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Tear Jerker / Kamen Rider Zi-O

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Kings do not have friends - only subjects and enemies.

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  • Seeing the heroes we loved over the years all have their histories and identities stolen when Another Rider comes into existence. Destroying the Another Rider causes them to regain their memories and powers but the effect is only temporary. Even when Sougo or Geiz permanently defeats the Another Rider, history doesn’t change back. The Kamen Riders we know and love are erased from history and so far, nothing implies history will ever change back to what it should be...

    Episode 3: Doctor Game 2018 
  • Another Ex-Aid's true identity is that of a father desperately looking for organ donors to save his son, gravely injured in an accident. Naturally, Ora froze time right after the accident to offer him the chance to be an Another Rider, and took advantage of a father's love for his son to turn him into a disease-spreading monster.
  • At one point, Sougo asks Geiz if he'd do anything to save a friend, and Geiz immediately has a flashback where he's comforting a dead comrade after Oma Zi-O's onslaught. It must be so hard for Geiz, who is so ready to kill Sougo, to save his friends from their fate but can't do it due to seeing what Sougo is.

    Episode 5: Switch On! 2011 
  • Sougo watches two boys passing by as one agrees to help the other with studying and wonders what's it like to have friends. What little has been seen of his classmates so far indicates that, at best, they only tolerate him and his "loony behavior". The people he spends most time with aside from his uncle have argued over whether to kill him now or later and he doesn't seem to have any problem with it anymore. Overall, having heart of gold doesn't seem to convince people in his time to cut him some slack for being a bit odd and childish.
    • Some Fridge Horror later and one might realize that in the possible past where Sougo became Zi-O without Tsukuyomi or Geiz’s influence, Sougo would have become very attached to Woz instead and since Woz wants time to go as it should, would have led him down the path of Oma Zi-O.

    Episode 6: 555・913・2003 
  • The reasons behind Another Fourze/Another Faiz's existence are quite sad. After his friend Karin Yamabuki dies because he failed to keep a promise with her, Sakuma is distraught and agrees with Ora to become an Another Rider. Because of this he spends the next 15 years of his life killing other young women in order to keep Karin alive despite her protests. When he is eventually defeated, Karin tells him to live his own life before disappearing forever.
    • It should also be noted that being alumni from the Ryuusei School, they're both orphans with no other family members, and went through all the trauma and tragedy the others suffered in the Faiz series itself and its backstory (subjected to horrible experiments in the backstory, followed by life on the run and the majority of them dying one by one.) With Karin now permanently dead, Sakuma really has no family left with the possible exception of Kusaka who seems mostly disinterested in sticking around.

    Episode 7: Magic Showtime 2018 
  • Sougo is visibly heartbroken when Geiz calls him out on trying to find a peaceful solution to the situation and befriend him. They are supposed to be enemies and Geiz wants it to stay that way.
  • The only reason Hayase became Another Wizard was so that the theater his crush ran didn’t go out of business. Six years later, it turns out the theater will be closed down anyways because Hayase became too famous. Hearing this news is what threw Hayase straight past the Despair Event Horizon and turned him fully into a monster.

    Episode 10: Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper 2010 
  • Realizing he's been getting soft with Sougo, Geiz by the end of the episode is revealed to have severed his ties to the group and effectively moved out of Kujigoji-do, while reminding himself that he isn't Sougo's friend, and he came to 2018 to kill him.

    Episode 12: My X My Stage 2013 
  • Seeing Kouta and the world he and Mai colonized back at the end of Gaim fade out of existence. After all he went through and the beauty of the world we saw in crossovers after Gaim... just gone.

