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"Rejoice! Zi-O Trinity and Agito Trinity Form! Three hearts as one, and three powers as one! A combination of six powers, acting in union!"
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     Episode 1: Kingdom 2068 
  • In the first episode alone Tsukuyomi proves more capable than the majority of past female leads by actually engaging a monster in a fight.
  • Zi-O's debut, where he decides to be a good overlord and fights Another Build.
    • And when Another Build seems to gain the upper hand, cue Zikan Girade, Zi-O's sword/gun, and going to town on Build and finishing him off with Giri Giri Slash.

     Episode 2: Best Match 2017 
  • Tsukuyomi, in a Time Mazine, takes the full brunt of Geiz's Rider Kick and comes out relatively unscathed. She even tries to fight Geiz in the Time Mazine, which she was unable to as Geiz went to chase after Sougo instead.
  • In this episode we gets to see both Zi-O and Geiz's Rider Kick, along with their finisher as Zi-O Build Armor and Geiz with his weapon. Four awesome finishers in one episode, that's gotta be a record.

     Episode 3: Doctor Gamer 2018 
  • Geiz debuting his Drive Armor. He then easily finishes Another Ex-Aid alongside Zi-O Build Armor.

     Episode 4: No Continues 2016 
  • Sougo actually correctly pieced together what Emu was trying to do from clues he picked up throughout the previous episode and tried to help him convince Another Ex-Aid to give up peacefully, proving he really is trying to be a good overlord instead of an evil one like Oma Zi-O. It didn't work, but still he's trying.
  • As Sougo is about to go to the past to help Geiz, Heure attacks using his own Time Mazine, and we ends up getting a rather short but still awesome mecha battle between Zi-O's Time Mazine and Heure's Time Mazine. Speaking of Heure's Time Mazine, it's drawing power from Takeru's Captain Ghost!

     Episode 5: Switch On! 2011 
  • While working to gather info on the missing students, Geiz suggests to somehow sneaking into the teacher's office and hacking into the school computer to get the information. Sougo comes up with a better and easier plan by injuring himself falling off some stairs. Geiz and Tsukuyomi follow through by sending the school nurse over to him before looking up the information on her computer.
  • Before the climactic battle, Woz shows us he's not Oma Zi-O's prophet just for show: he blocks a punch from Another Fourze bare-handed and throws a fireball at him, because he tried to interrupt Sougo's transformation.

     Episode 6: 555 • 913 • 2003 
  • The cinematography of Geiz transforming into Faiz Armor is beautiful, with a good amount of dynamic angling. Zi-O's background clock following him as he dodges is stunning too.
  • Geiz's Exceed Time Burst, which is almost shot-for-shot a recreation of Faiz's Crimson Smash, powering through Another Faiz's Rider Kick. Afterwards, Geiz just turns around and walks away as Another Faiz explodes behind him.
  • Meta example. The radio receiver that Sougo's uncle has during this episode? It was also used back in an episode of Faiz and looks exactly the same. Good attention to detail.

     Episode 7: Magic Showtime 2018 
  • Hayase's magic is actually quite awesome for a short scene meant to introduce a guest character.
  • While also terrifying, Swartz proves he’s a credible threat when he almost succeeds in killing Geiz, not even allowing him a chance to fight back. Had Woz not saved him, Sougo would have lost one of the two people he considers his friends.
  • Woz and Geiz apparently fought many times before in the time of 2068 but not once did Geiz ever get the upper hand on Zi-O’s prophet.
  • Tsukuyomi trying to stop Another Wizard from fleeing. While it didn’t quite work out, Tsukuyomi still showed she’s more than willing to step up to the plate when needed.

     Episode 8: Beauty & Beast 2012 
  • After several years, we finally gets to see Beast transforming again, on-screen.
  • Sougo in this episode was not only able to solve Hayase's issue, he also pretty much controlled Geiz and Woz's actions throughout most of this episode, by just using his own words alone, without doing anything physical.

