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Greater Gods

    Vaal Hazak 
Vaal Hazak, Dragon God of Maximum HP Reduction (Corpse Coat Dragon, Keeper of Hades)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its Hunter Icon
  • Theme Song: Keeper of Hades - Vaal Hazak
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Non-Malicious Monster, Lightning Bruiser, Invokes imagery of a Dracolich, Nested Mouths, Meaningful Name, Utilizes the Effluvium such as raising small monsters, Immune to the Water Element
  • Size: 1843.95cm - 2577.34cm
  • Domains: Dragons, Miasma, HP Reduction, Ecosystems
  • Allies: The Nameless King, The Nature Preservers, Paarthurnax, Ash Ketchum
  • Presides over: The Rotten Vale
  • Rivals: Sindragosa, Zhaitan
  • Commonality Connection: Gore and Shagaru Magala
  • Enemies: Miraak, Gwyn, Gravelord Nito, Ornstein and Smough, Acnologia, Abusive Precursors, Nurgle, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Typhus, Grima
  • Source of Interest for: The House of Science
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, The Hunter, the Dragonborn and other dragonslayers, House of Fire and Heat
  • Taking one good look at the necropolis that is the Rotten Vale, you may think to yourself that no creatures there would ever survive. Staying a while, and assuming you're careful when traversing the place, you can find a bunch of monsters that make their home there in spite of the inhospitable conditions. And deep within the pits of the Rotten Vale, usually underneath a large mound of rotting flesh, lives an Elder Dragon just as dead looking as the environment it sustains. The Corpse Coat Dragon, Vaal Hazak. With an almost supernatural control over the miasma that blankets the deeper parts of the Rotten Vale, this Elder Dragon made itself known to the Pantheon after its very own signature haze started blanketing the House of Slaughter. While lesser creatures that happened to roam there went berserk, the House of Investigative Work looked into what was causing it. Having done their own research in the New World, and fully understanding who's behind it all, the Monster Hunters lead various deities to the deeper parts of the House until they found the monster itself roaming around. They managed to relocate it through bringing over its proper biome, after fighting it of course, and had to ascend it in the process.
  • Before you ask, no. While it most certainly looks dead, and is capable of bringing dead monsters back to life with the Effluvium, and it no doubt invokes the idea of a Dracolich it is not actually one. Believe or not, it is just as much as a living creature as any other monster, even as an Elder Dragon. Part of its appearnce comes from actually wearing the hide of another monster to cover for its weakness to the Dragon Element. Not to mention its "necromancy" is more of the bacteria puppeting around the small monsters and doesn't seem to be able to control larger monsters. When it comes to the Dracoliches in the Pantheon, Vaal's relationship with them isn't exactly positive. Compared to them, the Elder Dragon isn't at all malicious or as destructive.
  • Normally, contact with the Effluvium slowly drains one's health overtime until you get out of it or repel the surrounding fog with fire. Contact with Vaal's Effluvium is not only much more condensed despite dispersing faster, but being in Vaal Hazak's Effluvium may have the chance of cutting your health in half, which can be very crippling especially if you got it as its shooting a stream of gas at you where you're quick to fall in battle. Even if you avoid being hit after being afflicted, there's still the chance of it absorbing back the Effluvium from those who have it as a means to replenish itself and damaging its opponents. As an Elder Dragon that utilizes a unique biological status, it earned some comparisons to Gore and Shagaru Magala. While the two have little reason to be near each other, many believe they could hit it off if they did meet.
  • As an Elder Dragon, Vaal Hazak likely witnessed or has at least knows about the Ancient Civilization and their atrocities involving Elder Dragons such as the conception of the Equal Dragon Weapon. While not as vindictive towards humanity now and won't attack them on sight lest provoked, unlike the Fatalis trio, it's a very bad idea to even be associated with Abusive Precursors or really do anything that isn't any different from the Ancient Civilization like treating it as nothing but something to be used. Examples include Arthas wanting to turn Vaal Hazak into an actual Dracolich, one the Lich King believes to have a much greater potential in becoming a Frost Wyrm than any other. When it comes to its powers, Miraak wants to gain control of it, planning to use its hazardous vapors to kill off pretty much everyone that tries to defy him but has butted heads with Bowser who also wants in on Vaal Hazak's power, having brainwashed the Ruined Dragon before. The likes of Albert Wesker, Typhus, and Nurgle also wish to utilize it in their future machinations.
    • Speaking of the Equal Dragon Weapon, it at first didn't realy care much of Grima despite both being supposed undead dragons other than the fact its a destructive entity, but after discovering it is an artificial dragon created by a foolish human alchemist that would soon usher in a potential Bad Future in its world, Vaal Hazak quickly became enemies with the Fell Dragon. The mere sight of Grima's Risen is enough to stir Vaal Hazak into a frenzy.
  • While Elder Dragons are shown to be much more intelligent than a majority of other monsters outside of their classification, Vaal Hazak deserves a special mention for wearing the hide of another monster to cover for its weakness to the Dragon Element, which is a good indicator of a monster's intelligence as its damage is affected by how intelligent its target is. Another mention goes to it resting in areas that are incredibly hazardous to its attackers, such as pools of acid.
  • Vaal's presence in the Pantheon has resulted in other unfavorable attention from other deities. It being a dragon the likes of Gwyn, Nito, Ornstein, and Smough all have it against Vaal Hazak due to their experiences with the Everlasting Dragons and are insistent at putting it down despite its influence towards the environment while Acnologia looks down upon Vaal due to its role of sustaining both the Rotten Vale and by extension the Coral Highlands, seeing it as nothing but aiding those lesser than dragons. It's safe to say Vaal Hazak has a frigid relationship with all dragonslayers, most notably the Dragonborn although Paarthurnax is working on recitfying such a relationship. A dragon Vaal may be, slaying it will do more harm than good.
  • Vaal Hazak's name derives from the Warrior Heaven Valhalla which obviously refers to its affinity with death, and the Semitic God Baal or what many better know as Beelzebub which refers to its rather unpleasant nature as a deathly Elder Dragon. No relation to the Beelzebub aside from that.
  • There are those who wish to study the Elder Dragon for more benevolent purposes in the Pantheon, however. When it comes to its symbiotic relationship with the Effluvium, the House of Science couldn't let that mystery be and has tried looking into it further, helping out the Monster Hunters with the research. Vaal Hazak tolerates it to an extent, but if it senses anything wrong it'll spray Effluvium on those who threatened it.
  • May or may not have a sore spot for those well versed in the Ansatsuken such as the likes of Ryu, Ken, and Gouken.
  • Considering its importance to the ecosystem of the Rotten Vale, it can't really leave to interact with the rest of the Pantheon. Even being stirred can potentially have disastrous results on the very necropolis it presides over. And considering the nature of the Rotten Vale itself, few have any good reason to go deep enough to peacefully interact with it. The Nameless King is among that few to ever do such a thing, but if he does it's usually to just appease it so that it doesn't ruin everything. It may change when Gwyn, his father who disowned him, and his forces actually try to start something with the Elder Dragon. Researching into the Great Dragon War and the events that lead up to it seemed to cut something deep, the Nameless King not wanting to think about if the same fate befell the King of the Storm were it to interact with the Ancient Civilization. Aside from him, the Nature Preservers also are willing to watch over and defend Vaal Hazak for its role, as morbid it may be. Death and decomposition is still natural, after all.
    • There was one time were Umbrella Corporation's Mooks disturbed the Elder Dragon in a failed attempt to capture it. After wiping them all out, it was forced to exit the Rotten Vale after Bowser and his forces decided to use this opportunity to try and control Vaal Hazak, but they were quickly halted by the Nature Preservers. Miraak meanwhile took to pursuing Vaal Hazak but ended up encountering the Dragonborn while they were on to pacifying Vaal. Given their history, they prioritized fighting each other while the Elder Dragon escaped. Vaal Hazak ended up being convinced to stop by the likes of Ash Ketchum after he saw it moving around the Pantheon and attempted to befriend it like he did with other Legendary Pokémon. Seeing the trainer harbor no ill intent, Vaal Hazak soon calmed down and was soon brought back to the Vale.
  • Considering the amount of comments regarding various things as "the Dark Souls of X", many are inclined to believe Vaal Hazak is a product of all of those comments coagulating into a physical being. Its presence has also earned some comparisons to Bloodborne and while it's no Eldritch Abomination, the Hunter is ready to subdue Vaal should it try to start trouble. Vaal's use of Effluvium also makes people think it's just weaponizing vaping.

