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Decade will reappear in the 2019 series.
He will help out the main Rider when he's in a tough spot, à la the summer movie cameos. He will have ten new sets of cards for Double, OOO, Fourze, and the 2012-2018 Riders.Either that or he'll appear in Kamen Rider Gaim.
  • Well, he was a key figure in Kamen Rider Taisen. However, he didn't have any cards for OOO, Fourze, or Kamen Rider Wizard.
  • Mostly. He turns up in the 2018 series, Zi-O and can indeed turn into the post-Decade Riders. However he's kind of antagonistic.

The Next Milestone Celebration season will be a Time Travel themed season
Much like Mirai Sentai Timeranger, the Rider would be from the distant future. The Big Bad of the season would travel through time because his ancestor was defeated by a past Kamen Rider, but doesn't know which Rider, so he sends his monsters to different time periods throughout the franchise. The Rider's driver accessories would be clocks, and his forms would would allow him to pause, rewind, fast forward, and slow down time for a brief period.
  • Time travel confirmed with Kamen Rider Zi-O, but not the description. The Big Bad IS the current Kamen Rider in the future, having gone mad with power and conquered the world. His main plan is... to do nothing as his past self slowly becomes him, due to In Spite of a Nail and Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act. His Transformation Trinkets are watches (another confirmation) but they allow him to transform into other Kamen Riders. His Big Bad form CAN slow down and stop time, and his Zi-O II upgrade allows him to "reset" or rewind a short period of time. There are hints that his later form will be able to freely time travel without a Time Mazine.

The series after Kamen Rider Build will have a main female cast who appeared before in Kamen Rider Ghost
  • Continuing the trend of the past 2 series with Poppy & Sawa. Or at least played a role in previous Kamen Rider series. And speaking of Sawa...
    • Jossed.


The main antagonist of this season will be Foundation X
  • In Decade, Dai-Shocker would turn out to be the driving force of the plot, it would only be fitting if another group were the antagonist of another anniversary season.
    • And If Foundation X is the antagonist, they’ll be using their research on the monster races to create cloned monsters for Zi-O to fight.
    • One can only hope so. If only so they can finally kill them off since its clear Toei will never use them. Instead preferring to revive Dead Horse Trope like Shocker.
    • Jossed. The villain of the show is an evil future version of Zi-O himself.
      • This really cannot be jossed yet, for all we know Foundation X could have connection to the Time Jackers or even are them.
  • Neither Foundation X or Dai-Shocker need a logical reason to appear. If they want to hijack the plot they will because everything is a Foundation X plot. The previous ten riders, the previous ten sentai, The Tournament of power, Calamity Ganon. All part of Foundation X's schemes.
    • 34 Episodes deep and still no Foundation X. This one's looking Jossed.

Gates will be Zi-O's son or grandson.
  • It would explain why he has another Ziku Driver, as well as the Ghost, Drive, Wizard & Faiz Ridewatches. This would probably mean that he would try and kill Zi-O before he becomes a threat to the world, before eventually coming around to realise that this version of his (grand)father won't become the demon king that plagues his future.
  • Jossed.

The Ride Watches would have to be collected throughout the series
  • In a similar vein to Ghost collecting the 15 Eyecons, Zi-O and Gates will have to search for the Ride Watches in order to utilize their powers. Alternatively, it could go the Decade route where they have to unlock each Ride Watch in order to access their powers.
  • Confirmed

A subplot will be Zi-O learning to depend less on the power of other Riders and more on their own strength
  • This would be appropriate because it iterates a lesson that has been ingrained within the franchise: the powers do not make up the Kamen Rider, but the person does.
    • This would be symbolized by the average person being handed the power of a rider and becoming a monster as a result, unable to handle the power without the morality within.

A theme of the series will be learning what it really means to be called a Kamen Rider
  • Supporting the above theory, this series will explore the characteristics of people who are Kamen Riders.

If a female Rider appears, she'll be called Kamen Rider Cinderella
And her gun will look like a Glass Slipper and she might even wear them on her feet like Bayonetta.

There will be a reference to Salvador Dalí's The Persistence of Memory
Most likely in the Title Sequence.
  • Considering that such a thing would be a Mind Screw, it would be best saved for the Hyper Battle DVD that the series will inevitably get.

There will be a Dark Zi-O
Specifically, this version will either use Ride Watches based on Evil/"Dark" Kamen Riders (i.e., Ryuga, Orga, Eternal) or the same powers as Zi-O. Considering that Dark Decade would've happened in Kamen Rider Decade had the show not been Screwed by the Network, perhaps they'll reuse the idea here?
  • Confirmed before the show's even properly aired! The Demon King utilizes an evil Black and Gold version of Zi-O's suit, mostly because he is Zi-O from a Bad Future.

A movie will have Zi-O time travel and meet Kamen Rider Ichigo in his prime

A scene near the end will feature many possible future Riders based on concepts Toei never used

If the cast of Kamen Rider Decade returns they will be the only sane group of the show.
This show is recycling Decade in almost every aspect after all so it would be fitting that Tsukasa, Kaito, and Yuuseless would be the only riders that don't buy into the Zi-O will destroy the world crap.And it would be interesting to see Narutaki's reaction to the whole mess since he is more or less an exile in the toku villain side nowadays.

Future!Zi-O will be the Big Bad.
Namely he'll be trying to stop the girl from changing the past and erasing him from time.

Just as an excuse to have Takeda Kouhei pull off an Acting for Two stunt.
  • Jossed.

Kamen Rider Zi-O will literally be the End of an Era.
Giving what is apparently the most expensive Kamen rider project in history. So expensive that studio executives all over Japan are openly voicing doubts that Zi-O is a good idea and if it should even be made. To the head writer of Ninninger is a recipe for disaster. And if it bombs it will signal the end of the franchise.
  • Given that the "most expensive Rider project" thing is a rumor based on jokes made by non-writers and that Toku budgets aren't that high to begin with and this WMG can be taken with a grain of salt, especially since he also was the head writer of Kamen Sentai Gorider, a widely liked Rider crossover.
  • Well it will quite LITERALLY be the end of an Era for Japan, as Emperor Akihito will step down at the end of the year, making Zi-O the last Kamen Rider of the Heisei Era.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons then.

The Gaim crossover will be the opposite of the Decade/Hibiki crossover.
No Urobuchi in sight, Ninninger people on the production, Lord Baron is showing up as the main villain. Do the math.
  • And jossed. Kaito does show up, but only for a few minutes to help Geiz return to the present. If anything, it's more akin to Knuckle Gaiden, given that the Another Rider is a Suspiciously Similar Substitute for Shura.

Geiz and the Time Police are secretly evil.
The mission to kill Zi-O aside. The fact that their uniforms are Red and Black and Evil All Over. Geiz itself is reminiscent of a robotic evil twin of the original Kuuga with Zi-O's powers. He has the ability to transform into Gemn Armor! Nothing could go wrong if KAMI-SAMA found out about time travel right? There's no way he wouldn't use it for evil right?
  • Jossed. For one, there are no Time Police. Two, he acquires the Genm Ride Watch after travelling back in time and tried to use it to beat the overhyped screamlord. Finally, we've seen the future he came from and Hell yeah he's trying to change the timeline, it's a Bad Future.

Dan Kuroto is back now with Hyper Muteki power.
Bandai is announcing a new God Hyper Muteki toy and since its more or less confirmed that Geiz can transform into a Genm form. Its possible that Dan returns in a new form which Geiz kills to claim the Gemn Ridewatch.
  • Geiz killing him part seemed impossible as for during the Ex-Aid timeline, Another Ending hadn't happened yet and Kuroto still have a single life points.
    • He is back, but jossed as to why - he's Another OOO

Woz is the third rider and maybe related to Alain.
Seriously! Look at his picture and tell me that he wouldn't pass off like some long lost member of the Gamna royal family?
  • Woz does become the third Rider (Kamen Rider Woz), who also has a similar color scheme with Necrom, but any actual relation to the Ganma is still up for anyone's guess.

The Demon King Zi-O is supposed to become is an Another Rider.
He is a kaijin counterpart to Zi-O, so either the main rider will turn out to be a false lead or he will fall victim to a Bigger Bad's scheme.
  • Jossed for now—Oma Zi-O does not resemble anything monstrous.
  • Alternatively, our Zi-O is the Another Rider of the demon king without being a false lead, instead acting as the time destabilizing alternative of the time jackers. Only he turned out to have the heart and willpower to become a true Kamen Rider instead of a kaijin, with this information being introduced upon (possibly, since it's been floated around) meeting and fighting with Another Agito.

Riderwatchers are not limited to Kamen Riders.
Depending on which franchise Toei Company have access to, there could be pocket watches holding powers of various heroes from Super Sentai, Metal Heroes etc.
  • Jossed.

At one point, time travelling attempt will not work
The heores will then have to turn to Den-O.
  • Jossed for Den-O part

There will be yet another Rider War in Zi-O.
  • Jossed by the main series.

The attempts to lead Sougo to become a hero instead of the future demon King will end up a almost You Can't Fight Fate type of deal and attempts to prevent the future would still lead to the same thing happening or even make it happen sooner or the events that Sougo experienced to try to become a hero are supposed to happen to lead him to the path of Demon King.

Zi-O’s Final Form ...
  • Will be called Heisei Time and allows him to use the power of all the Heisei Riders.
    • Jossed.
  • Gives him the power to summon a past Rider in his Final Form, just like Decade.
    • Confirmed

Future Zi-O isn’t stopping the attempts to change the past because...
  • He knows no matter how they change it, it will always lead to the event where Sougo decides to become the Demon King and thus, he is in no danger of being wiped from existence.
  • Thanks to his powers, he’s immune to any changes in the timeline and will always exist.
  • He isn't really Future!Sougo to begin with, so he is unaffected by whatever change done to him.
  • He is attempting to stop it but hasn't quite caught up to Tsukuyomi or Geiz yet.
  • Maybe he genuinely doesn't know that they had a time machine and they traveled back to stop him?
  • He wanted to see if they actually will succeed or it will be inevitable that it will happened?
  • Maybe he secretly hope that they will succeed for some reason? Maybe he secretly doesn't want to be the Demon King anymore but feels like can't turn back or maybe something happened that prevent himself from fully controlling his actions?
    • This guess is the closest to truth.
  • This is already the result of them changing the past.

We'll get Narutaki during Decade arc
And he'll goes 'Onore Zi-O!'
  • Sadly jossed.

Woz is the one who orchestrated the whole event
He's an Evolt expy, going 'all according to the plan'.
  • Confirmed in the end of Episode 16, semi-confirmed with episode's 17 and 18 with Another Woz, jossed with "Black Woz".

Zi-O will die and be revived stronger than before
  • Surprisingly jossed.

Zi-O's female Rider will use Pretty Cure powers, not past female riders.
That said, all Riderwatches/Precurewatches are interchangeable regardless of gender. It's just that each rider have preferential use.
  • Jossed. She had magical girl tune theme somewhat, if it helps.

Zi-O powers may have a connection towards Foundation X.
  • On close inspection on his forehead there's a stylish X on it this might give a reason that Foundation X may have created the Zi-O powers cause they have Connections with the Gaia Memories, Core Medals and even the Gashats.It just stands to reason that they could have gotten some knowledge on other Various Heisei Rider powers too and it culminates to the Creation of the Zi-O belt and Geiz belt power is might be derived from his and may possibly be a stolen copy of the plans of the belt taken from foundation X.
    • Not likely as the symbol on his forehead is actully the stylized katakana for "kamen", so you might be guessing that with katakana it was always foundation X behind the riders.
  • Jossed.

Zi-O's third rider will use the power of Showa Riders.
  • He will be 50 years from the past and be able to use Riderwatchers of old-school Kamen Riders.
    • Would he be called "Kamen Rider 0-go" (#0) then, since he'd actually be from before the original Kamen Rider?
      • Jossed for being the third (which is Kamen Rider Woz), although it's still possible we'll get a rider that uses Showa Rider powers.

Zi-O will serve to smooth out the continuity glitches from certain Riders doing their Early-Bird Cameo in the prior Rider's movie despite getting their powers in the first episode of their own series.
  • Some, like W and Wizard already had their powers well before the first episode so could plausibly have made their appearance in their predecessor's movie, but others, like Fourze, didn't even know Kamen Riders existed before they got their powers in the first episode. How did they appear to help their predecessor despite freshly receiving their belt in the first episode? They hitch a ride with Zi-O to the past, do their cameo, then Zi-O brings them back to their proper time.

If Another Rider version of Ex-Aid appears, then we will expect there would be Another Rider version of Genm.
We all know that monster suits in Kamen Rider Series often gets recycled into another monster. So its no surprising if Another Rider's suit would be remodeled into a different Rider. For example, if we have Ex-Aid, they could have just dyed the costume to create Genm.
  • Jossed.

Foundation X is assisted by Carmen Sandiego and sponsored by HYDRA.
How else do you explain the ground ps inability to die after ten years?

The Third Rider will be from the year 1989
1989 is the beginning of the Heisei era. We have someone from the present (Zi-O) and someone from the future (Geiz), so it makes sense for the third rider to be from the beginning of the Heisei era.
  • Jossed.

Some of the original actors for the older Riders won't appear
Despite their best efforts, Toei might not be able to get every main Rider back. The most elusive of them being Joe Odagiri, who has been very vocal about his apathy toward Tokusatsu for years. Another would be Shigeki Hosokawa, Hibiki's actor, who had a falling out with Toei due to their Executive Meddling halfway through Hibiki's run. And finally, Masaki Suda, Philip from Double. Until recently, Suda has denounced his time as Philip, wanting to get away from the role because it wasn't "masculine".
  • Mind you, some of these news are often overblown, such as Odagiri and Suda hating their time as Kamen Rider actors. If anything, their busy schedule and the fact they are now popular mainstream actors (meaning they are now rather expensive) are what preventing them to return. Odagiri while apathetic towards Toku as a whole, does not have any regrets about starring in it and is still good friends with his fellow Kuuga actors and it's producer. He even admit if said producer would asked him to return, he would do gladly do so. But with said producer being fired after the Hibiki fiasco (and replaced with Shinichiro Shirakura, who is Zi-O's producer), he has no reason to.
  • Somewhat confirmed to some extent. Shunya Shiraishi (Kamen Rider Wizard) is the first one not to reprise his rider role even as a voice.