     Episode 9: Genm Master 2016 
  • Kuroto's back and at it again, this time declaring his Dan Foundation to be its own country backed by his power as Another OOO.
  • In order to get closer to Kuroto and sort out how to deal with him, Sougo pledges himself to Kuroto as an intern, immediately figuring out how to use the mad king's sheer ego to his advantage. He announces this to Geiz, who fails to recognize the obvious gambit and decides this alliance clearly means Sougo has turned to the path of evil. Geiz prepares to finally kill Sougo, something he's been looking for an excuse to do since episode 1, and Sougo kicks his ass.It's worth describing just how thorough this beatdown is. Sougo doesn't just defeat Geiz, he dominates him to the point where he uses one of Geiz's kicks to spin his belt for his transformation rather than bothering to do it himself, knees Geiz in the throat, and lets Geiz pound on him a bit in Build Armor while not reacting to a single punch just to show off how futile his efforts are, staying perfectly calm all the while and if anything only sounding disappointed in Geiz for being such a fool. It's such a brutally effective display that after Geiz and Tsukuyomi run for their lives, Kuroto promotes Sougo to captain of his royal guard on the spot, just as Sougo knew he would. The whole event is simultaneously a thoroughly satisfying comeuppance for Geiz and a demonstration of exactly how someone as seemingly witless as Sougo could become Ohma Zi-O. The last Rider to display this level of Obfuscating Stupidity was, in fact, OOO. It's also worth noting that this is also the first time he repeated the Pre Ass Kicking One Liner of a previous Rider while in their armor, and got it right. Sure, he added the "...I think" after it, but that was more due to being unsure if his finisher would down Geiz. So even his usage of prior abilities has been lazy up until now. Credit also goes to suit actor Seiji Takaiwa, particularly for a couple of offhanded but telling blows that sell the image of the future Oma Zi-O even further.
  • In a world where he didn't become OOO, Eiji still managed to make a difference: he becomes a member of the Japanese Diet. Both he and Kuroto also seem to highlight that even with time going all screwy, there remain elements within the Riders that can't be erased. Kuroto wants his kingly robes to resemble a zombie, and Eiji seems to still remember Ankh, who should no longer exist in this world. He has a red feather pinned to his jacket, and in addition to his base form's Ride Watch, he also has one for one of his two Super Mode forms, TaJaDor Combo, which was formed with Ankh's medals. It seems to show that there's hope for undoing all the knots that the current fight is creating.

     Episode 10: Hawk, Tiger, Grasshopper 2010 
  • Sougo shows that while the last episode shows he has the potential to become Oma Zi-O, he's taken to heart everything he has learned thus far, truly wanting to become a good king that listens to, and protects his people.
  • Eiji might not have OOO's power anymore, but he's still reaching out to as many people as he can. He also tries to fight Kuroto, again, sans his powers. Hina gives him a literal hand in the second round, which allows him to literally boot Another OOO through what sounds like a wall.
  • For one relating to the crew of the show, check behind Kuroto when Heure's time stop kicks in. Tying himself to another madman, Dr Maki's doll is just behind his shoulder, oddly gripping a book on the shelf.
  • We are treated with another epic (and longer) Time Mazine Robot Mode fight in this episode, this time Ora vs Zi-O. Ora's Time Mazine has the power of Castle Doran, but Sougo utilize his two new Ridewatches to mimic OOO's forms and defeat Ora.

     Episode 11: Zi-O On Parade 2018 
  • The camerawork and special effects shots used to create the Eldritch Location Kouta takes Sougo to are some of the most impressive so far, hammering in something that hasn't really been taken into account for a lot of Kouta's returns to the franchise. He's a God.
  • Unlike previous past Riders, Kouta actually manages to do something proactive with his powers in the short time he has them back, using them to reverse the first defeat of Another Gaim so as to teach Sougo a lesson about trusting his friends, a lesson that Sougo needed as he only thought about defeating Another Gaim on his own as quickly as possible all while Geiz was trapped in Helheim. This then prompts Sougo to go back in time to change history for the better.
  • Both Zi-Os working together to defeat Another Gaim in both the base form and the OOO Armor.

     Episode 12: My × My Stage 2013 
  • Sougo taking advantage of Swartz tossing the Gaim Ridewatch into the Helheim Forest in order to give Geiz a chance to escape the dimension on his own.
  • The editing on the fight between the two Zi-Os and the Another Gaims in 2013 and 2018 is incredible, with the use of both split-screen (the transformation into Gaim Armor and Woz's subsequent speech being a highlight) and cutting between the two fights seamlessly working perfectly to make it clear the potential of time travel in the story.
  • By the end of the episode, proof that Kouta managed to change history appeared in Woz's book. Before there were no record of him but now? Geiz's name is in Woz's records...

     Episode 13: Ghost Hunter 2018 
  • When asked by Sougo how did he even get his hands on the Ghost Ridewatch, Geiz answered that he stole it from Ouma Zi-O. You know, the Evil Overlord who can make people disappear with a flick of his fingers. And the fact that he probably stole the Drive Ridewatch from Ouma Zi-O too.
  • Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade returns:
    • And the first thing he does is curbstomp Geiz as Kamen Rider Agito.
    • He later on takes on both Zi-O and Geiz together, as Agito and later Hibiki.
    • The fact he never once even beat the heroes as Decade, has Geiz actually suspecting that Agito is actually aiding the Time Jackers.
  • A small one for the host of Another Ghost. When confronted by Heure the first time, he actually refused the Time Jacker's help and saved his sister from being trampled by construction steel bars with his own strength. Too bad Heure can still turn him into Another Ghost after his death.