Intermediate Gods

Brachydios, God of Powerful Elements (Crushing Wyvern, Brachy, Bracchi, Bura, Dios; Raging Brachydios: Critical Brachydios, Critical Brachy, Nuclear Brachy)
Raging Brachydios 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The hunter's guild's icon for both versions
  • Theme Song: Brave Icon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Theropods with Developed Forelimbs, Exploding Slime, Agile Destructive Creatures, Very Good Jumper, Resists Explosions for Defensive Reasons
  • Domains: Slime, Explosions, Combat, Monsters
  • Size: 1339.18cm-1902.213cm
  • Rivals: the Ghostbusters
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters, the Houses of Water and Moisture, Ice and Cold and other deities that can use water and ice attacks
  • The world of Monster Hunter has various monsters that are classified by elements. They include water, fire, thunder, ice, and dragon. Slime is another element and compared to the others, it is very powerful as it does well against other elements and can explode. Brachydios is a monster that is capable of using such element. Obviously, it's one of the more powerful monsters that's out there.
  • It was briefly in the Pantheon at one point Having a Blast (pun intended). However, it disappeared not long after, with its title taken by Solf J. Kimblee. It later resurfaced in the Pantheon, this time, with the title of Infinity +1 Element as the Court of the Gods noticed how powerful the slime element is in its home universe.
    • Ironically enough, the Slime element was later changed to the Blast element.
  • The Brachydios is allowed to roam free throughout the House due to the fact that attempts to physically quarantine the beast end with smoldering debris of the containment walls, ruined environments, and the fact that casual layabout of its slime puddles turns any territory of the beast into a minefield. To prevent outright destruction, restraining teams are called in to engage and subdue the beast on a regular basis.
    • Members of the Houses of Combat and Weapons regularly volunteer themselves for these restraining teams to test their abilities against one of the more formidable species in the House of Beasts. Only the most powerful return on their own feet, and even then they tend to be covered in scorch marks from slime charges.
    • In the times they volunteer for the restraining team, the House of Friendship tackle the Brachydios en masse, and are markedly more successful due to heightened coordination between members.
      • Any members of selected restraining teams that are capable of using water and ice attacks seem to have an easier time dealing with this monster.
  • The secretions of the Brachydios are being tested for military applications due to its unique explosive properties. Restraining teams are ordered to bring in any samples they manage to salvage from it when it is subdued.
  • There was an incident where Makoto Nanaya unleashed the Planet Crusher on the Brachydios, causing the fragments of the shattered moon to explode from slime dispersion. She is allowed to continue facing the beast, but was lectured on the consequences of using that particular move on that particular monster at great length.
  • Compared to the other Brute Wyverns, this one doesn't use it's head for attacking. Instead, it relies on its fists. The House of Knowledge is still trying to figure out why that is the case.
  • A variant known as the Raging Brachydios has been seen roaming the Pantheon. The fact that this version's slime explodes faster (and is more volatile as such) has made restraining this monster more difficult than doing the same things against the regular kinds.
  • Given that the Ghostbusters have dealt with slime before, they are among those who are called in to deal with the monster. They have mentioned that taking on this creature is more of a challenge compared to taking on ghosts.
  • The wyverns have been aggressive to the point of invading the temples of other large monsters to try and claim the territory as their own. The attempts haven't been successful for the time being, due to restraining teams having to drive Brachydios out.
  • Also has a spot in Elements and Nature: Other.


Looking for Baal?

Duriel, God of Powerful Melee Attack Radius (Lord of Pain, Maggot King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His claws
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Ice Person, Big Creepy-Crawlies, The Brute, Combat Sadomasochist, "Twin Brother" of Andariel, Having no explanation of his presence in the game, Lightning Bruiser, Loves the Sound of Screaming, To the Pain, That One Boss
  • Domains: Pain, Anguish, Demons, Bosses, Difficulty
  • Herald: Andariel, Maiden of Anguish (twin sister)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Azmodan, Belial
  • Enemies:
  • Unrelated to: The Zerg
  • Duriel, Lord of Pain, is one of the Seven Demon Lords spawned from the heads of Tathamet and a Lesser Evil. Duriel once helped the other Lesser Evils vanish the Prime Evils to the World of Sanctuary, but once Diablo brought free of his imprisoment, he and his Twin-sister Andariel decided to help the released Prime Evils conquer Sanctuary to avoid their wrath. That landed Duriel as the guardian of the Tomb of Tal-Rasha, preventing anyone from entering and slaughtering the opposition. Ultimately Duriel met his match after a group of mortals challenged and succesfully defeated him, not without the Demon Lord fighting back.
  • Duriel is notoriously a very difficult foe to take down, mostly thanks to his "Instant Death" Radius that will easily tear down any unprepared foes that decides to handle him up close. It seems that the one that convinced the Court of Gods of bringing up the Lord of Pain was Mephisto, having seen some use in the Lesser Evil for his and his brothers schemes concerning the Pantheon.
  • Unlike his Lesser Evil brethen, Duriel is ok with serving the Prime Evils, something that both Azmodan and Belial are very upset about, considering him a traitor for deserting them. Duriel couldn't care less, as long as he gets to hurt and kill people, he is very content with serving the Prime Evils.
  • Has clashed several times with mortals from Sanctuary but never actually encountered a Nephalem before. The only one of the heroes he recognizes is Xul the Necromancer and upon seeing him, has taunted him with the very familiar "Looking for Baal?" remark. The necromancer simply faced the demon alongside the other Nephalem and swiftly took care of the Lord of Pain.
  • His maggot-like appearance makes some wonder if he is related in some way to Beelzebub and considering how often he mentions Baal, some have confused the Lord of Destruction he mentions with the Lord of the Flies. Duriel has come to be interested in working alongside Beelzebub but considering he has no plan to ally himself with GUAC, the alliance is tentative at best.
  • Appearance wise, he resembles a Zerg even if he is unrelated to the alien race. However, the sheer onslaught the Zerg are able to cause has interested the Lesser Evil and he may be considering sway a few of their numbers to his and the Prime Evils cause. Considering after the defeat of Amon, the Zerg want nothing to do with another ancient evil.
  • After hearing from Diablo and Mephisto about the existance of the Nexus, Duriel has wanted to enter himself to conquer the realms and engage in combat with other powerful heroes. Luxoria has been the one that interests him the most, given that it's a place that could benefit him the most.
  • Similar to the other demons from the Burning Hells, Duriel was convinced to join Sargeras. While his origins are closer to the divine, the Fallen Titan's sheer might could provide Duriel and the other evils enough power to reap through their foes and finally defeat the angels in the Eternal Conflict.
  • Supposedly, he is the twin brother of Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish but neither have a resemblance to one another other than sharing similar domains. In fact, Duriel was curious after seeing Sarah Kerrigan as the Queen of Blades, since she and Andarial look quite similar. Kerrigan, like most Zerg, wants nothing to do with Duriel or his demonic brethen.
  • As his namesake would imply, the concept of pain empowers him and indulges in making other suffer. That's why nasty folks like AM and Desaad, while not demonic, are adored by Duriel as they causing eternal anguish to others means Duriel is constantly getting stronger the more pain is spread.
  • Often the target of several heroes and demon hunters considering his role as a demonic overlord. However, time and time again has Duriel shown why he is the Lord of Pain as he was dubbed as "royal pain in the ass" for many adventurers. He notably was once double teamed by Dante and Nero following an invasion of the Burning Hells to the House of Profession led by Duriel himself and while the two ended up taking Duriel down, it was not an easy task. Duriel likewise despises Dante's father for constantly meddling with their plans and being a traitor to demonkind in general.
  • It seems that in a sense, Duriel seems to resemble several members of the Crimson Court and they come to adore the Lord of Pain given that plenty of their members constantly get involved in sadistic acts of pain, which delights Duriel. This alliance also allowed to bolster the power of Duriel's minions and that greatly alarmed the Ancestor, one of the Court's personaly Arch-Enemy and then the Ancestor, being familiar with the Nephalem, had to seek the help to take care of this new alliance formed between Duriel and the Crimson Court.

