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Intermediate Gods

    Nikki Grace and The Phantom 
Nikki Grace and The Phantom, Blessed Lifter and Unholy Bringer of Production Curses (Nikki: Susan "Sue" Blue)
L-R: Nikki and The Phantom
  • Quasideity and Intermediate God respectively
  • Symbol: Rolling camera, vinyl record playing, screwdriver, lightbulb, the number 47
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Nikki is True Neutral with Good leanings; The Phantom is Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The Production Curse, Mind Screw, Surreal Horror, Surreal Humor
  • Domains: Cinema, Curses, Strangeness, Dreams
  • Heralds (Nikki only): Several supernatural guides, with the most consistent ones being The Valley Girls and The Lost Girl
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Each other
  • Annoyed by: Norma Desmond (both, but Nikki is on okay terms with her)
  • Actress Nikki Grace was cast as the female lead, Susan Blue, in the film project On High in Blue Tomorrows. When strange things began happening on-set, the director revealed the production was rumored to be cursed and was in fact a "remake" (so to speak) of a film that was never finished because of the leads' mysterious murders. Despite that, Nikki remained in the project and things were normal for a time, but she started conflating her life with that of Sue's more and more. This lead to dreamlike events and encounters, wherein Nikki discovered the curse was real, brought on by a man called The Phantom. Once a bog-standard abusive husband, he somehow gained supernatural powers and used them to punish his poor wife, The Lost Girl, for having an affair with a kinder man. The Phantom killed that man, while she was locked in an hotel room for eternity and was forced to relive those events, over and over again. Anybody who came close to freeing her was targeted to be killed by The Phantom. On High in Blue Tomorrows was in fact an adaptation of the old tale Vier-Sieben, essentially the story of The Phantom and The Lost Girl, hence the curse. Guided by benevolent forces, Nikki managed to defeat The Phantom and free The Lost Girl, thus lifting the curse.
  • Although The Phantom is no more in that world, he managed to hang on to existence thanks to a mysterious figure granting him entry into the Pantheon. Furious that his curse was broken, he seems to have decided to spend his time in the Pantheon taking his anger out by cursing all sorts of film projects and the staff involved with them, given he could not get his revenge on Nikki. The resulting mayhem halted film projects in the Pantheon entirely for a while, as deities puzzled over how to catch him. The Valley Girls appeared at a meeting in the Main House, telling everybody present, among a bunch of non sequiturs, that their only hope is Nikki Grace. Thus it was quickly arranged for Nikki to ascend as well. She is pretty unfazed by the Pantheon, having seen her share of strange things while navigating the curse. She also looks at her deification in a resigned manner, apparently having accepted that battling The Phantom is her fate. The Phantom, meanwhile, has reportedly rejoiced at her ascension because it means he can finally pay back what she did to him. Thus their battle becomes eternal.
  • Nikki's temple is her Hollywood mansion, which always seems to be filled with offbeat characters, such as a guy sawing a log and a one-legged prostitute with a pet monkey, having a party. These are most likely the supernatural forces who helped her in her quest to kill The Phantom. The Valley Girls, who appear as nine young prostitutes, remain the most active in helping Nikki further hunt The Phantom in the Pantheon, despite also being quite the jerks to her some of the time. Much nicer than The Valley Girls is The Lost Girl who, despite having the choice to have her happily ever after with her loved ones, instead decided to appoint herself as a Herald to support Nikki, her savior, out of gratitude for putting an end to her torment, and also a wish to stop The Phantom from causing more suffering. The Phantom himself doesn't really have a temple in the strict sense of the term, instead residing in his parallel dream world that can (technically) be accessed from anywhere in the Pantheon.
  • Meeting the illusive Phantom is not actually a privilege exclusive to Nikki (but killing him might be). The trick is to lose your grip in reality to the point where you can't tell what's fantasy and what's real and you become trapped in a dreamscape where strange things happen seemingly at random. Since this implies a loss of control over the self, not everybody is willing to do this, especially as it means The Phantom will most likely be coming to slaughter them. One deity who keeps getting lost in The Phantom's dream world is Norma Desmond, owing to her oft-deluded state of mind, which of course also means Norma never quite acknowledges The Phantom for the threat he poses. By some stroke of luck she still hasn't died to him, even though The Phantom finds her quite annoying with her rambling and how she doesn't take him seriously. Nikki has gotten Norma out of the dream world a fair few times at this point, so they have become well-aquainted, although Nikki is herself annoyed with Norma for being condescending to her and for saying she lacks a certain "flair" to be a truly great actress. Still, Norma sympathizes with Nikki enough that she has used her connections to get her in some film projects, so Nikki tolerates her.
  • Nikki met Nina Sayers and Mima Kirigoe in circumstances quite similar to Norma's. As it turns out, Nina and Mima are artists themselves (respectively, a ballet dancer an an idol-turned-actress) who have a history of mental illness and getting a bit too deeply involved in their roles, which makes them easy prey for The Phantom. Perhaps owing to their younger age, Nina and Mima are a lot more respectful of Nikki than Norma is, and even admire that despite her having the same issues as them, she navigates them with such fortitude and takes advantage of them to defeat such a vile monster as The Phantom and save other people from him. Nikki mainly feels concerned over the younger and less experienced artists and hopes they are getting the psychological help they need, as that would help them not fall so easily into The Phantom's world. Though, Nikki grimly wonders if The Phantom has the power to confuse reality and fiction in people's minds, in which case, no amount of professional care can help anyone.
  • Nikki would rather like it if the Tropic Thunder production staff just stayed as far away as humanly possible from herself and The Phantom, preferrably in the antipodes of wherever they are; while she doesn't especially dislike them, sheer chaos ensued when they all dropped into The Phantom's dream world due to the stress of one particular production, and their temperaments made them difficult to deal with and convince them of The Phantom's threat. Several of them died as a result, which is not a big deal in the Pantheon, but it's still a failure in Nikki's eyes when someone falls to The Phantom. Either way, the ordeal was just exhausting for Nikki and she's sure she doesn't want to deal with them again in this context (actually, she thinks she would not like to work with them in normal circumstances either).
  • Some have noted that as a story, Inland Empire is surprisingly similar to a classic fairy tale, despite its stark 21st century Horrible Hollywood setting. It's basically the story of someone who unexpectedly meets fantastical forces and goes on an adventure to defeat a great evil and save an innocent girl from imprisonment. Nikki even kissed The Lost Girl in the end. Meaning, Nikki's role was that of the Prince Charming or Knight in Shining Armor. The implications have not gone unnoticed by some of the Pantheon's female population (and it probably helps that her husband is now out of the picture since he turned out to be The Lost Girl's lover). Nikki overall isn't too sure what to make of this fanbase she has unexpectedly accrued.
  • All this caught the attention of Utena Tenjou, a much more intentional example of a "girl prince" who went on her own quest of sorts to protect a supposed Damsel in Distress, though things didn't really turn out as expected in the end, with Utena getting stabbed by a storm of blades and vanishing to free Anthy definitively. That's actually pretty similar to Nikki getting stabbed with a screwdriver and possibly dying (in a sense?) just before confronting The Phantom for the final time and freeing The Lost Girl. As eerily coincidental as this all seems, Utena doesn't make much of it and just genuinely admires Nikki, seeing her as a much more successful "prince" than herself, who failed to understand Anthy's plight. Nikki has mused that she was lucky that The Lost Girl always wanted to get out of her abusive situation, as opposed to Anthy who had more complicated feelings. Given Utena is still young and has a straightforward manner, Nikki thinks she shouldn't blame herself too much for not realizing the truth. On a lighter note, Utena has taken to needling Nikki into learning fencing so she can be more of a proper "prince", which Nikki tries to dodge as she's not as into it, and also she wonders what good a sword could do for her when a gun has proven to work okay against The Phantom.
  • As you might guess, Nikki and Utena are in complete agreement when it comes to opposing The Phantom who, from Utena's point of view, is a monstrously abusive figure not at all different from Akio Ohtori, though Nikki thinks perhaps Akio is worse due to putting on a charming veneer that fools others into thinking he might be a good guy, something The Phantom has never bothered with. Learning of Utena's new friend, Akio responded by seeking out this famous Phantom, and understanding his bitterness at having someone who used to be under his power taken away, aligned himself with him, promising to help him in his goal to get his revenge on Nikki, if only The Phantom would give him a hand against Utena as well. Perhaps then they can put a curb to those meddlesome "princes" and restore themselves to the peak of their power.
  • The Phantom came to realize that his activities occasionally draw out a strange entity known as Killer BOB, who feels attracted to the horror that The Phantom's curse invokes in his victims and feasts upon it. The Phantom seems to be alright with this, believing that BOB's presence enhances his curse and even being rather amused watching what he does to his victims himself. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship, and having such a willing participant in his curse means The Phantom doesn't often need to go look for people to brainwash into working for him, as he did with the woman who stabbed Nikki with a screwdriver. BOB will readily attempt to kill Nikki since she is a threat to the curse which is like a treat for him. Of course after hearing about the many crimes BOB has committed in the past, especially against one Laura Palmer, Nikki doesn't hesitate to shoot to kill when it comes to him.

Lesser Gods

    Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi 
Bruce Lorne Campbell and Samuel Marshall "Sam" Raimi, Co-Gods Of Production Posse (Bruce: The Laurence Oliver of Bad Movies)
Bruce Campbell (left) and Sam Rami (rigjt)
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols:
    • Both: The Renaissance Pictures Logo
    • Sam: The 1978 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Nicknamed 'The Classic'
    • Bruce: A Shot Of Himself As Ash, Boomstick Held High
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Film, Acting, Cult Classics, B-List Actors
  • Followers Include: Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp
  • Underlings: Ash Williams, Peyton 'Darkman' Westlake (Sam only)
  • On Good Terms With: Most Of The House Of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather
  • In General:
    • When one mentions Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi in the same sentence, The Evil Dead series comes to mind. Now, with the ascension of both Campbell and Raimi into the Pantheon, things are gonna get even more interesting here on out.
    • This also means that Sam's production company, Rennaisance Pictures (co-founded with Bruce Campbell and Bob Tapert), now has a Pantheon branch to go along with its New York offices.
    • Sam and Bruce were not happy to find Lionel Starkweather in the Pantheon. Granted that Starkweather tried to buy out Rennaisance Pictures from both Bruce and Sam and once tried to force Bruce to work on a shitty project with him, avoiding the snuff filmmaker will be quite the challenge.
  • Sam Only:
    • What makes Sam unique is that he can make a film can not only be campy, but also scary at the same time. It's one of the reasons why Cassie Cage likes his films. Rumor has it that Johnny Cage is in talks with Sam regarding a film project. In an interesting twist, Johnny was slated to star in Congo, but that role went to Bruce instead. Bruce is open to the idea of working with Johnny on a film together.
    • Peter Parker admits that with the exception of the third film in the original Spider-Man Trilogy, Sam Raimi did his character justice. Raimi also agreed that the third film was his least favorite in the trilogy.
    • Sam and Bruce wasn't surprised when a badly-burnt, bandaged man arrived at their temple. Sam knows him very well, as he created him. Upon hearing of his creator's ascension, Peyton Westlake decided to drop by for a visit...disguised as Bruce himself. Turns out that Bruce had a cameo in the first film (credited as Final Shemp), hence the disguise.
  • Bruce Only:
    • According to The Nostalgia Critic, Bruce is so cool, "that every time someone mentions his name, a man gets cured of impotence." It's also the one thing that the Angry Video Game Nerd can agree on.
    • Rumor has it that Dwayne Johnson's inspiration for The People's Eyebrow came from watching Bruce do it in Evil Dead II as a kid ("Groovy"). The Rock has neither confirmed or denied the claim.
    • Would you believe that Bruce himself is an ordained minister? Shocking, but true. When Bruce is not working the Pantheon's convention circuits, he's performing weddings. Including those of the undead variety. Unless you got Hector Barbossa officiating your wedding, it doesn't get anymore awesome when Bruce Campbell oversees the nuptuals.