    Episode 13: Ghost Hunter 2018 
  • Another Ghost's (Makimura) backstory is tragic to say the least. He was a police officer who died saving his sister from falling rebar, and even though he rejected Heure's offer to become a Another Rider to save her, his corpse is still turned into the Another Rider.
    • What's worse, this puts Zi-O and Geiz into a very tough spot. They know they can't let Another Ghost run off and steal souls, but at the same time, nothing will change when they properly destroy the Another Rider as Makimura will still be dead.
    • And then there's the sister's reaction. For three years, she thought her brother was missing and that Another Ghost was responsible for it. It's not hard to see why she would take the news that her brother was said monster, and that he was dead all along, very hard.
  • Tsukuyomi's reaction after Sougo's soul is extracted by Another Ghost is full of concern and fear that he's dead. Even Geiz, who earlier in the episode is starting to go forward with his "kill Sougo" plan, seemed concerned.

    Episode 15: Back to 2068 
  • At the start of the episode, Geiz sincerely pleads Sougo to give up the Ziku Driver because it's the only way he can avoid becoming Oma Zi-O. Sougo just calmly brushes him off, repeating that he is going to be a good overlord. Apparently, Geiz is getting desperately caught between having to kill Sougo and not wanting to do that. This leads to his later attempt as he just wants to get things over with.
  • Sougo goes to 2068 and sees the state of the world under the Demon King's rule. Tsukuyomi informs him that the people huddling in camps are the lucky ones, because they're the half of humanity that's still alive.
  • This is followed up by Sougo meeting Oma Zi-O in person and seeing his face. For the past fourteen episodes, Sougo's been in total denial that he'd ever become such a monster, declaring proudly that he'll become the greatest and most beloved king in history instead. He's been so earnest about it that Geiz, Tsukuyomi, and even some of the audience have doubted he could really be Oma Zi-O, with theories ranging from it being someone else using his name to it being an Another Rider. Coming face-to-face with the Demon King shatters those delusions and sends Sougo hurtling over the Despair Event Horizon: Oma Zi-O truly is Sougo himself, and truly believes he achieved his younger self's goal. Sougo shoves Tsukuyomi away when she tries to stop him and tries to kill Oma Zi-O right there and then, not because he has any shot of doing so but because all his hopes and dreams have just come crashing down around him and the only thing he can do is lash out at his own reflection.

     Episode 16: Forever King 2018 
  • Sougo's attempt to smile when asking Geiz to destroy the Ziku driver is just heartbreaking as he is constantly drawn back by the sadness of giving up his dream.
    • Seeing the usually (oftentimes disturbingly) upbeat Sougo just wander around in apathy, musing on what he is going to do with his life now is no better.

     Episode 17: Happy New Woz 2019 
  • Kamen Rider Shinobi/Kagura Rentaro's fate. Here was a man destined to become a Kamen Rider, a true hero, in the future and thanks to the Time Jackers, this future hero became a terrifying monster.

     Episode 20: Final Answer? 2040 
  • The reason why Tamotsu Douan was so obsessed with his research and the mind of geniuses once he became Another Quiz is heartwarming, but ultimately a tear jerker: He was desperate to save his wife, even if he lost his own life or became a monster while doing so. Thankfully Mondo manages to change his mind and fate.
  • White Woz's utter Kick the Dog towards Tamotsu Douan after gaining Kamen Rider Quiz's powers. Mocking him that his research will turn no results despite his hard work and that eventually his family will stop caring for him. Mondo is horrified when he sees what White Woz is doing.

     Episode 22: Zi-O Strongest 2019 
  • Before Sougo rewound time, Geiz's suicide attack failed and only resulted in his death with Another Ryuga perfectly fine.
    • Regardless of his motives, White Woz is legitimately shaken when Geiz dies due to the fact that his death means that in White Woz's eyes the only future remaining is the terror of Oma Zi-O's future. Tsukuyomi's reaction to Geiz charging off to his needless death is also tragic as she clings on to him after he dies in her arms and sounds on the verge of a total breakdown when she tries to tell Sougo before the Reset Button gets hit.
  • It's heartbreaking that at the end of the episode even Tsukuyomi wonders if the only way to stop Oma Zi-O is to kill Sougo after seeing just how powerful Zi-O II is. It's made worse when Tsukuyomi this episode stated she believed that Sougo could never turn into Oma Zi-O and that Geiz was turning kinder due to Sougo's example.
    • What makes this one worse is that Sougo had a genuine What You Are in the Dark moment and came out of more likely on the side she'd want him on. But due to how his powers work, neither she, nor Geiz will ever know about it, or his saving Geiz's life.