     Episode 14: Go Go Ghost 2015 
  • The battle sequence with Decade!Ghost and Another Ghost fighting Geiz Ghost Armor was well done with all three fighters summoning Parka Ghosts as reinforcements.
  • Zi-O and Geiz working together to fight the Time Jackers, in an all out Time Mazine fight. The heroes beat the Time Jackers by using the Ex-Aid and Genm Ridewatches, and then Build and Cross-Z Ridewatches, on their own Time Mazines.
  • The debut of Kamen Rider Zi-O Decade Armor, with him using the Build Sparking Form and Ghost Grateful Form as well.
    • On that note, Decade Armor is so awesome that Sougo doesn't botch Ghost's catchphrase.
    • Well, Sougo did add a little of his own touch to the catchphrase but it didn't even change the meaning at all. So this is an awesome moment for Takeru too, despite his base breaking status.
  • This episode shows again just how much smart Sougo actually can be - by changing the past, it allows the good guys to defeat Another Ghost without killing the host. It even affects the Time Jackers more than usual, as the host being alive means they lost the one thing holding the good guys (sans Geiz, anyway) from defeating Another Ghost.

     Episode 15: Back to 2068 
  • Seeing Decade transform again, classic sound effects and all.
    • He then fights against Sougo who transformed into Zi-O Decade Armor. They then use their Build forms and clash against each other with a Rider Kick and Sougo managed to defeat him.
  • Though its Played for Drama and Nightmare Fuel, the sheer prowess of Sougo's future self is something to behold. During the whole fight, he just tanks the younger Sougo's hits as if they're nothing, and counters his finishers with even stronger variants of his own.
    • There's also the fact that present day Sougo needs to insert the Ridewatches of his predecessors into the Ziku-Driver or his weapon to utilize their powers and deliver a final blow. Oma Zi-O doesn't even need to do that, and instead he just activates the Ridewatches. This is also enhanced by the fact that, unlike the present day Sougo's belt, his future self's Driver doesn't seem to have any slots to insert the Ridewatch in.

     Episode 16: Forever King 2018 
  • Sougo recovering from his Heroic BSoD and transforming into Zi-O again while renewing his desire to be a good overlord. It even comes with a new insert song.
  • We have another Time Mazine tag team battle, but this time we see Zi-O's Time Mazine riding Geiz's as a motorcycle.
  • Geiz gives Sougo his Driver so he can fight again. Sougo, almost immediately steals him a replacement. A Bash Brothers moment follows right thereafter, as both work together as well as any other pair of Riders before them.

     Episode 17: Happy New Woz 2019 
  • We get a short glimpse at Kamen Rider Shinobi's time, letting us see how the heroic ninja-themed Kamen Rider fights.
  • White Woz upon his debut brings a bunch of them as nobody is able to stop him.
    • White Woz making Heure panic as no matter what the Time Jacker does, whether stopping time or moving out of the way, he cannot avoid the fate of being in a car accident as written down in White Woz's book.
    • His debut as Kamen Rider Woz and curbstomping Another Shinobi.

     Episode 18: Fantastic! Historic! Futuristic! 2022 
  • Rentarou Kagura showing he has the spirit of a Kamen Rider as he refuses to go along with the Time Jackers and become a monster. Swartz turns Kagura into Another Shinobi anyways but Kagura's rebellion gave White Woz the opportunity to create the Shinobi Miridewatch.
    • Even more so, a closer look at the fight when Kagura is turned into Another Shinobi for the last time, he actually pushed Zi-O out of the way of an attack. With his Heroic Willpower awakened, Kagura was actually fighting against the Another Watch's corruption and refusing to become a monster again.
  • White Woz's Xanatos Gambit also counts. While he has Sougo trying to talk some sense to Rentaro/Another Shinobi, and Swartz getting in the way and forcing the Another Shinobi watch on Rentaro each time he's defeated. When Another Shinobi is defeated the second time around, he creates the Shinobi Miridewatch.

     Episode 21: Mirror World 2019 
  • Shinji Kido seems to have realised that him and Another Ryuga are connected and attempted to kill himself through carbon monoxide poisoning in order to take the Another Rider out. Regardless of whether or not this would work, it takes serious balls to try that. He may not be a Kamen Rider in this timeline but Shinji still has the spirit of one.
  • Geiz's plan to sacrifice himself to defeat Another Ryuga also takes some serious determination.
  • Mirror Sougo's transformation. He has a reversed Ziku Driver with distorted announcement and he is just plain evil. Not even The Caligula like Ohma Zi-O. Plain, 100% evil.

