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    The Abyss 
The Abyss, Unholy Death World (The Netherworld)
  • A subterranean location with seven layers of beautiful scenery and dangerous creatures
  • Symbol: A map of The Abyss
  • Theme Music: Made in Abyss; Hanazeve Caradhina
  • Alignment: An extreme shade of Chaotic Neutral for the first (and possibly second) layer; heads into Chaotic Evil for the deeper layers
  • Portfolio: Really Long Pit with Seven Layers, Eldritch Location with Eldritch Abominations, Daylight Horror, Distorted Time, Really Beautiful Scenery Regardless
  • Domains: Depths, Death
  • Similar Locations: Pandora, a different Pandora, The Dark Continent, Mira
  • Sacred to: Bondrewd
  • A long time ago, a really wide and deep pit was discovered near an ocean. This particular pit has its own ecosystem, home to plenty of unusual wildlife. Not only that, but plenty of treasures can be found throughout, prompting a town to be established near the Abyss. There are plenty of secrets to discover throughout the Abyss, but getting through its seven layers, let alone exploring them, is no easy task to say the least. The deeper one goes, the more dangerous things get. And then there's what happens when one tries to ascend from the depths, with fatal consequences ranging from mild dizziness to death. Needless to say, it's a long way down and getting back up is a challenge in and of itself.
  • The Edge of the Abyss makes up the first layer and although it's nowhere near as dangerous as later layers, there's still a few problems here and there to contend with. The second layer, the Forest of Temptation, where the trees are upside down and the winds are heavy, is when things start to get serious. The Great Fault found in the third layer is essentially a giant vertical shaft. The fourth layer, dubbed as the Goblet of Giants, features humid jungles and more dangerous creatures, but somewhere lies a beautiful field of flowers. The Sea of Corpses within the fifth layer is where Bondrewd resides. The Capital of the Unreturned, the sixth layer, gets its name from the fact that any attempt to ascend from it results in loss of life or humanity. The seventh layer is known as the Final Maelstrom, though there isn't much other information about it beyond that.
    • As for what the deepest point of the Abyss is, it's been believed that it's well over 200,000 meters deep. Given that no one was ever reached that part of the Abyss yet, it's hard to say what could be found there and it's only something the bravest of explorers want to find out.
  • It has been speculated that the Abyss is actually the Warp, and the Curse is actually corruption by the daemons.
    • Others speculate that the Abyss has some connection to another location named the Abyss.
  • The treasures that can potentially be found here has caught the attention of archeologists and those looking to make money. The League of Explorers has already made preparations for them and their friends on how to get through The Abyss and not suffer too badly in the midst of it. And then there are the greedier deities who believe that the deeper one gets in The Abyss, the more likely that it will be to find highly valuable treasures there to make a profit of. Not that the first layer will have something potentially valuable, but it's not going to be easy and things will get harder beyond that layer.
  • With all the potential treasures that can be found there, it's no wonder that The Corpus is very interested in The Abyss to the point where they've tried to take ownership of at least part of it. There's even rumors going around that The Corpus is interested in a partnership with Bondrewd of some sort.
  • Not only are the treasures and locations subjects of interest regarding The Abyss, the curse that pervades the place has been something a number of deities are interested in. It'd be horrifying to imagine what could happen if someone were to take the Curse of The Abyss and spread it outside of it's normal location, especially with what happens in the deeper parts of The Abyss.
  • Throughout The Abyss, there is a forcefield known as The Lifeblood of The Abyss, functioning as the main source of energy across the domain. It is invisible for the most part, but psychics or extremely perceptive deities are able to tell where parts of the forcefield are weaker. In some cases, there are parts of The Abyss where the forcefield is very weak or even nonexistent. It's even been purpoted that piercing the forcefield will cause the symptoms of The Curse of The Abyss.
  • Even if it's to a far lesser extent compared to other parts of The Abyss, the wildlife that lives there has left some deities who like animals really intriguied. Progress on researching those creatures has been slow thus far, due to a combination of dangerous factors the place is known for. On the other hand, rumors have been going around of certain deities wanting to hunt down those creatures for reasons that could include money, but nothing concrete has emerged yet.
  • Despite those specific deities not having taken the plunge into The Abyss yet, a few really smart ones have made some comparisons between the layers of The Abyss to various aspects of the Inferno that Dante Alighieri went through way back then. Upon hearing about The Abyss, Alighieri really wasn't sure if it's even worse than the Inferno he went through, but it's clear he hasn't made any plans to go into The Abyss.
  • Robots are among the very few types of lifeforms that are unaffected by The Curse of The Abyss due to lacking a heart of flesh. This has inspired plenty of projects to make robots solely for the intent of exploring The Abyss with the hopes of finding anything interesting without risking any sort of human life.
  • It is not yet known how the symptoms of the Abyss would affect those with teleportation abilities. Will they be able to evade the effects, or will it crash on them all at once depending on the points of teleportation?

