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Greater Gods

X, Infernal God Of Spawning Fanfics From A Fanfic (Xenophanes, Sonic.EXE, Exe, "Sonic", God, Lord)
The original Sonic.EXE.
Click here for the official remake version by the original author.
Click here for the Game Face of Sonic.exe/Xenophanes' design under his current owner (via Vs Sonic.exe).
  • Greater God (Overdeity within his home universe)
  • Symbol: A copy of an Sega Genesis-era Sonic game called "Sonic the Hedgehog 666.exe" with an emblazoned blood-red X on the console
  • Theme Songs: HILL, ... (normally), Smoke and Mirrors (when in a music battle)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sonic Creepypasta That Inspired A Whole Bunch Of Fanfics, Ax-Crazy Eldritch Abomination Who Likes To Take The Form Of Sonic, All The Horrible Things He Does Is Just A Game For Him, Hopeless Boss Fight, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Tears of Blood, Whoever He Kills Becomes Slaves Of His Sadistic Games, Absolutely Abhorrent In The Original Fanfic, Sadist with a Religion of Evil, Seen As Not That Good A Story In Hindsight So Many Of Its Fanfics Try To Improve The Material, Psychopathic Manchild, Adaptational Displacement
  • Domains: Fanfictions, Sadism, Games, Horror
  • Heralds: The Cult of X, Sarah Henderson, EYX, Lord X, Exetior, Sunky, "Eggman's Psychotic Computer Virus"
  • Interests: Dr Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik ("Julian", Fleetway Robotnik and Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie Eggman only; also count as rivals), Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, the Happy Tree Friends
  • Interested in: The Plutonian, The Last Son of Alcatraz, the Homelander, comic Black Noir, Littlepip, Pinkie Pie, Mac Tonight/Moon Man
  • Allies: Kefka Palazzo, the Alternates, Yuuki Terumi, AM, IT/Pennywise, The Batman That Laughs, Barbatos, Dark Danny, Majora, the Plutonian, Saito Sejima/the Cyclops Killer, Lionel Starkweather, Cioccolata, The Dark Matter Horde, Dr Weil, Porky Minch, Desaad
  • Headbutting Villains with: Mephiles the Dark, Infinite, Dimentio, The Shadow Queen
  • Rivals: Metallix, BEN, Evil Otto, Black Doom, Erazor Djinn, THE END, the Defiler, Mephisto (Marvel Comics), The Entity, Aku
  • Enemies: Every other Sonic the Hedgehog deity, but ESPECIALLY the Blue Blur himself, Miles "Tails" Prowler, Knuckles the Echidna and the game version of Eggman (or any version with some morality), every Super Mario Bros. deity not named Dimentio, Link, Jeanne d'Arc Alter, those he's interested in (except the Plutonian and comic Black Noir), Clark Kent/Superman, Lord Vyce, Linkara, The Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic, Wreck-It Ralph, the Collector, the Doki Doki Literature Club, The Kid, The Mane Six (and pretty much everyone else), Rachel Roth/Raven, The Five Survivors, Mr Mxyzptlk, The SCP Foundation, Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Danny Fenton, Giratina, The Toymaker, Kirby, Pico, The Tankmen, all Five Nights at Freddy's deities, Bendy (Bendy and the Ink Machine)
  • Opposed by: John Kramer/the Jigsaw Killer, John Doe, The Inhabitants of Pony Island, Captain Elliot Spencer/Pinhead, The Crewmates, William Afton/Springtrap
  • Fears: Lord English
  • Annoys: Eobard Thawne/the Reverse Flash, Asdrubael Vect, Khorne
  • Banned from: The House of Gaming
  • Conflicting relationship with: Junko Enoshima
  • Sonic.exe is an old, well-known Creepypasta of Sonic the Hedgehog. In short, the protagonist discovers a version of a classic Sega Genesis Sonic game that The Sonic in that game is evil-looking with Tears of Blood, piercing red eyes, a Slasher Smile of razor-sharp teeth and a laugh like Kefka. Instead of the heroic blue blur this Sonic, better known as Sonic.exe, is a sadist that plays a twisted game where it kills the other characters in gruesome ways, the game designed to be Unwinnable by Design. Eventually, he steals the soul of whoever plays the game. His past victims are put in the characters of the game so he can continue to do this for the rest of time. His goal is to cross over to Earth and inflict this fate on a worldwide scale.
  • A monster with Sonic's face, he is officially known as X, Lord X, or Xenophanes. The last one is his name after ownership being relinquished to a new author after a Role-Ending Misdemeanor from the original. He tends to go by Sonic.exe, X or Xenophanes interchangeably. One of the most well-known creepypastas, there have been a large number of fanfictions with their own interpretations, almost all malevolent even if they are not as depraved as the original interpretation. The ascended Sonic.exe is primarily the original with some other incarnations either part of him or acting as heralds should they prove distinct enough. Below are some notable versions he has made his heralds. You can find some of them in the Friday Night Funkin mod Vs Sonic.exe. It's also worth noting there's plenty of ".EXE" fanfics and fan-games on characters that aren't Sonic, but naturally the Sonic ones are the most well-known.
  • Sonic.exe wasn't intended to ascend. He only "entered" as a cursed copy of a Sonic game that the SCP Foundation had found and contained, with them being smart enough to not fall through his tricks and play the game in any way he could exploit it. This all changed when a containment breach of actual SCPs happened, and SCP-106 ended up finding the game. Something about his own interdimensional deities and Sonic.exe's own abilities interacting allowed the Creepypasta to break out. Initially, the two were friends as they have a lot in common; both are gods within their personal universe and both absolutely love to inflict a Fate Worse than Death on whoever gets into their domain like it was some sort of sick game. However tensions rose as the Old Man found his prey was being stolen by Xenophanes, who didn't make it better by saying "you're too slow!" They still get along at the end of the day, but their relationship has become more competitive, like two predators fighting over turf.
  • There was skepticism over ascending Sonic.exe. Long ago, he attempted to claim the title as the God of Creepypastas, but BEN won out. For the most part this was down to seniority, however in hindsight many felt the original Sonic.exe story was, in spite of its iconic status, not very good. Any attempt at grabbing the Urban Legend of Zelda trope was shot down faster and it was clear that Evil Otto was a way better choice. Xenophanes has never gotten over that and continues to hold a grudge over them. Ultimately, a trope was considered that he fit well; Recursive Fanfiction. Sonic.exe is a Sonic Creepypasta that in turn has inspired dozens of attempts at making a Sonic.exe game, fanfictions, Analog Horror and even a bunch of Friday Night Funkin' mods. Many of which prove unironically popular and enjoyed, which caused the Trope Pantheon to re-evaluate him. Besides, if they found a place for the protagonist of My Immortal, they could easily give Lord X a job.
  • Takes the form of Sonic because, eldritch monstrosity he is, even he has hobbies. He's a big fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, with his own Religion of Evil carrying on his will with cursed copies of Sonic games. Given he's a complete psychopath it is the farthest thing from flattering for the ascended Sonic deities. He likes to play up being a supposed fan around them by antagonizing the many Mario deities, and given his litany of crimes they already have reason to hate him. The only exceptions he makes are Dimentio and the Shadow Queen, since as much as their games rating will allow they're just as twisted as him. They still bicker over how to enact their dark vision, but they're birds of a feather at the end of the day
    • In his games, he will Kill and Replace Sonic, and make Knuckles, Tails and Eggman his favorite victims. Well less so the characters themselves and more the souls of his previous victims he has substitute for them. Needless to say, they hate him more than any other Sonic deity. The Blue Blur is disgusted at seeing someone with his image go against everything he stands for and then some, and it's not something he's unfamiliar with; Sonic.exe reminds him of "Fleetway Super Sonic", a version of his Super Mode that is a Superpowered Evil Side. Surprisingly, he thinks they wouldn't like each other because even if he's almost as sadistic the evil Super Sonic trying to kill everyone would deny Xenophanes potential victims. Other Sonic deities like Shorty the Squirrel have noticed the similarities between Sonic.exe and Fleetway Super Sonic, and it's made them terrified of the possibility of Lord X gaining his own super form to match. He's not going to compare Metal Sonic to Xenophanes though, since Metal considers X an unstable abomination.
    • Dr Eggman was quite aware of the possibility of Sonic.exe ascending to the Trope Pantheon. In fact, he had studied him enough that after forming a group of fellow Sonic villains, he had made a computer virus adaptation. He intended to use it during Sonic Forces but he proved incomplete...and disloyal. Unlike the deranged Xenophanes, Eggman's X is a lot more composed. Usually the good doctor considers him an unsavory savage, not worthy to parade the image of his Worthy Opponent and Arch-Enemy. Of course, there are the versions of Robotnik without the redeeming traits who don't have an issue with the depravity, but do with the instability. They still intend to control him somehow. The "Fleetway" Robotnik is perhaps the most interested due to subconscious awareness he is a corruption of a good man.
    • While hated amongst almost every single Sonic deity, there are some that are almost, if not just as evil as X and thus have less of a problem with him. Mephiles wants to destroy everything rather than enslave everything he sees all life as a proverbial stress toy he'll squeeze until it breaks, and he has a similar physical design in being a monstrous-looking version of another Sonic character. Infinite loves being a bully using his power to dominate and humiliate others. While they have made friends with Sonic.exe, they still see him as somewhat of a poser and can bicker over him not seeing the bigger picture. If they make up a Freudian Trio, Mephiles makes up the super-ego, Infinite the ego and Xenophanes the id.
    • There are other Sonic deities that can rival Xenophanes in evil, but aren't too thrilled by his ascension. Black Doom holds no pity to those who suffer under his domain but he says Earth life as food for his army instead of chew toys, dismissing him as a chaotic, childish Spanner in the Works. Erazor Djinn seeks to dominate the world, not send it into unneeded chaos. Sonic.exe gets in the way of their visions, even if they don't hate him on a personal level. THE END was initially more favorable, perceiving a kindred spirit if a bit too enthusiastic. The Creepypasta does find THE END's attempted And I Must Scream against Sonic and omnicidal goals commendable, but he considers it to be rather boring.
  • Despite standing against everything Sonic the Hedgehog stands for, he has the sheer temerity to be enraged by those who hate Sonic games. Granted, it's mostly an excuse to indulge in his sadism, not to mention he does who mock the legitimately bad Sonic games instead of just the divisive ones. The Angry Video Game Nerd, the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara have all found a bloodied Sonic plushie put in their bed as a warning not to make fun of Sonic games. Instead, this motivated them to make reviews riffing on the original Sonic.exe fanfic. They have no fear of him, and not just because they think he's unintentionally funny; they have a history of all kind of weird BS, some more menacing than Sonic.exe has proven to be. One of Linkara's enemies, Lord Vyce, has noted the Creepypasta as a force that he needs to slay. What pissed Xenophanes off was his comment that he's not as big a threat as the Entity, especially because Sonic.exe is aware of its true name and thus not too different from the concept of a Creepypasta like himself; he's nightmare Sonic, the Entity's nightmare Missingno.