     Episode 22: Zi-O's Strongest! 2019 
  • Another Ryuga is meant to be feared, to be sure. However, it isn't hard to root for him after he knocks Kamen Rider Woz down a peg or two in two episodes.
  • Sougo manages to make peace with his Mirror Self and the two becomes one, as well as making the Zi-O II Ridewatch whole and functional. He can't hate anyone, not even his twisted, evil, dark, Mirror Self.
  • Zi-O II's reveal as a whole. From the over-the-top sequence, to his determined Rider walk, to the Curbstomp Battle that follows while Zi-O II pierces through Another Ryuga's reflective ability and sees every attack before it is used against him.
    • In short order, Zi-O II demonstrates why Woz was so insistent on Sougo using it. As noted above he breaks through Another Ryuga's reflective barrier, as in he literally shatters it, then continues his new mastery over time by employing future vision to see what his opponent was going to do, before he even moved to act, thus ensuring that Ryuga couldn't even attempt to get a hit in. Obviously all of this makes Ryuga think twice about continuing and he tries to leave via glass doors...emphasis on "tries". Sougo then hits him with a slash just as he reaches the doors that not only sends him straight to the ground, but shatters every reflective surface in that area. But all that pales in comparison to the finisher. Combining both of his blades, Zi-O creates a giant energy blade not unlike Artoria's Excalibur attack, and cleaves Ryuga in half with it, destroying his Another Watch which was impossible to do without the matching Rider powers until now, and all to Sougo's insert song "Zi-O The King of Time". The title of the episode is accurate when it declares Zi-O as the strongest because now he's starting to show that he damn well is.
  • Before the above however, Sougo rewinds time to undo Geiz's death. Before that he undoes the time line where he does die, just by pressing the button on the Ridewatch, and willing it to be so. So if our beloved overlord doesn't like an outcome he can just erase it from existence and try again. It becomes clearer why his future self is as powerful as he is.

     Episode 24: Best Friend 2121 
  • A non action variation comes into Sougo, who despite his occasional Book Dumb tendencies, manages to pass his make-up for his make-up Math test with 82% marks. And if that wasn't enough, he was revealed to have the highest mark in class.

     Episode 26: Geiz Revive! 2019 
  • Geiz is by the river thinking about the events when he sees Heure on the other side. After some back and forth snarls Heure decides to engage Geiz face to face and crosses the river in series of time teleportation jumps before suddenly appearing next to the appropriately startled Geiz. He leaves the scene in the same mindscrewy, time-wimey way and it's just Creepy Awesome.
  • The debut of Geiz Revive Gouretsu and Shippu. Both forms are able to easily curbstomp Another Zi-O and Zi-O II. In Another Zi-O's case, the fight is so one-sided that Geiz would have killed him if not for Swartz's saving his life in the nick of time. While Zi-O II fares a bit better against Gouretsu, once Geiz transforms into Shippu, it goes back into curbstomp territory. Now we know, why White Woz reveres him so much.
  • How does Geiz Revive counter Zi-O II being able to see his attacks coming via Combat Clairvoyance? By moving so fast in Shippu that Zi-O can't react fast enough to dodge it and hitting so hard in Gouretsu that he just blows straight through his guard.
  • Credit is due to Zi-O since he's not only surviving this ruthless onslaught but is still fighting back with everything he can muster even after losing his sword. Even when faced with the overwhelming power of his supposed killer, the King of the Heisei Kamen Riders refuses to go down without one hell of a fight.

    Episode 27: The Beginning of Everything 2009 
  • Despite the overwhelming power of Geiz Revive, Zi-O still manages to force a draw with him. How does he do this? He plans ahead and acts before his opponent could, making use of the fact that Geiz is in Gouretsu form at that time, and thus cannot outspeed Zi-O. When Geiz Revive attempts his finishing move, he is shocked that Zi-O had done so before he could and is forced to take Zi-O's attack head on despite his own attack being only partially charged. This results in both parties defeating each other, allowing Black Woz to end the battle.
  • Hiryu returns for revenge against Geiz for his earlier defeat at his hands and for interrupting his battle with Sougo. Geiz effortlessly gives him a Curb-Stomp Battle with his new power and defeats him within a few seconds of the battle. However some minor credit is due to Hiryu, despite his defeat, he was able to use his future sight to launch a successful counter attack despite Geiz incredible speed.
  • Tsukuyomi trying to shoot Swartz when he grabs Sougo for defying him. Although Swartz stopped the shot with his hat, she doesn't falter and points her gun next to his face demanding answers. Despite failing and nearly getting killed, this still shows her drive to for a better future without letting anything happening to the young Sougo.
  • Black Woz's entire plan to get even with Geiz is one. He cooperated with Heure (and by extension, Hiryu) to steal White Woz's power, and when White Woz attempts to use his note book to retrieve it, Black Woz jumps in and takes it for himself. The two even mock him before disappearing. The scream of anger that follows is just wonderful. He then faces off against Geiz Revive, transforms into Kamen Rider Woz and to top it off he gives himself an ascension speech.
  • Young Sougo, unlike the rest of the kids takes just a second to check on his parents before he runs right up to Swartz and demands to know what he did, and for him to undo it. Even when the older man grabs him by the collar, he's unafraid. Kid had some guts, even ten years ago!
     Episode 28: Our Goal 2019 
  • Black Woz deserves a great deal of credit in this episode. He knows that even with the power of Kamen Rider Woz, he is still no match for the power of Geiz Revive, yet he was able to buy enough time and force Geiz to use most of his strength. By the time the battle is over, Geiz has exhausted all his strength and can barely even walk, while Woz while injured is clearly in a much better condition than he is.
  • Young Tokiwa Sougo was capable to not only stop time, but also move faster than eyes can see and erase Dai Mazines with no effort, all because he saw someone about to be crushed by debris and really wanted to save them. This goes to show how much of a fated King of All Time he was since he was a child.
  • Sougo and Geiz showing their teamwork against Another Zi-O and his army, by finishing each one off without missing a beat and using Zi-O II's future sight to predict where Another Zi-O will be and Geiz Revive to rapidly get behind him and send him straight into Zi-O II's finisher.
    • Sougo and Geiz fighting together shows that if they'd been on each others side from day one they would've been nigh unstoppable. Hiryu's Another Rider army was able to nearly overwhelm Sougo in Zi-O II but once he and Geiz start fighting together they barely lose ground against the Another Riders for more than a few seconds, switching between their Armors at a breakneck pace and coordinating to make short work of every non-Original Generation Another Rider shown in the series so far. And they did this while both of them were seriously injured.
     Episode 29: Blade Joker?! 2019 
  • The episode debut of Daiki Kaito. He cooks breakfast for Sougo and his friends, walks out of the house and steals ALL of their Ridewatches (minus Woz's), leaving Sougo and his friends speechless before realizing what's going on.
  • Black Woz and Geiz knew each other too well as they executed the plan without words being spoken. They managed to trick DiEnd, who even complimented them for it.

