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This is where all records of the Pantheon's history is stored, including ascensions, depowerings, title changes, and major events. Even if someone were to try and cover up a stupid thing they did, this house will have the evidence here thanks to top-notch surveillance. Of course, not only are the records kept, but also looked into great detail to make sure the facts are correct. Security is very tight, as much of the information here is valuable.


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Canopus, Polaris, Arcturus, and the innumerable Admins, Overseer and Admins of the Administrator System and the Lords of the Akashic Records (Providence, God, Divine Order of the Universe, Triangulum, Septentrione, Star God)
Administrator Arcturus
Overseer Canopus
  • Overdeity (Canopus), Greater God (Polaris, Arcturus, and the countless other Administrators)
  • Symbol: Blue Gears with Constellations
  • Theme Music: Akashic Record, Triangulum, and Providence
  • Alignment: Law (Canopus), Lawful Evil (Polaris and Arcturus)
  • Portfolio: Masters of the Akashic Records, Creators of Worlds and Life, Destroyers of Worlds Deemed Unworthy of Existing, Power of the Void, Starfish Alien, Stellar Name, Star Fish Language, Eternal Conflict With An Endless Army of Admins, Royal Blood and Sufficiently Advanced Alien, Opposing Those Who Disrupt Providence, Summoning Demons to Fight For Them.
  • Domains: Order, Creation, Destruction, Stars
  • Allies: The Forces of Order, Eliphas Star based lifeforms save for Alcor and Cor Caroli.
  • Enemies: Yamato Hotsuin, Alcor, The Forces of Destruction, Chaos, Most ascended humans, Vector and Shark, Forces of Nature, War, and Weapons (Arcturus), Shougo Makishima and Lucifer (Polaris)
  • Opposed by: Sirius
  • Pitied by: Rosalina
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Several Lawful deities who are afraid of Alcor
  • Canopus is an absolute being who has lived since the beginning of existence, ruling over the Four Factors that control the cosmos (Heat, Space, Time, and Gravity). It created the Administrator system, a system designed to oversee countless worlds and universes via the Akashic Records that is a part of it. To this end it gave life to the countless Administrators and their Swords, alien lifeforms of varying appearances and ability who reside across space. Normally Canopus lies asleep in its own realm Providence, a place above both Akasha Stratum and the earth, which is also a part of Canopus body.
    • Polaris and Arcturus are two of the Admins that reside upon the Heavenly Throne and rule the universes for a cycle. Once that cycle is complete, another Admin will arrive and claim the throne, and so on and so forth. Arcturus exists as an Interim Admin and is made to substitute any Admin that has died before their cycle is complete. This cycle has been disrupted in the pantheon and now two Admins reside upon it.
  • Canopus has been calling out to all the Admins in the cosmos in order to help reogranize the pantheon, viewing it as a chaotic mess even as it and the Admins record the ascension of other deities into the pantheon. The third group that will arrive one day is theorized to be the Winter Diamond/Triangle lead by Betelgeuse.
  • Polaris is the universes Admin, residing on the Heavenly Throne in the Akasha Stratrum. She views humanity as an insignificant species to the universe, and saw her Sword Alcor give man knowledge, culture, and fire back when they lived in caves. Seeing how the species has not met her standards since then, she decided to test them to see if they could still have some worth as she erases them and their planet from existence. This test has lead her to believe humans are too dangerous a species to exist and only those who submit to Providence deserve to exist.
  • Arcturus is viewed as the Archenemy of the elemental empowered members of Nature, and many more due to its immunity to all elements, along with removing natural immunity or resistance they have to the element they control and leaving them weak to it via its Quasar spell. This ability is especially frustrating because it can't be avoided once unleashed. The houses of War and Weapons have likewise become wary of Arcturus, as its immunity to all attacks makes it impossible for them to fight back.
  • Yamato Hotsuin and Alcor are collaborating to destroy the Admins after what they almost did to their version of Earth.
  • Polaris, after one more request for Alcor to return to her side, sent every Septentrione after him at once. Using the Four Prime Factors (Space, Time, Gravity, and Heat) he was capable of destroying all of them in only a short time. When finishing off Mizar, it is rumored that, under his breath, he said, "I'm sorry, my brother..."
  • Many Lawful deities have teamed together to protect Polaris from Alcor, as they see him with the power to reshape reality with the Akashic Record as a greater threat than the Administrators.
  • Arcturus used to be completely invincible, but now that Alcor and Yamato have ascended, it has lost its dreaded status.
  • Eliphas was surprised to learn that the Numeron Force and Numeron Code were just a tiny, insignificant fragment of the Admin System, and its power was nothing compared to the full power of the Akashic Records under the Admin system. Worse yet, only Admins or their Swords can use the Numeron Code/Force to its full power. Despite what power any mortal or Astral being could unleash would be cancelled out easily by the Admin System it originates from.
  • Sirius is wary of the Admin System, partly due to the Void swallowing and erasing everything. He worries that even the Black Hole Server will disappear into the nothingness that the Admins control. Although he wonders since he is an alien that is also named after a star if he could become a Admin one day, and get that power for himself.
  • Polaris dislikes Lucifer in general for reminding her of her Sword Alcor as a bringer and champion of Freedom, while also loathing Shougo Makishima for his voice reminds her of Alcor. The feeling is mutual as her voice reminds him of Sibyl Systems avatar Chief Kasei.
  • As the ones in control of the Pantheons divine records they are the ones removing or moving groups from different houses in order to instill order. If they find a rule-breaker that deity is deleted from the pantheon.
  • Rosalina pities the Star Gods, feeling that they have lost touch with the joy of life in order to keep the pantheon and universes functioning with the Akashic Record. As one who births new stars and thus proves vital for new Admins and Swords Canopus has issued a defense program to protect her against threats.
  • Brainiac has been attempting to infiltrate the Akashic Record and ingest the vast knowledge within, but finds his path blocked by countless security systems due to only certain unique individuals besides the Admins and their servants can access it. Jibril has also sought access to it with little success due to its defenses. She has thankfully only been taking her anger out on Canopus minions, who quickly repair themselves upon "death".
  • As the primary custodians of the Pantheon's divine records, they also have spots as Pantheon Scribes in the Main House.


