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Greater Gods

    Dark Specter 
Dark Specter, Archdemon of Recycled Props (Grand Monarch of Evil)

Intermediate Gods

    Carrie White 
Carietta N. White, Goddess of Rage Fueled by Arrogance of Others and Signature Scenes (Scary Carrie, Goddamn Total Spastic, Weirdo, Dumb Bitch, Destroyer of Chamberlin, Angel of Havoc, Darth Lord Carrie)
Click here for her Signature Scene 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her bloodstained prom dress
  • Theme Song: The themes from the 1976 and 2013 films when she's sane, The Destruction and Kill 'Em All when she's at her breaking point
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, boarding on True Neutral. Chaotic Psychotic when pushed to the breaking point.
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, Broken Cutie, Shrinking Violet, Outcast, I Just Want to Be Normal, From Nobody to Nightmare, Dumped With Pig's Blood, Ultimate Cautionary Anti-Bullying Tale, Truly Very Pretty, Dangerous People You Feel Sorry For
  • Domains: Espers, Bullying Victims, Humiliation, Vengeance
  • Superior: Stephen King
  • Allies: Jimmy Hopkins, Touma Kamijou, Mikoto Misaka, Matoko Itou (Yes, seriously), Jin Kazama, N, Pacifica Elise Northwest, Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Nana, Haruka Kotoura, Kick-Ass, Fubuki, Cinderella
  • Enemies: Bullies and abusive parents of any kind, (especially Ragyo Kiryuin, Biff Tannen), Pennywise, the Dancing Clown, Annie Wilkes
  • Conflicting Opinion: Lucy
  • Stays absolutely far away from: Gangrel and Luna Vachon
  • Carrie White is a shy, awkward and quiet teenager who regularly deals with bullying and abuse from both her classmates at her high school and her mother, a raving Christian fanatic. She tries to take all the suffering with grace as best as she can, but it clearly hurts her. When she gets victimized by a mean-spirited prank on her prom night, the happiest moment of her life... it goes as well as you expect.
  • The disastrous event known as the "Black Prom" was so infamous that it's something everyone thinks about when they hear her name. Despite the incident being a climatic event, every trailer showing her story will always show the aftermath of the destruction she caused. It is that well known.
  • It should be noted that Carrie's story is often referred to as the greatest anti-bullying message ever told, better than any PSA in existence. Her tale is also what put Stephen King on the map. It's clear that both have mutual respect for each other.
  • Before she cast her mortal shell, she did research on other's who had powers just like she did to learn how to control her abilities better. She was pleasantly surprised to see that the Pantheon was full of espers, giving her the feeling that she wasn't as alone as she used to be.
  • Was mistaken by Kick-Ass for his friend and partner Hit-Girl, and was pretty shocked to hear about all the shitty things that happened to her. He at least consoled her by telling her that her look-alike went through nearly the same problems she did and enforced her own brand of karma. It was... humorous.
  • Considering her backstory she absolutely despises bullies. She hates people who abuse and oppress others simply because they had the power to do so. Abusive parents are also on her black list. This is why she was able to easily befriend Haruka who went through the same suffering she did. Carrie does wish that she had the same group of friends because then her life would have turned out differently.
    • It is also for the same reason that she was able to befriend a few bully hunters like Jimmy Hopkins, and Mikoto Misaka who is also an esper. And yes, she is also on friendly terms with Matoko Itou. Make of it what you will.
  • Despite being one of Stephen King's creations, she does not get along with Pennywise or Annie Wilkes at all. Obviously because Pennywise is a demon who eats children while Annie reminds her of her Control Freak of a mother. If given the chance, she'd personally tear them apart.
  • Stays far away from the House of Vampires due to all the blood that flows out, but especially from the vampire wrestlers due to how one of them is well known for dunking buckets of blood on his opponents as a scare tactic. Both wrestlers actually feel sorry for the girl (Luna especially) and have tried to extend an olive branch to her by having her interact with their pony friends in the House of Prophecy. She's slightly weirded out, but at least appreciates the gestuer.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Anger.

    General Luke Skywalker and Annikkin Starkiller 
General Luke Skywalker and Annikkin Starkiller, Dual Gods of Unused Concepts (Annikkin: Lord Protector of Aquilae, Justin Valor)
Annikin and General Skywalker respectively.
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Flag of the Great Jedi Rebellion
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Skywalker), Neutral Good (Annikkin)
  • Portfolio: Bizarro Universe, George Lucas Throwback, Composite Character
  • Domains: Production, Warfare, Religion
  • High Priest: Tanton
  • Herald: Leia Antilles
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Allies: All good-aligned Star Wars deities, all good-aligned Star Trek deities, Amuro Ray, Team Lightyear, Phineas and Ferb
  • Rivals: Darth Maul (Annikkin), Jaime Lannister (Skywalker)
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Count Dooku, Darth Nihilus, Xehanort, Frieza, King Cold, Sauron, IT (A Wrinkle in Time), Khan Noonien Singh, Melkor, Darkseid, Gihren Zabi
  • Conflicting Opinion: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Galen Marek
  • In an Alternate Universe where George Lucas did not edit the rough draft of the A New Hope, the galaxy that is far, far away supposedly looked a lot different than everyone would knows it as. First off, everybody had a lightsaber, red ones at that. Jedi were the Jedi-Bendu, royal guards for the emperor until they were hunted down by the new one. All tech looked a lot more shiny than usual. People rode ostrich aliens as horses. And Palpatine looked a lot more less ugly. All of this a far cry of the universe that we all know and love. But a What If? scenario occurred if this supposed universe was made. Representing all things that could have been but didn’t make the cut, Annikkin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Their presence caused much confusion, none more confused than themselves. What do you mean there is already a Luke Skywalker and Anakin? Han Solo isn’t human! He’s supposed to be a green alien from what they know. Lots of questions ran through their heads especially after meeting the actual people who participated in the actually Star Wars. Upon seeing that despite the strange differences between them, they realized they are Not So Different, sharing the same enemies and ideals for peace. So Annikin and General Skywalker have decided to do what they believe is just and fight alongside the Jedi against the Sith.
  • If it isn’t obvious enough, they are a strange pariah in the Pantheon. They don’t even have The Force everyone traditionally knows of (they call it the Force of Others, which doesn’t give them powers). They make up for it by being very skilled warriors in their own right to the point they make up their lack of Force powers with whole new ones like making a freaking after-image after running so fast. There’s probably more powers hiding behind them but they aren’t showing them anytime soon.
  • Considering that they had to face The Empire, they don’t mesh well with other tyrannical figures, not just the old guy who shoots lightning. Due to these conflicts, they have allied themselves with the GUAG.
  • It’s really hard to get a read on these two without repeating the same points that their counterparts have. Annikkin is obviously what Luke Skywalker would be while the General Skywalker is Obi-Wan if he was still leading a military force.
  • Hoo boy, their feelings against Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker if you’d prefer are very much spiteful to say the least. The Darth Vader they knew was a Complete Monster who’d kill anyone who stands with his way with ruthlessness that surpassed even the Emperor’s. They do not trust the Darth Vader here for these very reasons even if he did reform, not thinking that all of the goodness he’s trying to do now makes up for all the slaughtering Vader has done in his time serving as an Imperial.
  • Another mixed bag of a Sith they don’t get along with his Galen Marek, otherwise known as Starkiller. As Galen uses the Dark Side despite using them for noble acts, they feel that Galen is tipping at the edge of total villainy. They would likely have a better relationship with his clone though.
  • Exclusive to General Skywalker:
    • Being the Jedi-Bendu master of Annikkin, Skywalker is drawn to military leaders who fight for the good of others. Notable is allies with Commander Shepard, Bright Noa, and Cornelia vi Brittania (after she grew a conscious for the welfare of the people). They notable convene together in hopes of sharing inspiration for the good fight ahead of them.
    • Regarded as the second-best Jedi, only bested by Kane Starkiller, Annikkin’s father who is a cyborg. He has at lot more experience in warfare than even most Jedi as Jedi-Bendu were famous for being bodyguards to the prior emperors before being branded as fugitives. Skywalker won’t take a command post, tired of war by this point and wanting to play peacekeeper. Though if the situation should arise, he’s more than happy to go back into battle for innocents’ sake.
    • Would like to be regarded as General Skywalker, as to not confuse anyone with the Luke Skywalker everyone knows of. Speaking of which, Luke wonders if the general is what he would have become if the war against Palpatine still continued or worse, if he had not sent himself into exile to fight against the First Order.
    • Has nothing good to say about Gihren Zabi for his Colony Drop on Earth. Gihren would like to point out that like the Jedi-Bendu, the spacenoids are fighting for freedom themselves as well against The Federation that does not recognize them. Skywalker pointed out it stopped being about a war for freedom when he put civilians in the crossfire. He summed it up as a Full-Circle Revolution where Zeon can impose a system of oppression under the guise of the betterment of spacenoids.
    • Considering that he is fighting against what the Jedi-Bendu were supposed to protect, he finds a bit of fair ground with Jaime Lannister who had taken down the tyrant that was his king. While Skywalker won’t overlook Jaime’s actions to call himself a friend, they do get into good sparring matches now and again for the sake of it.
  • Exclusive to Annikkin Starkiller:
    • Annikkin is the son of the aforementioned strongest Jedi-Bendu, Kane Starkiller and is the Padawan of Skywalker. Being a rookie when it comes to fighting, Annikkin displayed natural talent when it comes to combat, surely getting stronger in due time. He is willing to help anyone being oppressed by evil forces, whether he thinks it through or not.
    • Finds kinship with other rookies who shave more or less an inexperienced worldview. Tries to learn from them as well to apply lessons to his daily training.
    • Sees Kamen Rider Gaim a real Hope Bringer that perhaps Annikkin should take his lessons from. Kouta is flattered, though really implores Annikkin to look for other teachers besides him.
    • Has also commonality with Flynn of all people. He had once tried dueling with the samurai, but lost almost instantly. Annikkin looks up to Flynn now and hopes that perhaps he can learn the ways of the samurai, which is much similar to that of the Jedi-Bendu.
    • Yes, he pretty much shares the name with the one who killed his brother, just spelled much more complexly. Annikkin finds it disturbing that Anakin in his youth acted much like his younger brother. He tries to forget it, clouding these thoughts with disdain for Vader.
    • Managed to get into a rivalry with Maul over if the Sith could see if the Jedi-Bendu could match against his power. Thanks to being inexperience, Annikkin lost and the youth wants to face Maul yet again to reclaim victory. If only he can find Maul first...

    Guinea Creatures 
Guinea Creatures, Unholy Patrons of Normal Animals Passed Off as Monsters (Giant Guinea Creatures, Furry Death, Muerte Peludo)
A group of Guinea Creatures. Guinea Pirate is their Leader
Michael Chertoff, Guinea Pirate's human guise
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Rodents of Unusual Size, Eldritch Abomination, Terrifying Pet Store Rat, Roger Rabbit Effect, Main Threat of the Pandemic Arc, Weak to Peruvian Pan Flutes and Craig Tucker
  • Domains: Rodents, Evil, Ancient, Murder, Attack, Monsters, Special Effects
  • Allies: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Robert the Tire, Reptilicus, SCP-2006, The Lepus
  • Enemies: Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, Kuzco, Kronk, Hammond, The MST3K Crew, Most ascended Kaijus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yzma
  • What started as an attempt by the U.S. Goverment to arrest all Peruvian Pan Flute bands and sent them to Guantanamo for being annoying ended up summoning the Furry Death, an ancient evil that hails from Peru. The Guinea Creatures rampaged through the whole world, killing hundreds in their wake, until thanks to the efforts of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny and Craig, the Peruvian Pan Flute bands were freed and the gigantic rodents were driven back to their nests. Except, not all of them were contained, as one of their more intelligent members, Guinea Pirate, broke free from Prison and resumed his rampage.
  • Their ascension was thanks to Guinea Pirate, haven't been seen since his escape from Prison, a gigantic Guinea Pig wearing Prison robes was captured in the House of Food. However, the lack of Peruvian Pan Flute bands coupled with the pirate's presence brought forth another Guinea Creature invasion. Thankfully, the Pantheon was better prepared to deal with them and all were recontained into a single temple.
  • Widely considered to be one of, if not the, silliest menaces in the pantheon, as their are just giant Guinea Pigs in costumes, but they are still dangerous for a reason. Before they were kicked out, Guinea Pirate, in the guise of Michael Chertoff, convinced the Court of Gods of letting them Guinea Creatures stay and take the title of animals that pretended to be giant monsters. It worked, for the most part, as he intended to use that appeal to reduce the security around the Guinea Creatures' temple but it was not the case.
  • The Guinea Creatures come in different flavours. Besides the standard Guinea Pig, you have Guinea Bees, Guineasauruses Rex, Guinea Rabbits, Guinea Cats, the list goes on. Whatever variant they are, all Guinea Creatures enjoy preying on humans, sometimes toying with their food but the added presence of Peruvian Flute Bands has diminished the effects of their rampages. If they ever get out of control, GUAG has even considered ascending Craig Tucker to deal with them.
  • Whenever a group of them gets out, some deities like to record them given their out of place look and bizarre mannerism, since most of the time they stand still without doing too much. This has proven to been a fatal mistake most of the time, since they are still dangerous, with several deities having fell prey to their unassuming looks.
  • Frequently a target of mockery by the MST3K Crew, given that they resemble many cheap effects of a handful of movies from the 60s and 70s, even if their creators did it on purpose. Even then, they know better than to provoke them.
  • Being one of the precursors of the Peruvians and an Incan Emperor, it's no surprise that the Guinea Creatures hate Kuzco for being one of their few weaknesses (also for being annoying). He is also one of the few deities they are unable to touch but Guinea Pirate has been on talks with Yzma, the former advisor of Kuzco, to kick him out and unleash the Guinea Creatures all over the pantheon. Unfortunately, her being a human also makes her a target and fairly disposable so she has been very careful when dealing with them. Kronk, Yzma's former henchmen, at first thought they were very funny-looking squirrels but after they tried to munch him, he has avoided the Guinea Pigs ever since.
  • So far considered the biggest rodents in the pantheon. Other rodents like to stay away from them since they are too murderous and destructive. The only two that are willing to ally with them are Twitch, a mean rat that could prove useful for them, and the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, who shares the viciousness and ruthlessness of the Guinea Creatures despite all of them looking harmless at first while also sharing a very unusual weakness.
    • While most good and neutral rodents like to stay away from them, Hammond the Hamster has been a notorious opposer of the gigantic Guinea Pigs. Mostly because they remind him of the primates that revolted in the colony and killed most humans, only worse. While usually just a nomad, whenever one of the Guinea Creatures escapes, he likes to assist in containing them.
  • Often considered Kaijus even if they aren't as big as others. Even then, their destructive power is not as high as the other ones and usually prefer going after lower lifeforms like humans. However, they are on good terms with Reptilicus and Robert the Tire, one for being a strange-looking Kaiju and the other for hating humans like them and looking funny while at it.
  • SCP-2006 adores them and considers them one of the freakest thing he's ever seen, so much so that one time when Guinea Pirate made his way towards the House of Villains and later captured, SCP-2006 immediately assumed his form and made a mess in three other houses. They are trying to make him stick with his Ro-Man form to prevent another disaster.
  • While his name may imply otherwise, Guinea Pirate doesn't do much pirating. He just has the hat because he likes it. Other pirates are split on two fronts with him, either he looks to ridiculous or is too dangerous to work with. His human form has been outed after he attempted to get the Peruvians kicked out of the pantheon and so most of the times he is seen in his true form.

