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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Zi-O

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"I'm the only Rider! I'm the only one who needs to smile!""

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     In General 
  • The Another Riders: your favorite Riders of any year, twisted into horrific, grotesque knockoffs of their former selves.
    • Worse? One of the enemy generals gives people a genuine choice if they wish to become an Another Rider or not. The other? He just turns you without your consent. It’s later revealed that even if the offer is turned down, the Time Jackers will force the Another Watch on them anyways. The only reason they bother with the choice is because forcing it is more likely to create a mindless monster.
      • To be more specific: Heure offers them power at the time they want the most and makes a contract; Ora appeals to emotion, usually by giving the bad news and the good news that to solve their problem they can make a contract with her; Swartz doesn't even care who they are, he simply shoves the Ridewatch in them and let them go rampant.
    • The people who became Another Riders are average people who get to live the dream so many of us have. To be given the power of a Rider. However they prove unable to contain it, and become a twisted monster version instead. The dream becoming a nightmare. Now imagine if this happened to you.
    • Not to mention how they're recruited (or at least, how one of the generals recruits you, if they have different methods.) Imagine you're facing certain death, such as a car speeding towards you, Too Fast to Stop. Then everything stops, and you're given An Offer You Can't Refuse by the perfectly-human-looking figure who hit the pause button: history says you died right now, but you'll be saved if only you accept the contract. You're given no details beyond that: it's either take the strange watch-thing being handed to you or you've got about half a second of life left. So you do. Then you're told you're going to be a Rider! And then... yeah.
    • They're slightly less scary if you're familiar with the Super Imaginative Chogokin figure line, which reimagines Kamen Rider designs in an "organic" style similar to that of the Another Riders. But then again those designs are whole other kind of Nightmare Fuel.
    • What's stopping any of them from coming back? These are human beings not kaiju that can be killed off. So what's stopping any of them from going after Sougo? Or trying to get their powers back. Some of these people are genuinely evil bastards and when push to shove. Will the police do something? Or will the riders be forced to kill?
  • The Bad Future that Zi-O rules. Not only does it utterly terrify the current Zi-O to the point of actively doing everything he can to prevent it, but Geiz, the second Rider this season was sent back to kill our hero before he becomes the demon king just in case. Only through the intervention of the girl from the future suggesting that they might be able to prevent the timeline through peaceful methods as well as seeing Zi-O's resolve convince him to not act.....for now.
    • Oma Zi-O, the future Zi-O, is really quite terrifying. From the description alone, he is said to be so powerful that no-one in the future is able to defeat him and he easily crushed any resistance against him. Considering that Zi-O is a rider who can use the power of past Riders, this means that Oma Zi-O probably has full control over said powers. Just imagine how powerful that would make him. No wonder he's called the "Demon King".
      • As the series continues we see Sougo gain more and more time powers with some of his powers making him a full on Reality Warper. The saving grace is Sougo both doesn't have full control of these powers yet and he's too good natured to truly abuse them .... now. But Oma Zi-O lacks both of these restraints having 50 years of practice and being deranged enough to abuse them.



     Episode 1: Kingdom 2068 
  • We get a glimpse of the Bad Future that Oma Zi-O rules and how powerful he is. He’s able to kill people just by waving his hand, easily destroys an army of Time Mazines and even disintegrating humans without a breaking sweat. No wonder he's able to rule the future without anyone to truly challenge him.
    • What's terrifying is where did he get that ability from? Is it his own power or did he borrow it from the previous Riders? The only two Riders that could have those traits were Kuuga when he assumed Ultimate form and Gaim when he obtained the Forbidden Fruit. Which means, if it does come from the previous Riders, it's possible he can fully use the power of the Riders' Final Forms.
    • There's also the fact we don't know how long the resistance have been fighting against Oma Zi-O, it could've been years or even a decade. Imagine fighting a Hopeless War against a Physical God Evil Overlord for years without ever achieving any victory and seeing your comrades dies one-by-one in front of your own eyes. No wonder Geiz become desperate to change history even if it mean having to dirty his own hands.
    • What happened to the Kamen Riders? Most of them were probably too old to fight anymore or at least retired, but what about Eiji, Kotaro and Ayumu who are from the future? Did he defeated them also?
  • We get an intro to Time Jacker Heure; when he transforms the basketball player into Another Build, he screams in pain. And that’s the beginning. The player turns two random civilians into premature Fullbottles, and this is after Heure goes back in time - when Sougo is back in modern time, we see a newspaper that shows they’ve been missing for a year. And this is because of the guy who convinces people to become Kaijin Riders...
  • Also, after Another Build is defeated, he returns to normal. The same cannot be said for the people who he had absorbed into Smash Fullbottles while in his corrupted state, who do not reappear. It's still just episode one so we can't be sure we won't see them restored next week, or even that all Another Riders have the same MO, but from the looks of it, Another Riders are driven to transform people into more of their Transformation Trinkets to increase their powers, and they can do so with a gesture, and there is no saving these victims.
  • What is going to happen to the basketball player after he is truly rescued? Will they just let him lives his life after literally losing a year of his life and causing him to live with the guilt that he had done or will they dump him back in his time and let him get run over by that car? The main characters seemed to want to avoid causing changes to the timeline unless it is necessary to their goals. It will be kind of horrifying and sad that the basketball player gets rescued from being Another Rider Build only to die from the fate he wanted to avoid the first place. Episode 2 defuses this by showing that he simply returned to the past in the position he was in when Heure froze time, complete with the car being displaced from where it was originally.
  • Poor Sougo being attacked by Geiz before he knew the truth. Imagine being attacked by some random guy for doing something you hadn't done in the past but something you would do in the future that you hadn't even done yet!
  • Sougo's first reaction to becoming an Evil Overlord of a Bad Future he caused is happiness, because he managed to achieve his dream while only being bummed that he's an evil king. This really makes you wonder if something is wrong with him.

