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Greater Gods

Fi, Goddess of Precise Calculations and Insistent Assistance (Mistress Fi, the Goddess Sword, the Master Sword)

Intermediate Gods

    The Legendary Titans 
Regice, Registeel and Regirock, Triumvirate Deities of Necessary Guides and Absurdly Obtuse Puzzles (Legendary Titans, Legendary Giants, Legendary Golems, The Regi Trio | Regice: The Iceberg Pokémon | Registeel: The Iron Pokémon | Regirock: The Rock Peak Pokémon)
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their respective Braille faces on a black background
  • Theme Song(s): Their battle theme or its remix
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: Clear Body
  • Moves:
    • (Regice): Ice Beam, Amnesia, Curse, Superpower
      • Z-Move: Subzero Slammer
    • (Registeel): Iron Head, Iron Defense, Amnesia, Thunder Wave
      • Z-Move: Corkscrew Crash
    • (Regirock): Stone Edge, Curse, Earthquake, Superpower
      • Z-Move: Continental Crush
  • Portfolios: Guide Dang It!, Moon Logic Puzzle, Stone Wall, Golem, Regis being Latin for loyal, Exactly What It Says on the Tin, The Faceless, No Biological Sex, Hell Is That Noise
  • Domains: Puzzles, Golems, Sidequests
  • Heralds: Regieleki and Regidrago
  • Superior: Regigigas
  • Allies: Shuckle
  • Enemies: Any evil Archaeologists
  • Opposed by: Team Charm
  • Oppose: Any physically strong deities
  • Many deities are confused about the existence of the Regi Trio as none of them have any sort of organs required for living such as a heart or a brain, they're physically incapable of eating and none of them show any signs of being animated by science or magic.
  • The Regi Trio have quite possibly the most impossibly complicated opening mechanism. There are hints as to how to open the temple at the entrance... but it's written in Braille... on electronic screens. The opening to the temple has 2 locks one of them requires you to dig away from the temple, the second one requires a Relicanth and Wailord at the front and back of your party (respectively), one of which cannot be found in the pantheon.
    • Then, the rooms to the individual Regi's have their own individual locks, each with increasingly more and more obtuse solutions. Getting to Regirock involves taking two steps right and two steps back from the Braille hint and then using Strength on the ground.
    • Getting to Regice involves staring the the Braille hint for two minutes and not looking away from it, otherwise the lock will reset.
    • And getting to Registeel is easily the most ridiculous, as getting to it requires standing in the middle of the entry room and flying outside and then the lock will open.
  • Upon their ascension, the Regi Trio were shown some hostility by Team Charm as they were once captured by the Regi Trio in an alternate continuity.
  • The Regi Trio can sometimes be seen with other deities who can control or are made from the same elements as them.
  • For some unknown reason, Registeel was once seen holding its arm up as though it was saluting Hitler, however, it hasn't been seen doing this again.
    • Registeel has also been described by many deities as sounding like a Transformer.
  • Despite the fact that none of them have been shown capable of displaying emotions, Regirock, Regice and Registeel have shown to have a liking for Geb, Mr Freeze and Optimus Prime, one duo due to the both of them being Rock Monsters, another due due to their control over ice and their seclusion from others and the last due to the both of them being made of metal and due to Registeel's cry sounding like Optimus Prime transforming.
  • Can also be found in the House of Mentalism.

Lesser Gods

    Draco Centauros 
Draco Centauros, Goddess of Idiotic AIs (Draco-Centaur, Dragon Woman)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her green wings
  • Theme Music: Rival Battle!, her theme from Puyo Puyo Sun
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Horned, Winged, Draconic Humanoid, Cute Little Fangs, Cute Monster Girl, Butt-Monkey
  • Domains: Ditziness, Appearance
  • High Priestess: Sheva Alomar
  • Allies: Salamandinay, Tiki
  • Odd Friendship: Saffron
  • (Mostly) Friendly Rivalry: Arle Nadja, Millie Collins
  • Enemies: Dollface (2012)
  • One of the many folks that Arle has met and played Puyo matches with, Draco Centauros is a dragon girl who knows martial arts, but her mind is not particularly bright otherwise. She often ends up confusing Puyo battles with beauty contests, something she's very interested in, and has a very competitive streak. Of the many Puyo characters, her AI is exceptionally weak and even when "Core AI" (which allows the Puyo characters to play a lot better than normal) is activated, Draco sometimes doesn't even bother with rotating her own Puyos. Then again, she's already kind of a ditz by default.