    James Cameron 
James Francis Cameron, God of Egotistical Directors (Jim, Iron Jim, Mij, The King Of the World)

Lesser Gods

    Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi 
Bruce Lorne Campbell and Samuel Marshall "Sam" Raimi, Co-Gods Of Production Posse (Bruce: The Laurence Oliver of Bad Movies)
Bruce Campbell (left) and Sam Rami (rigjt)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols:
    • Both: The Renaissance Pictures Logo
    • Sam: The 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Nicknamed 'The Classic'
    • Bruce: A Shot Of Himself As Ash, Boomstick Held High
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Film, Acting, Cult Classics, B-List Actors
  • Followers Include: Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
  • Underlings: Ash Williams, Peyton 'Darkman' Westlake (Sam only)
  • On Good Terms With: Most Of The House Of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather
  • In General:
    • When one mentions Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in the same sentence, The Evil Dead series comes to mind. Now, with the ascension of both Campbell and Raimi into the Pantheon, things are gonna get even more interesting here on out.
    • This also means that Sam's production company, Rennaisance Pictures (co-founded with Bruce Campbell and Bob Tapert), now has a Pantheon branch to go along with its New York offices.
    • Sam and Bruce were not happy to find Lionel Starkweather in the Pantheon. Granted that Starkweather tried to buy out Rennaisance Pictures from both Bruce and Sam and once tried to force Bruce to work on a shitty project with him, avoiding the snuff filmmaker will be quite the challenge.
  • Sam Only:
    • What makes Sam unique is that he can make a film can not only be campy, but also scary at the same time. It's one of the reasons why Cassie Cage likes his films. Rumor has it that Johnny Cage is in talks with Sam regarding a film project. In an interesting twist, Johnny was slated to star in Congo, but that role went to Bruce instead. Bruce is open to the idea of working with Johnny on a film together.
    • Peter Parker admits that with the exception of the third film in the original Spider-Man Trilogy, Sam Raimi did his character justice. Raimi also agreed that the third film was his least favorite in the trilogy.
    • Sam and Bruce wasn't surprised when a badly-burnt, bandaged man arrived at their temple. Sam knows him very well, as he created him. Upon hearing of his creator's ascension, Peyton Westlake decided to drop by for a visit...disguised as Bruce himself. Turns out that Bruce had a cameo in the first film (credited as Final Shemp), hence the disguise.
  • Bruce Only:
    • According to The Nostalgia Critic, Bruce is so cool, "that every time someone mentions his name, a man gets cured of impotence." It's also the one thing that the Angry Video Game Nerd can agree on.
    • Rumor has it that Dwayne Johnson's inspiration for The People's Eyebrow came from watching Bruce do it in Evil Dead II as a kid ("Groovy"). The Rock has neither confirmed or denied the claim.
    • Would you believe that Bruce himself is an ordained minister? Shocking, but true. When Bruce is not working the Pantheon's convention circuits, he's performing weddings. Including those of the undead variety. Unless you got Hector Barbossa officiating your wedding, it doesn't get anymore awesome when Bruce Campbell oversees the nuptuals.

    Fin Shepard 
Finley Allen Shepard, Patron Saint of Hilariously Bad Films (Fin)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Himself with a chainsaw coming out of a shark's body
  • Catchphrase: "semper paratus" ("always be prepared")
  • Theme Song: The Ballad of Sharknado
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Crazy-Prepared, Chainsaw Good, Rule of Cool, Going Out of His Way To Help Common Folk, Improbable Aiming Skills, Made of Iron, Memetic Badass, Narm Charm, Papa Wolf, Punny Name, Weirdness Magnet
  • Domain(s): Surfing, Chainsaws, Sharks
  • Heralds: April Wexler (his wife), Gil Shepard (his son), Claudia Shepard (his daughter), Nova Clarke, Skye, Bryan
  • Followers: The Sharknado Sisterhood, too many other (good) B-, C-, or D-List movie protagonists to count.
  • Allies: Arhur Curry/Aquaman, Ecco the Dolphin, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, Ashley J. Williams
  • Enemies: Bruce and almost all sharks, The Kraken, Leviathan, Lurerre the Abysroid, Gigabolt Man-O-War, all evil wind-based deities that can create tornadoes, Albert Wesker
  • Opposed by: The Dahaka
  • During the last Timenado in the climax of the last film, after it was destroyed, two things actually happened. One was the new timeline where sharknados never happened, the canon ending. The other is that Fin from the old timeline was transported into the Pantheon and crashed from the sky into the House of Theater.
  • After the House residents got him back to his feet and explained his situation, he was then taken to the Court of the Gods as they reviewed his case. They shortly found a spot for him, seeing his adventures terrible yet irresistible to watch, despite how horrific it should be.
    • That said, there is a bit of contention for this title, as the last two films in his series turned legitimately terrible. But at least his story is now over.
  • His temple takes the form of his old bar (aptly named Fin), and run by members of his family ("extracted" from the old timeline) and his friend Nova, who serve as his heralds.
  • Ed Wood, Tommy Wiseau, and Rod also happen to be from So Bad, It's Good works just like Fin and they've decided to form a group.
  • The first week after getting his temple set up, a sharknado appeared in the House of Theater after something the Teekyuu Club got involved in. Thankfully for him, everybody but a few idiots were running, as opposed to everybody staying around until some of them get eaten by sharks. As for those who could fight, such as Mario, White Mage, Duke Nukem, Conker, the Samurai Pizza Cats, and more, they were already on the case by the time Fin was on the scene. And barely any of them were suffering any serious casualties as he joined in and instructed his co-deities on how to stop the sharknado. It also sort of helps that these sharks have no self-preservation instincts. As it turns out, one of the Mad Scientists in the House of Science was the culprit and thought sharks in a tornado was an interesting experiment to do.
    • Other sharknadoes soon followed once a week caused by either mad scientists or insane wizards. And they're often wherever Fin is. But that's just par for the course in the Pantheon.
    • If there is one thing worse than a sharknado (standard one, as there are sandnados, bouldernados, oilnados, firenados, lavanados, hailnados, lightningnados, cownados, and nukenados), it's one with T-Virus infected sharks. He became acquainted with Chris and Jill when they helped out in quelling this latest 'nado.
      • It also turns out the two's (and Leon's) heralds, the Outbreak Eight, also dealt with T-virus sharks.
    • He's also not on good terms with Ryu Hayabusa after his involvement in one sharknado. He tried to air-joust one and was chomped on by a Great White. It did die, of course, but the ninja wasn't doing well after that.
    • If there's anything worse than a T-Virus infected sharknado, it's a deadite sharknado, and one popped up the week after the last one in the House of Weapons. In there, amidst the blades, bludgeons, bullets, blasters, and bombs, Fin met Ash Williams, who came in chainsaw running, boomstick blazing and snarks aplenty. Seeing the two snark it up while blowing and hacking deadite sharks is quite a sight and the two became good friends after that.
    • During one encounter with a sharknado in the Pantheon, he encountered a large, land-dwelling, amphibious shark in the form of Zamtrios. Inevitably a zamnado — a shark nado with Zamtrios and the younger Zamites — reared its ugly head some time after that encounter. If their Ice Blight wasn't bad enough, Zamtrios also have their ice armor and inflating bodies. During that 'nado, Fin worked alongside with the Monster Hunters who were happy to help him deal with yet another sharknado… at least until they had to get the carves. after which he decided to leave them to that.
  • Fin is also an accomplished surfer, which he hasn't had much time for ever since sharknados entered his life. Thankfully, there are those who can enforce the safety of the oceans, particularly folks like Aquaman, and Fin appreciates his help in controlling the beasts, so he's been able to get around doing that again.
  • He also knows how to land a commercial plane after getting a Crash Course Landing when a sharknado killed the pilots (and a few passengers and the flight attendant).
  • Since it was a shark god who was responsible for all the sharknados in his world, Fin's always ready to tangle against Bruce (or any other aquatic creature that would like him dead) whenever he's in the water. The shark for his part is reconsidering the "his kin flying inside a tornado" plan.
  • Among the many things Fin has survived include getting electrocuted (even if grounded), thrown into the sharknado by an explosion, and Air Jousting with the sharks before riding another down until it was impaled on the lightning rod of the building he was blown off of, and so much more.
  • Also in Fin's temple, one can buy a book titled How to Survive A Sharknado, written by his wife April.
  • He remembered seeing Wil Wheaton as an airplane passenger whose head was bitten off by a shark. Wil for his part is not saying anything.
  • Is wary of Matt Hardy; his infamous "The Final Deletion" has been compared as the Sharknado of wrestling films. The idea of BROKEN Matt summoning a Sharknado would be both hilarious and terrifying.
  • His last adventure had time travel involved and he has been in the pre-K2 extinction event, the Middle Ages in King Arthur's time, at Washington's time while he was repelling the British, the Wild West period during Billy the Kid's time, the early 20th century where he met his parents, and even the far future populated by Terminator versions of his wife. He's met Merlin, George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin during these travels. Due to the Cosmic Retcon however, only the first "remembers" this.
    • Because of this time travel to Ret-Gone sharknados from his world, not to mention the Time Crash in the climax that could've easily destroyed the universe, Fin is on the Dahaka's shit list.

    Killer Bean 
Killer Bean, God of Works Defined By Gimmicks (Jack Bean, Compassionate Bean)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His handguns
  • Theme Song: Fighting Mood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Ace, Anti-Hero, Blood Knight, Shooted an entire warehouse because the music annoyed him, Jerkass, One-Man Army, Sociopathic Hero
  • Domains: Beans, Killing, Fighting, Guns, Crime
  • Allies: Frank Castle/The Punisher, John Wick, Jason Todd
  • Rivals: Agent 47, Gold Third
  • Enemies: HYDRA, The Black Organization, Mr. X, Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Dr. Zomboss, Benny
  • Odd Friendship: Crazy Dave
  • Opposes: Those that drink coffee
  • Killer Bean, real name Jack Bean, is a trained assassin who used to work for the Shadow Bean organization until they decided to dispose of him. In order to do that, he was tasked with eliminating Dark Bean, a rogue agent that left the organization with precious information and after Killer Bean succeeded he was no longer of use to them. Since then, Killer Bean has been going around the world trying to end the Shadow Bean organization for good and get back at them.
  • You may be wondering why Killer Bean ascended to the Pantheon. It didn't take long for most deities to figure out why, given that this is a world of anthropomorphic coffee beans we are talking about. Killer Bean just showed up unannounced and shot up an entire operation of criminal beans working for GUAE, which was a matter time before the rest of the Pantheon found out about his involvement. While his title is a bit ridiculous for him, he took it instead of trying to piss off most of the pantheonic big players.
  • Works as a gun for hire, but his job tends to be a lot more difficult in the Pantheon since people don't stay dead but usually one visit by him would let them know he means business. When alignment is concerned, he mostly works for the GUAG and sometimes the GUAC, he wants nothing to do with the GUAE ever since he learned the Shadow Bean Organization has ties to said Grand Alliance and he is still looking to destroy the Shadow Bean for good.
  • Usually deals with the more unsavoury fellows and he is surprisingly deadly for someone who hails from such a silly universe with talking beans. He's had a few scuffles with Mr. X and the Kingpin, usually jeopardizing their business while Killer Bean himself gets off unscathed and usually undetected. But his recklesness has gotten him in trouble with the House of Justice, who have been able to track him down easily because for some reason he decided to encase his bullets with his name.
  • Not a bean who makes many friends, not only because he prefers to work alone but also because he is kind of a dick to others. He does like Frank Castle's style, both being vigilantes does make them relate and Killer Bean feels sorry about what happened to Frank. Bean also works a lot with John Wick, the two at least have pissed enough member of GUAE and even from the House of Justice not to mention crime syndicates respectively, so working together to ease the load has been a blast for both, though Wick does find Killer Bean to be way too reckless for his liking but doesn't mind it much, especially because Bean has actually turned down offers to hunt down Wick because he likes him.
    • Killer Bean and Red Hood once came to blows after the latter tried to capture Killer Bean himself but the two ended up calling a truce after realizing they are Not So Different. While initially found him cocky and way too full of himself, Killer Bean is an excellent hitman all things considered and the two at least share the goal of erradicating all criminal scum one bullet at a time, so they still work occasionally.
  • Considering their similarities to the Shadow Bean, it was only a matter of time before Killer Bean would personally target both HYDRA and the Black Organization and he did quite a number on them, mostly because they didn't take him seriously at first. Having learned from their mistake, the two organizations have issued a hit on Killer Bean, but most of the people that have tried to end the stubborn bean have either been killed themselves or bailed knowing going after Killer Bean wasn't worth it.
  • Being an assassin himself doesn't mean he is free from being targetted by his peers as several have tried to take him down with usually doesn't end good for anyone. Agent 47 had trouble taking down the bean but he's been one of the few to keep him on his toes and it's been a while since someone has given him a proper fight quite like the time he faced off against Jet Bean. He holds a lot of respect for Agent 47 but knowing he just a Consummate Professional, he doesn't try to talk his way out with him and usually prefers to not bother with him but considers the man a worthy rival.
  • Likes to flaunt his guns but others think it's just an easy way to track him down since his bullets are marked with his name. The group Gold Third consider themselves worthy rivals for Killer Bean given their own golden weaponry but the bean barely gives them the time of day. Then there was Benny, another small-time criminal not unlike Cuppuccino's nephew who thought taking on the Killer Bean would be a piece of cake and those fancy golden guns would be a neat prize for taking down. You can all guess how that went for poor Benny who got his ass handed to him with Killer Bean barely breaking a sweat, but it's not the first time Benny got overconfident.
  • Given he is a sentient coffee bean, those that are addicted to caffeine certainly get on his nerves and prefers to not deal with them (he has been known to shoot at the people that drink coffee in his presence but they know better than to provoke Killer Bean). This also brought him into a special situation with Dr. Zomboss, since has dealt with beans in the past and seeing one calling himself "Killer Bean" and killing people left and right certainly worried him. He tried to have a few of his undead minions get rid of the bothersome bean but then all those minions were sent back to him in pieces with the bullet encasings that belonged to Killer Bean all over said minions. That also made him one unlikely ally in the form of Crazy Dave, who ensured the confused bean that he would at least give him protection from Zomboss forces.
  • If you value your life, please don't play loud music near his temple. It can get on his nerves and there are accounts of him shooting an entire party of criminals because they annoyed him. Either you turn down the music or he'll turn it down for you.