Greater Gods

Fi, Goddess of Precise Calculations and Insistent Assistance (Mistress Fi, the Goddess Sword, the Master Sword)

    Hari Seldon 
Hari Seldon, God of Prediction Through Analysis
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Scientific Calculator, the Time Vault
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ancient Conspiracy, The Chessmaster, Omniscient Morality License, You Can't Fight Fate, Batman Gambit (on a cosmic scale)
  • Domain: Science, Math, Prediction
  • Followers: the Foundations, Aeolia Schenberg, Mavolio Bent
  • Allies: Samantha Carter, John Crichton
  • Opposes: The Dahaka, The Defiers of Fate, Akagi, The Nephalems
  • Regarded as the precursor of all sci-fi science, this little known yet powerful god resides at his lonesome in the House of Knowledge. He claims that he has mapped out the entire timeline of the Pantheon including how it will end. No one is ready to dispute that as he has been correct on many occasions.
  • Highly respected by Xanatos and Makuta, but they do not affiliate themselves with him due to the different nature of his predictions and his generally good alignment. The God-Emperor Leto, however, loathe him because he screwed up his Golden Path that was supposed to prevent prescients from controlling humanity's future.
  • Actually moved on centuries ago, but he predicted every possible event that his presence would be needed for and left videotapes labelled with a date and time of when to play them, which function more or less exactly as his actual presence would. He has the rank of Greater God because of the very real possibility that almost every deity in the pantheon is simply following the plan laid out by him. Notable counter-arguments include Deadpool and O-Haruhi-Sama, who may be impossible to predict or control. However, nobody really knows for sure.
  • The Gman may have been the one who ultimately caused Seldon to create psychohistory; or, he may just be acting all according to the Plan. Nothing the Gman has done so far seems to have screwed up Seldon's predictions, but confusingly this doesn't prove anything one way or another. Either way, Seldon's tapes haven't mentioned this and Gman isn't talking.
  • Engineering wonk Samantha Carter refers to the man as a living legend. While she did not know of him before her ascension, she held him to a high regard for all of his exploits. She often goes to his temple in order to check out his extensive library of notes. One can see her dozing off in a bench at times.
  • He was intrigued with relative newcomer John Crichton, specifically how he was able to adapt to space so quickly.
  • Is naturally opposed to those who constantly defy the odds. He is frustrated how some people manage to defy his predictions. All in all, it is all but a challenge for him to create more accurate algorithms.
  • Has devoted himself to a code of silence in regards to which faction will ultimately win out in the end. The GUAG was disappointed in his refusal to cooperate, but at least they were willing to accept things as they are. The GUAE and GUAD, on the other hand, has constantly tried to kidnap him to force the information out of his hands. This usually results in the other factions to come to his rescue. As for the GUAC, Lucifer is glad when his predictions fail
    • The only group he does hand out predictions to is the GUAL. He believes that YHWH is the best option to lead the Pantheon heading into the future. With that said, he will not assist the group any more than mere strategic battles. It is unknown whether he doesn't trust the Lawbringer or he predicts his downfall and won't tell him.

