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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Fourze

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Think this series is all laughs and hunky dory? You'd be wrong...

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  • When you think about it, this series is actually a bit more frightening than most Kamen Rider series for the sheer fact that stuff like this is mirrored in real life. Miura and his Switcher problems? A parallel to drug abuse. Makise's stalker obsession? That's happened in real life. Motoyama's anger issues? Can lead into nasty shit in real life. Eguchi's split personality and the Ugly Duckling cult? Also there too. All the Zodiarts are portraying bad crimes that happen in real life.
    Episode 11: Disappearing Moon Door 
  • Two words: Hiroki Makise. The guy's a Stalker with a Crush. He's stalked 20 girls, has a Stalker Star Map on every pretty girl in school, his diary tells how he's delighted in seeing a bus crash off of an unfinished bridge... and he is JUST SO FREAKY!
    • His powers make it worse. He's known as Pyxis (aka Mariner Compass) Zodiarts. He is able to control anything...including people. There is lots of Fridge Horror involving that.
    • He is considered to be a teenage expy of Dr. Maki. Remember the kind of person Dr. Maki was.
    • He is also unhinged. If you think about it, anyone could be killed in grisly ways and it can't be stopped. The best example? JK. JK's the one who found out about Makise's plan. If Makise ever came back to the astronomy club and found out someone was snooping around, Makise could easily go Zodiarts, and kill JK where he stood. And remember JK isn't really a fighter.
    • Kamen Rider Fourze probably wouldn't even have a Nightmare Fuel page if it weren't for him. Yep. He's JUST THAT SCARY.
      • And you know what's worse? He's back in Episode 37!
    Episode 13: School Refusal 
  • You know what happens with those guys who become Zodiarts and are turned back to normal? Well if this episode is right, they have drug withdrawals. Miura claims he's not going to school because it's boring, and the way he acts at Scorpion Zodiarts when he's given that switch is like giving him some meth to smoke!
    • Even scarier is imagine it from poor Miura's perspective. He can't go anywhere without finding himself trying to get another Zodiarts Switch, without seeing them laying around and being compelled to grab one. He outright says he's scared because he can't control himself.
    • That was only Miura's reaction. What about the other students who became Zodiarts? Would they have similar reactions? Just imagine Makise, who was already seriously screwed up from the get go.
    • Worse, if they actually do get a new Switch, it jumps straight to Last One stage. Meaning any of the previous Zodiarts could go straight to a full powered monster. And there's also the possibility they'll destroy their body so they can't turn back and lose the high. Once again, think of Makise here.
  • Also at the end: Sonoda-sensei is Scorpion Zodiarts; think about the complications of you not knowing that your own homeroom teacher is the monster that's siccing Zodiarts to kill you!
    Episode 14: Stinger Onslaught 
  • After being granted Supernova by Gamou, Sonoda then briefly relapses, only to come back chanting her mission to stop Fourze from interfering, while her hair gets a bit messed up.
  • While Gentaro gets called upon by Sonoda who was now wearing black, he later got stung by her as the Scorpion Zodiarts while in a dark storage room without him noticing.
  • Gentaro and later also Shun and JK being poisoned by Scorpion Nova for a given portion of the episode. Imagine if not for the Medical Switch...
    Episode 15: Christmas Eve Choir 
  • The Perseus Zodiarts' stone victims.
    • You know what's worse? While the bullies might've deserved it, the other victims probably didn't know about Motoyama even painting in the first place! Also take note of the tilted building in the painting; Motoyama made it that way because it was in his way of Mount Fuji! Could you imagine what would happen if just one tiny thing got in a way of his perfect painting? Jesus Christ, he's gonna become the second scariest Zodiarts after Makise!
    • Of course it's possible he got the Switch to take care of the bullies and went Drunk on the Dark Side in the meantime — it's shown the Switches evolve quicker based on anger and rage. Motoyama clearly has a Hair-Trigger Temper and by the time we see him, he's only two or three uses away from Last One, unlike the previous Zodiarts who are seen near the beginning of their usage of the Switches. But that adds just another aspect of horror to the whole thing: while Makise was a monster before getting the Switch, it's likely the only thing wrong with Motoyama was an anger management problem. And he STILL ended up this insane in the end!
    • Oh it got worse. His petrification powers transformed into a laser, meaning he wouldn't have to touch anyone to turn them into stone. He was walking to the kindergarten class while Yuki was doing her Hayabusa song (which he despises). If Gentaro didn't come in and stop him, Matoyama probably would've petrified more than just Yuki in her Hayabusa costume.
    Episode 18: Gen/Ryu Showdown 
  • All who have failed Gamou are sent to a void called the Dark Nebula. While we don't know what goes inside it (until #42), it has to be pretty terrifying if Sonoda and Hayami are terrified and that Sonoda has been sent there.
    Episode 22: True Self Dismissal 
  • Kijima suddenly showing what he's like Beneath the Mask, going from a happy go lucky guy to a cold, remorseless individual who loves "inventing worlds for himself" (fabricating lies such as framing an innocent woman for being a Zodiarts) For the Evulz. Worse? Unlike Zodiarts, this guy is now a Horoscopes!
    • Making the above worse, it's said a Zodiarts can only become a Horoscope by leaving behind their humanity, and as pointed out on the Fridge Brilliance/Horror page, Kijima did NOTHING. Consider all that Makise, the reason this page was first made, did, and that he didn't even begin to show signs of evolving.