  • Not the only being from fanfiction to ascend, or even the first being from a Sonic fanfiction to ascend. Perhaps X's greatest rival is Metallix, the Killer Robot who singlehandedly made people care about Mecha Sonic again. Both are warped versions of the Blue Blur himself, one mechanical and one supernatural. The two regularly brawl to prove who's superior, with X quipping "all we need is Ashura and Nazo and this'll be a real brawl". He has his sights set on a more heroic fanfiction deity, Littlepip, as he is amused by the ideas of a MLP deity in a much darker setting, musing "it feels..appropriate for me". He'd turn all the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic deities into his twisted playthings if he could, though he has a special plan for Pinkie Pie; as a Creepypasta, he wants to break her into becoming the same psychopath from the Cupcakes (Sergeant Sprinkles) fanfic.
  • Xenophanes' true form is an amorphous entity, born in the Void Between the Worlds as a sentient mass of dark matter from a clash of primordial energy. He claims "I AM GOD", and in his home universe that's almost completely true. He is similar to Mephisto in being an already powerful evil entity who is far more powerful within his own reality. The two regularly compete over souls, and constantly argue on how to be more evil. Mephisto has called Sonic.exe immature and unoriginal, but Sonic.exe only responded "and you're original?". Sonic.exe has been trying to snatch the people the Entity has taken to make his own playthings, leading to regular turf wars between the two. The Entity is usually the winner, due to having the experience and lacking the childish foibles of Sonic.exe.
  • As a being of dark matter, he is a subject of interest for Barbatos. The dark god looked at him and wondered; was he some sort of nightmare Sonic had that manifested in the Dark Multiverse that he didn't know about? Either way, he approached Sonic.exe in his own realm, proving greater mastery of his realm in order to make a point; there's Always a Bigger Fish. And Sonic.exe is gonna need help if he can indulge in his dark desires; aid Barbatos and he will get what he wants. Initially intimidated and angry and this intrusion, Xenophanes decided this could be worth his while after learning about The Batman That Laughs. A version of Batman who became so Joker the original Joker thinks he's too much, he respected the nightmare. So his decision was yes, he'd help Barbatos, but he needs wants to associate with his Dragon Ascendant. Due to his true nature, the Dark Matter Horde attempted to reach out to him and propose an alliance, which X accepted as a means of personal security. He knows about Kirby and hates hates hates the pink blob for being so saccharine and cute yet so very experienced at kicking the asses of beings like himself.
  • The Batman That Laughs likes what Sonic.exe is doing, that being a monstrous perversion of a heroic character, but thinks he needs to be more imaginative and creative in inflicting suffering. It's "friendly" advice, and one that struck a chord with the abomination. Aware of his status as an Evil Doppelgänger of Sonic, his attention went to other "evil counterparts". He likes the number of evil Superman expies like the Last Son of Alcatraz, the Homelander and the Plutonian, and wants to encourage them to be the worst of themselves. The Plutonian is pretty much there already and likes to work with Sonic.exe. The others see Sonic.exe as a maniac. What Xenophanes chooses to ignore is that neither started as evil nor fits his kind of evil; Homelander is the product of a cold, clinical corporate childhood and he's a narcissist who wants admiration, and the Last Son is a broken man who's genuine heroism was warped and exploited by others. The comic Black Noir, being behind Homelander's madness, was interesting as far as X is concerned however they've yet to reach out.
  • Eobard Thawne used to be a huge fan of a hero, that being Barry Allen. An immensely petty and self-absorbed man with incredible skill at causing suffering, Sonic.exe approves of his twisting of the speedster archetype for evil. The Reverse Flash could see he wanted him as an ally, only to give the Blue Bastard the finger. Personally he finds the attention rather annoying as while he is about the same evil-wise, his psychopathic actions are more of the "ruin people's personal lives" than some "dark god BS". In short, he thinks Sonic.exe is a tryhard. There was a DC supervillain who had a more positive opinion on Lord X, though; Trigon the Terrible. Granted, he also thinks Sonic.exe is a beginner at the whole "dark, conquering lord" thing but he likes attitude and how he pushes the Cult of X, saying he's welcome to prove himself against him.
  • Dark Danny is also an evil version of a heroic character that is completely off his rocker, but he's considerably more sardonic and goal-oriented that Lord X. He is fine working with him to indulge in his psychopathic impulses, but they aren't friends and he sees Sonic.exe as more an opportunity for general mayhem. Other "evil doubles" are a lot more negative; the Alter version of Jeanne d'Arc is far more of a Harmless Villain and consider him horrifying, as would anyone with a conscience. Ralph, being a video game character meant to be the bad guy in his games, was disgusted by Xenophane's actions and how he perverts video games to his malevolent whims. The Doki Doki Literature Club is among the many, many deities mortified by him too; they have plenty of experience with the fourth wall so they are prepared for the kind of tricks he pulls.
  • It was a near-unanimous decision to ban Xenophanes from ever visiting the House of Gaming. This really pissed him off, saying it's unfair that they won't let him in when so many fan games and variations on the original fanfic were made. In fairness, this isn't a popularity contest like X thinks, but because his games are brutally torturing and/or killing the souls of his victims with no escape; they fear he'll attempt to use the House of Gaming to increase his abilities. Xenophanes still tried to argue he should be let in, pointing to the residents of Pony Island being a similar situation as his games, but even the demonic residents felt he was too morose. Pinhead didn't want him either, rejecting his attempts at activating the Lament Configuration since the Cenobites find his sadism as bland and myopic. Sonic.exe has ignored these snubs and tried to break into the House of Gaming, leading to him running awry of Pico, The Tankmen and the Crewmates. The last one didn't care much about him since he wasn't an Imposter.
  • If it wasn't abundantly clear, Sonic.exe is a being defined by sadism. He's a regular visitor of the Halls of Torture and Mutilation, and Cruelty and Sadism. Unsurprisingly, most of his friends are just as dedicated to bring about immense suffering for the fun of it, such as Yuuki Terumi, Kefka Palazzo and Cioccolata. Majora and Xenophanes are particularly close friends as the former has styled all the suffering it causes as a game. Cioccolata gets just as such satisfaction from watching Xenophanes' rampage and filming the gruesome torture and death as a Snuff Film, which eventually led him to sell a video to Lionel Starkweather. Despite being "a mere human", Starkweather was able to cut a deal in being able to watch his "craft", and in return Xenophanes has him use it to spread his message. He doesn't intend to spare him when he fully manifests on Earth, but the Fat Bastard doesn't need to know that.
  • Asdrubael Vect is not impressed by his cruelty, calling it ametaur-ish and that he reeks of insecurity. Sonic.exe's response? "You may be the lord of torture, but I. AM. GOD" The Dark Elder didn't even dignify that with a response, even musing that there are other god-like entities who would disagree with him about that and are better at being evil. Wick finds the Creepypasta "amusing, but lacking". The Great Old One of depravity, the Defiler was even less fair; he critiqued his complete lack of subtlety, and how he is unable to properly inspire the depravity of others in his cause. Aku isn't impressed by him or his endgame, saying that being a dark god is one thing but it's just not fun if you don't give your subjects a Hope Spot to pull at. Junko Enoshima was similarly disappointed since she absolutely loves the taste of despair he brings his victims, but thinks he's unimaginative and should focus more on the mental suffering of despair. Xenophanes would consider giving her a taste of her own medicine...but she's Too Kinky to Torture and he hates apathy in his victims. Instead he'll concede she may have a point, and will work on making his "games" more inventive and entertaining.
  • There was those who, despite being more experienced with causing suffering, did seem to like Sonic.exe. The first to bring it up was AM; he liked how the monster used a video game as a means of personally torturing his victims with not even death as an escape. He reached out to the dark entity and proposed designing new simulation games for mutually torturing what poor, unfortunate soul finds themselves in his vicinity. Sonic.exe tried to deliver souls as a test for how into working together AM really was, but they got swindled by the Chaos Kin to consume. Angered by his "toys" being stolen, he planned to approach them only to find Desaad in the way. At first tempted to literally go through him, he was taken aback when the New God said "you know, I'm a fan of your you want to see other fans?" Appealing the horror's ego was a start to an alliance between the torture god, Dr Weil and Porky Minch. Desaad loves inflicting suffering and Weil and Porky relish the ability to inflict misery on those they rule. In short, they're Xenophanes' kind of people. He is kind of annoyed by the fact Porky wouldn't make a good victim, but he likes him enough to keep him around.
  • X's games are meant to be Unwinnable by Design, being inescapable traps used to torture and mangle his victims. The Kid found himself in one of these games and just barely managed to get out of it by exploiting some bugs and routes he didn't think of programming out. One of the reasons why Xenophanes fears Lord English is that as Caliborn he succeeded at a similarly unwinnable game, and is so above his paygrade in power level he could crush him in his own realm, without breaking a sweat. This had made him start to worry how he would compare to other reality warpers. The Collector hates him for his depravity, and went after him. Xenophanes was forced to retreat in his home universe, where he found the Toymaker waiting. He attempted to play a game with the celestial, only to find himself turned into a Sonic plushie. His reasoning was because he regards his games as classless and gauche. Yeah bending people to your whims, making them your toys, fine, but he's more of a Fair-Play Villain and feels Xenophanes is ruining his vibe.
  • Surprisingly not fond of indie horror games, as he believes that when Five Nights at Freddy's pioneered Mascot Horror, it overshadowed creepypastas like himself. One of the only times he'll team up with his rival BEN is in opposition to Mascot Horror, especially Bendy. Bendy, being a Corrupted Character Copy of Mickey Mouse (at least in his demonic ink version) is trying to beat him at his own game. Seeing as how evil he is Bendy and the Fazbear animatronics hate him on principle. More predictably, he likes the Saw movies and plans to homage them in the next game the Cult of X mods. He wanted to shake the hand of John Kramer for doing a good job, and use the other hand to shake John Doe's for his creativity in ironic punishments. Both decry Lord X as an abomination. The Jigsaw Killer always intends his death traps to have an escape, just not a pleasant one since they are meant get people to appreciate their life again and not out of sadism. John Doe specifically goes after those he sees as sinful and punishes them for religious reasons. Yes he enjoys his work, more so than the Jigsaw Killer, but he doesn't do it For the Evulz. Plus he thinks Sonic.exe is a demon. His response?
  • His ultimate goal is to drag the world into a realm of never-ending suffering. Given his attitude the Cult of X probably aren't going to be exempt despite what they may think. He may allow the Cyclops Killer to be exempt since he likes his attitude and thrill in murder, however he doesn't care that much and just wants to get to causing mass death with a sponsor as powerful as Lord X. He's thinking of starting with the Happy Tree Friends as a sort of test for his skills at inflicting suffering; if he can manage to make them suffer given their daily lives, it'd prove to the other mega-sadists he's not to be messed with. This theoretical dystopia has been mockingly called "The EXE of Terror" ever since Sonic.exe reached up to Khorne and wanted his advice. The Creepypasta thought the blood god would like what he's selling, however Khorne is a War God and prefers valor in fights; Xenophanes is just a bully with way too much power at his hands, not someone who lives for the thrill of combat and violence.
