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Greater Gods

    King Artoria/Altria Pendragon 
Artoria Pendragon, Goddess of Changing Historical People's Gender and Female Kings (Altria, Arturia, Saber, Saber Lily, King Arthur, The King of Knights, Saber Alter, The Princess of Knights, Lancer, The Lion King, Archer, Beach King of the Knights, Assassin, Mysterious Heroine X, Anti-Saber Decisive Weapon, The Once and Forever King)
Saber Lily 
As a Lancer 
As an Archer 
As Mysterious Heroine X 

Intermediate Gods

    Ann Takamaki 
Ann Takamaki, Goddess of Heroic Seductresses (Lady Ann, Anne, Anzu, Panther, "Ann Windsor")
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    Chloe von Einzbern 
Chloe von Einzbern, Goddess of Fille Fatales (Shadow Illya, Archer Illya, Kuro, Serial Kisser, Archer-ko, Loli Yuri Rapist, Archer)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Archer class card with Kanshou & Bakuya crossed behind it
  • Theme Song: Shoujo Shinka! (shared with Illya), Shoujo yo, Hoshi ni Nare (when using Triple-Linked Crane Wings)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Archer Archetype, Cloning Blues, Dark Magical Girl, Manifestation of Illya's Dark Desires, Badass Adorable, Artificial Human, Knows More About Sex Than Girls Her Age Should, Walking Spoiler, Stealing Sacred First Kisses
  • Domains: Magic, Clones, Lust
  • Allies: Illyasviel von Einzbern, Archer, Kiritsugu Emiya, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Miyu Edelfelt, Greed, Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard
  • Enemies: Artoria Pendragon Alter, Gilgamesh, Kirei Kotomine, Father, Pride, Lust, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Mordred
  • Opposed by: Mirai, Nepgear, Oriko Mikuni, and Erza Scarlet
  • One day, a sudden commotion happened in the Pantheon: Illya suddenly found herself attacked by Mirai, Nepgear, and Oriko Mikuni, all of whom clam that Illya stole kisses from them out of the blue. Even worse, the chaos was joined by Erza Scarlet who looked very gloomy, calming that she had been saving herself for Jellal. Before things got out of hand, Chloe was discovered in the Pantheon and revealed to be the one responsible for embarrassing the four girls, not Illya.
  • Chloe is considered to be the shadow of Illya's heart given physical form. She attacked and attempted to kill Illya who she blamed for her abandonment, which was what Illya herself attempted to do to Shirou long ago. Also like Illya's old self, she knows a lot of things about sex and steamy romance, something very alarming for someone her age. This could be the reason why Illya and Chloe are close like sisters, although Chloe does seem to want to fight Illya again.
  • The Pantheon would really like Chloe to wear one of Haruto Soma's rings which would allow her to gain mana easily without going on another serial kissing spree. Chloe declined, stating that its too much fun and Illya shares mana with her anyway. The Main House allowed this, under the condition that they do it in the House of Love with no one watching (a lot of people try to, though).
  • Under Illya's request, Chloe is not allowed to work in the House of Food. This is because her methods of bringing in customers are rather... risque.
  • Saber Alter was FURIOUS upon learning that Chloe was in the Pantheon, remembering her defeat at Chloe's hands all to easily. She has been seen taking extended training sessions in her temple in preparation for the inevitable rematch.
  • Like Miyu, Chloe was very much surprised to find that the Gilgamesh in the Pantheon was arrogant and antagonistic towards Illya, not only for being the vessel of the Holy Grail, but for also being the very first in the Nasuverse to defeat him when he decided to stop holding back. She wound up making an enemy out of him as well. Not only does she look like Illya, but she also possesses Illya's capacity for magic.
  • There are many who actually mistake Chloe as the younger sister of Archer (which isn't completely untrue) due to having several similar traits as him; e.g. tan skin, pale/pinkish hair, cynical nature, preference to act independently, and being a total badass. Archer himself has taken a liking to Chloe and has been seen training with her. "The Triple-Linked Crane Wings are just as much her technique as it is mine," he was quoted as saying.
  • She, along with Illya, has been under the watching eye of Ryoma Sengoku, who has been analyzing their battle data to upgrade his Lockseeds. It doesn't take a genius to know that Chloe hates him as much as Illya does.