     Episode 30: 2019: Trinity has Begun! 
  • Trinity's Debut as depicted by the trailer is a Fusion Dance between Sougo, Geiz and Woz that places them in Super Sentai style mecha rooms representing the fact that Zi-O Trinity is controlled by all three of them.
    • There is also the fact that Trinity's power is strong enough to overcome the Battle Royale and Undead's creator, the Stone of Sealing. First is when the watch itself is activated, causing the star Regulus to completely blow away the dark clouds made by the Stone, blasting light to help them transform then afterwards, with Another Blade's defeat, causes the Stone to be destroyed. Trinity is powerful enough to stop the end of the freaking world by itself.
  • Early on, Sougo showing some ingenious Combat Pragmatist by kicking Another Blade into Kenzaki's path as he's doing a rider kick. It didn't work because Hajime took the hit for Amane.
  • The writers deserve a mention for resolving Kamen Rider Blade's Bittersweet Ending into an awesome and heartwarming one.
  • Sougo manages to persuade White Woz into giving him the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive Ridewatches back, and their once nemesis gives him a little extra thing before letting him go confront Another Blade: The Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch. No matter how much someone hates the will-be Demon King, he still sways them!

     Episode 31: 2001: Awaken, That Agito 
  • Another AgitΩ gets one for being completely terrifying, tearing his way though military guns and two G3s like they were nothing. He even hurls one of the G3s into a bullet-proof window hard enough to embed him in it.
    • Later, the same Another AgitΩ runs rampant on a group of four G3s.
  • In an epic call-back to the first Agito transformation, Shouichi, with his belt shining, saves Tsukuyomi from Another AgitΩ, first in human form, and then as Agito.

     Episode 32: 2001: Unknown Memory 
  • Zi-O Trinity and Agito Trinity kicking ass side by side. Nuff said.
  • "Believe Yourself" by Naoto Fuga, Agito's Theme Music Power-Up deserves a mention just for being used in this tribute 18 years since the original series and being the first returning song.
  • Even after losing his powers to the Time Jackers, Shouichi still won't back down. He simply puts on a G3 suit and runs headlong into battle despite knowing the Another AgitΩs outmatch G3's capabilities.

     Episode 34: 2019: Heisei Oni, Reiwa Oni 
  • As much as a scrappy Kyosuke is, he managed to take on Zi-O II’s finishing move for the sake of his pupil.
  • Kyosuke earning the right to become Hibiki and awakening the Hibiki ridewatch by talking through with his pupil while he was still Another Hibiki.
  • "Kagayaki" (lit. "Radiance") by Toshihiko Sahashi (who also composed various Heisei series including Zi-O), the first opening theme of Hibiki used as Theme Music Power-Up deserves a mention in this tribute.
  • Once again, give the writers credit. They took one of the biggest scrappy from Hibiki and managed to redeem him.

     Episode 35: 2008: First Love, Wake Up!
Manhole covers, perfect weapons for makeshift shields, hurting Time Jackers and even instantly murdering people.
  • Another Kiva being the first person to outright reject the Time Jackers, even going so far as to throw a manhole cover at Ora's face just to defy her.
  • Ginga's debut, where his appearance manages to terrify Swartz, obliterate Another Kiva without looking their way, and curb stomp Zi-O Trinity without trying.