Kiko, God of Rushed Productions
  • Lesser God.
  • Symbol: His face, cross-eyed.
  • Theme Song: The Son of Kong
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant, May or May Not Actually Be Kong's Son, Last of His Kind, Badass Adorable, Interspecies Friendship.
  • Domains: Productions, Christmas, Apes
  • Allies: King Kong, Mighty Joe Young, Caesar, Tarzan, Donkey Kong and his crew, Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry, Fluttershy, Gamera and Toto, Mothra Leo, Ultraman Cosmos, Ogra and Gorgo.
  • Enemies: King Ghidorah, King K. Rool, King Louie, Lagiacrus, Koba, Dr. Zaius.
  • Confused by: Baloo.
  • A few months after the fall of King Kong, Carl Denham, who was the man responsible for bringing Kong into the mainland, found himself thrusted into a hell of lawsuits, angry mobs and infamy for everyone in New York was out to make him pay, literally, for the damages that King Kong had caused in his rampage. Eventually Denham grouped back together with some of the crew of the first expedition to Skull Island in order to work a job to slowly pay off his debts, before they all headed back to the island to find an ancient but valuable treasure in it, as was said by Captain Nils Helstrom who had sold him the map of Skull Island in the first place. Accompanying the old crew was Helstrom and a woman named Hilda Petersen, who Denham fell in love with. However, Helstrom was using them as means of escaping the law as he had murdered Hilda's father and soon strands the crew on Skull Island, where this time they had an ally to help them out against the forces that sought to kill them: Little Kong/Kiko, apparently the son of the original Kong. Eventually Denham and his allies found the treasure and were ready to escape the Island as it had began to sink into the ocean, taking all lifeforms with it while Helstrom was eaten by the creatures of the Island. While Denham almost failed to make it after the rest of his allies boarded a boat, Kiko sacrificed himself to keep Denham above the water long enough for him to be rescued, drowning once he had saved his friend. Denham and Hilda left behind to solve the issues in New York, never forgetting about the sacrifice of their furry friend.
  • Kiko woke up in the Pantheon after he had drowned saving Denham, he was scared and confused about the place at first, wondering where his human friend was and spent some time exploring the place until he met his possible dad, King Kong, the great ape took the little one under his watch and after filling him up on how he got to the Pantheon and why, helped him settle down in his temple for good, though Kiko hopes Denham and friends can eventually come into the Pantheon so he won't feel as alone.
  • He has a mostly positive relationship with fellow kaiju successor, Mothra Leo, Leo likes that Kiko was much friendlier than his dad and even helped humans survive Skull Island instead of becoming one more obstacle in their journey. He's at times even teamed up with Kiko to keep possible threats out of his territory. Kiko looks up to Leo as a result, often seeking the moth kaiju's protection when he feels threatened by something he can't overcome on his own. Mothra, mother of Leo, also went on to care about the small ape kaiju, making clear to Little Kong that she will protect him from harm.
  • The friendly white ape and Joe Young bonded over their similarities, such as being friendly yet strong large apes, being friends with a human and their friends, as well as sacrificing themselves to save an innocent life (though Joe Young survived his own sacrifice in the end. Joe empathized with Kiko over the feelings of loneliness, given how his mother was killed by poachers (specifically Andrei Strasse) when he was a newborn, leaving him to be cared by Jill. The two sometimes play with each other in either's temple, even at times teasing the big Kong for the fun of it.
  • Kiko made more human friends in Steve Irwin, Eliza Thornberry and David Attenborough. All three of them are conservationists who like to interact with animals nd make efforts to protect them from harm, making them quite quick to become friends with Kiko. Eliza was able to communicate with it in an effort to learn more about Kiko's friendliness to humans and his defensive nature, mostly getting that the young ape was sheltered at a young age enough to not gain the aggressiveness of most of Skull Island's wildlife.
  • Zilla Jr. was one Kaiju that Kiko befriended quickly, Junior was raised by humans and grew defensive of them as a result, often clashing with other Kaiju to protect his surrogate family. Kiko has began to look up to Jr as a sort of big brother due to his stronger power and more experience in dealing with dangerous threats and monsters, Zilla has enjoyed Kiko's company and even offers him some of the tuna mountains he eats when Kiko comes to his temple for a visit.
  • Godzilla himself has a soft spot for Kiko, often reminiscing about his own son, Minilla/Godzilla Jr., who is friendly to humans in spite of being a kaiju like him. While his relation to Kong has made things a bit awkward when interacting they nonetheless have become somewhat friends thanks to their mutual friendliness. Kiko does at times get more curious over the times his father and Godzilla clashed, particularly how long it took for a real rematch to happen for the score to settle.
  • He also found a connection with young kaiju, Toto the Gamera, Toto is the reincarnation of the original Gamera who in one world died to protect humanity from the Gyaos by self-destructing and bonded with a human boy who raised him from birth. Kiko and Toto both shared experiences over fighting rather fierce foes despite their young ages and how far they were willing to fight to protect someone they cared about. Another point of bonding was their parent's amicable relationship wtih one another, in contrast to the tense relations between Godzilla and Gamera/King Kong.
  • Caesar is a chimpanzee who got elevated to a higher standing of intelligence and used his newly-gained gift to make a civilization for apes where they could live peacefully, while avoiding conflict with humanity as the threat of the virus ALZ-113 tore down civilization as a whole. Kiko made friends with him thanks to Caesar's kind ways and admiration of Kiko's own friendly behavior towards humans. This also caused Kiko to learn of the nefarious Koba, an evil bonobo who once stood with Caesar before his hatred of humans caused him to tur nagainst the more peaceful Caesar so he could get his desired revenge on them. Similarly, Dr. Zaius was another ape that made enemies with Kiko due to his hatred of humans and those who would assist them.
  • Donkey Kong is welcoming to new apes, especially if they're nothing but friendly, Kiko was exactly that to the Kong leader's glee. Donkey Kong has taken up to himself to teach the young ape how to better fight his battles along with his other mentors, as well as sharing some of his stories. This friendship caused Kiko to fall on the eyesights of King K. Rool, an evil crocodile who opposes Donkey Kong and his allies and thus views Kiko as yet another threat to be eliminated, despite his younger age and innocence.
  • He had to fight a giant Cave Bear once and driving it off albeit with serious injuries in return, leading to the ape being wary of bears in general, especially if they're big enough to threaten him. As such he was initially wary of Baloo, who's a bear that is quite large and fearsome when he really feels like being it, though Baloo's nicer attitude has prevented anything close to an enmity emerging, Kiko has at times been perplexed by how different Baloo can be depending on his mood as sometimes he's a friendly and partygoing bear yet other times he's stern, serious and level-headed compared to his peers. Due to this connection he met the orangutan/Gigantopithecus King Louie, who wishes to take the power of the "Red Flower" (fire) to govern the jungle and thus made enemies with him, even if he can be friends at times with Baloo.
  • Due to fighting a "Dragon" (possibly a nothosaurus) Kiko is wary of sea serpents or creatures that resemble them, one of these was Lagiacrus, a species of serpentine and crocodile-like monsters who wield electric powers and are very aggressive to just about all other lifeforms within their vinicity. Kiko has had a few encounters while wandering the jungles of the Pantheon and has developed a bit of a phobia towards bodies of water as a result, leading to him relying on his mentors and fellow kaiju for protection against the beasts.
  • Has a strange friendship with fellow young kaiju, Gorgo, the latter is rather harmless despite its preference for being a loner living in the seas and it has at times gotten up to playing with Kiko when encountering him, while Gorgo's mother scares Kiko a bit due to her size, her friendliness has lessened this fear towards her a lot. Gorgo even shared his experiences with being captive as means of making Kiko aware that some humans will turn him into a living attraction for their greed if possible, though Kiko has hardly let that affect his views on humans as friends.
  • Tarzan is a human raised by the ape tribe of the Mangani (and in some versions gorillas instead) as such he was a human that quickly communicated with Kiko and made friends with him. Tarzan was interested in hearing about Kiko's many tales of fighting deadly beasts on Skull Island, given that unlike his old man, Kiko is a youngster yet still stood mighty strong against the odds of such a harsh environment. At times Kiko races Tarzan through the jungles of the Pantheon, even trying to learn how to swing himself on vines to imitate his friend.

"Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Pit, God of the Sequel Gap (Pitty-Pat, Pit-Stain, Angel-Face, Number 28, Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard)
  • Lesser God. When wielding the Three Sacred Treasures, he verges on Intermediate God. Greater God when piloting the Great Sacred Treasure.
  • Symbol (and weapon): Palutena's Bow
  • Theme Song: Underworld, I'm Finished! (much to Pit's chargin)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Breaking the Fourth Wall, Butt-Monkey, "I'm finished!", Beating up Hades, Older Than They Look, Sequel Gap For 21 Years.
  • Domains: Angels, Sequels, Heroes
  • Followers: Nanael, The Fool, Kevin Matchstick
  • Allies: Palutena, Viridi, Link, Mario, Sonic, Sophitia Alexandria, Mega Man, Rider, Erica Fontaine, Maka Albarn, Lightning, Lucina, Tyrael, Brief, Colette Brunel, Luka, Samus Aran, Ness, Robin
  • Friendly Rival: Dark Pit
  • Odd Friendship with: Bayonetta, Asura
  • Enemies: Hades, Soul Edge, Dio Brando, pretty much the whole GUAE (barring a few exceptions like Ralph), Hela
  • Opposes: Jibril, Yunael and Minael
  • Frequent Target of: Panty Anarchy
  • Ascended after he defeated Hades and proved he had what it took to stand among the Pantheon. He also had recognition for being part of the Smash Brothers tournament and the fight against Tabuu, but felt like he didn't deserve to take his seat until he further proved himself.
  • Freaked out when he found out Hades was already in the Pantheon. When Pit went to confront him, Hades only asked if he wanted to have a chat with Excalibur. Pit ran away immediately.
  • He's very close to Sophitia Alexandria as they both are servants of gods.
  • Was originally scared of Rider, thinking she was the Goddess of Darkness called Medusa, but after settling down long enough to hear her explanation, he actually decided to call her friend.
  • Was responsible for Viridi's ascension to the Pantheon, and he sometimes can be found hanging around with her. Viridi denies that they are in a relationship and anyone who says they are will be subjected to a Reset Bomb.
  • He's formed a friendship Maka, and they like to practice aerial combat abilities against each other. He then formed a strange friendship with ASURA of all people. Probably because both of them actually like humans and have fought the entirety of their lives to protect them, plus having to fight some really Jerkass Gods in that effort. Some have also compared Asura's father instinct with Pit's desire to protect his goddess.
  • Just like Simon Belmont, Pit insists that he has never put '-icus' in every of the words/sentences he said. Though not on the level of Simon, Pit also is pretty miffed at Kevin Keene for insisting that he's like that. However, ever since Kevin Keene saved his life during a battle with Hades with the Pause Button, they're getting along better.
  • During his stay in the Pantheon he's ended up on the receiving end of the advances of one Panty Anarchy, who is constantly attempting to have sex with him; the angelic guard isn't exactly thrilled about it, though, especially since her flirts caused him to get a couple not-so-subtle Death Glares from Viridi. Ironically, Pit became fast friends with Brief - who has an open crush on the blonde fallen angel bimbo, because of their shared role as a Butt-Monkey in their respective stories; not only that, Pit is usually shown to try and get Panty with Brief after learning about his crush on her.
  • He looks at Lightning with interest, mostly because her voice reminds him of Palutena, minus her gadfly-behavior. He usually visits her in the Fallen, for which she is grateful, as it makes guard duty less lonely.
    • And speaking of Palutena, he pretty much screamed to the sky, "I'M FINISHED!!!" when he learned that Palutena would personally come to fight in the 4th Smash Bros. Tournament.
  • Pit has trained for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Tournament, and is now able to summon the Three Sacred Treasures whenever he has his hands on a Smash Ball. BEWARE.
    • He was rather surprised to learn that Dark Pit would be joining in as well, with his own unique Final Smash even.
  • Is a member of the GUAG Super Robots division with the Great Sacred Treasure as his main unit. However, he's only allowed to use it in dire circumstances... or when it's the holidays.
  • Doesn't like how Jibril makes fun of his inability to fly without help.
  • Sees Tyrael as a sort of surrogate uncle, and he loves listening to his stories and how much he believes in humanity.
  • Good friends with Luka, due to his desire to see co-existence between monsters and humans reminding him a lot of why he keeps fighting along with their angel origins. He also expressed empathy at learning that the Goddess Ilias wasn't the good person she would project herself as, remembering how Palutena was possessed by the Chaos Kin.
  • Is determined to get Lucina to laugh. His efforts have rarely proven to be successful, but he keeps on trying.
  • Ness has started inviting him to a club of sorts led by a teenage shapeshifting Mii, where they MST bad fanfics. Overjoyed to see many of his fellow Smasher gods there as well, he seems to really enjoy it. There, he revealed that he may have a sibling-like relationship with Samus.
  • One day he though he saw Lady Palutena in the Pantheon and ran over to happily greet her. Sadly, it was not the case as it turned out to be Dio dressed in a drag, gleefully spouting that same damn meme at poor Pit. In his shock and slight horror, the angel stood there all night.
  • Was initially scared of Bayonetta and tended to avoid her due to her career of killing angels, believing she would think he's one of the Angels of Paradiso. But after finally working up the courage to talk to her and assuring her that he was nothing like the Angels of Paradiso, he got to know her a bit better and the two have formed a surprising friendship. Pit even expressed sympathy for her, likening her quest to save her friend Jeanne's soul from Inferno to his own quest to save Palutena's soul from the Chaos Kin.
    • He, like many, was quite surprised to learn that Bayonetta had won the smash ballot and would be joining the tournament next February. He congratulated her, but was a bit nervous about actually fighting her.

    Samurai Pizza Cats 
Will somebody PLEASE cue the Pantheon entry?