    Nameless King 
The Nameless King, The God who was Erased From History (King of Storms, War God, Leader of the Warriors of Sunlight Covenant, Gwyn's Firstborn(?))
  • Greater God (Overdeity if he absorbed his drake. Which he doesn't want to do)
  • Symbol: His Drake, the King of the Storm
  • Theme Song: Nameless King
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Badass Longrobe, Bonus Boss, Wielding a Lightning Spear, Riding a Storm Drake, Being the Last God of the Age of Fire, Physical War God, Betrayed Gwyn and siding with the dragons
  • Domains: War, Lightning, Battle, Dragons, Betrayal
  • Opposes: Gwyn and the majority of the Royalty House.
  • Allies: Leonidas, Mordred, Davion the Dragon Knight, Caim and Angelus, Four, Io, Bahamut, Jakiro, Paarthurnax, Salamandinay, Ange, Mr. Eaten, Xion, Solaire, Zinnia
  • Rivals: Ares, Kratos, Khorne, Hercules, Thor, Storm, Aang
  • Enemies: Gravelord Nito, Grima, Smough, The Chosen Undead, Dragonslayers, Acnologia, Ragnaros, Nurgle, Deathwing, Alduin, Nefarian, The Monster Hunters
  • Special Relationship: Ornstein
  • Odd Friendship: Zuko
  • A king who committed an act of great betrayal in the past. For this, his very existence was erased to the point that even his name was lost. Now, he roams the world as the Nameless King, his history long forgotten.
    • While his identity is unknown, there are many in the Pantheon who believe that the Nameless King is actually Gwyn's firstborn who betrayed his father for the dragons during the war.
  • Has modelled his temple after where he fought at Archdragon Peak. Because of this, his temple is known for its intense lightning storms and thick clouds.
  • The Nameless King doesn't get out much from his Temple. He seems content with staying with his Storm Drake, whom he cares for very deeply. Some believe the reason why he betrayed his father(?) was because of his friendship with the Drake, as lore describes their bond as a miracle.
    • Another possible reason why he betrayed his father(?) was because he fell in love with the Storm Drake. Not only that, some believe that the two are actually Priscilla the Crossbreed's parents, since she is the offspring of a Lord and a Dragon.
  • For reasons unknown to most of the Pantheon, Gwyn appears to have no love for the Nameless King because of what he has done in the past. The feelings seem to be mutual as the King has nothing but contempt for the Lord of Cinder. So far, the two Gods have tried their best to avoid one another, but many wonder what would happen if father and son were to cross swords.
    • Thanks to Gwyn's influence, the Nameless King is barred from ever stepping into the House of Royalty. When asked why he would do that, Gwyn's answer is that he doesn't deserve to be a Lord.
  • The deities who believe him to be Gwyn's firstborn are trying to figure out why he betrayed his father. Other then the aforementioned befriending a dragon, others think he didn't care for his father's "cowardly" tactics against the Everlasting Dragons. In contrast to the Gods, he admired the Dragons for their upfront fighting that he, as a War God himself, appreciated and respected more than his fellow Lords did.
  • Has a very strong relationship with many dragons in the Pantheon and has even become friends with some of them. He has also become friends with the dragon riders Zero and Caim with his dragon Angelus. However, there are some dragons that the Nameless King would not associate with, one of them being Nefarian whose experiments of dragons and drakes remind him very much of Seath, the albino dragon who betrayed his own kin. However, the one dragon that he loathes the most would be Acnologia. Might be because he was a human dragon slayer who turned into a dragon after killing so many of them.
  • Was well known as a powerful War God during the Age of Fire. He actually started a rivalry with other Gods of War like Ares, Khorne and Kratos.
    • The King of Storm has also become rivals with both Hercules and Thor. Maybe to see who is the worthiest son of a God King? Or maybe he wants to be stronger then Hercules and master lightning further than Thor.
  • Thinks the Chaos God Nurgle is a disgusting being... which isn't an opinion debated by many. However, the Nameless King's hatred for him has to do with his spread of disease. Perhaps it reminds him of Gravelord Nito as he spread his "cowardly" miasma of death and disease against the dragons. He wasn't very happy when he learnt he was in the Pantheon as well.
    • He also doesn't like Ragnaros wanting to burn everything in his path. Perhaps he was soured on deadly firestorms thanks to his experiences with the Witch of Izalith and her daughters of Chaos.
  • Found a kindred spirit with Mordred. Mordred, in turn, is happy to find someone to relate too when it comes to betraying your father for something you believe in. He has even offered his assistance in claiming Excalibur so she can prove to be a rightful king.
    • He has also gets along with very well with fallen princess Ange. Might be because they were disowned by their families and allied themselves with the dragons they used to fight against.
    • Nameless King has also developed an odd friendship with Zuko despite his use of firebending. Again, this has to do with both being disowned sons.
  • Rumored to have been Ornstein's teacher, thanks to their similar fighting styles. There's also the fact that Ornstein's Dragonslayer armor and weapon can be found in Archdragon Peak after leaving Anor Londo to search for Gwyn's firstborn.
  • Acts frigidly towards any dragon slayers in the pantheon. However, he is easier on the ones from Fairy Tail universe, with the exception being Acnologia, when he learned they aren't really "dragon slayers" and more that their magic is good against them. He also found out they were actually raised by dragons and consider them their family.
    • He's also icy towards the Monster Hunters when they do battle with dragon-type monsters like Gogmazios and Brachydios. And only the dragons. He has no real attachment towards any other type of prey they hunt.
  • The Nameless King holds a great deal of respect for Leonidas and his Spartan army, thanks to their bold attitude towards combat and sheer determination. It reminds him of his own attitudes towards fighting.
  • Even though King has never faced the Chosen Undead before (actually, he fought his follower, the Ashen One), he considers him an enemy. This might be because he believes that it is responsible for killing Priscilla the Crossbreed(?), though the Chosen Undead hasn't ever once claimed it hadn't.
  • The House of Betrayal have no idea what to think of the Nameless King. Was he a traitorous son for siding with the dragons even though they were enemies to Gwyn, or does his loyalty to the endangered dragons define him more than his opposition to his father?
  • Most were surprised when Solaire entered his temple and offered some "Jolly Cooperation" to the legendary warrior. If he is indeed Gwyn's Firstborn, then he watches over Solaire as he does anyone under his covenant "the Warriors of Sunlight".