     Episode 36: 2019: First Love, Finally! 
  • Woz and Swartz's team up actually manages to deal some damage to Ginga.
  • Sougo, Geiz, Woz, Swartz and Yuko teaming up and beating Ginga with triple Rider Kicks forcing him to escape via a beam of light.
  • Swartz the chessmaster that he is, takes the time to take some of Ginga's power to make the Ginga Miridewatch but luckily Woz takes it as he took White Woz's warning about Swartz to heart.
  • Woz Ginga Finally's debut, ending with a space-themed Rider Kick.

     Episode 37: 2006: Next Level Kabuto 
  • Geiz Revive Shippu and Woz Futuring Shinobi vs a newly formed Gryllus Worm.
  • Sougo's fight with PunchHopper shows how much he's grown since his battle with Geiz Revive. Instead of just relying on Zi-O II's predictive powers and getting outmatched by someone with superspeed-enhanced reflexes as a result, this time Sougo doesn't panic and instead allows himself to get hit to make himself look off-balance and lure PunchHopper into diving into his blade. Sougo even calls back to the fight with Revive Shippu, demonstrating that he'd already thought about how to deal with any future speedsters he could encounter.
  • Sougo demonstrates once more that his cheerful innocence hides a true chessmaster by seemingly blindly walking into the trap set by the Hopper brothers, while having Woz follow him already suited up and ready to go.
  • Woz GingaFinaly can't match the speed of PunchHopper or Another Kabuto, and unlike Sougo doesn't have Combat Clairvoyance to help him. How does he counter? First by using the gravity of a black hole to weigh PunchHopper down so much that his speed doesn't matter because he can't move, then by switching to GingaWakusei and bombarding the area with asteroids, leaving Another Kabuto no place to run.
    • Yaguruma gets his own moment of awesome right after this by coming out of the flames not as Another Kabuto, but as KickHopper, with a Rider Kick that's just as cool and just as much of a homage to the original Kamen Rider as ever.
  • Sougo using the FourzeArmor to completely destroy a gigantic Worm-filled asteroid. Too bad an even larger, planet-sized asteroid was just behind it.

     Episode 38: 2019: Kabuto's Choice 
  • The beautiful one shot of Sougo, Geiz, Woz, Kagami, Kageyama and Yaguruma all transforming at once.
  • Arata Kagami AKA Kamen Rider Gatack becoming Kabuto. For the viewers of Kabuto, they've known him as an unlucky Butt-Monkey who was first rejected by the Kabuto Zecter in favor of Tendo, but after taking several levels in badass throughout his series which causes him to be the only person Tendo, the original Kamen Rider Kabuto, to respect as his equal and now he shows his mettle once more by using Tendo's Zecter instead of Tendo taking and using the Zecters of other riders (TheBee, Drake and Sasword).
    • Even better, the battle is just as epic, as Kabuto II and Geiz Revive Shippu curb-stomp the Hell Brothers.
    • Kagami succeeds in executing Kabuto's Counter Kick.
    • During this moment, "RIDER KICK", one of the most iconic BGM used in Kabuto series composed by Kuniaki Haishima used as Theme Music Power-Up deserves a mention in this tribute episode.
  • Woz and Sougo's plan to destroy the Worm asteroid. Using FourzeArmor and BuildArmor to reach the inside of it, then using GingaTaiyo to kill everything inside it and weaken it, and finally using Zi-O Trinity to obliterate it. Never has asteroid-busting seemed so epic.
  • Due to Kageyama and Yaguruma stealing the Fourze and GingaFinaly watches, Sougo and Woz almost run out of time to destroy the asteroid. Tsukuyomi then fully unleashes her time powers so she freezes the giant asteroid in place just before it entered the atmosphere, giving Sougo and Woz enough time to destroy it.

     Episode 39: 2007: DenLiner Crash! 
  • We get a sneak peak of Grand Zi-O absolutely demolishing Another Den-O II.
  • Junichiro actually fixing the DenLiner and the Taros let him drive it as a thanks.
  • After Sougo obtains the Den-O Watch, it and all the other watches he collectednote  fuse together into the Grand Zi-O Watch.