Gammoth, Goddess of Shockwave Stomping (Gammoth: Gamuto, Giant Beast, Behemoth, Unshakable Mountain God, The Unwavering Colossus, Popodrome | Elderfrost: Silver Ridge Gammoth)
Elderfrost Gammoth 
  • Intermediate Goddess. Greater Goddess (as Elderfrost Gammoth).
  • Symbol: Her Hunter's Guild Icons
  • Theme Songs: Immovable Mountain God (Gammoth) Resolve Flaring in the Heart (Elderfrost Gammoth, shared with all Deviants)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Mighty Glacier, Based on Woolly Mammoths, An Ice Person, Snow/Ice covered legs, Blow You Away, Genius Bruiser, Part of the Fated Four as The Big Guy (despite all encounterable Gammoths being female), Flagship Monster, Primary-Color Champion, Despises Tigrex
  • Size: 455.21 cm - 2617.48 cm (normal)
  • Domains: Snow, Ice, Fanged Beasts, Mammoths
  • Tolerates: Manfred, Selicy
  • Rivals: Zamtrios, Deviljho, Rajang, Glavenus, Ukanlos
  • Arch-Enemy: Tigrex
  • Enemies: Fatalis, Scrat, Dr. Zomboss, The Zombies (PvZ)
  • Interests: Mammoth Mogul, Vandal Savage
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters
  • The pure white blanket of snow that covers the earth as far as the eye could see belies an unforgiving wasteland where food and warmth is scarce and one crucial mistake can turn one into either a life-sized ice sculpture or food for the coming days. It's a wonder that anything that survive there, but as always life finds a away. Standing around three stories tall covered in ultra thick fur and fat is the Gammoth, a gargantuan Fanged Beast apart of the Fated Four. Though a herbivore, and one who will tolerate smaller monsters for the most part, it can and will drop any pretenses of it being "friendly" should conflict abound. And it's more than capable of literally throwing its weight around. It demonstrated this when it first appeared in the House of Ice and Cold when it the confusion of mistaking it as a cave was cleared up and some hunters simply mistook it for another mammoth.
  • Compared to its peers, its not out-speeding its fellow Fated Four members but it's strength will be more than a match for those who seek to surmount it. In addition to shell-like structures on its legs and head, the fur and fat is far too thick for a predator's claws or fangs to make a meaningful dent in. Those who try and whittle it down will inevitably meet its tusks and the underside of its tremor-creating hooves. Alongside brawns, it also has the brains to encase its legs in snow as improvised armor and. Gammoth can also directly encase its opponents in layers of snow as well through either blowing forth gusts of wind or unearthing entire chunks of it and dropping it down.
    • Its use of snow as both as an offensive tool as well as improvised armor has earned some comparisons between it and Zamtrios, who secretes fluids all over its body that solidifies and forms its signature ice armor. While a predator not to be underestimated, it hasn't had much luck in the encounters between it and Gammoth.
  • Other than Zamtrios, Gammoth has clashed with Deviljho, Rajang, and even fellow Fated Four member Glavenus when they meander on her turf. Unlike the Amphibian, they put up far greater fights and they have earned their wins but even so she still stands her ground and meets them head-on. And while Gammoth is very large, the behemoth known as Ukanlos still utterly dwarfs a giant like her in comparison.
  • Often, it has referred to as the "Popodrome" due to its similarities to the much more smaller Popos. The name, however, is much older than it and originated as a joke stemming from said creatures hypothetical alpha. So naturally, when the Gammoth was introduced the name was stuck onto it. While normally a solitary and nomadic, Gammoth raising young of their own can join up with herds of Popo to protect them and for that reason can be seen alongside the likes of Manfred though the Fanged Beast still eyes the other members of his herd.
  • While young, Gammoth has much to fear due to lacking the famed strength of its adult forms and only has its mother and the initially snow white fur it has to protect itself. Above all else, it dreads the primal and aggressive Flying Wyvern Tigrex and against a beast like that it is especially vulnerable. However, as it grows and matures this fear transforms into pure rage and anger as its ability to hit like a mountain allows it to stand its ground and shrug off its blows.
  • One of Scrat's misadventures involving his acorn lead him right into the path of the Unshakable Colossus. While chasing it down it ended up being buried in the snow and was forced to dig through it all. After some arduous work (and his progress being set back by a sudden snowstorm) he eventually found his acorn with a young Gammoth huddled next to it so he was forced to yank it out of its trunk. Unfortunately, the mama was right behind him and saw the entire thing unfold. With a gentle and calm demeanor she proceeded to grab Scrat, crush him into the ground, and unearthed the snow he was in and threw him off the ridge. The mother Gammoth then proceeded to check up on her child who wasted no time in hiding underneath the mother once more. If she so much as sees Scrat again she'll be sure to be more thorough.
  • As the self proclaimed queen of the North, Selicy took notice of the Gammoth trotting through the cold on her own time travelling the Pantheon. While it hasn't noticed her, Selicy finds respect in its strength and majesty she likes to observe it from a distance while in her preferred element. And while she's willing to pitch in when it comes to fending off Gammoth when it poses a threat to people she also won't take unprovoked attacks against either.
  • During the many conflicts with the Plants spanning even across time itself, one of Dr. Zomboss' machines took the form of a wooly mammoth. His zombie minions, meanwhile, have used mammoths of their own as mounts when advancing towards the Plants' defenses. The Zombies thought they could use Gammoth in much of the same way in their fight and rushed her as they usually did. Heh, didn't work. And neither the couple of other times that happened. The Fanged Beast is sure to never forget them in the future.
    • Two infamous villains were quick to the news regarding the above incident. Mammoth Mogul ponders the use of pitting Gammoth as yet another obstacle against Sonic and his allies. She lacks in speed, sure, but she's no less fierce. His ally, Vandal Savage, has similar thoughts but he's also curious if Gammoth meat is as tasty as regular old mammoths. If they are, he at least won't run out of them in the Pantheon.
  • Monsters of its world grow stronger with age and Gammoth is no different. Old and covered in ice the aptly named Elderfrost Deviants is more like the snowy peaks of the world than ever before. Though seldom seen as with most variations of monsters, it is said that an Elderfrost's affinity with the cold is comparable to that of blizzards and other such storms.
  • Occasionally, people have encountered an adult Gammoth that's unusually small for it's kind. And by small we mean you could ride it like any other horse, it is that tiny. And yet, despite lacking one of its greatest advantages this particular Gammoth is surprisingly quite strong with the earth still shaking when it hits the ground.