  • Draco ending up in the Pantheon was something she didn't realize until seeing Arle talk to a few people that Draco had no idea of beforehand. While it can be argued that Draco wound up there as a result engaging in Puyo battles with someone else, it's entirely possible that she just stumbled onto the place by accident and had nothing to do with playing with Puyos. After Arle finished her conversation, she saw Draco and was surprised to see her around in the Pantheon. Draco was even told that her living quarters in the Pantheon weren't too far from that of Arle's, meaning that Draco will get more chances to try (and most likely fail) to beat Arle in a Puyo battle. Neither have any ill will towards the other regardless.
  • She might have had a one-sided love towards the Dark Prince at one point in time, though unlike his repeated attempts to woo Arle, many haven't really seen Draco try to win him over. Then again, it's likely that she more or less accepted that Dark Prince is way too focused on getting Arle for Draco to even try to get his attention.
  • Draco became friends with Salamandinay, another humanoid dragon girl; though Draco was at first surprised at how Sala could actually turn into a real dragon and not just be a humanoid with draconic aspects present. Draco learned that Sala was a rival to a girl named Ange at first, but became a lot friendlier to her following a bit of friendly competition and hanging out with her. Sala noted Draco having a competitive side to her and the mostly friendly rivalry present towards Arle. She believes that given enough time, Draco will be more amicable towards Arle much like how Sala and Ange struck up a friendship after getting to know each other better.
    • She found another good friend in Tiki, who happened to have green hair in her human form at least and could also turn into a dragon like Sala can. Tiki is surprised that there was a humanoid dragon girl that not only hasn't been able to turn into a full-on dragon as far as anyone is aware of, but that Draco is reliant on close-combat skills compared to other dragons (humanoid or otherwise) who are proficient with attacking from afar (though Draco has fireballs for it). Tiki doesn't have any real issue with Draco regardless, though she is a bit unsure how to answer Draco's questions about fashion.
  • While she isn't that proficient when it comes to brains, her brawn is fairly decent and knows a few combat moves such as rapid-fire punches. Her competitive streak resulted in her going to the House of Combat to try and see if her skills are up to snuff compared to others. While she didn't do that bad during her initial session there, she ended up losing badly to some of the stronger visitors there.
  • The House of Costumes ended up getting Draco's attention since it was a potential place for preparations for actual beauty contests. Rarity, who happened to be a fashion designer, was willing to give Draco a run-down on fashion and beauty contests. Given Draco's competitive attitude, she wanted to try it out, though Rarity mentioned that it won't be as simple as just looking good in an elaborate costume to do well in a beauty contest.
    • It was then that she learned of a House of Popularity and that they were holding an actual beauty contest there. After a few preparations, Draco signed herself up for it and had a few competitors as well, including Millie Collins, who worked as a fashion model for a living. After the contest ended, Draco hung out with Millie for a bit and seeing the kinds of clothes Millie wore while the two were at Millie's place made Draco fairly jealous. The two don't hold anything against each other and Draco's competitive nature has resulted in a few beauty contests between her, Millie, and some other benevolent models.
      • Draco later learned about a couple of vile models and was very put off by them, with Krista Sparks in particular being very problematic for Draco. It's one thing that Draco can be a bit eager for competition, but she was mortified at how Krista is more than willing to murder anyone she thought looked better than her. That and Krista's idea of competition is way too deadly for anyone interested in beauty contests to accept.
  • To the surprise of some, it turned out that back then there were more Dracos in addition to this one, with a Super Draco Centauros being a stronger version of such. No one is really sure what happened to the other ones and this Draco will simply get confused if the matter is brought up to her.
  • Contrary to what "Centauros" may imply (or even more blatantly, Draco-Centaur), she is unrelated to centaurs in general. She is a humanoid dragon (or more accurately, a Dragon Woman); nothing more and nothing less.
