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Lesser Gods

    The Equestria Girls 
The Equestria GirlsMembers , Goddesses of Fun-Filled High School Settings (The Rainbooms, The Humane Five/Six/Seven, Twilight: Sci-Twi)
Left to right: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy

    Kim Possible 
Kimberly Ann Possible, Goddess of Heroic Multitasking (Kim Possible, KP, Kimmy, Princess, Kimmie-Cub, Coach Possible, Red, Fraulein Possible, Sheela The Leopard Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Kimmunicator
  • Theme Song: "Call Me, Beep Me"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Academic Athlete, Action Girl, Called "KP" by Ron, Bares Her Midriff in almost every outfit she wears (at least she used to), Buffy Speak, Go-Getter Girl, Extracurricular Enthusiast, Fiery Redhead, Grappling-Hook Gun, I Know Madden Kombat, She-Fu, Naïve Everygirl, Part-Time Hero, Tomboy with a Girly Streak
  • Domain: Heroism, Fist, Chaos, Good, Cheerleading
  • Followers: K.C. Cooper
  • Heralds: Dr. James Timothy Possible and Dr. Anne Possible (her parents), Jim and Tim Possible/"the Tweebs" (her younger brothers), Wade Load (her Mission Control).
  • Allies: Ron Stoppable (her boyfriend), Buffy Summers, Claire Bennet, Sabrina Spellman, Spider-Man, Juliet Starling, Otacon, James Bond, Dipper and Mabel, Phineas Flynn, Lilo & Stitch, Alex, Clover, and Sam
  • Enemies: Dr. Drakken, Shego, The Baroness, Destro, Jack Spicer, Raven Darkholme/Mystique, Katarina
  • Rivals: Libby Chessler
  • Just as broken clocks are capable of telling the time twice a day, Drakken actually managed to devise a plan that nearly worked. Buying out a taco chain, he dished out thousands of toys to various Houses, little did they know that they could transform into giant killer robots. It was the intervention of a red-headed heroine that managed to destroy the control tower that deactivated the machines.
    • It was then that the gods decided to hand her the Pom-Pom Girl trope… only to be challenged by Juliet Starling. The gods decided to put the two to the test to see which one had the acrobatics to deserve the title. Just as a winner was to be announced, one particular cheerleader denounced the contest; Libby declared neither of them fit the title because they do not match common cheerleader traits of shallow ruthless Alpha Bitches that Really Get Around. The Court of the Gods agreed with the ruling despite the protests of both contestants as well as Buffy and Claire, but compensated by giving the two other titles. Juliet would get the Teenager Talk title.
  • When she was denied the cheerleader spot, she was met with a surprising ally. Although wary of cheerleaders in general, Sabrina would have preferred her to whatever Libby and her posse would choose for the title. Afterwards, she, Sabrina and Juliet egged Libby's temple in a fit of revenge.
  • As one of her inspirations, she held Buffy in high regard even before the Slayer's role in helping her and Juliet ascend. The two teenager gods may have different professions, but the similarities cannot be denied. Expect these two to work together whenever super villains are using vampires to take over the world.
  • As someone who had to deal with school as well as crime-fighting when he was younger, Spider-Man has tasked himself with helping Kim deal with stress. He has had far less luck with Ron, who has a debilitating fear of bugs. A shame, as many gods thought the two would have been great friends.
  • Many evil gods made the mistake that a teenaged girl would be no problem to crush. Jack Spicer thought his army of Jackbots would be enough. The fight lasted two minutes.
  • There are many other villainous gods that are competing with Drakken for Kim's hate list. Among them is the Baroness and Destro, as the couple have proven to be a tougher nut to crack than she previously anticipated.
  • There was one time where Ron was much more competent in fighting crime than usual. When Kim confronted him on this, he attacked her. At first she thought he had turned evil again, but as the fight continued on, 'Ron' revealed himself to be the shapeshifter Mystique. When the assassin found out she couldn't defeat Kim that easily, she backed away. Kim's now employing countermeasures against future breaches.
  • However, no villain has pestered her more than Katarina, Goddess of Dark Action Girls. It's to a point that Kim can expect an ambush from the Sinister Blade whenever she's in a mission. Thankfully, she's been able to fend her off with a few close shaves. She suspects that Katarina is doing this for her mortal enemy Shego, who is a follower of Katarina's. It may only be a matter of time before Kat figures out a way to ascend her.
    • It didn't take long, but Shego gave her a rude awakening with a punch to the face. Shego's back, and Kim now has to deal with one of her most dangerous foes in the Pantheon as well.
