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Intermediate Gods

    Johnny Joestar 
Jonathan "Johnny" Joestar, God of Horse Racing (The Seventh JoJo)
Johnny on Slow Dancer
  • Intermediate God (Greater God with Tusk Act 4)
  • Symbol: His Stand "Tusk" and Horse "Slow Dancer"
  • Theme Songs: Tusk and his Eyes of Heaven theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Sometimes Leans towards Chaotic Good)
  • Stand(s): Tusk ACT 1, Tusk ACT 2, Tusk ACT 3, Tusk ACT 4
  • Portfolio: Unscrupulous Hero, Handicapped Badass, Deadpan Snarker, with the power of the Golden Ratio, Finger Gun, quite dangerous with spinning fingernail bullets, thinks of himself as less than zero.
  • Domains: Horse Racing, Horse Riding, Horses, Spinning, Handicapped.
  • Herald: Slow Dance (his loyal steed)
  • Allies: Gyro Zeppeli, Jotaro Kujo, Baiken, Yu Narukami and the Investigation Team, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Rivals: Diego Brando
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Funny Valentine, the Anti-Spiral
  • Commonality Connection with: Apollo Creed (due to an Alternate Universe created by the Nostalgia Critic), Doctor Strange
  • Despite not being able to use his legs, he put himself into a nation wide horse race called the "Steel Ball Run" to obtain something known as The Holy Corpse Parts (The Corpse of Jesus Christ) in order to heal his legs, he went on the long race and later gained a friend in Gyro Zeppeli and later had to stop President Funny Valentine from obtaining the parts.
  • His Stand, Tusk, allows him to be able to channel into The Golden Rectangle, spinning energy that allows him to gain more and more power as long as he is able to use fast momentum.
  • He ascended through Jotaro after finding out that Valentine ascended and is attempting to find out what he is doing there and stop his plans.
  • He is open to entering any sort of Race as to prove that The Golden Rotation can make him faster then any vehicle.
  • As someone who knows a thing or two about horses and caring for them, Johnny is nice to the Equestrian Members of the Pantheon and treats them with respect, though he has wondered what would happen if they ever had to join forces: how would his powers mesh with theirs...?
  • Hates Dio Brando as it reminds him of Diego Brando (only much worse, which also reminds him even more of another version of Diego that Funny Valentine summoned from an alternate universe), though is surprised that Dio does not turn into a raptor like creature when they fight, though he is often ready to battle his Stand The World (as the alternate Diego had that same Stand).
  • Does not like being called Jonathan nor being called JoJo as to him it is embarrassing.
  • He's the first JoJo that belongs from an Alternate Universe instead of the main one.
  • Would like to let people know that he may sound like Eren Yeager but that isn't a ahead on asking him how to slay titans.
  • Has heard rumors of a universe where he is a part of The Investigation Team, Johnny merely chalks it up to the machinations of President Valentine and doesn't dwell on it too much. Though he has decided to help them if they ever need it.
  • Johnny did actually manage to recover from his crippled state after a long recovery. Too bad he didn't get to enjoy it for long as ten years after the Steel Ball Run, his wife got sick of an extremely rare disease. Johnny tried to use the Holy Corpse to remove the disease from her, but the disease unfortunately then moved to his son. When Johnny tried to cure him with Tusk, he was the one who caught the disease and soon after got his head smashed by a large boulder.


    Apollo Creed 
Apollo Creed, God of Casualties in the Ring (The Dancing Destroyer, The Doctor of Destruction, The King of Sting, The Count of Monte Fisto, The Prince of Punch, The Master of Disaster, The One and Only)

Judah Ben-Hur, Patron Saint of Chariot Races (Son of Hur, 41, Quintus Arrius the Younger, Young Arrius)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Four white horses
  • Theme Songs: "Overture", "Parade of the Charioteers"
  • Alignment: True Neutral —> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chariot Race, Badass Israeli, Badass Pacifist, betrayed by his best friend, Fallen Prince, surviving for 3 years in a Slave Galley, waiting for a chance to avenge himself, not feeling satisfied after the fact, living during Jesus' time and meeting him too
  • Domains: Racing, Revenge, Forgiveness, Biblical Stories, Ancient Rome
  • Herald: Esther
  • Allies: Moses, Edmond Dantes, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix, Maximus (Tangled), Black Beauty, Solomon, Maximus Meridius Decimus, Joseph Joestar, Anakin Skywalker, Xena, Phineas & Ferb, Ren Amamiya, Roger Thornhill
  • Enemies: YHVH, Julius Caesar, Ramses, Eric Cartman, Maleficent
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Messala
  • Complicated Relationship: Ange
  • Judah Ben-Hur is a Judean prince who was once best friends with Messala, the son of a Roman governor. However, their loyalty to their own countries turned the friendship sour. Ben-Hur's life was ruined when his family was wrongfully accused of attempted murder on the new Roman governor. Messala did not defend his friend and even took advantage of the situation to get back at him. For the following several years, Ben-Hur faced many trials, driven by the desire for revenge, until he was adopted by a wealthy Roman. He'd then find his chance to get even with Messala in one of the greatest chariot races the world has ever seen. His victory in this trope-codifying race solidified his place as the deity of chariot racing.