     Episode 40: 2017: Grand Climax! 
  • Geiz gets a big amount of time in the spotlight:
    • When Momotaros tries to possess him a second time, Geiz throws Woz in the Imagin's path so he gets possessed instead.
    • He stops Another Den-O from entering his sister's hospital room by delivering a no-suit Rider Kick, making him one of the few Riders in the franchise to pull off such a move.
    • The following battle demonstrates an enormous level of skill with Geiz Revive, first dominating Another Den-O with Revive Goretsu's power and then pulling off some superbly flashy moves with Revive Shippu's speed, such as playing Guardian Entity to himself by using afterimages to attack while he appears to be standing still. It's only the intervention of the Mole Imagin with the Den-Liner that keeps Geiz from ending the episode before it's even half over.
  • The full debut of Grand Zi-O. From the transformation to the fight to the finisher itself, this fight shows us just how awesome and powerful Zi-O is worth praising for.
  • Woz decides to shut up and just relish in Grand Zi-O's debut, for even he, easily the most hammiest out of the Zi-O cast, deems this moment too powerful for words.
  • Grand Zi-O vs Oma Zi-O

     Episode 41: 2019: World, Reset 
  • The battle of Oma Zi-O vs Grand Zi-O is short yet sweet, showing that Oma has the same powers as Grand as he summons Kuuga to counter Zi-O's Build. Too bad Sougo hasn't obtained the Drive Ridewatch properly.
  • Sougo, Geiz, and Tsukuyomi all get highlights as they fight off Another OOO and Another Kiva. Geiz particularly stands out, pinning Another OOO to the wall with his foot and then vaporizing him with a point-blank Time Burst, all while in only his base form.
  • Tsukasa's costume of the day is a resistance soldier, and he proves capable of covering Sougo's escape from a group of Another Riders with nothing but a normal gun.
  • For his first match against Another Gaim, Another Den-O and Another Agito, Sougo summons the original Gaim and Den-O to help him while he uses Agito's Flame Saber. For the rematch, he calls the Dengasher and Daidaimaru to his hands and dual-wields them with such proficiency that he cuts down two Another Riders in less than five seconds, before calling a phantom Agito to let Sougo do his kick.

     Episode 42: 2019: Missing World 
  • The episode preview drops hints of a few great fight scenes such as Another Zi-O II fighting Decade, Zi-O II and Geiz Revive all at once and Tsukasa handling Another Build untransformed.
  • DiEnd breaking into Hiryu's mansion alone is badass, his reaction to the summoned Another Ex-Aid and Another Ghost? Summon Brave and Specter to fight for him. He then steals Hiryu's Another Zi-O II watch from his hands. He would gotten away with it too, if it weren't for Swartz.

     Episode 43: 2019: Tsukuyomi ・ Confidential 
  • Zi-O, Geiz, Woz, and Decade vs. Another Zi-O II's army and DiEnd in a climactic showdown, with our protagonists and Decade each getting a chance to shine.
    • Zi-O: Grand Zi-O takes on Another Den-O, Another Ryuki, Another Hibiki, Another Ghost, and Another Zi-O II himself. Hiryu uses his Combat Clairvoyance and sees himself striking Sougo down, only for Sougo to defy Hiryu's prediction and turn the tables on him.
      Grand Zi-O: This is my power!
    • Decade: Using Attack Ride: Blast, he kills Another Double and Another AgitΩ before they can even get a hit in, before being assaulted by Another Faiz, Another Kabuto, and Another Gaim. He responses by using Attack Ride: Slash to finish them all off in one attack. He's then cheap-shotted by DiEnd, and while DiEnd uses his time power to have Swartz steal Decade's power, Decade would've won that fight.
    • Geiz and Woz: Geiz Revive Shipuu and Woz GingaFinaly against Another Kuuga, Another Build, Another Fourze, Another Kiva, Another OOO, Another Blade, and Another Ex-Aid. The fact their surrounded, including by a giant monster, they don't seem to care, and engage in Casual Danger Dialogue, before finishing them all off with Hundred Crack Time Burst and Supreme Galactic Explosion.
      Geiz: (While holding down Another Blade's by its BFS) So you're saying that I used to work with you before history was altered? (Punches Another Blade away)
      Woz: (Grasping on Another Kiva's arm before throwing them away) Indeed, Geiz-kun, you were my loyal subordinate. (Pins down Another OOO by the arm as Geiz jumps into the frame holding onto Another Fourze) And together we strove for my Demon King.
      Geiz: (Turns his head to Woz, as he's still holding onto Another Fourze) What?
      Woz: It's true.
      Geiz: No, it's not... (Dodges Another Kiva's attack and flings Another Fourze away before slashing Another Build) Don't feed me lies. (Starts his finisher)
      Woz: Well, how did he know...? (Punches Another OOO and Another Kiva away before starting his finisher)
    • Zi-O again: As the fight reaches its conclusion, Sougo uses his finisher to destroy Another Den-O, Another Ryuki, Another Hibiki, and Another Ghost, as well as causing Hiryu to have a Villainous Breakdown.
      Another Zi-O II: Why..? (Starts pound his fists to the ground) Why can't I beat him?!
      Grand Zi-O: Because... You're too fixated on the past!
      Another Zi-O II: You and those damn speeches! (Runs to Grand Zi-O... only to get slashed by him instead, before fruitlessly attacking yet again)
      Grand Zi-O: But me, I'm fighting to forge a new future! (Slashes Hiryu away before attacking him with All Twenty Time Break)
      • This version of Zi-O's Time Break finally lives up to its name, as he decks Another Zi-O with a Rider Kick so hard that it obliterates the entire timeline in a World-Healing Wave.
    • Even Swartz and Kaito get in on it, as Kaito finally steals the Another Zi-O II Watch as Swartz cuts Hiryu loose.
      Hiryu: (After Kaito steals his AnotherWatch) Give that back, it's mine!
      Swartz: You've served your purpose. You just don't have what it takes to be king. Be grateful for the fleeting glimpse of what it was like.
      Hiryu: No...
  • After 42 episodes of buildup, Swartz demonstrates the entire show thus far to be a Xanatos Gambit that would make the trope namer himself proud.