Korgoth, God of Failed Pilot Episodes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His axe
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Beware the Quiet Ones, Heroic Comedic Sociopath, The Stoic
  • Domains: Barbarians, Adventure
  • Allies: Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Anti-Mage
  • Enemies: all villainous practitioners of magic
  • Source of Interest for: Howard & Kreese
  • Other Relations: The Eight Travelers
  • Once there was a barbarian named Korgoth. He’s someone who keeps to himself unless pissed off, in which case he’ll dish out some extreme violence. After getting pulled into a quest by some hooligans, Korgoth gets infected with some parasites and has to retrieve some sort of valuable in order to get the cure. More violence an insanity followed, which included finding a girl and her suddenly dying in the midst of chaos. Afterwards, Korgoth got a souvenir (which happened to be the treasure he was going after) and later got a medicine in exchange which would treat his parasite problem very slowly. Afterwards...that was pretty much it; there wasn’t any other crazy adventure he went on due to external reasons (cost factors being commonly cited for such).
  • Across the more dangerous parts of the Pantheon, there were a group of adventurers that was looking for a powerful ally to help them retrieve an artifact for the House of Profession. They came across a tavern and found themselves in the aftermath of a bloody brawl with the only patron still standing being a barbarian who was just trying to have a drink. It took some effort in order to convince Korgoth to join the adventurers on their quest and after he relented, several bloody events occurred as a result of some of the adventurers’ stupidity, but Korgoth eventually found the artifact the group was looking for. Korgoth then found himself at Pantheon grounds and the adventurers convinced the higher-ups to let Korgoth stay in the Pantheon. He didn’t really object to being part of the Pantheon, but he didn’t really care all that much either way.
  • Korgoth used to live in an apocalyptic world that’s overrun with violence and preferred to keep to himself in order to survive. While the Pantheon is nowhere near as grim compared to what he’s gone through, violence is still a regular occurrence, especially with that Forever War going on in certain places. Since he’s essentially a mercenary for hire, he’ll only get caught up in any sort of conflict if pressured well enough, but he’ll very much go off and be by himself once all is said and done.
  • Conan the Barbarian heard about another deity whose line of work was similar to his own and arranged a meeting with Korgoth. The meeting took place in a battlefield where Korgoth had finished slaughtering a bunch of thugs that crossed him for the wrong reasons. Conan was aware from a conversation prior to meeting Korgoth that the latter can be difficult to talk to, but given Conan’s capabilities, he didn’t run into any difficulties talking to another barbarian that was only interested in surviving a harsh landscape. Conan grew as an individual throughout his adventures and Korgoth remained mostly the same, so it fell to Conan to at the very least, make Korgoth a bit easier for others to approach towards without giving him the wrong idea. On his end, Korgoth doesn’t have any real issue with Conan and the two have found themselves in a number of adventures that would result in a lot of unlucky goons dismembered.
    • It was through his adventures with Conan that Korgoth encountered Red Sonja, a warrior that Conan was acquainted with. Korgoth was initially reminded of the girl that he traveled with and later unceremoniously killed by a wizard and while Red Sonja does end up getting into her fair share of trouble, she’s more than capable of defending herself. After a quick test to prove his skills towards Red Sonja, Korgoth got on her good side and has even defended her from harrowing scenarios whenever Conan isn’t nearby.
  • Korgoth makes it a rule of his not to get involved with wizards and magic practitioners in any way whatsoever, especially considering what happened the last (and ostentiably the only) time he came across one. The fact that the Pantheon was home to some deities with anti-magic properties (and those who specialize in outright killing mages) raised an eyebrow of his. Korgoth learned about Anti-Mage that way and given what the name and profession suggested, he was someone that Korgoth had some level of interest in. While Anti-Mage did find Korgoth’s story weird in multiple ways (especially considering the kind of magic that Korgoth went up against), he has no issue in the barbarian’s abilities and has requested his help in going after any troublesome magic users on an irregular basis.
  • He can be seen in numerous bars across the Pantheon whenever he isn’t on a major adventure. Many deities who operate a bar are rather apprehensive of having Korgoth stay for an extended period of time or even have him step foot in their bars, not because of how he behaves, but more of the fact that they don’t want to risk witnessing any brawls (which are already a recurring problem for some bars) that have him involved because someone thought it would be a good idea to try and set off a brutal warrior for any reason.
  • Those that are looking for a great challenge or just want to start a fight for any reason tend to annoy Korgoth a lot, with them only being behind wizards in terms of annoyance. These blood knights make it easy to get on Korgoth’s violent side and those that have already fought him in the Pantheon are eager for a rematch, regardless of the safety of those close to them. While Korgoth does try to ignore them as much as possible, there’s only so much he can take before blood starts spilling.
  • As The Eight Travelers had finished another adventure of theirs and were headed to a bar, they saw a customer covered in blood run out in a panic and when they headed inside, they saw a gory mess and Korgoth simply sitting there trying to have a drink in peace. Some members believed that the barbarian that was there would be difficult to talk to if they did something to get on his nerves, with Olberic almost getting the group in trouble when he attempted to ask Korgoth for a quick battle. The trouble mostly dissipated when Korgoth told the group his one adventure and Alfyn was reminded of what Vanessa Hysel tried to pull off after learning the barbarian was the victim of a Poison-and-Cure Gambit, though Korgoth at least got a lot of the cure for free (even if it was ineffective individually) whereas Vanessa charged a high price for the cure after the disease returned. Although some of the group had magic, Korgoth didn’t mind the Travelers as a whole, though a meeting between him and the group whenever the latter is acting psychopathic isn’t going to go nearly as well as their initial encounter to put it lightly.
  • Howard and Kreese learned about Korgoth’s violent tendencies and enjoy his brutality greatly whenever he gets pushed into a battle. Korgoth doesn’t appear to be aware of two people overlooking his actions from afar, but the announcers do find it amusing to some extent the idea of a game where people try to pester Korgoth and see if they can survive his wrath.
    Howard: Now this barbarian may look like he wants peace and quiet, but it’s actually a deadly game of chicken for anyone that he sees.
    Kreese: And it’s the only kind of game of chicken any of us want: one that ends with the losers not even getting the chance to piss themselves wet as they go flying all over the place by a maniac.

    Mayuri (Date A Live
Mayuri, Goddess of Non-Serial Movies
Click to see her Astral Dress 
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her wings, alternatively, her earrings
  • Theme Song: "Resolution"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Arc Hero of a Standalone Movie, Created with Energy from Other Spirits, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Stalking Shido on His Dates, Canon Foreigner, The Stoic, Our Angels Are Different, Invisible To Everyone Except Shido, Bare Your Midriff Losing Control of Her Angel, Dying to Protect Shido
  • Domains: Love, Protection, Observation, Sacrifice
  • Followers: Koyuki Kazehana, Shion, Éclair
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Voldemort, Harbinger, evil-aligned deities in the House of Love, anyone who threatens Shido
  • When an anime series becomes popular enough, it warrants a movie. However, a movie might be made while the series is still ongoing. The solution? Make the movie a standalone story with no strict continuity to the original series. That's where Mayuri comes in. She was the focal character of the Date A Live movie, which ended in her noble sacrifice to protect Shido and all of Tenguu City from Kerubiel, her own rampaging Angel. Out of compassion and admiration, the Court of the Gods granted her in the Pantheon.
  • Upon hearing of her ascension, Shido quickly ran to her temple where they shared a tearful and poignant reunion, celebrated by many. They went on a beautiful date to the House of Theatre and Spectacle, where they watched a marathon of their favorite movies. Fortunately, Kotori and the Ratatoskr team had reserved an entire room just for them.
  • As happy as Mayuri's ascension was to Shido and his friends, it brought about a distrubing question: what happened to Kerubiel? Since Mayuri lived, it would mean Kerubiel would have manifested as well. Perhaps it was left causing trouble in the mortal realm or it had ascended without anyone noticing; and without Mayuri to control it, the damage would be catastrophic. The Grand United Alliance of Good has mobilized several teams to find it and contain it.
    • Since most of her magical power is contained within Kerubiel, Mayuri actually has no combat prowess. Still, she makes herself useful to the GUAG in missions involving espionage, infiltration and rescue.
  • Spider-Man sees much of Gwen in Mayuri and has confided in her his regrets of not being able to save Gwen, as he is still affected by it, even if he has used her death as a motivation to do better. Mayuri, understanding how much her death affected Shido, tells Peter not to be so harsh on himself, as Gwen would have been proud of all the good he has done.
  • On Shido and Link's suggesttion, she met Fi, Midna and Navi, who had fulfilled roles similar to hers in their series. They became friends fairly quickly.
  • Befriended Ashi and Fuuka Akitsuki, who shared the tragic similarity of dying before their hero could save them. Fuuka does point out that she survived in the anime adaptation, something that makes Mayuri and Ashi a bit jealous. Nevertheless, they remain good friends.
  • Warned by Shido to stay away from Isaac Westcott, the Big Bad of their series. While Mayuri never met Wescott, she trusts his word that he must never be allowed to fulfill his ambitions. She also opposes Voldemort, who is just as ambitious and depraved as Westcott Harbinger either, as the Reaper has the same destructive power as Kerubiel.
  • Can also be found in Continuities.

    Penta Penguin 
Penta Penguin, God of Forgotten Placeholders
  • Theme Song: Blizzard Bluff (Nitro-Fueled remix)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Scarf
  • Alignment: True Neutral (May be secretly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, Everything's Better with Penguins, Originally appeared in the Crash manga, Master of All (in Team Racing's PAL version), Mighty Glacier (in Nitro-Fueled), Only unlockable through a cheat code, Left unfinished and with many bugs in CTR's original release, Ambiguously Evil
  • Domains: Penguins, Cold, Ambiguity, Bugs, Incompleteness
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Neo Cortex, Dingodile, N. Oxide, Oswald Cobblepot
  • On good terms with: Aku Aku and Uka Uka
  • Under watch of: Dr. Hax
  • Penta Penguin is a rather peculiar penguin Crash met during his adventures. Alleguedly, Crash ended up saving him from Dingodile before the latter torched him, but there are other versions where Penta was a rather grumpy penguin who was jealous of Crash because his girlfriend took a liking to the Bandicoot. That however is not the reason Penta found himself in the pantheon and it mostly had to do with Penta's involvement in the competition against N. Oxide. Penta was a Secret Character that could be accessed through a secret cheat code but his state was fairly unfinished and that's what allowed the penguin to ascend.
  • Penta wasn't received by a regular ascension party. Rather, he randomly popped into existence after Roahm Mythril entered the "L1+R1, Down, Right, Triangle, Down, Left, Triangle, Up" cheat code thinking he could gain immortality but was dissapointed once he saw Penta appear before him. After Roahm left, Penta wandered around and found his friend Polar chilling in the snowy parts of the House of Beast and asked him if he could get him a temple or title. Thanks to Polar and Crash, who was later informed of Penta's arrival, the penguin was given a temple, albeit a bit far away from his companions.
  • He has a girlfriend named Gurin, who he is head over heels for and would do anything to win her affections. And like mentioned before, she almost dumped him for Crash, which left Penta a bit disgruntled but it seems he is on good terms with Crash. It's not known if both are together and Penta has avoided any questions regarding Gurin.
  • Naturally, the first he wanted to do is meet other penguins. Arriving at the House of Birds he found a few of them. First we was received by Hubie, who was pretty nice to him and then he presented him to Rocko, who is a little more grumpy which reminded Penta a bit of his old self. Later he met Sgt. Byrd and the Madagascar Penguins, who saw Penta as a potential recruit for their missions but the penguin showed no interest to partain in them. He is a bit close to Sgt. Byrd since both find out that they share common friends, namely Crash and Spyro.
    • Penta also ended up meeting King Dedede, who alleguedly is another penguin but apparently he doesn't consider himself one. Surprisingly they are on friendly terms, despite Dedede's haughty nature, possibly having to do with Penta's Ambiguously Evil nature.
  • There are hints that Penta might be secretly evil, considering that he can use both Aku Aku and Uka Uka as his protective mask. Others, particularly his penguin friends, that he is not evil, just a bit mean. And even if he is on good terms with the evil mask, he definitely doesn't get along with the bad guys ever since Dingodile almost torched him and that's why he prefers the company of Crash and his friends.
  • After hearing about a potential "evil" penguin roaming the pantheon, Oswald Cobblepot, better known as the Penguin, wanted to meet this particular penguin. He was a bit dissapointed at meeting Penta and seeing nothing more that a penguin who spoke with weird sentences and wasn't really that evil. Cobblepot later found his temple full of TNT and left in shambles, some suspecting Penta was behind it all. Indeed they were right, Penta didn't like being insulted by Cobblepot and enacted his revenge, infuriating the mob boss in the process.
  • Was asked if he had anything to do with the penguins that roam the icy parts of Wumpa Island. Outside of sharing the look and the ability to Spin Attack, he said he is unrelated to most of them and that's why he has the magenta scarf.
  • Considering his origin, many were wary that Penta's original unfinished state would cause problems in the pantheon. This was somewhat alleviated by the release of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, who adjusted Penta and made his stats more on par with the others, but even then, there are ways for him to return to his original maxed out stats and even some commands that could make him glitch through the pantheon. That's why Dr. Hax has been monitoring the penguin very closely, since he can't quite trust the seemingly innocent-looking penguin.
  • When it comes to hidden characters from racing games, he heard that Vanellope Von Schweetz had a similar history as him. She was left in a glitchy and unfinished state, although that had to less with being a last minute character and more with an outside force removing her from the game. Penta and Vanellope became best friend and they usually compete to see who is better driver.
  • Seems to be a fan of ninjas, ocassionally dressing as one. He even tried visiting the House of Profession and other places where ninjas may gather. When questioned, he clarified that he had nothing to do with the ninja penguins that appeared in Von Clutch's Motorworld and that he won't steal your coins. Nobody believed him on the latter.
  • First deity that has seriously considering getting a dual membership on both the Grand United Alliance of Good and the Grand United Alliance of Evil. While both groups have encouraged him to pick a group and stick with it, he went and joined both anyway.
  • "Penguin yay one!"