  • Saffron, of all people, was able to relate with and even get along with Draco for sharing the same poor AI. While Saffron is a formidable military scientist when it comes to casting magic like the rest of her companions, her decision making as an opposing boss leaves a bit to be desired. Mainly, this concerns the Saffron plushies she puts down getting caught in the crossfire of her own spells. Plushies who's entire purpose centers around retaliating against those who attack it, quite unbecoming of a mage like herself. At times, one can see Draco train Saffron in martial arts even if the latter insists she's confidant enough in her casting to not need such techniqes.

    Duck Hunt Team 
Duck Hunt Team, Gods of Mocking Failure (Duck Hunt Duo, Duck Hunt, "Bark, Quack, Boom!"; Dog: That Lousy Dog, Mr. Peepers)
The Dog and The Duck. Not Pictured: The Unseen Gunman
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The NES Zapper.
  • Theme Song: "Duck Hunt Medley"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Annoying Laughs, Smugly Smiling, Being a Nearly Normal Animal, Being Nameless, Representing Other Games as Well as His Own, Taunting, Unexpected Newcomers.
  • Domains: Reception, Popularity, Hunting, Laughter
  • Allies: Insert Name Here (Stand-In for the Hunter), Jar Jar Binks, Courage, Xion, Sunset Shimmer, R.O.B., 9-volt and 18-volt, V.S.S.E.
  • Opposed By: the Nostalgia Critic, The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Opposses: Hunters (The Duck)
  • Duck Hunt is a simple game where the player has to shoot down ducks to score points while the dog picks them up. Should the player miss all the shots and the duck gets away successfully, the Dog would proceed to laugh at the players failure. This made the dog a rather infamous figure and for the longest time the only thing people wanted was to shoot him. That mostly changed when the Dog, joined by a Duck and an unseen Hunter, were all invited to the Super Smash Bros tournament and the perception of the dog became better. The team were later invited over to the pantheon, but the Court of Gods haven't forgotten about the Dog's habit of laughing at others' failure and gave them a title related to that. The Dog doesn't really mind and it allowed his teammates to remain with him
  • Many deities that have come across him had expressed a sudden urge to shoot the Dog in the face which variable results. Sometimes he is unharmed and sometimes he is not but if they happen to miss, he will laugh at them. This is why gunslingers aren't fond of him, since he is bound to show up if they happen to miss.
  • Many were perplexed as to how such an unlikely team was formed, considering the Duck was the usual target that the Dog and Hunter were after. There are varying theories regarding this but the most believed story is this one, which gave their relationship a more heartwarming spin
  • Then there is the mystery of who the Hunter is, who always assist both the Duck and Dog in battle. However, the only thing that any one knows about it is that the entity is a humanoid with a NES Zapper, and only trace it leaves to the actual world are crosshairs. Some people think that it is one aspect of (Insert Name Here), who's of course: "You!".
    • Some other clues other deities picked up on (them being retro game characters revived for a new generation, the use of a retro NES device during their trailer and it being used with such accuracy) has led some deities to believe that the shooter is...9-volt. Both parties refuse to comment on the speculation, and instead just do the trademark laugh of the duck hunt dog before going off.
  • And the unlikely partnerships don't end there. Sometimes the Dog is able to summon gunmen from Wild Gunmen and Hogan's Alley to assist him and the Duck on battle in all of their pixelated glory. He actually tends to find himself near western and mobster settings because of this.
  • The Nostalgia Critic fears him, as one of his previous line of work (The infamous 'you cannot beat us' commercial) made the dog poop himself badly, and due to this, he avoids him at all cost. If the Dog feels a bit trollish, he sometimes likes to bother the Critic by reenacting the commercial.
  • Due to their similar backgrounds, the dog and Jar Jar Binks have become close friends, and have been seen together on different occasions. Both are considered one of the most likely people to get suddenly attacked for no other reason than being generally annoying.
  • Fix-It-Felix Jr. of the House of Gaming played his game, and the dog got really scared. This is how it happened.
  • Was completely doted on by Xion not long after the latter's ascension, due to her love for Big Friendly Dogs. This dog is pleasantly surprised that someone's first reaction is to cuddle him rather than insult or try to maim him, thus he welcomes Xion's affections. The duck isn't as easily touched.
  • Being one of the precursors of Light Gun Games, the trio certainly get along well with the agents of V.S.S.E. who are the holders of the title but they respect the Duck Hunt Team for pioneering the genre. That said, most of the agents find the dog unbearable sometimes and because of habits, if the agents happen to shoot down a badguy, the dog will choke the bodies as if they were dead ducks, which unsettles the agents.