  • Inspired by the sight of Jesus Christ on the cross, begging for forgiveness for his tormentors, he's decided to let go of his vengeful feelings and resentment. Attributing Messala's evil to the corrupting influence of the Roman Empire, he wants to see if he can bring Messala to the side of light and good, and reaffirm their friendship once that's accomplished. It also helps that there's at least one timeline where Messala becomes his friend again.
  • Found that he had much in common with Edmond Dantes, as their journeys were driven by a desire for revenge before finding that forgiveness brings more of a sense of closure and is far more fulfilling. Indeed, Ben-Hur has heard evidence that his existence may actually be derived from the Count's. He also gets along well with Mikagami as they both hold the philosophy that vengeance doesn't bring contentment in the end.
    • A lot of deities were afraid that Ben-Hur would be the preachy sort with his belief that forgiveness is better than revenge, but he really isn't. He tends to leave most of the Vengeance deities alone because he figures that everyone has their reasons, especially after hearing the stories of people like Sakura Matou. He only really holds in contempt those that seem especially petty, like Maleficent trying to kill a baby just for the brilliant reason that she wasn't invited to a party.
  • Though he has converted to Christianism, he hasn't forgotten his Jewish roots at all, and has the utmost reverence for Moses for releasing their people. It astonishes him that Moses sometimes looks like himself and he wonders whether there's some hidden meaning in that. Conversely, he's alarmed that the pharaoh Ramses who enslaved and oppressed the Jews is also around. But Ben-Hur has a much more personal dislike for the also Jew-hating Cartman, mainly for the extremely gruesome ways in which he exacts his revenge, and often for petty things at that. Ben-Hur also regularly pays his respects to Solomon, who helps him out in return.
  • He's a firm believer in there being only one god, so the notion of being a god himself makes him uneasy and he insists that he's only a saint. YHVH tried to appeal to him to join his forces, claiming He was the God that Ben-Hur worships. Thanks to Moses he has figured out that YHVH is not an Abrahamic God to be trusted. It doesn't help YHVH's case that He's promised to wipe out Messala for being part of the ancient empire that oppressed "His" worshippers and revered false gods. While Ben-Hur has a low opinion of the Roman Empire, he wants to believe that his friend can be redeemed.
  • Unsurprisingly, he's not so warm towards figures of the Roman Empire since they conquered his homeland and demanded subjugation. His people had quite enough of that before the Exodus, not to mention the conflict of interests is pretty much the reason for the rift between him and Messala. But it's led to him finding good friends in Asterix and Obelix as they all oppose the absolute power of Rome. That they once participated in an epic cross-country chariot race also greatly pleased Ben-Hur. Sometimes the Gauls bring out the chariot they kept from the event and have friendly races with Ben-Hur so it doesn't go to waste.
    • However, he has no idea what to make of Nero, at the hand of whom his fellow Christians supposedly suffered. Not only is the emperor a cheerful girl, there are no signs of her having any particular desire to oppress Christians, only to show off her terrible art and brag about it, and she seems pretty much harmless. Ben-Hur just leaves her alone for now.
  • Other deities that participated in chariot races curry his favor. These include Joseph Joestar, Anakin Skywalker (with hovercrafts instead of chariots and horses; still pretty much an homage to Ben-Hur's race) and Xena. He has more mixed feelings on that time Phineas and Ferb decided to stage a race downtown outside of a controlled environment. He doesn't give them too much grief for it as long as they don't do it again.