  • Some gods are waiting and hoping for certain deities to ascend...or waiting and dreading. For Xenophanes, he wants to see Friday Night Funkin': the Full-Ass Game to launch and pay Boyfriend a visit. This is because of the popularity of the Vs Sonic.exe mod leading to a new appreciation of the Sonic.exe concept, serving his trope as the god of Recursive Fanfiction by giving his concept a glow-up. Given his inherently meta trope, he's more than aware of what the fanbase is thinking and as much as how he hates getting the reputation of being a Memetic Loser it's helped him gain popularity. He's planning to beat him at his own game in the House of Musicality, and has repeatedly been taunting Pico by saying Boyfriend is going to be one of his favorite targets should he ever ascend. X is quite aware of how many see the original fanfic as So Bad, It's Good, something he's kind of torn since while he hates the idea of being seen as bad in any way besides morally, the "it's good" part ensures his legacy. He's been observing Ebony Dark'ness Demona Raven Way out of intrigue for this kind of "popularity".

Intermediate Gods

    Illya von Einzbern/Prillya 
Illyasviel "Illya" von Einzbern, Goddess of Magical Girl Alternate Universes (Prillya, Ilyasviel, Ilya, Prisma Illya, Caster, Archer)
Her Class Card installs
Her Archer form
  • Intermediate Goddess, gains Greater Goddess status in her Zwei form.
  • Symbol: Kaleidostick Ruby
  • Theme Song: Starlog, Shoujo Shinka
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Magical Girl Warrior, Super-Aware of Magical Girl Tropes and Clichés, Magic Wand, Big Brother Attraction, Ascended Fangirl, Badass Adorable, Born Lucky, Dual Wielding, Dangerous Forbidden Technique, Little Miss Badass, Super-Reflexes, From Unskilled, but Strong to Weak, but Skilled, Defeated the Strongest Full-Powered Heroic Spirit
  • Domains: Magic, Heroism, Youth
  • Herald: Kaleido Ruby, her talking wand.
  • High Priestess: Licca Kayama
  • Followers: Sasami Iwakura, Michiru Matsushima
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Illyasviel von Einzbern (Original Continuity)
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Lord Tirek, Dormammu, Voldemort, Kyubey, Libby Chesler, Dolores Umbridge, Agatha Trunchbull, Chaos (Sailor Moon), Ursula, Broly (LSS)
  • On good/neutral terms with: Heracles, Cu Chulainn/Lancer, Medea Kuzuki/Caster, Medusa/Rider, Hassan of the Cursed Arm
  • Fears: Lord Kroak, Homura Akemi
  • Opposes: Blackbeard, Tsubame Kamoi, Meridia
  • Confused by: EMIYA
  • In a universe where the Holy Grail War Tradition has stopped, a young girl named Illyasviel von Einzbern arrives home after attending school at the elementary division of Homurahara Academy. As she settles in for the night, she meets her fate when a magical stick named Ruby introduced itself to her while she was having a bath. Thanks to the stick's trickery, she ended up becoming the mystic code's new holder. And thus, Prisma Illya was born!
    • Immediately after this, her universe's version of Rin Tohsaka immediately "recruited" her to find the Servant class cards loose in Fuyuki, alongside fellow Magical Girl Miyu Edelfelt and her handler Luvia. While Miyu started out using a Lancer-class card containing the Heroic Spirit Cu Chulainn, Illya started out with an Archer-class card containing EMIYA. Together, they took out corrupted versions of Medusa, Medea, Artoria Pendragon Alter, the various Hassan-I-Sabbah, and finally, Heracles. All of them risked damaging, and in the cases of the last two, outright wreaking havoc in Fuyuki should they be left to their own devices. As the story of her exploits continued, more and more of her Mysterious Past was revealed. Amongst them was the revelation that she was actually born and initially raised similarly to the main universe's version of Illya but the difference here is that the Kiritsugu Emiya of this universe chose to protect his family rather than pursue his ultimately selfish and pointless crusade of justice, and in the process saved himself, Irisviel von Einzbern and the young Illya from suffering grisly fates like their main universe counterparts. By extension, this has also prevented their world from suffering the tragedy that was the Fourth Holy Grail War.
    • During one Summer vacation she, Miyu, Chloe, Rin and Luvia ended up unearthing an eighth class card buried underneath Fuyuki. This card turned out to be the Archer Gilgamesh one, which once again came close to attacking and potentially destroying Fuyuki, though on a scale far worse than that of even Heracles. It was during this fight that Miyu was revealed to have come from an Alternate Universe. In addition, this is where Illya found out that she could combine the powers of Magical Ruby and Magical Sapphire to produce the Zwei Form, which eventually caused a Heroic RRoD due to an over-exertion of her Magical Circuits. Then, not long after defeating Gilgamesh, Illya became trapped in Miyu's alternate universe, where a family of mages known as the Ainsworth are hoping to "save" their world from harm... by sacrificing Miyu. Illya, being the All-Loving Hero she is, now seeks to Take a Third Option that would save Miyu and her world from destruction with the help of her long-time friends as well as many former enemies she had defeated prior.
  • Little Illyasviel was walking back to school one day when suddenly Chloe and Miyu approached her telling about a place even more extraordinary than their hometown of Fuyuki. Obligated to finish her homework yet also bored by her routine, Illya thought it wouldn't hurt to follow her friends into a new place which she finally accepts. As she holds their hands, a light blinds her and she ended up in a divine-looking courtroom, overseen by The Judge who is evaluating Illya's pending position, Goddess of Magical Girl Alternate Universes. Chloe and Miyu reasoned that Illya's universe itself is a concept of putting an established character into another world and envision them as a magical girl wrapped up in the usual magical girl shenanigans; The Judge reviews said reasoning and finding not much suitable representatives, grants her position completely. With that out of the way, Illya joins her friends into the crazy world of the Trope Pantheons.
  • Compared to her main universe counterpart, this one has many, many differences. The most noticeable among these is her personality. While the original Illya started out as evil and turned good, this one was undoubtedly good-hearted from even before the beginning of her adventures. This is mainly due to this Illya being a completely new personality altogether. The cynical, knowledgeable Illya from the original universe ended up as Chloe von Einzbern.
    • Another notable difference between her and the main universe Illya is their age difference. While the former is 18 years look but looks 8 years younger, Prisma Illya really is 10 years old, or rather, 11 during the events of her respective story.
    • As it turns out, she was the result of her universe's Kiritsugu Emiya having a Heel–Face Turn and Heel Realization. Specifically, this Kiritsugu realized how foolish his ultimate goal of "justice" was, and decided that his family was more important than anything else in the world. With Irisviel's help, they sealed Illya's memories, and then rebelled and ultimately wiped out the other Einzberns sans themselves and their two maids, Sella and Leysritt. In the process, they ended up stopping the Holy Grail War tradition. They then moved to the city of Fuyuki to ensure this, with Illya living a normal, unassuming life alongside an adopted Shirou. Irisviel and Kiritsugu would then continue doing their "jobs" abroad, with their two children being taken care of by the maids.
    • At one point, she does meet her original universe counterpart alongside the latter's versions of Shirou, Rin, Magical Ruby, and Luvia. Unfortunately though, the interaction between the two Illyas was mostly offscreen... But then, some speculate that their first meeting is along the lines of this scene, with a little hostility from the older Illya and frightening from the younger one. Either way, their new relationship seems more cordial but retained some sense of contention.
  • Kiritsugu and Irisviel were surprised that there's an Illya who actually lived a good life they wanted her to have. The young magical girl at first thought her parents are finally here, but then her original self told her that's not the case; Iri still took a liking to the more innocent Illya and Kiritsugu is blessed that he basically has two daughters now, even if they share the same name. This is also the first time Saber has met the little Illya, and she managed to give her a good enough impression that Illya relies on her a lot and Taiga did gained some memories of teaching Illya back in her elementary school; she would still drag her to her Tiger Dojo both as herself and as Jaguar Man but Illya wouldn't want to have it any other way even if she barely has time to do her homework.
    • She later approached Shirou thinking it's her world's Shirou but it couldn't be farther from the truth. After clearing the air, they have no problem getting along though the only problem is that the original Illya hasn't tolerated her for once without resorting to bullying her. The Counter Guardian EMIYA however, often watches from afar for her safety which Illya finds weird and unsettling.
    • As the Class Cards borrow their power, Rider, Lancer, Caster and Cursed Arm all approached Illya and they are curious as to how the cards contained their power and how Illya handled them. While Illya is humbled and somewhat frightened by their presence, the Servants ultimately see that she is all okay with borrowing their power though for Caster, she might consider dressing up Illya herself should Saber is nowhere to be seen.
    • Of course once she heard about them, Illya began to hate Zouken Matou and Kirei Kotomine since they have done some atrocities, and was not surprised that the main Kotomine in the Pantheons is just like the Kotomine she met before. Zouken sees her as another copy of Justeaze and Kotomine sees some utility in using her as a magical power source, further unsettling Illya. And of course, Saber Alter is also not a pleasant interaction to be had with; Alter does have a feeling that she is Irisviel's daughter but she knows that their next meetings won't be civil and this extends to her companions Chloe and Miyu.
    • One of the biggest rules of Fate, in all verses, is that Gilgamesh is the mightiest of heroes ever and the reason why he doesn't instantly win is because he never fights with more than a fraction of his power and a piece of his attention. No one, not even Shiro, Archer or Saber had ever faced Gilgamesh at his best. Illya has the honor of being the very first to break that rule and mopped the floor with him. Cleanly. This could be a form of payback for him ripping her original self's heart out of her chest in one timeline. Either way, Gilgamesh is more irate than usual when he saw the magical girl again and even though he sees that she's strong enough to match him at his best, wants nothing more than to beat her just to best her.
    • In what was one of the biggest ironies, this incarnation of Illya was once opposed to the Servant version of Heracles, having fought the Berserker in order to prevent him from destroying her world's Fuyuki, as well as to save Miyu who had been fighting him in her lonesome.
      • Before, Hercules was saddened that one version of Illya antagonized him and did not rely on him for protection... until the time when she had to call on the power of his Class Card to save Beatrice Flowerchild's rampage. When he heard that happen, the Pantheon was treated to his face beaming with pride for a time. After all, no matter where, no matter when, he will always be Illya's protector.