The Super Mode will be a Palette Swap of Demon King Zi-O, or something similar
This could be used as a way to solidify the present Zi-O as the Good Counterpart to his future self, or at least at a point where he hasn't fully become him yet and/or may not.
  • Jossed. After originally making this guess, this troper has now learned about Grand Zi-O and how it more resembles Decade's Complete Form. Well, at least it has gold parts like Oma Zi-O.

Great Leader is behind everything.
  • Jossed.

Some of the past riders cannot have an Another Rider counterpart.
That's because those riders are already evil to begin with.
  • Reasoning was jossed, since we got Another Ryuga.

Geiz will end up as the evil Zi-O.
  • Look at their similar color palettes. Gold/Yellow, red white and black. Far more in tune with the evil motif.
  • Jossed.

If Zi-O gets a Final Form Ride...
  • It’ll turn him into a watch that allows Decade to use the Ride Watches.
  • He’ll turn into a Time Mazin.
    • And The Final Attack Ride has him doing a massive Time Break through flash cards that spells out タイムライダーキック (TIME RIDER KICK).

Let's speculate on who Toei will get back
It seems that Toei is actually getting the original actors back, as opposed to reusing the AR Rider idea from Decade, and at the moment, we have confirmation that Build, Ex-Aid, and Faiz are going to reappear, so let's speculate on what riders they'll try and get the original actors back - we can likely cross Takeru Satoh, Shigeki Hosokawa, and Joe Odagiri out (Satoh is too expensive, Hosokawa was fired, and while Odagiri would probably come back if asked by the producer of Kuuga, Shinichiro Shirakura is producing Zi-O, on top of the former producer being fired).
  • Part of the original WMG is Jossed; they got Satoh back as Ryotaro in Heisei Generations FOREVER.
  • Blade: Both Kazuma and Sakuya's actors have reprised their roles within the past 4 years as of writing this WMG, and neither Mutsuki nor Hajime's actors have said anything suggesting they'd be opposed to returning to the franchise, so much like with Faiz, it seems that all Toei would have to do would be to ask the riders.
  • Agito: It's already a popular idea because of Another Agito. Although Makoto Hikawa's actor has said he doesn't feel like he's a Kamen Rider anymore, they could easily focus this arc around Shouichi and Ryou, especially since the former's actor is on good terms with Toshiki Inoue (and would probably come back if asked), and much like with the actors for Mutsuki and Hajime from Blade, Ryou's actor hasn't said anything suggesting he'd be opposed to returning (not to mention that, if I'm not mistaken, he did return to voice his character in one of the video games).
    • Shouichi's actor returned to do voice acting for Heisei Generations FOREVER, so it's possible we might get a full-fledged appearance in the tribute episode.
    • In an unexpected development, Ryou returning is now highly unlikely after his actor was forced to retire mere weeks after Heisei Generations FOREVER due to admitting to domestic abuse, theft, and adultery. Kaoru Kino returning, however, is not out of the cards, as his actor reprised the role for Kamen Sentai Gorider in 2017 and is the original Another Agito.
    • Since we're getting Dark Shinji in the Ryuki tribute, perhaps we'll get Shiro Mizuki/Kamen Rider G4 instead of one of the secondary riders alongside Shouichi. If I'm not mistaken, we didn't really see any interactions between Shouichi and Shiro in Project G4 (not counting them fighting while transformed), so it would be interesting to see how they'd interact.
  • Decade: While this may be in conflict with Masahiro Inoue's recent main role in Garo, it still wouldn't be a Kamen Rider anniversary special without him, given that this wouldn't be the first time he reprised his role on TV.
    • Confirmed.
  • Drive:
    • Shinnosuke's actor, as evident by a post he made about not appearing in Heisei Generations FINAL, would be up for returning if asked.
    • Brain's, as part of a sequel/midquel/prequel/trailer to Kamen Rider Brain.
    • Go, since Sougo will be getting the Mach ridewatch.
      • Both Go and Krim Steinbelt have been confirmed for the summer movie Over Quartzer.
  • Ghost: As with Blade, Takeru's actor has reprised his role very recently, so it's not a stretch to imagine that he'd be up for returning.
    • Confirmed for both Takeru and Makoto.
  • Ryuki: Although the titular character's actor hasn't said anything suggesting he would be open to returning, supposedly he did enjoy his time on the show, and given that Zolda's and Ouja's actors reprised their roles within the past 2 years, at least some of the riders are still in touch with Toei.
    • Much like with Agito, Shinji's actor returned. Also, Ren's actor has said he wants to appear in the arc.
    • Shinji has been confirmed to appear in the show along with, surprisingly, ORE Journal Chief Daisuke Okubo.
    • The Ryuki spinoff has been revealed to come with a bunch more reprisals. In addition to both versions of Shinji returning, Ren/Knight, Tezuka/Raia, Shibaura/Gai, Asakura/Ouja, and Odin have all been confirmed, along with Kitaoka's butler Goro Yuya taking up the mantle of Zolda.
  • Hibiki: As Hosokawa was fired, this would probably be a case where a supporting member/another rider was brought back instead. I want to say Kiriya as a possible way to have him get Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, but given that said actor is more commonly associated with Zeronos nowadays, fans would probably be confused, so perhaps they'll use Asumu - his actor hasn't done anything since 2016, so it's not like he's busy, plus they could use it to make up for Asumu getting shafted thanks to the retool Hibiki went under.
    • Confirmed for Kiriya
  • Kiva: This one's probably going to be another one we don't get the main rider back for (since Wataru's actor is supposedly busy with his music career)...the easiest one would be Otoya, but perhaps they'll throw us a curveball and bring Taiga Noboru's actor back.
    • Interestingly, Tomokazu Sugita seems to indicate he'll be returning on his twitter account, but given he voiced all 3 Kivats, that still leaves which rider we'll be getting up in the air (since that only eliminates Ixa and the movie-exclusive riders).

    Post Release 
Tsukuyomi will become a Kamen Rider.
  • She was given an unusually generous amount of action in the first episode, which might be foreshadowing something (like Ryuga in Build). The DX Ziku Driver also has a unique sound and color display for her (as discovered via hacking), so there's that.
    • During the opening, there's a montage of shots of the riders, with the background spinning behind them. First there's Sougo, then there's Geiz...and then, for some odd reason, there's Tsukuyomi.
      • Then this one got thrown up in the air, since Woz (or rather, an Alternate Self version of him) turned out to be the third rider.
    • Teased in one of the commentary episodes, but cut away before revealing her Rider form.
  • If this is true, I predict she will die and be revived.
    • And I predict she will become Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi to kill Zi-O, just like Natsumi becomes Kiva-la to kill off Decade.
      • Jossed. She fought Swartz instead.
      • Also her suit will be themed after the moon and its phases.
  • Confirmed, in the last two episode nonetheless. And yes her suit is themed after the crescent moon.

Tsukuyomi used to be a member of Time Jackers.
  • There is shot in the opening where she stands on stairs, Swartz and Hora are to her left and right respectively and Heure is sitting in the background. Then, she walks down and they disappear. It can be assumed that there used to be a single resistance group against Ohma Zi-O. Survivors of the crushing defeat seen in the first episode tried to gain control over both rider powers (hence the creation of Another watches) and time manipulation. Those, who managed that became Time Jackers. For some reason, Tsukuyomi left the group (apparently before that happened) and decided to follow her own plan.
    • It's also possible that she and Geiz used to be members but left after seeing their methods were far more brutal than necessary and their decision to replace Sougo with a different Demon King would ultimately lead to exactly the same Bad Future.
  • It's leaning towards this, given that she shows the ability to stop time in episode 31 and suffers from amnesia.
  • Jossed, she's just related to Swartz

Predictions on the type of people turned into Another Riders...
  • Agito:
    • Koji Majima (which would be a nice Shout-Out to one of the SIC Hero Sagas, where he becomes a different version of the Another Agito we see in the show)
    • The one(s) with the Seed of Agito.
      • Confirmed. There's a LOT of people that fall under that....
  • Ryuki:
    • Someone about to be killed by a mirror monster
    • Kanzaki Shiro.
    • A paranoid person, who then can travel through mirrors as Another Ryuki.
    • Shadow Archetype to Kamen Rider Knight.
    • A rejected contestant of the Rider War
    • Asakura
      • Surprisingly enough, it ended up being Dark Shinji as Another Ryuga instead of Another Ryuki. While that doesn't automatically joss the possibility of Another Ryuki (especially since all they'd have to do is repaint the suit), it would make it somewhat redundant.
      • Another Ryuki is confirmed in Rider Time Ryuki but all guesses jossed, it's a standard Victim of the Week.
  • Blade:
    • Go Kiryu
      • Jossed on the actual character but confirmed to be a canon character. It's Amane.
  • Hibiki:
    • A terrible musician.
    • A lazy mountain hermit.
    • Kiriya.
      • The suit will be made from the Gyuuki suit.
      • Jossed, since Kiriya seems to have become a Legacy Character for the original Hibiki.
    • Asumu
      • Jossed: It's Kiriya's former students who also happens to be Sougo's childhood friend.
  • Kabuto:
    • A Worm who just copied their next victim.
      • The suit will be all-CGI again like Another Kuuga, but leaning even more buglike with six limbs and a less humanoid posture, a result of using a Ridewatch on a Worm instead of a human.
      • Specifically, one who had been impersonating Sou Yaguruma / Kamen Rider KickHopper, since he is suspiciously heavily established to be Another Kabuto.
      • Jossed He's the real deal.
    • A Cosmic Plaything who's sick of being the butt of jokes.
    • A literal insect. The result would have the suit be in all-CGI.
  • Den-O:
    • A man possessed by an Imagin but treats him terribly and refuses to state his wish.
    • Brainwashed and Crazy Airi.
    • An Imagin.
    • A spineless person.
      • As it turns out: a High-School student from our Earth.
      • In an interesting twist, there is a second Another Den-O that is on the show but summary states that the host is someone who doesn't approve his sister's relationship.
  • Kiva:
    • A human who hates Fangires and objects to any relationships between a human and Fangire.
    • A jackass social butterfly who finds violins grating.
    • One of the Legendorga.
    • A member of a wiped out monster race.
    • King/The Bat Fangire
      • The "suit" will be all-CGI and modelled on the Kiva Emperor bat form.
    • Jossed, she's someone pretending to be Sougo's first crush.
  • Decade:
    • An AR version of Tsukasa who never lost his memories
    • An AR version of the original Professor Midorikawa, who sold out to Dai Shocker and developed the Ride Watches (if rumors that Decade is being saved for the Mid-Season Upgrade pan out)
    • A civilian from another world.
    • Narutaki
      • Apparently Jossed. Another Decade might not even need to exist. Tsukasa with his new Decadriver may already be close enough to it.
      • That might not necessarily be Jossed now, the preview for Episode 37 shows Tsukasa stating that there is a space-time distortion, possibility opening the doors to Another Decade being a reality.
    • There won't be Another Decade, Decade's Ridewatch is simply there so he can follow the rules of this world.
    • Sayo Kadoya
    • Sougo Tokiwa
    • A revived Chinomanako. This time, instead of simply summoning monsters from past Kamen Rider shows, he'll have the ability to physically transform into them.
    • Hiryu Kakogawa, molting the shell of Another Zi-O much like Another Fourze and Faiz.
    • Whoever it is will have the ability to use Final Form Ride cards on Another Riders.
    • Swartz.
      • Confirmed with a twist He obtained it by using a blank Anotherwatch to directly steal Decade's power.
    • Regardless of who is Another Decade, they will be the final Another Rider that will be shown in the series.
  • Double:
  • OOO:
    • A greedy person
      • Confirmed somewhat, since Kuroto Dan is Another OOO.
    • A zoologist
  • Fourze:
    • Somebody who shows no interest in making friends and finds space boring.
    • One of Gentaro's students.
      • Yes yet no. Ryuichi Sakuma was one of Amanogawa's students, but his antithesis to Gentaro is his selfishness and is inconsiderate of someone's wishes.
  • Wizard:
    • A depressed individual with no hope and who brings others down.
    • A Gate who accepts a deal to stop themselves from becoming a Phantom. Heure can then reverse the phantomication.
      • Alternately a Phantom who has already formed
    • Someone who wants to perform magic (tricks or real), but doesn't have the talent to do so.
      • Confirmed (the exact motive is a little different).
  • Gaim:
    • A member of a dance crew who didn't get a driver and desired the power it gave.
    • A person who ate the fruit of Helheim and wants to be human again.
    • Peco.
    • A Grumpy Old Man with a traditionalist mindset.
    • Someone from the Drive series, as Zi-O will have access to the Mach Riderwatch.
  • Drive:
    • A Dirty Cop.
    • Just an ordinary cop used by Swartz.
    • A cop killer
    • A victim of a crime who uses the power to become a vigilante punishing criminals regardless of their crime
    • Honganji Jun.
    • A victim of an unjust police involvement.
    • A street racer.
    • A remnant of Roidmude tech that could be revived into a single android.
      • The "suit" will be an all-CGI mechanical monstrosity that's part car, the result of using a Ridewatch on a Roidmude.
    • Partially true on the last one it’s not so much as a remnant of Roidmude but rather an actual Roidmude, specifically 108 Paradox Roidmude disguised as Ora.
  • Ghost:
    • An adrenaline junkie who risks their lives for a high.
    • A literal ghost with regrets.
    • Jossed on the first one, partially true on the second one. It's a policeman who dies after saving his sister from being trampled by construction steel bars.
  • Amazon Omega: A vegetarian.
    • Someone who can't eat meat due to a stomach condition, and gets their protein intake through other means (i.e., eggs, nuts).
    • Hiroki Nagase.
  • Ex-Aid:
    • An old or middle aged doctor who’s terrible at video games and complains about them. Could also be a terrible doctor as well.
    • A Bugster Virus victim who's listed as one of the people who succumbed to it. Heure has the means to reverse the effects of the virus.
    • An Education Mama who'd do anything to make their child stop playing Video Games.
    • All jossed. Another Ex-Aid is a man who became Another Ex-Aid to save his dying son from a rare disease by spreading an illness around to create a donor list.
  • Perhaps at least most of the above is Jossed, because Build's Another Rider is a random basketball player, which has nothing to do with Build's theme.
    • That being said, the Fridge and Character pages here as well as Kamen Rider Wiki has made comparisons between Another Build and Sento.
    • Final count: 8 confirmed, 8 jossed with one unconfirmed (Double) and both Another Den-O I and II each count as one

There will be a Zi-O Armor and Geiz Armor, with both Zi-O and Geiz either swapping armors or using their own on themselves.
  • Their armor visors will even spell out their own names in Katakana and Hiragana. Zi-O's name will spell out "ジオウ" on himself and Geiz's visor will spell out "げいつ" on himself. And Zi-O's visor will spell out "ゲイツ" with the Geiz Armor and Geiz's visor will spell out "じおう" with the Zi-O Armor.
  • The Zi-O and Geiz Armor will include giant Ridewatches as their shoulder armor.
  • And the DX Ziku Driver even says "Armor Time!" when the Zi-O or Geiz Ridewatch are inserted into the left port. Although, the Zi-O or Geiz Ridewatch will be upside down, so maybe a Armor Time version will be made for Zi-O and Geiz to be inserted in the left port properly.
  • The Legend Zi-O Ride Armor and Legend Geiz Ride Armor would roughly look like this (minus their names on the visors): .
  • The Legend Zi-O Ride Armor powers are Time Reversal, in which the user can rewind time back to a few seconds in order to undo the opponent's action.
  • The Legend Geiz Ride Armor powers are Future Sight, in which the user can see a glimpse of the future during battle and predict the opponent's actions.
    • Actually nevermind, it looks like Zi-O 2's Form uses Future Sight. And it looks like Zi-O Trinity might be the armored form that uses the powers of Zi-O and Geiz along with Woz (with all three Zi-O Riders being the armor).
    • Also, there is the Woz Ridewatch and Woz Armor used by Zi-O in the Kamen Rider Zi-O Final Stage show, which doesn't have giant Ridewatches, but rather showing Zi-O wearing two Beyondrivers on his shoulders.

