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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider OOO

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This may be one of the more lighthearted entries into the Heisei era of Kamen Rider, but that doesn't mean it's free of creepy and even downright-nasty moments. In fact, that tone arguably makes moments like the below even more impactful.

As a moments page, all spoilers are unmarked from this point on.

  • The opening episode features Kougami's Ridevendor squadron being massacred by the newly-resurrected Greeed. This itself is bad enough, but there's also a massive case of Soundtrack Dissonance thanks to the operatic version of Happy Birthday in the background. This somehow makes the whole scene so, so much worse.
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  • Every single time Eiji has a flashback to the young girl he made friends with dying from the missile attacks. Eiji's breakdown as a result is also never easy to watch.
  • The massive Yummy from the second episode. It takes on a bug-like appearance, with the upper portion of the body being a set of creepy grasping hands.
    • The amount of destruction it causes is pretty sickening, having snapped a high-rise building in two like a twig, and practically gutting another one. As bad as things were, if Eiji didn't show up, they probably could've turned out a thousand times worse.
  • The poor victim of episode 3 has his greed magnified to the point where he eats uncontrollably. At first, he's ravenous, but later he starts to complain that it hurts and that he doesn't want to eat any more as he uncontrollably continues to gorge himself. That's right, his body is feeling the effects of extreme overeating, and he's fully aware the entire time. He later starts begging for help as he batters aside anyone who gets close, and he's even warned that he'll split his stomach. If things had gone differently, this hapless victim would have suffered a gruesome and very painful death.
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  • Episode 5 shows us how Mezool makes Yummies. That is, she creates clusters of eggs for multiple Yummies to hatch from when they've been sufficiently fed by the host's greed. Some of the framing of the victim as the eggs incubate behind her is very creepy. It almost feels like a horror movie in places.
  • Professor Maki's doll. Know what? Maki in general.
    • Speaking of his doll, watch it closely whenever it appears, and take note on what happens when they change cameras. Haven't caught it yet? The doll can see you...
    • Maki's panic attacks whenever his doll is "hurt". It's the only moment he shows an emotion, like EVER! And it is not the best.
  • Episode 10. Not only is the bomber extremely unsettling, especially when you consider how close they all were to exploding (Eiji managed to stop with one second to spare), but there's what Maki does at the lab. He knows one of Mezool's nests are there and they're ready to hatch. So he decides to put the whole place on lockdown, with all the scientists inside and the Yummy's starting to hatch, just to see what would happen.
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  • Episode 13 has the Yummy host (who is a surgeon) coming after Eiji with a bunch of scalpels on a claw glove that looks straight out of the arsenal of Freddy Krueger! Yikes!
  • Episode 16. Mezool ends up taking a massive amount of Cell and Core Medals to become a monster that wouldn't look out of place in a Super Sentai mecha battle. But OOO has to fight this gigantic, destructive monster all by himself. Emphasis on destructive, as during the fallout, Eiji expresses doubt as to whether he can beat the Greeed if they get like this. It's only thanks to the intervention of the newly-debuted Kamen Rider Birth that Eiji is able to get the upper hand with the GataKiriBa Combo.
  • Episode 20. This victim this week is simply unsettling. This one has a desire for revenge against his former partner who served as an informant, as well as Shingo, who put him away. Hearing his unhinged, bloodthirsty yelling throughout the episode is decidedly unpleasant. To say nothing of the ungodly-strong Yummy that an empowered Kazari makes from him.
  • Episode 21. The victim, after being cured of the Yummy, manages to catch his ex-partner. The latter is last seen being angrily tied up by the former. Considering that the both of them are left on a pier...
  • Episode 24 is a mostly-lighthearted episode, but it also contains a surprisingly-graphic shot of the Victim of the Week's puncture wound, consisting of a fragment of metal stuck in her with blood surrounding it. You'd expect this kind of wound on an adult-oriented crime drama!
  • Episode 29's Yummy is mostly normal-looking as far as Yummies go, but on top of it seeming to go around breaking people's spines with bear hugs, it seems to have a second face in place of one of its eyes... eugh...
  • Episode 30 reveals Professor Maki's Freudian Excuse and the extent of just how utterly screwed up he is. His sister served as a Parental Substitute, but when she was due to get married, she was happy to abandon her much-younger brother and leave him with her doll. His reaction? Cause a fire that burns her to death in her sleep. Making matters worse is the fact that Mozart's Requiem is playing throughout most of the scene.
    • His loud freakouts as he remembers what his sister was actually like aren't pleasant to watch either.
    • This episode goes into further detail on the first Kamen Rider OOO, the King from 800 years ago. It also reveals that the King was a power-hungry tyrant who wanted to become a living god with the Core Medals. He also worked alongside Ankh, only to literally backstab him and rip out his Core Medals with the TaToBa Combo's claws. It looks uncannily similar to Ankh having his heart ripped out, which, in a sense, he kind of did.
  • Episode 31 reveals a new set of purple Core Medals that Kougami brought back from Europe, that he was keeping separate from the rest of the collection. And the usually-jovial Kougami is shown to be troubled by whatever Greeed is linked to these Medals...