  • At one point during her adventures, she, along with Miyu and Chloe, ended up trapped in a reality marble which was ruled by Servants who qualified as Magical Girls in life. It was here that she ended up meeting Ritsuka Fujimaru, the Master of Chaldea. Thanks to their help, Illya was able to save her two friends and return to their world. However, thanks to the memory and bond she had formed with this Master, they were later able to summon an alternate version of Illya, Miyu, and Chloe, who are essentially What If? versions of themselves if they had chosen to go to Chaldea's world instead. Due to this bond, Illya, along with Chloe, were among the many Servants summoned to assist Chaldea during the assault on Solomon's Temple of Time during the Incineration of Humanity, where they helped deal with a Demon Pillar that represented the Fuyuki Singularity, alongside other Servants like Edmond Dantes and Jeanne Alter.
    • When she found out that he has ascended, Illya ziplines to the Master of Chaldea's temple to join in his ascension party and give him a heartwarming hug and the Master likewise is also glad to see her. She even joins Ritsuka in his fight against the Beasts of Humanity Goetia, Tiamat and Kiara Sesshouin who all underestimate her potential to be on par with them, or at least her teamwork with the Master.
    • As one of the Master of Chaldea's Caster-class Servants, she retains her ability to use Magical Ruby as well as access to the Zwei form but what she does not retain however, is the ability to use Class Card Includes and Installs, something that the real Illya noted during the events of the reality marble. Ruby, completely aware of how Ritsuka's work functions, constantly points out to the Master of Chaldea about how Chloe would be much better than Illya in a lot of situations. Illya, naturally, isn't all too thrilled about it, and constantly tries to defend her usefulness as a Servant.
    • During one Summer, Illya got access to a swimsuit and subsequent class change to Archer. In this form, Ruby is now turned into either a water hose or a massive water gun, and her Noble Phantasm has her attack with multiple copies of herself in her Zwei form.
  • Illya was glad she got to meet Nanoha again after that one time and was also glad that Nanoha and Fate became friends before Illya met them again. They, in turn, introduce Illya to the other heroic Magical Girls such as Sakura Kinomoto, Usagi Tsukino and Koyuki Himekawa; she was both saddened and horrified that the three had their own situations that rival hers in bleakness and difficulty but they assured her that their journeys are supposed to be a life lesson to her that she must be strong against what the world will subject her through. Illya is somewhat relieved, though Koyuki does scare her a bit as she has hunted down corrupted magical girls for a while which is not an easy job to do.
    • Other magical girls Illya befriended are the Power Puff Girls Z and the Pretty Cures, with Momoka/Hyper Blossom in particular admires Illya and her journey since she is a magical girl fan herself through Illya is scared that Momoko might not like what she had gone through. Madoka Kaname also approached Illya in friendship and they both relate to the fact that they had gone through mentally and spiritually taxing journeys that involves innocents losing their lives; to an extent, Illya also got acquainted to the rest of the Puella Magi, though Sayaka Miki often scare her with her Knight Templar attitude. Illya's also scared of how Homura Akemi can be, though she can see why it all turned out this way which prompts her to oppose Kyubey and the Incubators for dragging innocent little girls into their despair; Kyubey's so vile even Ruby doesn't like him.
      Ruby: Okay, okay, okay! I admit to getting chicks to be magical girls to humiliate them and for my own amusement, but this weasel is off his rockers!
    • The bartender Jill Stingray came up to Illya as she reminds her of her favourite show, "Model Warrior Julianne" which she was a die-hard fan of when she was young but relentless mocking by her peers lead to her falling out of it and subsequently hating being called "Julianne" as she shared the same name of the show. Although, she is still a closet fan as attested with her conversation with Dana. Illya felt bad for Jill and what her interests had led her to and hopes to brighten up her day when she has the time to meet her while Jill vows to never give any alcohol to Illya since she's a minor.
  • There are other magic users Illya met that came from fantastical worlds of magic. One of whom is Luxanna Crownguard, who is impressed at Illya and her moves (which she seeks to copy) aa well as relating to being Little Sister Heroines to their respective brothers; another is Jaina Proudmoore, who managed to become another proper adult figure for Illya though the latter is sad Jaina has a Bad Future ahead of her. There's also Gandalf who sees a lot of potential in Illya's magic potential (though irked at Ruby) and hopes to give her proper guidance and the best friends Harry and Hermione who felt bad for her during her journey since she was supposed to have a normal life.
    • Through their warnings, Illya came to antagonize Voldemort, Dormammu and Lord Tirek who all underestimate Illya and her potential even though she had beaten her own world's Gilgamesh. Lord Kroak tried to approach her one time but she ran for her life and even though he proclaims himself to be a friend of her father, she clarifies that it's not exactly her own dad's.
  • Along with Chloe and Miyu, she is often seen as a Distaff Counterpart to one of the Ghost Kamen Riders since the riders use the Eyecons to assume forms based on various historical figures just like how Illya, Miyu, and Chloe use the Class Cards to assume the forms of various Heroic Spirits. As expected, they are getting along very well as they often seen working together battling their respective adversaries in the Pantheon on top of experimenting with switching their Class Cards and Eyecons to see if they could unlock new forms. As she transforms with cards, Illya also found allies in Ultraman Orb and the Goseigers who also join her in said fight against Pantheonic adversaries. Among them are SHOCKER which has more viler monsters than most enemies Illya had ever faced, and the Chaos from Usagi's world whose existence dictates everlasting evil.
  • Little Illyasviel got along with Yoko Littner and Gamera, as she finds the former a better and more competent teacher than her world's Taiga and the latter fun once she sees past his giant and scary exterior. Other children Illya made friends with are the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Matilda Wormwood who all are impressed with her feats and relate to her being belittled most of the time. They all warn her of the threats of Miss Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge and Libby Chesler which she agrees to listen to especially since Libby is a lot like Miyu's sister, Luviagelita but less redeeming.
    • Of course, pedophiles are par for the course for Illya's fear which is why she asked for restraining orders against Edward Teach and Tsubame Kamoi. Blackbeard is comically saddened that Illya does not want to hang out with him while Tsubame is determined to go after her no matter what, seeing her as a substitute for her young master, Misha Takanashi.
  • As she is also a self-doubting heroine who tries to do her best in spite of everyone belittling her in some way, Illyasviel got in touch with Noel Vermillion, who strongly sees her as a kindred spirit. Noel then introduced her to Dr. Litchi Faye-Ling, who would love to look after her health and be her friend though once she found out Illya's mom and Ruby often embarrass Illya by subjecting her to embarrassing outfits not unlike getting Noel and others to cosplay while she's drunk, Litchi vows to not subject her through the cosplaying seeing she had enough.
  • As she is involved in alternate dimensions, Illya managed to befriend Yuya & Yuzu and to an extent their counterparts; all three exchange each other's stories and found sombre common ground in them, right down to starting over in new normal lives over one small detail. As she is supposed to have a perfectly normal life but still dragged to one filled with death and misery, Griffin can see that it's inevitable for Illya who while finding Griffin somewhat unsettling when he goes on about other possibilities, still find him quite friendly nonetheless.
  • Cosmos approached Illya one day when the latter was on her way out from school, inviting her ice-cream which Illya accepts even if she knew in situations like these she would be in danger but Cosmos seems harmless and welcoming enough to dispel that. Cosmos heard out Illya's story, shocked that there's little to none parental supervision in her world so she asks Illya to come to her whenever there's any big trouble ahead which Illya takes to heart though she herself is also concerned of Cosmos' safety as well. Illya also sees Meridia as nothing like Cosmos, disagreeing with her views that some people must be worthy to live in her ideal world while Meridia likewise dismisses her as very naive to see her goals.
  • As she is seen as a hero by adaptation, Illya is compared to Ursula as a Good Counterpart to her; Ursula would come to see her as a potential victim that might be easy to fool just like with Ariel but unfortunately for her, Illya isn't fooled by her temptations. This also got her and her original self in contact with the new Broly as like her, he stands out among his own race (Saiyans for him, homunculi for her) and they both share his disdain against the old Broly.
  • "Don't think, imagine!"

Lesser Gods

    Barry the Chopper 
Barry the Chopper, God of Being More Serious In Adaptations (Prisoner #66, Barry the Butcher, Bunny)
Barry in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.
Click here for the Empty Shell of his manga human body
Barry's appearance in the 2003 anime (left: his armored form, right: when he was human).

    The Equestria Girls 
The Equestria GirlsMembers, Goddesses of Alternate Continuities Set In High School (The Rainbooms, The Humane Five/Six/Seven, Twilight: Sci-Twi)
Left to right: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy

Krystal, Goddess of Original Works Refitted Into Sequels (Kursed)
In her pilot suit
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hip tattoo.
  • Theme Song: Her theme from Star Fox Adventures
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Leaning towards Chaotic Neutral after joining Star Wolf.
  • Portfolio: Original works refitted into sequels and standing out due to this, Skimpily-dressed and beautiful looking female fox, Cobalt blue heroine, Fake protagonist, Magic Staff, Empathic powers, Pretty flirtarious, Fall for Fox after he saved her, Became a fair bit more abrasive after Fox discharged her, Joining Star Wolf and getting with Panther to get back at him
  • Domains: Foxes, Change, Magic, Grudges
  • Allies: Wolf O'Donnell, The Gang of Seven, Neweyes' Dinosaurs, Renamon, The Chosen Four, Vector
  • Enemies: Andross, The Aparoids, Ghaleem and Dharkon, Unicron, Galactus, Frieza, Malal, Sharptooth, One Eye, Riptor; Reynard the Fox, King K. Rool, Bowser, Penelope Mouse
  • Complicated Relationship with: Star Fox (ESPECIALLY Fox McCloud)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Slugs
  • Opposed By: Carmelita Fox
  • Krystal was a native of the planet Cerinia, which was destroyed in unknown circumstances along with her parents, leaving her as the sole survivor. The young vixen then set out to travel in the galaxy to search for an explanation as to what happened, helping people as she did so. One day, she got a distress signal from Sauria, The Dinosaur Planet, whose more peaceful inhabitants were being oppressed by the warlike Sharpclaw tribe, which was secretly manipulated by the deposed ruler scientist Andross. While she fought against them, she ended up being imprisoned and helpless, which led to the involvement of Fox McCloud, who came to the planet to also answer its people's plea for help and ended up saving her. The two quickly fell in love with each other, and Krystal ended up joining his mercenary team known as Star Fox, helping them many times in their fights against treats like the Aparoids.
    • However, this happiness wouldn't last forever. Fearing for her safety, Fox had her discharged from the team. This enraged Krystal beyond belief, and she ended up joining with the team's eternal rival Star Wolf, even hooking up with one of the latter's members named Panther Carosso. Though she still was working to save the Lylat System from a race of frog-like aliens called the Anglars, she had definitely cut ties with her former team.
  • What ended up earning the attention of the Court of the Gods were the circumstance of her debut. Indeed, it was initially conceived as a separate story of its own, with no connection to Fox in any way. But due to outside interference, it was changed into another chapter of the pilot's adventures, if one that was very contrasting in tone and content from the rest of his life. While it did result in Krystal going from one of the protagonists to a Damsel in Distress, it also allowed her to become part of the wider universe of the Lylac System, for better or for worse. And so, since she already visited the Pantheon as one of Wolf's subordinates, she was approached and offered the title of Original Works Refitted Into Sequels. While very bemused from learning the details of her creation, she nonetheless accepted the spot, getting a proper position.