Tsukuyomi is the daughter/granddaughter of Sougo/Kamen Rider Zi-O.
  • She doesn't want to kill her father/grandfather as she still loves them in some way despite what they end up becoming in the future thus she hoped she can go back in time to convince him to use his powers for good so she doesn't to endure the pain of killing someone she loves.
    • So far, she and Oma Zi-O haven't done anything to suggest this when they were face-to-face in episode 16. Episode 22 also has her change her mind about Sougo, once he gets the Zi-O II watch and becomes nearly unstoppable. It seems she just thinks Sougo can be guided toward becoming a better person rather than trying to stop him outright. At least until he gains the power needed to kick off Oma Day.
    • On the other hand, it's revealed she lost her memory some time before the series, so it may still be possible. She also has Time Stands Still powers, which is about as good a sign of her being his descendant as any.
    • With Swortz being Tsukuyomi's older brother, it makes a lot of sense for her to be Sougo's descendant. Swortz was talking about Tsukuyomi being selected as next in line for the throne. Both siblings have time powers. When those 2 things are factored in, it looks pretty obvious who they're descended from. Which would mean on the day Swortz caused that bus accident. He wasn't just selecting a candidate to rule, he was insuring his own existence by planting the idea of being king in young Sougo's head.
    • Zigzagged. All we know as of episode 43 is that they're from another timeline, but they're a royal family with time powers, so it's possible their timeline is descended from Sougo's. It's all very ambiguous at the moment.

Alternatively, Tsukuyomi came from a rich or noble family, which may have a connection with Oma Zi-O.
  • She sports a Hime Cut hairstyle (w/c is usually worn by women of a first-class Japanese family) & wears a stylish, elegant white dress when she met Sougo in 2018. With the Faiz Phone X and a Time Mazine in her possession, it can be assumed that her family worked for or has a close connection with Oma Zi-O prior to her joining the rebels.
    • Confirmed somewhat; episode 43 reveals that she and Swartz are actually royalty, though there is no mention of any connection to Oma Zi-O.

Junichiro Tokiwa (Sougo's granduncle) was born in 1971.
  • His actor may be 11 years older than that, but he doesn't look a day over 40. Also, the year Kamen Rider hit TV Screens across Japan.
    • Dunno if it has weight but during episode 6, he has holding this specific radio that he was commissioned to repair so maybe foreshadowing Ichigo?

Ohma Zi-O will be revealed to be a puppet.
Someone else is pulling the strings.
  • Probably Swartz.

Sougo isn't Ohma Zi-O, and never was.
  • My theory is that he's either Junichiro Tokiwa or a Kaijin Rider, or perhaps both.
    • It is also possible Woz is the current Ohma Zi-O, going back in time to ensure Sougo becoming Ohma Zi-O only to steal his power afterwards. After all, it is weird how he seems to be able to jump through time without a Time Mazine, or how he wants to preserve the Bad Future when most people would try to avoid it.
      • Looks like Woz does have a Time Mazine after all, seeing as how he's a rider himself, so while that doesn't automatically eliminate the possibility, it's somewhat unlikely.
    • Looks like it's most likely Jossed. In Episode 16, Oma tells Souga to his face that they are the same person, and they only way to stop becoming him is to give up being a Kamen Rider. When Souga destroys his belt, Oma ceases to exist. But when he takes Geiz's to fight an Another Rider, Oma comes back while Talking to Himself about how he knew his younger self couldn't help but Jump At The Call.
  • Even more jossed by the Over Quartzer movie, though it's unknown if the movie is canon.

Expanding on the above, if Ohma Zi-O is a Kaijin Rider, then the show's narrative so far is a stable time loop.
Sougo becomes Zi-O to not become Ohma Zi-O, Sougo strives to become a benevolent king, someone else has the Zi-O Another Watch placed in them, they strive to become a malevolent king, Sougo is turned to stone by Ohma Zi-O and goes on to take his place through the rest of history, a bunch of people go back in time to either stop or create Ohma Zi-O, repeat.

Adding on to the above two,
  • the 'statues' aren't statues. They're the 20 Heisei Riders, including Sougo, the true Zi-O. If the trend of using major scenes in the opening continues, then the world is still doomed to fall to Kajin Rider Oma Zi-O, but 50 years in the future the Riders get unsealed, including the true Zi-O in a GORGEOUS return display, his Ridewatch now proudly displaying the year, 2068.
    • It looks like things are leading that way. Several times when Geiz recalls other riders, a Flash Forward shows the statues crack before a few shards fall off revealing the color of the visor or suit underneath.
    • Turns out, This may be jossed or incredibly zigzagged. The animation of the Rider statues flaking and revealing the real Riders is reused for Grand Zi-O's henshin. This may have actually just been foreshadowing for the transformation, or just the special effects department being incredibly lazy./

Adding on top of THAT,
  • Oma Zi-O will be defeated when the other Kamen Riders escape their imprisonment and join up with Sougo to fight him.

Sougo's Character Arc
Will be about him maturing out of his "King" dream, taking numerous levels in badass, both power wise and character wise, and last but not least, deciding to shed the "King" dream and becoming something more
  • Jossed.

An Imagin will possess Sougo and grants his "wish"...
  • But when he goes through Sougo, he actually ends up in the future.
    • Jossed, Den-O arc ended with no such situation.

Amazons's world will be visited in a V-Cinema
  • There's a sound effects for an Amazon Omega Ride Watch on the Ziku Driver, and the year is 2016. Obviously, visiting Amazons's world in the main show is a no-go, since it's a bit too violent for TV, but it would be perfect for a V-Cinema.
    • Instead of regular old Another Amazon, the Ridewatch is accidentally used on one of the dormant Amazons since they look just like everyone else, causing it to mutate into something terrible enough to match Chihiro's One-Winged Angel form. (Basically, compare Spider-Man and Venom and you get the idea.) Then it throws the Time Jackers under the bus and declares its own name instead - Amazon Prime.
    • Jossed. One of the movie Dark Riders, Zamonas, is an amalgam of the three Amazon Riders, and he carries their Watches.

Post-Hesei Era Riders that debuted during the Heisei Era will appear.
  • What is meant to convey: Riders from the future such as future Kamen Rider New Den-O (Kotaro Nogami), Kamen Rider Aqua, futurenote  Kamen Rider Ghost (Ayumu Tenkuji) and future Kamen Rider Drive (Eji Tomari).

Sougo becomes the demon king for a good reason.
  • For example, he might have pulled a Code Geass and becomes the enemy to unite humanity or some sort. This is assuming the timeline is a stable time loop and Sougo is really the Demon King.
  • This had been on my mind since the first episode. Sougo claimed he hates fighting, and he seemed actually glad that people throw him into the river if it's what it takes to stop a fight. He seemed to be the selfless type that mind people viewed him as an enemy if it was for greater good.
  • Turned out he didn't exactly have a choice.

Sougo has to make hard decisions throughout the series.
  • Each time making Tsukuyomi and Geiz more worried that he's coming close to becoming Ohma Zi-O.
    • This is a big plot point around the end of the first quarter. Except Tsukuyomi holds out on faith that Sougo is too good of a person and with her and Geiz he can be led to being better. Until episode 22, where she finally becomes afraid of him.

Ohma Zi-O's ruling was necessary in his time.
  • It is in response to humanity (like Time Jackers) abusing time travel, so he had to maintain balance.
    • Given what happens in Episode 17 with Another Woz tampering with Heure, Zi-O and Another Shinobi's future with a book that allows him to simply write what he wants to happen, this theory seems more true by the second!

There might be Riotroopers/Kurokage like Riders to appear in the Future.
  • Considering the Fact that Geiz is using the Same Belt that Zi-O has and his Rider name is pretty much just his first name. There could be a chance of multiple people using Jiku-Driver like Gaim with the Kurokage troops.
    • The Geiz suit's colors look like it was an emergency response uniform - maybe they were all purged at the start of Oma Zi-O's rule.

A villain of a movie will be Another Ichigo.
  • And he'll be the head of Shocker as well.
    • And he'll be voiced by Hiroshi Fujioka - but after his defeat the suit crumbles and reveals Masaaya Kikawada!
      • Didn't they recycle the First! Ichigo suit for one of the villains from the first Chou Den-O movie?

The plot hole in Episode 2 can be explained.
Essentially Another Riders replace Rider history which means that Sento, Banjou, Kazumi, Gentoku, and Evolt were either Retconned or removed. And since the demon king of 2068 is an event that needs the 20 Heisei riders on one world. The Time Jackers made sure that the merger of worlds occurred somehow. There is no plot hole its just that it was never explained because it wasn't important to the story.
  • The Another Riders are an attempt at preventing Oma Zi-O from coming to power, so merging timelines is not in their best interest. The future happening as expected anyway is due to Sougo and Geiz collecting the Ridewatches needed to defeat the Another Riders. Beating the Another Riders or coming into contact with the Ridewatches seems to let displaced Riders remember the retconned timelines. The watches that Geiz already had when he showed up were stolen from Oma Zi-O.

Takumi Inui and Masato Kusaka will be revived in 2018.
  • For the same reasons as above. The Jackers need the original riders to be replaced. And with Faiz replaced Takumi and Masato would simply become normal people healed of their Orpenoch degeneration and possibly survive all the way to the present day.
    • Confirmed. They appear in the Fourze/Faiz arc.

Another Takumi Katsuragi is essentially what Build Takumi Katsuragi would have become if Evolt never existed.
Pretty self explanatory. Katsuragi changed because of the "death" of his father and the skywalls. With none of that happening and Banjou as a best buddy and possibly a childhood friend. Katsuragi would grow up to be a relatively well adjusted person.
  • Doesn't explain why he had Sato Tarou face though...
    • Considering Sento and Banjou crossed into the new world, what are the chances of a new Evolt being around? Could be one not as evil, still up to no good. Another possibility: Those are Sento and Banjou from the World of Build, as that series ended with Sento having a Ridewatch in his hand and they both lost everything else to "build a new world without Evolt". So when the story of Build was erased, two things happened: The World of Zi-O's Build lost his powers and memory and the World of Build's Build lost his memory.

Geiz is a descendant of Takeru Tenkuji or Alain.
He and Tsukuyomi appear in a location that's eerily similar to a location from the Daitenku Temple in Episode 2, he has the Ghost Ridewatch from the start and his futuristic clothing bears an odd resemblance to something the Ganma would've worn.

"Woz" stands of "World of Zi-O"
Woz will somehow be connected to the AR version of Zi-O, either in the Another Rider of Zi-O itself or in the AR World sense of Decade.
  • Possibly Jossed, considering the second Woz. White Woz comes from an alternate future where Geiz swears to destroy Oma Zi-O and succeeds, becoming Geiz Revive.

The Ride Watch that keeps reappearing in Sougo's hands in episode 1... being placed there repeatedly by Sougo in the final episode thanks to time travel.
  • Jossed.

In the Den-O tribute episode...
It will be the imagin, especially Momotaros to represent Den-O instead of Ryoutarou. I mean, it would be pretty difficult to get the actor back.
  • Happily jossed, the tribute is in the movie, both four taros and Ryoutaro himself returned!

If a Rider fights a different year Another Rider in a movie...
  • In order to beat them, they’ll use their Legend Rider forms against said Another Rider. Like Ghost Wizard Damashii versus Another Wizard.

If there is a Another Zi-o...
  • His visor will spell 'Zi-o' in English, much like how the other Another Riders have their names located on their body in English.
    • Confirmed! Another Zi-O's visor does have 'Zi-O' in English on his right cheek and '2019' on his left cheek. He will also copy Zi-O's powers and gain the ability to transform into previous Another Riders as his form change.
  • It would be made after Sougo got all the Ridewatches and used on White Woz to become the Demon God of All Time. The visor would have cracks forming Zi-O on it, and the belt would be a broken digital clock face, where the year would be in 24 hours notation but only showing half of 2 and half of 8 out of the time 20:18, and his power would be to become an amalgamation with any other Another Rider. Geiz and Tsukuyomi would lose their Ridewatches and Rider Gadjets, therefore being powerless to confront him.
    • I guess Jossed considering he's the next Monster of the Week and all the ridewatches haven't been obtained yet, maybe more than just that.

At some point another 2068 will be introduced
The post-christmas rider will be from a completely different version of 2068, either due to a different demon king, or Sougo being a good king in that timeline.
  • Confirmed, but Sougo's not a king at all. Geiz becomes Geiz Revive and kicks his ass, creating a new future with a new Woz, who becomes Kamen Rider Woz.

