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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Drive

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  • #1 starts with the most brutal intro in the entire franchise
    • The first scene of the show starts with people just going about their own business. Then everything starts to dramatically slow down. But rather than this being the case of slowing time itself, everyone caught up in it is fully aware of their surroundings but unable to move or even scream. And then to make the matter worse, the Roidmudes start going around destroying everything in sight... all the while people are living statues and can't even scream for help, some clearly shown to die during the attacks (such as a maid who got incinerated by an explosion). And this was happened worldwide.
    • Later on, it was revealed the Global Freeze only covered about 1/4 of the world (China, Korea, Japan, and Russia) due to Proto-Drive preventing the full freeze
    • What makes this all the more horrifying is that in most other Kamen Riders, end of the world crap like this are either stopped before they end up taking lives (Gaia Impact and the Day of Awakening) or affect a select few people (The Eclipse and The Medal Vessel), but Global Freeze? It ended up being well underway. The only other disaster that was this catastrophic was the Helheim Invasion, but what makes it worse than that despite having the lesser death toll of the two is that, whereas in Gaim, there were multiple Riders ready to fight off the Inves with only one Rider actively aiding the Inves, in Drive, there's only one Rider fighting for humanity, facing off one hundred and eight monsters that not only can't be permanently killed off by said Rider, but also have a resident healer to simply bring them back on their feet in a matter of seconds. Things couldn't be bleaker than that without going into straight hopelessness.
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  • #2 shows that Roidmudes aim to evolve by taking the best parts of every person they find. Every single person you see around you could be a Roidmude, and they can throw you off by changing their appearance.
  • #3 has Roidmudes 010 and 084, who trap their victims inside paintings, completely aware of their predicament. They try to escape by becoming ghosts, but never succeed.
    • Kiriko's expression of sheer horror when facing her trauma caused by #010. You can feel her fear just by looking into her eyes and listening to her screams.
  • #4 has Kiriko's horror again.
    • Paint in general. The guy is just a sadistic psychopath. If he were human, you'd expect him to be freaking Serial Killer. The fact he wants to immortalize Kiriko's horror when he captures her just adds the horror of this maniac.
  • #5- After four episodes of curb-stomping Roidmudes, Drive loses to Machine Chaser, gets beat down by the Crash Roidmude, and is then given a lethal dose of a neuro-toxin thanks to Brain. If it weren't for Mad Doctor's timely arrival, he would've died on that pier!
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  • #7 - Oh god, the Scooper Roidmude's power! It erases objects within a photo it took, which has a boatload of horrible applications. What we see him use it for is to demolish any building from the inside out!
  • #9 gives us Volt, a incredibly creepy Roidmude. The most messed up part is that his powers are not the creepy part: It's his human form.
  • #10 Gives us a whole smörgåsbord of nightmare full.
    • First up we have Mr. Belt freaking out at the sight of Heart, suffering from PTSD being in the prescence of his own murderer. Not to mention all the while Heart taunts him with the fact with a smile on his face. This solidifies the fact that Heart is a Sociopath.
    • The flashback showing Heart mercilessly mauling Proto-Drive, even delivering the final deathblow to him.
    • Shinnosuke's fight with Heart. At first it looks like he's doing well avoiding most hits and even landing a few as well, utilizing his shift cars and weapons to the best ability. But all too soon Heart takes the upper hand by shrugging off attacks and dealing heavy blows.
    • We bear witness to Heart's power. He can exceed his natural abilities by overclocking his android organs in order to completely outclass Drive even in his Wild form. What makes this terrifying is that we see his energy manifest as a hellish red aura that radiates around him and his voice distorts. He reveals that when he gets like this he can't stop himself and is fully intent on killing Drive.
    • Finally we have Drive reaching into Heart's well ... heart, in order to cause both of them to die once it reaches it's apex as Mr. Belt begs Shinnosuke to stop, with Heart being fully on board with seeing how it goes! He's that confident that Drive won't be able to kill him.
  • #12 starts with a meeting of the First Division of the police, discussing a recent crime. When Genpachirou notes that monsters may be involved, everyone mocks him and the Special Unit as "weirdos". Then they all hysterically laugh at him, all the while the camera zooms on their faces, to a very disturbing effect. For anyone that ever had problem with public speaking or appearing in public in general, that scene can send a massive shiver down their spines.