    Kyu Sugardust 
Kyu Sugardust, Goddess of Lustful Women

    Sakura Haruno 
Sakura Haruno, Goddess of Cherry Blossom Girls (Sakura Uchiha)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her hair
  • Theme Song: Her theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Chick, Combat Medic, Rose-Haired Girl, switches between Action Girl and Faux Action Girl with Super Strength, Anger Born of Worry to Naruto, Badass Bookworm, Boisterous Bruiser, Often has to slap sense into Naruto, Flower Motif, Hair-Trigger Temper, Mama Bear, Muscles Are Meaningless, Romantic False Lead, Took a Level in Badass
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Plant, Healing, Trickery
  • Allies: Naruto Uzumaki, Kakashi Hatake, Sarada Uchiha, Hinata Hyuuga (despite what her followers say), Shikamaru Nara, Rock Lee, Might Guy, Gaara, Kasumi, Sakura Kinomoto, Tony Tony Chopper, Amy Rose, Angela Ziegler/Mercy, Orihime Inoue, Artoria Pendragon, Miles "Tails" Prower, Sophitia Alexandra, Sven, Lily.
  • Enemies: Orochimaru, Deidara, GUAC Yandere Squad
  • Rivals: The Medic, Nami
  • Complicated Relationship: Sasuke Uchiha (Her husband)
  • One third of the famous Team 7 group, one would have thought that Sakura would be a shoe-in for ascension. But fate had other plans. While she and Hinata have always been friends, their followers were part of one of the most vicious shipping wars ever seen in the Pantheon. When Hinata first ascended, her followers created every roadblock possible to prevent Sakura's own ascension. This was helped by the fact that some deities dismissed her as someone who wasn't nearly as good a fighter as she claimed to be. The two managed to settle things, with Naruto going for Hinata in the end. Thus, the anger lessened enough for Sakura to finally join her friends in the Pantheon.
    • Much of this blowback to her ascension has been fanned by the Yandere Squad in an attempt to deny the formation of Team 7. It also helped recruit former Hinata supporters disillusioned with her support of their nemesis. Both ninjas have turned to the Chick Magnet Quintet to help restore her reputation.
    • Naruto admits that she was his first crush back when he was a child. It didn't seem that Sakura shared those feelings, but she eventually confessed her feelings to Naruto even if it was a ruse to get him to get over Sasuke. She refuses to commit if she thinks Sasuke is Naruto's true love.
    • Speaking of Sasuke, the two teammates had a tumultuous relationship. While she had a crush on him, it took the longest time for him to share those feelings. Eventually it was enough for them to conceive a child, though she is the one who takes care of her.
    • Kakashi congratulated his student on making the leap into the Pantheon. She was disappointed that he still hasn't revealed what's under that mask of his.
  • She is far from the first person with pink hair to ascend, but those who met her were all eager to have someone who would represent them:
  • Kasumi fits the trope to the point that Cherry Blossoms form whenever she teleports. With that said, she was content with her current domain, congratulating Sakura on her ascension. The ninja promised to help her clear Kasumi's name.
    • Sonic and Naruto had always wondered whether Amy's antics arose from Sakura or vice versa. That awarded the two of them lumps on their heads. Regardless, the two are good friends. Amy was grateful that Sakura found some sort of peace with her romantic life while Sakura plans to play matchmaker between Amy and Sonic.
    • When the two Sakuras join forces, somebody usually gets it. While she doesn't have pink hair, Card Captor Sakura shares many traits with her namesake. That and the two form a formidable team.
  • Has a 'LOT of Berserk Buttons, each one of those capable of setting her off. Don't call her ugly or try to guess about her relationship with Sasuke. Don't ever talk trash to Naruto or Sasuke (her entry significantly reduced the number of people who complained about Sasuke's entry. Hell, merely hurting any of her friends will incur her wrath.
  • As such, she has mastered the Dope Slap, capable of delivering a slap to anyone who makes a dumb comment. Gibbs would be proud.
  • While she is well-known for her Super Strength, she is also a skilled medic, spending time in the House of Health & Diseases to help heal her allies. She has already applied to join the Medical Division in the GUAG, It's there that she trains with Tony Tony Chopper.
  • She's less than enthusiastic with teaming up with the Medic. He just seemed far too crazy to qualify as a doctor.
  • Mercy's resurrections reminds her of the time when she teamed up with Lady Shiyo. While the later had a similar technique, she had to sacrifice her life to revive someone. She hopes to learn how to do the same without sacrificing her life.
  • While Naruto and Ichigo see themselves as rivals for the face of the shonen genre, Sakura and Orihime formed a more friendly relationship. The Barrier Maiden was just far too nice for Sakura to stay hostile to her.
    • With that said, she would gladly brush elbows with Nami, Luffy's pirate teammate. Sometimes, the hostility between pirates and ninjas is just too great to overcome.
  • Likes to hang about with the likes of Saber, Tails and Sophitia. It can't be helped, they either share her English or Japanese voice.
  • Sven has long been a supporter of her feats. This is probably due her friendship with Naruto. As an ally of loners, seeing others help them out brings a smile to his face, even if no one can see it.