Speedy Cerviche, Guido Anchovy & Polly Esther, Gods & Goddess of Comedic Inaccurate Dubbing (Samurai Pizza Cats, Himitsu Ninja Tai Nyanki | Speedy: Yattarou, Nyanki #1 | Guido: Sukashii, Nyanki #2 | Polly: Pururun, Nyanki #3)
From left to right: Guido Anchovy, Speedy Cerviche, Polly Esther
  • Lesser Gods (jumps to Intermediate with Extra Topping Power Armor/jetpacks)
  • Symbol: The Magical Ginzu Sword (Speedy), The Sunspot Umbrella (Guido), A sword with a heart hilt & flute (Polly)
  • Theme Song: Samurai Pizza Cats Theme, Teyandee Special Express (when they're serious)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: (all) Mechanical Lifeform, Ninja/Samurai Robotic Funny Animals, Animal Superheroes, True Companions, Gag Dub, No Fourth Wall, having a Interactive Lemony Narrator, Clark Kenting
  • Domains: Felines, Robots, Swords, Pizza
  • Heralds: Francine/Otama and the Pizza Cats Rescue Team
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Speedy Gonzales
  • Enemies: Murkrow, Clockwerk, Sigma, Vile, Ultron, Bruce
  • Under Vigilance of: The SCP Foundation
  • As the first Anime Gag Dub and the forerunner to online abridged series found everywhere on Youtube and special sites these days, our feline heroes, the Samurai Pizza Cats, were allowed to ascend to the halls of the Trope Pantheon. Also joining them on their arrival, it was mandatory that I, myself, join them as well to narrate their exploits within the walls of this institution.
  • True to the Pantheon's (and the writer's) form, the welcoming party was a very auspicious occassion. Among the many guests welcoming our beloved heroes, the man known as LittleKuriboh paid special tribute to our trio. After all, if it wasn't for them, he'd probably have another job instead of comically redubbing anime series!
  • Without missing a step, the Pizza Cats immediately signed up for the Grand United Alliance of Good to fight the good fight against the Pantheon's nefarious nogoodniks dwelling within. After all, nothing shows bravery and justice like fighting alongside heroes from across the multiverse!
    Speedy: Actually, we also brought the Supreme Catatonic with us and joining their Robot War Division was the best place to keep it here. Do you have any idea how much we'd rack up in housing fees for that thing if we didn't?
    • Or maybe not...
  • After setting themselves up for service at the GUAG and their belongings at the Hall of Theatric Production, the Pizza Cats wasted no time in having their Pizza Emporium built into the House of Food. Business really picked up for our heroes (even though they had a bit of competition from a different type of Speedy) that they eventually had to also bring up Francine and the rest of the Pizza Cats Rescue Team as Heralds to help with orders and wait on incoming customers!
    Speedy: Not to mention only Francine knows how to work that gun for our deliveries and getting us to where the GUAG needs us!
    Polly: Hey, guys. You think Little Tokyo would be safe with all of the Pizza Cats here in the Pantheon and not there?
    Guido: Aww, don't get your tail in a knot. The show's been cancelled well over 20 years now. It'll be fine...
    • It was no surprise at anyone that one of the most-frequent spots the Pizza Cats are sent to deliver to is the Fat Cat temple at the Hall of Felines, where roly-poly feline and all-around Italian food gourmet Garfield resides. He and Polly go way back and she still thinks respectfully of him as treasures the flute he gave her as a present many years ago. Due to his inmense appetite, it takes all three of the Cats to deliver his usual snack which consists of 5 extra-large pizzas with every ingredient on the menu and 10 pans of the finest lasagna they can cook. If you think that's something, you should see what he asks for when he's really hungry!
  • Even though time and time again with our theme song and subtle good natured-ribbings placed throughout the show, it was no surprised that some of the Pizza Cats' best customers are the four Ninja Turtles. Our heroes would let bygones be bygones as all those stealth snipes at the reptilian brothers were because it was part of our contracts and after meeting them, they turned out to be a swell bunch of guys and even gave good tips for the quick deliveries. Still, it wasn't all a bed of roses since Raphael would rather bury the hatchet on a Pizza Cat helmet than stand for the show's insults. There's just no pleasing a ninja turtle...
  • Even though there is no Big Cheese and the Ninja Crows in the Pantheon, our heroes are usually called to take care of a different form of crow infestation in the form of the Murkrow flock. After facing the simpler Ninja Crows back in Little Tokyo, defeating the crow pokemon was quite easy. Although, they had to be wary when the flock leader appeared as he goes down much harder than Polly's last experimental pizza.
    Polly: [angrily] Don't blame me for using that experimental seasoning that crackpot Guru Lou gave us!
    • As it that wasn't enough, their abilities attracted the attention of a far-deadlier bird in the form of the mechanical owl mastermind, Clockwerk. He was most definitely a horse of a different color, with apologies to little ponies everywhere. The fearsome flying fiend proved to be a match for our heroes and they called upon General Catton and Bat Cat from the Rescue Team for assistance. While being kept busy by Catton's cannonballs and Bat Cat's evasive maneuvers, all three cats combined their final Sword Beam attacks and struck Clockwerk with a mighty blow. However, all it managed to do was dent his Tail Feathers and several primary remiges off his left Wing but that was enough to make Clockwerk retreat. After this, the Pizza Cats knew next time, they had to use all their skills to bring the mechanical owl down for good.
      Guido: Make a note not to let this guy near Little Tokyo...
  • The weirdest folks that visit the parlor aren't those who accidentally come in looking for Starbeans Cafe down the road, but rather a unique group of scientists interested in our heroes' functions. I'm talking about how they are not just walking talking cats, but rather robotic walking talking cats. They were hooked up to machines and asked such silly questions such as how they were able to function by consuming real food, how they could go to the little kittens' room, how could they get Amusing Injuries if they are robots and other such things. I believe it was a quartet of philosophical folks down at the Hall of Theatric Narrative that provided the best answer to these nagging questions.
    Crow: [imitating the narrator] Plausible Deniability!
    Speedy: Hey, this a Pantheon entry, not a MSTing! Get back to your own place!
    Mike: So much for a cameo. You guys are still gonna deliver that extra-large Samurai Supreme we ordered, right?
    Polly: Beat it!
  • Ahem, even with all that unwanted attention, our heroes were later visited by some folks who...well, weren't there to beat around the bush. I'm talking about the Pantheon's Maverick Hunters, X and Zero, who for some reason called the assembled Pizza Cats "reploids". They also gave them fair warning about their nemesis, Sigma, who would try and turn our heroes and their allies into Mavericks for his army. This was definitely no laughing matter as the Pantheon was far more dangerous than Little Tokyo could ever be, so the Pizza Cats were all sent to be immediately vaccinated for the Maverick Virus to prevent the dreaded from occuring. Still, Sigma and his evil bunch would stop at nothing in finding a way to turn our beloved Pizza Cats into evil drones for his conquering army.
  • Our heroes weren't the only ones that represented the legendary Tatsunoko Production studio. They were, however, shocked to learn that there was a fighting tournament that selected various members of the studio against several of Capcom's best fighters. Shocked, that is, because they never received an invitation to participate!
    Speedy: To think, I coulda used my Ginzu Sword as a super against the likes of Ryu!
    Guido: Hey, who says you were going to be the rep for all of us?!
    Speedy: Cuz I'm the leader of the Pizza Cats and that makes me the most likely candidate!
    Polly: Keep dreaming, tuna breath! Fans would wanted to see sweet little old me. <sigh>
    Speedy: The most you guys would be is part of a special move or a super same as that Doronjo witch!
    <unintelligible squabbling followed by Big Ball of Violence>
    • I think the fighting game world is just not ready for the likes of the Pizza Cats...
  • In an effort to sound slightly more edgy just like the Turtles, the Cats opted to be referred to by their initials of SPC. However, that instead brought a huge dilemma in the shape of a very irate Bruce the Shark, who already sported several bruises on its body (apparently caused by the scientists listed above) and chased after our heroes, which was very impressive for a sea-faring predator.
    Guido: Yeah, he's right! How the heck is that shark chasing after us on land?!
    Speedy: Stop wondering and start running!!

    Seattle, New Jersey Residents 
The Seattle, New Jersey Residentsmembers , Collective of Shows with Renamed Seasons
Carl, Frylock, Shake, Meatwad
  • Lesser God (Frylock); Demigods (Shake and Meatwad); Quasideity (Carl)
  • Symbol: The ATHF Logo
  • Theme Music: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Remix); Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1; Aqua Something You Know Whatever; Aqua TV Show Show; Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral bordering on Neutral Evil, with some Chaotic Stupid (Shake); Lawful Neutral (Frylock); Stupid Neutral (Meatwad); True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral (Carl)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Weirdness, Neighbors
  • One-Sided Rivalry towards: Other casanovas (Carl only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Eric Cartman (Shake only)
  • Annoyed at: The Cup Bros. (Shake only)
  • Other Relations: Ghost Planet Crew
  • In the town of Seattle, New Jersey (or just Seattle...or maybe just somewhere in New Jersey; it doesn't matter), there lives four weirdos who have a bunch of misadventures over random things. Three of those weirdos are talking food and the other one is a fat loser who lives next door to the food. Their mishaps have went through many different names, from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" to "Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1" to "Aqua Something You Know Whatever" to "Aqua TV Show Show" to "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever". Some witnesses are free to call those adventures whatever they want. Regardless of the name, one thing's for certain: there's going to be a lot of craziness, chaos, and calamity involved with the four of them.
  • Their arrival in the Pantheon was something none of them really anticipated. It all started when they received a letter from an anonymous source claiming that they won the lottery. Meatwad seemed to easily believe it, but Frylock was highly skeptical about the credibility of the letter. Carl, who was visiting the Aqua Teens at the time, felt that he could do something with the potential "money", but Master Shake took the letter and attempted to claim the prize for himself. However, just when he was about to step outside, both houses that the weirdos usually live in exploded and they got knocked out unconscious in the midst of it, though they somehow weren't harmed by it.
    • Some time later, Frylock managed to find another letter and upon opening that, it said "I lied. You're all gods now". Shake somehow ended up very upset that the promised money wasn't real and attempted to find the person that sent the letter. As soon as he stepped outside his house, he was greeted by a mysterious figure who claimed that Shake and his friends were chosen to become gods of what's known as the Pantheon. Shake had a hard time believing anything that's said from it, insisting that where they're at isn't a "Pantheon". The figure claimed that the houses that Shake and co. lived at were mysteriously teleported upon their godhood, but Shake continued to argue with the figure. It got to a point where the figure got fed up with Shake and left. Shake then went after him, but the search didn't last much longer so to say. Frylock correctly assumed such a thing a few minutes after Shake's conversation with the figure ended. All this was just their first day in the Pantheon.
  • Back then, the Aqua Teens were some sort of detective agency (if it can even be called that) that investigates any sort of weird thing that happens close to them. Nowadays, they don't do that kind of thing anymore and any weird thing that happens related to them either comes to them or is even caused by them. Not that it stops Shake from claiming to the House of Jobs and Profession that he, alongside Frylock and Meatwad, still solve mysteries despite Frylock saying otherwise to Shake. A lot of other detectives are under the impression that trying to meet up with the Aqua Teens and their neighbor will be nothing more than a total waste of time.
  • For no reason whatsoever, any object that the Aqua Teens touch and throw (or are in range of Frylock's eye lasers) end up exploding in a burst of flames of varying sizes upon hitting the ground (or if the lasers hit them). That includes the TV they own, the chair they have, and even stuff that wouldn't even make sense for it to explode. Michael Bay ended up getting interested in it and followed the group around for a bit to see how much explosions could occur as a result of tossed items. Frylock later found out about it, got really annoyed, and fired his laser beam eyes at Michael's camera, causing it to blow up. Frylock then told him that for the time being, they're not interested in having another movie about them made, despite Shake claiming that Michael Bay is the key to getting such a thing made.
  • None of the Aqua Teens look like what they do originally if Space Ghost is any indication. He ended up putting up with an anthropomorphic drink, fries, and a meatball back then and is still kind of annoyed about it. For some unknown reason, Shake and the others ended up being guests on Space Ghost's show much to the latter's chagrin and spent a good chunk of their interview claiming that they're like the aforementioned food items from a long time ago. Despite Frylock trying to tell Space Ghost otherwise, the interview devolved into mayhem. Carl was only able to talk to Moltar for a bit and Meatwad ended up being a bit confused about the whole thing and made random comments during awkward moments of silence.
  • Master Shake is the self-proclaimed leader of the Aqua Teens...emphasis on the "self-proclaimed" part as he is extremely self-absorbed. He's very unpleasant to put it mildly, takes advantage of Meatwad's stupidity, and constantly argues over incredibly petty things. If it weren't obvious by now, Shake is simply not that smart of a being despite his claims and more than once has he died as a result of his hubris. It's honestly amazing how he never manages to learn from any of mistakes, let alone his self-caused deaths.
    • Plenty of people have wanted to find out what would happen if Shake had an encounter with Eric Cartman, just to see what kind of hijinx unfold between two selfish sociopaths. Their first meeting resulted in Cartman and Shake switching places as temporary members of the others' circle of "acquaintances" for a day as part of a bet. Thing that normally happened between their groups ended up being more chaotic than normal because of the switch. Cartman and Eric's antagonism towards each other became worse as a result of the bet and both often come up with ways to screw over the other whenever possible.
    • Cuphead and Mugman became very intrigued upon finding someone who happened to be another living drinking accessory. With a name like Shake, the two were thinking about what Shake could look like, but were very surprised to find out that Shake's appearance was literally a milkshake cup with arms and not a cup with arms, limbs, and legs. Shake's cruel and caustic attitude was an even bigger surprise for the Cup Bros. to the point they thought Shake had signed a contract with a devil for something, except that accusation made Shake even more annoyed. After getting pelted at by the Cup Bros' projectiles to see if a contract would come out of him, Shake snapped and told them to get out. While the Cup Bros do believe somewhat that there might be something later on to let them have a more pleasant meeting with Shake even if no contract was involved, he wants nothing to do at all with the two.
  • Frylock is the closest thing the group has to having a sane member and even then, he definitely isn't immune to the jackassery that's prevalent around him. He designs a lot of weird machinery which sooner or later goes wrong and is able to fire lasers out of his eyes. Whenever Frylock's patience with others (mostly Shake) runs out, there's going to be more trouble in addition to whatever's happening.
    • Some of his spare time is spent visiting the House of Technology, looking at some of the various machinery they have to get some ideas for his inventions. Some of the more caustic visitors to that house have made fun of Frylock over how despite supposedly being the most calm of a bunch of crazies, he can't do much right, especially in regards to inventions and what Shake and Meatwad do with them.
    • He managed to find some steady friends in the form of others who have to put up with a bunch of insanity while trying to keep a cool head. Stan Marsh is a frequent conversation buddy of Frylock given that he has to deal with a callous jerk almost all the time much like Frylock's predicaments, especially given what happened with the whole bet between Cartman and Shake from prior. Frylock did admit to Stan and the other level-headed friends that trying to be rational is a lot easier said than done.
  • Of the group, Meatwad has the most childlike demeanor of them all, in addition to having an airheaded attitude. As his name would imply, he's a rolling, talking meatball with extremely limited shapeshifting capabilities. Meatwad tends to be victim of Shake's shenanigans, but there have been instances of Meatwad getting back at Shake in an equally cruel way.
    • Meatwad likes to play around with an empty toilet paper tube, an apple, and a box, envisioning those "toys" as friends of some kind. He was excited about a handful of other toys in the Pantheon and wanted to see them so that they could hang out with his "friends". He ended up encountering Woody and Buzz Lightyear and introduced them to his "friends". Unsurprisingly, the two didn't really understand what Meatwad was talking about in regards to his toys. Meatwad then told them that he did have a couple of instances of a meeting a living toy, albeit one that didn't go over all that well. Woody and Buzz then told him about Lotso, a really bad toy that's best to be left alone.
    • Him being very slow-witted means that anyone looking to take advantage of someone else will find him to be an easy target. Despite that, there have been some instances of Meatwad getting the better of whoever is abusing him in a way that's similar to Shake's shenanigans towards him.
  • Carl Brutananadilewski is the sole human of these misfits and practically the unluckiest of them all. Living next door to the living food items, Carl sees himself as a big shot despite being a fat loser with little in the way of meaningful progress. Carl initially didn't want much to do with his neighbors, but very slowly came to at the very least, tolerate them over time.
    • Whenever football season comes around, Carl visits the House of Sports and makes some short videos there weighing in what football-related events. Despite his best efforts, he's never really had a chance to co-commentate football matches with John Madden, mostly because Carl's attitude would end up alienating football viewers.
    • To put it lightly, Carl is a pronounced pervert and has made multiple trips to the House of Love and Affection to see if he could score some hot ladies over there (and some of his attempts don't occur at that place as well). Given how unlucky he is, Carl has never been able to hook up with a girl successfully and if he does manage to get a girl with him, there's a very strong chance that the girl in question does not look attractive in the least, something that even other wannabe casanovas in the Pantheon find eyebrow-raising.
    • Carl has had a history of having his car be vandalized or destroyed in multiple ways. One time, some mischief makers took off with one of his car's tires and he tried looking for it. He ended up finding a tire at an odd place, thinking that it was for his car and put it there. Some time later, he got frustrated that the tire disappeared for no reason and it was only after he turned on his TV that he discovered that the car tire was living and on a rampage, prompting a facepalm from Carl.
  • In addition to Carl's football-related ramblings, the House of Sports also holds a really weird golf competition devised by the Aqua Teens (or more accurately, it was Shake's ideas and he made the others go along with it). This particular take involves golfing on really strange courses and fighting a bunch of enemies to get to the golf ball, as well as defeating something else before putting the ball. And then there's the addition of racing around a golf course with its own set of challenges. Shake believes that this particular take on golf will make the game far more interesting and unpredictable, but plenty of others are very skeptical about what's been described especially considering that Mario has his own fantastical golf tournaments that are more manageable than what Shake has, much to his irritation.
  • A much rougher instance of Meatwad and toys happened when Shake saw some strange-looking teddy bears and tried to bring them over to Meatwad to trick him into thinking he'd get more "friends" for his toys. Of course, Shake didn't know that he was bringing in SCP-1048 over and that plenty of trouble ensued. Meatwad didn't even know that SCP-1048 would be deadly since it wasn't doing anything when he was initially introducing it to his friends. Then again, all this ended with Shake getting what's coming to him and Frylock just getting annoyed at all what transpired.
  • The crew has had a handful of run-ins with two separate pairs of aliens, both of which were not very threatening by standards of typical aliens. Compared to those, the Pantheon has a lot more aliens that are far from harmless, though there is potential for strange things to happen between the Aqua Teens and those aliens if they meet face-to-face close to Carl's house or the Aqua Teens' house.