     Episode 2: Best Match 2017 
  • Another Build's face is a bit too terrifyingly expressive as it turns people into Full Bottles.
  • We get a really nice look into the true horror that Another Riders provide for us. They're basically immortal unless killed in their original time by using the Ride Watches of their namesake Riders. Every time Another Build is blown up, yet another Build will walk in from off-screen like a demented Animaniacs parody.
  • Yet another horror they bring is the fact that the longer they exist, the more they take the place of the Rider whose powers they have. As far as the timeline is concerned, the monstrosity that is Another Build actually is Kamen Rider Build and not Sento! Even worse, Sento himself is erased out of existence - the man that has Sato Taro's face is called as, and refer himself as, Katsuragi.
  • The main characters come face to face with their first Time Jacker, Heure. He proves his credentials by pausing time for everyone except himself, Sougo, and Geiz. He then pouts and asks what the heroes are doing as if they were simply interrupting his television show, rather than saving the timeline. And when Sougo gives him a philosophical take on why he was wrong for turning the basketball player into Another Build, he acts as if someone beat him in a 'which Transformer is cooler' argument and then skips away in a manner too reminiscent of Gremlin.
  • Another Build straight up ATE the bottles he's holding, that are actually living people turned into essence. When he's defeated, he's turned back into normal human, but once again we saw nothing about the two other people he absorbed.

     Episode 3: Doctor Gamer 2018 
  • Ora talks with Heure about their plan to rewrite time as if it were some sort of game and now it's her turn to play. And then we move to 2016, where Ora is telling a man that his sick son is going to die unless he becomes Another Ex-Aid.
  • Whenever somebody reaches a certain point in the game rumored to be unbeatable, the screen flashes a bright pink. For a second, they’re dazed but then they look up... and see the monstrous Another Ex-Aid standing in front of them.
  • Another Ex-Aid, just like Another Build and Sento, is a twisted mockery of Emu. Instead of curing diseases, Another Ex-Aid afflicts whoever plays the unbeatable game to a certain point with a disease that leaves them in a coma while doctors have no idea how to treat them.

     Episode 5: Switch On 2011 
  • Another Fourze absorbs a girl into a Astro Switch and reacts as if he's just had his drug fix after a long time.
  • Another Fourze is defeated so everything is going to be okay, right? Wrong. Another Fourze just sheds his Fourze suit, revealing him to be Another Faiz!

     Episode 6: 555 913 2003 
  • The modus operandi of Sakuma AKA Another Fourze/Another Faiz as well as the reasons behind his transformation are quite disturbing. After his friend, Karin Yamabuki, was killed in an accident (in fact, her corpse is shown on-screen during her wake), Sakuma became an Another Rider in order to revive her by draining the life force of other women. He's been doing this since 2003 and a brief montage of all the women he'd killed for Karin really drives home how prolific a body count he'd amassed.

     Episode 7: Magic Showtime 2018 
  • While a joke at first, Another Wizard, when thoroughly pissed off, shows how dangerous Haruto’s magic would be in the wrong hands.
  • Time Jackers have always used their Time Stands Still ability to evade notice from anyone outside their target, but Swartz shows what they could really be capable of if they only tried, by pushing Geiz over the edge of a building when he's frozen yet conscious of what’s about to happen.

     Episode 8: Beauty & Beast 2012 
  • In a rather huge case of Poor Communication Kills, Hayase could not confess his feelings to Kaori at first and just assumed helping her keep her late father's theater running would make her happy. Kaori however, had just been proposed to by their co-worker Nagayama then, but it took her 6 whole years to gain the resolve to shut down the theater and accept him, all while Hayase was kept out of the loop. Needless to say, he went mad from thinking he had been exploited for those 6 years after he found out.
    • Worse still, as he haunts Kaori for revenge, he still does not explain himself, only yelling at her "Why don't you understand my feelings!?" As terrified as she is, Kaori really could not have understood what had she done to deserve this.
  • We get to see the full extent of Sougo's cunning and manipulation, being able to use Geiz and even Woz, of all people, as unwitting pawns to achieve a satisfactory conclusion for Another Wizard's case. Geiz takes this as a hint that Sougo might just actually become Oma Zi-O in the future.