    The Anur System 
The Anur System, Celestial Seat of Monster-Inhabited Worlds
Anur Transyl, home of the Transylians and one of many planets in the Anur System
  • A monster mash of a planet system that several different alien species bearing a curious resemblance to various monsters of human fiction call home.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Symbol: A purple cobweb
  • Portfolio: Home to a colorful monster mash of alien inhabitants who are capable of speaking English and surviving in space
  • Domains: Aliens, Monsters, Space
  • Sacred to: Dr. Viktor, Kuphulu, Zs'Skayr
  • Unholy to: Ben Tennyson
  • Banned entry: The House of Vampires
  • Nothing short of an enigma in the Milky Way galaxy, the Anur System is home to many species of alien that bear a coincidental resemblance to notable monsters of human legend. Notable planets include:
    • Anur Phaetos, home planet of the Ectonurites; It has been referred to as "the galaxy's greatest mystery" because no outsider who explored it ever returned.
    • Anur Transyl, home planet of the Transylians; Though Transylians are the native species, Anur Transyl appears to be a multicultural center of the Anur System. It is possibly an Egopolis named after Lord Transyl, the last living member of the Vladat species who once enslaved the planet and its people. Zs'Skayr's castle can be found on this planet.
    • Luna Lobo, home planet of the Loboans; It is also the moon of Anur Transyl.
    • Anur Khufos, home planet of the Thep Khufan; It is an extremely hot desert planet home to large amounts of corrodium. While Anur System natives have developed an immunity to the substance due to evolving in such close proximity to it, being critically exposed to it causes severe, instant mutations in other species.
    • Anur Vladias, former home of the (almost) extinct Vladats; This planet is an uninhabitable, undead husk of its former self. The undeath of the planet is so overwhelming that merely being in its orbit will drain the life force of the living. Not even the most powerful extremophiles are capable of existing here.
    • Anur Ormerow, home planet of the Ormerowons; Other than being home to a zombie-like species, not much else is known about this planet.
  • Massive, purple cobweb-like structures stretch across the Anur System and connect its planets together. Their exact origin and purpose is unknown, and a good number of people have no interest in finding out.
  • At the center of the Anur System is a particularly diminutive dwarf star. The small size of the star might explain why there doesn't appear to be much light in the Anur System.
  • The residents of the Anur System are notoriously xenophobic and very set in their ways, but thankfully not to an overly-violent extent. Because of this, they have yet to allow the Plumbers to establish a base there. Some progress seems to have been made, though. A Loboan named Scout recently became the first of his kind to join the Plumbers. He stationed himself there in hopes of one day swaying his people into joining the Plumbers' Union.
    • For this reason, a vast majority of Anur System inhabitants were not happy to see their home ascend, seeing as it subsequently became a popular tourist destination among certain groups.
    • Ben Tennyson himself was on the receiving end of the Anur System's xenophobia when he crashed on Anur Transyl. An unfortunate series of events provoked the citizens into breaking out the Torches and Pitchforks on him. To this day, Ben maintains that he hopes the never return.
  • Somewhere in the Anur System, locked up alive in a coffin facing the sun (with a window for added suffering), is Lord Transyl, who is now the Last of His Kind. Previously, his species, the Vladats, was completely extinct. Zs'Skayr eventually brought him back to life with the intention of conquering the universe with him. Transyl's DNA was also to be used as a template to revive and/or clone the rest of his species. With Transyl having been and Evil Overlord who enslaved his people in the past, Dr. Viktor betrayed Zs'Skayr and left Transyl to his miserable fate.
    • Because of the Anur System's history with the Vladats, the higher-ups of the Pantheon have banned the entire House of Vampires from ever entering. They have confirmed on multiple occasions that this is nothing personal against them. The ban was put in place to protect their safety and well-being.
  • Curiously, despite the Anur System's xenophobia, some outsiders have been able to step foot there without provoking a reaction from its citizens. In order for this to be possible, they simply had to be monstrous and/or ugly. This probably helps to blend in with their society. For example, more monstrous members of the House of Otherness (aside from the House of Vampires, who are banned entry) have been shown to blend in without much issue. Because of this discovery, it is frequently suggested to human visitors especially that they go in disguise.

    Band Land 
Band Land, Divine Seat of Instrument-Constructed Environments
A background image of Band Land
  • Description: An instrument-themed world composed of drums, flutes and many slippery slopes
  • Symbol: A purple octave with a face
  • Theme Song: Harmony
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Band Land, Nintendo Hard, That One Level
  • Domains: Music, Fun, Difficulty, Instruments
  • Sacred to: Rayman, Betilla the Fairy
  • Similar locations: Desert of Dijiridoos (its Spiritual Successor), Pepperland, Music Madness
  • The evil Mr Dark stole the Great Protoon, and it was up to Rayman to free the Electoons across the six worlds. There were a variety of strange lands, and the second world was Band Land. True to its name, the world is constructed from drums, flutes and other musical instruments. Consisting of Bongo Hills, Allegro Presto, Gong Heights and Mr Sax's Hullabaloo, it is a unique sight to be seen.
  • Due to being composed of instruments, the region is popular with those in the House of Music. It's easier said than done to travel, but thankfully Rayman is there as a guide. The area is being run by the unascended Mr Sax, a living saxophone.
  • Squidward stays clear of this area. Most believe this is due to the events of "Squidward in Clarinet Land", and it reminds him of it. Being Squidward, his attempts to get out of work and play hooky ended up with him somehow getting into Band Land. Being a lot more difficult a region than it seemed, this ended really badly for him.