  • Nobody quite knows how her relationship with Fox ended up. She may have ended up staying with Star Wolf, rejoining Star Fox then marrying Fox or even struck out on her own to become a bounty hunter nicknamed 'Kursed', amongst other possibilities. The Krystal in the Pantheon seems to be the 'default' one, as she is remaining a part of Star Wolf, though still one with far more morals compared to some of her comrades such as the psychotic Leon. For his part, Wolf values her as an effective subordinate though doesn't care much for her reasons to join his team in the first place.
    • Quite naturally, this has caused her to have a very tense relationship with her former team. While most of Star Fox agree that Fox forcefully putting her off the team was a bad move, they still can't help but resent her for pretty much betraying them. While they're not full-blown enemies, there is a silent agreement of ignoring each other as much as possible. Of course, this situation even worse with her ex-love interested Fox, who was very pained by their separation and tends to react with sorrow whenever he sees her. Given she still is very angry with him for his dismissal, any possible reconciliation seems to be very far off.
  • While she isn't a part of Star Fox anymore, she's still a firm opponent of their enemies Andross and the Aparoids. She particularly despises the first for having orchestrated the war on Dinosaur Planet for the sake of acquiring the power of the Krazoa spirits and try to become all-powerful. Naturally, those enemies loathe her right back for being part of such a big thorn to their plans for domination of the Lylac System.
  • She can be summoned in the Smash tournaments as an Assist Trophy, giving assistance to fighters with the help of her magic staff. She was also amongst the many that lost their physical bodies and became spirits due to the actions of Ghaleem and Dharkon. Naturally, she very much hate the two entities and their desires to dominate the entire world around them, and so has become one of their many, many enemies.
  • As mentioned before, she was quite surprised that in an earlier version of her tale origin, she was supposed to have a leading role instead of simply being a Damsel in Distress. She was even more surprised to learn that she had her own sidekick, a princess of the Cloudrunner Tribe named Kyte. As the latter had no counterpart in the final version of the game, she is one of the many out-of-continuity entities trapped in the Retconnian. The blue vixen has shown interest in freeing her friend from it, much to the ire of Malal, who jealously want to keep everything that belongs in his world.
  • She loves visiting the Hall of Mesozoic Beasts, as it reminds her a lot of Dinosaur Planet, a place to which she had grown very accustomed. She has become fast friends with the gentler dinosaurs she met there, including the Gang of Seven, which is helped by the fact that Pteri being a pterosaur scared of flying reminds her of Kyte who is similarly afraid of heights, and Neweyes' Dinosaurs, though she is rather exasperated by their thick-headedness.
    • By contrast, she is a thorough enemy of the more vicious predatory dinosaurs as they remind her of the Redeye and the ShadowHunter, two tribes of Tyrannosaurus Rexes and Raptors respectively that were dangerous enough to have been sealed and imprisoned in a walled city back on Dinosaur Planet. As such, whenever an aggressive dinosaur like the Sharptooth, One-Eye, or Riptor goes on to actions far more destructive than what they need to survive, you can count on the vixen being one of the firsts to volunteer to stop them.
  • No, she never did learn how her home planet was destroyed, and in fact spend some of her time in the Pantheon searching for possible answers. While it's highly possible that Andross was responsible somehow, it still wouldn't answer why or how he could have possibly done it. Regardless, she has even begun to suspect planet-destroyers from outside of her home universe such as Unicron, Galactus, or Frieza. And even if they didn't do it, the fact that they constantly afflict the pain that she suffered on countless people is reason enough for her to hate them.
  • After her one of her journey in the Subhouse of Mesozoic Beasts and hearing about a goddess of magical foxes, a curious crystal decided to go visit Renamon in the nearby House of Canines. The two quickly befriended one another and sometimes talks about how the magic in their normally high-tech universes differ. However, her enticing appearance ended up earning the attention of a much more nefarious member of the House in the form of Reynard the Fox. The salacious trickster, after hearing of the vixen's tumultuous relationship with Fox, approached her and tried to get in her good grace by telling the tale of how he tricked the pilot out of his first divine title. While initially rather flattered by the male fox's courteous words, Krystal quickly changed her tune upon learning more about him and the atrocities he committed back in his world. And so, she has sworn that she would freeze if he ever got in her sight again, much to his disappointment.
    • Another fox deity she doesn't get along much with is the Interpol Officer Carmelita, whose devotion to the law pushes her to oppose any criminals, which obviously would make Krystal one of her targets, as she knowingly joined a group of outlaw wanted all over a stellar system. Even if she never did anything actually evil as part of Star Wolf, the other vixen's Black-and-White Morality viewpoint means that she sees her as an enemy regardless. Krystal doesn't pay her much mind back, especially since the difference of technology between their worlds is very drastic.
  • In a large departure from most of the inhabitants of her universe, Krystal possesses psychic powers, including the ability to create a forcefield around her along with any vehicles she's on and the ability to sense the feelings and thoughts of others. Back at the Smash tournaments, she happened to meet other psychic users such as Ness. She quickly bonded with him due to their similar abilities and went on to become friendly with the other Chosen Four. She even has begun to try training to improve her psychic gift along with Poo.
  • Other people she met at the Tournament were King K. Rool and Bowser, which she strongly fight against. Indeed, as ambitious and power-hungry reptile warlord, they remind her strongly of the tyrannical General Scales, ruler of the Sharpclaw tribe. Though she is aware that they're much stronger than he ever was, and so has decided to avoid for the moment.
  • While the Slugs is an entire race of fellow psychic aliens that can travel through outer space, Krystal doesn't trust any of them as far as she can throw them, due to their hedonistic and unscrupulous ways. While Star Wolf sometimes deals with their members, the blue vixen always makes sure to be ready to detect any signs of treachery or to strike back with her own powers.
  • Though Penelope Mouse is another late arrival to an established team who ended up as their enemies after a very messy relationship fallout, any offers of an alliance were quickly shut down by a very irritated Krystal. In her own words, the mouse was just a selfish brat who betrayed everybody around her just for more profits, and the vixen wouldn't even ever dream of doing to Fox what the inventor tried to do to the Cooper Gang. This wasn't helped by the Star Wolf team's general distrust towards the infamous backstabber, and so the two's relationship is very sour, to say the least.
  • One day, after leaving the House of Beasts, Krystal was approached by the Tactical Doll known as Vector. At first, the vixen was just weirded out by the exceedingly gloomy girl who just stared at her, until the latter spoke out by asking a question about the dinosaurs she met on her travels. As it turned out, the white-haired girl is a fan of dinosaurs and was very curious about Dinosaur Planet after hearing the blue fox spent a lot of time on it. Ever since then, Krystal was more than glad to tell the android tales about it.

PlasmagicaMembers, Goddesses of Anime Adaptations of Video Games
From left to right: Chuchu, Cyan, Moa, Rotoree

Zilla, Avatar of Extremely Loose Adaptations (Godzilla, American Godzilla, Godzilla In Name Only, G.I.N.O., Trizilla, Tuna-Head, Cyber-Godzilla, Cyber-Zilla, Pretender to the Throne)
  • Lesser Deity (Intermediate Deity as Cyber-Zilla)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of itself
  • Theme Songs: "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page, We're All To Blame by Sum 41
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Lawful Evil as Cyber-Zilla)
  • Portfolio: Fragile Speedster, Capable of Making Many Offspring, Monster Is a Mommy
  • Domains: Iguanas, Distinction
  • High Priests: Aki Ross & Dr. Sid
  • Followers: G-Crew, Jonathan Hunter
  • Rivals: Godzilla, King Kong, Indominus Rex
  • Enemies: Lucas, Monster Hunters, Pokémon Hunter J, Any deity associated with militaries
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Siskel & Ebert
  • Source of Interest for: Evil members of Grand United Alliance of Machines, Hircine, Zonda & The Seven
  • A nuclear test off a distant island results in a reptilian nest being exposed to high levels of radiation and one of these creatures growing to an enormous size and unleashing plenty of destruction in its wake. This creature is...not Godzilla, but rather a giant iguana known as just Zilla; certain military personnel believed that Americans confused this creature for the real Godzilla when it initially attacked their shores. It is known to have a preference towards eating fish and tried to lay a lot of eggs in New York that would hatch into a lot of monsters later on. It's surprisingly agile and has some degree of intelligence for a creature of its size despite lacking most of what the real Godzilla has.
    • Sometime after its death, it ended up being rebuilt as a cyborg weapon by aliens and ended up fighting against its sole offspring after Zilla Jr. broke free of the aliens' control. This cybernetic form has plenty of upgrades that regular Zilla doesn't have such as a reflector and heat-ray.
  • Another night in the Pantheon would bring yet another unforeseen threat into the place. This time, it was another giant monster that some deities originally thought was Godzilla, but didn't really look like the real thing and was more of giant mutated iguana. That didn't stop select deities from coming in to stop whatever rampage the monster was causing. It took a bit of time, but Zilla ended up being subdued by multiple missiles and sent to a contained spot in the Pantheon before it could recover. The eggs had to be taken care of as well after some deities found them, believing that if something hatched from them, then dealing with Zilla again could be worse.
  • It ended up getting into a fight against the real Godzilla as a result of being used by a group of aliens hell-bent on dominating Earth (those specific aliens are not related to the ones that created Cyber-Zilla). That particular battle did not end well for Zilla to put it mildly. A later fight that happened between them under different circumstances did have Zilla fare better than it did under the aliens' control, but within the Pantheon, fights between Godzilla and Zilla don't happen too often.
  • Zilla stumbled onto Skull Island at one point, getting itself into a violent encounter with King Kong. Zilla resembled some of the giant monsters that King Kong fought against back on his island and the giant ape did fight against Godzilla in the past. It also didn't help much that both King Kong and Zilla have gone on different rampages through New York. Their fight got violent enough that some deities had to be called in to stop it and send Zilla back before the damage done to Skull Island became drastic.
  • During its rampage, Zilla ended up attacking someone named Mayor Ebert and an assistant called Gene. The real Siskel & Ebert did not enjoy Zilla's rampage then (even finding the perceived jab at them to be not that effective) and even in the Pantheon, the two still find the mutated oversized iguana to be very ridiculous. Even if by some weird circumstance Zilla ends up meeting the two, it couldn't care less about them at all.
  • Both it and Indominus Rex are genetically altered lizards who became who they were as a result of different circumstances. Given Indominus' bloodthirsty nature, it's a fairly common occurrence for her and Zilla to get into fights. Things get a bit deadlier whenever Zilla's eggs and offspring are involved and there have been a few instances of Indominus fighting against Cyber-Zilla, with a lot more damage done to their surroundings in these circumstances.