  • He's a sure sight on races on Rainbow Road, the Pantheon's main racing course. Part because it's be remiss of him not to show up as God of Chariot Races, part because Messala will be there too, and he'll beat him as much as it takes til Messala comes around.
  • He went from a prince to a slave in the galleys before clawing his way back up. Normally, that'd land him in the good graces of Ange, who went through a similar situation and always respects people who can help themselves, but then she realized that he essentially accepted being part of the empire who'd screwed him over to carry his plans through, which to her seems like lack of integrity. Ben-Hur by his turn thinks that only someone armed with a giant steel man could have such a simple view of those things. He also thinks that she's lacking in compassion and could stand to learn forgiveness, especially towards that lover of hers who does very little to warrant her level of violence.
  • He never uses any horses for his chariot except the four white ones he's known for and which he brought up with him. Once he heard there's a God of White Horses in the Pantheon, he thought it wise to ask him to bless his horses and, if he would please, Ben-Hur himself, and wish him luck in future races. He was surprised that Maximus, the god in question, was a staunch believer in justice and deeply interested in Ben-Hur's story, especially the part where he was falsely prosecuted. Maximus was of course pleased with Ben-Hur's magnificent horses, so whether he'd get the horse god's blessing wasn't even a question. Black Beauty also likes him for treating horses kindly and not whipping them.
  • Befriend the gladiator Maximus after learning that, much like Ben-Hur had to become a charioteer to live, he too was turned into an object of bloody entertainment for the masses to get his revenge.
  • Gets along well with Ren Amamiya and Roger Thornhill since they all know how a false accusation can make one's life seriously difficult.

    Dexter Grif 
Private First Class/Sergeant/Minor Junior Private Negative First Class/Captain Dexter Grif, God of Blood Sports (Griff, Dirtbag, That Yellow Guy, Sarge's Number 7 Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The AGLA logo
  • Theme Song: Grifball Jam
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Could be Neutral Good if he wasn't so lazy)
  • Portfolio: Action Survivor, Brilliant, but Lazy, being gluttonous, being on the short end of Sarge's schemes and surviving all sorts of shit, being a Badass Driver when the situation calls for it, Cowardly Lion, Grifball, Genius Ditz, Lazy Bum, Weak, but Skilled
  • Domains: Sloth, Gluttony, Pain
  • Herald: Lt. Bitters
  • High Priest: Augustus "The Cole Train" Cole
  • Allies: Kaikaina Grif (his sister), Simmons, Donut, Church (both Alpha and Epsilon), Tucker, Caboose, Lopez, Washington, Carolina, Yukari Yakumo, Garfield, Robbie Rotten, Navi
  • Complicated Relationship: Sarge, Locus (former enemy), Tex (to the point he covers his codpiece when she appears)
  • Enemies: The Meta, Felix, Johan Liebert
  • Opposes: Boomstick
  • He was forced to ascend after the Main House decided to have a Grifball court built into the House of Sports. Whenever a player picks up the Grifball, Grif's spirit possesses their body and their uniform becomes orange - leaving him the prime target for everyone's Gravity Hammers. Also, much to his chagrin, he gets blown up whenever he scores.
  • Whenever anyone's not playing Grifball, Grif can either be seen sleeping in his house or pigging out in the House of Food. His bottomless stomach scares that entire House. He once got into an eating contest with Pac-Man, Kirby, and Kyoko Sakura - after what took weeks (even after manipulation from the House of Time and Space), it ended with a tie.
  • He has no idea why everyone thinks his armor is yellow instead of orange.
  • He gets uneasy whenever he's around any intimidating women. This is likely a result of Tex busting his balls one too many times.
  • Has a huge respect for Yukari Yakumo, and tries to emulate her laziness.
  • After much review, his pivotal contribution to the Meta's death, mainly throwing himself into danger to disarm him of his Brute Shot, as well as his contributions in the war for Chorus, it's been decided that he deserved a promotion to Lesser God. Which is unfortunate for him, as the higher the rank, the bigger the responsibilities.
  • He tried to pledge himself as a follower of every other deity in the Pantheon, under the rhetoric that omni-religion would force him to take every single day as a holy day of rest. It didn't work.
  • The Stig, after seeing some records of Grif's driving capabilities, sent Grif an e-mail challenging him to a race. Grif hasn't responded, since he's too lazy to even look at his email.