  • Most deities who visit are those capable of flight. This is mainly because of how Nintendo Hard it is due to slippery platforms and appearing/disappearing cloud platforms. As such, it has connections to the Wind & Air sub-house. Along with the House of FAITH surprisingly enough, due to the number of red-clothed monks that can be found there.

    Helheim Forest 
Helheim Forest, Seat of Suspicious Forests (Planet Femushinmu)

Mashaar, Holy Seat of Lands Defined by a Single Quirk
A map of Mashaar, with Eloi to the left
  • Potential House: Other Dominions (Dominions, obviously)
  • Symbol: A pterodactyl in flight
  • Theme Song: For your listening pleasure...
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adam and Eve Plot, Artistic License – Paleontology, Captain Ersatz of Dinotopia, Spiritual Successor to Cryo's first Dune game, World of human(oid) tribes wearing Cool Masks (including the Tammnians) and Dinosaurs (including Stock Dinosaurs, such as the Always Chaotic Evil Tyrann, who are weak to the Instruments of Fear, which are mere musical instruments; pterosaurs who act as transportation and messengers; and velociraptor mercs) of varying degrees of sapience(?) who are still doomed to go extinct, home to two Lady Lands full of scantily-clad women and the Valley of Mists, Scenery Porn
  • Domains: Masks, Tribes, Dinosaurs, Fantasy, Architecture
  • Mashaar is an ancient land filled with human(oid)s and dinosaurs living together in relative peace. Of course, for a long time, there was a schism between the two kinds of creatures. One Prince Adam of Mo — heir to the throne of Mashaar — and his allies had managed to reunite the humanoid and dinosaur tribes and defeat the Tyrann once and for all. Sadly, the ending to this story was bittersweet. When a mystical relic called the Egg of Destiny hatched, it foretold that though humanity would live on, dinosaurs would still inevitably go extinct...
    • ...Or would they? Not long after this prophecy was revealed, Prince Adam — now King Adam — and his queen, Eve, were approached by a deity from the Pantheon of Tropes. This being had apparently noticed how each tribe of humanoids in this world wore unique masks, enough that they deemed it appropriate to ascend this land as a Dominion. After some thinking, Adam and his peers realized that perhaps what the egg was trying to tell them was that dinosaurs would no longer live Mashaar. Perhaps this Pantheon of Tropes was their new home, even though there would be new enemies to them there. Thus did Mashaar come to be a Dominion of the Pantheon.
  • Those who visit Mashaar are often told how the various dinosaurs and other beasts living there work.
    • Brontosaurs and Apatosaurs are different species in this world; Brontosaurs help build — and they will work for food (their favorite being non-poisonous mushrooms) and a song on a special kind of flute — while Apatosaurs serve as a mode of transportation. Triceratops have the knowledge to turn citadels into fortresses, provided they are given food — preferably in the form of an empty bird nest — and someone with the right kind of voice sings the right ancient song to them.
    • Velociraptors are mercenaries who would take on even the Tyrann if gifted with gold and a suitable weapon. Mosasaurs are very observant — despite spending most of their lives in lakes — and will give you information if you provide apples for them. During Prince Adam's adventures, they provided information on which weapons were effective against whichever group of Tyrann was nearby.
    • Pterodactyls — like Eloi — can be messengers and a mode of transportation alternative to the Apatosaurs, and live in a building called the White Arch. Paraphosaurs (that is, parasaurolophus) — like Dina, Tau, and Mungo — are able to understand those who "speak in strange tongues", even understanding those who have had their literal tongues cut out!
  • And that's not even getting into all the various tribes of human(oid)s.
    • There are the humans of Mo, who most resemble humans of other worlds/timelines. Among them are Adam, Monk, Shazia, and possibly Eve (we say possibly, because it hasn't been confirmed where exactly she came from).
    • The Chorrians are the people of Chamaar and Shandovra, identifiable by their heads, which resemble those of cotton-top tamarins. The Ulele live in Uluru, identifiable by their tall tribal masks; the Kobu are a tribe of human females who live in Koto; the Tammnians are tusked humanoids who live in Tamara (one of them, Thugg, works as Adam's captain of the guard) and were led by Eve, who — due to the unfortunately "old-fashioned" views of the Tammnians — had to disguise herself as a man for them to listen to her; and the Castra, the people of Cantura who look like they're made of shells (whether this is how they naturally look or are simply wearing some kind of outfit is not yet known).
  • The Prehistoric Beasts subhouse piqued the interest of Adam and his cohorts, thus, it was the first part of the Pantheon they visited. Their encounters with the dinosaur inhabitants bore mixed results. Of course, they soon discovered dinosaurs could be found in several other of the subhouses of the House of Beasts, and even in other Houses of the Pantheon.
    • The first faces to greet them were, fortunately, friendly ones: the Gang of Seven. It was a good thing, too, not only because there was no risk of getting eaten by them, but it was also their first exposure to a non-hostile T-Rex: Chomper. Now the group had a better idea of what to expect among the dinosaurs of the Pantheon; not all T-Rex were like the Tyrann. That said, Littlefoot did warn them about dinosaurs who very much were hostile. Either way, Dina and Mungo were charmed by little Ducky; she is what Dina and Mungo hope their future child will be like. Eloi, meanwhile, befriended Petrie, and was glad to hear the little Flyer overcame his fear of flight before he got too much older. "After all," said Eloi, "how strange it would be if an adult pterodactyl were afraid to fly!"