    Touka Kirishima 
Touka Kirishima, Goddess of Losing Her Tomboyish Looks ( Rabbit, II. The High Priestess )
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  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A picture of her rabbit mask
  • Leitmotif: Touka's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good when she is not angry
  • Portfolio: Rabbit Themes, Never Had Much Of A Childhood, Warms Up Thanks To Kaneki, Desires Companionship, Quick To Get Pissed Off, Wants To Live A Non-Ghoul Life, Electrified-Kagune, Puts Kaneki Through The Ringer
  • Domains: Food, Drinks, Friendship, Motherhood
  • Followers: The Anteiku Café Ghouls
  • Allies: Ken Kaneki ( Her husband), Juvia Lockser, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Seras Victoria, Akame, Mayuri
  • Enemies: Dio Brando, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Isaac Westcott, Albert Wesker
  • Very Conflicting Opinion on: Yuno Gasai
  • Fears: Alucard (Hellsing)
  • Odd Friendship: Yuki Jojima
  • Upon heading about Ken's agreement to accept having a position in the Pantheon for Ghouls like herself, she wanted to follow in his footsteps following the events of the the destruction of their cafe. Since then, she has grown out of her younger appearance looking even more beautiful in Ken's eyes. Now, she wants to help establish a more positive opinion on Ghouls by working in the Pantheon with her former student and eventually the father of her child. She also is afraid that Kaneki turning into a Dragon-Centipede Kaij will consume his humanity and spell trouble for the Pantheon.
  • Ken was beyond happy to see a fellow Ghoul and friend enter the Pantheon, which made Touka very happy to know while she still gets flustered about it whenever a deity teases her about this relationship.
    • Eventually she would have a daughter with Ken that looks resembled his Haise persona.
  • Her first interaction with a Non-Ghoul deity was the "Rain Woman" of Fairy Tail. At first, the water mage was frightened to hear about what Ghouls have to do in order to live through eating people, but Touka cleared up the fact not all ghouls enjoyed this. After hearing about her relationship with Ken, she was surprised to hear Juvia fully support this paring mainly because she has one less "Love Rival" to Gray.
  • Yuno was different from Juvia, yet similar with her own kind of obsessive love for Yukiteru making the ghoul nervous when she was around this girl. Yuno wondered why this ghoul had a voice like herself, Rei Ananami and Juvia, but more importantly if Touka would speak to her dear Yukki making the ghoul walk away...
  • The First Child knew that the former Anteiku cafe employee wasn't a normal human, so when she asked Touka about her nature as a ghoul Touka was surprised to hear about Rei's own upbringing as a Eva pilot along with also being not fully human as well. Seras Victoria also felt the same way, even commenting on how Touka's fear of being consumed with hunger is quite familiar to her struggles as a vampire.
    • That being said, the vampire Touka feared more than even Dio was Seras' mentor Alucard. While she knew that deep down he fought for the right cause, his vicious methods and actions did unnerve the normally calm ghoul.
  • Is extremely pissed off with Mayuri for not only his methods of torturing his victims, the fact he got away with those crimes, but most of all his methods of "science" reminding her about the atrocities the CCG brought upon Ghouls specifically Kureo Mado.
    • This is also why hates Isaac Westcott, Wesker, and by extension Umbrella for creating new soldiers with such inhuman methods, which peaked their interested about how useful a Ghoul could be to him. Wesker, in general, wondered if ghoul DNA could help stir up a new kind of virus to use against the Pantheon.
  • Like with Ken, Akame along with Mayuri quickly became another human friend once she hearing Touka speak, and she was thankful that the Night Raid assassin wouldn't bury her like other targets. As for Mayuri Touka also knew the burden of sacrifice to protect those who are innocent.
    • One day, Touka heard someone with her voice singing a song about "Hayabusa-kun" and learned that it came from the Kamen Rider Club member, Yuki Jojima. She was surprised that the two looked alike and was more amazed at Yuki doing a handshake with her. Touka has also sympathized with Yuki over the Gemini Zodiarts incident and Yuki has been willing to bring Touka to befriend the other Kamen Rider Club members (including Gentaro Kisaragi and Ryusei Sakuta).