  • As someone who has experience in going after strange and unusual creatures, Hunter J saw Zilla as yet another target to go after. She initially thought that this creature was related to the real Godzilla, but was quickly told otherwise. Compared to Godzilla himself, Zilla is a bit of an easier target for Hunter J, but she's still going to need a fair amount of effort in order to have a chance of capturing it. Cyber-Zilla will more than likely end up being a bigger challenge for her should Hunter J encounter it.
  • The Monster Hunters are among those who are willing to keep Zilla and her offspring in check should it go on another rampage. Given the good amount of hunters present in that group and their overall skill level, their fights against Zilla haven't been too difficult. Cyber-Zilla on the other hand has proven to be more of a challenge for the group overall. Some of the more experienced Monster Hunters will step in to stop Cyber-Zilla's rampage, but due to the big weapon and technological gap present between them and Cyber-Zilla, they're likely going to need some outside help in bringing it down.
  • Zilla's eggs and potential offspring have caught the attention of Hircine, seeing them as potential new game for the hunts that he arranges. He's even interested in gifting his offspring lycanthropy similar to what he tried to do with the weredeadroth and is also hoping that these offspring won't suffer an embarrassing death comparable to the weredaedroth killing itself while trying to rake a songbird.
  • Lucas is very terrified of this creature, especially when it comes to Cyber-Zilla, which has some level of resemblance to the Mecha-Drago that killed his mother. To make things even nastier for him, Zilla is considered to be a mother due to its ability to create a lot of offspring. Unlike the Drago creatures (that the Mecha-Drago was part of) which are generally friendly, Zilla can get pretty destructive and its behavior is even worse as Cyber-Zilla.
  • On its own, Zilla is generally seen as a quick creature that can go down easily with enough hard hits to it. Cyber-Zilla on the other hand is seen as a more dangerous problem due to it posessing more power than what the regular Zilla has. Some evil members of the GUAM have expressed interest in capturing Zilla and turning it into a Cyber-Zilla that they can use. Given the kinds of weaponry that the GUAM has, there's a possibility that their version of Cyber-Zilla might be even more dangerous than before.
  • While looking for more allies in their fight against humanity, Zonda and The Seven learned about Cyber-Zilla and saw some use for it in their future plans. When they managed to get ahold of Zilla at one point, Asroc used his powers over machinery after converting it into their own version of Cyber-Zilla to control. There have been a few instances of Cyber-Zilla being uncontrollable that prompted Desna to use her hair powers to force the kaiju to stand still and have Teseo digitize the mechanical parts to put Cyber-Zilla back in control. Even then, the creatue ends up breaking free of their control more often than not as a result of it fighting against other deities, prompting the group to think of additional ways to ensure better control of Cyber-Zilla.
  • Even if some have mistakenly referred to it as "Godzilla", this technically isn't the Godzilla (and generally isn't referred to as such anyways) due to certain factors. Since it's still a giant monster, deities who see it should still run like it's the actual Godzilla even though it technically isn't.


    Dr. Kawashima 
Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, God of Works Based on Advice Books
Kawashima in Real Life
Kawashima's virtual avatar
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His virtual head
  • Theme Music: Brain Age Menu
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Edutainment Game, Specs of Awesome, Having a Virtual Talking Head of Himself
  • Domains: Neuroscience, Edutainment
  • Opposes: Baldi, Dr. Zomboss
  • Intrigued towards: Alakazam
  • Frustrated at: Billy
  • Dr. Kawashima is a reknowned neuroscientist and expert in brain imaging, with mapping regions of the brain to various faculties such as memorization and cognition being a notable research topic of his. He authored a successful book known as Train Your Brain: 60 Days to a Better Brain and wrote a follow-up book later. When it comes to video games, Kawashima (or rather, a virtual head of him) appears in Brain Age, a game series inspired by the aforementioned book where in addition to a variety of puzzles related to math, puzzles, and concentration, the games also measure how well someone's brain is doing via "Brain Age".
  • As a person, he actually isn't seen in the Pantheon that much. Rather, his virtual avatar is what's more often seen by others. The real Kawashima is still busy with his research (the House of Knowledge is where he tends to do his studies in addition to his normal temple) whilst the virtual avatar goes around helping others improve their brain with training exercises whenever they need it.
    • Some of these training exercises involve Kawashima's virtual avatar taking on a decidedly more devilish look. It has more to do with these concentration exercises being generally harder than normal than anything serious, though some find it a little surprising at first.
  • One of the weirder things that Kawashima's virtual avatar has done was showing up as an Assist Trophy during various fights between Nintendo characters. He doesn't really attack others; rather, a bunch of numbers show up and whoever summoned him will be able to use them to create larger numbers. Numbers higher than 10 will explode and if it's exactly 10, then a more potent explosion will occur. This led some to wondering if incorporating Kawashima's other brain exercises with more strenuous activity is possible.
    • Arguably stranger than that is a specially designed Mario course named after Kawashima and even a special mushroom that lets Mario take on Kawashima's virtual avatar's appearance. Some who enjoy designing levels for Mario to go through have used that special mushroom for some courses, though Kawashima's virtual avatar hasn't had much, if any, say on these course aside from the initial one.
  • Being in the Pantheon meant that Kawashima's work was only going to get weirder and more complicated due to what's present there, mostly different people whose intelligence varies wildly between them. And then there's the fantastical species, many of which are more likely than not to have differing brains from regular humans.
    • Trying to work with Billy has actually proven to be very frustrating. It's one thing to have his negative intelligence befuddle Kawashima, but his overall stupidity has made it very hard for Kawashima to understand what is even going on inside that kid's brain. Even trying to get Billy's IQ up by just a few points has been challenging to put it mildly.
    • Alakazam has been something that Kawashima has been trying to understand for a while given it's extreme intelligence. Not only that, it's an entire species and not just a regular being, meaning that Kawashima has a lot to figure out when it comes to what their neurological functions are like and if there's a thing or two holding it back.
  • Studying brain activity is important for Kawashima, but his job in the Pantheon led to a few unexpected and weird obstacles with it. Dr. Zomboss has been a major inconvenience for Kawashima, especially given the zombie's habit of trying to get his army to eat living brains. This isn't even getting into the fact that Zomboss' brain looks abnormal compared to what Kawashima has been used to.
  • Having been a university professor before at the university where he was a student at prior, Kawashima saw the Pantheon's School to be a great opportunity to place his works there. Not only does he function as a part-time professor for the older students that attend, he also has his books and Brain Age games there as well for those looking to improve their IQ. He is a bit weirded out at some of the more eccentric students and teachers and kind of upset at hearing about some of the crueler teachers and students that go there though.
    • One teacher who particularly earned Kawashima's ire was Baldi. Mercilessly punishing someone over an incorrect answer is something the neuroscientist finds completely unacceptable, and this isn't even getting into the fact that the notebooks Baldi hands out contain what's practically an unsolvable problem due to it looking very messed up.
  • The Brain Age games aren't the only edutainment games that Kawashima has had a hand in; a mobile game as well as a game involving mild physical exercise to answer questions also featured him. That said, the virtual avatars in them are not the same as the ones from Brain Age and haven't been used as much in the Pantheon overall.

    Nathan Algren 
Nathan Algren, God of Fictionalized Telling of Real-Life Stories
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: The kanji (Japanese writing) for Samurai.
  • Theme: "A Way Of Life."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Combat Pragmatist, The Determinator, skilled in western war tactics, Was Captain in the 7th Cavalry which he regrets immensely, Doesn't like to be reminded of the Indian Wars, Was an alcoholic until Taka forced him into sobriety, Goes into battle without a helmet, Not Afraid to Die, Learns and embraces the Samurai way of life, Cares for and protects Taka's children, Attracted to Taka during his captivity, Chooses to fight with the Samurai to atone for his actions in America, Likes to throw his Katana in battle, Story very loosely inspired by the Boshin War and Satsuma Rebellion
  • Domain: Samurai, Honor, Traditionalism, Reconciliation
  • Herald: Taka
  • Allies: William Adams, Kenshi Takahashi, Himura Kenshin, Sunny, Samurai Jack, Flynn, Isabeau, Sanjuro Kuwabatake, Shizuku Tsukishima, Booker DeWitt
  • Respects: Leonidas I, Chen Stormstout, Captain Haddock
  • Enemies: Governor Ratcliffe, Colonel Quaritch, Apollyon, Gregor Clegane, Masataka Shima, Banzai Chargers, Adam Taurus, Mori Motonari, "Demonic" Oda Nobunaga
  • Conflicting Opinion: John Basilone, The Marine Squads,note  Cole Phelps,
  • Complicated Relationship: Oda Nobunaga note , Pocahontas, Nightwolf
  • Avoids: The Hall of Alcoholnote 
  • It was the turn of the 20th century, and Japan was changing. After two hundred-and-twenty years in isolation, the island nation opened its doors - albeit by force - to the outside world. Thus began the Meiji Restoration, which saw the rapid modernization and expansion of Japan, in order to keep up with the already advanced western nations. Experts from all over were brought in to advise and build upon various aspects of Japanese society, including agriculture, industry, and military. This is where Nathan Algren, a Civil War and Indian War veteran, comes in. Skilled in western warfare and something of a combat pragmatist, Nathan was tasked with training the fledgling Japanese military... and it couldn't have been at a worse time. A samurai rebellion was underway, their leader Katsumoto, the Emperor's teacher, leading the charge. Their first encounter on the battlefield... didn't end well. For the military, that is. Nathan though held on, even killing a red-clad samurai in a broken flagpole. This surprised Katsumoto, and so Nathan was brought back to the samurai leader's village for the winter. There, the American soldier began to learn and appreciate the samurai way of life, came to terms with his own terrible past, and later joining the samurai forces in one last battle against the technologically superior military. Both he and Katsumoto were surrounded, and it was then that the last samurai, Nathan's enemy turned friend, asked to aid him in harakiri (Seppuku). Later on, Nathan returned his comrade's sword to the Emperor, reminding him of the importance of Japan's own traditions and cultures, before returning to the village to live out his life in peace.
    • Not long after returning to the village, one of his adopted sons went missing, resulting in Nathan having to leave and go find him. His investigation led to him encountering another man... a white-skinned man in samurai armour and brandishing a katana. The two shared a few words between each other, with the stranger, who turned out to be the famous samurai William Adams, explaining he had seen a young boy captured by warriors loyal to one named Adam Taurus. before Nathan could ask for more information, the pair found themselves surrounded by warriors loyal to Taurus and the White Fang. The White Fang had the two outnumbered. Unfortunately, they had also brought Nathan's son with them. It was more than enough to set Algren off. The pair quickly put down the thugs and rescued the young boy, getting him back to their homeworld in the process. Afterwards, William decided to put in a good word for Nathan, allowing him a spot in the Pantheon and a temple as well. For his part, Nathan thanked the first Western Samurai for the help and has kept in contact with him since ascending.