    • They encountered Owen Grady's raptor pack — fortunately, Owen himself was able to keep them from attacking the newcomers — and found it odd how different they were from the velociraptors in Mashaar. For one thing, since dinosaurs had been extinct for millions of years in their version of Earth, the scientists who resurrected their species had to use different DNA from modern animals, resulting in them being much larger and, overall, more resembling deinonychus than velociraptors. They also didn't seem interested in the gold Adam offered; unlike Mashaar's raptors, they were not mercenaries, only following Owen's orders.
    • They were dismayed to know of dinosaurs who were as fearsome and merciless as the Tyrann were; creatures like Gwangi, Sharptooth, Riptor, and Indominus Rex are among those they try to keep out of Mashaar. Of course, even if they manage to get in, there are fortresses strong enough to stand up to the larger ones' attacks, and raptor mercs fierce enough to take on the smaller ones.
    • The discovery of dinosaur Kaiju — such as Godzilla and Anguirus — was quite a shock to them. To think, something could change a dinosaur so drastically, to a point beyond recognition! Similarly, the Draconians were a surprise; a pantheon of dinosaurs (and two apes) was a fascinating thought to them. The ape-like Tammnians feel a kinship with the apes known as Blizzard and Chaos.
  • At one point, Loana and her tribe managed to wander into Mashaar by accident. Though initially wary of its inhabitants, they soon found themselves feeling welcome. They still weren't quite used to the sight of human(oid)s and dinosaurs living together peacefully (though when told stories of the Tyrann, they noted that that certainly sounded familiar). The Rock Tribe remnants have a harder time fitting into the now-relatively-peaceful Mashaar than their Shell Tribe fellows.
  • Fossil Pokemon — such as the Kanto Fossil trio — feel fairly at home here. The denizens of Mashaar find Pokemon a fascinating group of creatures, and some have even sought out instruction on how to be Trainers. Of course, they are understandably wary of Tyrantrum, who resembles the Tyrann a bit too much for their tastes.
  • Less welcome are several of the monsters from the Monster Hunter universe; the Deviljho and Glavenus, for example, also act too much like the Tyrann, aggressively — and seemingly without provocation — attacking dinosaurs and humanoids alike, and even eating them, at least in the Deviljho's case. Ahtal-Ka is a troublesome insectoid beast, who keeps trying to pry pieces off of their fortresses and citadels to add to the Empress's Throne. Finally, Shen Gaoren keeps trying to destroy said buildings in the hopes of expanding its territory.

    The Moon 
The Moon, Seat of Celestial Vandalism and Planet Busting Fodder
  • A synthetic copy of Earth's moon. Sometimes has the word "Target" etched onto it's surface.
  • Symbol: The major phases of the moon in a circle while pelted with various planet busting weapons/abilities
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Deface of the Moon, Detonation Moon, Colony Drop
  • Domains: Moon, Fodder
  • Sacred to: Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, and Fenrich
  • Governed by: Selene, Princess Luna
  • Similar Location: Alderaan
  • Every so often, a second moon will hang in the night sky. This moon is actually a synthetic copy of Earth's moon created to test the full power of deities' abilities or their weapons.
  • Whenever deities need to use this moon, they need to clear it with the House of Justice. Originally, there was opposition to this restriction, but after many deities had to be sent to the House of Health or even the House of Life and Death from suffering injuries from the simultaneous attacks on the moon, opposition dropped substantially.
    • The final straw came when Asura and Augus began fighting on the moon only to be interrupted by Flonne who had etched the word "LOVE" onto the surface while testing her "Love Extreme" attack. She then got into an argument with Carmen Sandiego who covered said etching when she painted her likeness on the moon. Said argument was interrupted when Makoto Nanaya and Bridget landed headed first into the surface, having launched each other there when they used their Astral Heat and Instant Kill on each other during a sparring match. Tempers started to flare until they all noticed that the super weapon of the Death Star charging in the distance. The Moon was quickly incinerated but the Death Star followed its fate not long afterwards. The Death Star's crew members, shortly after revival, said that last thing they saw was a large angry fist.
  • Synthetic or not, a lot deities who have respect for the Moon aren't exactly to happy seeing the moon constantly destroyed. Usagi, Princess Luna, and Fenrich in particular are petitioning that the moon be replaced with a similarly sized asteroid instead.
    • Even those who don't hold reverence find it quite annoying. Those who enjoy strolling around at night or try to have a date often get annoyed that their quiet night is ruined because some idiot needed to blow the Moon up.
  • The moment the restriction was placed, House of Justice added that they are banning anyone who would think of sending the Moon hurtling toward the Pantheon. The first deity to be banned was naturally Majora, knowing that he'd pull the Termina Moon stunt again if he had the chance.
    • The only known exception to this rule is The Guy, though this is because The Kid is his only target. Even so, the Pantheon recommends that he doesn't use the Moon often and rely on his other deadly traps instead.