    Wikipe-Tan and Trope-Tan 
Wikipe-Tan and Trope-tan, Co-Goddesses of Wikis
Wikipe-tan (by Amitie10g)
  • Greater Goddesses, though their authority can extend to Overdeities
  • Symbol: The Wikipedia and TV Tropes logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral and Chaotic Good respectively
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Neutrality, Encyclopedias (Wikipe-Tan), Tropes, Fandoms (Trope-Tan), Knowledge, the Internet (both)
  • Followers: Tropers and Editors
  • Allies:
  • Special relationship with: Lain Iwakura (their "mother"), Jimmy Wales (Wikipe-tan's "father"), Historie, The Librarian (godparents)
  • Split on: Deadpool
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The Men in Black, every single Wiki Vandal out there
  • For thousands of years, mankind has sought to store information for future generations. It gave way to writing, to libraries and to the printing press. With the rise of the Internet, two new websites came into being; Wikipedia and TV Tropes. One to hold domain over as much of human knowledge as possible, the other to catalog the narrative tropes and techniques out there. Whether by their own or the whim of Dream, they manifested adorable forms as Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan.
    • Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan regard themselves as half-siblings. As the goddess of the Internet, they consider Lain their mother, while Wikipe-tan considers Jimmy Wales as her father. Both Historie and the Librarian serve as their godparents.
    • The Wiki Witch of the Web is officially an Evil Twin of Trope-tan, but most believe she is in fact all the evil of her removed.
  • Though both are dedicated to easy-access information, they're very different in personality. Wikipe-tan is blunt, dedicated to being as neutral as she can in information. Trope-tan, however, is far more relaxed and public about what she enjoys. Despite this, they're both incredibly close, with Trope-tan looking up to Wikipe-tan as a big sister.
  • Wikipe-tan has a lot of respect for Alexander the Great because of creating the Library of Alexandria, one of the greatest sources of information in history. Trope-Tan is a big fan of the Doctor, who she often tries to prove that half the gods are secret Time Lords. She also has gotten help from Darth Vader to make her Darth Wiki, and is grateful towards Buffy for being one of her first subjects.
    • Deadpool is a point of contention between the two of them. Trope-tan loves him, but Wikipe-tan is really annoyed when he breaks the fourth wall to edit and glorify his own profile.
  • To help with collecting information, they get along with Chuck Bartowski and Twilight Sparkle. As the more serious of the two, Wikipe-tan sides with The Machine and Houka Inumuta, and the more lax Trope-tan sides with Patrick Jane. You can usually see the former in the House of Prophecy with Destiny, currying favors so she may look on his book.
  • As the Anthropomorphic Personification of TV Tropes, Trope-tan could arguably be considered the true head of the Trope Pantheon, above even the Holy Trinity. While she can call favors from them, she isn't recognized as such because she didn't create the gods themselves.
    • Being a huge fan of Haruhi Suzumiya, most believe Trope-tan is the reason why she became part of the Holy Trinity as Goddess of Tropes.
  • Out of a necessity for their job, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan have few enemies, but they do exist. Big Brother is hated by both for his utter perversion of records and history, and his overall For the Evulz anti-intellectualism is completely antithetical to what they represent. And as they personify websites, SKYNET and Arfoire pose a serious threat to them. As for individual foes:
    • Wikipe-tan detests Yuuki Terumi. One of the main issues she has to face off is trolls, due to the flame wars they incite damaging Wikipedia's reputation. She has also banned Gork and Mork as their Insane Troll Logic incites similar problems, and Frieza both for being a Wiki Vandal and blowing up her home planet.
    • Asides from her Evil Twin, the Anti-Monitor is someone Trope-tan has to look out for. Seeking to eliminate the very tropes that make up stories, Monty sees her as a Cosmic Keystone to the pantheon. Even if she's not, she has the potential to be and thus getting rid of her will help his omnicidal ambitions.

Intermediate Gods

    Grimoire Weiss 
Grimoire Weiss, God of Flying Books (Shiro, Hon Shiro)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His front cover
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: True Neutral -> Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Flying Book, Sealed Verses, Exposition Fairy, Power Floats, Sounds Like Either A Grumpy Old Man or A Stuffy Brit, Awesome Ego, Insufferable Genius, Large Ham, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Only Known by Their Nickname, Noble Male To Father Nier's Roguish Male, Snarky Non-Human Sidekick, Unusually Uninteresting Sight, Amnesiac Dissonance, Heroic Sacrifice, Used To Be Human
  • Domain(s): Books, Black Magic, Knowledge
  • Allies: Nier, Meteora Osterreich, Deckard Cain
  • Enemies: Nier's enemies
  • Annoyed With: Navi, Fi
  • As soon as Nier as made it to the Pantheon, work was done to ascend Grimoire Weiss as well, the only one who can join him in the Pantheon without nullifying the sacrifice he made. Given the nature of what he is, it was decided that he take Flying Books, as there are literally no other contenders for it. And thankfully, due to how the Pantheon works, he no longer needs Grimoire Noir to exist to survive.
  • Grimoire Weiss is the source of Nier's magic, the Sealed Verses, and the one actually flinging the spells; Nier just directs them, though it can be assumed that Weiss can do it on his own.
  • Isn't treated with any more intrigue in the Pantheon any more than in the mortal realm. In the former case though, it's because there are much stranger things than a talking magical book like him.
  • A thousand years before Nier found him, Weiss was a nameless young man recruited by the Hamelin Organisation to fight the Legion. He was given medicine to withstand being turned, but it didn't make him immune to being infected with WCS, it just delayed the symptoms. After he was captured and imprisoned in a room with twelve other people, he had to watch how his childhood friend was killed and sucked into a book. The killer then disappeared too, and finally Weiss himself succumbed to the Gestalt process and his soul was sealed. From then on, he was only known as Grimoire Weiss.
  • Like with Neir, Weiss is notified of the fate of the Earth they left behind; humanity has gone extinct due to Nier's actions, Emil got in war with aliens, androids went to war with their machines, they founded YoRHa, and a summary of the events of NieR: Automata was provided as well.
  • Gets along well with Meteora Osterreich and Deckard Cain as the three serve as providers of exposition to their allies, though like everybody else Weiss wouldn't stay for Deckard's stories for long.
    • As for Navi and Fi, Weiss finds them very annoying for traveler's companions, though he's a lot more forgiving towards the latter since she has improved herself lately.