Lesser Gods

    Alisa Bosconovitch 
Alisa Bosconovitch, Goddess of Rose Haired Sweeties
  • Lesser Goddess, bordering on Intermediate
  • Symbol: Her Flower, crossed with two Chainsaws.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Evil if her Safe Mode is disabled)
  • Portfolio: Rose Haired Sweeties, Detachment Combat, Badass Adorables, Chainsaws, Artificial Girls Capable of Having Human Emotions Despite Being Referred as One, Dissonant Serenity, Skyrocket Super Punch, Being Modeled After the Doctor's Deceased Daughter, Moeblobs, Romantic Two-Girl Friendship with Xiaoyu, Superpowered Evil Sides.
  • Domains: Weapons, Technology, Combat.
  • Herald: Dr. Geppetto Bosconovitch (her creator).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima, Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima, Ultron, Sigma, Ogre, Juri Han, M. Bison, Dr. Wily and by extension, his Robot Masters
  • Respects: The Maverick Hunters
  • Respected by: Jun Kazama
  • Opposed by: Asuka Kazama
  • Additional Relationships: Sakura Kasugano, Blanka
  • Created by Dr. Bosconovitch in his late daughter's image, Alisa's original purpose was to protect her boss, Jin Kazama. During her journey, she joined Lars (who suffers from memory loss) after being activated by him in a lab. Despite her bond with him, she reveals herself as an enemy and was called by Jin to disable Safe Mode to attack Lars. Although in her final encounter with him, Lars defeats her, ehich caused her to shut down. With the help of Lee Chaolan, she was restored and was back to Safe Mode. Currently, she is teaming up with Lars, Lee, and Jin to defeat Kazuya Mishima.
  • Traveled alongside with Lars in the quest to retrieve and destroy the Pandora's Box. During their journey, while Alisa was running out of batteries, they encounter Sakura Kasugano and Blanka, who was charged with electricty at that time, with Lars believing that he could repower Alisa, although this results in a battle. When they encounter the Pandora Box, Alisa detaches her head to explode it, which is successful.
  • According to one event, Alisa was originally enemies with Xiaoyu, who were working for Jin and Kazuya and were sent to Kyoto International School in order to capture a man named Shin Kamiya. However, they eventually formed an unbreakable friendship which results in them finding out that Heihachi uses Shin as a bait to get the Devil Gene, which help fuel Alisa's animosity in him. The two deivded that after that, they will join the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament.
    • Her new friendship with Xiaoyu causes her to become friends with Xiaoyu's pet, Panda, and her other best friend, Miharu Hirano, who she may formed an another endless bond with after a trip to an amusement park. When seeing Xiaoyu ascend, Alisa is estatic and embraced her, and the two are currently waiting for their other two friends to ascend to complete the quarter.
  • Although they haven't met, because she wanted to protect Jin Kazama at any cost, she got the good side of his mother, Jun Kazama. She seems proud to see that there is at least someone willing to see the good side of Jin and wanted to protect him. Although Jun doesn't want to meet her just yet, she knew that she will someday, and hopes that she will be safe in her new journey, along with her son, Lee, and Lars.
  • Because she was employed to protect Jin Kazama and still has a desire to protect him, one of his relatives, Asuka Kazama, opposes her as Jin caused world destruction. Asuka questions how a sweet girl like her is employed under Jin and still wants to protect him after all the things he had done. Although Alisa is hurt to see that, she understood Asuka's intentions and decided to stop having encounters with her.
  • She can easily relate to Kula Diamond, as they are both naive, innocent, kindhearted girls who have little to no knowledge of the modern world. They eventually found much more common ground when they are revealed for working for the enemy, although in the case of Alisa, Jin does it to erase Azazel, and went back to the side of good, while NESTS does it for world domination.