    The Neverhood 
The Neverhood, Holy Seat of In-Game Extensive Lore (The Overhood, the Everhood (formerly))
  • Appearance: A floating landmass made of Klay
  • Symbol: Hoborg's head and shoulders
  • Theme Song: The Neverhood Theme; alternatively, Klaymen Shuffle or Southern Front Porch Whistler
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Beautiful Void, Bottomless Pit, Chekhov's Guns everywhere, Cloud Cuckoo Land, home to some REALLY difficult and even weird puzzles, Rule of Symbolism, Teleporters and Transporters
  • Domains: Clay (or rather, Klay), Puzzles, Strangeness
  • Sacred to: Klaymen
  • Years ago, a being named Hoborg created a world that he called The Overhood, then the Everhood. After that, when he realized how lonely he was, he created a living being to be a friend. Sadly, this creature, named Klogg, coveted Hoborg's crown, and some time and some time later — before Hoborg created a second being — Klogg stole the crown right off of his head. As a result, Klogg became a truly evil being, Hoborg fell into a state of suspended animation, and the Everhood became the Neverhood. One of Hoborg's friends that he didn't create, Willie Trombone, found a Life Seed, and planted it in a room far away from the castle that Klogg now called home. This seed grew into Klaymen, who would go on to save the Neverhood and Hoborg.
    • Some time after Klaymen saved the Neverhood, he ended up getting launched into space. Though he managed to save the planet Idznak — the planet of the Skullmonkeys — he would continue to float through space, and the Neverhood certainly noticed his absence. Hoborg used his divine powers to pilot the Neverhood like a ship in order to find Klaymen, the savior of the Neverhood. This resulted in the Neverhood encountering the Pantheon. Hoborg quickly realized what powerful beings existed there, and beseeched a member of the Court of the Gods to bring Klaymen home. The deity agreed on one condition; allow the Neverhood to stay close to the Pantheon, alongside the rest of the Dominions, for they found in the Hall of Records an excellent example of the trope Ingame Novel. Said hall contained miles and miles of lore, but according to some newly-added lore, it was important that Klaymen go through there to pick up an important disc...
    • Hoborg agreed to the deity's terms, and in the blink of an eye, Klaymen was standing in the midst of them all. Well, technically, he was flat on his back, but regardless, the Neverhood welcomed him back with open arms. Thus, the entirety of the Neverhood celebrated with Hoborg's declaration, "It is now time to goof off!"
  • When the Skullmonkeys — led by Jerry-O — volunteered to be among Klaymen's heralds, he and the other residents of the Neverhood were initially wary of them, but once it was made clear that the Skullmonkeys meant no further harm, they were welcomed with open arms. They can even be found visiting the Neverhood, thanks to a portal Hoborg created for easy travel between his world and Idznak, and goofing off with any Neverhoodians.
  • Now that the Neverhood is a dominion of the Pantheon, its residents make frequent visits to its various houses.
    • Sometimes, one or more of the residents of the Neverhood will visit the House of Sports to play a bit of air hockey, or a different take on the game called "Gun Hockey", a game they came up with before Klaymen was taken to Idznak. Like a lot of things to come from the Neverhood, many deities find it very strange, but considering that the House of Sports has had versions of golf that include driving around and beating up weird creatures, it's something that many visitors would get used to.
    • Willie Trombone is often found pigging out at the House of Food. He even came to befriend other Big Eater types of characters, like Kirby, Shaggy, Scooby-Doo, and Monkey D. Luffy.
    • If Big Robot Bil's teddy bear is ever damaged, several deities in the House of Craft are happy to stitch it back up and replace any lost stuffing. He also finds kinship with robotic deities, most of whom enjoy his company, even though they regard him as "a bit simple". (That said, it's highly recommended that nobody messes with the Good/Bad switch inside Bil, and DEFINITELY don't mess with the teddy, unless you want a good pummeling!)
    • Hoborg gets along well with other good-aligned creation deities, even discussing new ideas for people, places, and things to create. He was initially a bit perturbed at the idea of deities of destructions — such as Beerus and Yveltal — but came to understand after some explanation. One thing he could say either way: the Omniverse was a fascinating place. He wondered when Father or Quater were going to tell him about all this...
  • Likewise, deities often visit the Neverhood for various reasons. Perhaps one of the more common reasons is the music, which several critics in the House of Music have described as "charmingly cartoonish and fun". Of course, there are also those that like to challenge their puzzle-solving skills — such as Professor Layton — and thus, like to try their hand at the various puzzles littering the Neverhood.
    • And of course, seeing as the Neverhood was ascended for its Hall of Records, more studious deities have visited that area, too. They love the wealth of knowledge they manage to glean from the writing on these walls, and as the Hall of Records updates itself automatically, these "bookworms" find themselves coming back regularly.

134340 Pluto, Celestial Butt-Monkey Of The Solar System (formerly Planet 9/Planet X/the ninth planet, Yuggoth, SCP-2362)
Pluto as seen from the New Horizons probe.