Lesser Gods

    Bill Cipher 
Bill Cipher, The All-Seeing Triangle of Evil
  • Lesser God (Overdeity if allowed to take physical form)
  • Symbol: The Bill Cipher Zodiac Wheel.
  • Theme: Bill Cipher's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Above Good and Evil according to himself). It was speculated that he was just a demon that wanted to cause trouble, but it was later agreed upon that his intentions, whatever they are, are not neutral.
  • Portfolio: Above Good and Evil, Ax-Crazy, Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, Bizarre Alien Biology, Bizarre Alien Sexes, Blue-and-Orange Morality, The Chessmaster, Cloudcuckoolander, Complete Monster, Cyclops, The Dreaded, Deal with the Devil, Dream Walker, Dream Weaver, Eldritch Abomination, Energy Being, Evil Genius, False Friend, Faux Affably Evil, Greater-Scope Villain, Hidden Agenda Villain, Knight of Cerebus, Knowledge Broker, Large Ham, Manipulative Bastard, Nice Hat, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Omnicidal Maniac, Psychopathic Manchild, Reality Warper, Sinister Surveillance
  • Domains: Mind, Dreams, Nightmares, Reality Warping, Surveillance
  • Unknown Relationship: The Illuminati as a whole
  • Ascended Subordinates: Vandal Savage, Urien, Gill, Kolin
  • Allies: Krona, Sosuke Aizen, Flowey, Doc Scratch, SCP-106, The Incubators, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos)
  • Enemies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Frisk, The Machine, Discord, The Lich, Nekron, Freddy Krueger, Galactus, all Unicorns in the Pantheon as their hair weakens him.
  • Fears: The Spectre
  • Dipper and Mabel were horrified to learn of his ascension. They have been warning all gods of his trickery, so as to prevent one of them from becoming his puppet.
  • One of the very first enemies he made here was The Machine, who was the Goddess of Surveillance prior to his ascension. Bill now serves as its Evil Counterpart in the surveillance department.
  • For whatever reason, as soon as he entered the pantheon, he gave a shout out to his friend Caesar the first.
  • He’s managed to possess his own creator Alex Hirsch three times. Three. Most struggle to that once, if at all.
  • Both the GUAC and the GUAE have wanted him to join, with Lucifer finding his intentions for chaos and powers to be a good replacement for Discord’s, and Melkor impressed by his knowledge and deal-making skills.
  • Due to his peepholes having been in many times and places, and in many different dimensions, he knows quite a lot of information.
    Bill Cipher: OH, I KNOW LOTS OF THINGS. (low demonic voice) LOTS OF THINGS.
  • Yet another one on the list to frustrate The Lich, since his Mind Rape powers don’t faze the triangle. Bill claims to know even more than he does, which only angers the undead wizard even more.
    • Krona likes his style, especially since he has brushed off the Lich’s Mind Rape as well. However, he is still wary of Bill, since the demon has been in his mind and knows the one thing that Krona is afraid of. In the end, though, Bill just doesn’t seem to have a problem with him.
      • That being said, Krona's not afraid to make deals with him. It's a win-win for both of them. Krona gets the Knowledge, Bill gets the favors that make use of Krona's abilities. Strangely enough, it happens less often than one would think.
  • Finds Nekron and his Alliance’s goal just plain stupid, and considers Nekron below him, though his reason is unknown. Nekron just finds him infuriating.
  • Discord thinks he is just a copycat. Bill laughed at his notion.
  • When Gill and Urien discovered him, they began admiring him instantly since he looked like the eye of providence. In their attempts to impress him, they usually end up fighting each other. Bill usually grabs popcorn before meeting with them.
  • Many ask him why he always yells when he speaks. His answer:
  • Bill finds Aizen’s Mind control abilities to be impressive for a being of his mortality. Not surprising, considering he has wanted to restart Project MKUltra.
  • He gets into a lot of fights with Freddy about who is a better dream manipulator.
  • He has baffled the Nature, Knowledge, and even Magic houses with the statement that his home dimension has 14 BILLION DIFFERENT GENDERS.
  • He leaves behind many messages that have to be decoded by one of the three Beale ciphers. The Machine, Batman, Sherlock, and a few other detectives always notice them and decipher them, trying to keep an eye on the demon or at least find out what he’s planning. They have speculated that he’s taunting them, since he knows the gods will go out of their way to find them.
  • Much to the horror of many deities, Bill Cipher has succeeded in his goal and bringing out his Weirdmageddon.
    • However, Bill was defeated by Ford, who tricked the dream demon into entering Stanley's mind, and erasing the dream demon with a Mind Eraser gun. Bill is now afraid of all mind wiping gods in the Pantheon.
    • Double however, there are worrying hints that he might've survived somehow. Still, given that Ford's method was working, he's not trying that trick again.
  • "Stanley Pines" has become something of a sore point for him as the mere mention of the name is enough to make him threaten to disassemble the molecules of the anyone who says it.
  • Bill has become interested in Darkrai due to their similar dream-based abilities. Darkrai, however, wants nothing to do with him.
  • He's been listen to "his jam" lately.
  • Bill has taken a special interest in Frisk, noticing that they have Determination of world-warping proportions and like many other malicious Gods wants this power for himself. His first attempt was a miserable failure however; he believed it would be a simple matter after getting into Frisk's mind with a vague Deal with the Devil, but not only did they not fall for his scam, they took the opportunity to introduce him to their less-than-soft guest: Chara, the Fallen Child. Bill was nearly slain in the ensuing mental battle and now has a mortal fear of Chara, having stayed far away from the Child's mind ever since, deciding subterfuge would be better for this goal.
  • Despite originally being termed Cipher's followers in his trope, the full-scale Illuminati group which ascended to the Pantheon has already attained a presence all its own. They've been very coy about the nature of their association with him and his group of ascended associate deities, with even said associates not having much information to dole out when questioned, but they clearly do have ties of some sort.
  • Admits to fear the Spectre, being aware of the Angel's short temper and willingness to utterly destroy any evil he comes across. As powerful as Bill is, he knows he stands no chance against a supremely angry Angel who almost destroyed all magical entities in the DC Universe. The Spectre utterly hates Bill and is patiently waiting for the Bill to slip up and then he will take vengeance for all the lives Bill ruined. Bill is also secretly glad Galactus returned to his old status as Devourer of Worlds and is doing his best to keep him from regaining his Lifebringer powers, knowning that in that in state, Galactus easily defeated a god of chaos when he tried to force back into his old status as Devourer of Worlds. Galactus pays Bill no mind but is not afraid of getting his hands dirty with Bill if the latter interferes with his duties.
  • "FJ TXQZEFKD VLR KBOAP!"Translation 