  • #14 First off, you have Chase confronting Kiriko at night with no one else around. Kiriko may be a Badass Normal, but she can't go up against someone that can defeat Drive. And with him having his sanity drop lower every minute, it provides for a very creepy and thrilling atmosphere.
    • We then have an all too real situation of an famous model/actress being stalked by an Implacable Man.
  • #16 has Chaser hopping onto the hood of Tridoron very suddenly. If that doesn't make you unnerved, then his challenge to Shinnosuke to fight him will.
  • #20 Shinnosuke utterly loses his shit and starts beating Roidmudes up, with a scream that Gills would approve of.
  • #21: After Medic puts all of the Tire Exchange Shift Cars under mind control, she lets Chase do whatever he pleases with them. And after activating Triple Tune, he uses all of them in a suicide attack on Shinnosuke.
  • #22: Medic shows just how scary she can actually be when she has Chase, hopped up on an agent she gave him to turn him into a complete psycho, put his gun to Brain's head just to get her point across. Brain is left a sobbing, traumatized wreck after the encounter and Medic also takes the time to burn his handkerchief just to screw with his head more.
  • #26: The realization that Roidmudes have their eyes and ears everywhere, even in the very same police division our heroes work. Paranoia Fuel at it's finest.
  • #27 Gou is becoming noticeably more and more unhinged at the Roidmudes, going far beyond a simple desire to have the threat neutralized. It even gets to the become to where he physically assaults his own sister.
    • You also have in this episode a kid witnessing his parents fight each other, physically. Even though it's because of a monster's spell, that kid has some trauma.
  • #28 The Seeker Roidmude (050) has a young woman as a host. The way it switches between her high cackling and its deep voice is just unsettling. And mind you, the girl keeps on cackling even while being arrested by Shinnosuke.
    • Gou's judgment getting clouded by hatred is something to be feared. The man nearly killed Chase twice and was close in killing Seeker's host as well!
  • #29-30: Those symbols that 001 leaves on his victims. They look like they would hurt to have in real life, and it causes people to either forget things (the people from the robbery 12 years ago) or remember things differently (why Gou attacks Chase and Shinnosuke).
  • #30: Chase's regained memories are nothing short of traumatic. Heart, Brain and 001 are standing over him while he's seemingly strapped to a table. Brain asks if Heart really wants Chase to join them, even calling Chase an animal, but Heart asserts that it'll be fine and that Chase might help them achieve the "Ultimate Evolution". 001 calls for the modifications to begin and the three transform into their human guises, and pull out a set of tools, slowly advancing on Chase as he begins to panic. It's probably a good thing the camera cuts away from the recording as Chase starts screaming
    • And that's not to mention How we see Chase's memories. Chase tunes the Proto-Drive Shift Car in the Break Gunner and his eyes start glowing red before projecting a holographic screen through his eyes. It seems like it caused him a great deal of pain too.
    • Worse still is the fact that Not only is Chase breathing heavily in the recording, but he's also breathing heavily in real life! This is probably the most vulnerable we've ever seen Chase.
  • #31: From the trailer ALONE, we see Freeze is going to do something to Shinnouske's memories. We see him fall to the ground and lie in pain...
  • #32: Freeze achieves his super evolution, and promptly gores Drive with an icicle, killing Shinnosuke and Mr. Belt in one go. Kiriko screaming does not help this at all, nor the fact that Mozart's Requiem is playing as the music.
  • #34: From Shinnosuke's perspective, the fact that your father's killer is your superior who aided you, and did it because he was envious of him. Not to mention that he, very literally, got away with murder for twelve years and rose up the ranks of the police in that time.
  • #36: Shinnosuke kind of proving Nira's point from 34 that everybody has some evil side to them. As Shinnosuke may just end up murdering Nira with the same gun Nira used to kill his dad.
    • He thankfully doesn't, but the fact Nira was totally cool with himself being killed is very unsettling. Even if he had reason for that, supposedly wearing a bulletproof vest.
    • If not for Dimension Cab, Shinnosuke would have died again, and there would be no way to revive him again.
    • Medic got her hands on Brain after he was defeated and reduced to his Core (the number). It´s not visible what she is doing to him, but the sounds it produces are really unsettling.
  • #40: It was clear from episode 11 that Banno was a mad scientist, we just didn't know how mad. He had Heart replicate the appearance of a man who refused him funding just so he could torture his image.
    • And he screwed with Mr. Belt´s programming.