  • While the Duck might be on friendly terms with the Dog and Hunter, that doesn't mean that he tolerates hunters as he is very tired of getting shot at. He did admit that he finds being the moderating force behind the Dog to be a better job than being a target dummy.
  • When the Duck Hunt team learned that Banjo and Kazooie joined the Smash Bros. roster, they decided to visit Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's temple to prank them in the same way King K. Rool pranked the Kongs earlier. However, Banjo and Kazooie soon caught wind of the prank and clobbered the Duck Hunt team.

    Xan Kriegor 
Xan Kriegor, God of Rubberband Difficulty
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Symbol of the Corrupt
  • Theme Song: Hyperblast Redux
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: 9-times Tournament Champion, Using Badass Boasts As Taunts, Cyber Cyclops, Final Boss of the first Unreal Tournament, Killer Robot, Led a Robot Uprising, DM-Hyperblast, Leader of the Corrupt
  • Domains: Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Combat, Weaponry
  • Followers: Most AIs in Racing Games
  • Allies: Ultron, The Sentinels
  • Rivals: HK-47
  • Enemies: The Terminator, Astro Boy
  • Odd Friendship: Bender
  • Opposed By: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Conflicting Opinions: JC Denton, Adam Jensen
  • Among dynamic AIs, Xan Kriegor stands out as an example. Though he would initially be at the same level as the player, his difficulty level increases as the player gets ahead in the match. Eventually, he'd reach a level of aggression and skill that only the best of players would have a chance against, only becoming more manageable once his opponent loses the lead. And at that point, he'd have an arsenal of weapons while his opponent would just have their basic weapon...
  • Within the pantheon, Xan seeks to construct a team out of other robots as a celestial substitute for the Corrupt. So far, he has been successful in getting some Sentinels to join the team. He attempted to recruit HK-47, but was rejected.
  • In addition to leading a robot uprising, Xan Kriegor has continuously expressed his beliefs that robots are superior to humans, and will not miss an opportunity to taunt his human enemies about it whenever he gets the upperhand. This made him friends with Ultron and surprisingly enough Bender, but earned him the ire of Astro Boy and the Terminator.
    • He is however also opposed by the God-Emperor of Mankind, who feels that Xan reminds him too much of the Men of Iron. Xan Kriegor's condescending attitude toward humans doesn't help.
    • While the GUAM was quietly being built, Ultron invited Xan Kriegor to join him in this upcoming alliance. Pleased that there's an alliance that panders to Xan Kriegor's feelings of robot supremacy, he did not hesitate to join the Machine Alliance.
  • At one point, Xan Kriegor was invited to join the (now disbanded) Robotic Ravagers. However, Xan declined, stating that for all his superiority over humans, he's not exactly the kind of Killer Robot who goes around killing people for the sake of it. He's more into organized matches. He did join the GUAM though, so no hard feelings.
  • Is lamenting that there isn't a proper battle stadium. First blooding, double killing, multi-killing, ultra-killing, dominating, headshotting, M-M-M-M-MONSTER KILLING and getting godlike killing sprees on disgraced scum gets boring after the eighteenth time.
  • Feels that JC Denton and Adam Jensen are taking some good steps toward being superior over humankind with their augmentations. However, Xan Kriegor feels that they could go so much further that it seems like a wasted opportunity for the two to still be somewhat human.
  • Spectated a battle in the Field of the Ancients to see what the fuss was all about, and was immensely surprised to hear that one of the announcers sounded eeriely similar to the most known announcer from his home universe.
  • "I am the Alpha and the Omega."


    Special Naval Landing Forces 
The Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces, Divine Representatives of Spiteful A.I. (SNLF, Japanese Marines)
  • A platoon of Demigods
  • Symbol: The Anchor on their helmets and uniforms
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Having very, very spiteful behavior as enemies, Having a fondness for bayonetting enemy soldiers to death, Wearing green uniforms in contrast to the IJA's khaki, Loving to charge suicidally into better-armed enemies, Charging en masse at their enemies, Elite Naval Infantry of the Imperial Japanese Navy, Serving as Imperial Japan's counterpart to the US Marines, Many committing suicide rather than face captivity, Making a dramatic last stand at a bunker on Tarawa Island, Having a larger arsenal of automatic weaponry than their IJA counterparts
  • Domains: Behavior, Enemies, Soldiers
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Admiral, The IJN Fleet Girls, Yoshika Miyafuji, Mio Sakamoto
  • Opposed by: Suzu Houjou
  • The Imperial Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces, also known as the SNLF, but better known by their moniker of Japanese Marines, are the elite naval infantry of the Imperial Japanese Navy. In essence, they were the Evil Counterpart to the United States Marine Corps, serving similar purposes such as amphibious landings, the guarding of ships, and the manning of various naval bases and shore installations.