     Episode 23: It's Kikai! 2121 
  • It is depressing to see Sougo all alone when he usually has Tsukoyumi supporting him. Now due to a complete misunderstanding, she's siding with White Woz against him.
    • Continuing that after Swartz forced Heure to become Another Kikai, White Woz leaves telling Tsukuyomi and Geiz to go with him. Sougo just watches silently as his two friends hesitantly follow White Woz leaving Sougo without his friends.

     Episode 24: Best Friend 2121 
  • As Tsukuyomi announces to Junichiro that she and Geiz will be leaving, he feels a bit sad, and reveals to her how their presence was important to Sougo, as he was happier with them around. And when you think of how lonely Oma Zi-O is...
  • Kikai and Another Kikai are both revealed to be products of Sougo's imagination interacting with his increasingly godlike powers. Both are based off of a robot toy Sougo used to play with as a kid, which he called his best friend since none of the other kids wanted to play with him because of his dream to become a king. Both reflect different aspects of the stress that created them. Kikai's story exists to cheer Sougo up about Tsukuyomi and Geiz leaving him and reassure him that they'll be able to reconcile, while Another Kikai represents Sougo's despair and loneliness: it's a twisted version of Sougo's only childhood friend, one that hates him and wants to kill him just like all his other friends do.
  • Ora reveals that she was planning to use Heure from the start and never cared about him, meaning there's nobody in the Time Jackers who doesn't see him as a disposable tool. Heure follows her away, but so reluctantly that it looks like the only reason he does so is that he has nowhere else to go.
  • At the end of the episode Sougo is still alone. Despite working to save lives and even saving Tsukuyomi's life by rewinding time, Tsukuyomi and Geiz are still keeping their distance from him. If anything Tsukuyomi is even more resilient to stand against Sougo now because of fear. The only one left standing by his side is Black Woz, who wants him to become the Demon King.
  • As the Nightmare Fuel page noted, the whole Geiz Revive timeline may exist because Sougo dreamed Shinobi, Quiz (presumably) and Kikai into existence. If you subscribe to that theory...then Sougo, subconscious or not, desperately wants to avoid becoming Oma Zi-O to the point where he wants someone to kill him.

     Episode 25: Another Zi-O 2019 
  • Sougo reveals that in some level he's actually kinda happy over Hiryu Kakogawa's attacks because it gives him a chance to run into Geiz and Tsukuyomi.
  • This episode further reveals on how Sougo lived with his uncle in the first place: both him and Hiryu were survivors of a bus accident in April 24, 2009, which is shy 4 days from his ninth birthday. Having Junichiro alone as his moral support and the fact that he keeps smiling in the show, it must be hard for the boy to cope with the loss of his parents.
    • Even worse is that in next episode, it's revealed that the people who he viewed as his friends were the cause of all this. If Sougo knew about this, would this lead to his rise as Demon King?

     Episode 26: Geiz Revive 2019 
  • When Tsukuyomi visits the hospital where Sougo and Hiryu were being treated at after their accident, she sees a young Sougo talking to Junichiro about his dream before breaking down about his parents' death.
  • Despite Sougo's desire to reconcile with Tsukuyomi and Geiz, they just keep getting further away from him.

     Episode 27: The Beginning of Everything 2009 
  • Seeing a young Sougo and Hiryu with their parents is depressing when we know it isn't going to last.
  • Seeing Junichiro putting up the sign that he's renting the room that Tsukuyomi and Geiz stayed in, obviously depressess Sougo as a sign that the three of them aren't going to reconcile.
  • When warned by Black Woz about the damage Geiz Revive is causing him, and that White Woz's plans may not involve Geiz' survival, Geiz says Tsukuyomi's death is his fault and he doesn't care what happens to him as long as he can avenge her by destroying Sougo - suggesting Geiz thinks he himself deserves to die, or just wants to join her.