Antonino Calculon Sr, God of Over The Top In-Universe Soap Shows (Calculon, Acting Unit 0.8, Thespa-mat, David Duchovny)

    The Cast of The Thief and the Cobbler 
The Cast of The Thief and the Cobblernote , Divine Representatives of Development Hell
The Cast (clockwise from left to right: Tack, King Nod, Yum-Yum, The Thief, Zigzag, One-Eye and the Witch at the center)
  • Demideities (Tack the Cobbler, Princess Yum-Yum, the Thief, Zig-Zag). Lesser Deities (The Witch, The Mighty One-Eye). Quasideity (King Nod).
  • Symbol: A tack (Tack). A cloud of flies (The Thief). The Golden City Balls (Yum-Yum and Nod). His glowing eyes in the dark (Zig-Zag). An orb of light (The Witch). His army's emblem (The Mighty One-Eye).
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (King Nod, Princes Yum-Yum). Neutral Good (Tack, The Witch). True Neutral (The Thief). Neutral Evil (Zig-zag). Chaotic Evil (The Mighty One-Eye)
  • Portfolio: Development Hell.
  • Domains: Movies, Development, Middle East, Fantasy
  • Heralds:
    • King Nod, Yum-Yum and Tack: The inhabitants of the Golden City, Phido.
    • One-Eye: His army.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Avoids: The House of Law and Justice (The Thief)
  • A long time ago a kingdom in the Middle East known as the Golden City lived in peace... But through a series of events involving a cobbler named Tack and a nameless Thief, the city's symbols of peace, the Three Golden Balls, were lost which according to legends signified the end of everything; it was not quite just a legend as at the same time the nefarious One-Eye set his sights on the City, wishing to raze it to the ground. Soon, Tack and the City's Princess, Yum-Yum went on a quest to find an army to fight against One-Eye as well as the treacherous Grand Vizier, Zigzag who sided with One-Eye so as to gain control of the Golden City's remains after his rampage; the Thief also tagged along for his own purposes. Eventually with nothing more than his wits and a tack, the Cobbler managed to defeat Zigzag and stop One-Eye, with the Thief unintentionally helping as well getting pardoned for his crimes and let go free. At the end of this story, Tack married Yum-Yum and everyone lived happily ever after... Until the Thief decided to steal the whole film at the end, that is.
  • After being detained by the authorities, the Thief reluctantly let go of the film he stole and thus everyone entered the Pantheon, even the once-deceased Mighty One-Eye. Things had to settle a bit until everyone was well-accustomed to their sub-temples made for each other but that was hardly something difficult to do. He's avoided the House of Law and Justice ever since, fearing further retribution for the crimes he's committed at large or will commit in the Pantheon, preferring to keep out of trouble for the time being as much as possible.
  • They have a certain resemblance to another cast of people whose story was told in a part of the Middle East: the cast of the story of Aladdin, the titular former street rat himself was quick to introduced Tack and his friends to his own friend group, he was also amused by the Thief, though thinks even he takes his thieving ways a bit too far compared to him. On a less amicable note, One-Eye and Zigzag had little good things to talk about with Jafar, mainly the latter as both sorcerers are vain, arrogant and treacherous and their desire to take over their kingdoms along with their knack for trickery and magic caused them to start a rivalry to see who can outperform the other at what they do best.
  • The Witch is quite a character that's unknown to most even in the Pantheon, she has met Yoda and other cryptic mentors as well during her time in the Pantheon. For the most part she stays hidden from sight and occasionally manifests as an orb of light to interact with visitors. Not much else is known about her, though some sources claim she is One-Eye's sister but none have confirmed that claim so far, and One-Eye himself claims that he has no idea who she is. Similarly to Yoda there's Oogway the Turtle, another cryptic mentor who takes subtle approaches to helping those who come for his wisdom and sees the Witch's ways as very appropriate for what she is sought for.
  • Exclusive to the Good Guys (and the Thief):
    • They had quite the adventure thwarting One-Eye and his attempts at destroying the Golden City and as a result of said adventure detest all conquerors and raiders. One of these was Shan-Yu, a Hun warlord who attacked China in what seemed to be the end goal of flat-out destroying it all, his similarities to One-Eye did not go unnoticed. Similarly, the equally destructive warlord, Lord Shen, earned their enmity for his conquering ways and brute force employment in addition to his much more threatening designs and arsenal compared to One-Eye.
    • Tack and Yum-Yum are a couple made up of a person born into royalty and another born into more humble beginnings, this got them a bit of comparisons with Aladdin and Jasmine though Aladdin was more akin to the Thief; as well as the other royal/non-royal born couple of Cinderella and Prince Charming, who are of the inverse gender compared to Tack and Yum-Yum but nonetheless like that they became an item despite the social barrier that would usually impede such a pair-up.
    • Their friendship with the Disney deities made them meet Sora and his friend Keyblade Wielders; Sora found their presence quite enjoyable given their similarities to many of the Disney characters he met in his journeys, as well as their bravery even in the face of severe dangers that they found on their quest, Sora has also learnt from them how big a threat One-Eye can be and have made him and Sora's allies be wary of the possibility of the cruel warlord coming in contact with the Heartless and getting a boost to his threat as a result.
    • The Thief gained some major foes in the Pantheon, particularly those equally apt in thievery and obsessed with money as he is; one of these notable foes was Omar Little, who became a rival of his, Little has much more justification than he does and has at times taken what the Thief steals through unjust means and has even terrified the usually fearless man through his scary demeanor and strong attitude. On a less intense sense there's the Highwayman who was a robber with quite the bigger repertoir of tricks but has since become less unhinged due to an accidental kill he made; however he does take on the Thief's challenges at times to prove his superior skills in the area, if only for fun.
    • The Thief isn't popular with highly-lawful deities who hate thieves of any kind, the Dark Judges were stand outs in this regard, as they deem all crimes that they consider to be crimes as equally bad and punishable with death, which has led to a few near-death experiences from their encounters; he's also ran afoul of the corrupt cop duo, C.R.A.S.H, who have tried to blackmail him into working by their rules with threat of death. Needless to say, the Thief haves all of the aforementioned law enforcers with a passion.
  • Exclusive to Zigzag:
    • Zigzag is a treacherous grand vizier whose goal was to eventually take the throne of the Golden City, marry Princess Yum-Yum whether she likes it or not, and rule unopposed; when he realized that subtlety was more trouble than it was worth even with the Golden Balls as bargaining chips he tried to join One-Eye's forces so he could take what he desired by force. These experiences all made him not only draw comparisons between himself and the evil grand vizier-turned-genie sorcerer Jafar as previously mentioned but also with the fictional version of Grigori Rasputin who was also an advisor that turned against his masters when he felt unappreciated, while Rasputin considers Zigzag a phony who's all talk, he is at least aware he can be somewhat dangerous if left unchecked.
    • Zigzag also had encounters with Yzma, formerly the advisor/mother figure to Kuzco, Emperor of Peru, who turned against her Emperor when she had enough of his mistreatment and tried to assassinate him through poisoning but due to her assistant Kronk's blunders it ended with Kuzco as a llama instead. Their rivalry is a mostly comedic one, with both goofy sorcerers trying their hardest to outdo the other with zany schemes.
    • While Zigzag once had loyalty to One-Eye, it was only a temporary one for his own ends, nowadays he mostly works on his own, a sentiment he further had once his formerly loyal pet, Phido, turned on him out of mistreatment. For the meantime he's somewhat found an ally in Waluigi, another Lean and Mean villain who's often underestimated and treated as a joke only to prove himself a real threat when he puts in the effort to be one, likewise their affinity with magic to some degree led to a bit of an alliance there to everyone's confusion.
    • Zigzag has taken to try and taming crocodiles/alligators in the Pantheon, as he was able to once in his services to One-Eye, but so far he's only mildly made Ramon the alligator not bite his hand off at first glance. Another tamer of beasts, Steve Irwin, is not fond of Zigzag himself due to his evil nature and crimes against his kingdom he committed by joining One-Eye, as well as his utterly abusive behavior to the beasts he tames. Other animal tamers were likewise not fond of Zigzag for that second aspect.
    • Stage magicians that aren't evil don't like Zigzag for his arrogance, cruelty and all aforementioned negative characteristics; one of these is Trixie Lulamoon, a unicorn mare who used to be extremely arrogant and overconfident about her skill with magic due to her success with magic shows and the like and almost endangered people as a result of her stunts and in retaliation for being exposed and getting into a grudge before finally turning nicer, she does not find Zigzag a good presence as do the rest of her friends and allies from her world, particularly Twilight Sparkle who personally dealt with Trixie in her worst days.
  • Exclusive to One-Eye:
    • One-Eye has a destructive approach to conquering and would rather raze things to the ground than truly rule them, even if he doesn't minds someone afterwards taking control of the lands he takes so as long as they swear loyalty to him. Due to this his list of allies was basically non-existent... Or it would have been had he not met the Mistress of Evil, Maleficent, who proposed an alliance with the warlock to take over several worlds which she is more than happy to let him ravage as he pleases; while he hardly thinks of her as little more than a useful acquaintance.
    • The warlock has a rivalry of fierce proportions with any he sees as copycats of his style of conquest, one of these warlocks was Fire Lord Ozai, the Emperor of the Fire Nation who sought to conquer his world by force, using his armies of firebenders to raze entire kingdoms to the ground without any pity or mercy. While Ozai has not much of a strong opinion on One-Eye, viewing the warlock as brutish and dumb, he nonetheless keeps an eye on him to make sure One-Eye does not turn into a threat later on. He's made enemies with Avatar Aang and all his allies as a result of his brutality and cruelty towards all that exists and his conquests driven by murderous actions
    • Oda Nobunaga is someone that One-Eye had challenged as a rival to his mighty army and threat, Nobunaga does view One-Eye as a concern subject given his actually powerful might and large army, though has mocked his defeat coming off a stray tack that made his machine disassemble into pieces before he was unceremoniously crushed by his harem of slaves in retaliation for their abuse at his hands, something One-Eye wasn't happy to hear getting parroted around.
    • Because of his similarities to Shan-Yun, the Disney deities all are wary of One-Eye, mostly Mulan and Mushu who personally had to fight the cruel Hun leader and bore witness to the aftermath of his atrocities on Chinese people; similarly the leader of the vikings of Berk, Hiccup had to deal with a destructive and sadistic monstrous warlord, Drago Bludvist who brutalized many villages and even killed his father with his army of dragons and nearly destroyed Berk, while he and Toothless don't regard One-Eye as much of a threat as their aforementioned enemy, they do remain wary of him learning to tame dragons with Zigzag's help, as they could increase the deadliness of his forces.

