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Nightmare Fuel / Kamen Rider Ryuki

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  • Every single time a Mirror Monster comes out of a reflective surface and eats an innocent. Even worse, the Monsters are very fast eaters, and even if there's a Rider right there when you get snatched, by the time he transforms and goes to the Mirror World, it'll be too late.
  • Asakura in general. He is a sadistic Serial Killer who enjoys fighting and killing fellow Riders, has quite the nasty temper, and stated that his wish if he won was for the Rider Fight to go on forever. Naturally, anybody who knows him has some form of dread and/or dislike towards him.
  • Yui's and Kanzaki's parents locking their children up in the attic and keeping them there even when Yui got sick which lead to her death.
  • Tojo gradually losing his sanity due to his Insane Troll Logic causing him to turn on Nakamura, Kagawa, and Sano.

TV Series

    Episode 5: The Monster's Antique Store 
  • Sudo assaulting Reiko while she was investigating the antique shop, which wouldn't look out of place for an actual mugging. Thankfully, Reiko barely survived and just ended up in the hospital.
  • After tricking Shinji into giving him information about Ren and Yui, Sudo staged an attack on Ren while the latter was on his motortcycle while also lying to Shinji into thinking he was a fellow Rider who would understand him, where Shinji would fall victim to a death trap of his. Luckily, both Riders ended up surviving those snares.
    Episode 6: The Mysterious Rider 
  • After taking Yui to his car under the pretense that he had info about Shiro, Sudo mugged her to unconsciousness when she was attempting to make a call just to have some leverage for the Rider Fight.
  • The Reveal that Sudo was the one responsible for Kaga's death, by plastering him in a wall when the latter demanded a large share.
  • Sudo's death where he gets eaten alive. Onscreen. To elaborate, upon their Final Vents clashing, Ren fell down and Sudo was on the verge of victory. Just then, his Advent Deck then broke down, and as Sudo began noticing that he was gonna dissolve, Volcancer came behind him and prepared to assault and eat him, emphasizing the consequences of any Rider having a broken contract.
    Episode 16: Card Of Destiny 
  • Due to confiscating the Dragreder Card from Shinji, Shibaura used it as blackmail for Shinji to work for him, even prompting to burn the card, which would have Dragreder eat Shinji, should the lad disobey him.
  • Shibaura attempting to spread his Deadly Game worldwide.
    Episode 19: Rider Gathering 
  • Asakura threatening patrons at a restaurant in an attempt to get Kitaoka to come to him, even using Chika, a little girl, as his hostage.
  • Shibaura kidnapping Yui just to goad Ren and Tezuka into fighting him. Not helped by how abrupt it was.
  • Zolda's End Of World Final Vent impacting the rest of the Riders sans Ouja. While Ryuki, Knight, and Raia just barely made it, Ouja used Gai as a Human Shield so he wouldn't be struck by the attack.
    Episode 25: Combining Ouja 
  • Asakura revealing to his brother Akira that he was the one who started the fire that killed their parents in an attempt to off him because he found him to be annoying. Now that he has Akira in his sights, Asakura then had him fed to Venosnaker.

    Episode 46: Glassy Happiness 
  • The episode climaxes with the death of Sano/Kamen Rider Imperer. The circumstances of it were a long Humiliation Conga (wherein after he alienates Shinji and Ren, he is intidimated by Shiro Kanzaki to continue despite wanting out. This leads him to being backstabbed by Tojo and Asakura destroying his Vent deck. We see him desperately weeping, asking for help, agonizing why it ended up like this, and his voice hauntingly trail off as he is dissolving in the Mirror World. And that's before we're shown his fiancee who was still waiting for him.

    Episode 46: Tiger's A Hero 
  • Tojo pouring gasoline on a car where its reflective surfaces has Ren, Kitaoka, and Asakura fighting each other in an attempt to get the either of them out of the war. The result? When Asakura started the car, it exploded and resulted in flames.
    • Not long after, Asakura abruptly grabbed Goro by the arm, where Kitaoka struggled to free him, leaving Asakura to seethe in anger. Bear in mind, only Asakura's arm was seen the entire time.
  • Tojo pushing a father and son crossing the street as he got struck by a truck.
    Episode 48: The Final 3 Days 
  • Yui attempting to jump off a building in order to get Shiro to stop the Rider Fight and let her be. Shiro allegedly complies, only to have a Guld kidnap her for her safety.
    Episode 49: Granting A Wish 
  • Shinji getting stabbed by a Raydragoon while protecting a little girl from him.
    Episode 50: A New Life 
  • Asakura's Villainous Breakdown from realizing that the Zolda he killed wasn't Kitaoka, but Goro. When a police unit outside a warehouse comes for him. Asakura charges at them and gets gunned down.


    Kamen Rider Ryuki: Episode Final 
  • Asakura's vicious murder of Miho's older sister, to the point where said woman ended up in cryotherapy.
  • Miho getting bitten by Dragblacker as it flies around, causing her to be wounded and eventually having succumed to her injuries as a result.
    Kamen Rider Ryuki Special: 13 Riders 
  • Just as he was about to finish a grieving Shinji, Shibaura then got himself stuck in a Dispider's web. That Dispider then slowly pulled Shibaura to it as it then eats him while the Rider screams.
  • In one of the endings, Shinji as Knight successfully broke the mirror, allegedly ending the Rider Fight. As he walks, Shinji then hears mirror noises, and with Tiger, Imperer, and Odin watching from mirrors, Shinji then screams, signifying that the Rider Fight has resetted.