  • Before stepping Korean territory, Alisa needs to change her chainsaws with Laser Blades at the suggestion of Luke Skywalker, much to Kim Kaphwan's rejoicing delight. It's common knowledge that in Korea, chainsaws are absolutely forbidden.
  • Alisa is good friends with Ruby Rose, as the latter reminds her of Penny Polendina. The two also seem to find some similarities in that they are both naive, but kind people. Ruby is also fascinated to see Alisa's arsenal of weapons, but is a bit creeped out upon hearing what will happen is she is disabled fron Safe Mode, but she hopes that it may not happen.
  • Due to her robotic nature, she bonded with other robots such as Mega Man, Astro Boy, Jenny, and KOS-MOS. She is interested in Mega Man's ability to replicate the weapons of the Robot Masters, and hopes she is able to do that to protect her friends. She find some common ground with Astro Boy and Jenny, as they all have an arsenal of weapons, but she bonds more with the latter as she has experienced a lot of human things thanks to the latter's desire of a normal life, and Alisa hopes she could learn more human things from her. She seems to become allies aith KOS-MOS, due to being both rpbot girls with undying loyalty, even if the former is unnerved to see that one of the people she is loyal to formerly caused world chaos around the world, eho is also doing it to save the world to awaken a demon and destroy it.
  • Although not as eccentric as her "father", Dr. Light reminds her of him and as such, support his values and ideals. He feels bad for her creator's grief over his own late daughter, which is the reason why he created her in the first place. Although she may not possibly be as similar as his real daughter, Dr. Light is proud to see that she enjoys human interaction and emotion and how she had so much growth because of it. Her friendship with him extends to her becoming friends with his Robot Masters, and also results with her becoming enemies with Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters. Understandably, she doesn't support the former's plans of world domination.
  • She seems to become allies with Tsukasa Kadoya as him having memory loss reminds her encounter with Lars. His goals to make the entire world (or in this case, entire worlds) against him but is doing to ensure their safety reminds her of her friend, Jin Kazama (because of his hatred of the Devil Gene and believes himself to be a dangerous man living among society). They also seem to suffer a lot of Heel Face Turns along the way as a Commonality Connection between the two.
  • Hates Ultron because even if Jin caused world chaos, he at least has a Freudian Excuse and Ultron does it for his hatred of humanity. Ultron commented that she is a Hypocrite because of it, as she was serving under Jin Kazama at that time and still is serving under that. Alisa doesn't care about it as she loves humanity, wants to learn more about them, gained human friends along the way, and finally has a chance to save the world along with the person she is employed under, and her two new friends who are also related to her employer.
    • Due to being allies with Ultron, she became enemies with Sigma, who also wanted to destroy humanity. It also doesn't help that one time, they both fused to become a much more powerful entity. Because of their dedication to destroy Sigma and desire to protect humanity, she is happy for the Maverick Hunters' dedication for their fight against him.
  • In one event, she was reprogrammed by SIN to capture Jin Kazama and kill Heihachi Mishima with Juri and V-Dural. Due to a program error, the reprogramming is destroyed and went back to her old self, although she still has Heihachi programmed in her hit list. Jin forces her to removed Heihachi from that list sp that she could join the heroes' side for their battle.
  • "I'm Alisa. Nice to meet you."