  • Grif is currently vary wary of Boomstick, due to the latter attacking him any chance he gets and being Sarge's kid.
  • Trying to mind-control him by way of Demonic Possession doesn't seem to work for some reason, as his laziness is so great the mind-controller also acquires his apathy until they leave voluntarily.
  • After fourteen seasons of adventures, Grif has decided enough is enough and is no longer participating in adventures with the rest of the Blood Gulch crew. Time will tell whether or not he eventually returns.
    • He does return to the Reds and Blues, however the only reason he did was because as he said, "Holy hell, does shit get boring without 'em. And you know I figured that without me to beat up on y'all were doomed to fall apart at the seams. I'm your hate glue." He also managed to get on somewhat good terms with Locus.
  • To no one's surprise (after all, he's a fat, lazy and orange glutton with a name started in G), has been revealed to be a Garfield fan. The two have been seen eating and playing first-person shooters together.
    • He's also a fierce admirer of Robbie Rotten, someone who embraces laziness first and foremost; and is one of the few deities to have a good opinion on Navi given she reminds him of Grif's one time friend Huggins.
  • Tried to deny that he was happy with the ascension of Simmons, but the two have resumed their bickering friendship. But please, don't ask about their time in the shade, or that time the Temple of Procreation was activated...
    • On the other hand, Sarge's ascension made Grif rise up on a cliff and yell the most impressive "NOOOOOOOO!" in the history of the Pantheon.
  • Even if he became lazy as hell, is a fierce admirer of Master Chief:
    I mean, I signed on to fight some aliens. Next thing I know, Master Chief blows up the whole Covenant armada and I’m stuck in the middle of nowhere, fighting a bunch of blue guys.

    Ippo Makunouchi 
Ippo Makunouchi, God of Boxing (The Wind God)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Japanese Boxing Commission Championship belt
  • Theme Song: Under Star
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Learning How to Box, Wanting to Be Strong, Bob and Weave, Fair Play, Badass Normal, Butt-Monkey, The Dempsey Roll and its Special Adaptations, Crouching Doormat, Hidden World Champion, School-Smart Strong Guy, The Dutiful Son
  • Domains: Competition, Sports, Boxing, Strength.
  • Followers: Manny Pacquiao (his avatar), Muhammad Ali (for now; he intends to challenge Ippo for a fight in the future), Rocky Balboa Jr., Oliver Bronstein, Max Lopez
  • Heralds: the members of the Kamogawa Gym, Hiroko Makunouchi (his mother), Masahiko Umezawa (his Bully Turned Buddy), Kumi Mashiba (his Love Interest), Ryou Mashiba (his rival and Kumi's brother).
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponents: Dudley, Rocky Balboa
  • Friendly Rivals: Glass Joe, Joe Yabuki, Akihiko Sanada (SEES)
  • Rivals: Piston Hondo, Aran Ryan, Juzo Sakakura, Don Flamenco, Great Tiger, Von Kaiser, King Hippo, Tooru Amuro
  • Enemy: Balrog, Bernkastel, Biff Tannen pre-1985
  • As one of the Pantheon's earliest deities, Ippo Makunouchi was instantly rushed to claim the "God of Boxing" title as soon as he ascended to godhood. However, this was haphazardly marked without a trope or concept attached to it, creating the perception that he was claiming godhood over everything to do with the sport of boxing itself. This soon led to gyms and challengers sprouting left and right to oppose him, causing Ippo to think that this position is some sort of divine setup.
    • For this reason and due to his meek and humble personality, Ippo wasn't particularly keen on answering any of the challenges, but he still didn't — and won't — refuse anything presented to him as an official match. For awhile the current challenger on tap has been Rocky Balboa, and after that Muhammad Ali has a thing or two he wants to say about not being chosen…
  • Many deities are surprised that such a meek young man could be such a talented and strong boxer that his skills alone have gotten and kept him in the Pantheon for so long. But that's the thing. "Many" deities is as far as that judgment goes. Considering how many have seen a meek-but-strong type in their world, the word "most" can't even apply here.