     Episode 9: Genm Master 2016 
  • How about the fact that the Time Jackers are now going to choose people who are determined as Another Riders, because Zi-O rose through power by believing in his right to become king. The Another Riders up till now were all desperate or emotionally weak people and as shown with Kuroto Dan as Another OOO, it's clear now that the Another Riders we are going to see next are going to be more dangerous, because they are doing it out of their own will!
  • Kuroto, of all people, is Another OOO. Heure has picked the memetic madman]] and is little too excited to find out about the whole insane part. Let that sink in for a moment.
    • He easily kills his father in 2016 to usurp his position and power. Said father was Masamune Dan, the true Big Bad in the original Ex-Aid timeline, now retconned to a defenseless CEO who gets offed by his son after he became the monster. Also considering how Kuroto picks up his father, it's highly implied he killed him by snapping his neck.
  • Likewise, Sougo is little too excited to become Kuroto's apprentice.
  • If #8 didn't convince you Sougo can be Oma Zi-O, the obvious lack of effort on his part as he dispatches Geiz attempts to attack should be enough. Every blow is nonchalantly dodged. A single kick connected ... and turned the Ziku Driver, completing Sougo's transformation. The following fight left Geiz down for the count and walked/dragged away by Tsukuyomi.
    • Sougo is his usual clumsy, silly self only because he doesn't care to put any effort in. When he does, well...
      • This also makes it clear that Geiz and Tsukuyomi are not watching over Sougo in order to let Geiz kill him when it looks like he's on the path to become Oma Zi-O, instead it's pretty much Sougo letting them watch over him.

     Episode 10: Hawk Tiger Grasshopper 2010 
  • It turns out Kuroto Dan's primary motivations as Another OOO stemmed from his father, who was just as ruthless and power-obssessed as he is. Once obtaining power as Another OOO he goes on to eventually kill Masamune out of spite 6 years later for all the stress and Parental Neglect placed onto him as his son, ursurping his power and falling down the same power-hungry route his father has gone as a result. The evil truly runs in the family.
    • This also hints at exactly how much the original Rider storylines were necessary to the world. Without the Bugster Virus Kuroto wouldn't have been able to preserve his mother, who was his Living Emotional Crutch. With her dead and him unable to revive at least her memories as a Bugster, He wound up becoming worse than his main timeline counterpart.

     Episode 11: Zi-O on Parade 2018 
  • Asura/Another Gaim traps members of Team Baron who don't agree with him in Helheim Forest which is pretty much a guaranteed death.
    • And as for those who last, like Kaito? He survived five years in that place and hasn't become an Inves or eaten a Helheim Fruit. Which raises the question of what he could've been living on.
      • Underscored in the next episode when they all returned to Earth intact.
    • Hell, just the fact that despite Gaim’s history being erased, the Inves and the Helheim Forest STILL exists, just that the forest never attempted to take over Earth. The Helheim Forest is a place so eldritch, that time has no effect on it.
  • In the Cold Open when Sougo defeats Another Gaim, Kouta uses his powers to take Sougo to a hidden dimension of some sort before tossing him back in time. It's a weird Eldritch Location which reminds us that Kouta is a Physical God of an Eldritch Location. Brr.
  • The scene with the clock mask dancers is a lesser version of this trope, instead going for an Uncanny Valley approach. The way that the dancers move, the way they completely ignore the three oddly dressed individuals around them even when time resumes, and even their Dissonant Serenity all can send a shiver down your spine if you focus a bit too much on them. Bonus points for the eerie atmosphere generated by the Time Jackers trying to make Geiz perform a Deal with the Devil.

     Episode 13: Ghost Hunter 2018 
  • Based on the episode description, Geiz is now fully determined to get rid of Sougo no matter what. And Sougo dies during the episode, based on the trailer. ...make of that what you will, but the implications are quite scary.
    • What makes that less scary is that Geiz isn't pleased in seeing Sougo dead. But what makes it truly unsettling is the next shot showing Heure, Ora, Swartz and Woz together, as if they are plotting something.
    Swartz: So you're turning your back on Tokiwa Sougo, are you?
  • Takeru was always sorta Creepy Good appearance wise. Another Ghost, meanwhile, ditches the good and dials the creepy up to eleven.
  • The fact that Woz has decided to ally with the Time Jackers to manipulate Sougo into becoming the Demon King. And the fact that his main plan do so is to have them call in Kamen Rider Decade.
  • While not as bad as most examples in this episode, Tsukasa Kadoya is a more subtle example. It's obvious that he's mastered the powers of the Riders he's already acquired, dominating both fights he's involved in as both Agito and Hibiki. The fact that he's adopted a Badass Baritone helps set this apart from his past Face-Heel Turns.

     Episode 14: Go Go Ghost 2015 
  • The preview for the next episode contains the worst thing Oma Zi-O could possibly say, sending all of Sougo's hopes and dreams crashing down around him with a single line:
    Oma Zi-O: I am the greatest and most beloved overlord of all time.

     Episode 15: Back to 2068 
  • The series has been building up to this moment where Sougo finally meets his future self. Him not taking it well would be an understatement.
  • Oma Zi-O's Curb-Stomp Battle on Zi-O is where Past! Sougo was brought down to his knees.
    • What worsens the situation is that Oma Zi-O accesses the powers of his predecessors by simply activating the Ridewatches. Right after he did, he unleashes bigger and badder versions of attacks Zi-O uses.
    • Oma Zi-O is in general disturbing. He is essentially Light Yagami as a Kamen Rider. The future has gone to hell with half of humanity gone. And he genuinely believes that he is doing a bang up job. It would be hilarious if it was shown in a Satire, but Oma Zi-O plays it horrifyingly straight. Making you wonder if he is really evil or he is just completely insane.
  • Oma Zi-O has control over Ryuki's contract monster, Dragreder. This is especially horrifying for fans who watched Ryuki since they know how terrifying a threat a Mirror Monster is since not only can Dragreder appear in places with reflective surfaces which is basically everywhere, but Mirror Monsters also need to be fed by the energies of other Mirror Monsters or people. Oma Zi-O can pretty much just summon Dragreder and order him appear in front of someone who could be a threat to his rule and kill the person without anyone knowing what happened since there is not even a body left for someone to find.
    • While it is more likely that Oma Zi-O commanded Dragreder to merely transport Sougo and Tsukuyomi to him when the Mirror Monster is first summoned, given the speed at which Mirror Monsters have been shown to consume their prey, it seems almost at first as if Dragreder had actually eaten the rest of the survivors at the camp.