    The Bride 
Beatrix Michelle Kiddo, Goddess of Brides With Mysterious Pasts (*BLEEP*, Kiddo - by Bill, Mommy - by B.B., Bitch - by Vernita Green, The Bride, Black Mamba, Arlene Machiavelli, World's Most Dangerous Assassin)
  • Theme Song: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Herself In A Bridal Dress, Hattori Katana In Hand
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl As A Former Assassin, Dark Action Girl While Working Under Bill, Trained By Pai Mei, Former Assassin, Single-Handedly Kills 88 Mooks, And Most Of Her Former Colleagues, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, Survived A Headshot, Honor Before Reason, Katanas Are Just Better, One-Woman Army, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Sociopathic Hero, Underwent Training from Hell From Pai Mei
  • Signature Weapon: The Hattori Hanzo Katana
  • Followers: The Faceless Men
  • Domains: Vengeance, Retired Assassins, Swords, Family, Quentin Tarantino
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vic Vega, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, Talia Al Ghul, Vega, Ryuji Yamazaki
  • Opposes: Vincent Vega
  • Opposed By: Juri Han, Kim Kaphwan, Kurtis Stryker
  • Beatrix Kiddo. Codename: Black Mamba. Also known as The Bride. Former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. In her own words, she was quoted as going "on what the movie advertisements referred to as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge" when her former allies left her for dead during her wedding rehersal. She roared. And rampaged. And she got bloody satisfaction.
  • It's because of said rampage of revenge that has earned her a spot in the Pantheon. She arrived at the House of Narrative with her now-teenaged daughter in Bill's De Tomaso Mangusta of which she had kept as a keepsake. Her temple is a replica of Bill's hacienda, also in homage to Bill. Nothing fancy, and very low-key. Her arrival was noticed by Elektra Natachios, who knows of the Bride's reputation.
  • The black mamba - of which Beatrix got her codename - is considered to be the most venomous snake on the planet. As Beatrix was considered to be the most dangerous of Bill's assassins, the nickname is most fitting.
  • "You and I have unfinished business." If you hear The Bride utter this following your full name, you run. If she yanks out your eye or you lose a limb, count your blessings. Piss her off...You Are Already Dead.
  • Almost hacked Vic Vega in two because she thought he was Budd, Bill's little brother. Not her fault that Mr. Blonde and Budd look the same.
  • As she is a former assassin, she has been scouted by various organizations from Hotel Moscow to S.H.I.E.L.D. due to her skills. Even Kano offered her membership in the Black Dragon, as he is a fan of her work, particulary the showdown at the House of Blue Leaves. Beatrix shot them all down (pun not intended), as she seeks a somewhat normal life in raising her daughter. As she will find out, nothing is as it seems inside the Pantheon.
  • Friends with Emu Hino/Tiger Orchid. While Beatrix is envious over the fact that Emu wields a Muramasa, Emu is in awe (as is her husband) over the fact that Hattori Hanzo made her sword. Of course, this led to the both of them dueling in a dramatic swordfight that was on par with the Duel on Mustafar. The match, surprisingly, ended in a draw, but both women were left in good spirits. Freeman told Beatrix that if she changes her mind, then there will be a place open for her at the 108 Dragons.
  • Beatrix is also on friendly terms with The Courier, due to the both of them being shot in the head. However, The Courier survived a double-tap, which impressed The Bride greatly.
    • Of course, that doesn't compare to fellow deity Joshua Graham, who puts them both to shame.
  • While Kazuma Kiryu is upset over the fact that Beatrix had killed O-Ren Ishii and wiped out the Crazy 88 (as he and Johnny Mo were drinking buddies in the past and he was on good terms with O-Ren), he does understand as to why Beatrix had done his fellow Yakuza in. Although he does admit to her that what Bill had done in shooting up her wedding rehersal out of pure spite was a dick move. But Beatrix did say that out of all of the Deadly Vipers, she was the closest with O-Ren, despite how their friendship had ended.
  • Spends time at the Pantheon's Genhanten restaurant speaking with Gen on many topics, even sharing past assassin stories. Gen knew Pai Mei in his youth, but did not train under him. The fact that Pai Mei taught her the 'Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique' shows just how much Pai Mei respected the Bride, especially given the fact that Pai Mei hated Americans, Caucasians, and women, of which the Bride was all three.
  • Some folks tend to give both her and Bryan Mills odd looks if they are seen together, seeing as how for some strange reason, they look an awful like Jean Valjean and Fatine.
  • Has found Poison Ivy oddly familiar for some reason, but prefers not to think about it.
  • Juri Han made the mistake of picking a fight with The Bride. Said fight ended with Beatrix plucking out Juri's eye. Thankfully, the eye in question was Juri's Feng Shui Engine.
  • She's not on pleasant terms with Kim Kaphwan, due to her past as an assassin, and despite the fact that she changed her ways for her daughter. Same goes for Kurtis Stryker.