  • Although Ippo is a generally low profile god, there was one time where he grabbed nearly everyone's attention, though not for any reason he's altogether proud of. One day, rumors started circulating in the Pantheon that although he's a featherweight in boxing, he's a heavyweight in a certain…other area. Soon enough this rumor reached the House of Lust…and finally hit the ears of one Panty Anarchy, who quickly went inside his temple and closed the doors behind her…only to exit it a few minutes later looking absolutely horrified. When she was asked if anything happened she denied it vehemently, stating, "Are you fucking serious!? That…THING would rip me in half!" Soon after many goddesses, and a few gods, began visiting Ippo to see if the rumors were true. Although no precise measurement was taken, there were reports that some goddesses, even including Bayonetta and Aphrodite, were very very impressed. Ippo doesn't like to talk about it.
    • After that whole deal blew over, Panty went to Ippo with these parting and sobering words of wisdom:
    Panty: I hope that Kumi of yours knows how to stretch.
    • Ippo really, really doesn't like to talk about it.
  • When he was approached by Hong Meiling, he initially thought it would be about the above subject. However, it turns out she admired him because like her, he's a strong melee fighter who takes a lot of crap both physically and otherwise and can be surprised and beaten when taken out of his comfort zone, but despite this he's become a top-level boxer in Japan. He wasn't sure how to take it exactly, but more or less accepted her friendship.
  • Went one-on-one with Little Mac in a main event boxing match, with the two fighting all out. Mac knocked him out in the first one-minute round, but Ippo got back up and evened the score through the next two rounds. In the end, their trainers both carried them out of the arena and they came away with a great respect for one another, becoming friends after this. They've gone on to spar on a number of occasions to hone their skills since then.
    • Ippo also went on to compete against many of Mac's fellow ascended World Video Boxing Association competitors, defeating all of them using various tactics he's learned over the years. He's considered a rival to most of them now as well as several other boxers in the Pantheon, some friendlier than others, similar to how Mac has it. His biggest rival of them all, though, is Piston Hondo, as both compete over who is the best boxer on the Japanese circuit.
  • Absolutely despises Balrog due to the Crazy Buffalo perverting everything he stands for as a boxer. He would quickly find that he's not alone. Aran Ryan, being a similarly cheap fighter, earns some of Ippo's ire as well, but given the Irishman is so insane he doesn't even register some of the cheapest stuff he does as cheating, Ippo mostly just considers him irritating.
  • Much like with Little Mac, Ippo and Joe Yabuki found mutual respect following a friendly match. He later introduced the two boxers to each other.
  • Has had to take a month off training to recover and adapt his style to be more evasive than normal after injuries from a fight he lost caused him to develop symptoms of Punch-Drunk Syndrome. Since returning he has not shown those symptoms, though some believe magic from the Pantheon had something to do with that. He hasn't commented on this, but does seem oddly familiar with Ana Amari for some reason…
  • After such a long time, Ippo's mysteriously tropeless title was finally rectified by the sleuthing of none other than Spider-Man. Taking an interest in him due to the shared commonality of both being unlucky everymen and extraordinary heroes/champions at the same time, Spidey discovered something about Ippo's history that filled a vacated article: Ippo had spent virtually his entire life training himself in boxing. Whether it was carrying coolers to and from his family's fishing boat as a child even before he had the idea to become a boxer, running full speed at bars in the park so he could get quicker at ducking blows, or taking on all sorts of new environments in his official training camps, Ippo has either been learning new tricks or adapting his body to be faster, sturdier, and stronger ever since his father died when he was a kid, and it has paid off in his boxing career.
    • Realizing this, Spidey took Ippo to the Court of the Gods and established a case that his status as the God of Boxing should represent the fact that his entire life has been one big long Boxing Lesson. The Court accepted this on the condition that he finally fight Rocky Balboa. The fight took place in a private venue with the Court members in attendance. Ippo barely defeated the aged Rocky, getting up just before the ten-count after both knocked each other down, but each man came away with another Worthy Opponent and Ippo earned himself an upgrade from Demigod to Lesser God as a result.
    • Muhammad Ali's challenge to his title was finally rescinded after all of this, but many reports say that if Ali can find his own way into the Pantheon, Ippo should expect to be called out for a fight anyway. He is not looking forward to this.
    • While this all took place, Rocky was still a connected aspect of his avatar Sylvester Stallone. Now that they've split with Rocky striking out after gaining his own place, Sly maintains friendly ties with Ippo and has informed him that the Italian Stallion is training hard to challenge him again.
