is dissing the replacement bureaucrat Morgan Proctor, then everyone else goes quiet.
    Bender: Uh-oh, she's right behind me, isn't she?
    Morgan: No, I'm in front of you.
  • In the Justice League Unlimited episode, "Wake the Dead" with Amazo watching Aquaman play chess against a silent Hawkgirl.
    Aquaman: Such scintillating repartee. I get better conversation from the android.
    Amazo: You are aware I am in the room.
  • Kaeloo: In the Beach Episode, Pretty reads on the internet that boys love to comfort miserable girls and tries to get attention from Mr. Cat by telling him that she finds life with her sister unbearable and wants to commit suicide, while her sister is standing right there.
  • King of the Hill: When Cotton's wife Didi give birth to their new baby boy, Cotton decides on a name for him, with Bobby and Hank present.
    Cotton: I'm callin' him Hank! I always wanted a boy named Hank.
    Hank: Uh, Dad, Hank is my name.
    Cotton: Not anymore! I'm taking it back! He's Hank.
    Hank: [obviously offended] You can't take away a grown man's name!
    Cotton: Alright, then I'll call him GH — "Good Hank"!
  • In the Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode "The First Five", when it turns out the previous Furious Five saw Master Shifu as a liability, Po repeatedly calls him "the Crane of the group" right in front of Crane. The third time it happens, Crane responds "Starting to get hurtful!"
  • Looney Tunes: In the Bugs Bunny cartoon "Devil May Hare", the premiere appearance of the Tasmanian Devil, after spending much of the cartoon torturing Taz, Bugs spots a fawn near him and warns it to flee because of Taz, calling him "a mean, vicious, nasty, no-good, baggy-eyed, marble-headed ignoramorus." Little does Bugs know, however, that Taz has been standing right behind him this whole time and heard everything the rabbit just said.
    Taz: Flattery'll get you nowhere. And you can't fool me again.
    Bugs: [nervously] Uh, yeah, that's right, Doc. [points to fawn] This bitsy little animal is made out of straw.
    Taz: But you're not.
    [he growls at Bugs and then chases after him]
  • Metalocalypse:
    • From Season 1:
      Skwisgaar: Just let me record it. Each take is worse, he's slowly learning how to un-play the guitar.
      Toki: I can hear dat, the talk-back mike is on.
      Skwisgaar: Pickle, please let me know when the talk-back mike is on so Mr. Sensitives doesn't go to cry-baby's house for vacation.
      Toki: I can stills hear you.
      Skwisgaar: So what do you want, a be-able-to-hear-things award?
      Toki: Eh, not really. Doesn't sound like a greats award, to be honest.
    • After ranting and raving about how they hate their families so much and even how they wish they were dead...
      Pickles: Maybe we can take them out to dinner and get them off our backs.
      Nathan: So what do you guys feel like eating? [the camera pans over to show that they were there the entire time...]
  • Phineas and Ferb, "I Was a Middle-Aged Robot": When Major Monogram tells Perry that there's a more important mission than thwarting Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Doofenshmirtz (who was in the middle of a rant when Monogram interrupted) is understandably affronted.
  • Ready Jet Go!: In One Small Step, the kids have a brief 'moon monster' scare, and when it turns out to be fake, Sean says that it would be scary to find an actual alien lifeform and Sydney says it would be weird-looking. This is all said in Jet's presence.
    Sean: Man, the idea of finding an actual alien lifeform is really scary.
    Sydney: Yeah, think how weird looking it might be.
    Jet: Hey, guys? I'm right here.
  • In Samurai Jack, Ashi declares to her "Lord and Master Aku" that Jack dead while in the bowels of a giant creature, while Jack is standing two or three feet in front of her, alive. He even says, "Um...I'm right here."
  • The Simpsons:
    • Principal Skinner tells Homer about his cold feet at Moe's Tavern and makes Homer promise not to tell anyone else ("Don't worry, your secret's safe with me"). Next, we see Homer's face as he exclaims, "Marge, guess what? Skinner wants to bail on his wedding!" But when the camera pulls out, we see that Homer is still in the bar, sitting right next to Skinner in the same configuration as before, presumably just seconds after being told the secret. "Homer, you're still talking to me," says Skinner, to which Homer replies, "Oh man, is this awkward."
    • Also:
      Principal Skinner: [to Nelson] I'm sentencing you to one week of the lowest, most degrading work known to man - janitorial work.
      Groundskeeper Willie: [hurt] Ah, geez. I'm standing right here, sir.
      Principal Skinner: Ah, yes. Uh... Take a good look at him, Nelson, 'cause that's where you're headed.