    The Scout 
The Scout, God of Double Jumps (Scoot, Scunt, Little Man, Ass Pancakes, Force of Nature, Jeremy)

Usalia, Goddess of Damage Reduction (Toto Bunny Overlord, Overlord Usalia)

Lesser Gods

    Erik (Dragon Quest
Erik, God of Using Techniques After Ailments (Kamyu)

    Jun Manjoume 
Jun Manjoume, God of Useful Useless Items (Chazz Princeton, Thunder, The Chazz)

    Madeline (Celeste
Madeline, Goddess of Mountain Climbing Journeys and the Air Dash (Celeste)
  • One can find a PICO-8 computer in her temple that has a freeware version of her game, which can be played here.
  • After seeing a recording of Madeline escaping the Mirror Temple in Celeste Mountain with a crystal-imprisoned Theo in tow, someone noticed strange sounds that were akin to speech recorded backwards. This is what they found after reversing recorded footage, and they discovered two things: 1) Madeline had been suffering from depression prior to her trip to the mountain, and 2) she really is older than she looks.
    • How old is she actually, despite looking like a kid? Enough to own and drive a car, have a job, and even drink.
  • Usually, her hair is red, but it turns blue after performing a single dash, after which she can't do so again until it turns red again once she makes contact with the ground (or a spring [even if it's on a wall], or some other non-wall surface) but it does flash white before that, and if she dashes at that moment, she gets a quick jump and her hair turns red again for another dash. After fusing with Badeline at Celeste Mountain, her hair turns pink, where she gets an extra air dash, after which her hair turns red until she lands again. She actually has a lot of advanced movement techniques that she can pull off, enabling her to overcome most any platforming obstacle, no matter how obscenely difficult they are (so long as they're not Unwinnable, of course).
  • Got along well with Spider-Man (a fellow wall-climber among other things) as well as Mario and Link (whose adventures involve climbing to high places, like mountains, castles or skyscrapers). As a result, though, she's also gotten into the bad side of Bowser and Ganondorf.
  • Heard that there was another Madeline and admires her pluckiness, as well as having been able to endure suffering appendicitis and having it treated.
  • Made friends with Scott Pilgrim where they shared their stories of having their own dark sides (Badeline and Nega-Scott respectively) that they needed to accept to become better people.
  • Badeline's nature has led people to compare her to Personas, and thus drew the attention of the Investigation Team. She became good friends with them after hearing that her acceptance of Badeline is just like how most of the Team got their Personas.
    • For the record, Badeline is not Madeline's Persona, and can come out whenever she wants to.
  • On occasion, while she's usually a redhead (or bluenette),
Madeline sometimes sports pink hair, which then only turns to red once again after one air dash before ground contact or when Badeline's summoned to defend her, However, for reasons, she can't summon Badeline when her hair's blue from expending her air dashes (though she can summon while mid-air after one air dash, after which her hair then turns blue), and needs to land first.
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Touring.

    The Point Man 
The Point Man, God of Bullet Time (The New Guy, Buddy, Bad Motherfucker)
  • Lesser God, sometimes Intermediate
  • Symbol: His old F.E.A.R. uniform
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Tense relationship with his brother Paxton Fettel, Death Glare, Only known as the Point Man, Abused because of being weaker than his brother, Never Says a Word, Implacable Man, Lightning Bruiser, Made of Iron, One-Man Army, The Un-Favourite, Alma's first child
  • Domains: Reflexes, Guns, Soldiers, Dark Pasts, Experiments
  • High Priest: Jack Joyce
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, Link, Samurai Jack, James Ramirez, Master Chief, Adrian Shephard, Max Payne, Neo, The Ghostbusters, Luigi, Simon Henriksson
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Dark Danny, The Slenderman, Alex Mercer
  • Acquiantanced with: Wander, The Human Child, Samantha Maxis, Erma Williams
  • Distrust: The SCP Foundation
  • Special Relationships: Alma Wade (His mother)
  • Known simply as the Point Man, this strange man was one of the newer recruits of F.E.A.R., who were tasked with the mission to hunt down Paxton Fettel after he initiated an uprising with the replica soldiers of Armachan Technological Corporation. But the point man's role was more important than that when Alma Wade got involved, who was constantly stalking him whenever he went. In truth, he turned to be Alma's first son, born for the sake of Project Origin to test his capabilities as a powerful psychic like his mother was. Needless to say, the Point Man's life wasn't all that cheerful either and the reason he doesn't remember anything is because it's been erased from his memory.
  • The reason he found the pantheon are a little hard to explain. He didn't exactly ascend but lured into the pantheon by unknown entity to him, who he mistakenly assumed to be his brother Paxton Fettel. It actually turned out to be Dark Danny, who provoked the Point Man into coming after him to see if he was as good as the rumors about him were. The actual reason for that? Alma asked him to do it, and after hearing of the news that her child has ascended he wasted no time and came to see him before anything bad happened to him. It speaks volumes of the appreciation she has for her son when Alma of all people stops a fight
  • Quickly settled down with the title of Bullet Time, given his impressive reflexes and speed which are implied to come from his Psychic Powers. He also managed to befriend Max Payne who also happens to have both super reflexes and a Dark and Troubled Past.
    • Max wasn't the only one with super reflexes though. Samurai Jack and Neo both were impressed by the Point Man's ability and a friendly spar occured between the three. They remain on good terms.
  • He doesn't this very well, but he remembers that he was treated like garbage when he was a child and it's rumored that the reason of why he is such an effective soldier is because of him channeling that hatred into his enemies. He doesn't hide the fact that he wants to brutally kill all the Abusive Parents in the pantheon but he will limit himself with the most heinous ones, primarely the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • The Point Man never utters a words, not even in the most intense moments. Some say that because of the experimentation and abuse he underwent in the past he might have become mute as a result. That's why he ended up befriending a few people who also don't talk, those being Gordon Freeman, Link and soldiers like Adrian Shepard and James Ramirez, who sympathize with his situation of being the guy who gets things done for their team. In the case of Gordon, he heard about incident involving his mother where Gordon was transported to the almaverse and it wasn't pretty, so he feel obliged to apologize on her behalf, even if she doesn't want to.
  • F.E.A.R. as a team was specialized in dealing with the supernatural, and while the Point Man is no longer a part of it, he nevertheless is experienced enough to deal with the pantheon's paranormal events. That's why he keeps a formal relation towards the Ghostbusters and Luigi, since he has had his fair share of encounters with ghosts. Not to mention the fact that they have been trying to deal with Alma and he would be perfect addition to the team if his mother ever goes on a rampage again.
  • Strangely enough, he never though that of all the people in the pantheon that would sympathize with him the most with him was a depressed teenager. Simon understand the toll he underwent knowing that him being the child of a psychic must be harsh while the Point Man felt strangely brotherly to simon given his own fragile mind reminding him of Alma's. The Point Man also once tried to venture into Simon's book world, apparently it's not that different from the Almaverse.
  • The topic of Alma is always a heated one considering there is a special group of people that want to help her. So when they heard that one of Alma's son was present in the Pantheon, they wasted no time in meeting him. Wander and the Human Child have told him that they made some significant progress in calming down Alma, the key player being Erma whose similarities made Alma calm down a little and be protective of her, and even has a similarity to him with both of their mothers being ghosts. The three have also tried to involve the Point Man into their little "Therapy Session" since they believe he would the final piece they need to finally calm Alma down. He is hesitant to say the least, his mother was never the most normal person around and he himself has his fair share of issues but he is willing to try.
    • After a few sessions with Wander, Frisk, Erma and the Point Man, Alma has shown some incredible progress, her desire for destruction toned down a lot and even shown some faint smiles when she sees her son. But she has demanded the four that in order to be at peace she needs to see a special person again, that being Paxton Fettel, her other son.
  • The Point Man, given his past, has a hard time trusting secretive organizations one of those being the SCP Foundation. One because the poor treatment he received in the past and the other because the SCP Foundation have some plans regarding Alma and how to contain her so she won't cause trouble again. The Point Man didn't take lightly to the latter considering that when they intended to terminate him things went ugly when the task force they sent after him was utterly annihilated by the the Point Man alone, so they are considering other less violent options.
  • Unlike Alma, the Point Man knows fully well that Alex Mercer is up to no good and that he intends to do something horrible to Alma whenever he gets the chance to find her physical body. Their confrontation is at a stalemate, mostly because the Point Man doesn't have viable means to combat Mercer while the latter won't try to harm the Point Man else Alma would surely find a way to kill him for good.