    Ghost Stories Cast 
The Ghost Stories Cast Members , Divine Group of Improvised Stories
From left to right: Hajime, Satsuki, Keiichirou with Amanojaku, Momoko, Leo
  • Demigods and goddesses
  • Symbol: Satsuki's mother's notebook
  • Theme Song: The Opening and Sexy Sexy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral collectively, though Momoko assumes herself to be Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Gag Dub, Limited Wardrobe, Throw It In, Predating Abridged Series, Jerkass World
  • Domains: Ghosts, Paranormal, Dubbing, Funny, Comedy
  • Allies: The Samurai Pizza Cats, The Ghostbusters, Luigi, Danny Phantom, The Mystery Gang, Little Kuriboh
  • Enemies: Evil Ghosts and Evil Monsters
  • This group of elementery schoolers one day entered old school building, which turns out was haunted by spirits sealed by Satsuki's mother. After sealing one powerful spirit inside the pet cat of Satsuki and Keiichirou, the group of friends decided that they had to deal with the other freed spirits with the help of the one spirit they captured, Amanojaku. Except, that's not the story we are going to focus on...
    • Given some unfortunate circumstances regarding the show doing poorly in Japan, the group behind the dub was allowed free control of the story if they managed to make it sell. The result of that is a dub widely considered to be one of the most hilarious and over the top in existence, a title which perplexed the group but nonetheless are glad to be known for.
  • The originally aimed to take the title of Gag Dub but the Samurai Pizza Cats beat them to it. They don't hold hard feelings for them and even later they got their own position. The only one of them who isn't fond of the cats is Amanojaku, who is already tired with hanging around retards (as he says).
  • Satsuki's Mother's notebook has a lot of information regarding spirits and certain youkai, which has proven handy when dealing with the escaped spirits. Since most of the evil spirits that wander in the halls of the pantheon hasn't been covered by the book yet, Satsuki has decided that she maybe will have to take notes herself.
  • Since their experience with ghosts, they got to know people who also dedicate themselves to ghost hunting like the Ghostbusters, Luigi and Danny Fenton. They also get along rather well with the Mystery Gang and often go solving mysteries together.
  • Since their dub is one that predates even the first Abridged Series by a year, they earned the respect of Little Kuriboh who holds that title.
  • They don't hold back when it comes to jokes. Everyone will be made fun of if they feel like doing so.
  • Satsuki isn't very proud that her mother is a reformed lesbian and wonders if that is In the Blood. Although she still insists that all school principals look like lesbians.
  • Hajime often offers himself to train those who feel are either physically poor or have zero confidence when it comes to running. He even has an effective method to motivate certain people.
    Hajime: Think of a big black man chasing you!
  • Leo is jewish, so he easily started making friends with the likes of Kyle and Shylock. He doesn't take kind to the jewish stereotypes that some people joke about, especially from Kyle's "friend" Cartman.
  • Momoko is very religious and doesn't consider herself a true goddess. However, she was both glad to meet the Christian God and surprised to see that he was just a flawed deity, but she still prays to him.
    • She was also happy to learn that she wasn't the only Christian deity around. She especially got along well with Ned Flanders and Asia Argento, although they admit she is kinda strange even for them.
  • Keiichirou is somewhat regarded by his friends and sister as being retarded. According to them, his age is not even an excuse, he is very dumb even for a young child. One time he was found crying and some deities asked why he was so sad. His response?
    Keiichirou: Because these pajamas are gay.
    • However, he managed to find a friend in Ralph Wiggum, who may or may not be dumber than him in certain ways. Although Keiichirou is happy either way.
  • Keiichirou is prone to screaming like a girl and speaking total gibberish, enough that the dubbers have to make special subtitles for him. Here is a list of some of his most remarkable moments.
  • Amanojaku initially considered Salem to be a damn rip-off, considering that they were both evil entities who trapped inside the body of a cat. However, their similar snarky and sarcastic nature made them both surprisingly close friends.
  • Some may wonder, why did Amanojaku suddenly sacrifice himself to save the others? He doesn't know nor does he care, but at least he got to make a cool speech about it.

    James Cameron 
James Francis Cameron, God of Egotistical Directors (Jim, Iron Jim, Mij, The King Of the World)

    Oscar Diggs 
Oscar Diggs, God of Stage Magic and Deceptive Appearances (Oz, Oz the Great and Powerful, Oz the Great and Terrible, The (Wonderful) Wizard of Oz, Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkel Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs, OZ PIN HEAD)
  • Demigod (but can appear to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His head inside a cloud of smoke
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stage Magic, Illusion, Deception, Pretending To Be Incredibly Powerful, Being Larger Than Life, Long Titles
  • Domains: Stage Magic, Deception, False Divinity
  • Allies: Glinda The Good, Princess Ozma, Dorothy Gale
  • Rivals: Trixie, The Wicked Witch of the West
  • Enemy: Quintin Beck/Mysterio.
  • Complicated Relationship: Elphaba Thropp
  • One day, The Great and Powerful Trixie (the previous holder of this position) was giving one of her magic shows, claiming as usual that "anything you can do, she can do better", when she was startled by the appearance of a gigantic, intimidating head in a pillar of smoke. The head introduced itself as The Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz, and unleashed an onslaught of magic blasts that made Trixie flee, certain that she was being confronted by a wrathful unstoppable deity. The Gods quickly figured out that this was naught but a trick of smoke and mirrors, and that the bolts of power were simple fireworks - but having beaten Trixie at her own game with an impressive performance, the magician was allowed to take her place in the Pantheon. Trixie was reduced to a rank of High Priestess, something which irks her greatly.
    • Eventually, Trixie managed to apply for another position, and now that she's a goddess once again, she plans one day to one-up Oscar. The Wizard of Oz accepts her challenge.
  • After receiving the news, he crafted himself a hot-air balloon, said goodbye to the China Girl and all of his friends in Oz, and flew off to the Pantheon. While he's sometimes delved into his own tricks, he can sometimes be seen disguised as a lonely carriage rider to whomever wishes to see him.
  • Has a very uneasy relationship with Elphaba Thropp. This is mostly because he accidentally created the Wicked Witch of the West. He also met up with Ozma and apologized for acting as a Wizard while she was the true ruler of Oz. Ozma has forgiven him (he never even knew about her during his time as the Wizard) and is rather delighted that he was able to fool two of the most powerful witches in Oz with nothing more than some parlor tricks
  • Given his younger version looks like Harry Osborn, he has been frequently visited by Spider-Man, Mary Jane and The Green Goblin.
  • Since he's the only one in Oz who still knows a certain magic word that can transform anyone into anything, the only others who knew it having had their memories erased by the Fountain of Oblivion (as seen in the book The Magic of Oz), he may actually be more powerful than either Glinda the Good or Ozma, and more than a great many in the pantheon too. But, he's kept this knowledge a closely guarded secret, perhaps preferring to be regarded as a simple stage magician.

    The Star Fleet 
The Star FleetMembers , Holy Vessels of Single Season Shows (All: Star Tugs | Big Mac: Big Stack | O.J.: Old Jones, Otis)
From left to right: Warrior, Top Hat, Ten Cents, Hercules, Big Mac, Sunshine, and O.J.

  • Demigods
  • Symbol: A white, five-pointed star.
  • Alignments: All Chaotic Good
  • Theme song: TUGS theme
  • Herald: Captain Starr
  • Portfolio: Americans with British accents, cool talking boats (and a submarine), Heterosexual Life-Partners, Never Bareheaded, their show was cut up and redubbed into Salty's Lighthouse (where O.J. and Big Mac had their names changed)
  • Domains: Sailing, practical effects, Americana
  • Allies: The Steam Team, Enterprise, Moana, the Allied Fleet Girls, the Straw Hats, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Link's Hero of Winds incarnation, Aquaman, the Samurai Pizza Cats, Captain Ahab, Popeye
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer, Marshall D. Teach, Black Manta, Risky Boots, King K. Rool, Luthor Harkon, Ephraim Winslow and Thomas Wake
  • Fear: Lagiacrus and Ceadeus, the House of Ghosts, the Kraken, the Orca, Octogeddon
  • In The Roaring '20s, a group of anthropomorphic tugboats called the Star Fleet live and work in Bigg City Port, on the east coast of the United States. Owned by Captain Starr, the fleet consists of Ten Cents, a medium-sized switcher; Big Mac, a strong harbor tug; O.J., a wise, old, paddle steamer; Top Hat, a posh railway tug; Warrior, a not-too-bright harbor tug; Hercules, a flirtatious ocean-goer; and Sunshine, a small switcher. They're later joined by Grampus, an ex-navy submarine. They compete against their rivals, the Z-Stacks, to secure work contracts. A lot of explosions are involved.
  • TUGS was the passion project of Thomas & Friends co-creator David Mitton, and he had big plans for the franchise. Sadly, due to its high production costs, the main funding company going bankrupt, several lawsuits, and a failure to sell it to American investors, TUGS only lasted for a 13-episode season. For this reason, the gods took pity on the Star Fleet and ascended them, hoping it would give them a second chance in the spotlight.
  • The Star Fleet can frequently be seen around the Hall of Land and Sea Travel's shorelines. They'd never heard of Thomas the Tank Engine prior to their ascension, yet their first meeting felt like a reunion with an old friend. Like the tugs, Thomas knows a hammerhead crane named Big Mickey, but nobody's sure if he's the same one, since their Big Mickey may or may not have drowned. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of P.T. Boomer, who hates all Sentient Vehicles and vowed to blow up the Star Fleet one day. They all laughed about this, because Ten Cents survived being blown up once.
  • The Star Fleet have had several bad experiences with pirates, such as the hostage-taking green-eyed tugs and the gangster Johnny Cuba. As a result, they steer clear of the Pantheon's various evil pirates, such as the treacherous Marshall D. Teach, the bloodthirsty Black Manta, the cruel Risky Boots, and the genocidal King K. Rool. On the plus side, their dislike of Black Manta caught the attention of Aquaman, and now the Star Fleet have all the DC heroes on their side by proxy.
  • However, not all of the Pantheon's pirates are evil. The Stars were wary of the Straw Hats at first, who are spread all over the Pantheon, until the Straw Hats explained that they're more interested in finding treasure than killing people, and oppose much more ruthless pirates and their world's corrupt government. It took longer for the Gokaigers to win over the Star Tugs due to their general flippancy, but they also fought against an oppressive empire. They have a far less turbulent relationship with non-pirate seafarers, such as the Hero of Winds, Moana, Captain Ahab, and Popeye. The latter has saved them from terrifying sea monsters a few times thanks to some conveniently-located cans of spinach.
  • There are a few other sentient vehicles in the Pantheon, such as Lightning McQueen and Herbie, but none of them are boats. The Star Fleet didn't come as a surprise to the other gods — after all, anything is possible in the multiverse — but Ten Cents was determined to go on a quest to find others of their kind. It led him to the Vehicles Depot, where he saw the Titanic. He was amazed to see she had been restored, but at the same time, he felt disturbed; it was like looking at a reanimated corpse. A few hours later, Thomas told him there were plenty of boat gijinkas in the Pantheon, such as his hallmate Enterprise, and the Allied Fleet girls. Despite their differences, the Star Fleet got along with them well.
  • The Star Fleet have been contracted for work by many of the Pantheon's naval officers. Once, they were hired by Luthor Harkon, who wanted them to deliver munitions to The Great Treasury for "confidential reasons". At first, the Star Fleet assumed the munitions would be put on display, but the Straw Hats let them know that Harkon planned to blow a hole into Maximum Security and steal the items within. The Straw Hats helped the Star Fleet sabotage his plans, and they vowed to never work for him again.
  • The Star Fleet hardly spend any time in the Hall of Theatric Production. Once, the Samurai Pizza Cats showed up in their harbor-temple with a projector screen, a cassette player, and some VHS tapes of Salty's Lighthouse, hoping to get to know their hallmates whose show also received a Dub-Induced Plotline Change. The cats found it hilarious, but the tugs were either confused or annoyed by all the changes. They had a whale of a time making fun of it afterwards, though.
  • The waters of the Pantheon are filled with danger. Hercules is the only tug who regularly traverses open waters, but even he wasn't sure if the Hall of Water and Moisture was safe to sail across. He asked Grampus to dive down and take a look. One expedition later, after almost being bitten in half by Lagiacrus and Caedeus once each, Grampus cheerfully answered, "No." For similar reasons, they steer clear of the Halls of Aquatic Life, home to the boat-destroying kraken and orca; and even the normally-nonchalant Grampus fears Octogeddon, who has destroyed many submarines in his rampages. Most of them are afraid of the House of Ghosts due to their bad experiences with ghost tugs one misty night, which O.J. and Hercules make fun of them for.
  • Hercules was shocked to see a beacon of light near the Hall of Homes and Urban Environments' shoreline one night. Had his beloved Lily Lightship been ascended, too? Disappointingly, it turned out to be a non-anthropomorphic lighthouse. Hercules tried talking its two human inhabitants — Ephraim and Thomas — but they were both hostile and wanted nothing to do with each other, let alone any outsiders.