     Episode 16: Forever King 2018 
  • Sougo is so determined to protect people that he finally convinces Geiz that he can be a good overlord. Makes one wonder what happened to make him Oma Zi-O, who appears to be above morality just like he is above everything else.
  • Sougo actually went and had his Driver destroyed! The trailer made it seem like it'd be a fake-out but he actually did it.
    • We then cut to Oma Zi-O in the future and he's laughing when he's disappearing from existence. He's not worried about his demise, but instead laughs like a plan just worked completely as he expected it. This also confirms that Sougo truly is Oma Zi-O's past self since his destruction of the driver is what caused him to Ret Gone.
  • We cut to the future once more after Sougo renews his vow not to become Oma Zi-O. In there we see Oma Zi-O restored from existence, laughing since he knew that his younger self wouldn't be able to cast aside his dream. This confirms he's also a chessmaster in addition to his role as demon king because he expected everything that would happen. This gives even more proof that Sougo is Oma Zi-O since even in the present he has shown to be quite manipulative.
    • Even worse, at the same time there's the shadow of a head behind his throne, implying a power behind him and therefore a Bigger Bad. What could be a Bigger Bad to someone to whom time itself is silly putty?
  • Tsukasa, the man whose series had the highest Rider mortality rate, has a plan. For Sougo. For the full impact of this to set it, remember who we're talking about. Kadoya Tsukasa, the incarnation of the Great Leader of Shocker, the man who killed every Rider that came before him singlehandedly in armed combat with no support, the man whose idea of 'teaming up' involves beating up EVERY Super Sentai team in existence at the time so hard they get punched into another dimension, the man who destroys universe just by standing inside hem for too long, who tries to do good while at the same time still having a personality totally fit to be the Great Leader of Shocker, has a plan for Sougo. Have we just discovered what traumatized Sougo so hard he became an evil overlord?
  • Woz himself becomes creepier halfway through the episode, from the moment he starts urging Sougo to take the belt, to the moment he gives the epilogue of the episode and we are shown a shot of the new Kamen Rider.
    Woz: Now the players are all in their place... The course of history is about to go through great changes.

     Episode 17: Happy New Woz 2019 
  • The concept of Oma Day. The day where Sougo supposedly finally rises to power, and as a result, every Rider before him just disappear, leaving him the last one. The mere thought of it is terrifying - one day, someone rises to power to become the most iron-fisted ruler of all, capable of causing wanton destruction with the wave of a hand. And all of a sudden, the heroes bent on protecting humanity... just gone.
  • Through the entire episode, Woz doesn't crack a single smirk, while Another Woz is enjoying his control of future more than he should. For Woz, the guy who can smirk in the darkest hours, who clumsily slips the future in the episode intro, who has the answer to nearly anything, to be this concerned, things are about to get much worse.
  • Once written down, the future Another Woz makes cannot be changed unless Another Woz wills it. If he writes "You will get into a car accident", it will happen and your attempts at stopping it will fail. Heure continuously stopped time only for time to restart again and when he moved out of the way, the car coming for him simply teleported. The fact that Another Woz did this to a child makes it all the more terrifying.
    • To further add to the terror, Another Woz was about to write Zi-O's defeat by his hands, if their Woz didn't make it in time to stop him, nothing would have.
    • He is like Death from Final Destination. Once he sets out to kill you, there is nothing you can do. To top it off, he is an agressive fighter and preffers to manipulate the situation directly with his book rather than just stealthily ensure that things will go his way as Woz usually does.
  • Another Shinobi. Imagine a monster that can hide in the shadows and kill you when you least expect it in the most unpredictable ways, and you have Another Shinobi.
    • He also serves as yet another example that the corruption by Anotherwatches is absolute. Rentaro is shown as a caring person who wants to be a hero. As Another Shinobi, he is a monster that murders people from the shadows.
  • The existence of Another Woz is a major sign of worry for three of our main characters:
    • Sougo - While this means a better future is possible, it comes at the cost of his death by Geiz's hands. Also due to the fateful Oma's Day where this happens being set in 2019, it implies he has less than a year left to live should Another Woz's timeline come true.
    • Geiz - The inverse is also true for Geiz, who at this point wants to stop Oma's Day without having to take Sougo's life, if possible. Unfortunately for him, Sougo will die by his hands, according to Another Woz's history. Also he is visually uncomfortable with being heralded as a savior/messiah for having "done" so.
    • Woz - Not only is there a risk of Sougo not rising to power as he had hoped for, but having an Alternate Self puts his entire existence at risk as he would be completely wiped away from history and replaced by Another Woz should the new timeline come true.
      • Even worse: in the previous episode, Woz was acting creepier, as if he was the mastermind all along, and then as the new year rolls over he has started to worry about the unseen future. It is like there was Another Woz all along.