The true Big Bad's goal is to erase the history of every Kamen Rider...
  • They believe every Kamen Rider is evil and brings destruction with them and decides to just make it so Kamen Riders never existed in the first place.
    • Not Jossed yet, but that's the movie villain's goal, so it would be redundant.
    • Confirmed somewhat. Schwartz's plan is to combine the different worlds of Kamen Rider into one, forcing Decade to destroy that world, which will save his timeline.

The Rider War spoiled by Hora in episode 3.5 will be between Riders of the past and Riders of the future

Sougo isn't Oma Zi-O, but neither is Woz
Woz will actually be the Big Good, but with a funny way of showing it, and his intention is to use Sougo and the inherited Heisei Rider powers to create a worthy rival for the true Oma Zi-O. And the reason why Woz wouldn't be Oma Zi-O? Given what we know from recent catalogue scans, Woz will become a Rider with his own unique belt that doesn't resemble Oma Zi-O's in the slightest. With a few exceptions, Riders don't often swap belts for new ones.
  • Jossed, Sougo is Oma Zi-O.

Woz attempted to depower Oma Zi-O
In support of the previous WMG, it's possible Oma Zi-O gained more that just the Heisei Rider's powers, which Woz somehow stole and will use as Kamen Rider Woz. It also seems likely it's part of Woz's master plan, supposing the Miridewatches follow the same logic of erasing a Rider from existence, that Woz wants to create a clean slate for the next generation of Riders.
  • Jossed, as far as how Woz becomes a Kamen Rider. He's an alternate Woz from a future where Sougo is killed. The Miridewatches have some tricky logic behind them, as well. The Future Another Riders have the power they are already destined to gain, prevent them from being created in the first place. This paradox makes time travel to their era impossible, preventing the same Riders' powers being collected to stop the Another Rider. Beating them requires resisting the power and believing in their future, ensuring they will become Riders and creating a Stable Time Loop.

The Jikuu Driver is based on Oma Zi-O's belt
Similar to the Build Driver, the Jikuu Driver is a "knockoff" of Oma Zi-O's belt. If you take a look at Oma Zi-O, his belt is actually a retool of the Jikuu Driver. note  This could explain why Geiz, an otherwise normal human, could emulate Zi-O's powers.

Geiz ends up becoming Oma Zi-O
By the end of the series he truly becomes friends with Sougo but in the end Sougo dies either in battle or protecting Geiz, broken by the experience Geiz takes up the identity of Zi-O and becomes the very monster he sought to destroy.
  • With the mere mention of his name at the end of episode 12,it's not a stretch for him to be Oma Zi-O with Kouta has been meddling in the supposed ascension of Zi-o to Oma Zi-O
  • According to Another Woz, that isn't too far from the truth, but instead Geiz is regarded as the "Savior" Geiz Revive, he who killed Oma Zi-O.

Woz becomes a Kamen Rider because Zi-O's history has successfully been diverged.
It is when Sougo wouldn't become Ohma Zi-O.
  • It's a separate timeline, with another Woz taking the mantle.

A high-ranking member of the Time Jackers will be introduced mid-way into the story.
And he/she will utterly inflict a Curb-Stomp Battle to both Sougo and Geiz, forcing Woz to interfere with him revealing to be a Kamen Rider himself.
  • And he'll be 1. a past Rider actor, 2. in white, and 3. Tsukuyomi's father.
  • Or keeping up with the recent trend of the main Rider's father being evil it'll be Sougo's father.
    • Alternatively, it'll genderflip the trend and be one of their mothers.
  • Confirmed that Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade does the curb-stomping of both Sougo and Geiz, but it's unclear as to what his relations to the Time Jackers are at the moment.
  • It's not so much jossed as lampshaded with Another Quiz being Kamen Rider Quiz's father the whole time.

Geiz will acquire the Genm Ridewatch - and as a result, his Genm form - during the OOO arc.
  • Think about it. OOO's year is 2010, which is six years from 2016...sound familiar? It should, for anyone who's watched Ex-Aid - that's when Parado was extracted from Emu by the Next Genome Institute by the request of one Kuroto Dan, AKA Kamen Rider Genm. Now, how this will play into the story is unclear, but it makes sense, right?
    • There actually is a very good reason why he could obtain the Gemn Ridewatch during said arc - Kuroto is Another OOO. Maybe perhaps in the case of Riders who become Another Riders, 2 sets of powers have to be used to beat them - the powers of the regular Rider they're the Evil Counterpart to, and the powers of the Rider they use (i.e., Kuroto would need to be beaten by Geiz using the Gemn Armor and Zi-O using the OOO armor).
    • Confirmed. Whether or not it's needed to beat Another OOO alongside the OOO armor has yet to be seen.
      • It wasn't. But it was used anyway.

Woz’s Future Kamen Riders are actually main series Kamen Rider ideas who didn’t make the cut.
  • Woz’s Ride Watches are based on ideas for main series Kamen Riders and their theme that were discarded in favor of the Kamen Rider series we got. Like if Kamen Rider Shinobi and a ninja theme was discarded for say, Gaim and a fruit theme or Ex-Aid and a game theme.

Alternatively, Woz’s Future Kamen Riders are Early Bird Cameos for Kamen Riders in future series.
  • It's somewhat unlikely that they have planned so far in the future, but considering that the tertiary rider usually don't get much powerups, it's perfectly possible that Woz's forms are the primary or (more likely) secondary Riders of future series..
    • It's explicitly said that this Woz comes from a different timeline. Since it's likely that the show ISN'T going to end with Geiz killing Sougo, it's likely another alternate timeline will displace that one.

Or maybe the Woz Riders are meant as a once-off the whole time.
Maybe by future Riders they meant the same Bad Future as Oma Zi-O, meaning that all of them were created IN A CAVE WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS with different technologies just to fight Oma Zi-O. The reason Woz can use all their powers is because they've already failed at that.
  • Seems that the Future Riders come from a timeline where Oma Zi-O doesn't rise to power. So jossed.

At least one of the AR Riders will appear and defeat their Another Rider counterparts.
Unaffected by the change of history caused by Another Rider, they will be able to defeat them fine. However, they are all affected by the history change caused by Another Decade.

Speaking of which...

Another Decade: Knight of Cerebus incoming
Early word on Decade's involvement states that you can add-on to the Decade Ridewatch with one of the other Ridewatches to acknowledge his Mega Manning ability. From what we've seen of Another Riders, this likely means that Another Decade will do the same, or more accurately equivalent thing, by destroying past Riders AND the characters and taking their powers for himself.
  • Jossed in favor of something worse... Tsukasa himself is back, not only with a new Driver but actively working with - and likely using - the Time Jackers. Also his Rider forms can use various powers without bothering with form changes just like Another Riders sometimes do. And just like in his home series, his intro episode ends with him saying he'll stop Oma Day by destroying Sougo's world, just like all the others.
  • Right but a way you don't expect, Swartz steals Tsukasa's powers to become Another Decade himself.

Woz passes the future Ridewatches to Heure, Ora and Swartz
Letting them become Riders, to suppress Another Decade while forcing the Rider forms into future canon.
  • Jossed for Heure at least for now.

How the other past Rider finishing moves get messed up
  • Kuuga: Zi-O Kuuga Armor approaches the enemy with a triple jump, then upon impact he leaves the word Kuuga in hiragana instead of the usual Kuuga symbol
  • Agito: Zi-O Agito Armor summons a mishmash of the Agito and Zi-O symbols on the floor instead of the usual Agito symbol
  • Ryuki: Zi-O Ryuki Armor jumps onto Dragreder's tail and starts running and jumping up his back to reach his head, and he's already spewing flames so Zi-O jumps off his head and surfs the stream of flame instead of being engulfed by it
  • Blade: Zi-O Blade Armor summons those holographic Rouse cards, then throws them to slice up the enemy before using the last one as a springboard for a Rider Kick
  • Hibiki: Zi-O Hibiki Armor uses vibrations to attack the enemy but Sougo's rhythm is so horrible that's what destroys them
  • Kabuto: Zi-O Kabuto Armor uses a different style kick instead of the roundhouse style
  • Den-O:
    • Zi-O Den-O Armor summons a train track and they throw the enemy down it to get hit by a train knocking them back into the finishing blow
    • Three (or more) train tracks appears in seemingly random places, and with each swing of the Zikan Girade (or simply pretending to swing a sword) a train rides that track and hits the enemy, before the final one comes crashing from above
  • Kiva: Zi-O Kiva Armor kicks the enemy into a solid object but instead of the Kiva symbol appearing it's the Zi-O symbol
  • Decade:
    • Zi-O Decade Armor summons the cards to pass through but instead sends the enemy through them ending with a kick as they're shot out of the last card
      • Jossed: He creates cards and cuts and cuts through them, with the enemy sometimes being in between them or at the end of the cards.
    • Imperfect and limited transformation to other rider forms compared to Decade's Form Rider access.
  • Double:
    • Zi-O Double Armor's kick splits the enemy in half instead of Zi-O
    • Zi-O Double Armor splits apart aside him to do a rider kick next to him.
      • Confirmed on the latter: The Joker and Cyclone halves kicks with him while he does a split for the kick, forming a W.
      • Also confirmed on the former. In the Heisei Generations Forever, Another Double splits apart before exploding.
  • OOO:
    • Zi-O OOO Armor summons the three circles but they wrap around the enemy locking them in place for the kick
    • Zi-O's OOO Armor splits from him, and each armor part attacks the monster in order (Taka, Tora, Batta) before Zi-O slashes the monster with his sword. Oh, and instead of saying "seiya", Zi-O says "seeya".
      • Jossed on both. Instead of being rings, which OOO flies through, Zi-O OOO Armor summons three medals but otherwise replicates the attack correctly.
  • Wizard: The texts in Instant Runes are replaces with katakana words for "insert magic here", "abra-kadabra" etc.
  • Gaim: Zi-O Gaim Armor summons an energy orange but slices it and sends those flying at the enemy
    • Jossed: It's mostly the same as Gaim's, except his energy orange is a badly drawn cartoon orange.
  • Drive: Zi-O rams the enemy and circles them, bouncing them within the circle before jumping and rider kicking them.

Nitoh somehow changed the Beast Ridewatch back into his own powers.
Why is there a toy for Wizard's Riderwatch but not Beast's? Because neither of the heroes are gonna get it.
  • He did seemed to only give Wizard's Ride Watch to Geiz.
  • There actually is a Beast Ride Watch toy, given as a free gift in Japan for buying Kamen Rider Zi-O kids' apparel.

Being a Legend Rider himself, King Kuroto Dan requires both the OOO and Genm Ride Watches to be defeated as Another OOO
There's gotta be a cannon reason why the Genm Ride Watch exists as well, right?
  • Technically jossed, since they did use the Gemn Ride Watch against him the first time, but the OOO Ride Watch was what took him out for good.

Sougo's Super Mode as Zi-O will be different from Ohma Zi-O
And this form also allows the Ridewatches that Sougo currently owns to access the final forms of the Riders they're based on, with the Ziku Driver announcing it as "Super Armor Time!"
  • Confirmed with Grand Zi-O.

The summer movie will involve an evil Zi-O
Not Oma Zi-O but a Big Bad Wannabe who can utilise all the evil Ridewatches. We know that one for Genm exists; this can cover all the evil repaints like Ryuga, Dark Kabuto, Nega Den-O, Bujin Gaim, Gold Drive...
  • well there's Barlckxs..

The summer movie will involve Another Agito
With Another Kuuga revealed, they'll do a Bishōnen Line thing and Another Agito will be bigger than Another Kuuga but still normally proportioned (also a Take That! to the new Ultraman that's somehow smaller than normal)
  • Jossed

All four of the Taros Imagin will return in the Den-O tribute
While Takeru Sato might be unlikely to return, there is this possibility since seiyuu are easier to obtain than live-action actors like the Riders.
  • Seems like the Den-O tribute is going to be Heisei Generations FOREVER, so Sato is a possibility (since getting him back for a movie would be cheaper than for a TV series). The 4 Taros are confirmed to return, however.
  • Confirmed in the movie, plus Sato is indeed return!

The hidden DX Ziku-Driver sound effects reveal future plots.
If one were to get the right pin combos, the DX Ziku-Driver toy can reveal potential future plots for the series that may be out of scope for this series.
  • Zi-O and Geiz dates include 2058, 2038, 2019, 2000, 1989 (the year of Black RX), 1971 (the year of the first Kamen Rider).
  • Since the first ten Super Modes are in the toy, Decade Complete will appear somewhere in the final arc.
  • As indicated in the hidden sound effects, Zi-O will probably meet Showa riders, indicating that, like Decade, he will not be limited to Heisei Riders.

Ohma Zi-O was never really a villain to begin with, but a Puppet King and Hero with Bad Publicity...
  • Give that Sougo has Obfuscating Stupidity and his willingness to become The Scapegoat, as seen in the first episode, Ohma Zi-O may not be as villainous as it initially seems and that means someone else was manipulating the plot the entire time, with Ohma-Zi-O taking the blame for all of it.
    • I mean, his first appearance has him slaughtering an entire army so his hands aren't entirely clean.
      • On the other hand, it's quite likely that Ohma Zi-O was never evil to begin with and that Geiz, Tsukuyomi and the Time Jackers are Child Soldiers and also Manchurian Agents sent by the real evil organization to stop the rise of the good king.
    • Kasshin claims Oma Zi-O sent him to kill Tsukuyomi and Geiz. However, when confronting Oma Zi-O, Tsukuyomi did nothing against him and he meant her no harm, and even after the curbstomp with his younger self he simply let them both go back to 2016 while telling his younger self that the only way to stop him is to throw the belt away. Not only that, but disposing of the belt didn't erase Kasshin nor the Dai-Mazines, only Oma Zi-O (temporarily).

Another Ryuki will be a late-series monster, for a very specific reason...
  • Ryuki was the first Rider series to feature a Rider War. As well, Ryuki is at an interesting point regarding the timeline already: it not only already involves time travel, in the form of Shirou Kanzaki's Reset Button, and the series ends with the timeline where the Rider War never happens. As such, Ryuki's history has already been taken. The implications of this within the context of Zi-O should prove to be very interesting indeed... I mean, the existence of the Build Ridewatch at all would suggest that timeline changes don't remove whatever Ridewatches absorb from spending time in the presence of an original Rider. Would all the changes to the timeline manage to result in Rider War from Ryuki re-emerging in a different form to create the Rider War in this show?
    • Surprisingly, it's Another Ryuga instead of Another Ryuki.