  • While her source of intel Wade has been reliable, she had to get a new one in the Pantheon (the only reason Iji Kataiser got her own Mission Control was because it was her own brother and because their Earth had been destroyed). That role went squarely on Otacon. He fit the role perfectly to the point that he and Ron constantly discuss animé. Kim merely shakes her head at their antics.
  • Was quickly greeted by the God of Spies himself. It takes a lot to impressive James Bond, but saving the world multiple times when only a teenager can sure do the trick. Thankfully, he's refrained from putting the moves on her, respecting her relationship with Ron. That doesn't stop the sidekick from feeling jealous whenever he's around.
  • She and Ron hate those who engage in Domestic Abuse, given Kim had to endure an abusive relationship with a cruel synthodrone who posed as a young man named Eric. They're relieved that Otacon's fellow White Hat, Bentley, broke up with his abusive girlfriend, at the very least.
  • Was greeted along with her fellow original Disney cartoon gods as a well-deserved addition. Their numbers have been small compared to the Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network deities. They hope to remedy that problem soon enough with future ascensions.
    "What's the sitch?"
  • Also has a spot in House of Heroes.

    Rei Miyamoto 
Rei Miyamoto, Goddess of Repeating a School Year
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol/Signature Weapon: Springfield M1A1 Rifle with Bayonet
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Action Schoolgirl, The Betty to Saeko's Veronica, Childhood Friend Romance With Takashi, Clingy Jealous Girl, Girly Bruiser, Violently Protective Ex-Girlfriend To Takashi, Plucky Girl, School Uniforms Are the New Black, Stands At 5'3", Wields A Rifle
  • Domains: Firearms, Schoolgirls, Zombie Outbreaks, Lost Loves, Ex-Girlfriends
  • High Priest: Zeke Tyler
  • Followers: Shogo Kawada, Daniel "Oz" Osbourne, Yasuhiro Hagakure, Binky Barnes
  • Allies:
  • Annoyed By: Jiraiya, Beavis and Butt-Head
  • Opposes: The House of the Undead and Phasmata (most of them), especially Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Not To Be Confused With: Rei Ayanami, Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
  • Suspected Mentor To: Clementine and the School Life Club
  • Supposed Mentors: Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin, Momiji
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, Albert Wesker, Caleb Goodman
  • Rei Miyamoto is the second of the Fujimi High survivors to ascend to the Pantheon. Rei had thought that she was the first, only to find her rival for Takashi's attention, Saeko Busujima, was already present. Deciding to put their rivalry on hold, both Rei and Saeko work to ascend their friends.
  • Rei was not very happy upon discovering the reason behind her ascension to her current station. As it turns out her father was a police officer who was investigating a politician for corruption. Said politician just so happens to have a son named Koichi Shidou, who just so happened to be a teacher at Fujimi. As an intimidation tactic to force her father to back off. made her repeat a year in high school.
  • As Nobuyuki Sugou reminds her of Koichi Shidou due to his charming personality, Rei has put him in the 'Enemy' category. It's also rumored that Shidou himself is a follower of Sugo, which makes it even more personal.
  • Her zombie-slaying exploits have attracted the attention of two of the Pantheon's zombie-slaying vets, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin. The two Raccoon survivors have taken Rei under their wing, mentoring her in firearms and self-defense.
  • Became a mentor herself to the School Life Club, due to the quintet of girls also being survivors of a zombie outbreak. Aside from the School Life Club, Rei has also struck up a friendship with Clementine. While Rei dislikes the fact that Clementine uses firearms, the girl does remind her of Alice/Arisu.
  • Turns out that she's not the only deity who had to repeat a grade. As it turns out, Nagisa Furukawa herself had to repeat a grade more than once, due to illness, rather than a vindictive teacher with a crooked politician for a dad. Both Rei and Nagisa ended up becoming good friends
  • Really, really hates Beavis and Butt-Head. This came about when both were repeatedly kept back and in some cases, demoted all the way back to Kindergarten. Fed up with their antics, the Kindergarten teacher sends them both back to high school.
  • Momiji is her second teacher. As Rei started off with a makeshift spear, Momiji sees the potential in Rei. "One thing a blade has over a firearm is that it does not need reloading," the deified shrine maiden notes before showing off her skills with the naginata cleaving through a group of 'Them' (HOTD's version of zombies). Rei is now considering Momiji's offer.
  • Like her friend Saeko, she's pretty pissed at Alucard upon learning the possibility that he was responsible for the zombie outbreak that ruined her town, but is fully aware that she can't do crap to him.