    Chuck Bartowski 
Charles Irving "Chuck" Bartowski, the Living Omniscient Database (Chuck Bartowski, Agent Charles Carmichael)

    Houka Inumuta 
Houka Inumuta, God of Data Collecting (Information and Strategy Committee Chairman, Doggie)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His pad
  • Theme Song: the first half of InuKa3L
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Initially pretended to be Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Don't Touch His Computer, Hacking Things Just Because, Mission Control, Quiet and Cold Glasses Wearer, Teen Genius, Explaining Things
  • Domain: Technology, Science, Costumes
  • Undying Loyalty: Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Allies: Ira Gamagoori, Nonon Jakuzure, Uzu Sanageyama, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Mako Mankanshoku, Mikisugi Aikuro, Peter Parker, Reed Richards, Tails, Dexter, Donatello, Team TRY Fighters
  • Partners: Rarity
  • Rival: Ryoma Sengoku
  • Enemies: Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin, Quan Chi, Dio Brando
  • Ascended for his ability to collect data from battle and implement the info to better enhance the Goku Uniform for battle.
  • Just like Uzu Sanageyama, Houka was ashamed that he was unable to ascend earlier to save Satsuki Kiryuin from GUAE. He vows to do better and, to atone, has been trying to hack through the GUAE computer systems.
  • Whatever you do, don't touch his computer. It doesn't matter who you are, he will kill you.
  • Has been know to visit the House of Combat. Not to fight, since he is actually sort of hopeless without a Goku Uniform, but to collect data on those who DO fight.
  • Many in the House of Technology have considered Houka as their spirit animal because of his fierce attitude for his computers.
  • Because Houka uses the data he collects so that Goku Uniforms can be improved more efficiently, this makes him a rival of sorts towards Ryoma Sengoku, who does a fair bit of data-collecting for much the same purpose in regards to the Drivers he builds.
    • Is for this reason he is helping Dexter and Tony Stark reverse engineer the things Sengoku made, Lockseeds and the Sengoku Driver.
  • Was impressed with Rarity's ability to not just recreate Senketsu, but improve him. He is partnering with her to create better uniforms for the rest of the Elite Four.
  • Considered the weakest member of the Elite Four and isn't much of a fighter without a Goku uniform. And even then, he was easily defeated by Ryuko and Senketsu. Because of this, he mostly stands in the back, putting his fearsoe supporting skills to good use.
  • Was perplexed when he found out that many think he and Nonon Jakuzure would make a cute couple. He personally doesn't get it. Especially since the data doesn't add up.
  • Many deities are divided on what Houka's third Probe Regalia reminds them of. It's either Spider-Man, a Kamen Rider, or Greninja. Many support the first since his moves do remind them of Peter.
  • Once framed his police chief father and got him fired, because he was getting too close to REVOCS dark secrets and he didn't want him to get hurt. He did leave evidence so he could get reinstated to the force.

    Joss Whedon 
Joseph Hill Whedon, God of Theory Negation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Finger
  • Alignment: Snarky Neutral
  • Portfolio: Parental Abandonment, Anyone Can Die, Atheism, Better Than a Bare Bulb, Deadpan Snarker, Deus Angst Machina, Mood Whiplash, Screwed by the Network, Too Happy to Live, Trolling Creator, True Love Is Boring, World of Snark
  • Domains: Snark, Death, Loss
  • Followers: Various creators that had to do the same to their fanbases
  • Underlings: Buffy, Willow, Xander, Mal Reynolds, River Tam
  • Allies:Tony Stark/Iron Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Thor, Bruce Banner/The Hulk, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch, The Toys of ''Toy Story'', Scott Summers/Cyclops, James Howlett / Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Andrew Hussie
  • Enemies: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Charles Victor Szasz/The Question
  • Opposes: Misogynists, Cersei Lannister
  • Uneasy Relationships: Nico Minoru, Molly Hayes, Ultron
  • Some gods like it when mortals build up crazy theories... this guy isn't one of them. All too often, this man ended the Fanon dreams of thousands, debunking them as false. It is with that reason that Joss Whedon found a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Was happy to grant ascension to many of his creations. They all appreciate his work, but fall short of praising him. That just happens to be due to his love of dragging their lives to the dirt. A special case goes to Willow, who still blames him for the death of Tara as well as her subsequent descent as Dark Willow. River isn't as hostile as him for the death of his brother, but still holds it up against him.
    • If there's any of his underlings who suffered the most, it would be Spike. Once one of the most feared enemies Buffy ever faced, he was reduced to "a big fluffy puppy with bad teeth." On that note Joss hopes to bring him out of the Fallen some day.
  • Joss Whedon also has a storied history with the comic book genre. It's where Buffy's latest adventures have been logged. He has a particular long history with the Marvel Universe:
    • Is created into setting up the first Marvel Crossover of the MCU Universe nearly perfectly. Nick Fury and all involved thanked him for exposing them to the public. His second film has a more mixed reception. Ultron followers were particularly divided on his appearance. Some liked his speaking roles while others thought it made him too goofy.
    • Has been noted as the man who helped bring the X-Men back to relevancy in his Astonishing X-Men run. It's one of the few things Wolverine and Cyclops can agree on these days. The various X-Men who appeared in the series also thank him for his work.
    • Of particular note is Kitty Pryde, also known as Shadowcat. When meeting the mutant, Whedon thanked her for giving him the inspiration for creating strong independent women. Kitty gratefully accepted the praise.
    • His Runaways run has been... less received. The one good thing Nico and Molly can say about it is that he was the best replacement writer in the series after the original writer abandoned the book.
  • While he's best known for Marvel, the DC Comics deities have some respect for him given Whedon helped finish Justice League (2017).
  • Has vocally voiced his hatred of the Punisher and his methods of dealing with criminals. Castle himself holds a grudge against the man for setting him up to lose against Molly Hayes, barely surviving the punch.
  • Is a vocal advocate for feminism, opposing any and all people who think less of women just for their size.
  • The only creator the the Pantheon that causes as much misery to his creations as well as to his followers his Andrew Hussie. Only unlike Whedon, the Trolling Creator goes out on his way to troll his fandom. While his popularity caused a rift that led to his own ascension, the two still maintain good ties. That and they love to break hearts with their Canon.
  • The same cannot be said for Seth MacFarlane. There are a number of reasons for his hatred, from promoting The Cleveland Show at the expense of Dollhouse to his constant mocking of his creations and those of his friends to the horrid treatment of Meg Griffin. Whether which person became more successful remains to be seen.
  • Has also taken some flack from Cersei. Many of his underlings and followers have been harassed by the queen. Cersei doesn't believe merely being badass makes women superior to men, claiming that only she has managed to match them. She blames Whedon of setting up impossible expectations to girls. Whedon shot back, saying her attitude is why women haven't tried to match men in the first place.
  • Has a habit of subjecting many of his villainous creations to horrific deaths. Many in the House of Villains accuse him of being a sadist to such people.
  • The Question was never a fan of the creator, especially since many of his conspiracy theories have been rebuked because of him.