     Episode 18: Fantastic! Historic! Futuristic! 2022 
  • Rentarou questions what he's doing as Another Shinobi, killing bullies and thugs, and wonders if he's really protecting the weak. Even with the Another Watch's corruption, Rentarou is conscious enough to realize that what he's doing isn't what he wanted at all. But he can't stop himself. He's no longer in control of himself as long as he's Another Shinobi, only getting a few moments of reprieve whenever Zi-O defeats him.
  • Heure sounds about ready to freak out when he sees Woz, only to calm down when he realizes it's the original Woz. Another Woz traumatized Heure, a child, to the point he sounds scared upon seeing Woz's face.
  • Woz's concern is not unjustified, and is doubled when Sougo suddenly feels tempted to look for Another Shinobi, he knows it must be a trap and voices his concern. It's not just that his beloved overlord is threatened, but he is clearly afraid of the future that these actions will create.

     Episode 20: Final Answer? 2040 
  • White Woz takes another step towards being a Nightmare: He forcibly takes Mondo's Quiz power to make the Miridewatch and defeat Another Quiz. Thankfully he retains his power, if the belt and pendant are hints of that.
  • And then it's Geiz's time to be creepy by having a vision of his future as Geiz Revive, which makes him look quite ominous, and walks away like he had his strength drained. He doesn't come back to 9' 5' Do either.

     Episode 21: Mirror World 2019 
  • The opening scene shows Heure making a contract with Dark Shinji. The mirror sound note  makes it even more eerie.
    • Breaking a contract in Ryuki means being eaten a mirror monster. One would wonder if it can happen to Another Ryuga or Heure.
  • Sougo has a mirror version of himself. Said mirror version is also played by So Okuno, per usual when it comes to mirror selves. He pulls off possibly one of the most menacing faces in the entire franchise.
    • The announcement of his Ziku Driver is not just vaguely menacing, it's positively demonic. He tries to murder Sougo right after transforming and if he succeeded, no-one would know about that but him.
    • We all know this is not going to happen and not everything from Ryuki is enforced, but still Sougo's chances in the Mirror World are just as well as snowball's chances in hell. There are mirror monsters, a time limit after which anyone from the real world dissolves and one can only exit the way they entered and if they have a Card Deck, (probably) the Ryuki Rider watch or hold onto Another Ryuga, which is how Sougo got in.
  • When going to Shinji's place, every single reflective surface in the room has been covered, every window shut, and not even a single beam of light is able to pass through. Shinji has grown this paranoid of Dark Shinji, and not without reason.
    • When he wakes up in hospital, he immediately bolts to cover the window and screams at seeing his reflection in mirror. This all causes him to run away from the room, but then it gets even worse, as he encouters White Woz, who throws him down the stairs and tries to murder him.
  • Another Ryuga itself is a living nightmare. You cannot make a Ryuga Ridewatch to defeat him since Ryuga is from a different world altogether instead of a different time, he can reflect all your attacks due to his mirror-based power, and he emerge from any reflective surface, which are practically everywhere even inside Sougo's house. And oh, the host is none other than the real Ryuga himself who is a full on villain, so unlike say Shinobi, you can't even try to expect any form of cooperation to somehow create the Ridewatch.
  • White Woz would straight up murder Shinji Kido, a defenseless civilian in this timeline, to get rid of Another Ryuga if Geiz didn't stop him.

     Episode 22: Zi-O's Strongest! 2019 
  • Sou Okuno manages to pull off a perfect "Dark Sougo", giving one of the most evil smiles in the episode, exceeding his performance in the previous episode.
  • Mirror Sougo looming from every reflection. Let's remember how many reflective surfaces are in 9' 5' Do.
    • He tortures Sougo by mocking all his decisions and beliefs. It looks like Sougo is just barely holding his marbles together all the while.
  • Sougo suffers a case of Power Incontinence that applies to his social skills rather than his superpowers, accidentally convincing Geiz to use a suicide attack to beat Another Ryuga. Mirror Sougo accuses this of being no accident: deep down inside Sougo knows Geiz is just in his way and wants to use the situation to either be rid of him once and for all or to gain the power of Oma Zi-O that he craves.
  • Geiz, having been convinced by Sougo to try the suicide attack, actually goes through with it, and it's implied to be at least partially a case of being Driven to Suicide by the guilt over how he'd actually seriously considered White Woz's suggestion of murdering Shinji to get rid of Another Ryuga.
  • Sougo's nigh-emotionless response to seeing Geiz dead in Tsukuyomi's arms is rather unsettling, especially after the whole 'accepting his darker side' thing and the fact that one might expect the usual Sougo to be frantic and distressed at the sight of a friend's corpse. It's a particular contrast to Tsukuyomi's distraught state, and she also reacts to it.
  • Sougo's Zi-O II form is spiffy-looking and very powerful, but everyone except Black Woz is terrified by what they see, for a number of reasons:
    • Before he even uses the Ridewatch, just having it in his hand is enough to let Sougo casually reset the timeline to a point just before Geiz attacks, halt Geiz's kick in midair and then rewind time so it fails. To repeat: Sougo erased a timeline, and made a new one. Tsukuyomi freaks out at seeing this and decides that Sougo has to die, for good reason: how often did she see Oma Zi-O just undo any event that displeased him?
    • The Zi-O II costume is much closer in silhouette to Oma Zi-O's. The implications speak for themselves. Its silhouette is made more sinister yet by the cold stare Sougo gives while transforming and the "World of Cardboard" Speech he delivers during the battle about accepting his evil impulses as part of himself. In the context of the wider episode, it's because Shinji teaches him that accepting those dark feelings is the first step in moving past them, but none of the other characters were there to see that, and absent that context it sounds much more like a declaration of Then Let Me Be Evil.
    • White Woz's composure snaps in a way that's never been seen before when Zi-O II takes the field. He grabs Black Woz by his clothes and shakes him, demanding answers, and then when no answers are forthcoming, he bolts and leaves Geiz behind. Either it was just a strategic retreat to prepare countermeasures or Oma Zi-O never had this power, and either way White Woz realizes his control of the situation has just been completely upended. In his pursuit to ensure the security of his future, he might have given the greatest tyrant in all of history even more power. OOPS!
    • The fact that White Woz is still around means that even with all the powers that Zi-O II demonstrates, Geiz Revive still has a shot at killing him. If Zi-O is this powerful and he's not even Oma Zi-O yet, how powerful is Geiz Revive? It's rather scary to think about.