    Ferris Bueller 
Ferris Bueller, Heavenly King of Hooky Players
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Empty composition book
  • Theme Song: "Oh Yeah"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Skipping School, High-School Hustler, loved by all the students, Cool People Rebel Against Authority, Born Lucky, Fourth-Wall Observer
  • Domains: Chaos, School, Fun, Truancy
  • Heralds: Cameron and Sloane
  • Followers: Every student ever
  • Allies: Ned Bigby, Big Time Rush, Makoto Niijima, Calvin, Timon & Pumbaa, Zack Morris
  • Enemies: Severus Snape, Agatha Trunchbull, Denzel Crocker, Dolores Umbridge
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters in the House of Family, the Alignment Incarnations
  • Complicated Relations: Simba, Inspector Gadget
  • Respected by: All student deities, even the evil ones
  • Unknown Connection: Tyler Durden
  • Banned from: House of Travel
  • Ferris Bueller is a resourceful and charming high schooler whose main goal in life is to have a good time. His most notable escapade was him skipping school by playing sick for his family and the faculty, then taking his best friend and girlfriend out on the town, completely duping authorities as he went. He also got to ride a sweet rare Ferrari.
  • Gets evasive whenever someone asks what the result of Cameron confronting his father over the busted Ferrari was.
    • The House of Travel insisted on banning Ferris from its grounds because of the whole incident, lest he tries to get his hands on the residing deities' prized vehicles.
  • Every student in the House of School and outside it adores him for his sheer coolness and charming personality. Even the less savory ones like Libby Chessler and Biff Tannen have reverence for him. Ferris is a righteous dude though, so he won't let them get away with their bullying no matter how much respect they show him.
    • Makoto Niijima shares in the students' enthusiasm to a certain extent, but even then she won't let him get away easily with his schemes to skip school. Makoto giving Ferris an earful is a common sight in the halls on the House of School. It's obvious that they're friends though, as Makoto has gotten him out of tight spots with the faculty.
  • On the other hand, his arrival to the Pantheon has incurred the wrath of the more controlling members of the faculty. Snape and Trunchbull are particularly eager to cull his tendencies. Seymour Skinner might be Ferris' greatest opponent given Skinner's super-human determination that no student shall cut class. While Ferris despises Snape and Trunchbull's sadistic treatment of students, he's actually fairly impressed by Skinner and respects him.
    • He also hates Denzel Crocker because of the glee he takes from handing absurdly low grades to students. It reminds him of how Rooney was deadset on ruining his life.
  • Has formed alliances with Big Time Rush and Zack Morris. They often work together to pull off some grand scheme.
  • Some of the frequent victims of Ferris' nastier schemes are the House of Famly's Child Abusers, in honor of his friend Cameron who suffers under a distant father who cares more about his material possessions than his son.
  • Simba's relationship with him is somewhat awkward, since Ferris' life philosophy reminds him of the times when he was running away from his responsibilities and ignoring his problems. The fact that they sound alike just makes Simba more uncomfortable. Timon and Pumbaa, on the other hand, like Ferris' relaxed attitude and how it reminds them of their good times with Simba, and think that years of being king have made the lion too uptight to appreciate him properly.
    • There's also something awkward about how a guy who looks like an older Ferris, Inspector Gadget, is a law enforcer.
  • Ferris is a big brother figure to a few younger deities:
    • He thinks Ned Bigby's idea for a school survival guide is pretty genius, and thinks he has future as a High-School Hustler. He has told Ned to tell him if anyone is picking on him.
    • Calvin looks up to him for doing whatever he wants and escaping the consequences easily. Calvin wants very badly for Ferris to teach him his ways so he can get away with stuff too. A lot of deities think Calvin would turn out just like Ferris if he grew up.
  • It has often been theorized, both in the Pantheon and in the mortal world, that Ferris is actually a figment of the imagination of his best friend and herald Cameron, which would mean Ferris is of a similar nature to Tyler Durden. Ferris gives ambiguous answers when asked about it; he probably likes to keep people guessing, though the extents to which Tyler takes his freedom do make comparisons between the two a bit disturbing to him.
  • On his first visit to the House of Food, he tried to pull off his Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago shtick to get the best service possible. Everyone saw through it and were quick to told him there was no need for that, since he was now a higher being than a mere Sausage King of Chicago could ever hope to be. Ferris enjoys the easy access to the greatest meals in the universe, though he does think that it's slightly sad that he won't be able to get satisfaction out of fooling snobby restaurant waiters anymore.
  • He doesn't condone any "-isms", so he doesn't look favorably upon any of the Alignment Gods. Basically, in his opinion, people should believe in themselves instead of ideals invented by others.
  • "You're still here? My profile's over! Go read the next one. ...Go."