    Patrick Jane 
Patrick Jane, God of Analysation
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A red-colored drawn face
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Knowledge of Human Behavior, Magician Detectives, Batman Gambit, Superhuman Deductive Skills, Photographic Memory, Bavarian Fire Drills, Jerks With Genuine Acts of Kindness, Brutal Honesty, Crusading Widowers, Byronic Heroes, Badasses in Nice Suits, Chessmasters, Showy Invincible Heroes, Trickery, Social Experts
  • Domains: Knowledge, Trickery, Good, Rune
  • Followers: Misaki, Ryosuke Takahashi, The Midknighter, Kyle and Jesse
  • Allies: Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Hercule Poirot, Raiden (Metal Gear), All good deities in the House of Justice
  • Rivals: Shawn Spencer
  • Enemies: Grand Admiral Thrawn, David Xanatos
  • Opposes: Professor Moriarty, Revolver Ocelot
  • Pities: John Luther, Afro Samurai
  • Rumor has it that he managed to make it into the Pantheon by beating the Sandman in a simple game of rock-paper-scissors. Done a hundred times. Jane claimed he could beat him every time... and succeeded. Whether or not this actually happened (or if the Sandman was even trying to win) is up to debate.
    • He had to change his title as there was too much overlap between followers. Jane eventually focused on his incredible ability to reconstruct a crime scene by merely analysing the area.
  • His rivalry with Phony Psychic Shawn Spencer is the stuff of legends. Jane can't help but chide Shawn for still pretending to be a psychic, while Shawn gets tired of his lecturing and wishes he could loosen up. The two make a monstrous team together; it's just that the two can't stand each other. The infighting extends to their followers, claiming one show to be superior to the other. Even their creators have chimed in on presenting their show as superior over the other. As of right now it's hard to tell; Psych lasted longer and has more seasons, but the Mentalist has more episodes under its belt.
  • Much of his time in the Pantheon has been spent tracking down Red John, the psychopath that killed his family. In the end, he finally met face-to-face, avenging his wife and child by killing the man. Not everyone approved the outcome, though. The result soured his relationship with Batman. Things thawed eventually as Jane sympathizes with a man who also lost his entire family, though the Caped Crusader is quick to bring up the subject every now and then.
    • By extension, this pits him in direct opposition with Moriarty, second only to Holmes in his hatred of the criminal mastermind. He hopes to end his life as well so that no one else would suffer as he did.
    • Not that far from the top of his shit-list, Revolver Ocelot have been a constant target of Jane's followers. The God of Treacherous Advisors was initial amused that Patrick Jane has any sort of capabilities to stop him. That is until a meetup proved that Patrick Jane had a mean right hook. Nowadays, the two engage in intense mind games to best the other.
    • Until he finally got his revenge, he turned to revenge-based gods for strength in his search for Red John. That ended with his death, but still pays respect to them. Jane is especially sympathetic towards Afro Samurai, a god who must continue his cycle of revenge to keep his rank. Jane only hopes that the man finally finds peace.
  • Thrawn is another on his enemy list, as the two are evenly match when predicting the movements of their opponents.
  • Very few people are as good at scanning his environment, but Holmes may have him beat in that department. Their relationship may turn from congenial to snarky depending on the version of Holmes that appears to him.
  • Is one of the few deities that is delighted in deciphering Poirot's manner of speech. The God of Variable language admits that Jane is a quick learner.
  • Has taken up the challenge of bringing down Xanatos' operations. This has been a difficult task; for every scheme he has foiled, Xanatos merely moves on to various other backup plans.
  • Although his temple resides in the House of Knowledge, he spends much of his time in the House of Justice, more than most detectives in the Pantheon. That's because he can't help but feel at home. Of course, he can be hard to work with at times.
    • As much as he gives many in the House of Justice a hard time, he doesn't give that treatment to John Luther. Jane felt about going great lengths to catch his killer. John Luther does that on nearly every case he gets. He respects the man for his efforts, keeping watch in case Luther puts his life on the line.