  • Since his place in the Pantheon has been reinforced, others have started taking interest to him. Maya and Yukari empathize with Ippo over the fact that they're all terrible drivers, though he's taken them fishing on his boat since that's one thing he can steer well and maybe he could teach them a thing or two with that. His tendency towards constant training and improvement and desire to know how it feels to be strong has the full support of the Kame House, his meek personality along with this fact reminds Vegeta of Cabba, and Hogan considers him a prime example of why train is the first of Hulkamania's Three Demandmentsnote . Mashiro, Takagi, Babe Ruth, and Yamcha are all cool with him even though he's pretty bad at both editing manga and playing baseball, as they would rather give him credit for making the effort than tell him he sucks like the "average" unpleasable fan. He and the latter four have all shared autographs.
  • There is another sport he's an expert at, though: bowling. It's been joked that this is because "bowling" and "boxing" are just a few letters apart, but Barry Allen and Patrick Jane both found a more likely and serious explanation: his balance, ducking, arm strength, and U-motion swinging are all so good as a result of his boxing training that he just naturally picked this up.
  • His high school grades are so good that it's been said he could've gotten into any college he wanted to. Many of the Students in the House of School have come to him for help, with Koichi and Batsu in particular becoming really good friends (though part of this is because they can all help each other train to get stronger too). However, one who he refuses to associate with is notorious bully and attempted date rapist Biff Tannen, who reminds him of his own school bullies except a bit more heinous. Ironically, Biff's 1985 old-man self seems to agree.
  • Vegeta's respect for him extended to where he was eventually brought onto a team christened by the Prince and his herald Cabba as "honorary Saiyans" in the Pantheon, much to his great honor. Of his new stablemates, Touta Konoe is the one he gets along with best whereas Tatsumaki manages to remind him of his old school bullies, if only because of how arrogant and socially-maladjusted she is.

    Max Steel 
Max Steel, God of the Extreme Sports Plot (Josh McGrath, Steel)
Max Steel
Josh McGrath
  • Demigod (as Josh McGrath). Intermediate God (with the full power of his Turbo Action).
  • Symbol: The N-Tek Symbol
  • Theme Song: Max Steel, Endangered Species (Forces of Nature's version); alternatively Max Steel: Countdown.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral Good leanings.
  • Portfolio: Extreme Sports Plot, Augmented Physically Through Nanobots Due To an Accident Engineered by Psycho, Nanobot-Boosts with Limits, Implacable Man, "Going Turbo!", No Longer Goes by Josh.
  • Domains: Humans, Extreme Sports, Adrenaline
  • High Priest: Alex Mann/Action Man
  • Heralds: Jefferson Smith (his adoptive father), Berto (adoptive brother), Kat Ryan, CYTRO, Jet Ferrus, Reboot!Max Steel and his allies.
  • Allies: James Bond, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Barry Allen/The Flash, Terry McGinis/Batman Beyond, Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, The Powerpuff Girls, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider Ichigo and Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider Nigo, Kotaro /Kamen Rider Black, Avatar Aang.
  • Enemies: The Joker, Derek Powers/Blight, HYDRA, The Brotherhood of Evil, The Shredder, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, David Banner, Shocker, Sephiroth, Mesogog.
  • Young adult extreme sports superstar, Josh McGrath, lived a normal life relatively speaking for someone with his career choice. However, everything changed when Psycho, an enemy of his father Jefferson Smith broke into a facility where experimental nanobots that could bond to a human to enhance them were held; and to keep Josh, who had come in to stop him, from interfering broke the container causing them to spill on Josh so he'd be killed slowly and painfully due to a lack of a power source for the nanobots to live; but his father and CEO of N-Tek a benevolent spy organization, used all his resources to implant Max with special energies to keep the nanobots bonded to his body alive. With a chance for a normal life gone, Josh now named Max Steel when in combat now lived a double life thwarting not only Psycho but the nefarious nebulous organization of DREAD and many other villains. He would eventually overcome both the organization and nemesis but even tougher foes came in Elementor (a clone of Bio-Constrictor, a reptilian mutant that worked for DREAD), Extroyer (Max's previously unbeatable sports rival Troy Winters, mutated by space crystals known as Morphosos), Toxzon (an ex-N-Tek agent who wanted revenge for mutations he suffered) and Makino (a mediocre reporter-turned wannabe hero who wished to publicly discredit Max and N-Tek); but no matter how dire things got, Max always came out on top against the increasingly dire threats.