     Episode 23: It's Kikai! 2121 
  • Tsukuyomi lost faith in Sougo and allied herself with White Woz, even trying to convince Geiz that this is their only chance.
  • A minor one, but Geiz freaks out when Junichiro tells him that Sougo said he's seen his tests will turn out ok. While this was just Sougo's big mouth running off (he sucks at studying after all) and doesn't mean anything to his uncle but a joke, it reminds Geiz that Sougo is so powerful now he really can predict the future. He has a prophetic dream every time he falls asleep in this episode that reaches further into the future than either Woz can see in their records.
  • Kikai's future might be even worse than Oma Zi-O's: Humanity is secluded to a small space and, while in there it looks like a peaceful world, the truth itself reveals when Humanoise attack. They look like any human being but are jarringly mechanical in their movements and speech and ask if their target is a machine or a human. Regardless of the answer, they already know and attack to kill. They're basically Monster of the Week style Terminators.
  • Another Kikai isn't like the others, it is a plant-like parasite that latches on its host and mutates it into Another Kikai. It is not so terrifying when the host is a tree, but when its host is something else the last thing they see is Another Kikai's parasite latching on to them.
    • On top of that, there's the matter of the fact that none of the Time Jackers created Another Kikai. None of them know where the Another Rider came from or how it functions. Where did it come from?
  • Swartz shows how much of a monster he can be by taking Another Kikai's face and pushing it onto Heure's face, despite Sougo telling him to run. Heure is terrified to the point he could probably cry if he had any time to before the young Time Jacker is mutated into Another Kikai. Ora witnessed it all, in sheer shock at Swartz's cruelty.
    • Sougo sees a hazy vision of this happening when checking for a future encounter with Another Kikai. When it's about to happen, he has just enough time to yell at Heure to run, but Swartz doesn't give him any chance.
    • Heure seems to realize something's wrong after hearing Sougo actually use his name, but by then its too late and Swartz has jammed the Another Kikai parasite on his face.
  • The last dream of 2121 Sougo has: Kamen Rider Kikai is reprogrammed when pinging a satellite for energy after an exhausting fight, effectively becoming a Humanoise in the body of a Kamen Rider.
    • Rento generally avoids falling into Uncanny Valley as the only real indication that he is not human is a soft electronic noise accompanying his every movement. But after reprogramming which involves being forcibly transformed into Kikai, he moves with Marionette Motion, his visor glows and he abruptly swings his head very close to the camera when delivering the Humanoise question. Easily outcreeps them all.

     Episode 24: Best Friend 2121 
  • It turns out the supposed anti-Humanoise meeting/safe zone is actually led by Humanoise. This could mean two things, one this was a trap the Humanoise created to gather humans or two the Humanoise knew about the meeting, invaded it, killed and replaced every human present there, because they were able to know it thanks to the radio transmission. It's truly clear that in this future, you can't trust anyone too much.
  • Due to Ora's manipulation, she is able to fully control Another Kikai and lets him run rampant as the heroes are stuck in time. This results in Another Kikai shooting missiles at the the frozen in time Tsukuyomi as both Tsukuyomi and Geiz are screaming in horror at her death. Luckily it doesn't stick due to Sougo resetting the timeline but still.
  • Futuring Kikai demonstrates the ability to brainwash people en masse and turn them into robots. Sougo's powers might be terrifying, but White Woz is no slouch himself.
  • The reveal that Sougo doesn't see the future in his dreams so much as he's actually creating future events as he sees in his dreams without realizing it. Another Kikai was created by him, a monster made out of his subconscious fears and stresses about his friends abandoning him. Tsukuyomi is horrified by the sheer power Sougo has and is even more determined to ally with White Woz as a result.
    • This might actually completely backfire on her, as since fear is making her and Geiz keep distance from Sougo...who the hell is going to keep Black Woz's influence on him in check?
    • For that matter, if Kikai and Another Kikai are from a future Sougo created, who's to say his is the only one Sougo made? White Woz didn't arrive until Sougo saw Shinobi's future in his dreams. Is the entire Geiz Revive future a product of Sougo's terror at having seen himself as Oma Zi-O, wanting to create someone who could kill him?