    Rinnosuke Morichika 
Rinnosuke Morichika, God of Name Recognition (Kourin, Store Owner of Kourindou)

    Sherlock Holmes 
Sherlock Holmes, God of Deductive Reasoning (The Consulting Detective, Sigerson, Holmes, Sherringford, Ruler, The Great Detective of Baker Street)
As a Heroic Spirit 
  • Demigod. Intermediate as a Heroic Spirit.
  • Symbols: A deerstalker hat, a magnifying glass and a pipe
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Intensely Perceptive Deductive Reasoning, Consulting Detectives (Especially those with Colourful Personal Lives and Eccentric Habits), Extremely Obscure Evidence Detection
  • Domains: Law, Knowledge, Order, Mind, Inquisition
  • Allies: Dr. John Watson, The Doctor, Hercule Poirot (even though both would at best grudgingly admit it), Batman, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Kamen Rider Double, Basil and Dawson, Conan Edogawa, Milky Holmes
  • Followers: Detective Robert Goren, Saguru Hakuba
  • Enemies: Professor James Moriarty and his associates, the Black Organization, Ithaqua, Jack the Ripper
  • Annoyed By: Johnny Turbo
  • No one is quite sure how he discovered its location, but he is said to have found his way into the Pantheon one day whilst following a lead in the middle of a particularly interesting case. After demonstrating his famous powers of observation and deduction on a number of deities, he was offered a position as a deity in the Pantheon. The offer more than suited Holmes' ego, and he agreed, albeit on the condition that his friend and colleague, Dr. Watson, also be given a spot as well.
  • A very famous resident in the Pantheon, Sherlock Holmes' reputation as a detective is legendary, both inside and outside the confines of the Pantheon. Holmes may not have been the first detective, but he is almost undoubtedly one of the most influential ones, well-known for his use of scientific and forensic techniques (most of which he himself pioneered) to solve difficult crimes at a time long before such methods were common.
    • As little is definitively known about the great detective's personal history, it is something of a game for some deities to gather and swap theories and conjecture on the subject. Among such ideas that have arisen from this is that he has a second brother older than Mycroft named Sherrinford Holmes, or that his father's name is Siger (based off the assumed name Holmes took after he faked his death, "Sigerson", which literally means "son of Siger"). Holmes himself has so far been unwilling to confirm or deny any of these ideas or others like it, and he is uncomfortable with prolonged discussion into the subject. All that he's willing to confirm personally is what is publicly known through his friend's writings: for example, that he was born in 1854 (he refuses to give the day and month), that his ancestors were country squires, and that his grandmother is the sister of a famous French painter named Vernet (he refuses to specify which one).
  • Repeatedly insists that the deerstalker should not be his symbol, and claims to have rarely worn one. As a result of its ongoing association with him, is frequently heard to bemoan his decision to let Dr. Watson chronicle his exploits, and is frequently heard to curse "that damned artist!"
  • Has developed something of a feud with Gregory House, considering the doctor's methods to be an amateurish substitute for his own. House has responded with a war of practical jokes.
  • Has taken to indoor target practice in the Library, shooting a copy of Queen Victoria's initials on the wall next to a fireplace. This irks Yomiko and the other patrons of the Library considerably.
  • Frequently consults with those from the House of Justice when a particularly complex matter comes before them; however, he is more interested in solving complex mysteries than bringing the guilty parties to justice, and has been known to let a guilty party go free if he is sufficiently convinced that their motives are sympathetic and their reasons for crime not without merit.
  • Along with Erwin Rommel, Robert E. Lee, Hannibal Barca, and Alexander the Great, Holmes is Thrawn's father. Holmes is a little disturbed by that factoid. He'd like to think that he would actually remember an orgy like that.
  • Sherlock has a very strained relationship with his "Father", Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. While Sherlock proved to be the most successful of the man's creations, Doyle began to loathe just how popular Sherlock was becoming even once uttering "If in 100 years I am only known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes, then I will have deemed my life a failure." Sherlock always ignores the question when asked about this statement or Conan Doyle.
  • It has come to everyone's attention that he may have investigated crimes in Meiji-era Japan alongside the Japanese ancestor of Phoenix Wright, God of Crusading Lawyers. It's hard to say if this is true or not because the stories depict Holmes being accompanied by 8-year-old Iris Watson instead of John. Neither Holmes nor Wright commented on this story.
    • As it turned out, Holmes never visited Japan. Rather, Wright's ancestor visited London to study law, meeting Holmes along the way. Furthermore, the adventure of Wright's ancestor began with being accused of being John Watson's murderer, and Iris was John's daughter.
  • Become bored one afternoon and deducted the secret identities of everyone in the Pantheon with a secret identity. All Batman had to say on this was that he had a sneaking suspicion that he had deducted the Dark Knight's when the two crossed paths.
  • Former NEC mascot Johnny Turbo has nothing but utmost respect for Sherlock Holmes for his FMV based video game headlining the Turbo CD game console, but Holmes finds him annoying and prefers to stay at arms length from him.
  • Even if he's from way before comics were a thing, has been seen around some superheroes. From the DC side there's Batman, "The World's Greatest Detective" who's even met Holmes once. From Marvel, he has bonded with Tony Stark and Doctor Strange, whose avatars have both played Holmes.


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