    Crimson Viper 
Crimson Viper, Goddess of Mysterious Women (Maya, Ms. Perfect)

Forrest, God of Effeminate Males (Fashion Forward, Foleo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Theme Music: A Lady's Mirror
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Effeminate Male, The Fashionista, Looks A Lot Like a Woman, Ojou Ringlets, White Mage, Camp Straight, Reluctant Warrior, Wholesome Crossdresser
  • Domains: Fashion, Style, Mages
  • High Priests: Sleuf
  • Followers: Elffin, Lucius, Reyson, Libra
  • Allies: Leo (his father), Auntie Elise, Xander, Camilla, Corrin, Soleil, Hoshidan Royal Siblings, Owain, Tharja(?), Kanji Tatsumi, Bridget, Rarity, Erika Kurumi, Astolfo, Gasper Vladi
  • Enemies: Grima
  • Ever since he was young, Forrest, the son of Leo, was always interested in fashion. And after Leo said that he looked cute in one of Elise's clothing, Forrest found a calling in making his own clothing. And due of living in Deeprealm during his youth with only few other boys around, he really didn't mind wearing feminine clothing.
  • As a tailor, he has made some friends with other tailors like Kanji, Erika and Rarity. Though all of them agree that he looks way too good wearing women's clothing than actual women.
    • He also says that he has really excellent eye for sizing outfits by simply looking at people. Which at sometimes makes people wonder if he spies on people, though he claims otherwise, unsurprisingly.
  • Avoids House of Slaughter due of his fear of blood. He did once visit the place just to talk to Sanson, as he doesn't really get why an executioner would wear such fancy outfits in his line of work if he knew he would bloody his clothes. Sanson actually put some consideration to Forrest's words.
  • Some deities wonder what is the relation between him and Soleil due of an idea that he is one of only people Soleil can legitimately get together with. Neither of them have really given any comments on the matter, though Soleil does openly say that he has great hair.
  • He does encourage other people to really act and dress as they want, no matter how "feminine" it might be. At the same time, he appreciates that there are people with similar sense of dressing, due of his own doubts in the past due of how some other people have acted against him.
  • Even though he does not want to fight, and much prefers to help people, he will put his best if he is put into the shove. For example, in a timeline where his and the other children's parents were killed and Kana was getting a Heroic BSoD due of their situation, he was the one to smack some sense into him with his father's Brynhildr and give everyone Kirk Summation. And he is perfectly capable of using Brynhildr if he needs to, to boot.
  • If you're questioning your sexuality when it comes to Forrest, don't worry, no one is going to question your opinion on that. It isn't quite in the levels of "Everyone's Gay for Bridget", but it's getting there.
  • Has a bit of a fear forwards chickens due of an incident where he was attacked by a swarm of them out of nowhere. He still has no idea how it happened, but Link sympathizes with him.

    Hermione Granger 
Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley, Goddess of Clever People With Brown Hair and Wiser Women (The Cleverest Witch Of Her Age, 'Mione, Miss Granger, B'loody Mary Smith)

Ikaruga, Goddess of Aloof Dark-Haired Women (The Calamitous And Incredible Class Rep, KP Kamen/BC Mask, Ojou-sama/Princess, Iki the Buzzkiller, HeirToHien)

    Lumpy Space Princess 
Lumpy Space Princess, Goddess of Unfeminine Femininity (LSP)

    Master Roshi 
Master Roshi, God of Dirty Old Men (Muten Roshi, Turtle Hermit)