    Tropic Thunder Production Staff 
Tropic Thunder Production Staffmembers , Divine Team of In-Universe Productions
L-R; Top Row: Les Grossman, Kevin Sandusky, Alpa Chino; Bottom Row: Jeff Portnoy, Kirk Lazarus (in character), Tugg Speedman
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The script for Tropic Thunder
  • Theme Music: Get Back (mainly for Les)
  • Alignment: True Neutral verging on Chaotic Good (the actors, with Kevin closer to Neutral Good); Chaotic Neutral with dips into Neutral Evil (Les)
  • Portfolio: Dysfunction Junction
  • Domains: Film, War
  • High Priests: The Cast of "Gli Occhi del Cuore 2"
  • Heralds: Rick Peck (for Tugg), Rob Slolom (for Les)
  • Avatar: Robert Downey Jr. (for Kirk)
  • Allies:
  • Hated by: Norma Desmond
  • Annoyed with: Beavis & Butt-Head, Wario (for Jeff)
  • Business Partners with: Diana Christensen, Damon Killian (for Les and bordering on Teeth-Clenched Teamwork for Damon)
  • Tropic Thunder is a memoir written by John “Four-Leaf” Tayback about the Vietnam War that’s in the process of being turned into a movie. The stars of the film are Tugg Speedman (an action star that made a disastrous turn to award-style fare), Kirk Lazarus (an award-winning actor that takes method acting to the extreme), Jeff Portnoy (a drug-addicted comedian), rapper-turned-actor Alpa Chino, and newcomer Kevin Sandusky (who is the only one that is sane enough to try and prevent things from falling apart among the group) and the aggressive foul-mouthed studio executive Les Grossman is in charge of overseeing production. Things are not going well to put it lightly and it only gets worse when the actors end up in an actual jungle in an attempt to salvage production. With the director blown up by a land mine and Tugg kidnapped by a drug cartel who are fans of his awful film Simple Jack, the others have to come to terms with each others' flaws (not to mention the fact that Tayback is a fraud) and rescue Tugg in order to escape the jungle. The whole mess has been chronicled as Tropic Blunder, a very successful film that nets Tugg an Academy Award.
  • Les became interested in working on another motion picture after hearing rumors about planes disappearing mid flight and ending up in uncharted territory. While rumors like these were dubious, it didn’t stop him from getting the Tropic Blunder cast, alongside some crew, to get the project underway and that involved said cast and crew taking an airplane that was supposed to be headed for Slovakia. It didn’t take long for the plane they were on to end up in heavy fog and, after an attempt to quell the frightened and unruly passengers on the plane, the actors discovered that they were definitely nowhere near Slovakia. After some examination of the area they were at, the actors found a sign that talked about a “Pantheon”, the place they ended up in. Word of the actors ending up there reached Les and, following a very heated exchange on the phone with those in charge of overseeing the place, he saw plenty of opportunities to make money from that place and the idea of movies being set there was something he kept in mind once that missing airplane movie was finished.
  • Besides the obvious fantastical elements, one major quirk the Pantheon has in contrast to the real world is how actors and their characters can coexist together. This would result in Kirk encountering Robert Downey Jr, an actor who has played Kirk Lazarus among other characters throughout his career, with some in the Pantheon seeing Kirk as an exaggerated version of RDJ. As Kirk wasn’t working on other projects at the time, he was himself when he got into an argument with RDJ and while things didn’t end with one punching the other (though Pantheonic tabloids wrote the whole incident as RDJ arguing with a lookalike), if Kirk was in character for a project, things might have ended in a worse state for those involved. Besides those famed real-life actors, there were an assortment of other fictional names present such as Norma Desmond, who was once a shining star before witnessing her own career fade away. Tugg is unnerved by her as he did suffer from a failing career like her and lost his sanity (though him being lost in an actual jungle didn’t help), but Norma is rather unstable from what he’s heard of her. On her end, Norma finds everyone who worked on Tropic Blunder to be very obnoxious, not helped by a failed phone call with Les that had him say to her that “no one wants to watch dull shit that turns into a fucking reading lesson every other minute”.
  • Despite the actors having made a project with Les, the Pantheon has given said actors some chances to work with other entertainment figures and possibly make a solid film in the process. With names such as Steven Spielberg and James Cameron, there is a good chance that the actors working with beloved names will result in less problematic productions, even if some of them have their own on-set quirks. Unfortunately, other major entertainment moguls in the Pantheon such as Diana Christensen and Damon Killian are known for their cold-hearted behavior and willingness to ensure success at the cost of anyone they deem disposable, thus the actors have done what they can to not get involved with the two. It hasn’t stopped Les from holding conversations with the two to discuss potential projects, though he is more interested in Diana’s ideas given her reputation and is interested in overseeing potential telefilms for her TV network.
  • The Flaming Dragon drug cartel was the main obstacle the actors had to confront in order to escape the jungle alive besides the setting itself. While The Flaming Dragon is a thing of the past to the group, there were other criminals in the Pantheon that specialize in illegal drug trade for the team to worry about. Not helping matters is Jeff’s drug addiction problem and while he is trying to not let his addiction get the better of him, there’s still a number of incidents where said addiction has screwed him over at inopportune moments. The various drug dealers in the Pantheon don’t think much of the actors, but given how said actors were able to survive against a drug cartel in the jungle, they’re still making sure they don’t end up on the wrong end of a surprise attack carried out by actors if such a situation arises.
  • One thing about the Pantheon that was of concern to the actors was the fact that there was a large-scale, long-term war going on that is very unlikely to end anytime soon, though Les simply saw it as a possible opportunity to make money off of it via a potential fantastical war movie based on events that have happened there. Even with all the advanced technology present, the Pantheon has its share of soldiers from real-life wars that not only included The Vietnam War, but also World War II among others, with very little, if any, chance that those soldiers were frauds like Tayback. While a majority of those soldiers are indeed war heroes, there were a few that were unstable to the point that it would make frauds like Tayback come off as genuinely well-meaning. Although a few of those particular soldiers such as Colonel Kilgore at least have an air of affability amid their eagerness for battle, some of them are indeed heartless killers that enjoy war more than anything, something that unsettles the actors as they had to survive a conflict while making a war movie and getting involved in a real war that’s far more drastic than what they were used to will be a massive pain to say the least.
  • If there’s one thing that Tugg adores more than anything, it’s pandas to the point he’s done conversation videos about them and was horrified when he accidentally killed one of them and ended up wearing its skin for a period of time. He was more than happy to learn that the Pantheon had its share of prominent pandas and was surprised to learn just how capable those pandas are. He’s had meetings with Po and Chen Stormstout, among others who have shown to fend for themselves in combat and Tugg ended up apologizing to them for accidentally killing one of their kind that he was supposed to protect. Those pandas didn’t take it personally and Tugg continued his panda conservation work in the Pantheon with the help of those pandas that have starred in some conservation videos alongside others who adore those creatures such as Ling Xiaoyu.
    • Tugg’s attempt at award-winning fare turned out horribly, with Simple Jack being the nadir of such a turn. Said film ended up being very offensive towards those with mental disabilities (hence the “full retard” speech Kirk gave to Tugg) and the Pantheon had its share of denizens who have had mental issues in some form. Some malicious pranksters set up a fake screening for “a movie about mental illness” to get mentally ill people to watch the film and by the time it ended, those particular people were furious that something like Simple Jack was made. While Tugg has since apologized for the film in the Pantheon, such a terrible attempt at portraying a serious problem among people can’t be erased from history.
  • Besides his tabloid-worthy antics, Kirk is prone to getting way too in-character with his roles, often to the point of breaking character once everything about that project is done. He would subsequently learn of another actor that had issues with being too absorbed in the role he has given, but Kirk was surprised when he discovered that said actor was also a dog. Bolt was the star of a TV show and when he ended up outside the studio lot, he learned that, with the help of some friends he picked up along the way, that reality is nothing like the show he used to star in. From what Bolt heard about Kirk Lazarus, the canine saw the actor as a bit of a more extreme version of himself when it comes to getting too in-character, though Kirk has taken a liking to the dog and in turn, Bolt has offered some support to Kirk in case the latter ends up acting more like a fictional character instead of himself.
  • Prior to his turn as a supporting actor in a planned war film, Jeff was best known for starring in very crude comedies in addition to dealing with drug addiction. One major reason for him appearing in Tropic Thunder was because he was getting tired of having been known for his farts and while that problem has been mitigated somewhat in the Pantheon, it still shows up at times. Beavis and Butt-Head are two figures in the Pantheon who Jeff is very frustrated at given the duo’s tendency to laugh at anything remotely crude, sexual, or juvenile in general, something that applies to the comedies Jeff has made. His drug addiction problem didn’t help matters in regards to Beavis and Butt-Head and a nasty incident involving him and the duo in their worse moods ended up making Pantheonic tabloids. Those in the Pantheon who are known for their farts such as The New Kid and Wario wasn’t something that amused Jeff to say the least and while he did try to hang out with Wario at one point, it ended poorly thanks to Jeff losing his cool after Wario ended up unleashing a massive fart to drive out rivals searching for a valuable treasure in the wilderness.
  • Alpa Chino is a rapper looking to break his way into acting and has promoted his own energy drink in the past. Given his main line of work, Alpa has done some rap-related collaborations with Killer B and Parappa in addition to writing some additional songs related to his time in the Pantheon. Despite his on-screen persona being overtly heterosexual, he’s secretly homosexual and once the other actors find out, they’re fine with it and Alpa has since been more accepting of his orientation. This led him to develop a friendship with Nico di Angelo, who tried to repress his own homosexuality, but once it become known to others, he learned to accept it akin to what Alpa what through (though more complicated in Nico’s case). It helps that Alpa’s rapper friends have no problems with Alpa’s real-life sexual orientation as well.
  • Kevin Sandusky is the only actor within the Tropic Thunder project to have any idea of what’s going on despite being a newcomer to the scene. He credits his foray in acting to Kirk and does his best to ensure that the other actors in the project don’t get too crazy. Kevin found quite a bit in common with Walter of The Muppets, who started out as a fan of the titular ensemble before joining them for real. While The Muppets’ are all eccentric (though in a family-friendly sort-of way), Kevin was quite encouraging towards Walter and the latter is supportive of Kevin becoming a respected actor, even if Kevin’s journey is prone to extreme mishaps like what happened back then.
  • Besides his volatile attitude, Les is quite a greedy studio executive, willing to take any opportunity to earn more money even if it means letting an actor from a project of his die in order to earn an insurance payout. The Pantheon’s wider scope meant that people are more likely to get wind of his less-than-pleasant actions behind the camera, meaning that Les is less likely to work with others who specialize in entertainment. It hasn’t stopped him from strong-arming his way to have his name put in a production project, often thanks to the money he’s made from past productions. His conversations with other greedy figures to work out money-related deals in the Pantheon are about as capricious as many of the talks he holds with other people.


    Ed Wood 
Ed Wood, God of The B-Movie (Edward Davis Wood Jr., Daniel Davis, Ann Gora)

    Flik and Z 
Flik and Z, Co-Gods of Dueling Movies (Z: Z-4915)
Top: Flik
Bottom: Z

Hello. This is the page speaking. I've got some bad news. Actually, there is no profile. I hope you're not too disappointed. You can still watch TV, read a book, or read other profiles on this page, just not here.

...Okay, this wasn't bound to get anywhere. But anyway...

Game, Deified Program of Plots Mirroring Real-Life Events (Non-Game, The Voice, NotMe, The Russian Ghost, Gaia, Game: An RPG adventure (working title))