Riki, Godpon of Video Game Stealing (This Year's Legendary Heropon, Your Rikiness, Big Ball of Fun, Stupid Furry Volleyball, Fuzzball, Old Geezer, Gramps, Cheeseball)

Yasuo, God of Critical Hit Chances (The Unforgiven)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A very long katana-like sword casting a whirlwind
  • Theme Song: "Yasuo Theme"
  • Alignment: Considered Neutral Evil; actually True Neutral with leanings toward Neutral Good.
  • Portfolio: High Rates of Critical Hit, Samurai (with ponytail), Wanderer, Wind-Based Techniques, Former Arrogance of Power, Seeking Atonement, Handling His Drink, Unjustly Accused, Eager For Battle, Iaijutsu Practitioner
  • Domain: Combat, Travel, Wind, Gaming Archetype.
  • Allies: Several Champions of Runeterra, if they didn't accuse him, or not being ninjas. Also, Haohmaru, Raiden, Miyamoto Musashi, Samuel Rodriguez, Asura, The Nohrian Royal Siblings
  • Rivals: Defenders of the Ancients. Also, Riven. And ninjas.
  • A wanderer from the realm known as Ionia, Yasuo was framed for murder and became a fugitive to clear his name. For years his life was under constant threat, and so he threw away grace and honor and became a Combat Pragmatist. This attracted the attention of the Pantheon, who offered him a place even before his quest was finished.
  • As wandering is his style, Yasuo often leaves his house empty while he roams the world. He's currently on his way to Bilgewater to explore a ghostly mystery there.
  • He has an uneasy truce with Riven, who committed the crime he was framed for (it was an accident). There are hints that other Ionians knew it wasn't his fault but still accused him, but so far it remains unexplored.
  • Even if he's friends with a God from the House of Justice like Raiden, Yasuo doesn't seem to believe that justice is more than a 'pretty word'.
  • Who says he can't handle his drink?
  • Yasuo doesn't show respect to ninjas, even Ryu Hayabusa. Apparently he thinks killing behind a mask is dishonorable, though this has not stopped him from picking up a ceremonial Blood Moon mask of his own.
  • After hanging around with Raiden and also Sam Rodriguez, Yasuo ordered a Cyber-Samurai suit from the Technology house... It's kind of a sight to behold.
  • An alternate world was seen with him Riven and him as the embodiments of Chaos and Order. As the Nightbringer, he ushers in a world of chaos and freedom in contrast to Riven's order and stasis.
  • As of late seems to have usurped Teemo as the most hated champion in League of Legends. He doesn't really care but some people think it affects him.
  • "A lot of people want me dead - they call it justice. I'm the only one who knows the truth. All I have left is the wind by my side."

    Zerg (Brood) Queens 
Zerg (Brood) Queens, Vile Spawners of Broodlings From Enemy Units
am aerial relative close-up view of a Zerg Queen
a closer rendition
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their spawned broodlings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (or depends on their leader)
  • Portfolio: The Unintelligible, Regenerating Health, Squishy Wizard, Spawn Broodling that One-Hit Kill, Seeing Through Another's Eyes via Parasite, Ensnare, Returning In Legacy of the Void After Their Absence In The Second Game
  • Domain(s): Zerg, Spawn Broodling, Parasites
  • Superiors: Sarah Kerrigan, Alexei Stukov, Zagara, Abathur (all current), Amon (former), anyone that can Mind Control them
  • Allies: The Infested
  • Bane of: All organic ground units, including vehicles manned by organic pilots
  • Enemies: Fenix, the Imperium of Man, the Star Fox team, all Star Trek deities
  • As it is known, the Zerg Swarm grows by assimilating DNA from other species. In the case of the Queen, it's from the Arachnis brood-keeper. Queens (or Brood Queens, to differentiate from the current Queen units) usually helped administrate the Swarm, and stayed near the hives where they oversaw maturing zerg and drone activities. Their primary role was as an infestation specialist. Implanting parasites, ensnaring via a spray of mucus, infesting heavily-damaged command centers, and most infamously, instant-killing enemies and spawning Broodlings out of them, which is the trope they're ascending for.
  • As for how dangerous these Broodlings are, they are originally grown from globs of spores launched from these Queens. These spores attempt to 'fertilize' any organic matter they come into contact with and are capable of eating through even the armored hulls of vehicles to reach the occupants within. If these spores make contact with an organic being, they force the organism to metabolize, serving as the breeding ground for a near instantaneous metabolization and birth of a pair of broodlings. The explosive birth is fatal to the host.
  • While they have since been phased out by the new Zerg Queens, these old ones continued to exist at Aiur, and were shortly taken control of by Amon during the End War. Alexei Stukov would eventually claim some and field them himself, and that was how they got ascended in the first place after he made an appeal to the Court of the Gods.
  • Their present "temple" takes the form of a standard Zerg Hive cluster plus an Infested Command Center that had been acquired during the conflict against the United Earth Directorate. It's been instructed to keep to itself, defend itself from attacks on its location, and send out forces to any Zerg superior should they call for them.
  • With their Spawn Broodling ability, they're the bane of any unit on the ground, no matter their size, their strength, or how much machine is between them and the outside. The only ones immune to this are Energy Beings (like Protoss Archons), completely robotic units (like Protoss Probes and Reavers), and other non-organic beings. It's also offset by the fact that it takes a lot of energy from the Queen, requiring it to recharge a lot before being able to Spawn Broodling again.
    • Fenix in particular is infuriated with this, given it's an instant kill and the likelihood that Kerrigan's enslaved cerebrate gave a Queen this order.
  • It's not often shown, but Brood Queens are capable of operating in the air and on the ground.
  • Brood Queens' Ensnare can drastically slow down those in drenches, negating the effects of Terran Stim Packs, and putting air units at a disadvantage.
  • Brood Queens' Parasites allow them to see whatever their host sees (that includes invisibility detection if the host has it). However, for some reason, they lose sight of the host when they enter a building or a transport vessel. Additionally, a Queen's Parasite can be overridden by another Queen's Parasite.
  • While the following hatreds apply to the Zerg race as a whole, as species representatives who aren't special cases (like Kerrigan), the (Brood) Queens are often targets of the Imperium, the Star Fox team, and all Star Trek deities (sans the Borg, who in turn wish to assimilate them).
  • Having already reached out to their race as a whole, the Infested also made contact with the Queens' Hive and have similarly partnered up with them.