  • Description: An icy dwarf planet about 2/3rds the size of the Moon
  • Symbol: A stylized capital P
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Religious and Mythological Theme Naming, Pluto Is Expendable, Went From The Ninth Planet To One Of The Dwarf Planets
  • Domains: Cold And Ice, Dwarf Planets, The Outer Solar System
  • Orbits: The Sun
  • Sacred to: Setsuna Meioh, Hades, Nox (sort of), Charon, The Lernean Hydra, Cerberus, The Corpus
  • Banned entry: Cosmo, Vril Dox/Brainiac
  • When Uranus was discovered, its orbit suggested an eighth planet causing gravitational influence. This was later confirmed with the discovery of Neptune, but something seemed to be influencing it's orbit. The hunt was on to look for the ninth planet, but instead in 1930 a far too small object was discovered; Pluto. For a time it was accepted as the ninth planet, but discovery of other Pluto-like objects led to its demotion to a new dwarf planet designation. Some still argue that it isn't fair.
  • Sailor Pluto wasn't pleased to hear that the world she guarded is no longer considered a planet, and protests the new definition of planets. Amusingly the new designation of dwarf planet upgrades a former asteroid, Ceres, into a dwarf planet. She was happy to learn that the New Horizons probe had finally snapped pictures, at least. Its discoverer, Clyde Tombaugh, would die before the demotion, and a small portion of his ashes was put on the New Horizons probe.
  • No, Pluto the dog had no influence in the naming. Because of how far and cold it was, it was named after god of the underworld Pluto. Aka Hades' Romanized version. Charon is the namesake of the moon half the size of Pluto, to the point of them being twin dwarf planets. Nix(based off Nox), Hydra and Kerberus(based off Cerberus) are names for Pluto's minor, more asteroid-like moons. Their opinion on being associated with the Pluto system ranges from apathy to disappointment.
  • The scientist behind Pluto's demotion went mad with power. Pluto tried to compensate with Eris and Ceres, but ending up trying to be a planet again in exchange for giving the other planets a blowjob. At least, that's what the Robot Chicken claims.
  • Generally advised not to destroy it, but people don't listen. Brainiac decided it was free real estate and made it into a new Warworld. Cosmo blew it up by accident when he pressed a button of the president's that'd blow up the world(didn't specify which). And the Borg assimilated it. Unlike the Moon, destroying it doesn't affect the Earth. The GUAD won't use it as target practice, however, stating "where's the fun in that?"
  • Sometimes gets treated nicer. One future has a Eurovision Song Contest on what world should be a gigantic rubbish dump. Pluto won, Earth lost. It also serves as an important outpost for the Mi-go, who call it Yuggoth. This might be a reference was made by naming a dark terrain the Cthulhu Macula. If Cthulhu himself has any interest in the dwarf planet, he hasn't said anything yet. Pluto also serves as an important Mass Relay and is the system's main spaceport.
  • More adorable versions of Pluto exist, in male and female form. Though you can be forgiven thinking they're both female. The latter's a Perky Goth. It eventually got tired of being a joke and sided with Black Hole. Did not end well.
  • Turns out, it's an egg, and recently hatched into a space jellyfish around 900 kilometres across. Whether it's related to the moon egg, nobody can say.
  • One of the planets The Corpus have a stranglehold over includes Pluto. It's cold and desolate, sure, but The Corpus are capitalists and their ventures in the name of profit takes them to all sorts of places. Literally, in this case. There's little need for a metaphorical example, it comes with being with a Mega-Corp.

    The Rotten Vale 
The Rotten Vale, Holy Seat of Carrion-Filled Lands
  • Description: A biome defined by corpses and skeletons
  • Symbol: A pile of corpses and bones emanating with a Deadly Gas
  • Theme Song: Murmurs from the Land Forbidden
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bleak Corpse Land, Where Elder Dragons go to die, Dalamadur Ribcage, The Fourth Unlockable Area
  • Domains: Carrion, Death, Cycles, Life
  • Sacred to: Vaal Hazak
  • Interest: The House of Science, The Viscount
  • Similar Locations: Wyvern's End
  • The Rotten Vale can only really be described as a massive graveyard, with carrion found no matter where you go and the only common flora found there is fungi meant to decompose the many dead monsters. The very ecosystem is built around the fact that it's a necropolis, with monsters like Odogaron or Great Girros and its respective pack relying on the freshly dead falling into the pits. As expected from scavengers like them, they're very vicious and won't hesitate to attack on sight especially if they're hungry. Radobaan, a cousin to the more rocky monster Uragaan, uses the tar on its body to cover itself with various bones to act as armor and simultaneously eats bones. Whatever detritus is left here from being eaten or decayed by the Efflivium is blown upwards to the biome that lies above, the Coral Highlands, where it helps sustain it by providing nutrients much like marine-snow and upwelling, ocean aside. Though it's not a necropolis like the Rotten Vale, the Coral Highlands were brought to the Pantheon to as to not mess with the ecosystem. Usually creatures on their deathbed come here to further the cycle. If people other than the Monster Hunters come somewhere along this place, it's either to come gawk at the land above it that was brought over or to do research often backed by the House of Science.
  • Being an Elder Dragon with a potent connection to its Effluvium, Vaal Hazak makes its home here and never really leaves the place. It would be pretty disastrous if it did so, even being active is enough to shake the ecosystem of the Rotten Vale. There have been those who tried to use Vaal for their own malicious purposes, but the Corpse Coat Dragon alongside other deities tend to drive them off. Even so, the Vale is as dangerous as it is what with a Deadly Gas being prominent in the lower areas in addition to the hostile wildlife even as little as Girros or the normally docile Raphinos.