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Pit, God of the Sequel Gap (Pitty-Pat, Pit-Stain, Angel-Face, Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard)
  • Lesser God. When wielding the Three Sacred Treasures, he verges on Intermediate God. Greater God when piloting the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • Symbol (and weapon): Palutena's Bow
  • Theme Song: Kid Icarus Title Screen (Brawl Remix), I'm Finished! (much to Pit's chargin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Breaking the Fourth Wall, Butt-Monkey, "I'm finished!", Beating up Hades, Older Than They Look, Sequel Gap For 21 Years.
  • Domains: Angels, Sequels, Heroes
  • Followers: Nanael, The Fool, Kevin Matchstick
  • Allies: Palutena, Viridi, Link, Mario, Sonic, Sophitia Alexandria, Mega Man, Rider, Asura (no one knows how THAT happened.), Erica Fontaine, Maka Albarn, Lightning, Lucina, Tyrael, Brief, Colette Brunel, Luka, Samus Aran, Ness, Robin
  • Friendly Rival: Dark Pit
  • Odd Friendship with: Bayonetta
  • Enemies: Hades, Soul Edge, Dio Brando, pretty much the whole GUAE (barring a few exceptions like Ralph), Hela
  • Opposes: Jibril, Yunael and Minael
  • Frequent Target of: Panty Anarchy
  • Ascended after he defeated Hades and proved he had what it took to stand among the Pantheon. He also had recognition for being part of the Smash Brothers tournament and the fight against Tabuu, but felt like he didn't deserve to take his seat until he further proved himself.
  • Freaked out when he found out Hades was already in the Pantheon. When Pit went to confront him, Hades only asked if he wanted to have a chat with Excalibur. Pit ran away immediately.
  • He's very close to Sophitia Alexandria as they both are servants of gods.
  • Was originally scared of Rider, thinking she was the Goddess of Darkness called Medusa, but after settling down long enough to hear her explanation, he actually decided to call her friend.
  • Was responsible for Viridi's ascension to the Pantheon, and he sometimes can be found hanging around with her. Viridi denies that they are in a relationship and anyone who says they are will be subjected to a Reset Bomb.
  • He's formed a friendship Maka, and they like to practice aerial combat abilities against each other. He then formed a strange friendship with ASURA of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Just like Simon Belmont, Pit insists that he has never put '-icus' in every of the words/sentences he said. Though not on the level of Simon, Pit also is pretty miffed at Kevin Keene for insisting that he's like that. However, ever since Kevin Keene saved his life during a battle with Hades with the Pause Button, they're getting along better.
  • Anarchy Panty keeps trying to convince him to have sex with her. His reactions are almost always pure fluster. He's also shown to get along just fine with Brief, who's ironically madly in love with Panty; Brief doesn't particularly mind of Panty's flirting on him, as he knows the flightless angel not only tries to shove off the blonde fallen angel's flirts, but is also actively shipping Panty/Brief.
  • He looks at Lightning with interest, mostly because her voice reminds him of Palutena, minus her gadfly-behavior. He usually visits her in the Fallen, for which she is grateful, as it makes guard duty less lonely.
    • And speaking of Palutena, he pretty much screamed to the sky, "I'M FINISHED!!!" when he learned that Palutena would personally come to fight in the 4th Smash Bros. Tournament.
  • Pit has trained for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Tournament, and is now able to summon the Three Sacred Treasures whenever he has his hands on a Smash Ball. BEWARE.
    • He was rather surprised to learn that Dark Pit would be joining in as well, with his own unique Final Smash even.
  • Is a member of the GUAG Super Robots division with the Great Sacred Treasure as his main unit. However, he's only allowed to use it in dire circumstances... or when it's the holidays.
  • Doesn't like how Jibril makes fun of his inability to fly without help.
  • Sees Tyrael as a sort of surrogate uncle, and he loves listening to his stories and how much he believes in humanity.
  • Good friends with Luka, due to his desire to see co-existence between monsters and humans reminding him a lot of why he keeps fighting along with their angel origins. He also expressed empathy at learning that the Goddess Ilias wasn't the good person she would project herself as, remembering how Palutena was possessed by the Chaos Kin.
  • Is determined to get Lucina to laugh. His efforts have rarely proven to be successful, but he keeps on trying.
  • Ness has started inviting him to a club of sorts led by a teenage shapeshifting Mii, where they MST bad fanfics. Overjoyed to see many of his fellow Smasher gods there as well, he seems to really enjoy it. There, he revealed that he may have a sibling-like relationship with Samus.
  • One day he though he saw Lady Palutena in the Pantheon and ran over to happily greet her. Sadly, it was not the case as it turned out to be Dio dressed in a drag, gleefully spouting that same damn meme at poor Pit. In his shock and slight horror, the angel stood there all night.
  • Was initially scared of Bayonetta and tended to avoid her due to her career of killing angels, believing she would think he's one of the Angels of Paradiso. But after finally working up the courage to talk to her and assuring her that he was nothing like the Angels of Paradiso, he got to know her a bit better and the two have formed a surprising friendship. Pit even expressed sympathy for her, likening her quest to save her friend Jeanne's soul from Inferno to his own quest to save Palutena's soul from the Chaos Kin.
    • He, like many, was quite surprised to learn that Bayonetta had won the smash ballot and would be joining the tournament next February. He congratulated her, but was a bit nervous about actually fighting her.

Reptilicus, Representative of Special Effect Failure
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Kaiju, Reptiles Are Abhorrent, Healing Factor
  • Domains: Reptiles, Regeneration
  • "Allies": "Hunter" Series, SCP-2006
  • Rival: Godzilla
  • Source of Interest for: Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Mesogog
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: The Satellite of Love Crew
  • Somewhere in Denmark, a group of miners find a frozen reptile's tail underground. An attempt to study the tail further leads to disaster and a monster known as Reptilicus has run amok as a result. Regenerative abilities are the main gimmick for this monster, but it also has a couple of different abilities that just look silly, notably spitting out some sort of green acid. It also looks rather off in general, especially when trying to fly or eat someone.
  • It was yet another "normal" day in the Pantheon until someone found a part of a mysterious reptile washed ashore on a beach. The part was taken in to try and study it, but it didn't take long for chaos to happen. A giant reptile was running around, flying and/or spitting acid around the Pantheon. It took the effort of some armed forces to subdue it, but there any sort of attempt to get it removed from the Pantheon really didn't work out as some scientists, having learned about the mayhem from various reports, wanted to learn more about it and its attributes.
  • Despite what its title may suggest, Reptilicus is a monster that shouldn't be taken too lightly. It's regenerative abilities means that it's highly possible for a separate Reptilicus to be running around and cause problems for some while a different group has to fight against a different Reptilicus at the same time. Several measures have been put in place to subdue it without having it take advantage of its healing, though that's easier said than done.
  • Plenty of scientifically-minded deities have taken it upon themselves to study a part of Reptilicus further to see if there's anything interesting that can be found. Compared to what happened initially, management on making sure the Reptilicus parts don't regenerate have improved, but there's still a handful of instances where the Reptilicus parts have been missing as a result of some sort of external mishap.
  • Contrary to what some may think, it's actually one of Godzilla's more problematic opponents that isn't one of his already existing enemies. While Godzilla's atomic breath can blast through Reptilicus without much trouble, the real issue there is that after some time, whatever remains of Reptilicus lie around after that blast will grow into another Reptilicus. Some have tried to argue that Godzilla fighting Reptilicus when there's a lot of other giant monsters running around is a bad idea and that the King of Monsters should fight a more significant threat whilst any armed forces present will handle subduing Reptilicus.
    • On a more general note, there hasn't been a lot of reports of Reptilicus fighting other giant monsters besides Godzilla within the Pantheon. It might be due to it's very limited, if still troublesome, abilities despite largely being considered a mindless monster. It does make it easier for anyone trying to subdue the creature whenever they're tasked to so, but it doesn't mean the job is already simple as it is.
  • More than a handful of evil scientists have taken some curiosity on Reptilicus' regenerative properties to see how that can benefit their plans. Albert Wesker in particular is really interested in its abilities to see if a new entry in the Hunter line of monsters is possible. The monsters in the Hunter series are already bad enough as they are, but one that could potentially regenerate would be even worse, especially since it's likely to lack the questionably cheesier aspects of Reptilicus.
    • As for the actual monsters within the "Hunter" Series, they actually do get along with Reptilicus to some extent. Even though Reptilicus by default just lumbers around (or fly awkwardly at times) and spits acid every now and then, the creature has actually been seen with those monsters, something that Wesker is fine with as it helps him learn more about the creature.
  • In addition to Wesker, Mesogog has taken interest in Reptilicus' attributes. In particular, he sees the regenerative properties as a significant advantage in making his monsters, though it may take quite a bit of time for him to perfect the concept of a dinosaur army that can regenerate at a far faster rate than what Reptilicus can do.
  • SCP-2006 has come to see Reptilicus as a worthwhile friend and has even taken up Reptilicus as a potential transformation. A lot of the potential comedy that has come from them quickly stopped when the realization kicked in that with if SCP-2006 transforms into Reptilicus while the real Reptilicus is wreaking havoc, then it'd be very hard to tell which one is the SCP in diguise and which Reptilicus is the real deal.
  • Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo watched its initial appearance and made fun of a lot of it's aspects. They were somewhat surprised to see that it ended up in the Pantheon and even if they aren't going to pay too much attention to it, they still had to be warned that the creature running around in the Pantheon is no joke compared to when it originally showed up in that movie they saw.
  • Unlike what happened when it attacked Denmark originally, any sort of armed forces that are trying to attack it are actually within reasonable distance. The whole rumor of Reptilicus being further than normal from those forces and somehow looking worse than it is from a distance could be passed off as a "joke" from a few deities that don't really take things seriously.
  • A few think there's a very similar-looking creature with the same abilities known as Reptisaurus the Terrible. A smaller set of people think there's yet another similar creature known as Scarysaurus the Scary. Turns out that both Reptisaurus and Scarysaurus are indeed Reptilicus; it's just that the whole regeneration schtick means that some crazier deities will try to name any separate Reptilicus from a spare part a weird name.

    Ryu Suzaku 
Ryu Suzaku, God of Unfinished Dubs (Rick Wheeler, Captain Falcon II)
Spoiler from the end of F-Zero Legend of Falcon 

    Samurai Pizza Cats 
Will somebody PLEASE cue the Pantheon entry?

Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy & Polly Esther, Gods & Goddess of Comedic Inaccurate Dubbing (Samurai Pizza Cats/Himitsu Ninja Tai Nyanki (for all); Yattarou/Nyanki #1 (Speedy); Sukashii/Nyanki #2 (Guido); Pururun/Nyanki #3 (Polly))
From left to right: Guido Anchovy, Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther
  • Lesser Gods (jumps to Intermediate with Extra Topping Power Armor/jetpacks)
  • Symbol: The Magical Ginzu Sword (Speedy), The Sunspot Umbrella (Guido), A sword with a heart hilt & flute (Polly)
  • Theme Song: Samurai Pizza Cats Theme, Teyandee Special Express (when they're serious)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: (all) Mechanical Lifeform, Ninja/Samurai Robotic Funny Animals, Animal Superheroes, ¡Three Amigos!, True Companions, Gag Dub, No Fourth Wall, having a Interactive Lemony Narrator, Clark Kenting
  • Domains: Felines, Robots, Swords, Pizza
  • Heralds: Francine/Otama and the Pizza Cats Rescue Team
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Speedy Gonzales
  • Enemies: Murkrow, Clockwerk, Sigma, Vile, Ultron, Bruce
  • Under Vigilance of: The SCP Foundation
  • As the first Anime Gag Dub and the forerunner to online abridged series found everywhere on Youtube and special sites these days, our feline heroes, the Samurai Pizza Cats, were allowed to ascend to the halls of the Trope Pantheon. Also joining them on their arrival, it was mandatory that I, myself, join them as well to narrate their exploits within the walls of this institution.
  • True to the Pantheon's (and the writer's) form, the welcoming party was a very auspicious occassion. Among the many guests welcoming our beloved heroes, the man known as LittleKuriboh paid special tribute to our trio. After all, if it wasn't for them, he'd probably have another job instead of comically redubbing anime series!
  • Without missing a step, the Pizza Cats immediately signed up for the Grand United Alliance of Good to fight the good fight against the Pantheon's nefarious nogoodniks dwelling within. After all, nothing shows bravery and justice like fighting alongside heroes from across the multiverse!
    Speedy: Actually, we also brought the Supreme Catatonic with us and joining their Robot War Division was the best place to keep it here. Do you have any idea how much we'd rack up in housing fees for that thing if we didn't?
    • Or maybe not...
  • After setting themselves up for service at the GUAG and their belongings at the Hall of Theatric Production, the Pizza Cats wasted no time in having their Pizza Emporium built into the House of Food. Business really picked up for our heroes (even though they had a bit of competition from a different type of Speedy) that they eventually had to also bring up Francine and the rest of the Pizza Cats Rescue Team as Heralds to help with orders and wait on incoming customers!
    Speedy: Not to mention only Francine knows how to work that gun for our deliveries and getting us to where the GUAG needs us!
    Polly: Hey, guys. You think Little Tokyo would be safe with all of the Pizza Cats here in the Pantheon and not there?
    Guido: Aww, don't get your tail in a knot. The show's been cancelled well over 20 years now. It'll be fine...
    • It was no surprise at anyone that one of the most-frequent spots the Pizza Cats are sent to deliver to is the Fat Cat temple at the Hall of Felines, where roly-poly feline and all-around Italian food gourmet Garfield resides. He and Polly go way back and she still thinks respectfully of him as treasures the flute he gave her as a present many years ago. Due to his inmense appetite, it takes all three of the Cats to deliver his usual snack which consists of 5 extra-large pizzas with every ingredient on the menu and 10 pans of the finest lasagna they can cook. If you think that's something, you should see what he asks for when he's really hungry!
  • Even though time and time again with our theme song and subtle good natured-ribbings placed throughout the show, it was no surprised that some of the Pizza Cats' best customers are the four Ninja Turtles. Our heroes would let bygones be bygones as all those stealth snipes at the reptilian brothers were because it was part of our contracts and after meeting them, they turned out to be a swell bunch of guys and even gave good tips for the quick deliveries. Still, it wasn't all a bed of roses since Raphael would rather bury the hatchet on a Pizza Cat helmet than stand for the show's insults. There's just no pleasing a ninja turtle...
  • Even though there is no Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows in the Pantheon, our heroes are usually called to take care of a different form of crow infestation in the form of the Murkrow flock. After facing the simpler Ninja Crows back in Little Tokyo, defeating the crow pokemon was quite easy. Although, they had to be wary when the flock leader appeared as he goes down much harder than Polly's last experimental pizza.
    Polly: [angrily] Don't blame me for using that experimental seasoning that crackpot Guru Lou gave us!
    • As it that wasn't enough, their abilities attracted the attention of a far-deadlier bird in the form of the mechanical owl mastermind, Clockwerk. He was most definitely a horse of a different color, with apologies to little ponies everywhere. The fearsome flying fiend proved to be a match for our heroes and they called upon General Catton and Bat Cat from the Rescue Team for assistance. While being kept busy by Catton's cannonballs and Bat Cat's evasive maneuvers, all three cats combined their final Sword Beam attacks and struck Clockwerk with a mighty blow. However, all it managed to do was dent his Tail Feathers and several primary remiges off his left Wing but that was enough to make Clockwerk retreat. After this, the Pizza Cats knew next time, they had to use all their skills to bring the mechanical owl down for good.
      Guido: Make a note not to let this guy near Little Tokyo...
  • The weirdest folks that visit the parlor aren't those who accidentally come in looking for Starbeans Cafe down the road, but rather a unique group of scientists interested in our heroes' functions. I'm talking about how they are not just walking talking cats, but rather robotic walking talking cats. They were hooked up to machines and asked such silly questions such as how they were able to function by consuming real food, how they could go to the little kittens' room, how could they get Amusing Injuries if they are robots and other such things. I believe it was a quartet of philosophical folks down at the Hall of Theatric Narrative that provided the best answer to these nagging questions.
    Crow: [imitating the narrator] Plausible Deniability!
    Speedy: Hey, this a Pantheon entry, not a MSTing! Get back to your own place!
    Mike: So much for a cameo. You guys are still gonna deliver that extra-large Samurai Supreme we ordered, right?
    Polly: Beat it!
  • Ahem, even with all that unwanted attention, our heroes were later visited by some folks who...well, weren't there to beat around the bush. I'm talking about the Pantheon's Maverick Hunters, X and Zero, who for some reason called the assembled Pizza Cats "reploids". They also gave them fair warning about their nemesis, Sigma, who would try and turn our heroes and their allies into Mavericks for his army. This was definitely no laughing matter as the Pantheon was far more dangerous than Little Tokyo could ever be, so the Pizza Cats were all sent to be immediately vaccinated for the Maverick Virus to prevent the dreaded from occuring. Still, Sigma and his evil bunch would stop at nothing in finding a way to turn our beloved Pizza Cats into evil drones for his conquering army.
  • Our heroes weren't the only ones that represented the legendary Tatsunoko Production studio. They were, however, shocked to learn that there was a fighting tournament that selected various members of the studio against several of Capcom's best fighters. Shocked, that is, because they never received an invitation to participate!
    Speedy: To think, I coulda used my Ginzu Sword as a super against the likes of Ryu!
    Guido: Hey, who says you were going to be the rep for all of us?!
    Speedy: Cuz I'm the leader of the Pizza Cats and that makes me the most likely candidate!
    Polly: Keep dreaming, tuna breath! Fans would wanted to see sweet little old me. <sigh>
    Speedy: The most you guys would be is part of a special move or a super same as that Doronjo witch!
    <unintelligible squabbling followed by Big Ball of Violence>
    • I think the fighting game world is just not ready for the likes of the Pizza Cats...
  • In an effort to sound slightly more edgy just like the Turtles, the Cats opted to be referred to by their initials of SPC. However, that instead brought a huge dilemma in the shape of a very irate Bruce the Shark, who already sported several bruises on its body (apparently caused by the scientists listed above) and chased after our heroes, which was very impressive for a sea-faring predator.
    Guido: Yeah, he's right! How the heck is that shark chasing after us on land?!
    Speedy: Stop wondering and start running!!