    Episode 25: Another Zi-O 2019 
  • Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have Another Zi-O. And he is every bit as terrifying as all other Another Riders who have proceeded him.
    • His overall design is demented. Especially the faceplate. That isn't just a helmet, it's a face, or rather it's a face without the skin!.
    • Just like Sougo and Geiz, Another Zi-O can also use the powers of other riders. More specifically, every Another Rider that has been defeated up until this point.
    • And just to make things worse in his Another Zi-O form, he shares Zi-O II's future sight ability
  • According to the episode synopsis, Another Zi-O is targeting every person who has made a deal with the Time Jackers. Whether its a case of Your Soul Is Mine as payment for their services or something else, it is terrifying to know that people who previously went crazy with power end up being targeted. After the events of the Kikai Arc, Heure and Ora are naturally wary of Swartz. Especially when they ask him if he's the one responsible for creating Another Zi-O in the first place.
  • Sougo remarks that he's almost happy about the attacks because it gives him a chance to see Geiz and Tsukuyomi. While that is a little questionable, he does quickly note how twisted it is and that he's not actually happy that people are being attacked. Black Woz, however, seems quite delighted by the concept of Sougo enjoying others being hurt in any capacity, and encourages it. Which gives a very reassuring impression of Oma Zi-O's views on the subject.

    Episode 26: Geiz Revive! 2019 
  • The sheer ambiguity of what happened in the bus where Sougo, Hiryu, their parents and Tsukuyomi were inside. In the preview we seemingly saw Tsukuyomi pointing her gun at a young Sougo. According to Hiryu, she was the cause of the accident and since she came for Sougo which became the reason he blames Sougo for the accident. Highly implying that Tsukuyomi was in a way responsible for it and even if she wasn't, what in the world happened their for her to use an armed weapon in a narrow space full of people. What makes this even worse is that Geiz saw everything, but couldn't save her. When the bus crashes and explodes, he thinks she died and gains the resolve to use Geiz Revive, fight and kill Sougo.
  • Geiz is scary when he appears in the fight between Another Zi-O and Zi-O. He charges Another Zi-O and punches him hard enough to knock him down and that's before he transform into Geiz Revive and nearly one-shots him. All with a Thousand-Yard Stare and Tranquil Fury. After Another Zi-O runs, he turns to Sougo and just declares he is going to defeat him when asked what happened. Seeing there is no way to avoid conflict now, Sougo seriously agrees and they fight.
  • As it turns out Tsukusa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade was also on the bus which only questions why he didn't stop the bus crash and if he is in some way related....

    Episode 27: The Beginning of Everything 2009 
  • It turns out Swartz was also in the bus, but the true question is why and how?
  • While the reveal that Tsukuyomi wasn't killing anyone in the bus is a major Nightmare Retardant, it comes after the terrifying scene in the previous episode, Swartz freezing every adult in place and causing the bus to move uncontrollably while a visibly concerned Tsukasa tries to steer and stop it, and the fact Sougo is in danger after trying to attack Swartz.
  • The fate of the adults on the bus; as Swartz froze them in time, they are either unable to do anything as they went to their deaths, or if their minds were frozen as well, completely unaware of their own fate.
  • Hiryu can turn people into Another Riders by pushing Another Ridewatches into them. At this point he is as terrifying, or maybe more than, as a Time Jacker.
  • Geiz getting hurt by the sheer power and speed of Geiz Revive, bleeding out of his nose and ear.
  • Geiz himself continues to be disturbing this episode with his drive to kill Sougo at any cost, even ignoring Hiryu to chase after Sougo.

     Episode 28: Our Goal 2019 
  • If Geiz getting a Psychic Nosebleed and bleeding out of his ear in the last episode was scary, then seeing him crying Tears of Blood after beating Black Woz due to the strain of Geiz Revive is terrifying. The fact that he's not Overdrawn at the Blood Bank and instead has a small amount of blood coming out of his tear ducts only makes it worse as it makes you imagine what it must be like on the inside since he can barely even stand from the pain.
  • After Zi-O II and Geiz defeated Another Zi-O, Hiryu seems to have lost his drive to kill Sougo. As this is happening, the Another Zi-O Ride Watch starts to break into pieces only to reassemble. Indicating that this is not the last time we'll be seeing Another Zi-O.
  • It might be for greater good, but Tsukasa flatly said he would destroy the world if Sougo does ended up become Oma Zi-O as if he was talking about the weather. No wonder he doesn't seem to care for those children (or their parents) who were killed on the bus.

     Episode 29: Blade Joker?! 2019
Those goddamn eyes...
  • This episode has Blade and Chalice meeting up again... which is a very bad thing. If they were to ever meet again, the Undead Battle Fight would restart... and since both are Joker Undead...
  • Continuing the tradition of Another Riders being nightmare fuel, Another Blade is another horrifying abomination, this time with human-like eyes that look like their eyelids have been peeled off and a sawblade on her sword. It's so unnerving to look at this folder has its own image.
  • Another Blade is Amane Kurihara. Hajime left her for places, and reasons, unknown and while she seems to be okay on the outside she goes completely batshit crazy right after having the Another Watch put in. Once she becomes Another Blade she goes from just "merely" super attached to near Yandere levels of obsession.

     Episode 30: 2019: Trinity has Begun! 

     Episode 31: 2001: Awaken, that Agito!  
  • Another Agito, good lord. Unlike other Another Riders, which are based off of Primary Kamen Riders and replace their history, their creation follows the rules established by Agito. Namely, there can only be a single "Kamen Rider Agito" active. Anyone else just becomes either an offshoot creature like Gills or the original Another Agito. While this means that Shouichi isn't entirely affected by the Anotherwatch making alterations to his timeline, it means that the Time Jackers' Another Agito can exist in hordes. Worse, they increase their numbers like how zombies would: by biting their victims and transforming them as one of their own.
    • The first time we see someone be infected is one of the G3 units, who the Another Rider tears open like a tin can to get something it can bite. The G3's screams, amplified by his helmet's speakers, are absolutely haunting. Not to mention he then pounces on an unarmored officer as the camera pans away like a Gory Discretion Shot as his screams of horror fade away.