    Roka Shibasaki 
Roka Shibasaki, Goddess of Post-Fight Group Creation (Underground Boss of Fujou High, President of the Fake Game Creation (Temp) Club, Ultimate Darkness Roka)

    Zack Morris 
Zachary "Zack" Morris, God of High School Hustlers
  • Demigod, though may be as powerful as Intermediate
  • Symbol: A school bell
  • Theme Song: Saved by the Bell Theme Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Chaotic Neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character who constantly breaks the Fourth Wall, Brilliant, but Lazy, The Trickster, Mr. Vice Guy, Kid-anova, Deadpan Snarker, ultimately Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Trickery, Chaos, Good, Charm, Education
  • Followers: Nabiki Tendo, Winker Watson, Van Wilder, Charlie Bartlett, Griff Hawkins, Cam Dunleavey, Big Gino
  • Heralds: Albert Clifford "A.C." Slater Sanchez, Samuel "Screech" Powers, Jessica "Jessie" Myrtle Spano, Lisa Marie Turtle (his friends), Kelly Kapowski (his High-School Sweetheart, later wife).
  • Allies: T.J. Detweiler, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Bart, Dennis the Menace, Lucifer, The Fonz, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Rivals: George Feeny
  • Enemies: Agatha Trunchbull, YHVH, The Mayor, Dark Judges, Miko Miyazaki, Inspector Javert, Dolores Umbridge
  • Once just a small kid trying to make a name for himself, he has fully grown into one of the most infamous schemers in the Multiverse. No matter how crazy his Zany Schemes were, he always seemed to come out on top. His ascension was met by jubilation among many Trickster Gods.
    • Deities were stumped on how to rank him. At first glance, Zack is just an ordinary man. But he somehow has the ability to break the fourth wall and even stop time itself. Zack surprisingly insisted that he be ranked as a Demigod. He found it fitting to be underestimated by many.
    • There is one theory that has been circulating the market theory. There is the possibility that he may have thought of the entire situation in his mind. It would explain how well he has been able to pull off his schemes. It's the one theory he vehemently refuses as it would not only invalidate his prowess, it also makes him more like a creep, including brainwashing (current wife) Kelly.
  • T.J. likened him to be the older brother he wished he had. Zack was happy to teach him the tricks of the trade,
  • Like many others, he pitied the way the Eds were treated throughout their lives and was glad that they won over the Cul-De-Sac.
  • Is part of a legendary rivalry with Feeny, and it's not because he caused trouble in school. The two are arguably part of two of the most well-known teen sitcoms of The '90s. Zack has longed to meet up with the principal in the Pantheon for his group to have a seat in the Pantheon.
  • Both can agree on one thing; Ms. Trunchbull is a cruel mistress. Zack's annoyed with the way her followers mistreat his own while Feeny has seen many of her kind prevent his followers from reaching out to students. Both have agreed to work together when it comes to dealing with the likes of her.
  • Is not that concerned with the Good vs Evil aspect as much as favoring Lucifer over YHVH. Lucifer considers it an honor to be graced with a prankster of his magnitude, enlisting the man to the GUAC. YHVH likened the boy as a threat, sending his subordinates to match a plan to discipline him.
  • The Major took it upon himself to warn deities of his schemes, making it harder for Zack to succeed.
  • One of his most persistent foes are the combined threat of Javert and Miko. The inspector sees Zack as a prime example of what happens when someone disregards even one of the lightest of crimes. He swears to put him away to serve time. Miko is a bit more extreme, hoping that Zack gets the highest degree of punishment for the unrepentant man. Due to their dogged mantra, the duo has managed to capture him several times, but Zack has managed to escape capture every time, some of which due to mysterious circumstances.
  • Judge Death has something else in mind. He sees Zack as the perfect person to make an example to the world what happens to those who commit crimes. He and the Dark Judges are the only deities Zack truly fears, taking great lengths to avoid their presence.
  • Looks up to the Fonz as the epitome of what a cool character should be like. He's one of the few not to cringe at his Jumped the Shark moment. To him, if he can do that and look cool by doing it, than why stop? In exchange, Zack teaches him some of his methods. Not even becoming a teacher deterred him from liking the Fonz.
  • Much of his success comes from aid from Jimmy Hopkins. Any big kid who thinks they could bully Zack out of his profits receive a pounding from the Bully Hunter. Jimmy is capable of hustling at times as well, though in the Pantheon he increasingly relies on Zack to help get enough money for supplies.
  • He was quite the ladies man before he hooked up with Kelly in the end. Many female deities were disappointed that he was taken, but a few love goddesses have volunteer to help the couple navigate through their marriage.