    Seattle, New Jersey Residents 
The Seattle, New Jersey Residentsmembers , Collective of Shows with Renamed Seasons
Carl, Frylock, Shake, Meatwad
  • Lesser God (Frylock); Demigods (Shake and Meatwad); Quasideity (Carl)
  • Symbol: The ATHF Logo
  • Theme Music: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Remix); Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1; Aqua Something You Know Whatever; Aqua TV Show Show; Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral bordering on Neutral Evil, with some Chaotic Stupid (Shake); Lawful Neutral (Frylock); Stupid Neutral (Meatwad); True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Carl)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Weirdness, Neighbors
  • One-Sided Rivalry towards: Other casanovas (Carl only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Eric Cartman (Shake only)
  • Annoyed at: The Cup Bros. (Shake only)
  • Other Relations: Ghost Planet Crew
  • In the town of Seattle, New Jersey (or just Seattle...or maybe just somewhere in New Jersey; it doesn't matter), there lives four weirdos who have a bunch of misadventures over random things. Three of those weirdos are talking food and the other one is a fat loser who lives next door to the food. Their mishaps have went through many different names, from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" to "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" to "Aqua Something You Know Whatever" to "Aqua TV Show Show" to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever". Some witnesses are free to call those adventures whatever they want. Regardless of the name, one thing's for certain: there's going to be a lot of craziness, chaos, and calamity involved with the four of them.
  • Their arrival in the Pantheon was something none of them really anticipated. It all started when they received a letter from an anonymous source claiming that they won the lottery. Meatwad seemed to easily believe it, but Frylock was highly skeptical about the credibility of the letter. Carl, who was visiting the Aqua Teens at the time, felt that he could do something with the potential "money", but Master Shake took the letter and attempted to claim the prize for himself. However, just when he was about to step outside, both houses that the weirdos usually live in exploded and they got knocked out unconscious in the midst of it, though they somehow weren't harmed by it.
    • Some time later, Frylock managed to find another letter and upon opening that, it said "I lied. You're all gods now". Shake somehow ended up very upset that the promised money wasn't real and attempted to find the person that sent the letter. As soon as he stepped outside his house, he was greeted by a mysterious figure who claimed that Shake and his friends were chosen to become gods of what's known as the Pantheon. Shake had a hard time believing anything that's said from it, insisting that where they're at isn't a "Pantheon". The figure claimed that the houses that Shake and co. lived at were mysteriously teleported upon their godhood, but Shake continued to argue with the figure. It got to a point where the figure got fed up with Shake and left. Shake then went after him, but the search didn't last much longer so to say. Frylock correctly assumed such a thing a few minutes after Shake's conversation with the figure ended. All this was just their first day in the Pantheon.
  • Back then, the Aqua Teens were some sort of detective agency (if it can even be called that) that investigates any sort of weird thing that happens close to them. Nowadays, they don't do that kind of thing anymore and any weird thing that happens related to them either comes to them or is even caused by them. Not that it stops Shake from claiming to the House of Profession that he, alongside Frylock and Meatwad, still solve mysteries despite Frylock saying otherwise to Shake. A lot of other detectives are under the impression that trying to meet up with the Aqua Teens and their neighbor will be nothing more than a total waste of time.
  • For no reason whatsoever, any object that the Aqua Teens touch and throw (or are in range of Frylock's eye lasers) end up exploding in a burst of flames of varying sizes upon hitting the ground (or if the lasers hit them). That includes the TV they own, the chair they have, and even stuff that wouldn't even make sense for it to explode. Michael Bay ended up getting interested in it and followed the group around for a bit to see how much explosions could occur as a result of tossed items. Frylock later found out about it, got really annoyed, and fired his laser beam eyes at Michael's camera, causing it to blow up. Frylock then told him that for the time being, they're not interested in having another movie about them made, despite Shake claiming that Michael Bay is the key to getting such a thing made.
  • None of the Aqua Teens look like what they do originally if Space Ghost is any indication. He ended up putting up with an anthropomorphic drink, fries, and a meatball back then and is still kind of annoyed about it. For some unknown reason, Shake and the others ended up being guests on Space Ghost's show much to the latter's chagrin and spent a good chunk of their interview claiming that they're like the aforementioned food items from a long time ago. Despite Frylock trying to tell Space Ghost otherwise, the interview devolved into mayhem. Carl was only able to talk to Moltar for a bit and Meatwad ended up being a bit confused about the whole thing and made random comments during awkward moments of silence.
  • Master Shake is the self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teens...emphasis on the "self-proclaimed" part as he is extremely self-absorbed. He's very unpleasant to put it mildly, takes advantage of Meatwad's stupidity, and constantly argues over incredibly petty things. If it weren't obvious by now, Shake is simply not that smart of a being despite his claims and more than once has he died as a result of his hubris. It's honestly amazing how he never manages to learn from any of mistakes, let alone his self-caused deaths.
    • Plenty of people have wanted to find out what would happen if Shake had an encounter with Eric Cartman, just to see what kind of hijinx unfold between two selfish sociopaths. Their first meeting resulted in Cartman and Shake switching places as temporary members of the others' circle of "acquaintances" for a day as part of a bet. Thing that normally happened between their groups ended up being more chaotic than normal because of the switch. Cartman and Eric's antagonism towards each other became worse as a result of the bet and both often come up with ways to screw over the other whenever possible.
    • Cuphead and Mugman became very intrigued upon finding someone who happened to be another living drinking accessory. With a name like Shake, the two were thinking about what Shake could look like, but were very surprised to find out that Shake's appearance was literally a milkshake cup with arms and not a cup with arms, limbs, and legs. Shake's cruel and caustic attitude was an even bigger surprise for the Cup Bros. to the point they thought Shake had signed a contract with a devil for something, except that accusation made Shake even more annoyed. After getting pelted at by the Cup Bros' projectiles to see if a contract would come out of him, Shake snapped and told them to get out. While the Cup Bros do believe somewhat that there might be something later on to let them have a more pleasant meeting with Shake even if no contract was involved, he wants nothing to do at all with the two.
  • Frylock is the closest thing the group has to having a sane member and even then, he definitely isn't immune to the jackassery that's prevalent around him. He designs a lot of weird machinery which sooner or later goes wrong and is able to fire lasers out of his eyes. Whenever Frylock's patience with others (mostly Shake) runs out, there's going to be more trouble in addition to whatever's happening.
    • Some of his spare time is spent visiting the House of Technology, looking at some of the various machinery they have to get some ideas for his inventions. Some of the more caustic visitors to that house have made fun of Frylock over how despite supposedly being the most calm of a bunch of crazies, he can't do much right, especially in regards to inventions and what Shake and Meatwad do with them.
    • He managed to find some steady friends in the form of others who have to put up with a bunch of insanity while trying to keep a cool head. Stan Marsh is a frequent conversation buddy of Frylock given that he has to deal with a callous jerk almost all the time much like Frylock's predicaments, especially given what happened with the whole bet between Cartman and Shake from prior. Frylock did admit to Stan and the other level-headed friends that trying to be rational is a lot easier said than done.
  • Of the group, Meatwad has the most childlike demeanor of them all, in addition to having an airheaded attitude. As his name would imply, he's a rolling, talking meatball with extremely limited shapeshifting capabilities. Meatwad tends to be victim of Shake's shenanigans, but there have been instances of Meatwad getting back at Shake in an equally cruel way.
    • Meatwad likes to play around with an empty toilet paper tube, an apple, and a box, envisioning those "toys" as friends of some kind. He was excited about a handful of other toys in the Pantheon and wanted to see them so that they could hang out with his "friends". He ended up encountering Woody and Buzz Lightyear and introduced them to his "friends". Unsurprisingly, the two didn't really understand what Meatwad was talking about in regards to his toys. Meatwad then told them that he did have a couple of instances of a meeting a living toy, albeit one that didn't go over all that well. Woody and Buzz then told him about Lotso, a really bad toy that's best to be left alone.
    • Him being very slow-witted means that anyone looking to take advantage of someone else will find him to be an easy target. Despite that, there have been some instances of Meatwad getting the better of whoever is abusing him in a way that's similar to Shake's shenanigans towards him.
  • Carl Brutananadilewski is the sole human of these misfits and practically the unluckiest of them all. Living next door to the living food items, Carl sees himself as a big shot despite being a fat loser with little in the way of meaningful progress. Carl initially didn't want much to do with his neighbors, but very slowly came to at the very least, tolerate them over time.
    • Whenever football season comes around, Carl visits the House of Sports and makes some short videos there weighing in what football-related events. Despite his best efforts, he's never really had a chance to co-commentate football matches with John Madden, mostly because Carl's attitude would end up alienating football viewers.
    • To put it lightly, Carl is a pronounced pervert and has made multiple trips to the House of Love to see if he could score some hot ladies over there (and some of his attempts don't occur at that place as well). Given how unlucky he is, Carl has never been able to hook up with a girl successfully and if he does manage to get a girl with him, there's a very strong chance that the girl in question does not look attractive in the least, something that even other wannabe casanovas in the Pantheon find eyebrow-raising.
    • Carl has had a history of having his car be vandalized or destroyed in multiple ways. One time, some mischief makers took off with one of his car's tires and he tried looking for it. He ended up finding a tire at an odd place, thinking that it was for his car and put it there. Some time later, he got frustrated that the tire disappeared for no reason and it was only after he turned on his TV that he discovered that the car tire was living and on a rampage, prompting a facepalm from Carl.
  • In addition to Carl's football-related ramblings, the House of Sports also holds a really weird golf competition devised by the Aqua Teens (or more accurately, it was Shake's ideas and he made the others go along with it). This particular take involves golfing on really strange courses and fighting a bunch of enemies to get to the golf ball, as well as defeating something else before putting the ball. And then there's the addition of racing around a golf course with its own set of challenges. Shake believes that this particular take on golf will make the game far more interesting and unpredictable, but plenty of others are very skeptical about what's been described especially considering that Mario has his own fantastical golf tournaments that are more manageable than what Shake has, much to his irritation.
  • A much rougher instance of Meatwad and toys happened when Shake saw some strange-looking teddy bears and tried to bring them over to Meatwad to trick him into thinking he'd get more "friends" for his toys. Of course, Shake didn't know that he was bringing in SCP-1048 over and that plenty of trouble ensued. Meatwad didn't even know that SCP-1048 would be deadly since it wasn't doing anything when he was initially introducing it to his friends. Then again, all this ended with Shake getting what's coming to him and Frylock just getting annoyed at all what transpired.
  • The crew has had a handful of run-ins with two separate pairs of aliens, both of which were not very threatening by standards of typical aliens. Compared to those, the Pantheon has a lot more aliens that are far from harmless, though there is potential for strange things to happen between the Aqua Teens and those aliens if they meet face-to-face close to Carl's house or the Aqua Teens' house.