    Episode 32: 2001 Unknown Memory 

    Episode 35: 2008: First Love, Wake up! 
  • Like several villains or villainous things in Zi-O before, Kamen Rider Ginga just came out of nowhere and tried to destroy the world.
  • A minor one which can be overlooked, but this episode as Sougo force-transformed into Zi-O Trinity without neither Geiz nor Woz's consent. When pushed to his limit, you could tell that an assertive part of Oma Zi-O is silently clawing itself out.

    Episode 36: 2008: First Love, Finally! 
  • Ora keeps her promise to kill Yuko, right after Woz defeated her and she is exhausted, injured and defenseless in Sougo's arms.
  • Swartz convinced everyone to work together against Kamen Rider Ginga to get his hands on the alien's power. Considering that Ginga mopped the floor with Trinity and was only defeated with everyone's colective effort, it's disconcerting to think what would happen if Swartz managed to keep its power to himself.

    Episode 37: 2006: Next Level Kabuto 
  • The Worms reappear, in all their shapeshifting glory, on a rain of meteors, to boot.
    • And it's implied this happened because reality is distorting for some reason that noone knows yet.
  • When Tsukuyomi uses her time powers, she has a brief memory of herself, smiling, in some random room with other people behind her. She identifies two as her mom and dad, and a third man stands in the back, facing the wall. He's dressed a hell of a lot like Swartz was when he traveled back to find Sougo as a child. He's even wearing the same hat too.
    • When Tsukasa shows up to talk to Tsukuyomi about her past, he opens a portal to a random, ruined street. When she asks where they are, he says it's the year 2058, when she was a child. He starts walking towards a quite menacing storm-like formation in the distance.
    • Geiz is worried about Tsukuyomi because to him it justifiedly looks like if she was making a Deal with the Devil.
  • A giant meteor containing dozens of Worms is about to impact the middle of Tokyo. Scary, right? Well, Zi-O uses FourzeArmor to block it. We're cool, right? WRONG! An even bigger meteor is right behind the last one. The episode ends with Zi-O openly muttering that he has no idea what to do.
  • Sougo has gambled on the fact that he appears as Idiot Hero to Yaguruma and has fooled him enough to think he would just walk in a trap. Instead, he made an effective plan of counterattack with Woz and counted with everything that happened. It's as a scary as any reminder that he is the past self of Oma Zi-O, the tyrant of time.
    • Worse, he has this cold smug expression through most of the time his plan is working out and it completely fits his ruthless side and yet looks so much out of place considering his usual attitude.

    Episode 38: 2019: Kabuto's Choice 
  • Even though he didn't mean too, Geiz almost caused the destruction of the entire world. Kagami having been captured, is held ransom for the Fourze Watch and the Ginga Midridewatch, as without them, the heroes have no means of stopping the meteor from destroying the world. Sougo however had a good plan that would allow them to rescue Kagami while retaining their watches. The problem was that Geiz who was in the middle of confronting Yagurama had to talk out loud over the phone while Yaguruma was directly in front of him. This alerts Yaguruma to the plan who quickly transforms and rushes back with his Super Speed. While Sougo and Woz manages to save Kagami, it costs them their ride watches. Had it not been for Swartz helping the heroes out for personal reasons, along with Tsukuyomi pulling a last minute Big Damn Heroes moment. The world would have been destroyed.
    • It's terrifying how a few simple words at the wrong place almost destroyed everything.
  • While hinted last episode, Woz openly states that Kabuto happened in Alternate Timeline and currently their timeline is mixing with Kabuto's thus the distortions. It really makes you wonder just how damaged the timeline is due to the cast's actions if two timelines are mixing together.

Movies and specials

     Kamen Rider Heisei Generations Forever 
  • Everything about Another Kuuga since unlike other Another Riders, Another Kuuga is a giant monstrosity equal in size to a Time Mazine. Its host is also a Time Jacker instead of a civilian and after absorbing Shingo, who's a big fan of Kamen Rider Kuuga, it transformed into its Ultimate Form as pictured above.
    • Even moreso if one knows about the original series. Part of its late-game was about having too much power, potentially making him a Destructive Savior. Kuuga once had to have a portion of the city evacuated by his Friend on the Force before he could use his full power (it looks like the normal rider kick 'til it's time for the Monster of the Week to actually go kaboom... instead of a quick burst of flame it's an ever-expanding firestorm!) Ultimate Kuuga is a form or two after the one that first got him afraid of his own power, and it can potentially end the world. And now that power is under the control of someone who's not overwhelmed into a mindless beast like Another Build, or misguided like Another Fourze - no, the most terrifying power in the franchise's long history is in the hands of a Time Jacker, meaning a truly malevolent figure who would know exactly how to use it, be in full control of it, and have zero compunctions about burning down the entire universe to remake it as he sees fit. We're talking a danger similar to Evolt when he briefly had his full power and could absorb worlds.

     RIDER TIME: Ryuki 

  • The plot of the special has the Rider Battle beginning anew. Which means all the deaths from the Ryuki show are happening all over again.
  • The new user for Kamen Rider Imperer gets eaten alive by a mirror monster.


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