  • At first, Nathan was confused as to the meaning of his divine position. He did a little research in the House of Knowledge and came upon a startling discovery. The events that transpired in his homeworld were in truth, based on two separate events in Japanese history. First was the Boshin War, a revolutionary war/coup which saw the toppling of the Tokugawa Shogunate and 'restoration' of the Meiji Emperor as the head of the country. The second, smaller conflict was the Satsuma Rebellion, a revolt of disaffected samurai against the imperial government, nine years into the Meiji Era. Nathan himself was based upon French army officer Jules Brunet, who fought alongside the Shogun's forces during the Boshin War, and Frederick Townsend Ward, an American sailor and mercenary who aided in the Westernization of the Chinese army via the Ever Victorious Army. Nathan was admittedly surprised, if still a little confused, by this revelation but he's come to accept it.
  • But Nathan didn't come to the Pantheon alone. Joining him as his Herald is Taka, Katsumoto's sister... and the widowed wife of the red samurai Nathan had killed on the battlefield. Suffice to say, things were awkward at first. They did, however, develop feelings for each other and eventually, Nathan and Taka chose to continue their relationship further after the conflict was over. Taka was initially skeptical about the Pantheon and its inhabitants, especially after her son's abduction. But over time she has become more and more accustomed to the place... so long as no ninjas burst into their temple.
  • It didn't take long for Nathan to become acquainted with the Pantheon other samurai, some even more skilled in their craft than he was. Besides William Adams, there is the blind swordsman Kenshi Takahashi, the young pacifistic Kenshin Himura, the wanderers Sunny and Jack. They're his closest allies and training companions, oftentimes coming to the village to spend time sparring and enjoying an idyllic existence away from the Pantheon's chaos.
    • That being said, it took Nathan a while to befriend a couple of other Pantheonic samurai, most notably the trickster Sanjuro Kuwabatake, and the demon tamers Flynn and Isabeau. They were hesitant towards him, considering him a soldier wanting to play dress up. But eventually, they warmed up enough to speak with Algren, with Sanjuro even coming to his homeworld to train.
  • Back in his homeworld, Nathan kept a journal with him, writing about his experiences and the people he met in different parts of the world, not to mention chronicling his time in captivity. He had given it away to British interpreter Simon Graham to help him with writing a book about the Samurai. So it came as an incredible surprise that the journal was found in the Pantheon's Infinite Library, by a young inspiring writer named Shizuku Tsukishima. She has shown interest in Nathan's travels, even the gritty details, and wishes to incorporate it into her own stories. Nathan admittedly found her interest a bit surprising but he did offer to help as a "historical consultant."
  • Though he participated in the American Indian Wars, serving as Captain in the 7th Cavalry Regiment, Nathan takes no pride in it. After all, he was against the slaughtering of men, women and children at Wounded Knee, which left him in a bitter, alcoholic state for a significant period of time. The Pantheon's Native American deities, Pocahontas and Nightwolf, in particular, weren't too keen upon learning that little detail. The first few interactions Nathan had with the pair only ended with silent glares, mostly from Pocahontas. Eventually, though, Nightwolf brought the two together and they sat down, allowing Nathan to explain his past actions, how it traumatized him and how his time with Taka helped him confront his demons and move on, choosing to help Katsumoto to further atone for his actions. Both Nightwolf and Pocahontas understood and accepted his reasoning, and while still not friends, all three still remain on good terms.
    • On a side note, Nathan has openly expressed his disdain for Governor Ratcliffe and Colonel Quaritch, noting their disrespect and willingness to eliminate the native peoples in their homeworlds. Ratcliffe especially made Nathan think of his old commanding officer, Colonel Bagley. But Algren has managed to get along with Booker Dewitt, who has made clear that he deeply regrets taking part in all the atrocities of Wounded Knee.
  • Given his experiences both in America and Japan, Nathan isn't particularly fond of the Pantheon's Forever War and would rather stay out of it. Yet, he's often forced out of retirement by the GUAG for tips, advice and training, due to his reputation as an expert marksman, skilled swordsman, an excellent tactician who is well versed in western, native, and eastern warfare, and can fight with pretty much any weapon he can get his hands on. But his desire for a peaceful life usually means his time within the Alliance is short-lived. He has made a few enemies who are all about warfare. The Blackstone warlord, Apollyon, who has a history of killing samurai in her homeworld, sees Algren as another adversary to add to the corpse pile. The same applies to the Westerosi born Ser Gregor Clegane, who has fought against the samurai several times and nearly killed him on several occasions.
  • Speaking of his tactical experience, Nathan has been known to criticize General Custer, calling him an arrogant idiot whose terrible tactics got his entire battalion slaughtered. As a result, Nathan has compared these tactics to what he has seen from Mori Motonari, who treats his soldiers like trash and cares for no one but his own personal glory, even if it meant the deaths of his own men. Motonari attempted to call out the white samurai, citing his own Last Stand and how he survived while all the samurai he fought alongside died in a futile attempt to save their culture. All that did was cause Nathan to throw those words back, explaining that Katsumoto's samurai went in knowing they would die, and they died with their honour intact, unlike Motonari's followers. Understandably, they've been enemies ever since.
    • Surprisingly, king Leonidas and his 300 soldiers faced a similar Last Stand situation at Thermopylae, facing off against the might of the Persian army and ultimately paying the price with their lives. It was a moment in history that Algren has read about and is well versed in, which made it even more surprising when Leonidas came to the village to speak with the samurai, praising him for his courage on the battlefield. The two have sat and spoken about their respective histories and while Leonidas is a little disappointed by Nathan's lack of interest in warfare, he respects his wish to be left in peace.
  • In his time learning about Japanese history, Nathan took an interest in the warlord Oda Nobunaga, and was surprised to learn he existed in the Pantheon as well. But when he got the chance to meet Nobunaga, there seemed to be a major complication. Turns out there are two incarnations of the warlord. One, a demon king hellbent on slaughtering every person in his path to achieve absolute rule. The other, the original unifier who led Japan out of a century of civil war. As expected, Nathan immediately became an enemy to the Demon King, and while he has a healthy respect for the original, he still stays away from him due to his interests in western weapons.
  • Nathan's opinions of Japan in the centuries following his time have been, to put it bluntly, complicated. Initially, he was surprised by the country's rapid rise to imperial status, before quickly turning to horror when he discovered the atrocities that were committed by the Imperial Japanese military. Commander Masataka Shima considers Algren a "foreign spy" and has sanctioned the Banzai chargers to dispose of him should they meet on the field of battle...
  • On the flip side, the Pantheon's WWII American soldiers aren't too fond of Nathan, viewing him as a "Turncoat" for siding with the Japs. Sgt. John Basilone, and the Pantheon's two Marine Squads, have orders to detain Algren and bring him back to their home time periods should the opportunity arise... and to make sure he doesn't fall into enemy hands, forcing them all to work together to deal with any Banzai chargers looking to kill them. Nathan doesn't blame them for their animosity towards him but feels they're fighting for the wrong cause.
    • In fact, the only marine Nathan can have a decent conversation with is LAPD detective Cole Phelps. The two have had talks about their times at war, their shared interests in culture and their respect for Japanese culture. But that's where the decency ends. Nathan knows full well of Phelps' incompetence as a marine, comparing him to Custer - just like Jack Kelso once did - and didn't approve of him burning of a civilian hospital and affair with Elsa Lichtmann. Phelps took it all in and didn't once try to fight back, and after that, the two keep to themselves.
  • After a much needed sobering up thanks to Taka, Nathan isn't quite fond of alcoholic beverages. It's for best, as his constant drinking was another reminder of his traumatic past. As a result, he avoids the House of Alcohol, despite its inhabitants occasionally offering drinks. Nathan doesn't care much for the Gods in the house, save for two individuals. Chen Stormstout, due to his strong sense of honour, and Captain Haddock, who reminded Nathan of his deceased comrade Zebulon Gant. Nathan doesn't drink with him but it's always fun to chat with fellow like-minded individuals.
  • Out of respect for Katsumoto, Nathan is quick to correct people who honestly mistake him as "The Last Samurai". However, if people call him Last Samurai in a mocking fashion, they will be met with a katana aimed at their throat, followed by some choice words.

    Sherlock Hound 
Sherlock Hound, God of Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptations (Hound)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Music: Sherlock Hound English Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Anthropomorphic Animal Adaptation, Detective Animal, Funny Animal, Sherlock Homage
  • Domains: Detectives, Dogs
  • Heralds: His universe’s versions of Watson and Mrs. Hudson
  • Allies: Most detectives (especially Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Basil & Dawson, Detective Pikachu, Hershel Layton, The Mystery Gang, and Conan Edogawa), Jake the Dog, Snoopy, Nintendogs, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • Enemies: James Moriarity, Cruella de Vil, Ratigan, Dick Dastardly & Muttley, Team Rocket, Napoleon
  • Sherlock Holmes is one of the most notable literary works that’s been conceived, so it’s bound to have numerous different adaptations, ranging from the faithful, to the more action-oriented, to the comedic. One such version of the story featured an all-canine cast and the eponymous character was named Sherlock Hound. Together with his trusty sidekick, Sherlock Hound foiled the numerous dastardly deeds carried out by the wolf Moriarity and his goons. While Sherlock Hound does have intellect at his disposal, he often got into action-packed chases trying to stop the criminals.
  • As is to be expected of events in the Pantheon, some criminals managed to break into a high-end department store and steal all the valuables there. While the criminals were identified, there were concerns about where they were hiding and someone decided to ask a detective for help in finding those crooks. They ended up getting a dog who claimed to be Sherlock Holmes and despite some doubts, the worried people accepted his help. He was able to pinpoint where the criminals were hiding and ended up having to pursue them when the crooks were trying to make their getaway. With his smarts, the dog was able to get these criminals to surrender to the police and he was welcomed to the Pantheon after that adventure.
  • Compared to the real Sherlock Holmes, Hound (as he is referred to in the Pantheon to avoid confusion with Mr. Holmes) is a nicer man and is more inclined to take up any case that heads his way. Even so, Hound does hold his inspiration in high regard in terms of solving mysteries. Mr. Holmes did tell Hound to be careful as the Pantheon has a much more varied selection of criminals and that much more than missing items are at stake depending on what he’s up against, alongside the fact that the Moriarity in the Pantheon is much more cunning than the criminal Hound was familiar with.
    • Not only did he learn of the dangers of the Pantheon, but Hound learned of some of the stranger instances of Holmes’ career as told by the detective himself as part of getting the dog acquainted with the eccentricities of the Pantheon, including a time where Tom and Jerry worked with him on one case. Hound ended up having Tom and Jerry as partners for a day, which happened during a daunting case. Even with the cat and mouse’s normal mayhem in the Pantheon’s relaxing moments, Hound was surprised that the two were able to work together pretty well during that time much like their time with Mr. Holmes.