  • Of special note, and the very reason for their ascension, is their behavior against their enemies. They: gang up on enemy squad leaders, have a very suicidal tendency to charge straight into enemies regardless of situation, and finally tendency to inflict the Coup de Grâce on any downed Marines. All of this they do in order to make life hell for any enemy squad leader, at the cost of their own well-beings and lives.
  • Compared to their counterparts in the Imperial Japanese Army, the SNLF have a much larger variety of weapons. These include: the Arisaka Type 38 rifle, the Arisaka Type 44 Cavalry Carbine, the Arisaka Type 97 Sniper Rifle, the Nambu Type 96 Light Machine Gun, the Nambu Type 100 submachine gun and Nambu Type 14 pistol. This gave them a bigger variety of weaponry as well as more firepower per squad than their Army counterparts. However, because most of their weapons used the 6.5x50mm Arisaka round rather than the newer 7.7x58mm Arisaka round, both units could not resupply one another with each other's rifle caliber ammunition, leading to a logistical nightmare.
  • These troops came in several variants, which included the standard Marine, Ghillie, Worker, Corpsman, NCO, and Officer. The standard Marines wore green uniforms with dark brown helmets with leather covers, with the occasional backpack. Ghillies were similar to the standard Marines, but wore leaf camouflage over their helmets and uniforms, and the aforementioned helmets were also covered in netting. Corpsmen wore the same uniforms as the regular Marines, but instead of a backpack carried a small medical bag which they used to heal wounded Marines. Workers wore white shirts, green trousers, and green caps. Officers wore dark green uniforms with black boots. And finally, NCOs wore light green uniforms.
  • During Sgt. Thomas Conlin and his squad's tour of duty in the Pacific, they had encountered these troops twice. The first was during the Raid on Makin Island, the second being the Battle of Tarawa. The Makin garrison were relatively lightly-armed, and were only seven dozen or so strong. The Tarawa Garrison, however, was much bigger, numbering some 4500 well-armed men, accompanied by several dozen heavy artillery guns, and having far more firepower per squad. Ultimately, the latter unit was wiped out to the last man, with many committing suicide or resisting to the death rather than face the prospect of capture.
  • The SNLF troops that end up ascending into the Pantheon are a full-sized platoon from the Tarawa Garrison Force, complete with fully-stocked weapons, ammunition, and other supplies. This even includes a number of Type 96 25mm Anti-Air guns, as well as a handful of artillery pieces.
  • Fortunately for them, the first deities they end up coming across are friendly, in this case members of the Imperial Japanese Army. These troops in turn direct the SNLF to the headquarters of Commander Masataka Shima, which also serves as the Japanese officer's Temple. Relieved to see reinforcements, Shima immediately makes several of them his personal bodyguards, accompanying him during important meetings with Nazis officials such as Johann Schmidt.
    • Other members from the unit, meanwhile, support the Banzai Chargers in their fight against members of the United States Navy and Marine Corps. And it's through one of these battles that they learn that Sgt. Thomas Conlin and his squad, who had fought in the battle where they were wiped out, are also in the Pantheon. The SNLF troops immediately make it a point to make their lives a living hell once more, incessantly attacking their positions.
    • Interestingly, they were slated to be assigned to the Japanese Aircraft Carrier Toshikaze, Shima's ship. However, for unknown reasons, this intended assignment never took place, with Japanese sailors and aircrew taking their place.
  • While they do look and act similarly to the Banzai Chargers, there are some notable differences. For one, their uniforms, rather than being Khaki, are instead colored green, with an anchor symbol on their helmets and uniforms as opposed to a star. Also, as mentioned above, they carry a larger number of weapon types, with a far larger amount of Type 100 submachine guns and Type 96 light machine guns. And finally, when launching banzai charges, the IJA troops simply pin down their targets and kill them in one hit, while the SNLF will hack, slash, and stab their enemies to death, incapacitating them, and then finish them off with a slash or a shot to the head.