    Danny & Sawyer 
Danny and Sawyer, Deities of Animated Musicals
Sawyer on the left, Danny on the right
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Mammoth Studios' logo
  • Theme Song: "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animated Musical about making musicals in Hollywood, living in a world of humans and civilized animals, but the animals are marginalized, allegory for discrimination of minorities in Hollywood, became some of the first leading animal actors in Hollywood
  • Domains: Musicals, Showbiz, Actors, Animals, Prejudice
  • Heralds: Their colleaguesnote 
  • Allies: The Muppets, Roger Rabbit, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, Polar Bear Café, Hubie and Rocko, Mumble, Bojack Horseman
  • Enemies: Judge Doom, Dawn Bellwether, Cruella de Vil, Ghetsis Harmonia, Eve Harrington
  • Oppose: Koba, Shere Khan, Claudandus, Norma Desmond
  • Small-town cat Danny arrived in Hollywood with dreams of making it big. However, he discovered things were not easy for animals like him, being relegated to stereotypical bit parts that didn't allow them a chance to show what they're capable of. Danny met many other animals in the business who no longer expected anything, including snarky and jaded fellow cat Sawyer. Still, Danny was undeterred and proposed to his colleagues that they put on their own act and prove to the humans that they have something to offer. They ran into some problems as popular child actress Darla Dimple was determined to keep the animals down, but with some improvisation and determination, Danny, Sawyer and their friends managed to show their talent to Hollywood and they were finally taken seriously as actors.
  • The House of Theatre and Spectacle took note of these animals' achievements and arranged for them to put on a performance in the Muppet Show, with Kermit and co. being glad to accommodate them. They faced some opposition, as some deities scoffed at the idea of animal actors being on the same level as human ones, and also there was Trollkaiger trying to sabotage them just because. However Danny and Sawyer kept the show going with the same perseverance they showed back in their world. Plus it helped to have the Muppets on their side. After the event, Danny and Sawyer were invited to ascend in order to bring more of their entertainment in, which they took as a great honor and accepted.
  • Through their work, they quickly became friends with a fellow animal in the business, Roger Rabbit. Although Danny and Sawyer work in more serious, feature-length productions and Roger Rabbit only shows up in shorts, they could relate to each other in how they all had to contend with being discriminated against in some way or another. Danny and Sawyer were surprised to learn that the prejudice Roger faced didn't stem from him being an animal, but from being a toon, which the rabbit promptly informed them they qualified as. He also warned them to stay away from a certain Judge Doom, who hates toons with a murderous passion despite being one himself. On the other hand, his good pal Eddie Valiant is alright, and Danny and Sawyer hold him in high regard for being a human who could overcome his prejudices.
  • There are occasions when Danny and Sawyer are tasked with obtaining a permit to film in some place in the Pantheon, and because of that they have become well-acquainted with the police duo of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. In their conversations they have become aware that they have a fair bit in common, given Judy and Nick's world is one where there are daily struggles with bigotry, in this case between carnivores and herbivores. Danny and Sawyer find it lamentable that there are even realities where animals have turned against each other, but find hope in the fact that Judy, who was herself unconsciously prejudiced against carnivores like Nick, managed to become a better person and become inseparable partners with Nick. Judy herself loves Danny's pluck and that he never gave up and managed to achieve his dreams, kind of like her. Sawyer and Nick also relate to each other as former cynics who became better thanks to their bright-eyed partners.
    • Sadly, Judy and Nick's archnemesis Dawn Bellwether is also around and she holds on to her belief that carnivores oppress herbivores and thus need to be kept down. Danny and Sawyer are cats, which are carnivores, so Dawn doesn't think highly of them to start with, and the fact that they are good friends with Judy and Nick is just rubbing salt on the wound. With that said, the cats are still just actors, so it's not that much of a priority for her to get rid of them.
  • They are fairly frequent customers of the Polar Bear Café, with them enjoying the simple and relaxed atmosphere of the place. The cats are interested in Polar Bear and co. coming from a world where animals and humans co-exist, and that their society seems to be far more harmonious and devoid of prejudice. Polar Bear's puns also make Danny roll in the aisles, despite making Sawyer (and most everybody else) exasperated. Danny has even suggested that Polar Bear become a stand-up comedian and work towards movies from there, but Polar Bear just chuckles good-heartedly at such ideas.
    • They have met other animals at the Café, most notably Hubie, Rocko and Mumble, three penguins with a knack for song and dance. Well, not so much on the singing department for Mumble, as Danny and Sawyer found out the hard way. But Danny and Sawyer think the three penguins could do really well in the movies with their talents. Also, one of Danny and Sawyer's Heralds Pudge, who's a penguin, has taken to the three penguins and hopes to make some of their talents his own by the time he grows up. Meanwhile, Penguin (as in Polar Bear's friend) was a bit miffed that he wasn't being considered, so he decided to put on a rakugo session to try to impress Danny and Sawyer, but because of the cultural differences, they didn't really get it, to Penguin's dismay.
  • Evidently they don't like any humans who take their lack of care for animals to new extremes, such as Cruella de Vil and her obsession with making fashionable clothes out of animal hides. Ghetsis Harmonia is pretty bad too with his goals to make all Pokemon his slaves; Pokemon are a new concept to Danny and Sawyer, but after meeting some they could tell they were very intelligent creatures even if most couldn't speak clearly, so they find the idea of enslaving them revolting.
  • The notorious human-hating animal trio consisting of Koba, Shere Khan and Claudandus take Danny and Sawyer's struggles as another example of why animals should not bother associating with humans and should work towards killing them all instead; they've even invited Danny and Sawyer to join forces with them. Now Danny and Sawyer may have had some difficulties because of human prejudice, but the idea of committing genocide on humans is one they would never entertain for a second and is just plain horrifying to them; they consider the trio to be monstrous for seriously advocating it. Said trio just mockingly lament that the two cats seem to have been totally domesticated, but otherwise leave them, mere actors, alone. For now at least.
  • Danny feels pity for Bojack Horseman and thinks it might be nice to help him by giving him parts in his and Sawyer's movies. In Bojack's case, there's no real instances of racism to blame for his fall from glory, only himself, which was rather sobering for Danny to realize, though he still wants to help the horse. Sawyer is more skeptical, especially after hearing about Bojack's behavior towards his friends. To his credit, Bojack has realized that he's been a jackass and is trying to change, and he has expressed gratitude to Danny for giving him a chance. What their collaborations will result in remains to be seen.
  • More examples of Hollywood's uglier sides are present in the forms of Norma Desmond and Eve Harrington. While Danny and Sawyer find Norma more pitiful than despicable, since she's clearly not well mentally, Eve is totally reprehensible with how she orchestrated her supposed idol's fall from grace and rose to glory herself (granted, Margo wasn't a nice person either). Eve strongly reminds the cats of Darla and her deviousness masked behind a sugary façade, yet at the same time they worry about their archnemesis ending up bitter and obsessed with past glory like Norma if she doesn't get her act together. While Eve sees the cats, particularly Sawyer, as rivals to get out of the way, the not-all-there Norma is more likely to grab one of them to snuggle with and go on about her glory days.

    Ghost Stories Cast 
The Ghost Stories Cast Members , Divine Group of Improvised Stories
From left to right: Hajime, Satsuki, Keiichirou with Amanojaku, Momoko, Leo
  • Demigods and goddesses
  • Symbol: Satsuki's mother's notebook
  • Theme Song: The Opening and Sexy Sexy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral collectively, though Momoko assumes herself to be Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gag Dub, Limited Wardrobe, Throw It In!, Predating Abridged Series, Jerkass World
  • Domains: Ghosts, Paranormal, Dubbing, Funny, Comedy
  • Allies: The Samurai Pizza Cats, The Ghostbusters, Luigi, Danny Phantom, The Mystery Gang, Little Kuriboh
  • Enemies: Evil Ghosts and Evil Monsters
  • This group of elementery schoolers one day entered old school building, which turns out was haunted by spirits sealed by Satsuki's mother. After sealing one powerful spirit inside the pet cat of Satsuki and Keiichirou, the group of friends decided that they had to deal with the other freed spirits with the help of the one spirit they captured, Amanojaku. Except, that's not the story we are going to focus on...
    • Given some unfortunate circumstances regarding the show doing poorly in Japan, the group behind the dub was allowed free control of the story if they managed to make it sell. The result of that is a dub widely considered to be one of the most hilarious and over the top in existence, a title which perplexed the group but nonetheless are glad to be known for.
  • The originally aimed to take the title of Gag Dub but the Samurai Pizza Cats beat them to it. They don't hold hard feelings for them and even later they got their own position. The only one of them who isn't fond of the cats is Amanojaku, who is already tired with hanging around retards (as he says).
  • Satsuki's Mother's notebook has a lot of information regarding spirits and certain youkai, which has proven handy when dealing with the escaped spirits. Since most of the evil spirits that wander in the halls of the pantheon hasn't been covered by the book yet, Satsuki has decided that she maybe will have to take notes herself.
  • Since their experience with ghosts, they got to know people who also dedicate themselves to ghost hunting like the Ghostbusters, Luigi and Danny Fenton. They also get along rather well with the Mystery Gang and often go solving mysteries together.
  • Since their dub is one that predates even the first Abridged Series by a year, they earned the respect of Little Kuriboh who holds that title.
  • They don't hold back when it comes to jokes. Everyone is an Acceptable Target and will be made fun of if they feel like doing so.
  • Satsuki isn't very proud that her mother is a reformed lesbian and wonders if that is In the Blood. Although she still insists that all school principals look like lesbians.
  • Hajime often offers himself to train those who feel are either physically poor or have zero confidence when it comes to running. He even has an effective method to motivate certain people.
    Hajime: Think of a big black man chasing you!
  • Leo is jewish, so he easily started making friends with the likes of Kyle and Shylock. He doesn't take kind to the jewish stereotypes that some people joke about, especially from Kyle's "friend" Cartman.
  • Momoko is very religious and doesn't consider herself a true goddess. However, she was both glad to meet the Christian God and surprised to see that he was just a flawed deity, but she still prays to him.
    • She was also happy to learn that she wasn't the only Christian deity around. She especially got along well with Ned Flanders and Asia Argento, although they admit she is kinda strange even for them.
  • Keiichirou is somewhat regarded by his friends and sister as being retarded. According to them, his age is not even an excuse, he is very dumb even for a young child. One time he was found crying and some deities asked why he was so sad. His response?
    Keiichirou: Because these pajamas are gay.
    • However, he managed to find a friend in Ralph Wiggum, who may or may not be dumber than him in certain ways. Although Keiichirou is happy either way.
  • Keiichirou is prone to screaming like a girl and speaking total gibberish, enough that the dubbers have to make special subtitles for him. Here is a list of some of his most remarkable moments.
  • Amanojaku initially considered Salem to be a damn rip-off, considering that they were both evil entities who trapped inside the body of a cat. However, their similar snarky and sarcastic nature made them both surprisingly close friends.
  • Some may wonder, why did Amanojaku suddenly sacrifice himself to save the others? He doesn't know nor does he care, but at least he got to make a cool speech about it.

    The Lepus 
The Lepus, Collective of Tame "Scary" Animals
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A rabbit with "ketchup" on its mouth
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ascended to Carnivorism, Cute, but Not Harmless, Troublesome Rabbits
  • Domains: Rabbits, Size
  • Allies: Guinea Creatures, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, SCP-2006
  • Enemies: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, The Farmer, SCP-524
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Satellite of Love Crew
  • Source of Concern for: Fluttershy, Inori Yamabuki, Eliza Thornberry
  • Intrigues: Dr. Cortex, N. Brio
  • A bunch of rabbits are causing problems for a small town and to prevent them from breeding further, a serum is created that's meant to disrupt the rabbit's breeding cycle. Needless to say, this causes even worse problems when one of the rabbits injected with that serum escapes into the wild and comes into contact with even more hares. The end result is a bunch of giant bunnies causing a murderous rampage across least, what's being described here is supposed to be scary in theory. It's mainly just a bunch of bunnies running around with ketchup on their mouths and obvious "scary animal roars" dubbed in to try and make these things a threat.
  • Reports have been going around that crops have been damaged by some creatures whenever The Farmer wasn't looking, upsetting him enough that he wanted to know what was going on. He discovered some larger-than-normal footprints near his land and realized that whatever was encroaching on his territory was more threatening than normal. Some time later, some deities investigating these going-ons went inside a house and discovered a bunch of bunnies ransacking the place. After getting surprised at what they saw, the rabbits then attacked and those deities later found out that they were the same creatures that destroyed The Farmer's livestock previously. A plan was put in place to eliminate these threats via electrified rail-tracks and while it worked, it was later discovered that more of these creatures were running around in the Pantheon and that as unlikely and ridiculous it may seem, the Pantheon will have to put up with a legion of "giant murderous rabbits" that can attack without warning.
  • Many see the Lepus as what could happen if The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog not only gave birth to a bunch of other murderous rabbits, but if that specific rabbit was suddenly given a similar growth hormone on top of that. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog has been reported to be a part of the rampages that the Lepus instigate, something that the latter doesn't mind all that much. A lot of deities really don't want the serum that caused the Lepus to rise (or something potentially worse) to end up near the Killer Rabbit lest an already dangerous cute creature becomes something more horrifying than normal. To put it lightly, it's going to take more than one Holy Hand Grenade to fend off a swarm of Lepus.
  • The Lepus are often seen with the Guinea Creatures, another group of giant cute creatures that go around causing havoc on unsuspecting denizens. There have been sightings of Guinea Creatures wearing bunny costumes and going around with the Lupus in terrorizing innocents, destroying property and possibly attacking anyone that somehow gets too close to them (with some Lepus inexplicably turning into humans wearing cheap-looking rabbit costumes when attacking other humans from time-to-time). Recording both the Lepus and the Guinea Creatures going on a rampage is an even worse idea than simply recording the Guinea Creatures causing chaos independently, as unnaturally enticing as the idea of seeing cute menaces together may sound.
  • SCP-2006 has taken a strong liking to the Lepus after seeing one of their rampages and wanted to try and copy them during one of their subsequent rampages. The SCP Foundation was later notified that SCP-2006 had somehow broken out of containment and was scaring a bunch of unsuspecting denizens, but searching for the SCP proved easier said than done. Some had a suspicion that the SCP transformed himself into a Lepus, prompting the Foundation to follow a Lepus trial and find which one was actually SCP-2006. It required a bit of effort, but the SCP has since been put back into containment, with the Foundation putting in measures to ensure that a repeat of this kind of mayhem wouldn't happen, be it with the Lepus or other movie monsters.
    • It was during that endeavor to get SCP-2006 back in containment that the Foundation noticed that The Lepus and their appetite was akin to that of SCP-524, though not to the extent as that of the latter. One time when SCP-524 broke out of his pen, he was following the Lepus around, causing some to worry that he's joined their army of ravenous rabbits. Things took an unexpected turn when Walter the Omnivorous Rabbit starting eating some of the Lepus all of a sudden, which later led to Walter eating himself and later materializing back at his pen. A few deities have considered using Walter as a means of countering the damage that's caused by the Lepus and repeats of the initial incident between Walter and the Lepus have happened intermittently.
  • The crew of the Satellite of Love is among those who have ridiculed the antics the Lepus has caused for a multitude of reasons. The crew has often mentioned the film the Lepus originally starred in during some of their conversations even though no one has really seen the crew directly watch it and make fun of. Like other weird-looking threats that have been a constant thing in the movies the crew has watched, the crew is aware that the damage these odd monsters is real and that they would need to keep their distance from the Lepus as much as possible to avoid a potential disaster on the crew's end.
  • Hoping to find a way to try and attempt to subdue the Lepus without attempting to kill any of them, some deities decided to recruit those dedicated to talking to and helping animals to see if a Lepus can calm down. Fluttershy (who has had experience in talking to an unruly rabbit before), Inori Yamabuki, and Eliza Thornberry were brought in to locate some Lepus and see if there's a way to stop their rampage. Despite their best efforts, it ended in failure, with Eliza getting a few bite marks in the process and needing some treatment. All three still believe that there has to be a way to calm the Lepus down in a non-fatal way even if there's a lot of risks involved.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde learned about the various attacks that the Lepus has been causing and noticed that the idea of normally benign animals attacking as a result of some sort of substance isn't that different from their case involving Night Howlers. Whereas the Night Howlers weren't meant for any benevolent use whatsoever, the serum that turned the Lepus into giant rampaging rabbits was meant to solve a problem related to it that caused something even worse. Judy is more than worried about dealing with a group of rabbits that can cause lots of trouble all-around and she and Nick have sometimes gotten involved in cases involving the Lepus, mainly to determine where those rabbits will attack next so that innocents who can't defend themselves will have enough time to get out of the Lepus' way.
  • During one of his regular hunts for Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd found not only "wabbit twacks", but also some footprints much larger than a normal wabbit. Elmer was a bit curious about these larger footprints and followed them, leading him well past Bugs' rabbit hole where the wabbit watched Elmer follow those tracks to see where they would end up. Elmer then discovered the Lepus and was frightened at seeing a bunch of giant wabbits and attempted to shoot them. He only managed to get a few shoots in before running away in terror getting chased by some Lepus. Bugs was witnessing the mayhem and while watching other rabbits mess around with Elmer was amusing enough to him, it wasn't a laughing matter if Elmer ended up killed by giant versions of an animal that he has long hunted against and decided to lead the Lepus away from Elmer via some trick. Both Bugs and Elmer aren't fond of the Lepus overall, with the wabbit coming up with plans to throw the Lepus off their attacks.
  • Given how the Lepus are the result of a serum, many good-aligned scientists, including those that reside in the House of Science are studying their behavior and seeing if there's some sort of chance that the effects can be undone. Discussions have also arisen about potentially worse scenarios involving the Lepus getting affected with other different serums (including those that are designed by N. Brio) and measures have been put in place to make sure the Lepus don't go anywhere near the House of Science. This hasn't prevented the Lepus from ransacking the place from time-to-time, but at least they haven't been able to get their paws on any serums there (or anywhere else in general) for the time being, especially if it's something dangerous such as the T and G Viruses or the FEV.
    • On a slightly related note, Dr. Cortex learned about the Lepus and how they came to be through N. Brio. Cortex saw it as an opportunity to expand his plans to create an army of mutant animals. The Lepus proved to be more than troubling for him to deal with initially, but he was later able to find out what they're capable of and the kind of serum that was used that later resulted in their rampage. While Cortex isn't going to actually use the Lepus in his plans, he is at least using them as a reference point of sorts for future attempts at creating mutated animals.