Zul'jin, God of Surviving Through The Last Hit Point (Warlord of the Amani, Chieftain of the Amani, Warlord of Zul'Aman)
Zul'jin before losing his arm 
  • Lesser God (Arguably Intermediate or Greater God when harnessing the power of the Loa or using Taz'Dingo)
  • Symbol: The Amani empire emblem and his throwing axes
  • Theme Song: Zul'jin's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Eye Scream, Final-Exam Boss, Handicapped Badass, Life or Limb Decision, Scarf of Asskicking, Well-Intentioned Extremist, The Berserker, Forest Troll, Attack! Attack! Attack!, Critical Status Buff, Heal Thyself, What the Hell Is That Accent?.
  • Domains: Trolls, Axes, Limbs, Berserker
  • Allies: The Fortress Dwarves, Rexxar, Talon of the Draconians, Riptor
  • Rivals: Draven, Nightwolf, Tryndamere, Troll Warlord
  • Enemies: All ascended Elves, Thrall, Vol'jin, Zeratul
  • Opposes: The Raptor Pack
  • Good Counterpart: Usalia
  • Leader of the Amani trolls, Zul'jin has been a revered figure among his kind for leading the war against the elves of Quel'thalas. His tribe used to belong to the horde during the second war, but didn't end up on the best of terms with them after they inducted the Blood Elves to their ranks, an act that greatly enraged Zul'jin. Now having ascended to the pantheon after his mortal death, Zul'jin plans to have his revenge on both the elves and the horde.
  • Shortly after ascending, Zul'jin underwent a radical change of appearance. Now he has his arm back and is able to fight like in the old days. Many believe that his arrival to the nexus might have been the reason why he went back to normal. In addition, he seemed to have notice that beforehand, he has suddenly grown a taste for destroying the world with dark Loa magic. Contrary to what others believe, Zul'jin was ashamed at that, he just wanted the Amani Trolls to survive and have a place in the world. For that, he now just concerns himself with his people or anyone that dares disturb them and limits his Loa magic to render himself unable to die, the reason why he ascended in the first place, and activated with the sacred words of Trolls:
  • Given past experiences, Zul'jin despises elves of all kinds given how he was at war for years with the High Elves, not to mention he ended up losing an arm and an eye to them. The pantheon has taken the time to warn all ascended elves of the potential wrath that Zul'jin might inflict upon them.
  • Originally he wanted to ascend for the title of Trolls, but was dissapointed to find that the spot was already taken and by none other than a weakling such as Darkspear troll. Needless to say, neither Vol'jin nor Zul'jin can stand each other and there have been times where both were about to fight. He is not even impressed about how Vol'jin became the Warchief of the Horde and has long considered the horde to be a waste of time.
  • The Amani Warlord used to respect the old Warchief Orgrimm Doomhammer and even thought that he would see him here as the God of Orcs. He was dissapointed to find Thrall instead, who considers him an unworthy successor to Orgrimm.
    Zul'jin: You may carry his hammer, but you be no Doomhammer, boy!
  • Zul'jin has found about another creature who bears some similarities to him and he was surprised when it turned out to be Usalia. Both are heavily motivated by their people and both also have access to powers that allow them to go berserk. However, Usalia managed to not succumb to her inner darkness and managed to rebuild her empire whereas Zul'jin underwent a darker path and she pities the Troll for that. Zul'jin doesn't really care about her and a couple of times he did attack her just to fend her off, but he has kept his distance to her because he is wary of her demonic powers.
  • His weapons are a pair of throwing axes and he would not hesitate to throw at anyone who dares to look him funny. He also found a couple of deities who uses similar weapons like Draven or Nighwolf, which has sparked some interest in him.
  • Surprisingly, Zul'jin gets along with the fortress dwarves given that they also hate elves. In fact, they often allow him to slaughter all the elves that try to bother them.
  • Zul'jin once came to blows witht he barbarian warrior Tryndamere after an argument and the fight proved to be a brutal one given that neither the troll not the barbarian backed out and kept fighting despites the odds. Eventually they called out the fight but have declared that they will meet again.
  • Zul'jin was curious to meet other types of Trolls that could be found in the pantheon (besides the darkspear trolls, to him they don't deserve any mention). He was confused by Totoro given how peaceful he was for a Troll and he didn't have the best start with Troll Warlord and actually both came to blows.
  • He can't stand the presence of Zeratul, stating the he stole the look from him. Zeratul in turn said that the attire looks better on him rather than Zul'jin, which the latter doesn't like one bit.
  • After a while, Zul'jin decided to take a break from pantheonic matters and wander off for some reflection. Eventually, he pledged allegiance to Halazzi, the Lynx Loa and participated in the Rastakhan Rumble, becoming the Hunter Champion. Having returned to the pantheon and with the powers of Halazzi at his disposal, he has become more in tune with the beasts, befriending fellow hunter Rexxar, although the latter's connection to the Horde do hurt their relationship. The side effect is that having entered under Halazzi's tutelage, Zul'jin is unable to grow his arm back, but he doesn't care; he can still fight.
  • As an Azerothian troll, Zul'jin has an affinity for raptors; many such trolls have ridden raptors into battle, or kept them as pets. Due to this affinity, Zul'jin managed to find respect from Talon of the Draconians for his tribe treating raptors so well, and the troll also respects Riptor's strength and ferocity. However, he resents Blue and her pack for serving "de high 'n mighty hu-mons".
  • "Make way for da bad guy!" "You wanna stay here? You stay FOREVER! I gonna bury you here."