The Gaim tribute will be followed up by Ghost, then Drive.
Images of Takeru, Makoto, and other Ghost characters have come out with the Gaim tribute starting, which seems to indicate that Ghost will follow Gaim. As of the start of the Gaim tribute, the only pre-Decade season shown was 555, which was a last minute addition to Fourze since neither of that season's Riders could return. Assuming Ghost is next, the only two post-Decade seasons left are W and Drive. Unless the show doesn't air on one week, the tribute after Ghost will end the day after the release of Heisei Generations FOREVER, which will likely contain the W tribute. If the tribute after Ghost is Drive, that will wrap up the post-Decade era, with the new year bringing either Decade or the earlier seasons not yet covered.
  • Confirmed for the Ghost tribute following up the Gaim one, but no word on if the Drive tribute comes next. However, jossed for the New Year bringing in Decade, since the Ghost arc is combined with the Decade arc.
    • Ultimately semi-confirmed, since Ghost did follow Gaim, but semi-jossed since instead of going to Drive, it seems they went into the show's equivalent to the World of Diend arc.

We'll get at least a few tribute arcs to a Showa-era series
As the WMG directly above notes, after the Ghost arc, the only post-Decade series left will be W and Drive, and with W likely receiving a tribute during the movie (alongside Den-O and possibly Kuuga, since all 3 Another Riders for those 3 series appear in said movie), that leaves us with 6 seriesnote  (and by extension, 12 episodes) left in the show, that would mean that by episode 26, we'd be done paying homage to all the Heisei era series (excluding Amazons, which is likely off-limits for TV anyways). While I could see them making Zi-O shorter than usual, I doubt they'd go straight into the end game, especially since they'd still need to keep the series around for the summer movie (since Decade had its summer movie air around episode 28 of that show), and they have sound effects on the Ziku-Driver for all 15 Showa era riders (whereas the Build Driver only had sound effects for an Ichigo best match). So, let's speculate on what Showa-era series/ridernote  could get a tribute - the only ones who are likely off-limits are Riderman, Stronger, and Super-1 (the actors for the former two are deceased, and Super-1's actor is currently facing criminal charges)note :
  • The easiest would be Black and Black RX - as both series have the same character as it's rider, they could combine the two into a two-parter (similar to Fourze being combined with Faiz).
  • Ichigo is a maybe - it would ultimately depend on if the writer of said episode was willing to work with Hiroshi Fujioka to ensure that the latter's character was portrayed in a positive way.
  • Amazon is also a maybe - his actor is still working, and hasn't outright said no, but he hasn't reprised his role in any past portrayals in the Heisei era.
  • Semi-confirmed. Two of the villainous Riders in the summer movie are based on Black RX and the three 90s movie Riders as a nod to them being classified as Showa riders despite airing/releasing in the real-life Heisei era. The third represents Amazons, making for a pseudo-Amazon tribute.

Geiz rider form is connected to Kuuga in some way.
His base form looks like Kuuga's mighty form crossed with the Terminator. And it has to be intentional.

Geiz is German not Japanese.
To essentially fit in with the clock motif of Germanic Efficiency. There will be a reveal that Geiz is not Japanese but a German or of a Japanese/German descent. Which would explain his knowledge of German and of things that Japan would rather have the world forget.
  • Considering how he has a Japanese appearance, it's more likely he's half German.

Swarz's Time Mazin mashup will use...

The Woz we've been seeing and the Woz that becomes Kamen Rider Woz aren't the same Woz.
Kamen Rider Woz will be a Woz from an alternate timeline where he fights against Oma Zi-O. Instead of trying to convince Sougo that he has to become Oma Zi-O Because Destiny Says So he'll have a different mindset.
  • As of the preview of episode #17 Semi-Confirmed. Kamen Rider Woz is from an alternate timeline.

Woz is a putty patroller.
For all of his boasting and loyalty. Woz is little more than a mass produced disposable underling of Ohma Zi-O. And what the episode Brand new Woz meant was very literal. As Kamen Rider Woz will Kill and Replace Woz taking his place as Sougo's corrupter.

The Kamen Riders used by Kamen Rider Woz also comes from a meta-wise future.
In that they are from an era where selling collectible toys are no longer viable in the future Japanese's economics, so the show have to write a good story to keep the audience in.

Oma Zi-O is actually blamed wrongly for the destruction of the world
Similar to how Evolt pulled the strings behind the whole cast of Build, Oma Zi-O might actually be a victim of someone else's plot (and, as others implied, it might be Woz). Further hints to him being blamed wrongly are in Episode 16: When Sougo sacrifices his belt, the future does change! Oma Zi-O gets erased and... That's about it! But the Dai Mazines simply sinks into the ground, dormant, while Kasshin just collapses as if he short-circuited. Not only that, but nothing happened to Geiz, Tsukuyomi, nor their Time Mazines.

Oma Zi-O is actually weaker than he seems
So far, he's only shown to be capable of using beefed up versions of Riders base form attacks. His time powers, while formidable, don't seem to be as strong as characters like Evolt or N Daguva Zeba. What makes him able to rule over humanity is the fact that he stole the other Riders powers.
  • Jossed by the last episode, Oma Zi-O easily one-shoted previous villains.

The Future Riders are based on reverse-engineered technology of the Ziku Driver.
So far, the suits of Shinobi and Quiz wear modified silver Ziku Drivers with their own emblems. While it could just be a result of kit-bashing various props to create their suits, considering the timeline the riders have changed, perhaps their drivers aren't just because of recycling.

Both Wozs will try to engineer a battle to the death between Sougo and Geiz to determine whose timeline will ultimately come to pass.

Another Woz will eventually die and his Beyondriver will be inherited by the original Woz.
Because having 2 versions of the same character running around at all times would be redundant.
  • That could happen, but so could that White Woz ensured Black Woz will awaken to the power of the future himself.
    • Black Woz obtained the power, no death necessary though.

Geiz will die and be revived
Geiz revive. Come on, it can't be more obvious than that!
  • Or could mean he will do like Sougo and give up his belt, but then Black Woz will be moved and give him another one as proof that he has faith that Geiz won't let White Woz's future come to fruition.
    • Jossed for Geiz revive appearance.

The finale will be Geiz vs Sougo
  • It's kinda hinted in the opening.
    • It's bound to happen, possibly in Episode 25, but that is not the end... It's a new start.
  • Jossed.

Woz is the true mastermind behind EVERYTHING.
Woz was the one who started the original Stable Time Loop who gave rise to Oma-Zi-O. The problem is that Sougo was too good of a Evil Overlord and he was essentially stuck as a toady for who knows how long and essentially hit the Despair Event Horizon. Leading him to today. Until Another Woz showed up with new potential. Geiz a man who is a naïve fool who could be easily manipulated into a obedient servant.
  • Semi-Jossed: Due to Sougo relinquishing his belt to delay the Day of Oma, the timeline has been split and caused White Woz to appear, making his book useless in guiding the flow of time and worrying him to a point that he is uncertain of what to do. Apparently the only thing that is certain according to White Woz is that Zi-O and Geiz are fated to clash.
    • Episode 16, halfway through until the Epilogue, we learn Woz planned it all along but... Which Woz?!
  • Jossed.

Woz is the Final Boss.
  • After running out of proxies Woz decides to take matters into his own hands and will prove to be a much more effective threat than the other Jackers. Easily sending Ohma Zi-O to his grave and taking the place of the demon king.
    • Jossed: he's the third Rider.
      • And partially unjossed by episode 17, since it turns out that there's a second Woz who's the third Rider.
  • Adding onto this, it's neither Black Woz nor White Woz who would be the Final Woz. A third iteration will be introduced instead.
    • And he'll be called Grey Woz.
  • Jossed.

A third timeline will reveal itself.
  • Sougo and Geiz will succeed in stopping Oma Zi-O from ever existing, but that will simply result in a third timeline, and they will still need to face Oma Zi-O in 2068.

There was another Woz all along!
  • Not Another Woz, but rather a different Woz. This is made evident halfway through episode 16 up to the next time we see Woz in episode 17. Woz was pushing Sougo to become Zi-O again, then at the epilogue he sounds like a mastermind whose plan will come to fruition, and in the next year he is terrified of a future he doesn't know of. So let's put it this way: There's a Woz who does everything for his overlord, there's Another Woz who does everything for his savior, and there's Alt Woz who is plotting something bigger and no one knows it, except us, viewers.

Oma Day is on April 30th 2019
  • What a fitting way to end the Heisei series.
    • Jossed. Given that each episode takes place on or close to its airdate or that of the first episode of its arc and the battle of Oma Day was Zi-O Trinity vs Another Blade, Oma Day took place on March 31 or within the first week of April.

Sworz, Ora and Heure comes from a different future each.
  • Goig to shoot this one out of here: each of the 3 comes from a different 2068 (or closer to), and in each there's a different Oma Zi-O that reflects their modus operandi.
    • Heure: Oma Zi-O is opportunist that doesn't listen to anyone and just does what he pleases, kind of "childish" at points.
      • As a result, it's a world without rules. Everyone just does whatever they want without thinking about the consequences.
    • Hora: Oma Zi-O is more emotional and that leads to him making decisions that are questionable at times.
      • As a result, it's a world where everyone is forced to share and care of one-another, even if it means dying for who you hate the most.
    • Sworz: Oma Zi-O is clueless about how to be a king and has his royal advisor (Sworz?!) tell him what to do.
      • As a result, it's an utopia that is ever expanding, but no one dares oppose the words of His Majesty (or rather: the advisors) out of fear of being erased.
    • Bonus: Woz: Oma Zi-O is the perfect leader and has actually saved half of the world, maintaining order in it.
      • As a result, everyone blames him for the other half that couldn't be saved, and people either have lost their hope, or have decided to focus on fighting back against what may be seen as tyranny, but in truth it is only Oma Zi-O trying to prevent a Rider War from ever sparking again.

Ziku-Driver is an attempt at remaking the original Decadriver to harness all Rider powers.
  • This one may seem a bit far fetched, but there are quite plenty of nods to it: The grips on the sides and the 9' and 3' slots, they both twist in a way, the green light is similar to the green detail above the visor for both cases, the white face plate, both drivers' primary purpose is to invoke the power of previous Riders. And to top it off, the last Final Form Ride revealed up to now (as in: furthest down the line) was OOO Armor. Guess what Kamen Rider uses other Riders as armor?

Another Ryuki...
  • Will appear alongside Another Ryuga, with a design that’s simply a red colored version of Another Ryuga’s suit.
    • Jossed. It's revealed that Another Ryuga is from an impossible timeline, one Ryuki and Ryuga themselves erased when they clashed.

A third Woz will appear
  • Tsukuyomi and Geiz said they were entering a timeline that they knew nothing about, and both Wozs we've seen so far represent the two timelines - Black Woz represents the Bad Future, being the one where Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O, something neither Geiz nor Sougo wants, while White Woz represents the future where Geiz Revive defeats Zi-O, something Sougo doesn't want, and Geiz does not seem inclined to want either. So this third Woz, called Gray Woz, will represent a fusion of the two outcomes, where Sougo doesn't become Oma Zi-O, but at the same time, isn't killed by Geiz Revive. And for Rule of Three, he'll be the hype man for either Tsukuyomi or Tsukasa.
    • Or to make it more exciting, the third Woz isn’t the herald for anybody. This time, he’s the ruler of 2068.
  • Jossed.

Another Woz is creating paradoxes.
  • First shown with Shinobi: Rentarou, the would be Kamen Rider Shinobi, had his story erased to become Another Shinobi, but because Time Jackers literally stole his future. And by making the Shinobi Miridewatch, Another Woz pretty much cemented Shinobi will happen no matter what... Then we have Quiz, where Mondo was brought from a future he shouldn't have to begin to fight Geiz (originally), but Another Quiz is also here, making the impossible possible. So, THEORY TIME! Another Woz's idea revolves around making Geiz himself a paradox, which in turn will make him unbeatable, or so his theory goes, since he wants Oma Zi-O to be defeated by his savior.

Zi-O's Final Form will be a King clad in full armor, and will be named Ziku-O.
  • Since Oma Zi-O looks like a military overlord, why can't Zi-O wind up as a true Time King? With a shield adorned by the emblems of all riders, a red mantle worn like a muffler, in golden and white armor and a mace where he can slot in Ridewatches he can conjure from the shield to bring forth the weapon of previous Riders' ultimate form that Decade Armor can't access (example: Medagabryu instead of Taja Spinner when OOO's Ridewatch is slotted).
    • Jossed, It's Grand Zi-O.

Ichigo's Legend Rider Ridewatch will be passed to Zi-O by Hiroshi Fujioka himself.
  • After some absences from other Riders it would be really bad if Hiroshi Fujioka himself didn't show up to deliver the Ridewatch. Probably telling Sougo something about how he should fight so people can be free from fear and allowed to make their own future.

Kamen Rider Woz will obtain the Kikai Miridewatch offscreen.
  • Jossed: it was revealed in Magazine Scans that there will be an Another Kikai and it will be a Time Jacker, possibly Heure.

Tsukuyomi will reveal herself to be the avatar of someone else entirely.
  • Either of Vernage (Who would have come to warn of a calamity involving Evolt), or of Sayo Kadoya, or of Natsumi Hikari.
  • Jossed.

How Zi-O will end.
  • In the very final fight, an Another Rider will appear, with their name concealed by a mantle and the year visible will show 2019, but instead of fighting against Zi-O he will fight by the hero's side. Then once the battles comes to an end, this Another Rider will ask him to take the throne. When Sougo asks him who he is, he undoes the Another Rider transformation and reveals to be "the one who helped him become the king we need all along", taking a blank Ridewatch in hands and leaving. Cut to the present, we see Zi-O having his daily life, but not chased by Geiz nor Tsukuyomi, then the 2019 Rider comes to him, delivers the Blank Ridewatch and tells him that now present and future are connected, and that if he truly desires to be a king, he will need guidance from the best. Black Woz can be seen hiding behind a tree, embarrassed, but nodding in agreement. As he leaves Sougo behind, the 2019 Rider undergoes his transformation in Another Rider, before then turning into a Kamen Rider as his own time has been changed to better.
    • Alternatively, Zi-O relinquishes his Rider Powers back to their original wielders (which will also Set Right What Went Wrong with the Ret-Gone Riders), deciding to become a King more gradually.
  • Actually it ended with timeline reset/ new timeline thing like in Ryuki. Surprisingly, no crossover with Zero One, though.