    Oscar Diggs 
Oscar Diggs, God of Stage Magic and Deceptive Appearances (Oz, Oz the Great and Powerful, Oz the Great and Terrible, The (Wonderful) Wizard of Oz, Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, OZ PIN HEAD)
  • Demigod (but can appear to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His head inside a cloud of smoke
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stage Magic, Illusion, Deception, Pretending To Be Incredibly Powerful, Being Larger Than Life, Long Titles
  • Domains: Stage Magic, Deception, False Divinity
  • Allies: Glinda The Good, Princess Ozma, Dorothy Gale
  • Rivals: Trixie, The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Complicated Relationship: Elphaba Thropp
  • One day, The Great and Powerful Trixie (the previous holder of this position) was giving one of her magic shows, claiming as usual that "anything you can do, she can do better", when she was startled by the appearance of a gigantic, intimidating head in a pillar of smoke. The head introduced itself as The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, and unleashed an onslaught of magic blasts that made Trixie flee, certain that she was being confronted by a wrathful unstoppable deity. The Gods quickly figured out that this was naught but a trick of smoke and mirrors, and that the bolts of power were simple fireworks - but having beaten Trixie at her own game with an impressive performance, the magician was allowed to take her place in the Pantheon. Trixie was reduced to a rank of High Priestess, something which irks her greatly.
    • Eventually, Trixie managed to apply for another position, and now that she's a goddess once again, she plans one day to one-up Oscar. The Wizard of Oz accepts her challenge.
  • After receiving the news, he crafted himself a hot-air balloon, said goodbye to the China Girl and all of his friends in Oz, and flew off to the Pantheon. While he's sometimes delved into his own tricks, he can sometimes be seen disguised as a lonely carriage rider to whomever wishes to see him.
  • Has a very uneasy relationship with Elphaba Thropp. This is mostly because he accidentally created the Wicked Witch of the West. He also met up with Ozma and apologized for acting as a Wizard while she was the true ruler of Oz. Ozma has forgiven him (he never even knew about her during his time as the Wizard) and is rather delighted that he was able to fool two of the most powerful witches in Oz with nothing more than some parlor tricks
  • Given his younger version looks like Harry Osborn, he has been frequently visited by Spider-Man, Mary Jane and The Green Goblin.
  • Since he's the only one in Oz who still knows a certain magic word that can transform anyone into anything, the only others who knew it having had their memories erased by the Fountain of Oblivion (as seen in the book The Magic Of Oz), he may actually be more powerful than either Glinda the Good or Ozma, and more than a great many in the pantheon too. But, he's kept this knowledge a closely guarded secret, perhaps preferring to be regarded as a simple stage magician.

    Ren and Stimpy 
Marland T. "Ren" Hoek and Stimpson J. "Stimpy" Cat, Co-Gods of the Gross-Up Close-Up (Ren: Commander Hoek, Three Fingered Hoek, Mad Dog Hoek, Robin Hoek, The Unlucky Devil, Stimpy: Dr Stupid, Cadet Stimpy, Nurse Stimpy, Killer Kadoogan, Stupid the Kid)

    SoLaMi Smile 
SoLaMi♡SmileMembers , Goddesses of Succeeding Pre-existing Works (Laala: Lala Mirei: Mirelle, Head Discliplinarian Sophy: Sophie)
Solami outside Pripara 


    Ed Wood 
Ed Wood, God of The B-Movie (Edward Davis Wood Jr., Daniel Davis, Ann Gora)

    Flik and Z 
Flik and Z, Co-Gods of Dueling Movies (Z: Z-4915)
Top: Flik
Bottom: Z
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Flik's device and Z's war-torn helmet
  • Theme Song: A Bug's Life Suite for Flik; Z's Theme and The Colony for Z
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Foil to each other, losers who saved the day
  • Domain: Ants, Conflict
  • Allies: Hank Pym/Ant-Man, Durant, Volcarona, Heracross & Pinsir, Gill Grissom, Beast Boy, Animal Man
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: The House of Birds, Timon & Pumbaa
  • Opposed by: Misty, Nao Midorikawa/Cure March, Hank Hill
  • Odd Friendship:
  • In 1998, two similar movies that focused on a sole ant finding his purpose were released. With their ascension, these small insects have made it to the gigantic world of the Pantheon.
  • Both tend to visit the House of Insects, befriending many folks such as Durant, though Flik befriended more of them than Z because his friends were a variety of insects, whereas Z was more used to having other ants as his friends.
  • They get along well with the Ant-Man himself; it's easier to get along with someone who can shrink down to your size, and they're all happy to assist each other whenever necessary.
    • Beastboy managed to befriended them when he transformed into an ant to communicate with them.
  • Animal Man used their proportional strength to fight crime, and this "power" of theirs that he copied has ensured mutual respect between himself and them.
  • Flik and Z try to stay away from the Birds subhouse, even though the former has birds to thank for inspiring his plan where he created a fake bird to scare off the grasshoppers that effectively enslaved his colony.
  • Z found a group of people that he could relate to, the Crystal Gems. He was born a worker but wanted to be something else, while the Gems of Homeworld had a single purpose that they had to follow but Rose Quartz believed that Gems can be what they want.
  • The more neurotic of the two ants sympathizes with Martin Walker; Z was part of an ant-termite war that he wanted no part of and was shell-shocked by the sight of a battlefield full of dead ants and termites, and had befriending a soldier named Barbatus who died in battle.
  • Z doesn't like Mandy or other kids who would use a magnifying glass to burn an ant to a crisp, considering that he and Princess Bala almost got vaporized by one.
  • Among Z's allies from Dreamworks, the most interesting dynamic he's experienced was with Master Mantis. Though he was a bit afraid of the larger bug (despite being the smallest of the Five, as much as he doesn't want to admit it) and heard how Bala was almost eaten by a praying mantis like him, he managed to befriend the Master.
  • He and fellow Dreamworks insect Barry B Benson got along as well due to their desire to strive for their own destiny and coming to terms with their position in the colony.
  • Even though they are humans, Z managed to befriend both Sylvester Stallone and Christopher Walken. It is likely because the former's physique and voice reminds him of his best friend Weaver, and the latter's voice reminds him of Colonel Cutter, General Mandible's right-hand man who turned on him after he felt sympathy for the workers.
  • Jonathan Irons terrifies Flik, as his voice reminds him of Hopper.
  • Due to being neurotic, Z wants to set up an appointment in a therapy clinic. ...Well, one that accept ants anyway. And the only one in the Pantheon is not the best psychologist for the job. After all, There Are No Therapists so Z doesn't want to take such chances with him.
  • Hank Hill once tried to get rid of the two because he still views ants as pests. One ant infestation he experienced led to the destruction of his lawn and his son Bobby's near-death experience, so it is somewhat understandable.
  • Both can also be found in the House of War.

Gordon "Gord" Brody, God of Terrible Works Not Aiming to be Received Positively (Harry)

    The iCarly Cast 
Carly Shay, Samantha "Sam" Puckett, Fredward "Freddy" Benson, and Orenthal Cornelius "Gibby" Gibson, Divine Representatives of Shows Within Shows
(from left to right) Sam Puckett, Carly Shay, Freddy Benson, and Gibby Gibson

    Kotori Mizuki 
Kotori Mizuki, Goddess of Obligatory Dialogue in Limited Appearances (Tori Meadows)