    • At the end of the episode, for some reason the Medals fly out of their case and into Eiji, who is very far away from them. And they enter his body like he was a Greeed. This causes him to fall over unresponsive with a dead-eyed stare and his eyes glowing purple with the scream of a pterodactyl in the background. Just what the hell are these Medals?!
  • The two Yummies that appear in episode 32 are among the strongest yet. And their unique ability is to release a black mist that causes anyone within to... just vanish on the spot. They end up taking a huge amount of victims this way, including children. And by the episode's end, not one of the victims is shown to come back in any way...
    • PuToTyra. Not only is it monstrously powerful, but it can't distniguish friend from foe, and even when there are two Births, they aren't enough to keep it down. Things get worse when it's revealed that the Dinosaur Greeed is technically dead, meaning that the Purple Medals turn whoever uses them into Greeed, slowly turning Eiji into a monster. It's not only horrible for the audience, but it's just as bad in-universe, too. There's a very good reason that Eiji sticks to TaJaDor in crossovers.
      • Worse is that when Eiji transforms into PuToTyra for the first time, the Medals fly into the Driver by themselves, and the scanner floats across them without Eiji even touching it. What's worse than a berserker mode? How about a berserker mode with a mind of its own?
  • Episode 35 reveals that Date has a serious injury that has been affecting his performance in combat. How bad is it? Well, its a fairly minor case of bullet lodged in his brain.
  • Episode 42. Eiji is mentioned to be slowly turning into a Greeed thanks to all of the purple Core Medals inside him. But so is Maki, who is far further along in the process than Eiji. He starts out by showing his already Greeed-ified arms. But he is shown later by way of Shadow Discretion Shot to undergo some painful-sounding Body Horror as his shape changes rapidly to that of a Greeed.
    • Ankh (Lost)'s death. As awesome as it is, his death is... unsettlingly brutal. Ankh (Lost) doesn't just get the standard explosion and fireball, oh no. Ankh (Lost) has his wings mercilessly severed by a berserk PuToTyra, and after he's crashed to the floor from on high, he's left rolling around whimpering in agony. Then Ankh (Lost) is finished off from a single slash from the Medagabryu that shatters three of his Core Medals. Another testament to the sheer mercilessness of that Combo.
  • Episode 44. After losing to OOO and having his personal Core Medals badly damaged by PuToTyra, Kazari is left dropping Cell Medals after escaping in a manner that eerily resembles blood. And then Maki shows up and coldly rips out Kazari's remaining Core Medals, declaring that he has no further use for him (which, again, looks like a Greeed having their heart ripped out). We then have the... erm, "pleasure" of watching Kazari slowly dying as he staggers through the busy city streets, everything being a blur until he disintegrates into a pile of Cell Medals, his cracked, personal Core Medal rolling away and crumbling to dust. It's undeniably satisfying given how much of a shitbag Kazari was, but it's still surprisingly gruesome.
    • Adding onto this, Maki finally shows off his full Greeed form. Whatever humanity Maki may have had is now well and truly gone. And in its place is a terrifying-looking dinosaur monster.
  • Episode 45. Maki shows off some of his power as the Kyoryu Greeed, and casually levels the area around him in one move.
    • The complete Mezool rampaging through a group of citizens, kidnapping women and children due to her obsession with love. Though it's mitigated when they're shown in Yummy eggs, which likely disappeared upon Mezool's death, it's still disturbing to see a wave of water sweep through and make people's families disappear from their sides and leave nothing but empty strollers behind.
  • Episode 46. Eiji's Greeedification is getting worse. Much worse. His meltdown as he desperately tries and fails to suppress his transformation is not pleasant to watch.
    • Gamel brutally turning people into Cell Medals, killing them on the spot.
    • Thanks to Maki, Eiji has now turned into a fully-formed Greeed in a process that not only sends him out of control, but sounds painful, too.
  • Episode 47. The Eijii Greeed is shown to be monstrously strong, thanks to Maki tossing more Purple Medals into him. If Ankh wasn't there, poor Eiji would've gone completely berserk and very likely ended the world, all without feeling a thing.
    • Maki pulls a You Have Failed Me on Ankh, ripping out all but his personal Core Medal. Ankh is later shown in a huge pool of Cell Medals that is obviously meant to resemble a big pool of blood.
    • The complete Uva somehow manages to be the worst complete Greeed yet. He causes a massive amount of devastation with his lightning, and starts absolutely wiping the floor with the two Births and Eiji, forcing the latter to run back to Kougami and accept his offer of the infinite amount of Cell Medals.
  • Episode 48. Uva finally goes out of control from too many Core Medals. We finally get to see what happens after all this time, and JEEZUS, it's a biggun. Literally, too. Uva turns into this strange stone construct with rings of all the colours of the Core Medals surrounding it that floats in the sky, rapidly turning everything around it, buildings and cars alike, into Cell Medals. Worse is that it spews Trash Yummies by the bushel. In a few moments, the city looks like something out of a Zombie Apocalypse.
    • Even worse is how it all transpires. After taking a TaToBa Kick, Uva gets Core Medals thrown into him by Maki, with it looking like Maki came to help him. And then Maki throws some more. And some more. Uva protests, but Maki doesn't listen, throwing more Core Medals as Uva continues writhing around in pain. And later, Uva is shown completely alone in total agony in the middle of a junkyard, begging for help before he transforms into the Medal Vessel. Uva may have been a total dick, but you can't help but feel for him.
    • Maki is on the receiving end of a nasty death, worthy of a Big Bad, but still grotesque. He gets a flaming black hole launched at him by Eiji and Ankh, which rips him to pieces as it sucks him in, as he calmly expresses joy in his death finally completing him. It's both awesome and somewhat-terrifying all at once.

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