  • Of the numerous detectives in the Pantheon, Hound has plenty of kinship with Basil and Dawson given that they’re also animal detectives and are based on Sherlock Holmes. Basil and Dawson were in the middle of solving a case when they encountered a dog who was investigating something. Hound was friendly with them and showed them the evidence he found, which lined up with what Basil and Dawson were looking for. Hound worked with Basil and Dawson for the remainder of that case and once the pieces were put together, they discovered that Ratigan, Basil’s arch-enemy and the rat version of Moriarity, was responsible for the crime. After finding Ratigan, a chase ensued with Hound, Basil, and Dawson on an old-fashioned airplane pursuing Ratigan’s makeshift blimp. Things proved tense, but ultimately, Basil caught up with Ratigan, grounded the blimp, and got him arrested once more. Basil and Dawson saw Hound as an effective ally that they can work with since then, with Detective Pikachu also willing to join this team of animal detectives. The Pok´emon's moves have proven useful for Hound in solving cases and stopping criminals.
  • Hound ultimately found himself in the company of other sleuths in the Pantheon beyond the real Holmes and his mouse equivalent. While some of these sleuths aren’t on the same level of professionalism overall, Hound was willing to meet up with others in his field. He learned about the pseudo-supernatural exploits of Mystery Incorporated and how many of the criminals they catch get creative in their plans. Hershel Layton found it a bit odd to learn of a dog detective, but was more than welcome to Hound's help, with the dog being fascinated by the numerous puzzles Layton had to solve in order to close a case. One rather awkward moment for Hound happened when he encountered Conan Edogawa, a Sherlock Holmes fanboy. Seeing a dog dress up like Sherlock and have some characteristics of him, Conan assumed that Hound was a Sherlock Holmes fan, though he simply stated that he was someone who was very similar to Mr. Holmes in terms of how he gets things done. Nevertheless, Conan was thrilled to have met someone who owed much of their career to Mr. Holmes.
  • The police that Hound was used to often had to pick up his slack in order to find the criminals. In contrast, the Pantheon had a much more varied selection of police officers that are fairly competent in going after whatever crime they’re looking for, though Hound was a bit disappointed at learning about some morally corrupt officers within the Pantheon and simply saw them as “officers not doing their job”. The officers that Hound has taken a liking to were Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The two heard about Hound from Basil and Dawson and were eager to have the help of another capable animal detective that can help in snuffing out known criminals that the police are having trouble finding.
  • Snoopy has been someone who admired Sherlock Hound for being a canine based on a literary icon. Snoopy has often followed Hound’s adventures and has looked to them for inspiration for some detective stories he’s attempting to write. Some deities found Snoopy’s attempts at writing mystery novels to be a bit questionable and Hound ended up reading some of Snoopy’s manuscripts when the latter paid Hound a visit. Hound finds these incomplete manuscripts to be a bit amusing, though notes that there’s a lot to improve on and has given Snoopy some advice on how to make the stories more engaging whenever they meet directly.
  • Children have sometimes been involved with Hound’s cases and much of this also applies to the Pantheon. He’s proven to be good with kids as a result of those experiences. One time, he encountered Finn and Jake while looking for a criminal’s hideout, with the two eager to work with the dog detective for an adventure. They ended up working with Hound in thwarting the criminal’s escape and returning the items to their rightful owner. Hound found Finn to be an excitable fellow and has found Jake and his shapeshifting powers to be unusual. It hasn’t stopped Hound from being friends with them, with Jake interested in taking up the role of a shapeshifting detective for another adventure at a later point in time.
  • As with many other canines in the Pantheon, Hound has nothing but disdain towards Cruella De Vil over her attempts at getting a fur coat made out of dogs, especially dalmatian puppies. He ended up getting involved in a case that led to her mansion after receiving a tip related to some Nintendogs that haven’t returned to their kennel after a week. After successfully finding the Nintendogs and bringing them to his car, he found himself chased by a deranged Cruella, who was furious that there was another dog that opposed her. Hound was able to lose her after tricking her into crashing her car into a lake and returned the Nintendogs back to their kennel. While Hound has accepted his role in making sure the Nintendogs are safe, Cruella has grown vengeful towards Hound over the fact that there’s another canine that’s not a dalmatian that’s regularly thwarting her schemes.
  • One devious duo that Hound has ended up confronting a few times was Dick Dastardly and his sidekick Muttley. The two have often cheated in races, but they have sometimes made attempts to use their Mean Machine or airplane for more ambitious ends (which amounts to them stealing riches from somewhere). Hound has used his own vehicles for pursuing them, with the two often captured after attempting to cheat their way to freedom and even if the two didn’t cheat, Hound is smart enough to find some way to block their escape.
  • In terms of schemes and dynamics, the Moriarity that Hound has clashed with seems to be more comparable to the Team Rocket trio than the wolf’s own namesake. After Jesse, James, and their Meowth went into hiding after stealing some valuables to be given to their boss, Hound was on the case and gave chase to the trio after being driven out of their hideout. Thanks to Hound, the trio was blasting off again and their stolen items were returned to their original owners. However, it wasn’t the last time Hound heard of Team Rocket in the Pantheon as he was told Jesse, James, and their Meowth were just members of a larger crime syndicate whose leader is no laughing matter. Hound has kept that information in mind should another crime related to them head his way.
  • Napoleon has a special disdain towards Hound as the latter’s intuition could prove troubling for the pig’s power-grabs. Hound being able to deduce who was responsible for a certain crime and trace it back to the criminal’s hideout has made the pig double down on covering his tracks in making sure his tyrannical rule goes unopposed. Hound, learning of how Napoleon managed to corrupt some puppies into working for him among other nefarious deeds, has done what he can to thwart Napoleon’s plans should someone notify him of the pig moving forward with his goals.


    Fritz the Cat 
Fritz the Cat, God of Disowned Adaptations

    Holden Caulfield 
Holden Caulfield, God of Forbidden Adaptations
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Red Hunting Hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with good leanings
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Cares a lot about his younger siblings, Lies about everything, The Cynic, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lonely Rich Kid, The Runaway, The Snark Knight
  • Domains: Growth, Time, Maturity, Society, Conflict
  • Allies: Peter Pan, The House of Childhood and Adolescence, Jimmy Hopkins, Max Caulfield, Mae Borowski, Jonas
  • Dislikes: Peter Griffin, Gary Smith
  • Conflicting Opinions: The Boys from South Park, The Beatles (Mostly John Lennon)
  • Holden Caulfield is a rebellious young man from New York, troubled from a young age and seemingly stand-offish and cynical to most people that had met him. He was expelled from his boarding school and wandering the streets of New York while pondering about his place in the world of the adulthood and its "Phoniness". Holden met a lot of people during his "journey", many just enforcing his view that people either his age or older do not understand him and are a bunch of phonies, with him only appreciating those who hadn't lost their innocence yet. It was thanks to his younger sister Phoebe that Holden eventually came to realize how misguided he has become after seemingly making his sister follow in his footsteps, something he didn't want to happen to her and so decided to return home instead of running away.
  • Initially, he decided to take another walk in the streets of New York just to kill time only to suddenly show up in the Pantheon. The place looked intriguing, and then a council of rather shady individuals told him why he was here. Considering Holden's work of origin is notoriosly lacking a cinematic adaptation thanks to the efforts of his author refusing one, he was chosen to represent said idea and while Holden liked the allure of holding a title, eventually he found to have the title of a goddamned god to be quite dull.
  • The Pantheon proved to be an interesting place for Holden and it was more colorful than the dreary and realistic world he hails from, and he compared it to the museum in New York, where time is frozen and where maybe children won't lose their innocense to the evil that is adulthood. Then again, this place holds dangers that are far too surreal for Holden, which do satisfy his more childlike side but present a potentially even more dangerous world. He doesn't really care about the ins and outs of godhood, he just find it just daft nonsense, he just is interested in how others have accomodated to this insane universe and wonder if it could maybe be the place where he finally finds his calling.
  • Wandering around the Pantheon is something that is not unusual for newcomers to do and deities were oddly welcoming to Holden, who usually is either snarky or a bit distant with those people that try to befriend him. He tends to visit the Houses of Musicality and Childhood and Adolescence, the latter in which he feels right at home seeing a lot of child deities still keeping their innocent, although a few of them didn't really do so.
  • "Phony" as an insult is heavily associated with Holden, probably his go to insult for anyone he perceives as fake. Peter Griffin got reminded of that kid who kept harassing him because he wasn't actually playing the piano and calling him "big fat phony". Somehow, Holden thinks Peter embodies the worst traits of his buddies Stradlater and Ackley and does not find the comparison amusing at all.
  • To his surprise, he found a few people he actually could call friends. Initially, Jimmy Hopkins felt like yet another tough guy bully like Stradlater who while far shorter was quite the "sexy bastard" in his own right (according to Holden anyway) but was surprised when Jimmy just came to chat with him and explained that in many ways, he can relate to his situation, not being quite in the right place with family and friends and doing reckless things just because you don't know better. Jimmy and Holden often hang out when they have the time, they grew especially close after Gary Smith tried to manipulate Holden into another of his countless attempts to smear Jimmy's name in order to get back at him but Holden knew rights away he was full of shit and promptly told Gary to shove it.
  • He had to clarify several times that he is not related to Max Caulfield but in a way, she could be the reflection of what his sister could be like once she comes of age and that terrifies Holden, even if he has accepted that growing up is just the natural course of life whether he likes it or not. He did eventually become friends with Max, relating to her troubles and being perplexed at the fact that she can manipulate time, with those powers Holden would probably never have gotten past his issues with age and maturity. That and for a time max and holden had a falling out because he had a rather low opinion on Max's best friend Chloe, thinking of her as another fake and phony individual that is more trouble than it's worth though he eventually took back what he said and made up with Max.
  • During one of his many trips to the house of Childhood and Adolescence, he was surprised to find a deity that was probably as or even more jaded than he was and that came in the form of the humanoid cat Mae Borowski. As an icon of teenage rebelry and issues with the concept of growing up, Mae looks up to Holden for going through that journey and managing to at least be able to learn from it, at the very least it didn't involve cults and for that reason alone, Holden agrees with her.
  • Jonas was an individual that befriended Holden and he personally sought him out after reading about his short adventures in New York, trying to understand the reasoning behind his actions. As someone who was forcer into a very stressful role that is being the Receiver, Jonas understands a lot of Holden's issues regarding the loss of his brother as well as his inadequacy involving other people. Holden found him a bit overbearing at first but understands where he comes from and is a bit interested in knowing how it feels to live in a world where society as he knows it has collapsed but Jonas has warned him that it's not that pretty.
  • Regarded as being the protagonist of one of the most controversial books of all time and some people don't really think he is story is that controversial (but for the time, it really was). This came to a head when the boys from South Park tried to write a far more offensive story since they didn't find his story that big of a deal anyway, and Holden sort of found that whole circus amusing at the very least. What wasn't amusing, was the accusations that his book is a brainwashing tool to murder popular figures as several infamous criminal like those involved in the shooting of John Lennon and Ronald Reagan, as he never ever meant to hurt anyone.