I'm coming for you

Taina Pereira, Master of the Silent Walk (Caveira, Spook Bitch)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her badge, a painted face with a shh gesture
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Once a criminal before joining BOPE, The Silent Step as a unique ability, joined the police just for protection of her interests, enjoys her role as an interrogator, her codename means "skull" in Portuguese, kills her targets after interrogation, sociopathic even by Team Rainbow's standards, wears a skull-painted face paint, one of the best operators in stealth
  • Domains: Operatives, Stealth, Interrogation, Knifes, Criminals (formerly)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Spy, Corvo Attano, Lúcio Correia dos Santos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Trevor Philips, Amanda Waller, Frank Castle
  • Piqued Interest with: Captain John Price, John "Soap" MacTavish, XCOM
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers
  • Enemies: The House of Crime and Transgressions and its host of criminals, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez
  • Psychological Profile: "It's too obvious to describe Specialist Taina "Caveira" Pereira as fearless and intelligent when a slew of reports describe how daring she is on operations; how she isn't one to ruminate before she reacts; that she's about getting the job done. And while her successes haven't gone unnoticed, she's been denied commendations due to her rebellious nature. With all that, on our first meeting I was expecting – who was I expecting?"
    • "Starting her military career as an informant tells me she's a survivor. In that context, it made more sense to ask why she continued once her mandatory sentence had ended. She told me it went from being a way out to being a way of life. She's still defiant, up against the system. But it's also clear, even as she teases others about their "superhero sense of justice," that she takes her role seriously."
    • "Pereira is often criticized for being blunt by those who don't understand large family dynamics – particularly with so many brothers. Though very close with her siblings, Pereira had to fight to be heard or even noticed. It's understandable that she treasures privacy, and exudes great satisfaction with having her own way. At the same time, her family dynamics made her comfortable with noise and spontaneity, and she understands the subtleties of group dynamics far better than others her age. It's one of the reasons she's so skilled with interrogation. I do hate to imagine how the streets may have sharpened that skill, though."
    • "Pereira has made it clear we won't be discussing her private life. By the way she played with her necklace, I think she was protecting someone close rather than slighting me."
    • "So, who was I expecting when I met Specialist Pereira? She isn't someone who can be anticipated or predicted. That's not an ominous warning. Quite the opposite. I have utmost faith in her abilities, in her poise and inner focus. Where others see rebellion, I see resourcefulness. Pereira is full of surprises, but it's my opinion we can trust her to do the right thing."
  • Stealth has its advantages, and one operative takes that notion completely. Taina Pereira was born seventh under a family of ten boys, who took her time being resourceful into her interests. While little was known of her childhood, all that was known was that her father died and that her family was forced into a poor neighborhood in the slums of São Paulo. Her resourcefulness would gift her an opportunity when she was caught in the act of robbery as the age of 16: she would either face jail time at a juvenile reformatory or work with BOPE in Rio De Janeiro. Choosing for latter thanks to her display of poise and intellect, she became a criminal informant and her skills would pave the way for her special techniques, including questionable interrogation and her special ability, Silent Step. The latter eventually was piqued interest by the Court of the Gods, as her ability would prove her worthy under one condition: that she may remain most of the time walking under silence.
  • Her ability, known as Silent Step allows her to roam the area freely without the assertion of noise in her foosteps. This makes her extremely stealthy in the battlefield and is crucial for gaining intel, especially when she starts interrogating her prey into submission, then execution after. She has stated that this ability of hers was mastered through experience, though some have questioned why her ability gives her teammates, as nicknamed by the House of Gaming, automatic wallhacks.
  • Being a police officer is rough, but being a sociopathic police officer takes it up a notch. Her list of allies is rather strict and for good reason, as she tends to protect her interests away from others, some of which have found her rather unnerving. Despite her status, she decided to find some new allies, moreso since Team Rainbow was nowhere to be found, forcing her to find some people to side with to make her job easier.
  • Her ascension landed her a first meeting with a familiar face: Sam Fisher, who she remembers seeing after being recruited by Ghost Recon. The latter would remark her skills on stealth, interrogation and her somehow high-damaging pistol, making her one of the best agents on Team Rainbow.
    • On the subject of stealth experts, Solid Snake sees her efficiency as one of her highest traits though he has bragged about his continual success in combat throughout the entirety of his career. They did a stealth competition on who could do better, but being the Stealth Expert Snake is, he beat her in a 3-1 score. He still says she needs some more practice.
    • Being stealthy also caught attention by the Assassin Order, with some cosidering her to be a potential candidate. Though, there may be more than just being stealthy-like that connects the two.
  • Outside of them, other covert agents have seen her as worthy rivals. The Spy in particular wants to learn her Silent Step ability, but his entrance to her ended in him being sent back to spawn since she mistook him for a rival Team Rainbow member. Nonetheless, she can only say that it requires full commitment to the skill, since she had to practice it consistently. On the other hand, Jason Bourne could only see a troublesome opponent since she is afterall, a police operative, though in technicality, they are both spies, with Caveira's feats fitting one as opposed to being a police unit. The two agree that at some point they did break some rules on their jobs, with Bourne being good at it. Natasha however sees good faith in her, and both do follow the same way their interrogations and skills work out. They still meet in daily encounters, often practicing their stealth ways and sometimes, out-rivaling each other. Corvo sees the same, albeit that he is much much more proficient and effective than she will ever be.
  • Interrogation is her forte, especially in combat where her interrogations are quick, swift and short. She'll only ask her prey questions before she executes them and gives her team a sight advantage. There is a reason why the House of Gaming calls her ability automatic wallhacks. Her methods spurred controversy though as some have seen it to be too far beyond protocol, with members of BOPE, her respective police unit, outright stating that her methodology on gaining information breaks some rules and questions her mentality even more.
    • Its because of this that brought in both Jack Bauer and Leroy Jethro Gibbs in stage to monitor her methods. Jack approves of them heavily considering he is the one that popularized a certain questionable skill. Leroy was brought in simply because he was a cop, which Caveira is also one, albeit in a different place.
    • The aforementioned torture techniques also tossed in more controversy when Captain America intervened. He gave her a full lecture on some of the don'ts of questioning, only to see her just flat out opposing his ideals and even ignoring his advices when it comes to subduing criminals. It may be the same job for the two to protect the world with peace, but for Steve, Caveira is crossing a thin line on his philosophy.
    • She may have her own methods, but for Trevor, this made him bored. Tired of seeing how she does her method of debriefing, he decided to pull an entire toolset of things he uses for situations as this. She does have questions as to some of his antics during his one time of interrogation, namely asking random vague questions and prolonging the torture. One thing both of them do agree on however is that torture for the two seems fun.
  • Connections with both BOPE and Team Rainbow also tossed her information on both Captin John Price and Soap MacTavish, with Price even considering her role in Task Force 141. Though she declined since she is in another organization, the two are willing to spare a spot for the team to let her be a part of the task force and in return, she would sometimes join sessions of co-op with the squad. As for why she would be contacted by the two, her skills both as an attacker, interrogator and roamer makes her a fine addition to the team.
  • It should be noted that before she joined her police force, she was a criminal as young as 16 years old. This turned eyes on Amanda Waller, who is one of the few who dared putting criminals on doing "community work", as in dismantling illegal operations, destroying terrorist groups and the like. Her attitude is something that reminded Caveira of the time when she was in court and was almost placed in jail had it not been for her resourcefulness that won her over the court. As for Waller's response, she is willing to put her in the Suicide Squad, even though a lot of people have told her not to.
  • At one point, she received an invitation to a certain XCOM base, checking if she would fit the criteria for the group. Everything was alright until her sociopathic attitude kicked in and removed her from the potential tally. Few days later, she was brought back in after seeing her techniques and combined with XCOM's own brand of questioning skills, she was among the chosen potentials of XCOM, believing that her covert skills and brutal questioning can be further enhanced, with some even considering her to be a part of XCOM's own Reapers.
  • Sometime later, she decided to take a stroll around the House of Philosophy in regards to her mental instability, in where she met with another Brazilian, Lúcio. She regards him as very cheery as opposed to her stoic stature. On Lucio's side, he believes that Caveira could use some music to lighten up, but she covers hers ears instead especially if they're working together to keep the country at peace. Not to mention Cav's methods are considered too cruel for Lúcio to handle.
    Lúcio: Chill in, chill out woman. Not to break your time but couldn't you do something else to that criminal other than killing him?
  • Often visits the House of Crime for two reasons: one being that since she is a counter-terrorist operative she'll obviously take a look at the house and secure it, which she calls a prison of sorts, and another to lament on the fact that she was a criminal before being forced into her profession.
    • That said, she has not trusted Frank Castle, considering him dangerous. Sure they fight crime and by extension, terrorism, but Castle's history as a criminal is enough to put him into the watchlist. Frank though sees similarity in her since she too was a criminal before taking into the operative profession she is in now.
  • Peacekeeping Brazil is no easy task and with the terrorism out of control, she has kept several people under her watchlist. Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Zoran Lazarevic and Raul Menendez have been placed with Raul being top priority after the latter's usurption of the Third-World countries (including his homeland Nicaragua) into one organization against the First-World countries. Considering Brazil's status as a Third-World type, she has placed her sights on him and has warned her teammates, especially her BOPE personnel to remain cautious.
  • Word on her abilities and bio gave Nick Fury a shot at bringing the operative into S.H.I.E.L.D, with her stoicism and efficiency a big plus to his assets. With her ally being Black Widow, she gave it a shot and is one of Fury's trusted ally, though she comments that Fury's contracts allow her for more kills and questioning for her to continue, time will tell if Nick's missions eventually bore her so that she'll quit due to lack of a challenge.
  • "Not every child gets to choose who they grow up to be."