  • Because they're taking orders from a known warmonger and extremist, not to mention working alongside members of the IJA, The Admiral and the IJN Fleet Girls elect to keep their distance from the SNLF. It doesn't help that the SNLF do not like them working alongside the ship girls of the Americans and British. The Witches of the Fuso Empire, for similar reasons, don't trust the Naval Infantry, to which the feeling is mutual. Even Japanese civilians like Suzu Houjou, thanks in part to her personal experiences as well as the stories told to her by Marines such as the aforementioned Conlin, wish for them to just give up, the war already having ended in her story's timeline and all.
  • Thanks to having heavier equipment than their Imperial Army counterparts, namely having Anti-Air guns in their possession, they also prove to be a significant threat to the likes of US pilots like Lt. Commander Best and Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, coming close to shooting down the latters' SBD Dauntless and PBY Catalina, respectively.
  • Because they also engage in Jungle Warfare much like their US Marine and Imperial Army counterparts, these troops also end up becoming enemies with the likes of Mordremoth and Metallia, who inhabit several of the Pantheon's jungles and swamps, respectively. Many end up becoming casualties to these beings, usually attempting to bayonet, shoot, or slash them to no avail.
  • Due to their allegiance to the Japanese Empire, they become one of Nathan Algren's targets, with the American samurai warrior often luring the Naval infantry into positions where they would be at a disadvantage, and then literally slashing through their ranks when their superior firepower cannot brought to bear.
  • "Banzai!"


    Bob the Goldfish 
Bob The Killer Goldfish, God of Pathetic Bosses After Hard Levels
  • Quasideity, though has the brains to build more powerful machines
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme song: Submerged
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portifolio: Hard Levels, Easy Bosses, Brilliant, but Obviously Limited, Has Cats for Henchmen, As Incompetent As His Fight Suggests, Can Be Trouble At Times, Tends To Underthink His Plans, As Hammy As Jim's Other Enemies, A Villain Named Bob,
  • Domains: Fish, Comedy, Difficulty, Anticlimax, Evil
  • Heralds: His Cat Henchmen (#1 through #9)
  • Allies: Psy-Crow, Klogg, Joe the Fish, Dr. Eggman
  • Enemies: Earthworm Jim, Klaymen
  • Opposes: Most Eldritch Abomination's of the sea variety, Katz
  • Interested In: The Guinea Creatures
  • Friendly With: Klaus Heisler
  • During his first adventure to rescue Princess Whats-Her-Name from the clutches of Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, Earthworm Jim ended up on the planet La Planeta de Agua (arriba!), home to the nefarious killer goldfish, Bob. The following gauntlet was one of the most brutal Jim had faced yet, filled with tight, glass corridors, fragile submarines used to traverse small ocean tunnels, and mutated cats that could One-Hit Kill the poor worm. When he finally got to the mastermind, however, he showed nowhere near as much difficulty. Why? Because he's a goldfish in a bowl. All Jim had to do was walk into him, and Bob was tipped over and defeated, allowing our hero to move on. Having recovered from that embarrassing incident, he would continue to harass the Earthworm, even showing at times that he could be a genuine threat with his genius intellect and formidable, if dumb, henchmen.
  • Bob was first found in The Pantheon inside an aquarium, trying (And failing) to get the attention of the fish there to go on a rampage, with his right hand man, Henchman #4, standing guard. Jim, realizing how the description of a talking fish yelling at other fish to destroy everything sounds familiar, goes off to investigate. Naturally, Hilarity Ensues, with Bob and #4 managing to escape in the chaos. Eventually, he found himself at The Court Of The Gods, alongside the villains who ascended him in the first place: Psy-Crow and Klogg, who got him ascended as a ploy to gain more allies to fight each others archenemies. Having told The Court of his utterly embarrassing first encounter with Jim, they decided to give him the title of Hard Levels, Easy Bosses, something that Bob decided to take as a compliment (As boastful as he is, even he isn't afraid to admit that, in a proper fight, a goldfish in a bowl isn't gonna do much).