     Episode 44: 2019: Aqua Calls 
  • The return of Kamen Rider Aqua, a movie rider from OOO.

Other Media

     Heisei Generations FOREVER 
  • On the Premiere day of Heisei Generation FOREVER, Toei dropped the big surprise with Takeru Satoh reprised his role as Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O. This marks the first time he has returned to this role since Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown. That's it guys, the original Den-O is back!!
  • It doesn't matter if their lives were fake and used for entertainment, what Kamen Riders stand for and the impact they've had in millions of lives is real. They're true heroes who've touched the hearts of millions as they fight for love and justice. So when monsters attack our world and children and adults alike cry out for help, one word dispels the darkness and brings hope to all who hear it.
    Kamen Riders: Henshin!
    • This moment is further compounded with the arrival of Kuuga who appears before a crowd, all of whom cheer him on in instant recognition as he provides his signature thumbs-up.
  • The Riders saving the city and the teams they appear in make for some especially cool moments.
  • After absorbing Shingo and transforming into his Ultimate Form, Another Kuuga wreaks havoc and summons a gargantuan number of henchmen. Things seem hopeless until every Heisei protagonist Rider rides in on their bikes with Drive coming in with Tridoron and Ryuki and Hibiki providing air support via Dragreder and a giant-sized Akane Taka respectively.
  • The Heisei era of the Kamen Rider Franchise climaxes in the most appropriate and spectacular way; an All-Rider Kick from all the Heisei Protagonists. Starting from Ryuki's Final Vent, every single Rider performs their base form's Rider Kick Finisher (including Hibiki and Den-O) in succession before concluding in a spectacular Triple Rider Kick by Kuuga, Build and Zi-O.
  • A non-Rider dose of awesome comes from Shingo who, despite being only 7 years old, realizes that Ataru is his future younger brother, and like any good older brother, steps in to defend Ataru from Another Den-O and Another Double.

     Rider Time: Shinobi 
  • One of Rentaro's transformation, in the second episode, involve him transforming into Shinobi mid-air.

     Rider Time: Ryuki 
  • The fact that Shinji Kido remembered that he has transformed into Ryuki before even though he has lost his memories. He proceeds to transform while doing his trademark pose and lets out a loud "YOSHA!" after transforming.
  • Getting to see all new Final Vent footage from the returning Ryuki riders.
  • This spin-off received a new theme song “Go! Now! Alive A Life Neo”. The overall beat seems like an evolution of the original "Alive A Life" theme and even incorporates a little bit of the original's melody.
    • As an added bonus, it is performed by Rica Matsumoto; the original singer of Ryuki’s opening song “Alive A Life”
  • Considering that Gai was responsible for killing off Raia, seeing him receive a brutal beatdown courtesy of Kamen Rider Ryuga is absolutely satisfying to watch.
  • Ryuga in general is awesome in this special. His fights with Gai, Knight and Ouja demonstrates how sinister and powerful Shinji Kido’s Mirror/Dark counterpart can be.
  • Another moment of awesomeness goes to Ouja. Even while being wounded by Knight’s Final Vent and Zolda (Goro) Shoot Vent, Asakura still manages to hold up long enough to kill both of them.
  • Shinji’s big hero moment when he enters the battle against Another Ryuki, determined to put a stop to his murder spree.
    • While Ryuki gains the upper hand in the battle against Another Ryuki, Shinji stays true to his pacifist ways and tries to reason with Tatsuya (Another Ryuki). He tells him that Sara already passed on and she didn’t want Tatsuya to sacrifice so many people for her sake. Tatsuya loses his will to fight after hearing this statement, forcing an enraged Odin to intervene. Shinji passes on the Ryuki and Knight Ridewatches to Sougo and Geiz so they can finish things.
  • Getting to see Kamen Rider Odin transform for the first time.
  • With the power of the Ryuki and Knight Ridewatches, Zi-O and Geiz manage to defeat Odin.


  • The fact that so many actors, including a few some thought wouldn’t, return to reprise their Kamen Rider roles. Even if a few are The Faceless and only provided their voices, it’s still an accomplishment for the series to have so many returning Kamen Riders.
  • Everything about "Zi-O King of Time", especially the part of "Every time I've met the legends, I swallow up their own potential. Instead, I will forge my own strength."

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