    Episode 24: Hero's Desire 
  • The Cygnus Switcher wasn't fucked up insane like Makise, or have bad temper tantrums like Motoyama. No, he had a split personality case like Jekyll and Hyde.
  • Really guys? Nothing about how the Ugly Duckling Club forces Eguchi to transform to his Cygnus form despite looking very much like it's the last thing he wants to do?
    • The Ugly Duckling Club itself. It's not just some Cygnus fanclub — it's a cult.
    Episode 25: Graduation Reluctance 
  • The preview of the episode gave us the worst case scenario of former Switchers drunk on its powers as three return in their Zodiart form. However, as usual of this series, that is false. In the actual episode, those three Zodiarts that returned (Chameleon, Alter, and Dragon) because of the Coma Zodiarts who can create clones. Through hair.
    Episode 27: Transformation Rejected 
  • Cancer pulls out rings in a person's body and snaps them with is claws. The rings are a person's soul. He was playing a game with these people: either they make him laugh and he gives him a Zodiarts Switch, or don't make him laugh and lose your soul. And what's worse is that these souls is what makes him transform into Cancer-Nova!
    Episode 28: Star Storm Comeback 
  • The above becomes worse! Cancer pulls out the souls of all the KRC members and it's shown that Miu and Shun's got snipped off!
    • Then it got even more worse! Yuki, JK, Kengo and Gentaro get the same treatment!
    • Although we see the souls of the Kamen Rider Club return to their bodies, we never see what happens to the athletes from the previous episode...
  • Libra can transform more than himself, as poor Kijima finds out when Libra sets him up as an intruder in front of Virgo...
    Episode 31: Subaruboshi Kingdom 
  • It is shown that there was a Zodarts in Ryusei's previous school, with no Kamen Rider Club to protect them. If guesses are to be made, he transferred there at the same time as Ryusei did when he went to Amanogawa High, which was three months as stated in #30. So that is three months of a rampaging Zodiarts at another school.
    • Now think of what this implies: Other schools may be under Zodiarts attack and the Kamen Rider Club can't do ANYTHING about it.
  • Yamada/Aries. This guy is truly messed up. His power over "sleep" and the way he uses it to rule over Subaruboshi school is quite unnerving.
    Episode 36: Serious Legend Song 
  • The second half of JK's second focus arc had some VERY terrifying moments. These include:
    • 1) The use of Capricorn Zodiarts and his music makes everyone into rave zombies. The best scene is with Tomoko, Yuki and Kengo who are seen, depressed, tired, and pale. They acted eerily like Miura did way back in #13 (when he was going through withdrawal of the Switches) meaning that people were becoming addicted to the power of Cosmic Energy.
    • 2) JK's nightmare sequence and his terrified reactions to it. It's him on a stage in front of a cheering crowd but he hears Gentaro's words echoing in his head. Cue him looking down at his feet, standing on top of Kengo and Tomoko's lifeless/zombified bodies and when he turns around Yuki is behind him with that same zombified look and collapses onto him while he screams in pure terror. And this is the arc of the Lovable Coward!
    • 3) The crowd chanting "Gene!" over and over in their zombified states. It is completely terrifying when you see them all devoid of emotion and addicted to that Cosmic Energy-fueled music. Especially when three of them are our main characters!
    Episode 40: Principle Or Pathos 
  • Sugiura/Taurus has brainwashed the majority of the school campus into mindless soldiers. And he did that to Meteor too!
    Episode 41: Club Collapse 
  • Virgo appears before Shun, JK, Miu, and Yuki and threatens to kill them and anyone they care about if they don't abandon the Kamen Rider Club, and makes it absolutely clear that there's no where they can run and no one who can protect them.
    • Worse is that Virgo appears anywhere. Shun was in the shower, JK was looking for Tomoko, and Miu was with Jun and yet it was like Virgo was spying on them the whole time!
    Episode 42: Archer's Reign 
  • More Fridge Horror than anything, but it's finally revealed that the Dark Nebula is really just hidden on the M-Bus... this is all fine and dandy with Meteor and Tomoko being brought from what seemed to be death... but they implicate in the ending that Emoto dies. So now it seems that everyone sent there is now stuck there for the rest of time and in a highly cramped area... this is even worse!!!
    • Was that actually confirmed? Nowhere was that shown.
  • Tachibana's death. Not even a lighthearted series can prevent you from seeing a Torso with a View.
    Episode 43: Light & Dark Twins 
  • It was shown that Yuki is the Gemini Zodiarts. And guess what was Gemini always referred to: Split Personality.
  • Imagine, while merrily skipping out of school, being suddenly ambushed by two members of the Horoscopes and being forced to turn into one of them. It didn't end just there for poor Yuki.
    • That right there is what makes it scary. No one is safe from not being a potential Horoscope, not even our protagonists.
    Episode 44: Star Luck Ritual 
  • Yuki beginning to lose her memories as Dark Yuki gains hers.
    Episode 45: Scale's Estrangement 
  • The reveal of what happens once Gamou achieves the Day of Awakening: Japan would be destroyed by being sucked into the Dark Nebula. What's worse is we actually get to see scenes of it happening!
    Episode 46: Aloof Archer 
  • After taking a hit for Gamou, Hayami (while still as Libra) gets vaporized by a lightning strike from the Dark Nebula.