  • As expected of a place littered with the dead, it caught the attention of many Necromancers trying to add undead monsters to their ranks. In theory, it would mean ground zero for all forms of dead raising but in practice, it's not as great. Since the ecosystem is built around whatever dead falls into the Rotten Vale, monsters waste little to no time trying to get whatever carrion in their stomachs and trying to get in the way of a ravenous Great Girros or worse, an Odogaron is really not advised. That doesn't some from trying anyone but whether that's just determination or foolishness, you decide. The Rotten Vale also smells pretty awful.
  • Those who enjoy the consumption of rotten meat or just plain out junk enjoy their trips to this place as opposed to the House of Food's... actual food. One abhorrent frequenter to the Rotten Vale is the Viscount of the Crimson Court, who's claim to infamy is eating virtually everything, and the flesh here is of no exceptions. After the many times it got kicked out of fear his vampirism would corrupt the land itself, he stuck to exporting it instead.

    The Source Wall 
The Source Wall, Divine All-Encompassing Wall
  • Description: An endlessly expansive wall with countless beings molded into it as protrusions
  • Symbol: A rainbow encircling a map of the DC Multiverse
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wall Around The Universe, Gate of Truth, Anything That Touches The Wall Becomes The Wall, Alien Geometries
  • Domains: Power, Mystery, Imprisonment, The Divine
  • Holy to: The Source
  • Relevant to: The New Gods, particularly Highfather and Darkseid
  • Unholy to: Anything that touches or gets near it, notably the aforementioned Darkseid, Superman, William Hand, Kyle Rayner, Victor Von Doom
  • Similar locations: Walls of the World, The Weirding Wall, The Wall, The Misty Border
  • The DC Universe does have an end. Beyond it is the Source, the literal source of creation and a fountain of untapped knowledge and power. However between the two is the Source Wall. Extending in all directions and encompassing the entire DC Universe/Multiverse, this final boundary has proven to this day to be utterly impassible and the ultimate border of knowledge.
    • Ever since the events of Dark Nights: Metal, the Source Wall was shattered, and whatever exists on the other side is now free to invade the main universe, including new threats like the Omega Titans and the Ultraviolet Force. Worse, it is now known that the Wall is the prison of Perpetua, creator of the previous universe and mother of the Anti-Monitor. Henceforth, a close eye is kept on the Source Wall to prevent her escape.
  • Tied deeply to the New Gods. Highfather is tied to the Source, and Darkseid has been fascinated by the power that lurks beneath. He's gotten stuck, but has gotten free and can control lesser avatars from there. His own father, Yuga Khan, tried to learn about the Source and got stuck there. He was able to break out again, but tried to uncover the Source again. This is undeniably a good thing since even Darkseid pales in comparison to him.
  • The Source Wall is very much like Grey Goo. Anything that touches the Source Wall will end up assimilated and entombed there, aware but entrapped and static. The "statues" stuck on it? Those who tried and failed to grasp what was beyond. While Death Is Cheap in the Trope Pantheon, being stuck in the Source Wall requires Overdeities or even the Court of the Gods to intervene and rescue. Only a handful of gods have hope of even trying to free themselves.
  • Necromancers have been interested in the Source Wall because those imprisoned are essentially dead, making it one big graveyard. Black Hand certainly thought so and briefly summoned an army. Didn't go so well; the army soon revived and his body was corrupted into Source Wall material. For this reason a giant sign saying "Necromancers Beware" has been positioned.
  • The House of Knowledge is trying to find a way to peel back the wall and learn from the Source. Every attempt has been met with failure, but that hasn't stopped people.
  • Has so far been host to Darkseid, Superman, Black Hand, Kyle Rayner, Doctor Doom and Superboy-Prime. Supes, Darkseid and Kyle Rayner managed to escape without pantheon help, and it's unclear how Doom got stuck there. Both the GUAG and the GUAE have considered trying to stick the Anti-Monitor there, but they're afraid he might be too strong to stick there without accidentally causing some cataclysm.

    The Sun 
The Sun, The Divine Cosmic Incinerator (Sol)

Zanaris, Divine Land of Faerie (The Lost City, Fairy City, the Moonnote )
  • A strange plane, possibly the nexus of all planes. Inhabited by fairies the laws of physics and logic do not apply on Zanaris (animals can talk and plants require no nutrients or sunlight to grow, and emit a faint glow). Realm is either located on or makes up the entirety of Gielinor's moon.
  • Symbol: A Fairy Ring.
  • Theme Song: Faerie
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Land of Faerie, Alien Fair Folk, Clucking Funny, Crop Circle, Humanoid Aliens, Lunarians, The Mafia, Fairy Rings, Random Events, Shapeshifting, Talking Animals, Tooth Fairy, Tree Top Town
  • Domains: Abbreviations, Fairies, Fairy Tooth Magic, Magic, the Moon
  • Similar to: Neverland, Fairytopia, Il Mheg
  • Sacred to: Guthix, most fairies especially the House of Fairies, Swamp Thing, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Trevenant, Shaymin, Lilligant, Treebeard, Biollante, Gourgeist, Parasect, The Toads, The Pikmin
  • Of Interest To: The House of Magic and Extraterrestrials, various Monster Slayers and hunters
  • Banned: Bayonetta, Denzel Crocker
  • A kingdom/plane/citynote  in which the fairies of Gielnor are from and which many still live. This realm is ruled by the Fairy Queen, though she was briefly supplanted by the Fairy Godfather. Thankfully the Fairy Queen regained her throne with the help of the hero (Insert Name Here).