  • Max was ascended into the Pantheon following his so-far last adventure against the Monstrous Alliance of Toxzon, Makino and Elementor, which culminated in him curing Toxzon and seemingly defeating the other two for good. He was quite intrigued at the new place he was in, mostly because he figured he could spend some time doing extreme sports for old time's sake now that his worries were less extreme in this new place.
  • Right off the bat Max befriended those who were involved with secret agent organizations such as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Nick Fury, an agent and the director respectively of the secret organization SHIELD, who have time and time again protected the world from several evil organizations and terrorist threats such as HYDRA who are their main foes, not unlike N-Tek's own enmity against DREAD. Close allies of SHIELD were similarly quick to become allies of Max as well, such as Captain America who had similarities to Max in regards to where his powers came from and admired the bravery and good-hearted nature of Max.
  • He made a rather quick enmity with the Joker, Batman's nemesis who holds similarities to Max's own personal nemesis: Psycho; like Psycho, Joker is a psychopathic terrorist with an aim to cause destruction and chaos on the biggest scale that he can possibly make, enjoys allying with villainous groups that can further his desire for aimless destruction and will break out of jail as much as possible to cause harm to millions. Batman and Max also formed an alliance and something of a friendship once they met each other, with Batman finding Max's work in his own world admirable and respects his work on fighting the evils of his world.
  • He has met secret agent James Bond while in the Pantheon and befriended him over their similar fields of work and fights against evil organizations throughout their adventures and fights against criminal organizations threatening the world. Bond has found himself intrigued by the kind of foes Max faced after his defeat of DREAD and even during his days fighting that evil organization given their more otherwordly and outlandish powersets compared to his more mundane enemies such as crime bosses and other evil agents.
  • Max's enhancements deprived him of a normal life and even threatened to kill him at several points before several different bouts of energy implants allowed his nanobots to become more stable and no longer life-threatening but still left him unable to return to his normal life he'd already renounced until much later, as such he got sympathy from Peter Parker/Spider-Man who has time and time again sacrificed his chances at a normal life for the sake of saving the day and helping out those who can't protect themselves and has suffered much for it, despite his knowledge of it being the right thing; he feels very glad that Max has mostly gotten his life back in order and balanced in regards to his duties as a hero and his passion.
  • He's found Avatar Aang to be quite an interesting person to know due to his control over the four elements and more, given that one of his most recurring foes was Elementor, who can also manipulate all elements of nature. Aang has gotten interested in Max's accounts, given how Elementor almost became a god-like being when he started coming close to assimilating his Elementium, the source of his powers, with the Earth itself; being equal times amused by a similar being to him as well as concerned due to that incident, though feels relieved Max has taken care of the elemental threat over and over. Aang's allies from his world all were equally curious to hear of Max's fights against Elementor.
  • Max doesn't like those who pervert science or augmentations for their own use, given his long rapport of dealing with villains who used science or their mutations formed through scientific methods for their own advantage. Off the top of this list were nasty beings such as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus and Derek Powers/Blight; who all are driven by a lust for power and an ambitious desire to rule over those they deem "weak", a mentality shared by Max's nemesis: Psycho. Blight in particular earned his scorn for his corrupt corporative ways and his murder of Terry McGinni's father and that's all without considering the many other lives he's taken as his superpowered self.
  • Max found similar modified humans in the Kamen Riders, particularly the Double Riders and Kamen Rider Black as all of them were modified against their will into cyborg monsters, but found enough will to remain human and fight back against the evils that tried to turn them into their servants. While his situation is different in many aspects, the Riders do find it similar on how Max partly lost his humanity to something that he wasn't expecting nor had any control over and had to do some sacrifices on his life to save the world before he managed to find balance and went back to a mostly normal life as the Riders themselves suffered greatly in their quest for justice and lost much things during their adventures themselves.
  • Due to resuming his extreme sport activities in the Pantheon as he did in his own world, Max has found some interesting contenders for them provided that they have the time. One of these particular rivals was the Monstars group made up of modified aliens with super strength who have found some interest in competing against Max in the extreme sports he partakes in, even if they feel a bit hesitant to do so out of fear of the dangers they could face in said sports as they usually are much more dangerous than just a game of basketball or other similar ball-based games. Another competitor with much more interest in said activities was Sonic the Hedgehog, who has a wide interest in extreme sports and has thought of seeing the best Max can do with his Turbo Action and if it can match his own expertise and speed in said competitions.