    P.T. Boomer 
P.T. Boomer, the God Whose Role was Cut
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A black box reading: "Explosives"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Deleted Role due to being considered "too scary", Bullying everyone around him, Being an old, grim drifter by choice, Doesn't believe in magic, Greed, Green-Eyed Monster, an asshole with no redeemable qualities, Jerkass, being incredibly expressive in his actions, Favors explosives
  • Domains: Cynicism, Money, Motorcycles, Revenge
  • Heralds: Sailor John, Baz and Bernie
  • Allies and Business Associates: Count Olaf, Mister Burns, Malal, Drebin 893, Judge Doom, Toffee, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Cal Hockley, Gaston, Cruella de Vil, Walter White, Bandit Keith, Biff Tannen
  • Enemies: Thomas the Tank Engine, Beelzemon, Carol Tea, Jack Atlas, The House of Magic, The Dursleys, Yutaka Kobayakawa, The House of Love, Hank Hill, Marge Simpson, Genies, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Jack and Annie, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Opposes: Yuko Ichihara, Vlad Masters, Frank, Casey, and Athena, Johnny Lawrence
  • Respects: The House of Vengeance
  • P.T. Boomer, a man described as a "Drifter by Choice", was a former resident of the town of Shining Time, located in the Indian Valley, alongside the eponymous railroad. Unlike most of the townsfolk, Boomer was known for being a cruel bully, with his most heinous action being when he threatened to destroy a steam engine owned by his rival, Burnett Stone, unless he was allowed to drive her. Burnett agreed...but Boomer used the joyride to destroy the engine anyways, using up all of her coal and then crashing her to a near total-loss, before leaving the valley. He would return many years later as an old man, seeking to find his old enemy and the lost steam engine, so that he could scrap her. Unfortunately for Boomer, he was thwarted thanks to Burnett's granddaughter Lilly, and Thomas the Tank Engine, finding himself in a barge full of sludge alongside one Diesel 10, for all of his troubles.
  • If this story sounds familiar to you, it should, as P.T. Boomer was meant to be the true Big Bad for Thomas the Tank Engine's first-ever movie, being the true reason that the lost engine, whom everyone knows now as Lady the Magic Engine, crashed, and why her owner, Burnett Stone was in a constant Heroic BSoD. Yet, when this adventure came to light, Boomer was nowhere to be seen. As if being defeated wasn't enough, many individuals proclaimed Boomer to be "too scary", and thus he was cut out of the story, which was why it seemed so incoherent and lazy. Some scenes would eventually resurface, but Boomer would ultimately remain an enigma...
  • Until recently, when Malal presented Boomer as a potential deity when a workprint of this adventure was leaked, finally showing off a good chunk of his scenes. Malal made a case for Boomer to ascend, having the Court of Gods review a fan-edit of the workprint to compare and contrast the two versions of the movie. The impact Boomer's absence had on the film was judged to be substantial enough to grant him the title Malal sought for him, and with it, Boomer rushed into the Pantheon on his motorcycle, ready to make his long-awaited debut.
  • It was another beautiful day on Thomas' branch line, with the tank engine whistling happily as he pulled Annie and Clarabel...when the tank engine heard a loud rattling noise. Thomas looked over to the road, and saw a man in a black overcoat speeding down the road...riding across the level crossing! His driver applied the brakes, and Thomas managed to slow down long enough for the motorcyclist to pass through the gates. When Thomas made it to Ffarquhar, he saw the motorcyclist on the platform, sneering as he introduced himself. Thomas recognized him as the 'rude passenger', while Boomer revealed that he was finally back, ready to prove how Thomas was not magic and just a big toy...until Thomas explained that he and his friends were never meant to be magic in the first place and were all based off of real-life steam locomotives. Boomer blinked, deflated a bit, then waved it off and claimed that he would just turn the tank engine into scrap metal as soon as he got the chance, before riding away on his motorcycle, laughing all the while. To say that Thomas was both annoyed and worried was an Understatement.
    • Boomer ultimately decided to do his homework on the blue tank engine who he had followed so long ago, learning that Thomas was indeed correct, and that many would rather that Sodor remain the world that the Reverend Wilbert Awdry had created: An idyllic world to be sure, but one that was impacted and shaped by real events all the same and was heavily influenced by such upheavals on British Rail, the so-called 'Other Railway'. This unfortunately, did little to change Boomer's goals. While he's incredibly happy that he was right about magic being considered idiotic, he still spits on Sodor's overall storybook-esque nature, and is disgusted that the NWR somehow avoided the Beeching Report and became a safe haven for engines that would otherwise be considered scrap; steam and diesel alike. As such, he's sworn to find a way to scrap Thomas and destroy his branch line, along with any of his friends should they ascend next, deciding to make that rumor of turning Shining Time Station into a highway into a reality...but with his target being the Ffarquhar Branch Line. Besides, with no Burnett Stone around to take revenge on, Boomer has figured that he might as well do something worth his time.
    • To assist in this goal, or at least make some extra cash, Boomer took on three of Thomas' more recent adversaries: the pirate Sailor John, and the thieves Baz & Bernie, as his heralds. He has not chosen to take on Diesel 10 however, since when the two actually did meet, Boomer ended up falling into a barge full of sludge and would rather that not happen again.
  • As he is a drifter, P.T. Boomer has no temple, instead getting around the Pantheon on his motorcycle and going from place to place however it suits him. It's even where the "P.T." in his name comes from, as per official sources: "Passing Through".
  • Melkor, upon hearing of the rumors surrounding Boomer and his villainy, extended an invitation for the motorcyclist to join him for a meeting. He was most disappointed to learn that while yes, Boomer is an enormous asshole, he's primarily concerned with money and revenge, and is actually a very bombastic individual who delights in being a jerk. Not exactly the nightmarish out-of-context monster Melkor was hoping for.
    • However, Count Olaf saw potential in Boomer, and struck up conversation. Much to the surprise of everyone present, the two became friends. Count Olaf, while far more violent than Boomer, is actually quite envious that during Boomer's time away from Shining Time, the motorcyclist had made a fair amount of money, certainly more than what Olaf made chasing after the Baudelaire fortune. Boomer, for his part, has struck a deal with Olaf to profit off of the Count's arson crimes by engaging in new real-estate development to rebuild the structures torched by Olaf, not caring at all about V.F.D. nor the Order of the Ouroboros.
  • Many have wondered why Malal would invest in the effort to bring someone like P.T. Boomer into the Pantheon. The reason is because of how Boomer's intended scrapping of Lady would've destroyed Mr. Conductor's universe and thus, Sodor, even though Boomer at the time did not know that. Malal hopes that this unintentional destruction might help the GUAD's goals. Of course, Boomer is completely ignorant about this and doesn't care.
  • If it hasn't been made clear yet: P.T. Boomer hates magic, especially the idealistic kind that Burnett Stone professed in believing in. As such, he scorns the House of Magic in its least concerning magic that seems all 'wishy-washy'. Magic that at least delivers concrete physical effects that Boomer can see, he's at least willing to accept as a potential tool.
    Boomer: Magic makes a person unhappy look at what it's done for all of you! I'm after money, not magic. You want to know what your Soul Gems are good for? They're good for a pawn shop! Ahahahahaha!
    • Boomer tried to strike an alliance with Star Butterfly, having heard that she had destroyed magic in her world, as well as disapproving whispers to her motives from more critical deities. It earned him a black eye and his motorcycle wrecked.
    • Boomer tried to offer Asuna Kagurazaka money to help him in his goals, believing that her Anti-Magic powers would be of assistance to him. He got a sword pointed at him for his troubles, at which point he quickly bailed.
      • Later, Boomer visited Lord Tirek, hoping that the both of them being rather dark villains with a disdain for magic would lead to something productive. This meeting went by just as badly, with Tirek considering P.T. Boomer beneath him, and Boomer realizing that he was talking to a demonic centaur monster, choosing to give up the ghost.
    • Harry Potter is no friend of Boomer, commenting on how no magic would ever survive contact with Boomer's genes, obviously being reminded of Uncle Vernon. Vernon himself finds Boomer to be a dangerous man and to keep far away from him as possible, which Petunia agrees with. Dudley was repulsed by Boomer once he learned of the man's backstory.
    • Some of the more modern magic-users have taken to rebutting Boomer's disgust and disbelief of magic with the words: "Okay, Boomer". Suffice to say, the motorcyclist is not happy that his name has become associated with a meme.
    • There is one advantage to Boomer's disdain for magic however: It's helped him avoid the more dangerous supernatural trappings of the Pantheon that can't be controlled.
  • Boomer's new plan of tearing up Thomas' branch line and replacing it with a freeway earned him the attention of Judge Doom. Boomer was quite pleased to meet a fellow individual willing to destroy the idealistic nonsense that places like Toontown seem to offer, and has agreed to assist Doom in his goals, earning himself a few barrels of Dip in the process.
  • Boomer has no respect or enjoyment of Winnie-The-Pooh and his friends, finding the Hundred-Acre Wood to be utterly repulsive, and is even more disgusted that grown-adults still enjoy their adventures. He's since put cutting down the tree that connects the Pantheon to the Hundred-Acre Wood on his to-do list, along with kidnapping its denizens to sell them in a thrift store. Learning that even when grown-up, Christopher Robin still was able to connect to them, made Boomer want to retch in disgust.
  • Hank Hill has nothing but disdain for P.T. Boomer. To the Texan, Shining Time represents what every American should strive to be: Good, hard-working citizens. He also bears a great amount of respect for the railroads (Plus, the Texas Railroad Commission regulates propane), finding Boomer's motorcycle riding and blatant vandalism, along with his desire to make a quick buck, to be the epitome of all of the money-grubbers that Arlen was plagued with so many times.
  • Marge Simpson has tried desperately to keep Bart away from Boomer, knowing fully well that Bart is very likely to accept one of Boomer's bribes, or even worse, try to emulate Boomer since he's a 'cool, motorcycle rider'. Many have wondered if that was what made Boomer so "scary": That children would want to emulate his rather dangerous stunts, along with those bribery methods just screaming Stranger Danger.
  • Boomer is no fan of "innocence", being utterly revolted at the likes of Yutaka Kobayakawa. He cannot understand how someone that "pure and sweet" can even exist for the life of him.
  • To help get his various schemes the funding that they require, Boomer has teamed up with Mister Burns, who has taken interest in Boomer's plans, finding them to be both profitable and delightfully wicked.
    • As one of the major tools in Boomer's arsenal is explosives, he has made himself a client of Drebin 893, taking full advantage of his scrap-dealings to use the Drebin Point System. Drebin has, in turn, granted Boomer the explosives that he requires, and the two have quickly built-up a professional relationship.
    • He's not going with a hundred feet of Yuko Ichihara. He doesn't trust her deals for one moment. Considering what said deals are, he's right to be distrustful. Not that Yuko's opinion of him is that high either.
    • Met Cal Hockley, and admitted that he could find some commonality with the man, particularly concerning how they both failed to win over the girl they were after, but still sought riches through things like gold trimming and rare gems. Cal considers Boomer to be rather crass, but has allied with him regardless.
    • Eliza and Neil Reagan were surprised to meet someone like Boomer. Unlike almost everyone else in the Pantheon, Boomer approves of their actions, especially since Eliza's treatment of Candy gives Boomer fond memories of how he treated Burnett Stone, and Neil's affection for Candy reminds Boomer of how he pursued Tasha in the past.
  • Once met Gaston, and the two hit it off, what with them both being fairly bombastic individuals and wanting to take a girl for themselves. Of course, Boomer actually succeeded in casting a shadow of misery over Burnett and Tasha through his destruction of Lady, while Gaston found himself dead. Gaston is thus a bit envious that Boomer was able to consistently haggle his old rival.
  • Unlike many deities, Boomer is perfectly fine with Cruella De Vil's goals...if only so he can sell the fur coats that are created. Plus, having learned that a dog was the catalyst that set up his defeat, Boomer would rather eliminate such animals as factors, and hopes that Cruella is the best in-roads for it. Her being allies with Mister Burns has likewise helped Boomer develop his network. Unfortunately, Cruella's rather histrionic personality has made this pursuit a massive chore for Boomer regardless.
  • Utterly loathed by the House of Love, and he loathes them in turn. He still can't grasp why Tasha chose Burnett over him, even though many of the more benevolent deities pointed that of course Tasha wasn't going to fall for a jerk like Boomer. The lecture flew right over Boomer's head. Not even the Tainted Love house has any allies for Boomer, since by the time he returned to Shining Time, any thoughts of love had LONG since left the old man, whose only belief now was in money, indicating how even love is not a trait that Boomer has.
    • Vlad Masters however, did attempt to ally with Boomer upon hearing of his backstory, hoping to find a kindred spirit who knew what it was like to be rejected. Boomer just laughed in Vlad's face for his obsession with Danny's mom. Not because Boomer was disgusted, but because he thought that Vlad was ignoring his money and failing to defeat Danny. Vlad responded by destroying Boomer's motorcycle.
  • Learned about Tomorrowland and was reminded of his old hometown of Shining Time. Boomer considers what Tomorrowland stands for to be incredibly stupid, but upon learning of the...complexities surrounding it, he just tolerates it. That doesn't mean he's on friendly terms with Frank, Casey, and Athena, nor is he welcome there.
  • Having heard about Jack and Annie's Magic Treehouse, Boomer desires to obtain it for himself. Not for its power to go to whatever place is described in the books held within, as he's reminded of Burnett's "magic", but rather so he can steal the books it holds so that he can sell them to the highest bidder. The wards around the treehouse had to be improved since Boomer's lack of interest in using the treehouse itself bypassed the original set. He also wants to steal the Wand of Dianthus, figuring that it has to have some monetary value. The evil magic-users have already set-up bids, hoping that Boomer can steal it for them.
  • Boomer feels something of a kinship with the House of Vengeance, since after all, it was his main motivation next to money. He's yet to find any allies however, as everyone present has their goals for the moment. Boomer at least respects that, and he can't really get revenge on Burnett since he's not in the Pantheon, and none of the goals of that House currently intertwine with Boomer's plans for Thomas' branch line.
  • Has decided to help Walter White's drug-trafficking, figuring it to be an easy sort of money. Some of those deities who speculate on the unknown blank periods of the lives of others wonder if Boomer did anything similar during his years away from Shining Time. Walter, for his part, finds Boomer to be fairly efficient, and enjoys that he does not ask questions and only cares about the bottom line. Boomer is well-aware of White's ego, and after enduring Cruella, isn't in the mood to deal with similar behavior, and just views their dealings as a way to make a quick-buck.
  • Of course, Boomer's motorcycle-riding landed some interesting interactions with other such deities...Funnily enough, all of them are in the same House as Thomas.
    • Beelzemon finds Boomer to be repulsive. Boomer however, is flabbergasted that a violent villain like Beelzemon got the green-light after killing Leomon in an ALREADY dark story, while he was cut out of his story completely.
    Boomer: I just wanted to be rich! But I get the axe for being "creepy" and you get away with on-screen murder? What's wrong with people?
    • While scouting out locations on the Ffarquhar Branch Line with Burnie & Baz, Boomer encountered Carol Tea, who proceeded to run circles around him on her own bike, beating Boomer in a race. Boomer was flabbergasted that a anthropomorphic wildcat beat him in a race.
    • Boomer doesn't know what to think about Jack Atlas. Mainly because he finds the idea of "Card Games on Motorcycles" to be stupid. Jack was insulted when Boomer heckled him about this, and proceeded to outpace Boomer on a track, proclaiming that he did not need to duel Boomer to show him why he was considered the King.
      • While sulking about this defeat, Boomer encountered Bandit Keith. The two immediately consolidated, with Boomer's cynicism just convincing Keith to continue cheating, while Boomer is envious that Keith's main rival is still present for him to defeat.
  • Another major thing that should be known about P.T. Boomer: At his core, he's basically the local bully all grown-up...but only physically, not mentally. As such, Johnny Lawrence is disturbed by Boomer. But whereas Boomer was successful in basically breaking his rival by destroying the core of his dreams, and becoming a cruel drifter whose only drive was Greed, Johnny never really could get his life back on track. Boomer just considers Johnny pathetic.
    • Biff Tannen however, is perhaps the person who gets along with Boomer the best, as they are the most similar to one another, and are both bullies who remained as such in their adult years. In addition, they both have been Covered in Gunge: Biff with horse manure, and Boomer with sludge. They're known to share many laughs and drinks together, and Boomer has offered Biff a spot in his plans. Biff has yet to accept, but is considering the offer.
    • Of course, this has made Boomer a target of Jimmy Hopkins, who heard about what Boomer was supposed to do and watched the print of his actions towards Burnett. Jimmy responded by violently attacking Boomer and his associates, forcing Sailor John to back the boy away with a shovel and pick-axe while he and Boomer made their getaway. This has caused Boomer to seek more physical protection should the need arise.
  • I'm going to get my you know what revenge sounds like?

    Steven Spielberg 
Steven Allan Spielberg, God of Delivering Emotions From Storytelling and Summer Blockbusters (Steven Gielberg - by AVGN)
  • Theme Song: Any Of His Film's Themes Done By John Williams
  • Quasideity
  • Symbols: The Logos Of Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Productions
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Film Portfolio: His Films Usually Have a Bittersweet Ending, Creator Cameo, Genre Roulette, Gorn, Growing Up Sucks, Heroic Sacrifice, Kid Hero, Military Super Hero, The Oner, Parental Issues, Patriotic Fervor, The Renaissance Age of Animation, Special Effects, Tear Jerker
  • Domains: Filmmaking, Emotional Connections To The Films
  • Deified Underlings Include: Bruce the Shark, Boyd Travers, E.T., Indiana Jones (shared with George Lucas), Rexie, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Roger Rabbit
  • Followers: Ridley Scott, John Singleton, Peter Jackson, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Mr. Plinkett
  • Rivals: James Cameron (albeit a friendly one), Don Bluth (not-so-friendly)
  • Opposed By: The Boys From South Park
  • Enemies: All Nazi Deities (those who protected the Jews during the Holocaust are the exception)
  • Odd Friendship: with Monty Oum
  • Love him or hate him, no name has ever commanded as much respect from friend and foe alike as Steven Spielberg. And thanks to George Lucas (his fellow filmmaker, collaborator and bestie for many years), Spielberg has finally come to the Pantheon.
  • Turns out that Spielberg is one of the richest filmmaking deities in the Pantheon. His net worth is over $3 billion. George Lucas has him beat by about $2 billion.
  • The Basterds, despite their Ax-Crazy tendencies, are huge fans of Spielberg. Well, admirers would be a more better term, due to Schindler's List. Even the goddamn Bear Jew and Hugo Stiglitz broke down in tears after seeing the movie (who hasnt?). Lieutenant Raine gave a standing order that Oskar Schindler is not to be harmed should he ascend to the Pantheon. The fact that Spielberg refused a director's fee (saying that it was "blood money") also earned brownie points with them.
    • As a Holocaust survivor himself, Erik Lensherr understands the significance of Schindler's List. So much so that he personally visited Spielberg at his temple just to tell his own story, and to shake his hand. "From one Jew to another, I thank you," Magneto says. As a Jewish woman, Kitty Pryde also has deep respect towards Spielberg for making the film, as it left her in tears.
  • Found out that his mentor, Alfred Hitchcock was in the Pantheon, and Spielberg's face lit up like a kid at Christmas. Hitchcock was one of the driving forces that led him to filmmaking. It's a safe bet that Steve is hugely successful because of this.
  • Both he and Don Bluth were friends at one time. Then they had a falling out during production of The Land Before Time. Neither Bluth nor Spielberg plan on reconciling anytime soon.
  • The Nazis are not huge fans of Spielberg, due to Medal of Honor, Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan. They claim that most of the atrocities said to have been committed by the Nazis were taken out of context and that they were just following orders. Everyone calls them out on their bullshit.
  • Heard that Rexie was in the Pantheon, and decided to pay the T-Rex a visit. It took a moment for Rexie to recognize Spielberg (and not eat him), surprising everyone present. Steve Irwin was actually impressed. Steven Spielberg is one of few humans that Rexie actually protects.
    • The same can be said for Bruce (a.k.a., Jaws), as his exploits had all but invented the summer blockbuster. Like Rexie, Jaws won't try and eat his much as he wants to.
  • The South Park boys absolutely loathe Spielberg alongside George Lucas, due to the special edition films they occasionally put out. For the boys, seeing the special edition is tantamount to seeing their beloved characters getting anally raped. Eric Cartman was no fan of Spielberg from the start. But he loves Schindler's List for the most obvious reasons.
  • Spielberg got a surprise visit from Stanley Kubrick, who had shed his mortal coil before directing A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Spielberg himself took over as director to honor his old friend. There's talk that the pair might collaborate on another film.
  • While many deities owe their existence to Spielberg as an executive producer, Roger Rabbit in particular is the most grateful, given without his input on production his movie will all those Toons from different companies would never be made.
  • Also has seats in the House of Theater and the Main House.


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