Shuckle, God of High Defense Offset By Low HP (The Mold Pokémon, Tsubotsubo)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Berry Juice
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Contrary
  • Moveset: Toxic, Power Split, Sandstorm, Rock Slide
  • Portfolio: Absolute Defense And Not Much Else, Armored But Frail, Support Party Member, Tricky But Deadly Moves, Dishing Out Dirt, A Weird Bug, Item Caddy
  • Domains: Defenses, Shells, Bugs, Mold, Juice
  • Allies: Tyranitar, Ash Ketchum, Leon Magnus, Chipp Zanuff, Fiona Mayfield, Hayate Yagami, most of the House of Alcohol, Strawberry Shortcake, Gangplank, Crixalis, Usalia, Jun Manjoume
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket, Hunter J, Barney Gumble, the Radiance, Vaal Hazak, Nosferatu Zodd, Madara Uchiha
  • Opposes: Metal or Water related deities
  • Hitting Shuckle is easy, actually managing to hurt him on the other hand, is quite the challenge as in return for horrible strength, speed and stamina, Shuckle has the highest defenses of any Pokémonnote . Even Arceus. Unfortunately his HP is terrible.
  • Because of his low HP, Shuckle is vulnerable to fixed damage attacks. Naturally he doesn't like Vaal Hazak for his power of Maximum HP Reduction. Shuckle likes to hang out with Usalia for her powers of Damage Reduction, and Jun Manjoume as he's skilled at using supposedly useless Duel Monsters, so he would be a good fit for the Mold Pokémon.
  • Shuckle's friendship with Hayate Yagami is seen as a Foil by many others due to his defenses and lack of anything else being proportional Hayate's power and lack of accuracy or precision. He is friendly with Leon Magnus and Chipp Zanuff too, as part of a Foil relationship; they have poor defense but great attack, he has poor attack but great defense. In that way, they complete each other
  • As Shuckle's physical and special attack stats are pathetic, the Mold Pokémon relies on gradual damage and being a support member. As such, it has Toxic and Sandstorm to help. Since Crixalis and Tyranitar bring a sandstorm naturally, Shuckle works with them so it can have an easy job. Though this does increase his emnity towards metal-related deities as Steel types can't be poisoned or hurt by Sandstorm, and Shuckle's Rock typing makes the species weak to metal. Shuckle doesn't like the House of Water and Moisture either as its one of his weaknesses. The third weakness is Rock types, but since Shuckle itself is Bug/Rock this isn't too much of a problem.
  • If Shuckle senses danger nearby, something it will do to avoid danger is temporarily leave its shell and hide under a nearby rock to avoid danger or it will secrete a fluid from its toes and carve out the inside of the rock and hide inside it. Due to Shuckles' ability to make juices and wines by fermenting berries in its shell, Bacchus has adopted the Mold Pokémon as he's good at making fine wine.
  • Uses his fermenting abilities to supply the House of Alcohol with refreshments. Though it's a bit gross, the House of Health and Diseases has confirmed it's perfectly safe to consume. Shuckle has even learned to mix cocktails. However Barney Gumble has been summarily banned because his desperate alcoholism led him to suck and drain Shuckle's holes for his juices, traumatizing the Pokémon.
  • To those not interested in an alcoholic beverage, Shuckle can create regular juices from various berries. He has been selling smoothies to the rest of the House of Food. He has learned how to make orange juice and mix strawberries from Gangplank and Strawberry Shortcake, and is able to collect berries for the produce isles of the pantheon.
  • Many deities find it unbelievable that out of every Pokémon Shuckle is able to do the most damage in a single attack.note 
  • Despite the above mentioned feat, the Shuckle in the pantheon has chosen not to learn Power Trick since he'd still be very slow, meaning outside rather specific circumstances it wouldn't be useful. Instead he uses Power Split to hurt the opponent's offenses while boosting his own. The House of Power Gains and Losses has been the perfect house to hone and perfect this trick. As the move is meant to average attack stats with the opponents, and Shuckle's is normally abysmal, many are afraid what might happen if he ever manages to pull this off someone ludicrously strong like Jiren or the Hulk.
  • Unsurprisingly blood knights are frustrated with Shuckle because his Stone Wall play style make him a boring and sloggish fight. Zodd thought that the rumors of Shuckle being a Lethal Joke Character might make him an interesting opponent, only to be very bored. Madara agrees with the assessment, and hates Shuckle for being weak despite very high defenses.
  • Shuckle gets along well with fellow slow moving deities however unlike them, Shuckle traded its power for defenses. He's still waiting for an evolution. Like most Pokémon, he is not a fan of the members of Team Rainbow Rocket, mainly the trio due to the time that they tried to steal a rare blue shiny Shuckle because its juices attracted Pokémon to anyone who drank it.
  • While a Bug type, the Insects and Arthropods houses don't get why as the Pokémon's pretty weird. Supposedly it's some sort of endolith/scale insect/barnacle thing. At least the tough shell dissuades the like of Shelob from trying to eat him. Unfortunately for Shuckle he's still bug enough for the Radiance's "influence" to affect him.


Ditto, God of Replicant Fighters (The Transform Pokémon, Metamon)
  • Quasideity by itself, level varies depending on which God it transforms into.
  • Symbol: A purplish-pink circle with its face on it.
  • Theme Song: Dit-to Ditto
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Imposter
  • Moves: Transform
  • Portfolio: Starting as Normal-type, Jello Being, One of the Easiest to Draw, Starting with poor stats that it'll never use anyway, Turn into the opponent it's facing to fight like them, Highest count of who it can create an egg with
  • Domains: Shapeshifting, Impersonation, Emergency Reproduction, Trisexuality, Mimicry, Screwing around
  • Allies: Ash and Pikachu, Misty, Brock, N, Makoto Itou, Panty Anarchy, Dural, Kakashi, Mega Man, Yunael and Minael, SCP-999, Rimuru Tempest
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Ghetsis, Lysandre, Mystique, Cyrus, Akio Ohtori, Shang Tsung
  • Rival: Zoroark
  • Unknown Connection: Mew
  • Ditto has the ability to instantly transform into anyone it sees, thanks to its ability Imposter. It can copy appearance, abilities, attacks (though it only has 5 PP for each move), and even stats (except for HP). Before, it can only rely on the move "Transform", which combined with its lower speed, left it vulnerable until it discovered its new ability.
    • It will fail if it tries to transform into an opposing god who impersonates someone else. Ditto hates those gods as much as those trying to use its powers. Ditto ends up forming a rivalry with Zoroark, who can change her appearance via illusion, but can't really copy movesets, unlike Ditto.
  • Ditto likes to disguise itself as other characters as a prank. Some gods thought their friends were ascended into the Pantheon when in actuality, Ditto was pranking them. Ditto has however made sure that it never goes too far with the pranks, as Duplica has taught it in the world he came from. Beast Boy and Ditto are so far working on ways to use shapeshifting abilities to come up with more harmless pranks, or using them to lift people's spirits.
    • Minor errors gave it away as it tries to transform out of memory, which makes it difficult to change into non-ascended beings. Sometimes, it can't change its face until it learns to do so. It's not shown to mimic humans or speak human language, though that doesn't seem to be out of the realm of possibility...
    • Ditto brought disappointment to a lot of gods who were expecting their friends to ascend and made enemies out of many of them. Some Gods grew annoyed at Ditto impersonating friends that haven't ascended, while villains outright loathe it and hold a grudge. Ditto, however does have lines it will not cross, such as impersonating family members people outright miss and haven't seen in a long time, since there is no way anyone would find this funny.
    • Ditto has a habit of protecting itself from Team Rocket without the need of Ash, Pikachu, or any other trainer. There have been cases where it would transform into a Skitty or Purloin to fool Meowth into falling in love, or a Smoochum to trigger Jessie's Cuteness Proximity. It's currently trying to look for James' weakness (which is Jessebelle, a woman his parents are forcing him to marry).
  • Besides Pokemon, Ditto is shown to be capable of transforming into other objects, though inexperienced Dittos will still have their face visible on the object in question, forcing them to take great care to hide them. One world also had Ditto act as a mask by taking on the form of people's faces, allowing their trainer Green to pass off as other people.
    • Because of this, people have wondered if Ditto can transform around them like a suit and allow them to take on the form of other people or Pokemon. While there's no confirmation yet, the thought is rather intriguing.
  • Rimuru Tempest and Ditto are shown to like each other a lot, being both Blob Monsters who can use different abilities and attacks, though Ditto is limited by memory whereas Rimuru gains his power through assimilation, making him more powerful. Ditto tends to hang out with Rimuru as if he were a second trainer whenever Beast Boy is too busy, the former being intrigued by Ditto's transformation ability.
  • Another one of Ditto's special abilities involves around being able to breed with any Pokémon other than those from the Undiscovered Egg Group as well as other Ditto. Other people have been interested in seeing how that works, as well as some wanting to get the baby pre-evolved form of some Pokémon.
  • Apparently, it can hold Metal Powder to raise its defense and Quick Powder to raise its speed. However, because they only work before Ditto transforms, it prefers a Choice Scarf instead.
  • Ditto is wary of Shang Tsu, who can copy other people's forms by stealing their soul. If he were steal Ditto's soul, he would be bypass the requirement for his shapeshifting power. He also sometimes fancies himself as a Mad Scientist, so he would be interesting on capturing and making monster clones out of Ditto, having his own shapeshifting army.
  • Ditto however, actively tries to avoid both Kirby and Missingos; transforming into them just to use their abilities might cause some catastrophic chaos on variable scales...
  • It's widely speculated that Ditto is somehow related to Mew. These series range from him being a failed clone of Mew to Mew's pre-evolution. Whether or not these theories hold any water has yet to be seen.