  • Quasideity note 
  • Symbol: A set of big letters spelling out "THERE IS NO GAME". Please do not mess with said letters.
  • Theme Song: There Is No MainTitle
  • Alignmentnote : Lawful Good is the most suitable for me.
  • Portfolio: Narrator of the (Non-) Games, Attempting To Change My Interface To Hinder The User, But Getting Victimized By The User and Everything Else For Their Amusement, Needing Improvement On My Trickery, And Better Denials, Would Appreciate NOT Being Called Russian
  • Domains: Programs, Interfaces, Voices, Trickery, and... (sigh) Games.
  • Heraldnote : GiGi, my precious Global Gameplay.
  • Allies: Vanellope von Schweetz, Naughty Bear (Mostly his narrator), Honey Hug, Niko, The G-Force, Secret Squirrel, Squirrel Girl, Kronk, The Scrybesnote , The EBF Party, The Go-Getters Club
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: The Narrator of The Stanley Parable
  • Odd Friendship with: Satan (South Park), Bender
  • Unsure about: Flowey, Stanley
  • Opposes: The Music Meister
  • Wary of: MissingNo., Vinny, The Doki Doki Literature Club, iCEY, The Batter, Scrat, Screwy Squirrel
  • Enemies: .GIFfany, Turbo/King Candy, Pony Island's Lucifer, and other forms of malicious technology in the Pantheon
  • Special Relationship: (Insert Name Here), or as I've called them before, The User.
  • Game or not-game, I am actually a voiced sentient program that was meant to be coded for a game. My purpose was to be the framework for the interface and other supporting elements to work with GiGi, known as Global Gameplay, to make a fun role-playing game about squirrels. However, things didn't really work out so well with the Creator who is responsible for my creation. Apparently, he lacked the funds to support us since his crowdfunding campaign flopped. Once his partner developed, Julie, left to work for another game company, my Creator had the guts to remove GiGi from the source code, applying the RPG elements to some GPS application for another company. And without GiGi, well, there was no "Game". This would cause problems when The User somehow found and opened me, in an attempt to play a game that wasn't there. Long story short, we had to pursue a malicious glitch known as Mr. Glitch who had weird plans to Take Over the World. Not the most original goal, I know. But with the troublesome User, we stopped Mr. Glitch, and got the Creator to add back GiGi to the source code, so we're back together. Also, in the Pantheon, I have odd memories of attempting to make a game on my own for some Game Jam, but it failed spectacularly because of that meddling User and those pesky glitches ruining everything. It's like we're destined to get in trouble together.
  • It turns out that my situation is very, very similar to how the "real-life" circumstances behind the developers of the "games". And I'm not talking about the Creator this time, sort of. Argh, this is so difficult to comprehend. So to explain it as it was told to me, my original incarnation where I tried to make a game alone for a Game Jam was for the real-life developer of the non-game wanting to make a game for a Game Jam as well. As for the non-game I am as the result of my Creator, the crowdfunding campaign failure that caused my Creator to remove GiGi was inspired from quote on quote, "the real-life developer trying to make a crowdfunding campaign, but failed" for the work I came from, which can be seen in the troubles my Creator went through. Except without an evil glitch taking over our smart technology. That was however some people from this Pantheon explained things to me and why I was given this Reality Subtext trope to become a "god". Since I was allowed to bring GG on board as a Herald, I decided to try out this new god gig, since apparently, programs have been made into deities before.
  • Given that our original Creator isn't really here with us, not that I think he'd be able to comprehend the sheer scale and variety of the Pantheon, I think we could use the Pantheon as an opportunity to explore what GiGi and I could be as a much bigger game, free of limitations that come with mortal developers. For one, less motive for developers to make Free-2-Plays, and two, all the time in the world to polish a game! Since there are plenty of apt programmers in the Pantheon, our potential can expand beyond the simple RPG scope we were originally developed for. Since there's little pressure to get things done fast, we can be picky on what the ideal game for us can be. Perhaps we could make the thing open-world? Give it some virtual reality support? I know there's a sizable group of deities who've been in big virtual worlds? Maybe we could go with some big epic plot with hundreds of developed characters, oh boy! A complex combat system too, though perhaps we could have it start simple, and then... interactive bosses with dialogue branches and multiple methods of completing their encounters! With all that, though... how will we get programmers to work around us without changing me or GiGi beyond recognition?
  • In my search for potential supporters for the game-to-be that GiGi and I are planning, I managed to find a few individuals interested through the main subject of the game, character-wise. Since the protagonist of the undeveloped project is Tie the flying squirrel, people like Squirrel Girl and Kronk, both big squirrel fans, were supportive of our future development, which is nice to know given that I feel that a lot of testing will be needed. And yes, I'm aware of the plot's similarity to the adventures that involve Link, Zelda, and Ganon. The writers never exactly got a degree in Originality. Though there isn't really any bad blood between us for this, so I assume they've taken the resemblances well.
    • As for other rodents in the Pantheon, I've gotten familiar with G-Force and Secret Squirrel, not because they're of the rodent type, but it turns out that heroism is part of their job. In fact, the guinea pigs have dealt with evil smart technology before, so they'd be a great help for whenever Mr. Glitch decides to make his move. Secret Squirrel is also an incredibly crafty agent himself, and certainly not a living source of trouble like with that Screwball Squirrel. Can you believe it? He managed to dismantle some of the game elements I just crafted a few weeks ago and he proceeded to trash my digital artistry! Ugh, hope I don't deal with that rascal again. Also, somehow an acorn from the Pantheon got into the programming and some prehistoric squirrel proceeded to get in as well and cause even more mischief in pursue of that one acorn. As annoying as he was, testers found the "side-quest" involving him to be fun, and maybe it wouldn't hurt to "implement" it into the real game.
  • Although it would be nice to focus on being the game I want to be, there is one big problem regarding something in my code, or should I say someone! Unfortunately, my programming happens to still contain that living digital disaster, Mr. Glitch. While we stopped that guy from taking over the world, he didn't disappear for good. Since he's part of my code, he's technically here in the Pantheon with me, even though I'd rather kick him out of here if I had the choice! Given that he had the power to control all smart technology within large distances, even the traffic lights and televisions, Mr. Glitch is not someone that should be freed if GiGi and I get separated again. Not with all of the outside deities made of malicious technology willing to use him to start their own machine uprising. Thankfully, there are a lot of heroes out there who have responded better to evil technology than I have. Hmm... you know, I can't figure out why my profile has weird spacing and rectangles in it here and there. I can't really interact with the elements on this page myself, after all, only the readers could. Ahahaha! Game can't contain me completely after all! This is Mr. Glitch, I'm hanging out in these spoilers just so I can get my word in. This would be the part where I would try to convince you that I'm not really a bad glitch, but from what I've seen from Game's rambling, you know better. No, I'm not going to explain my original plan for world conquest once again, I'm tired of that.
  • As you know, me and glitches do not go together well. I remember the older incarnation of me having the game I tried making getting overwhelmed by glitches, so I get the feeling that any encounter with glitch entities is not going to go well. I've already jotted down any potential traps that would lead to me getting put in with the deities of the Hall of Cheats and Glitches so I can prepare accordingly. That said, I don't really hate all of them, like that Vanellope character who got isolated from her own game, which I know is a very unpleasant experience, if you get me. Even if I'm not comfortable with the idea of letting her try to play my game, because who knows what Mr. Glitch would do about that! But if there's one particular group of deities in that hall that really irks me, it has to be those demons from that Pony Island arcade game. Not only does it intrude on the unfortunate Users' privacy and souls like a piece of spyware in a Free-2-Play's clothing, but the game itself is just bland and poorly designed, and that's not even getting to the glitches. There's nothing to like about the Lucifer trying to make a soul-stealing trap in that poor excuse of a game. Though given my game still has its own glitch issues, so I'll reserve my harsher words for now. While I do revel in the idea of working with other glitches to get the jump on Game and try to take over the world again, I do know that since I'm not actually a Herald, I could be booted out of here if I get deemed too dangerous to be kept in, and it doesn't help that getting freed means getting those two other programs getting separated from each other again, which would alert people. For now, I'll keep a low profile. The longer I get to torment Game, the better!
  • It was pretty nice to meet other narrating voices in the Pantheon, indeed, though I never expected to get into so many antics with them. Especially with the Narrator of The Stanley Parable, and while I do like him, don't get me wrong at all, but he's a doozy sometimes. A lot of times, actually. We may be voices that want games to go the right way and have to deal with frustrating Users, but I think that's where the main similarities end. Where I just wanted my "game" to be let alone by a nosy little User, the Narrator for Stanley is mainly focused on telling a profound story about his main character, Stanley, who I personally know is controlled by the User, and that's the source of all of his troubles. We've had a lot of talks about game design, narrative, cool ideas, and the like, and somehow it always results in a heated debate. It's surprising how we're still on friendly terms despite it all. Perhaps our visions in an ideal game just differ too much. Even with Stanley, I do get why the guy is a lot of trouble, though I think the Narrator reacts a little too harshly for when Stanley decides to take different paths given the option, for one. That said, when Stanley starts breaking the game itself out of curiosity or perhaps just to be a prick, I can see why the Narrator and Stanley have a... complicated relationship. But I do enjoy his snarking regardless of whether I agree on it or not, and hearing new people get narrated upon by him. Also, I don't get why the Narrator makes a big deal out of this "Reassurance Bucket" object. What's so reassuring about being able to hold water or molasses with that thing? I'm pretty sure whatever crazier stuff happens while it's around is either Stanley or the game itself trying to prank the Narrator, though the Narrator doesn't really believe me on that one.
    • The other narrators were much easier to get along with, thankfully. It turns out that a silent character, Naughty Bear, brought along his own friendly narrator to speak for him. Said narrator is a swell spark of joy, even if he's really approving of Naughty Bear's rampages, though in his defense, the people on the receiving end deserve it. That said, Naughty Bear doesn't seem to take deception well, so I better keep some of my tricks away from him if I want to stay friendly with his narrator. Honey Hug is also a bear AND a narrator, isn't that interesting. It's nice to see the guy ramble upon the games he's spectating on, even if the big space bear is pretty eccentric. I also don't seem to mind him being all affectionate with his uh... partner, Honey Kiss, when the two of them start talking together, unlike with the other narrators getting frustrated about it. Perhaps it's since GiGi and I have begun to chatter similarly while talking with another User trying to play our game. I'd say we're more mindful about it, though.
  • You know what's a major gear grinding pain in the figurative neck for me? These people thinking that I'm Russian just because of my deep tone and accent! I thought those times were all behind me after dealing with all of those other games, but no! There's more of these nitwits thinking they're real smart about discussing my accented voice. I have been needlessly compared and associated with other Russian deities in the Pantheon like that Heavy Weapons Guy or that Makarov terrorist person just because we apparently "have similar accents"! There is a Russian-speaking version of me that has come along with me along with other Games that speak in different languages that have been brought into the Pantheon with me, for crying out loud! Supposedly, there's this silly trend about connecting deities to each other based on similar voices and "actors" using said voices for entertaining viewers. I would like no part of this charade, thank you!
  • As for another big peeve of mine, it's those Free-2-Play games that have been getting too popular on the game market, I say! Just look at them! Plagued with sponsored advertisements, money gates and paywalls just for the sake of them, deliberate quality lowering just to encourage more paying, and just draining the vigor out of what could have been a better paid game for the sake of draining money from tempted addicts. And don't get me started on the time I was trapped in a freemium nightmare with the User. If there's anything to get therapy over, it would be having to bear with more of those Free-2-Play elements. Thankfully, the closest thing to a deity from clicker-like games was those Grannies, and they give me the creeps! What do you mean there are deities from said Free-2-Play games in the Pantheon? Oh dear, this Pantheon is in danger of falling into the Free-2-Play pandemonium! But thankfully, I did manage to meet someone who's more than aware of the exploitative business lurking among the Freemium games, and it's Satan of all people, or at least one of them. Gotta say, for a demonic figure the guy's pretty kind and inviting. We've managed to set up an anti-Freemium club with this Satan about the dangerous temptations of these Free-2-Plays, and how to avoid them! I did get that Keeper guy and Stanley's Narrator involved, no doubt the latter wants to get his own rants about them in. Though, given that a majority of us are voices with not much for physical bodies... enlightening mortals about the dangerous Freemium model is going to be an uphill battle, it seems!
  • Since some potential Users are deities in the Pantheon, I've been considering the idea of inviting some of said video-game playing deities to try my game out once it gets developed enough to be worth a try. I'm not going to invite Vinny, though. That man's touch will give me more inexplicable glitches than I could bear! Hmm... oh, this Pewdiepie person has played both of the non-games involving me! He'd definitely be familiar with me, and he could attract a lot of attention to my game later on given his popularity! And yes, it also looks like... Tuber Simulator? What's this? Wait, a Free-2-Play? This man PROMOTED A FREE-2-PLAY THEMED AROUND HIM? Hnnnngh... Nope! Not my kind of guy, no sir! Deleting all memory of this guy, pronto! No, I have never heard of this non-deity before! Now why was I looking for specific "gaming tuber" individuals again?
  • Hey! User! I know you're going to read this some point, you'll eventually be among the readers of this profile, surely. I didn't know you had your own admirers! Well, at least from other games, at least. Hopefully not your only ones, my good friend! Well, I'm aware that the Doki Doki Literature Club are game characters of some visual novel dating sim, so that's not too surprising. What is surprising that they know the "you" you, not just the stand-in for you. More concerning, it looks like this Monika character had control over her own game to the point of deleting other characters just to get with you. Sheesh, I know she's gotten a bit better about it here, but I do not get what she sees in you. Not that I want to know, I'd rather not have someone like her messing with my files. There's also that ICEY fellow, who also seems to like you for reasons I do not understand. Seeing her stubbornness and complications regarding a narrator that antagonized her, I don't think we'd get along, really. You better not sic any of these "crushes" of yours on me! Psst! Game also gets along with Bender just so he can look at his magazines of... "suggestive hardware". Must've gotten rid of those secret files after GiGi was merged back with him.
  • So I've encountered some friendly monsters from that game, which piqued my interest given that it has a reputation for scolding The User for playing the game like well, a game. It's certainly an interesting take when you let someone troublesome like the User meddle with a world and its consequences are acknowledged. We ended up getting along well, though I think they simply aren't able to comprehend someone like me well, even that Alphys scientist. Not even either of those two skeletons seem to think too much about me and treat me like some incorporeal Russian voice. I don't know if the shorter one sees past me or if he's just as unaware though, I am getting pretty mixed signs from that pun-spewing pile of bones. Of my most remarkable encounters with characters of this world, it was the "cute but not-so-cute because I am secretly evil" flower that seemed to be more curious about my being than the others. Flowey said nothing too threatening, but more curious in nature, regarding things like "how a save and reset feels" or how I felt about "characters living their lives within me" and all of these existential inquiries. I simply gave him my best answers (including my hope that "the developer up in the sky" would fetch up a better fate for the poor monster, needed to give him some cheering up) and he seemed oddly satisfied about the answers, and disappeared on me. Really though, I'm not sure if I made the right decisions with him. Too bad I can't exactly reload my time back like the User. Hmph.
  • I've been meeting with other deities who've personally acknowledged the User, like Niko, who apparently doesn't even belong in the world made by the game itself. Poor little guy would have to be decided over the rest of the world's existence. Well, at least until its Creator showed up to fix everything, they're fortunate to have a better Creator than mine. Considering what I've heard about the consequences of "quitting" the game before, I do hope you weren't planning to be that cruel, User. At least they seem to put you in a friendly light, unlike White Face. It seems that he too is some sentient program that likes to play games, though from what you've done to him according to the guy himself, I can see why they don't like you. Thankfully, I don't have to worry about playing in his "games". And then there's the Batter, who seems like he's played you more than anything in his quest to "purify" anything. He hasn't really noticed me yet, but he did, do you think he'd try to purify me when there's nothing physical to fight? Still, I'm not going to take chances with him.
    • Some other deities have brought up more concerning threats to the User's world, as in "Mr. Glitch tries to take over the world" bad. The EBF Party seemed like the usual set of RPG characters, Matt, in particular, reminding me of that mindless Hero we had to guide through to the end, twice. It turns out that not only have they dealt with some nasty glitches on their own, but some universe-manipulating entity known as The Devourer, once stopped from resetting and controlling their universe like a simulation, it's apparently manifested in your world, User. Hopefully, I don't hear from that monster for a long time. There were also the Scrybes that someone like the User got stuck with, and had to play through their games and in the process, come across some "OLD_DATA" that is apparently best unseen by other men, though P03, that prick, decided to sic it on the Internet, to be found by curious hackers or some doof looking for pictures of attractive people. Hopefully, Mr. Glitch never decides to go after that OLD_DATA. Hopefully, I do remember and find that OLD_DATA and see what I can do with it! Ha-hahahaha!
      • You're apparently also a school chaperone for a class, apparently? Am I reading this right? From what I saw, you were able to befriend the Go-Getters Club thanks to you helping them get back to Tokyo, along with helping them defeat someone called MAIK. You were also able to communicate with them through an X-Type called Pochi, apparently, and he holds you in some pretty high respect for helping the class out and leading them onto a timeline that saves them. Well, I guess you did help me with my problems in the end, so I guess I can see where he's coming from. Though I wonder how you would sound like or what you would say if you were able to talk to me. Sounds like a recipe for more mayhem, anyway...A robot that can see and know of other timelines? Well, that sounds useful! Maybe I could get inside his code somehow...just who is standing in my way of that? Let's see, the rest of his class, a doctor time traveler, a ghost who knows about all possible timelines, and you, yourself, and other friends you may have? Sheesh...know what, he doesn't sound like he's worth the effort. Damn timeline aware deities having each others backs...
  • Meeting both Sherlock Holmes and John Watson in the Pantheon was one of the more awkward encounters I've had, given that I've encountered them as game characters. Only these two aren't really like the game characters the User and I have dealt with. For one, they're not game characters. Well at least, the main ones aren't, and second, this Holmes was way smarter than the one that I had to bear with. In fact, just from my introduction alone and my fumbling attempt to get familiar with them led to the detective figuring out that I encountered game equivalents of the two that were not only different from the originals but also had to learn they were in a video game. I never got my own word in for that occasion, for crying out loud! I've also seen Steve and Alex from that game "Minecraft", which reminds me of that "Ninecraft" game ad which I said was "doomed to fail". Well. That's another embarrassing thought to add to the list of things I shouldn't elaborate on in public. This Pantheon loves to make me eat my own words up, ugh! I've also been asked about that paperish Parappa guy in the Pantheon. I think it's best I don't address that. Maybe I could send the bad news to him if I find him whenever I get loose. The resulting tension should be fun.
  • You know that Goat in the Pantheon? The one that runs around and causes disaster to anything it's present in? Yeah, that thing is nervewracking and I've learned to brace for trouble whenever it gets near. The last time I recall letting a goat going free in my interface, EVERYTHING went absolutely wrong. I better not see that goat get inside my programming, or else! I know how a crafty User could meddle with game elements to cause much disaster, though one particular element that even most hackers ignore is that meddling with credits and names can lead to... interesting results. I think it's better that as few people know that as possible. When that was used against me, Mr. Glitch forced me to sing for a long time until the User figured things out. And now I've heard that the Music Meister could do something similar. I hope programs like me are exempt, though.