     Episode 28: Our Goal 2019 
  • The fact that Sougo is so lonely he wouldn't mind accepting the invitation for the battle to the death since it's the only way he can meet with Geiz.
  • Hiryu breaking down crying as Sougo apologizes for being the potential cause of his parents' deaths. He had spent so long with hatred and anger towards Sougo festering inside him that once he's deprived of the power of Another Zi-O, he just doesn't know what to do when Sougo expresses genuine remorse for something he might not even be responsible for and all he can do is cry.
  • The Zi-O Anotherwatch reforming means one of two things. One is that Hiryu will be dragged kicking and screaming back into the fray against Sougo. The other is that Swartz might make one of the other kids that was on that bus into Another Zi-O.

     Episode 29: Blade Joker?! 2019 
  • The long-awaited reunion of Fire-Forged Friends Hajime and Kenzaki. The last time they saw each other was fourteen years ago. And how does their reunion go? Kenzaki demanding to know why Hajime is using his Undead powers and the two proceeding to beat the ever-loving daylights out of each other. And they show no signs of stopping anytime soon.
  • The circumstances behind Woz's defection to Oma Zi-O are revealed. He was actually a member of the Resistance, alongside Geiz and Tsukuyomi, acting as the commanding officer of the unit all three were a part of. One day, their unit received orders that one of their own will act as a spy and get close to Oma Zi-O from within, with Woz being said spy. However, whatever happened behind the scenes, resulted in Woz's betrayal, and ended up feeding false information to the Resistance and being the cause of the countless deaths of his comrades.

     Episode 30: 2019: Trinity has Begun! 
  • It's hard to not be teary-eyed when after all the hardships Hajime and Kenzaki went through are finally over. Since Amane absorbed their Undead powers and sealed them into the Ridewatch, they're essentially human. Meaning they don't have to avoid each other anymore. Talk about Earn Your Happy Ending!
  • The Ret Gone of White Woz, who is erased now that his future is no longer a possibility. However our real tearjerker here is that White Woz never had any friends. Imagine how different he would have turned out if he had friends like Black Woz did.
    • What's worse, as the following episode prove, he truly was erased as noone even mentions him in any way and Black Woz is just reffered to Woz again. The only remainders that he existed are the forms he helped to create: Geiz Revive and Zi-O Trinity.

     Episode 36: 2019: First Love, Finally! 
  • It turns out that Yuko did murder her boyfriend's new crush, because she didn't want him to leave her. She even tried to murder him and his fiance on their wedding! Sougo is heartbroken, but can't give up on her or fight her.
  • Ora shoots defeated and defenseless Yuko to keep up the promise of murdering her for disobeying. Yuko dies in Sougo's arms and so his heart is broken again.
    • Even worse, at the end of the episode Sougo learns that Yuko wasn't even the girl he fell in love with as a kid. The realization that a murderous sociopath saw his mistake and promptly took advantage of his misconceptions had to have hurt.

     Episode 38: 2019: Kabuto's Chosen One 
  • It appears Yaguruma never really moved on from Kageyama's death, even though it happened almost 13 years ago. The end of the episode cements it, as the Worm using Kageyama's image screams at him that he's not Kageyama as it dies. Yaguruma can only give off a cold, dead smile as he asks Geiz or Kagami to laugh at him, as if laughing at him is the only response he can even fathom, before wandering into the sunset.

     Episode 39: 2007: Den Liner Crash! 
  • Takuya Endo is seen walking in a cemetery as he sees Yukihiro Osumi praying in front of his sister's grave. He yells at Yukihiro for causing his sister's death and angrily throws the bouquet Yukihiro offered to his sister in Yukihiro's face. He then yells for him to never come back as all Yukihiro can do is sadly walk away.

     Episode 40: 2017: Grand Climax! 
  • It turns out that Takuya's sister, Sayuri dying of a terminal disease, but she chose not to tell him. This entire feud turned out to be wrongful hatred against Yukihiro, and the latter says he's fine with it. He confesses it's better for Takuya to blame him for Sayuri's death and hate him, because that will be easier for Takuya to do, rather than be burdened with the truth that his sister had no chance to live.
  • When Takuya finally meets up with Yukihiro and Sayuri, in which Sayuri tells him not to blame Yukihiro for her death, because she asked him to bring her to the water, where she could see it one last time.