White Woz will become a mid season villain, then join the good guys for sure.
  • Like Machine Chaser (Kamen Rider Chaser) and Night Rogue (Kamen Rider Rogue), White Woz will become a mid season villain, be defeated by Zi-O, and for some reason side with them, perhaps seeing that Sougo really can't be the Demon King he so wants dead.
    • Almost certainly jossed by episode 28 : Black Woz joined the good guys (at least for now), while White Woz acted as an ally to Swartz.

Or... White Woz dies but forcefully ensures his own existence... forcing his Driver onto normal Woz, the only other guy it recognizes, as part of a Thanatos Gambit to ensure his own timeline no matter what.
  • According to a magazine scan, that is a possibility. But so is the possibility that making Geiz Revive happen means Black Woz will become Kamen Rider Woz.
  • Jossed where the causes are concerned. Black Woz gets the Driver through Loophole Abuse from his side. The fact that he really is the only other guy the Driver recognizes is confirmed. What's confirmed however is White Woz disappearing by being Ret-Gone.

There's gonna be a minor joke where Sougo mistakes Another Ryuga for Ryuga Banjo's Another Rider.
  • Assuming crossover jokes are allowed, this might be bound to happen given Sougo's Idiot Hero status.
    • Jossed: Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi did their research and knew who to look for. Sort of. They looked for Kido Shinji, assuming he would know something, while in truth he is hiding from Dark Shinji, the real Another Ryuga.

One of the duplicates of Sougo will become Oma Zi-O
The show seems fixated on creating duplicates of Sougo, the "3 days in the future Sougo", The secondary Sougo that shows up when he uses Ex-Aid with Decade, and now the Mirror Sougo. At some point one of them will survive beyond their episode and go on to become Oma Zi-O
  • Jossed.

White Woz is one of the Machine Humanoids from Kikai’s timeline.
Kikai comes from a future past even 2068, with his enemies being robots seeking to wipe out all organic life on earth. Given White Woz’s access to technology even more advanced than Geiz or Tsukuyomi have and his desire to change the timeline, perhaps he’s a reinforcement from the future sent to imitate Woz and set the future in the machine’s favor, ala Terminator.

One of the Time Jackers will befriend Sougo.
  • White Woz will harass one of the Time Jackers (again) but Sougo will intervene and protect them, causing the Time Jacker to become uncertain of how to feel about Oma Zi-O or even Zi-O as a whole. They will then leave the Time Jacker group behind and help Sougo a bit, before going alone to find their own answers for what kind of King they want. And my chip is on Heure, given he was badly harassed by White Woz, willingly forked information to Black Woz about Another Shinobi and is now going to become Another Kikai, which means White Woz will be after him again.
  • Somewhat confirmed with Heure, after Swartz try to dispose him and Ora.

Another Decade does exist. But its the Time Jackers Godzilla Threshold.
  • Considering how powerful Another Kuuga was. Another Decade will most likely be the Time Jackers final attempt at victory. And that's when whomever the true Big Bad is will reveal themselves and finally kill the Time Jackers.
  • Another Decade could also be unreachable for this Zi-O and Geiz, and can't cross paths with Tsukasa as the existence of one would reject the other.
  • Not exactly Godzilla Threshold as much as Swartz plan all along.

Geiz Revive is just as bad as Oma Zi-O.
Considering how much of a prick White Woz is. And that as far as we know Geiz Revive's timeline merely undergoes the apocalypse later. It's likely that the original Geiz revive became just as bad as Oma Zi-O at the end. It's just that Geiz lacked Sougo's ability to lead armies and manipulate people and thus never managed to conquer the world.
  • Apparently Jossed, considering the preview of the next episode shows that he will HAVE to defeat Zi-O and it was never specified it was ANOTHER Zi-O.

Woz has psychological issues.
Both Woz's seem to have traits of being a sycophant by nature. Even if Geiz revive's timeline Woz is basically a crazed underling even when he is the most powerful person in the show outside of Tsukasa. And even then that could be debated.
  • Black Woz has had his moments, but he would never hurt anyone from the looks of it. He even saved Geiz's life and went to find out about Another Shinobi for Sougo, and is a good listener. Heck, perhaps his whole deal in working with the Time Jackers was just to correct a flaw created by Sougo's actions and prevent Geiz from killing an innocent man. Meanwhile White Woz is almost a polar opposite, for him all that matters is ensuring Geiz becomes the savior, frequently bargains with the Time Jackers for a Future Another Rider, certainly Would Hurt a Child as evidenced when he threatened Heure and takes joy in tormenting his prey. While Black Woz has had his "creepy moment" (See Episode 16), he often acted like a good person and respectful while White Woz doesn't even hide the fact he's feeling too almighty.

White Woz has been around since Episode 16.
  • I just realized this, but think about it: As much as Black Woz wants Oma Zi-O to happen, he is subtle in his approach and would certainly understand Sougo's wishes to never become Zi-O again. Not only that, but he prevents both Geiz and Sougo from making mistakes, which might be why he sided with the Time Jackers in Ghost's Arc: to help Sougo find the Ghost Ridewatch and to prevent Geiz from killing Another Ghost and its host. Then cut to Episode 16: Sworz suddenly knows how to revive and reprogram Kasshin and sends it after Sougo, Woz comes up and insists he should take the belt, instead of letting him choose. And he doesn't stop at all, not until Geiz gives his own to Sougo. Coupled with his book suddenly "coming to life", his creepy grin and the episode's epilogue we get the defining traits of White Woz: A pushy herald that doesn't even respect the wishes of their superior and wouldn't care if a child got hurt. To further drive this point: Who got in Woz's way in Episode 16 and took the belt from the cushion? Heure. Who gets bullied to a point of suffering psychological trauma by the hands of White Woz? Heure.

White Woz alternate future is no better Oma Zi-O future
  • His phrase 'It is so peaceful as if time were stopped' is probably more literal than we think. Maybe time really is stopped for people.
    • Not to mention the existence of other Riders proves it's not completely peaceful, as a peaceful world wouldn't need Riders to defend it.

Black Woz will become Another Woz
  • Maybe the visor will be in Hiragana (うぉず) similar to Geiz in a way similar to how Kamen Rider Woz's visor is in Katakana like Zi-O.
    • He will become another Kamen Rider Woz, not Another Woz, according to a recent magazine scan revealing details on Geiz Revive.

There will be a Prophecy Twist involving Geiz Revive killing Zi-O
Namely it's the now expected protagonist Rider resurrection, after all history doesn't say he stays dead: Zi-O becomes Oma Zi-O and fights Geiz Revive, ending with Geiz Revive killing him...but he ends up coming back from the dead, but now with zero chance of becoming Oma Zi-O, instead getting his Super Mode that is a Good Costume Switch (which Grand Zi-O, based on its look, could very well be) of Oma Zi-O while Oma Zi-O is permanently Ret-Gone. As such technically speaking the Good Future is the correct one, but without Zi-O being permanently killed.

Oma Zi-O will be the final villain.
Namely the closer his present self gets to avoiding his future the more Oma will begin to lose his smug mentality and eventually come back to force him to become him, now actually panicked because if he gets Ret-Gone this time he's gone for good.
  • Jossed.

Heure will die in the Kikai arc.
Kikai is the last of the Revive Geiz Future riders. And since Heure will become an Another Rider which led to Tid's death it pretty much means that Heure will die for some reason. Whether due to Swartz or White Woz's manipulations.
  • This is not as unlikely as one would think - Heure did not become the Another Rider by conventional sense—rather than having an Another Watch planted into its body, Another Kikai was acting independently without a human host until Swartz grabs its scarab remains and pasted it onto Heure's face.
  • Completely Jossed: In the End A of the episode, Ora reveals she was using everyone to create the Another Kikai Ridewatch to control Heure, and in that end Tsukuyomi dies. Of course, Zi-O II erases that outcome and that allows them to execute End B where Geiz and White Woz creates the Kikai Miridewatch. At the end, Heure is wounded and reluctantly follows Ora away once her plans have been foiled.

The mask itself is Another Kikai's true form.
Defeating the Another Rider's body is not enough; it is by destroying its mask would the Another Kikai Ridewatch be ejected out and destroyed.

Who is the Mysterious Man in Sougo's Dream?
Currently I have these theories, not all of them my own:
  • Alternate Timeline Sougo
  • Alternate Timeline Geiz
  • Older Woz
  • Tsukasa
  • Alternate Timeline Swartz
    • Preview of Episode 27 shows his face, increasing greatly the odds of being a Swartz, but who knows which.
      • It's the original Swartz.
  • Older Heure
  • Mondo Douan
  • Philip
  • Ryotaro Nogami
  • "Past Man"
  • "Future Man"
    • With this theory, it would be Geiz from the Future that Sougo was heading to.
  • The original future Sougo

The Geiz Revive Timeline that White Woz is talking about...
It's really Geiz Revive defeating Another Zi-O, not the original or even Ohma Zi-O.

Swarz gains a monster form a la Evolt and some others... forcibly absorbing Heure and Ora into himself.
  • I'm not sure if it would be by an absorption but I'm fully expected Ora would be betrayed after what he did to Heure; while Heure is likely to be kicking it sooner of later as he actually had no real ally.
  • The detail is jossed, though Another Decade is a monster so it's kinda confirmed.

White Woz is actually working on behalf of Zi-O.
Episode 24 confirms the future riders, whose power is needed for Geiz Revive to defeat Zi-O on Oma-Day, only exist because Sougo is creating them. It's possible that rather than White Woz being from an alternate future where Zi-O dies, he's from a third timeline which the series is heading for: one where Zi-O post series sets up events to ensure Geiz gains his Revive forms. This might be because Geiz is able to defeat Another Zi-O which is the "Oma-Day" Woz is speaking of. This could then set White Woz to be a standard tertiary rider with Black Woz being moved into a more straight villain role as he tries to redirect time towards Oma Zi-O.

Assuming Oma Zi-O is actually Another Zi-O...
Then Swarz will turn out to be working with him. After all, it seems he's the Time Jacker responsible for Another Zi-O, and as the leader of the Time Jackers, it's entirely possible for him to keep the identity of Oma Zi-O and how he's collaborating with him a secret from his fellow Time Jackers.
  • Jossed. It's been noted enough throughout series but the last episode really confirms Oma Zi-O is Sougo.

Uhr/Heure will make a face turn and join Sougo's side.
He was betrayed and used as a puppet by Ora and Swartz, people he thought were on his side. Sougo and friends were responsible for saving him from being Another Kikai. It's only logical that he'd leave the people that betrayed him and ally with the ones that saved him instead.
  • Confirmed by episode 44.

Tsukuyomi will join the Time Jackers
To balance things out with Heure, Tsukuyomi will make a full Face–Heel Turn and join the Time Jackers.
  • Jossed.

If Oma Zi-O is Another Zi-O, the reason he faded when Sougo destroyed his driver...
Was not because Oma Zi-O is Sougo, but rather, Another Zi-O stole the Ziku Driver from Sougo, allowing him to become Zi-O. The reason he faded because there was no more Driver for him to steal.
  • Jossed.

Swortz is the main villain
He was either the real Oma Zi-O or the one manipulates Sougo/someone else to be the Puppet!Overlord.
  • This is getting more likely by episode 28
  • Confirmed. Swortz is behind everything, manipulating Sougo into obtaining all the rider powers.

White Woz after losing his Rider powers...
Since his plan is becoming unravelled and he lost his Rider powers in #27 he will likely attempt to reacquire them in some way, potentially become Another Woz, fully completing the contrast between himself and Black Woz. Upon his defeat, Black Woz will claim his tablet, and the title of the one and only Woz.
  • Jossed: He DID try to have Diend steal his Ridewatch back (but failed) and in the end he concedes in letting Sougo go his way, sacrificing his own future to leave it in the hands of Sougo, Geiz and Black Woz. Meanwhile Diend steals the tablet, as per his tradition of stealing something nobody sees coming.

What will Diend steal?
What is the Treasure Sniper after this time?!
  • Oma Zi-O's driver
  • Zi-O II Ridewatch
  • Geiz Revive Ridewatch
  • Oma Advent Calendar (Black Woz's Book)
  • Future Note (White Woz's Book)
  • Drive Ridewatch (prompting the Drive Arc)
  • Decade Ridewatch (prompting the Decade Arc)
  • Another Ridewatch (Non-specific)
    • Another Zi-O
    • Another Decade
    • Another Drive
    • Another Woz
  • Whatever he tries to steal, he will fail to keep, likely thanks to Decade.
    • It turned out he stole all of Zi-O and Geiz ridewatch, though Woz manage to regain most of them back, thus prompting the Zi-O trinity upgrade.
    • His treasure for this world ends up being the Future Note, which he gets to keep since White Woz is no longer a factor by the end of Diend's introduction.
    • His second target turned out to be Another Zi-O 2 ridewatch.

  • Conclusion: He was tasked with getting White Woz the ridewatches (more specifically the Woz Ridewatch), which were mostly retrieved by Black Woz. But later Sougo confronts White Woz and manages to persuade him to the point he doesn't only give the Zi-O II and Geiz Revive back, but also creates the Zi-O Trinity Ridewatch. Once White Woz's future fades for good and he disappears with it, Diend steals the real treasure he was after: The Future Note.

Oma Zi-O is actually good all along
  • There was a bigger threat to the world and Oma Zi-O decided to play the role as a big bad. There was probably a 'reset button' system who would restore all the death and destruction back to normal, maybe something like Ryuki or something that reverse time and changes the timeline.
  • Black Woz figured this out, thus prompting him to be loyal to him.
  • With the reveals shown in Episode 27 and 28, and how Swartz made Sougo into his Puppet King, then a new theory can be taken into account;
    • 1: Original!Sougo is driven mad with power and becomes Oma Zi-O on Oma Day, not realizing he caused the destruction of the world.
    • 2: He realizes this far too late, and decides that he has no choice but to keep going on that path since nobody would ever forgive him.
    • 3: He realizes that Swartz did everything, presumably through witnessing everything with a time portal, but keeps his cool and comes up with a plan.
    • 4: He convinces Black Woz to be his herald, and prepares to send him to the past to limit how much Swartz could influence his past self.
    • 5: He deliberately let Geiz get the Ziku Driver and Legend Rider Watches, hoping that Geiz would either kill his past self or make it so he never became Oma Zi-O.
    • 6: He keeps up appearances- sending a Kasshin to kill Geiz and continuously telling Sougo to become himself- so Swartz doesn't realize that he plans to change his future.
  • It's implied he was Sougo who pick the third option. It's not so much good as much as he had no other option left.