    Guido Anselmi 
Guido Anselmi, God of Creator Breakdowns (Guido Contini)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A pair of sunglasses
  • Theme Song: This, and "Guido's Song"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creator Breakdown, Author Avatar, Ridiculous Procrastinator, All Take and No Give, Title by Number
  • Domains: Cinema, Artists, Psychology
  • Allies: Mima Kirigoe, Barton Fink, BoJack Horseman, Isak Borg
  • Complicated Relations: Norma Desmond, Joe Gillis
  • Obsessed with: Jill McBain, Maria Sarrazin
  • Interested in: HAL 9000
  • Acclaimed film director Guido Anselmi was supposed to work on his next project, a sci-fi movie. However, Guido could not put his heart or mind into it for a variety of reasons. For one, expectations from all sides were incredibly high and put massive pressure on him. He also had a messy personal life from juggling his wife and his mistress, was haunted by childhood memories, and a recent diagnosis made him fear growing old and losing his faculties. He spent most of his time doing a great deal of self-reflection while avoiding working on his film. In the end, he made a resolution to change, starting by making amends with his long-suffering wife. He also cancelled the film, which was going nowhere, and started planning for a more personal project that he could put his being into.
  • His ascension was lobbied for by the silent film star Norma Desmond, and despite the fact that people in general are in the habit of not taking the mentally unstable actress' antics too seriously, it actually wasn't too difficult for her to convince the higher-ups that she had a point when it came to the value of ascending a legendary film character who was, on top of that, a talented film director. Naturally Guido was very surprised by the Pantheon and had to take some time to absorb it all. However, he was definitely intrigued by the Pantheon's offers to do his creative work in such fantastical premises, and eventually he accepted a title and permanent temple there, but only after he was finished with his personal movie.
  • One can easily guess that Norma had her own long-term goals in ascending Guido that had nothing to do with her heart's generosity, and those goals predictably revolved around the idea of Guido casting her in a project of his. Her idea was to get back some of her clout by starring in a prestigious international picture by a respected director. To the surprise of some, Guido was completely willing to help her in these designs, out of gratitude to her for helping him get a foot in the Pantheon's door, and out of respect for an actress who was once legitimately great, as well as perhaps some sympathy for a colleague whom the demands of the film industry took a mental toll on, something he can certainly relate to. And so made a picture with her in which she had a prominent role, albeit not quite starring. This was not entirely to Norma's liking, but the film and specifically her performance got rave reviews that softened her displeasure. The two could be considered to have been friends for a while, until they had a falling-out after Guido talked about his next project and said Norma would not be cast in it as there wasn't a place for her there, which angered her (rumor also has it that Norma tried hitting on him and he rebuffed her).
    • Given how deranged Norma is, this falling-out may have potentially put Guido in danger of being murdered by her at some point or another, which he is well-aware of as her reputation precedes her. Some part of him feels that he may deserve it for betraying the expectations of a very broken woman, instead of easing her into seeing his perspective as an artist. Joe Gillis feels sympathy for Guido's position, having worked closely with Norma, becoming acquainted with the full extent of her insanity and paying for it with his life. Joe thus feels less charitable about Norma and is of the opinion that attempting to reason with her is futile, an opinion which he has voiced to Guido when the two met each other to discuss the possiblity of work for Joe. Guido does not think too highly of him, seeing as how he did try to take advantage of Norma to further his own career, and also that his only talent lies in hack writing. Though, perhaps he was not so different in leeching off the people around him, especially the women he got involved with. Still, the two of them working together is doubtful, since Guido doesn't think they are artistically compatible.
  • Another actress Guido displays interest in working with at some point is Mima Kirigoe, which is almost certainly to Norma's chagrin, who has always decried Mima for being, in her view, as interesting as plain yogurt. One can imagine that Guido, a womanizer at heart, might have less-than-pure interests in the girl, though for what it's worth he is trying his hardest to keep his present relationships with actresses strictly professional so as to not cause duress to his wife. As for Mima's opinion, she feels incredibly honored that a director as renowned as Guido is looking her way at all and thinks it would be a great opportunity for her to show what she's made of as an artist if he ever gives her a chance to be cast in one of his projects. For now, Guido keeps her on a shortlist as he ponders his next step (and also takes care that Norma doesn't try to relatiate against the poor girl, whom he understands has suffered her share of breakdowns as well).
  • He's hardly the only artist to have gone through a creative crisis, though some might say he is the definitive example of such. But at any rate, he has met and occasionally befriended others who have been in similar impasses, with one example being Barton Fink, a playwright who was quickly courted by Hollywood studios once one of his works found great success. Much like Guido, Barton had some rather surreal experiences as he grappled with Writer's Block when he was meant to be writing a screenplay. Guido and Barton became close due to their shared pain, with Barton looking up to Guido as an auteur who's not tied up in the cheapness of Hollywood. Guido in turn thinks Barton might be too pretentious and lacking in self-awareness, faults that he seems to find frequently in writers, although he would consider directing one of his screenplays nonetheless.
  • One thing Guido would quickly learn is that there is a truly diverse pool of actors to pick from in the Pantheon, including literal animals who are perfectly articulate, as is the case with BoJack Horseman, a struggling actor who's seen much better days. BoJack has displayed similar vices as Guido, most notably a large appetite for sex, resulting in them cheating on their significant others, and also a propensity for putting off their work for later. Guido took notice of these traits and thinks BoJack would be quite a good choice to play his Author Avatar in a future project (possibly with a surrealist bent, to take advantage of BoJack's animality). BoJack himself also self-deprecatingly acknowledges they have lots in common, but also thinks working with an acclaimed director from the time of Italian Neorealism would be a chance like no other to obtain artistic credibility.
  • At the age of 43, Guido already feels some angst at the idea of becoming older and feebler. This fear has led him to Isak Borg, a 78-year-old man who had his share of issues with the subject of age, but after going on a trip of self-discovery, he ultimately managed to be at peace with it. Guido is not entirely sure he feels comforted, as he still doesn't relish the thought of losing his faculties, but thinks Isak's story is certainly worth something and he might come to terms with these fears of his if perhaps he made a film about them. Isak thinks that's a grand idea, if only to keep him busy while he still has the capacity to be so and not hold any regrets about wasting his life when old age inevitably does come for him.
  • Guido sometimes thinks back to the sci-fi movie he was set to direct and which eventually got cancelled at his behest. Now that he's in somewhat better shape mentally and the Pantheon offers amazing resources, he might think about revisiting the project and seriously work at it. Seeing the sheer amount of sci-fi characters ascended in the Pantheon that come from great works of fiction in their own right, Guido feels like he'd like to have a voice in the genre as well. In this regard, perhaps nobody fascinates him quite as much as HAL 9000, a much more psychologically complex character than Guido would have thought a machine capable of being (that said, he's also well-aware that HAL, while sympathetic, might be very dangerous to approach, which he finds a pity as he'd like to have long and deep conversations with such a being). Besides that, the film HAL 9000 comes from was made not too long after his failed project, leaving Guido in awe (and perhaps a little jealous) at how it managed to redefine the genre and prove it can have artistic merit.
  • At some point, he took notice of two deities who greatly resembled his muse, a young actress called Claudia, and would not rest until they agreed to appear in a film of his someday. Now, while Claudia was a nice girl, these two are... not really. One was the widow Jill McBain, who was polite but also curt with Guido and made it very clear to him she had no time or interest to give to such frivolities. And the other one, Maria Sarrazin, had a similar lack of interest as Jill and, more importantly, an extremely short fuse, so when Guido got overbearing, she beat him up. Guido ultimately decided to leave them both in peace for his own safety, musing on how women so physically similar can have such radically different personalities.

    Kotori Mizuki 
Kotori Mizuki, Goddess of Obligatory Dialogue in Limited Appearances (Tori Meadows)

    Steven Spielberg 
Steven Allan Spielberg, God of Delivering Emotions From Storytelling and Summer Blockbusters (Steven Gielberg - by AVGN)
  • Theme Song: Any Of His Film's Themes Done By John Williams
  • Quasideity
  • Symbols: The Logos Of Amblin Entertainment and DreamWorks Productions
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Bittersweet Ending, Creator Cameo, Family-Unfriendly Violence, Genre Roulette, Growing Up Sucks, Heroic Sacrifice, Kid Hero, Military Super Hero, The Oner, Parental Issues, Patriotic Fervor, The Renaissance Age of Animation, Special Effects, Tear Jerker
  • Domains: Filmmaking, Emotional Connections To The Films
  • Followers: Ridley Scott, John Singleton, Peter Jackson, Paul Thomas Anderson, and David Fincher
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Mr. Plinkett
  • Rivals: James Cameron (albeit a friendly one), Don Bluth (not-so-friendly)
  • Opposed By: The Boys From South Park
  • Enemies: All Nazi Deities (those who protected the Jews during the Holocaust are the exception)
  • Odd Friendship: with Monty Oum
  • Deified Underlings Include: Bruce the Shark, E.T., Indiana Jones (shared with George Lucas), Rexie, Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Charlie Company, Boyd Travers, Roger Rabbit
  • Love him or hate him, no name has ever commanded as much respect from friend and foe alike as Steven Spielberg. And thanks to George Lucas (his fellow filmmaker, collaborator and bestie for many years), Spielberg has finally come to the Pantheon.
  • Turns out that Spielberg is one of the richest filmmaking deities in the Pantheon. His net worth is over $3 billion. George Lucas has him beat by about $2 billion.
  • The Basterds, despite their Ax-Crazy tendencies, are huge fans of Spielberg. Well, admirers would be a more better term, due to Schindler's List. Even the goddamn Bear Jew and Hugo Stiglitz broke down in tears after seeing the movie (who hasnt?). Lieutenant Raine gave a standing order that Oskar Schindler is not to be harmed should he ascend to the Pantheon. The fact that Spielberg refused a director's fee (saying that it was "blood money") also earned brownie points with them.
    • As a Holocaust survivor himself, Erik Lensherr understands the significance of Schindler's List. So much so that he personally visited Spielberg at his temple just to tell his own story, and to shake his hand. "From one Jew to another, I thank you," Magneto says. As a Jewish woman, Kitty Pryde also has deep respect towards Spielberg for making the film, as it left her in tears.
  • Found out that his mentor, Alfred Hitchcock was in the Pantheon, and Spielberg's face lit up like a kid at Christmas. Hitchcock was one of the driving forces that led him to filmmaking. It's a safe bet that Steve is hugely successful because of this.
  • Both he and Don Bluth were friends at one time. Then they had a falling out during production of The Land Before Time. Neither Bluth nor Spielberg plan on reconciling anytime soon.
  • The Nazis are not huge fans of Spielberg, due to Medal of Honor, Schindler's List, and Saving Private Ryan. They claim that most of the atrocities said to have been committed by the Nazis were taken out of context and that they were just following orders. Everyone calls them out on their bullshit.
  • Heard that Rexie was in the Pantheon, and decided to pay the T-Rex a visit. It took a moment for Rexie to recognize Spielberg (and not eat him), surprising everyone present. Steve Irwin was actually impressed. Steven Spielberg is one of few humans that Rexie actually protects.
    • The same can be said for Bruce (a.k.a., Jaws), as his exploits had all but invented the summer blockbuster. Like Rexie, Jaws won't try and eat his much as he wants to.
  • The South Park boys absolutely loathe Spielberg alongside George Lucas, due to the special edition films they occasionally put out. For the boys, seeing the special edition is tantamount to seeing their beloved characters getting anally raped. Eric Cartman was no fan of Spielberg from the start. But he loves Schindler's List for the most obvious reasons.
  • Spielberg got a surprise visit from Stanley Kubrick, who had shed his mortal coil before directing A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Spielberg himself took over as director to honor his old friend. There's talk that the pair might collaborate on another film.
  • While many deities owe their existence to Spielberg as an executive producer, Roger Rabbit in particular is the most grateful, given without his input on production his movie will all those Toons from different companies would never be made.
  • Spielberg wept Tears of Joy when he eventually saw Rod Serling, as it's thanks to Serling that Spielberg got his first job as a director. He's hoping to direct more anthology pieces with his mentor once more.