  • #41: Professor Banno utterly annihilating seven Roidmudes in seconds, one of which was an Executive. Not scary enough? He destroys 006's Core, but leaves his body intact, promptly possessing it himself to become Gold Drive. What makes this so terrifying is that 006's now numberless body is just...limp. No sign of anything, like it's simply a puppet on strings.
  • #44: Professor Banno (again) having a Villainous Breakdown when Brain foils his plans. Normally, it'd be satisfying to see this psychopath have a meltdown, but the fact his response being to go Laughing Mad and completely unresponsive to everything happening around him.
    • And if that's not enough, 004 revealed that his plan isn't entirely foiled; on the contrary, Banno has already completed what he had to do. And the Promised Land? Turns out the place they're in wasn't the one at all; Banno intentionally tipped the heroes off anonymously to draw them into a trap!
    • A minor moment has to be before said Laughing Mad scene. Almost everyone ends up growling out Banno's name and looking at him with the intent to kill him. It's minor, since it's a pretty awesome moment where the Roidmudes officially put their differences with the humans aside.
  • Let's take a moment to think about what Banno truly is at the moment, especially what he looks like to the Roidmudes. He's the Virtual Ghost of a madman possessing a corpse that he destroyed the soul of, wearing a twisted version of the hero's suit. The guy is a straight up Humanoid Abomination by our perspective, from the Roidmudes he's basically a horror movie villain made real.
  • #45: Banno's ultimate goal only serves to make him even more horrifying. He wants to use the Sigma Circular to cause a total Global Freeze so he can break down all humans into data with no resistance and rule over all of them. Anyone who doesn't bow to him wouldn't be allowed to have a physical body. Even worse, he refers to it as his "divine providence". Banno isn't just a sociopath, he's a Control Freak with absolutely no morals and a God Complex.
    Banno: You have brought me nothing but shame. I will put you out of your misery!
    • #46 then shows a role-reversal.
  • #46 Despite Banno's death, the Sigma Circular manages to begin what it was programmed to do, and makes almost everybody in the world vanish.
    • It's Nightmare Fuel In-Universe for Kiriko, who seemingly starts to have a panic attack when she sees the numbers appear on her body due to her previous trauma from the first Global Freeze. Oh yeah, and she's got Type Deadheat on her so she's experiencing the whole process in real time. One has to wonder if anyone else in the world is reacting like her, but can't due to the slowdown.
    • After Chase´s death, the smoke disperses and Banno holds up a piece of scrap metal. Not so bad until you realize it was a piece of Chase just a while ago, so it´s equal to Banno waving around a raw chunk of human flesh.
    • Watching Gou executing Banno is creepy even if you know the guy fully deserves it... especially once he dons a sinister smirk.
  • #47: Freeze showing up from the black portal, more than likely heading to the kaijin afterlife we saw back in Wizard, and how Freeze almost dragged Shinnosuke into said portal.
  • #48: Shinnosuke has to go up against the same people who ended up causing him to inadvertdly injury his former partner. They have Kiriko hostage... and should Shinnosuke slip up...
    Shinnosuke/Drive: Mr. Belt, what is this?!
    Mr. Belt: I have no data on this! Whatever this is, it is beyond the bounds of science!
  • Yongou DVD Special: Kiriko is held captive by Shocker, and she ends up being Driven to Suicide, with Shinnosuke not reaching her in time. Both Gou and Shinnouske watched her die right in front of their eyes.
  • Surprise Drive: The thought of a Bad Future caused by the same technology you use to protect the world is pretty disheartening and scary when you think about it.
    • Paradox's plan, place the world in an eternal Global Freeze.
      • It is much worse than the Global Freeze in the beginning. While people were able to at least somewhat move and at least tried to move to safety though slowly and awkwardly, the Eternal Global Freeze literally freeze everyone and everything in place. Nobody and nothing is moving yet they implied to be conscious. Not only that it effected most part of the world instead just a quarter of the world like the first Global Freeze.
    • The fact 108 managed to kill Eiji and take his place without anybody noticing. Shinnosuke and Kiriko may have been living with the murderer of their son and never knew it.
      • Actually, all of this was a giant lie constructed by 108. He defeated Eiji, took the Drive Driver from him, and came to the past, and used Eiji's visage to his own advantage by faking "Eiji"'s death by a Drive Driver on autopilot, all in a plot to push Shinnosuke to destroy Krim all in a plot to cause a eternal Global Freeze via a Time Crash when he fuses with his past self.
    • The distortion added to Belt-san's voice when when he begins to malfunction and turn evil.

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