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Henshin!!! Kamen Rider Black!
-Kotaro Minami, in Kamen Rider BLACK

Tetsuo Kurata (real name, Tetsuo Kakimoto, born September 11, 1968 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese actor well known in his role as Kohtaro Minami aka Kamen Rider BLACK. He even sang his own show's opening which makes it so pumped with awesome. He has a large following in SouthEast Asia as much as he was in Japan. He reprised his role after that show's public and critical acclaim in the sequel Kamen Rider BLACK RX. Several years later, he again reprised his role as Kotaro Minami in the 10th Heisei Kamen Rider show, Kamen Rider Decade, which caused a massive uproar of pleased fans to see him as he is; Not just one but two.

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