  • His temple, naturally, is his underground lair, filled with narrow pipes, muscular cats that'll pummel anyone nearby, and incredibly flimsy and slippery submarines used to get around to less connected parts of the lair. Bob, being arrogant, has challenged any god to try and pass through his lair, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it turns out that many gods had a genuinely tough time trying to navigate the place. And no, you will not find Bob at the end of the level, he's learned his lesson from last time. You will find a bowl of free mints for completing it, however.
  • While he isn't terribly familiar with Psy-Crow, having hired him to capture Whats-Her-Name in the past being the most interaction he's had with him, he gets along fine with Klogg, seeing how the latter also suffered/benefited from Hard Levels, Easy Bosses, as well as generally being entertained by Kloggs strange tales of The NeverHood. Together, they plan on making a doomsday device that'll be even more brutal than the original, something they called "Evil Engine No. 10" (Creative, we know).
  • While he was thinking up plans in his temple, he was approached by a more sophisticated fish who called himself Joe, accompanied by a giant shark. Joe bragged that he had the intelligence of a human thanks to a potion, and, having underestimated Bobs intelligence, told bob that he might as well kneel before him. Bob, completely unimpressed, simply recited a bunch of science facts towards him, stuff that Joe wasn't aware of. Joe, correctly guessing Bob was insulting him by showcasing his intelligence, transformed into a human to attack the goldfish, only to be utterly trounced by nine mutant cats dog piling him. Long story short, Joe is now having to work under Bob, and while he does admire how far Bob has gone compared to him, he's still planning a way to escape his new boss. As Bob himself pointed out:
"He may have the intelligence of a human, but I have the intelligence of a genius!"
  • Seeing how Jim had defeated his cat henchmen via giant hamsters, Bob made sure to capture any other giant guinea pigs he comes across. While that sounds really specific, he actually has come across some in the form of The Guinea Creatures, giant hamsters who invaded South Park in the past. Initially content with simply just capturing them and launching them into the ocean, he has realized their destructive capabilities and is now seeking to use them as his minions. only time will tell if this is a good idea or not.
  • Normally, he's perfectly fine with working with cats, what with his minions being felines and all. That being said, he is completely against Katz, a sadistic monster of a cat who's a Serial Killer Con Man, and is fairly intelligent to boot. Despite this, Katz shows no interest in Bob, and is smart enough to avoid mess with him, though he'll occasionally taunt him with the threat of eating him.
  • Recently, Bob's been hanging out with one Klaus Heisler, another intelligent goldfish notable for his Mobile Fish Bowl, finding him a entertaining drinking buddy. Helps that Bob can also survive in liquids other than water, at one point inhabiting a soda cup. He is jealous of his ability to somehow move around his bowl, while Bob has to be carried around by #4 most of the time.
  • A bit ago, Bob attempted to gain control a giant Eldritch Abomination called The Anti-Fish, planning to use it for his own nefarious purposes. Unfortunately, the thing was driven to destroy everything, and tried to eat his universes god, The Great Worm Spirit, forcing Bob to form an Enemy Mine with Jim to stop it. To this day, Bob remains against anything like it, which can be boiled down to "Giant powerful monsters from the sea". A few specifics:
    • The Kraeken is a whole race of these, so naturally Bob would be against all of them. Doesn't help that one of them, The False Jester, isn't even a fish, something he calls cheating.
    • Cthulhu is naturally another one, albeit a bit more obvious seeing how he's, y'know, friggin' Cthulhu. Similarly, he isn't a fan of fellow sea dwelling Great Old One Dagon. That said, he does appreciate them as pop culture icons, having read Lovecraft's stories in his spare time.
    • He's also completely freaked out by SCP-3000, having accidentally encountered the thing in person while he was swimming around. Bob claims that the thing is clearly plotting to destroy everything, despite The Foundation clearly stating that it's mindless. On another note, no, they have no interest in Bob otherwise, as other gods can deal with him easily enough.
  • The whole "Getting backstabbed by an elder god" thing has gotten him a valuable ally in the form of one Dr. Eggman, who was immediately betrayed by Dark Gaia the second it was unleashed, something Bob could relate to. The doctor being as easygoing as he is definitely helped. Naturally, the two spend their time building death contraptions to conquer their foes, with Eggman even lending a hand on the earlier mentioned Evil Engine No. 10, although generally he's too busy to fully help out.