  • As he'd already thwarted a plot to mutate humanity into monsters under the control of his nemesis, Psycho, he greatly hates most incarnations of the Shredder, arch-enemy of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who in many worlds has plotted to turn humanity into mutants or turned a select bunch of humans into his mutant servants. Shredder has taken notice of Max due to his abilities with his nanbots and Turbo Action, believing that he could find some use to such power if he had a way to get his hands on it. As for the Turtles, they find it cool to see that Max is a mutant of sorts himself not unlike them.
  • One of his enemies was an evil mutant known as Bio-Constrictor, a snake human that wanted to destroy all mammals (especially humans) to make way for a world fit for reptiles to rule over, as such he was not one to view Mesogog favorably, knowing of the monster's own plots to create a world where he mutates humans into dinosaurs or wipes them out in favor of a world filled with dinosaur life as he views the creatures as a "superior" species. He's also been wary of the contacts Mesogog has, since many of them have a resemblance to some of the foes he's faced over the years. The Dino Thunder Rangers made contact with Max over this enmity and were a bit amused to hear of the similar foe to their nemesis that he had faced.

    Uzu Sanageyama 
Uzu Sanageyama, God of Tiny Package and Kendo (Athletic Committee Chairman, Monkey, Monkey King, SanageYamcha, Ninja Turtle)


    Peter LaFleur and White Goodman 
Peter LaFleur and White Goodman, Gods of Dodgeball
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Average Joe's Gymnasium logo and Globo-Gym Purple Cobra logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (LaFleur), Neutral Evil (Goodman)
  • Portfolio: Opposing Sports Team, On the Money
  • Domains: Gym, Dodgeball, Funny
  • Followers: Their respective teams
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Each other, of course.
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Ratchet (LaFleur)
  • When the Pantheon are in need of a Dodgeball team, they call upon all players with the skill to participate for godhood. Both LaFleur and Goodman took part of it, but since the Pantheon didn't allow their team to come with them, they assembled what they could for a rematch. However, things did not go as expected as their selection are all of the ascended members of the Pantheon and used their powers to play and things went out of control. Essential, they both hold the title though they will have a rematch they seek to see who is the true holder of dodgeball.
  • LaFleur is currently training the youths in a game of dodgeball after he and his team won the tournament. Though a lot of people learn of his training with Patches O'Houlihan and they wondered how efficient it is considered his mentor and coach throws wrenches at them, make them go through live traffic, and has a contraption that shoot dodgeball very fast.
    Patches O'Houlihan: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."
    • So far, he taught them Patch's important lesson on the five d's of dodgeball: Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge.
  • Goodman blames Chuck Norris for his loss in the tournament since he was the tie breaker that allowed the Average Joe's to play in the finals instead of forfeiting. Chuck Norris would not take it as he told Goodman that the next time he ever denies him, he'll give him one hell of a roundhouse kick.
    White Goodman: "Fuckin' Chuck Norris."
  • LaFleur consider making Jimmy Hopkins his prodigy since he taught nerds how to beat jocks at dodgeball.
  • If Jerrica had the chance, she would have helped LaFleur with his bankruptcy but LaFleur would admit that he would of decline if he didn't know about doing dodgeball. Despite this, he remain good friends with her. In contrast, she hates Goodman for he reminds her of Eric Raymond.
  • Dexter once made a machine that give him a huge advantage in dodgeball against a trio of bullies. Ironically, as LaFleur pointed out, he left himself right in the open in which Dee Dee actually knocked him out as the result.
  • Goodman once insulted Larry the Night Guard for having a deadbeat job, and for trying to steal his "good" looks.
  • Eikichi Mishina is disgusted with White Goodman, because despite being narcissistic and was once fat like him, at least he didn't act like an asshole to other people.
  • Goodman is a gross man when it comes to women, especially when he want to woo with them. This is shown when he try to flirt with his attorney Kata Veatch (later, LaFleur's girlfriend) and making her uncomfortable. He was banned from the House of Love when he was planning on wooing with the other women in the House.
  • LaFleur would joking say that the Green Arrow is if Steve the Pirate decided to stop being a pirate and instead be a Robin Hood-wannabe.