White Woz won't be gone forever
  • And might appear in the Den-O arc, as he is gone but not forgotten.
    • Partially confirmed. White Woz returns for the last stretch of the show.

There will be an Another Rider based on a past rider's Final Form.
This will serve as Zi-O bigger challenge.

Other possible Rider Time specials:
  • Rider Time: Agito
    • It's really about Canon Welding with Kamen Rider Kuuga, as the Grongi are revealed to be a messed-up Seed of Agito left by a fallen El who's since been excised.
  • Rider Time: Hibiki
    • The spread of Hibiki's "Well trained" policy brings about the timeline of Kamen Rider Shinobi.
  • Rider Time: Kiva
  • Rider Time: Quiz
    • Mondo Douan is a detective in a society where monsters and humans coexist, however he only interrogates suspects of crimes. Whenever he finds the right one, he draws out the answer with his Rider Power. Extermination is only left as a last resource.
  • Rider Time: Kikai
    • Rento Makina starts off as the Machinoise's hope for the purification (Extermination of all humans) of the world, but slowly grows emotionally attached to humans as he was still a bit human himself when he was made. After his betrayal, Kikai decides he wants to protect the humans because they are his Best Friends Forever. By the end he meets with his creator, who apologizes for neglecting him all these years.
  • Rider Time: Aqua
  • Rider Time: Glaive
    • Yes, Glaive from Missing Ace. Now that the Blade arc has cemented a different ending, the story moves to BOARD and the new head, Sakuya Tachibana, who's forced to create Glaive, Lance and Larc to combat a different threat. The top candidate for Glaive - Junichi Kaito, a By-the-Book Cop who qualifies despite a certain Phantom Thief always evading his grasp.
  • Rider Time: Diend
    • Basically Diend is on the run between worlds, as the forces of Oma Zi-O are excising all Riders including him. Interspersed between the events of present day are flashbacks akin to Arrow showing how Daiki and Tsukasa even knew each other in the first place, and teasers for additional Riders that would have followed the Decade/Diend style if their series ran a bit longer. Eventually, Oma Zi-O catches up to him and Daiki is forced to make a Deal with the Devil, finally connecting to the main series continuity.

Another Decade will be a secret contingency against Tsukasa betraying the Time Jackers.
Given the previous two instances where Tsukasa appeared to join the bad guys before being revealed as a Good All Along, the Time Jackers have secretly created Another Decade in anticipation of this. Should Tsukasa try to turn on them, they'll use Another Decade to dispose of him or at the very least, keep him out of their way.
  • Not really, it was Swartz target all along.

Swartz will be a Disc-One Final Boss.
  • Jossed. He's the final boss in the main series.

Other Riders from Quiz, Kikai, and Ginga
  • Quiz
    • Kamen Rider Calculus/Algebra/Calculator- Where Quiz uses true or false this Rider would use math. They’d have a # on their helmet and their finisher would involve an equation where the correct answer would be how many of them would strike. For example if the answer was 4 then four of them would appear for the kick.
    • Kamen Rider Sphinx- A Rider themed after the mythological sphinx who, instead of true or false questions, poses riddles to their enemies. Should they answer incorrectly, the Rider will attack them in a way that relates to the correct answer. However, if they give the right answer, the Rider will be forced to abort the attack.
  • Kikai
    • Kamen Rider Cyborg- Going real old school it’d be a person captured by the enemy and turned robotic but the process would be interrupted midway leaving them a cyborg. Unlike the older Riders however their modifications would be external as well making them a stranger to both man and machine.
    • Kamen Rider Hakai—A Hakaider-inspired Rider to go with the Kikaider-inspired Kikai. An evil, human hating Humanoise created to destroy Kikai and his human friends.
  • Ginga
    • Kamen Rider Xeno- Based on Alien Lifeforms such as Grays
    • An Alien Hunter
    • A Rider who previously served the evil Ginga as a herald and/or enforcer of his will until he pulled a Heel–Face Turn and now works to protect people from Ginga's rampages.
    • A secret government-made Rider representing The Men in Black

The Another Rider in the upcoming Summer Movie will be based on the main rider of next Kamen Rider series.
What better way to give an Early-Bird Cameo than to implement it together with the Another Rider system?

Tsukuyomi is Oma Zi-O's granddaughter.

Tsukuyomi and Geiz (and maybe Woz) are the reason Sougo even became Oma Zi-O to begin with.
He needed a strong enough cause that ensures they go back in time to stop his ascension, and become his friends he grew up with in the process.
  • I really hoped you are wrong. This is too sad.

Sougo, Tsukuyomi, and Swartz are a Big, Screwed-Up Family.
With the reveal that Tsukuyomi is an amnesiac with time powers, the confirmation that Swartz was the one who gave Heure and Ora their powers, and Swartz's comments that he and Tsukuyomi must be "cut from the same cloth" combined with Woz apparently realizing who Tsukuyomi really is based on that statement, it's possible that Swartz is Sougo's son and inherited his powers from Sougo (thus creating a Stable Time Loop since Swartz was the one that awakened Sougo's powers) and Tsukuyomi is either Swartz's younger sister or daughter and also inherited her father's powers.
  • Tsukuyomi being Swartz's younger sister is confirmed.

Kuuga and W will still have tribute episodes despite their Another Rider being shown in the movie.
Since the lack of Den-O's Ridewatch after the movie implies that we will have a Den-O tribute arc soon and there has been no Drive tribute arc yet despite Geiz having the Drive Ridewatch, there could still be a tribute to both series. It could happen right after Sougo gains all 20 watches and in order to prevent Oma Zi-O from happening, he decides learn more about the two riders who started both the Heisei and Neo-Heisei eras and see how their actions inspire more Kamen Riders. Here is an idea for both

  • W: Sougo goes to Futo City after hearing sightings of Another Double, shocked that he appeared again after being destroyed in the movie. On the way, he meets up with Ryu Terui and Akiko (since both of Double's actors are unavailable during the series, may as well use the Secondary Rider and his actor has made previous appearances) and learns about the true identity of Another Double and why he's back.
    • Jossed on the idea itself but confirmed for Double to have some kind of tribute since Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal plays a role in Episode 45 and 46

  • Kuuga: Another Decade has proven to be too strong for Sougo. With only one Rider left that he didn't meet anyone connected to him, he decides to find anyone who might know about the original Kuuga and how he managed to inspire more Riders like him. However, the last person who saw him, Karou Ichijo, has stated that Yusuke Godai has disappeared since his last battle with the Gurongi. Why did he disappear, and will this journey help him change his destiny?
    • Instead of Yusuke Onodera, we will have the original Kuuga, Riku to help Sougo. The only ones I can accept who can play Kuuga.
      • Masaya Kikawada

  • Sadly jossed, unless you consider Eternal's appearance as Double's tribute somehow.

The Drive tribute arc will be handled with Kamen Rider Brain.
Much like how the Ryuki Ridewatch was obtained in Rider Time Ryuki, Sougo and Geiz will cameo in Kamen Rider Brain and obtain the original timeline version of the Drive Ridewatch here. (The one in Geiz's posession does not count as he stole it from Oma Zi-O in the future, whom has to have obtained it in present time for there to even be a Drive Ridewatch for Geiz to steal.)
  • Very unlikely, since it is not a Rider Time episode but rather a Drive Saga, and even then seems to be a minisode 2-parter. It would be a waste to make this the Drive Arc.
    • There is also the fact that even though Ryuki had a Rider Time spin-off, it also had a tribute arc in the regular series as well. They can't ignore Drive like just putting it's tribute arc on an exclusive web series.
  • Completely Jossed. Kamen Rider Brain was about Brain having a sort of dream where he became a Kamen Rider, while in truth he, Medic and Heart are still inside the Roidmude that was used by the trio in Kamen Rider Drive Mach Saga.

When Another ZI-O returns, he will use not the powers of Another Riders, but the powers of evil Riders from certain Heisei Era series, such as Eternal and Duke, Sigurd, and Jam for example.
He'll be the final opponent before Oma ZI-O, with the power of heroic Riders facing off against the power of evil Riders.
  • Also, his 'belt' will give off a distorted 'ARMOR TIME' every time he changes powers.
    • Somewhat jossed, however Another Decade is the one summoning evil riders.

There'll be a crossover with Super Sentai that'll feature "Another Sentai" as the main villains.
Or possibly called "Another Rangers", each member will represent a different past Sentai (i.e. "Another Magiranger", "Another Kyoryuger", etc) with one member representing Goranger, the first Sentai team, and one representing whatever the most recent Sentai team at the time is.

Ginga is a Puppeteer Parasite
Namely because he’s apparently going to be The Faceless, but his belt has it’s own Henshin phrase, as indicated by the Ginga Miridewatch.

Ginga's true identity will be revealed.
The evil Rider bosses from the end of Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Brain pool their resources to create a new Rider belt, and pick a target to turn Brainwashed and Crazy with their last breath. The target? Hoshi Minato.
  • Jossed.

Grand Zi-o Appears in the next Arc.
Kind of obvious from the scans but I feel like the Grand Zi-o Ride-Watch is created from the power of all 19 Heisei Ride-Watches. For that to happen, they need to collect the last 2 Ride-Watches after the Kabuto Arc, Den-O and Drive. Drive's Ride-Watch is still in Geiz's possession from when he stole the Ghost and Drive Ride-Watches from Oma Zi-o. the future version of the Ghost Ride-Watch got destroyed by Tsukasa before Sougo got the present version of that Ride-Watch from Takeru. So by obtaining the Den-O Ride-Watch in the upcoming Den-O arc, Technically speaking, Sougo and Company have all 19 of the Ride-Watches from the previous Heisei Kamen Riders. Next Arc after that will most likely be the Drive Arc, where the Drive Ride-Watch gets destroyed but they obtain a new Ride-Watch from Go or someone else from the Drive Cast.
  • Or not destroyed, but rather the future version of the Drive Ridewatch ceasing to exist due to having not obtained the present version yet.
    • Which may cause a temporary De-Power for Grand Zi-O, preventing Sougo from using the form again until he obtains the Drive Ridewatch at the end of the arc.
  • Confirmed by Den-O arc.

Tsukuyomi's real name is Weiss
"White" in German, directly in-contrast to her older brother Swartz being "Black". Not to mention her wearing white all the time.
  • It's Alpina.

Sougo will ended up dying...
...And be revived. Bonus point if it happened in the movie, like Decade.
  • Extra bonus point if Geiz revive is involved somehow.
    • Jossed by the end of the main series.

All three timejackers will ended up dead
  • Heure is probably the first, having no real ally.
    • Confirmed in 45.
  • Ora is not suspecting Swartz having some plans behind her back.
    • Confirmed, through different circumstance in 46.
  • Swartz probably ended up as the final villain and manipulating everyone.
    • Confirmed, Swartz has been behind everything. And he ended up dead but given how everyone dead are revived in the new timeline it's possible even Swartz is revived, too.

Tsukuyomi is the key to change the timeline
We know for sure there were at least three timeloop already :
  • In the first timeline, Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O.
  • In the second timeline, Geiz went back in time and killing Oma Zi-O, leading to Geiz revive/ White Woz timeline.
  • The third timeline is the current one, Sougo and Geiz actually working together and history were changed from Woz's book. The difference with the second one? There was Tsukuyomi actively stopping Geiz from outright killing Sougo. Tsukuyomi being amnesiac and being placed with resistance is an elaborate plan to ensure the past is changed.
    • The main WMG is confirmed, though the detail is jossed.

Sougo's uncle is gonna play a huge role in the finale
Seeing how he can even fix a time travelling train (and even rides on it) his ability might play a role. Maybe he will fix ridewatches/ziku driver/time majin after it was broken.
  • Confirmed. Called it.

Removing Oma Zi-O from history means that Tsukuyomi, Geiz and Woz will all be Ret-Gone

Geiz and Tsukuyomi's past selves happened to witness Grand Zi-O and Ohma Zi-O's showdown in Episode 41.
This is how Sougo's actions in the future resulted in the change the present.

Another Drive's year will be positioned similar to Low-Class Roidmude's number.
With similar font of choice and being positioned on its upper chest. For a bonus, there's no human host for Another Drive, instead it has its true form in a form of a Core numbered after its displayed year.
  • And "Drive" will be on the tire instead of "Type Speed"
  • Jossed. The year is instead printed in Impact font on its left shoulder, with "Drive" positioned on the left pectoral.

Zi-O Series' Decade is pre-amnesia Decade
  • Kadoya Tsukasa in Zi-O is not bothered at all that his pictures comes out "wrong", as if he knows they actually predict something, he introduces himself as the Destroyer of Worlds without a second thought, is well aware that Sougo will become the Overlord, and "cheats" more than his amnesiac self, on top of mastery of all things related to his barrier. Chances are that after Swartz stole Decade's power Kadoya Tsukasa would find himself wandering and winding up in Hikari Studio.
  • Jossed. He only lost half his rider power and doesn't even seem disturbed by it.

Kamen Rider Eternal will turn into Kamen Rider Drive
  • Possibly as a nod to the SURPRISE DRIVE music video, the Eternal Blue will change into the Driving Red, being somehow capable of manifesting or summoning the Drive ridewatch.
  • Possibly Jossed, Eternal has finally disappeared and Machine Chaser is coming next.

Wishful thinking but maybe the timelines that have been retconned can be reformed.
Minato still had underwear for tomorrow from when he visited OOO in the year, 2011. If OOO had been retconned, wouldn't the underwear have never existed in the first place?
  • It could be that the same time disruptions that allowed the Another Riders created in 2019 to coexist with their original Riders have basically restored all the previous Rider timelines- and if not that, then Grand Zi-O definitely did, since his powers rely on summoning the past Riders from their respective times.
  • By the end of the series, it's likely this.