    • "Skinner's Sense of Snow": While Homer and Flanders drive to school to rescue the kids, they hear a loud thump.
      Flanders: Oh! I think we hit something!
      Homer: I hope it's Flanders! [Flanders gives him a Death Glare] I'm just kidding.
  • The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Green Goblin crashes Tombstone's party, threatening to expose him. Spider-Man comes in and assumes that he's Tombstone's new goon. Tombstone corrects him that he isn't, but Spidey can still pretend that he is. All while ignoring the Goblin.
    Green Goblin: Hello, I'm in the room! Really, you're both too rude!
  • Star Wars Rebels: In "Rise of the Old Masters", the rebels have to come up with a different plan when they're trying to free a Jedi Master. In the elevator, Sabine and Zeb voice their frustration:
    Sabine: Ugh, his plan gets worse all the time.
    Zeb: Just hope he doesn't change it again.
    Kanan: I'm standing right here.
    Sabine and Zeb: We know.
  • Steven Universe: In "A Single Pale Rose", one of the memories Steven visits involves Pearl (who in the present, and for as long as he can remember, acts as his mother figure, Parental Substitute and overly affectional den mother to him for his entire life) breaking down after she was told that Rose was pregnant with Steven.
    Pearl: [sobbing inconsolably] What was she thinking?! She can't have a baby!
    Steven: [uncomfortable] Well, this is awkward.
  • In The Superhero Squad Show, the two-part season two premiere "Another Order of Evil" ends with M.O.D.O.K., who is narrating the events of the episode as a bedtime story to Abomination, remarking what a loser Doom was. Doctor Doom happens to be cellmates with M.O.D.O.K. and Abomination by the end of the episode and indignantly points out to M.O.D.O.K. that he's sitting right here.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:
    • 1987 Shredder, while he watches footage of the 2003 Shredder in Turtles Forever, and Krang stands a foot behind him.
      Shredder: Oh, how I've longed for an ally such as this! So unlike the snivelling idiots that I've been forced to suffer!
      Krang: I'm right here. I CAN HEAR YOU!
    • In the 2012 show, whilst the Turtles are trying to get some information out of Snake, Raphael says some barbed things regarding Michelangelo's appearance.
      Raphael: [...] Now, you could turn out handsome like me, or you might end up disgusting and deformed — like Mikey here.
      Michelangelo: Hey!
      [a minute or so later]
      Leonardo: Oh, that worked pretty good.
      Raphael: Of course it did, would you wanna look like Mikey?
      Michelangelo: I'm right here.
  • Total Drama:
    • Heather and Owen are handcuffed together for the challenge in "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon" and mostly get along until Heather won't stop insulting Owen's girlfriend Izzy. Owen drags Heather to the confessional, where he tears into her lousy personality on camera. He does have the courtesy to tell her no offense and she takes none, being impressed at his brutal honesty.
    • Noah barely survives being stuck underneath a sleeping Owen in "Broadway, Baby!". He's peeved when he finally gets free and berates his team for not wondering where he was, noting that he shouldn't be as forgettable as Tyler. Tyler is one of people he's berating and not happy with the dig.
    • Chris closes "Broadway, Baby!" with the question whether Heather will ever get the respect of her teammates. She's within earshot and calls attention to the offense.
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy: The episode "Doom and Gloom" has Kitty Katswell gloat in front of a row of incarcerated villains how they are boobs for making the mistake of announcing their planned crimes to T.U.F.F. before actually committing them. The Chameleon is among the inmates and responds by objecting "Hello, this boob has ears!"
  • Xiaolin Showdown: Omi ends up in a Showdown with a Cyclops, who would already be several times his size even if Omi hadn't been shrunk due to a mishap with the Shen-Gong-Wu. When the other monks mention just how bad the odds are, the tiny Omi has to remind them that he's right next to them.
  • Young Justice:

    Real Life 
  • It's common for parents to talk to other people (or to each other) about their children as if they weren't in the room, even when they're in close proximity.
  • Disabled people get this a lot too, especially those with expressive language problems.
  • Blind and nearsighted people can accidentally do this to others.
  • Often happens when people believe the person being discussed doesn't speak their language, but that person actually does. Notable in this Overheard Everywhere story: A German man complains to an American tourist in German, finds out the tourist speaks German, and then casually adds that to his list of complaints.
  • This trope is especially prone to occurring on the internet, even more so if there's no reliable method to tell if a user is online or not. And even if the user being talked about isn't right there at the moment, outside of Direct Messaging, it's easy for said user to look at the backlogs later anyway.


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