    • The being who briefly supplanted the Fairy Queen was the Fairy Godfather, leader of the Fairy Mafia. He did this by stabbing her in the back when they went to fight the Tanglefoot. Shortly afterwards he enlisted an army of orks to help him keep control. The Fairy Godfather and his army were then defeated with the use of fairy tooth magic.
  • According to a fairy simply known as the Co-ordinatornote , "Zanaris is an extremely old place, it was here long before we fairyfolk came to live here. In fact it is rumoured to be the nexus of all planes. When we arrived here we found many of the magical properties of this place to be dormant."
  • Supposedly there is a shed in a swamp somewhere that can take you to Zanaris. You'll need a Dramen or Lunar Staff for it to work though.
  • As stated earlier Zanaris has many magical properties with many of them still not entirely understood or completely unknown to this day. Some of the known magics that exist are the fairy rings, a permanent portal to Puro-Puro, people temporarily turning into animals, talking animals and possibly fairy tooth magic.
    • The Fairy Rings were created by the Fairy Queen by harnessing the magic from a portal that's been sealed for centuries. Most people; with the exception of fairy kind, will need either a Dramen or Lunar Staff in order to use the rings. A special code is also needed to seen someone to another Fairy Ring, with the exception of the main Zanaris Fairy Ring.
      • Ever since Zanaris entered the Pantheon Fairy Rings have been appearing all over the place. Several have appeared in the House of Dominions. One has also naturally appeared in the House of Faries, due to Zanaris being a Fairy Kingdom.
    • Though all portals to Pure-Puro appear as Crop Circles in wheat fields, the one in Zanaris is noted to be permanent, while it's so called sister portals on Gielnor periodically move. The reason this portal to Puro-Puro is permanent is unknown, though it's presumably due to one of the unknown magical properties of Zanaris, similar to the magic that's used for the Fairy Rings.
      • Not much is known about Puro-Puro, only that's a magical world separate from Gielnor; and by extension Zanaris, and that's the home of the Implings. The only accessible location in Puro-Puro is a large maze of wheat where the minigame Impetuous Impulses is played.
    • On occasion individuals will temporarily turn into animals, in particular chickens and pigs. Those that have went through this event have only described it as "weird".
    • For some reason various species of animals have been found to talk in Zanaris. Why this exactly is is unknown. The animals known to speak are the cows and the sheep. There's also a talking Frog, but only one has been seen.
    • Fairy Tooth Magic; which is sometimes referred to as FTM or simply tooth magic, is a closely guarded secret of the fairies and so most of it's uses and capabilities are unknown. It is known that tooth magic can be used to create Tooth creatures. These entities are "tooth" versions of whatever creature their tooth came from. They are made by planting a tooth in a enchanted farm patchnote . Tooth magic was also used to defeat the Fairy Godfather and his Ork army.
  • The plants on Zanaris don't require sunlight or nutrients to grow. This could be one of Zanaris's magical properties, fairy magicnote  or some combination of the two. This has made it a rather popular destination for various plant based deities.
  • It is from Zanaris that the god Guthix first laid eyes on the world Gielinor. This information was revealed from Guthix's memories; which were triggered by catching Guthixian Butterflies, during a Tribute To Guthix.
    • This is likely why most of the fairies worship him. Ironically this why Guthix rarely visits the place.
  • For some reason a statue of a chicken; called the Chicken Shrine, is in Zanaris. Offering a raw chicken to the shrine will have you teleported to the lair of a dangerous and powerful entity, known simply as the Evil Chicken. Inside the Evil Chicken's Lair one can find Drakolith rocks and Black Dragons, who are there to protect and pay their respects to the Evil Chicken.
  • Banned from this location is Bayonetta since some of her weapons use the souls of fairies. So is Denzel Crocker for trying to catch the fairies.
  • Within Zanaris is one of the most important Runecrafting Altar, the Cosmic Altar. The altar can give people Cosmic Runes which are usually used for enchanting objects.
  • This land is of great interest to the House of Magic. This is for both its runes and to study its magical properties.
  • Many hunters and monster slayers also go to Zanaris to see Chaeldar. As a Slayer Master Chaeldar provides assignments to those that come to her in order to eradicate various dangerous beasts, this helps keep the Pantheon and by extension Zanaris safe. She also sells various tools related to monster slaying.
  • Though the fairies have lived in Zanaris since before the First Age of Gielnornote  they are actually from the world Cheanannais. This technically makes them aliens along with surprisingly the sheepnote . It is unknown if the Mindslayers, the Otherworldly Beings and other odd entities are aliens as well.
  • Like all great kingdoms Zanaris has it's very own marketplace. Within the marketplace one can buy ruby rings, dragon daggers and longswords. One can also sell cabbage to the fairy Lundrwin. The entrance fee for foreigners is usually 1 cut diamond, which are then used to make fairy lights.


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