     Episode 41: 2019: World, Reset 
  • Poor Sougo really has it hard this episode. He's transported to an alternate 2019, where Hiryu Kakogawa is the Overlord, and no one remembers him. Geiz wants to kill him thinking he's the Overlord, Tsukuyomi and his own uncle don't even know who he is (The latter attacking him with a white radish), and Woz seemingly abandons him in favor of Hiryu. Now all Sougo has by his side is Tsukasa. It's really sad knowing that everyone he knew, his friends and even his uncle, don't know who he is.
    • To elaborate on the point above, Sougo is increasingly shocked by the events, so meeting seemingly normal Woz comforts him for a moment. Unlike everyone else, Woz remembers him, but decides to side with Hiryu anyway because reasons. The kicked puppy expressions on Sougo's usually disturbingly carefree face just before he gets close to Despair Event Horizon make everything even worse.
  • It's a sad irony that the Destroyer of worlds, the one who stole his dinner, is Sougo's only hope left.
  • Hiryu is hellbent on making Sougo suffer, because he was chosen to be the king and — from Hiryu's perspective — got everything handed to him on a silver platter. Sougo's attempt to stop his hate-powered antics by reaching out to him only made the guy more determined.

Movies and specials

    Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER 
  • The first trailer shows us what the plot of the movie is. It's about Sougo and Sento traveling to our world. Where they discover that their lives are just tv shows. This naturally causes them to question whether or they really exist and if everything they went through was a lie. This is especially bad for Sento considering how much he and his friends had to suffer during his series.
    • In the movie itself, Sento seems to be actually less affected by this than Sougo, because that's how things are for him all the time. He even says that his life is about being told he doesn't exist. We don't get to see what he truly feels like because that's bottled up inside like usual with him, but on the outside he shrugs and holds on the moral of his story that the intentions behind his existence don't matter, only that he is here and he wants to do the right thing.
  • Having your entire life bogged down due to an older brother you have never met vanishing without a trace ever since the very day you are born, and your family grieving over this your entire life. This was the lonely life Ataru had, which led him to admiring Kamen Riders, just like his missing brother Shingo did, and wishing they would come to life just to save him.
    • Made worse when Ataru realizes that the kid that saved his life was a time-displayed Shingo. At the age of seven years old, Shingo still found a way to protect his little brother and Ataru only realizes it when its too late to save him.

     Rider Time: Ryuki 
  • The mini series itself serves to be the Happy Ending Override to everyone in the Ryuki television series:
    • Shinji has to once again face the dangers of the Mirror World, its monsters and the Rider War. And this takes place after he nearly suffer a death experience by Ryuga. He did survives the new Rider War but all his friends are gone.
    • Not only Ren comes back to this but he gets killed by Asakura. Ren is now married to Eri and after working so hard to bring her back in the original series, the two are now separated forever.
      • And he died protecting Kido because he remembered Kido dying on him in the original Rider war and wanted to prevent it from happening again.
    • Tezuka suffers My God, What Have I Done? because during his amnesiac state, he not only betrays his friend, Shinji but he also has an innocent man eaten by his Mirror Monster.
    • Imagine what Goro must be feeling. He lost his beloved boss and after losing his memories, he serves under the man that hated him and he got killed for trying to avenge his boss.
    • Odin returns and after being defeated, it is revealed that the man behind Odin turns out to be Shiro. Even after accepting his sister's death, he has to be pulled back to this insanity.
    • Also worth mentioning are the two new bearers of Imperer and Verde. They are relatively good people but by the end, were killed.
  • Unlike Ryuki proper, there was no Reset Button, meaning that everyone but Kido is dead and Another Ryuki racked up an impressive body count. No one but him, Sougo, Geiz, (probably Tsukuyomi) and Tatsuya (Another Ryuki himself) know what happened.

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