The writers originally planned to bring Eiji Tomari/Dark Drive back rather than Aqua.
  • He's also a future Rider, but he's actually related to Drive rather than OOO so it would have made more sense to use him. Also, the Paradox Roidmude shows up at the same time.

Sougo becoming Ohma Zi-o may not be as bad an omen as originally expected
  • 2 things make this me question the logic behind everything in this show. Thing 1 would be Tsukuyomi switching to Swortz' side. It makes no sense that she'd pull a 180 so quickly. Thing 2 is Geiz, in his dying breath, telling Sougo to become Ohma Zi-o. The very thing Geiz has been trying to prevent. It makes no sense for Tsukuyomi to pull a 180 and side with Swortz. Just like it makes no sense for Sougo, a happy go-lucky dork who wants to be king, to become a tyrannical overlord. Tyrannical overlord definitely seems more like it'd be more up Swortz' alley. Which leads me to believe, if he can't be king, he'll control the king through whatever means necessary. Which might mean Ohma Zi-o isn't being a tyrant because he wants to, he's doing it because Swortz is holding something over his head to insure his obedience. Or rather, some ONE over his head. That highly likely to be Tsukuyomi. Which is basically that proposal at Miharu's death scene. Swortz most likely forced Tsukuyomi to change sides by holding someone over her head as well, which would explain the 180 she pulled. If all goes well, The very moment Sougo becomes Ohma Zi-o, will be the moment Swortz won't have anything to hold over Sougo's head.
    • That's not exactly how it happened, but yes, Sougo becoming Oma Zi-O is actually a good thing, he didn't pick the same path as the original Oma Zi-O.

Sougo is responsible for Swartz turning evil.
When he questioned Swartz whether Tsukuyomi's power will exceed Swartz's in #47, it was Swartz's Start of Darkness.

The Kamen Rider Build series is responsible for the other worlds merging.
To undo the event of the Skywall, Sento (the main rider) used the Pandora Box to merge his world with another. As an unknown consequence, this causes other worlds to merge as well, culminating to events from this series.

Future movie will debut Zi-O Cho Trinity ala Den-O Cho Climax Form.
Maybe even Tsukuyomi using Rider Armor.

    Heisei Generations Forever 
Another Den-O is contracted by Futaros, not any one of the Time Jackers.
Another Den-O's case is unique that Futaros, using Another Den-O watch, turns a person into Another Den-O while possessing him.
  • Jossed; Another Double created Another Den-O. Futaros is a benevolent Imagin that tried to save his contractor, who became Another Den-O.

Time Mazin mashups with the Den Liner and Revol Garry incoming.
Liner Mazin summons the trains for Rod, Axe and Gun form, while Revol Mazin uses the revolver part to load his Chest Blaster.
  • Mashups and Revol Garry jossed, although the Den Liner did show up to save the two damaged Time Mazines.

The Tributes to Den-O and Double will be handled in this movie
Hence the reason why they have the Another Riders for both Double and Den-O in this movie. I could see Toei having enough cash to get either Ryotaro's actor or Philip's actor back in the TV series, but not both, so I imagine that bringing them back for a movie would be more affordable.
  • While I agree that they're handling the tributes for those riders here (and apparently several Den-O cast members were accidentally leaked as being in the movie) One scan we have had already shows Sento giving the W Ride Watch to Sougo, which seems to suggest they haven't gotten back Suda.
  • It turns out Sento wasn't the one giving the Double Ridewatch to Sougo; The two just used said watch to travel back to Ataru's Alternate Reality, which at the moment was in a state of chaos thanks to Tid. The Double Ridewatch however was originally given to Sougo by the Fumen Ramen Stand's Master, which still confirms both Masaki Suda and Renn Kiriyama were unable to reprise their roles.
  • The team also did not obtain a Den-O Ridewatch during Den-O's cameo so we may be getting a second tribute arc for Den-O in-series to obtain his Ridewatch.

Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger is actually the bad ending to this movie.
The plot of the movie seems to involve a world where the Kamen Riders are just a TV show, and them being erased from history. Akibaranger took place in a setting which not only involved fourth wall breaking, but also had no such thing as Kamen Rider.

The Build cast that appears in this movie are not the same ones that appears in Zi-O's series.
The two sets are separate people from separate continuity.

    Over-Quartzer (Movie) 
Another Drive will appear in an arc just before this movie.
To promote the movie, Another Drive will appear immediate after the Another Zi-O II Arc. After Another Drive's ends, then this movie will premier.
  • Correct. Another Drive is in episode 44, set right before this movie, but as of the time of this writing, it's ambiguous if Ora still has the power of Another Drive by episode 45, since we never saw the Another Drive Watch being destroyed, but she was struck by Grand Zi-O.

Zi-O will be the first lead female Rider
  • People have been pointing out that the body of Zi-O seems quite feminine in appearance when looking at the latest leaks.
  • Fully jossed - Zi-O's civilian identity is a male student.

Main writer guesses for Kamen Rider Zi-O
You know the drill by now.
  • Yasuko Kobayashi
  • Riku Sanjou
  • Toshiki Inoue
  • Naruhisa Arakawa
  • Nobuhiro Mouri
  • Sumiko Umeda
  • Gen Urobuchi
  • Yuya Takahasi
  • Shouji Yonemura
    • All jossed - Kento Shiroyama, who wrote Shuriken Sentai Ninninger and Kamen Sentai Gorider is writing the series.
      • And then episode 10.5 happened.

Zi-O and the secondary rider will be on friendly terms since the beginning
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Even more, the secondary rider might actually be deuteragonist this time around.
    • Based on the trailer, this one seems Jossed. Instead Geiz seems dead-set on saving the future by killing Zi-O before he ever becomes the Demon King.
    • And Jossed entirely by the first couple episodes. Geiz very much wants to kill Zi-O, and even after Tsukuyomi convinced him to see how things pan out he makes it clear that if Zi-O slips up he'll kill him.

Alternatively Zi-O and the secondary rider will have Friendly Rivalry
  • The other tokusatsu did some dynamics duo, with Sentai having two teams against each other and Ultraman having two Ultra working together at the same time. Kamen Rider will take a middle ground and have Friendly Rivalry instead.
    • Jossed for the same reason as the above WMG. Also Ultraman is owned by a completely different company.
      • Or perhaps not entirely jossed just yet - it's still possible that, as usual, the fighting between the main and secondary rider will only occur for several episodes at the beginning of the series, and then once they finally works together, Toei can apply the friendly rivalry route.

The plot would involve pushing back this show's version of the Doomsday Clock
When the Clock Strikes Twelve, The End of the World as We Know It will occur or the Big Bad will awaken.

How will TATAKAE! work this time?
I can imagine ways to justify the original ten Heisei riders but the Lighter and Softer Neo-Heisei rider protagonists not so much. I don't see Gentaro committing manslaughter for the greater good anytime soon.
  • It's possible the Riders don't fight each other.
    • TATAKAE is Jossed. The "Another Riders" aren't the riders themselves, but Kaijin versions of them.

If there's a third rider, they'll be themed around hourglasses or sundials
  • Since time seems to be the main theme of the show, they're likely going to have time travel involved - and seeing as how Gates seems to be from the future - assuming Zi-O is from the present - then logically speaking, the third rider should be from the past - so said Rider's suit will be themed around older methods of keeping time.
    • Said Rider will also be Showa-themed. He’ll be more like Riders in the Showa days personality wise as well as using their powers.
    • Jossed in two ways: Geiz uses the hourglass-like Geiz Revive Ride Watch to assume two new powerup forms: Geiz Revive Gouretsu/Shippu. The actual third Rider, Woz, uses the power of Kamen Riders from the future.

They gonna pull 'alternate rider' with 'alternate stories' yet again...
However this time it is gonna be justified given the ending of Build. Zi-O will meet past version of riders, yet it is a different one than the previous ones in 'canon'.
  • So far, it's looking like this trope is going to be jossed - Build's ending pretty much confirmed that Zi-O is going to be visiting the merged world, and as mentioned above, it's likely that the arc for Ex-Aid will be set in between the end of the series and Another Ending. So far, the only possible case this could be confirmed for is Faiz, assuming that it's in the middle of the show (as opposed to yet another alternate ending).
  • Somewhat confirmed in Episode 2. It's Katsuragi Takumi, not Sento who becomes Build. It only happened because of Sougo's meddling with the Build's timeline, though.
    • Jossed. The changes to time erase the Riders from having been superheroes, but they still exist as heroic civilians. The only time they have their powers is in the original timeline that returns when an Another Rider is destroyed.

One of the episodes in Ex-Aid's arc will be titled Released: 2016
  • As in, a game will be released in 2016.
  • Jossed, both tributes to Ex-Aid are Doctor Gamer 2018 and No Continue 2016.

Tsukuyomi is the Cross-Z of Zi-O.
  • In that she will become a Kamen Rider much earlier in the season, using white Armor Rides like Kamen Rider Zi-O and using Gaim, OOO and Faiz to go with their gadget-based Ridewatches.
    • Jossed. If she's becoming a Rider at all, it's not until after Q2, and those Ridewatches already have claimed users.

Kaitou Kumon is Another Gaim.
The events of Gaim didn't happen which means that Kaitou is just as evil if not worse than when he was under Urobuchi's pen. Also it was hinted since early on that Lord Baron would appear in Gaim.
  • Jossed. It's a new character who is a former member of Team Baron.

The Decade Ride-Watch...
  • If recent Rider tradition is any indication, Zi-O will get Decade's powers some time around December, and just in time for the winter movie. Want to know what else is in the winter movie? Past Riders, like Build and Ex-Aid, who were already erased from the timeline. Now, if Watches erase past Riders, how can they exist in the movie? The answer is simple; the Decade Watch. The original Decade had the power to enhance other Riders with his Final Form Ride, so it wouldn't be too much of a stretch for Toei to just use the Decade Watch as a neat little explanation to get past Riders back in the game for the movie, as well as give us the traditional 'past Rider final form + current Rider upgraded form vs final boss' battle at the end.
    • Jossed. Sougo DID get the Decade Ridewatch around that time, but past Riders are still unable to access their power once taken from them. And so far, the Decade Ridewatch only appears to unlock the final form powers of the watch that's inserted into it. And since the Decade watch can't be inserted into itself, it doesn't seem likely that it will happen without time shenanigans producing a "second" one.

The future Riders Woz uses for his other forms are the Rider Forms of the Time Jackers
Think about it - aside from his base form, he has 3 other forms (Shinobi, Quiz, and Kikai), and there's 3 Time Jackers (not counting the movie-exclusive Tid, there's Sworz, Heure, and Ora) - the only other Rider from the future that we know of is Geiz, who uses regular Ride Watches (hence the reason Woz doesn't have a Geiz Form that uses a Miridewatch), so perhaps Woz stole the Time Jackers' Miridewatches - hence the reason why they don't try and use their Rider forms to fight the heroes; they can't use the forms if they lack the Transformation Trinket for them.
  • Jossed. The Future Riders are from an alternate timeline, and Future Another Riders were created BY the Timejackers in an attempt to create unstoppable warriors.

Another Zi-O is the REAL Oma Zi-O
  • In a way, it makes sense more sense if it was Another Zi-O that becomes Oma Zi-O. Like, put yourself in Oma Zi-O's shoes for a moment. You clearly know time travel is possible, considering you've done that a million times in the Time Mazines to defeat the another riders. Wouldn't someone assassinating your past self be the one thing you'd see coming? How would that not have crossed Oma Zi-O's mind? I think, Another Zi-O, is impersonating Sougo in the future. That way, if someone were to ever try killing Oma Zi-O in the past like Geiz is doing, it wouldn't matter. That explains why Sougo and Oma Zi-O seem like polar opposites, because they aren't the same person. And Tsukuyomi said Sougo's power to see the future as Zi-O 2 was the same one as Oma Zi-O. Whose to say Another Zi-O won't have that too? Maybe that's why he's collecting Another Rider watches?
    • The real identity of Another Zi-O is actually a young man named Hiryu Kakogawa who seems to be familiar to Sougo. We don't know for sure whether Oma Zi-O has any connections to Another Zi-O until the episode is released.
  • As for White Woz's future, I believe that for the another rider to exist, their corresponding rider's power would have to exist before it's completely erased by the another Rider's existence. Like, we know Zi-O's existence as a rider leads to the rise of Oma Zi-O. But we don't know that he IS Oma Zi-O. Just that Sougo's status as a rider is a key part for Oma Zi-o to be created. In White Woz's future, Geiz may have killed Sougo as Geiz revive while Another Zi-O was still collecting another rider powers. No Actual Zi-O means that Another Zi-o loses his Another rider powers. though I can't really be sure of that without more evidence on the another rider front. Because judging by the scans, Another Zi-o seems to know Sougo personally.
    • It seems unlikely after episode 28, at least for Hiryu, though it's still open up possibilities for another host.
    • Episode 41 josses this when Swartz retcons Sougo out of existence, he creates an alternative future where Hiryu became Oma Zi-O as Another Zi-O II, proving that the Oma Zi-O in the show proper is future Sougo.

An Another Decade already exists, and is not Tsukasa.
  • The Tsukasa we all know might as well be from a different timeline, and this timeline's Decade is already gone and replaced by Another Decade. So who's this Tsukasa? The original one, from Kamen Rider Decade, yes, but perhaps having met with the Sento Kiryu and Banjo Ryuga that merged the worlds and having Sento fix his Decadriver and restore his camera to its former glory (as we know from Decade X W, his camera was broken and repaired, but the damage was still very visible). Possibly Sento got a little carried and upgraded the Decadriver with all the knowledge he had of all riders up to his own era. As for the Decade Ridewatch... Well...
  • At the very moment he entered this world, the Ridewatch may have been with him all along, and he knew that to regain his memories, including of his own world, he needed to find and defeat Another Decade, but chances are he cannot do it alone, having learned to rely on comrades. His attacking Zi-O and Geiz? All part of his plan. He needed Sougo to learn the value of trusting a comrade, and he needed Geiz to learn to believe in Sougo's will to change to future. By now they are almost ready to face the great challenges of Oma Zi-O... And Another Decade.
  • Jossed, Swartz staged the entire Another Zi-O II arc to steal Tsukasa's powers to become Another Decade.


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