    Misaki Ayuzawa 
Misaki Ayuzawa, Goddess of Go-Getter Girls (Misa-Chan, Seika High's "Demon President", The Hot-Blooded Japanese Diplomat)
  • Demigoddess
  • Theme Song: "My Secret" by Saaya Mizuno
  • Symbol: The Maid Latte Cafè logo
  • Alignmefnt: Lawful to Neutral Good, by default; Chaotic Good to Neutral when she goes into "Demon Pres" mode
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Badass Brainy Brunette who occasionally generates a Battle Aura, Defrosting Ice Queen, Go-Getter Girl, Hot-Blooded, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Lethal Chef, Plucky Girl, Student Council President who secretly part-times as a Meido, Tomboy with a Girly Streak and who can carry a Maid Cafe uniform beautifully, Tsundere
  • Domains: Personality, School, Leadership
  • Direct Superiors: Asuka Langley Souryuu (as one of her former followers) and Relena Darlian (as part of the Diplomatic Corps)
  • Allies: Fi, Houki Shinonono, Princess Zelda, Nagisa Furukawa
  • Smash Sisters with: Hinagiku Katsura
  • Odd Relationships: Stocking Anarchy, Tomoya Okazaki, Accelerator
  • Completely Disapproves of: Kneesocks
  • Months after the GUAG Diplomatic Corps was established, plans were made for recruiting more members to its ranks from within and beyond the Pantheon. Among the candidates considered was Misaki, a lightly-known but well-refuted follower of the Goddess of Tsunderes, who somehow campaigned in secret for the former’s ascension through a dossier containing details of her exploits:
    • Misaki was a just a simple High School student, when she enrolled into Seika High School as one of the first batch of females in a formerly all-male institution. It was then that she saw the plight of her female batch mates there: filth-riddled premises and a nearly-unsuitable school environment aggravated by an overwhelming majority of unruly boys who knew very little of subtlety and sensitivity. With the goal of making Seika a better place for her fellow female students, and fueled by her rage towards the male students’ rowdiness, she underwent one hell of a transformation (passing her subjects with flying colors, forming good relationships with the teachers, even learning Aikido of all things) until she finally became the Student Council President of the school. Her sweeping reforms throughout Seika High did rub off the wrong way among the guys, but they could only do little to oppose since she was able to scare the living hell out of them (which gave rise to her Red Baron title in the first place).
    • Unbeknownst to most of the students at Seika, part of her abrasive attitude towards men was due to her father leaving the family with a huge debt, prompting her to take a part-time job to support her family. Which did present a problem to her since her part-time job was that of a Meido in a Maid Cafe. Nonetheless, she managed to balance her dual life up until her graduation, even with all the ups and downs in between (beginning with the discovery of her Maid Café job, and further involvement romantic and otherwise, by a Bishōnen Ace who would eventually become her husband.)
    • Such reliable and selfless attitude towards her duty as President and Honor Student, towards her role as a caring elder sister and daughter to her family, and towards her job as a part-time Maid, eventually became the basis for her application and eventual ascension into the Pantheon. Moreso with her new, post-story role as a Japanese Diplomat, allowing her to adjust seamlessly to her position in the Corps.
  • Her entry has been welcomed by deities who have previously been Student Council Presidents in the past. Moreso her fellow diplomat Relena (as she did have a stint as one before she was thrust into the political limelight.) Though the Regent of Actual Pacifists was rather amazed at how Misaki managed to keep her reputation in check as Seika’s first female Council Pres, with all the roughing up she occasionally delivered to the boys there. Misaki eagerly replied that someone has to keep those boys in check one way or the other.
  • Other deities who are well-aware of her record as President have been lobbying with giving her the Student Council President title as well, especially with the House of School still missing a dedicated deity for the trope. While she's not against the idea, the House itself has yet to decide on the matter. Still, she does get invited as an ocassional consultant there, at least until a representative for the title can be declared.
  • Apart from her work in the Diplomatic Corps, Misaki has frequented the House of Knowledge for information regarding the ins and outs of the Pantheon, alongside Fi. Some deities have also spotted her training with Houki, whenever the latter visits the House of Combat for kendo training; this is possibly due to Misaki’s proficiency in Akido, which like Kendo is a Japanese Martial Art. On both instances though, the deities presumed some certain similarities between them.
    • A funny note regarding her practice sessions at the House of Combat: While some deities there are impressed with her Aikido skills, others who are of equal or lower rank than her (particularly the guys) have been quivering in fear whenever they see her there, as she tends to emit some sort of a killer aura even during practice.
    • Conversely though, she’s pretty much in disapproval of Kneesocks’ way of running things, partly due to her dubious background, and partly because the latter overemphasizes the “Ruuuuules” too often.
  • Surprisingly, she has developed an odd Kindred friendship of sorts with Nagisa, seeing as her relationship with Tomoya does sort of remind her of when she met Takumi Usui (the guy who would eventually become her hubby). That, or because at some point Tomoya’s voice reminds her of Usui.
    • On the flipside, for some similarly bizarre reason, she’s rather cautious of Accelerator, considering his reputation.
    • Oddly, while she's friends with Stocking, she tends to shy away a bit from her offering of sweets as it reminds her of the time she entered a sweets-eating contest and nearly buckled, because Usui was making all the food there and was heaping up on the sugar.
  • There were rumors that she somewhat “inherited” part of her leadership skills from Arturia or Zelda; the latter for the same reasons as Fi and Houki, the former probably because she sounds much like Misaki’s mother.

    Misato Katsuragi 
Misato Katsuragi, Goddess of Childish Adults and Attracting the Young Males
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  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her cross
  • Theme Song: A Cruel Angel's Thesis (san ningen version)
  • Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, The Lad-ette, Broken Bird, Beergasm, Christmas Cake, Genius Ditz, Mama Bear, Scars Are Forever, Having Some Attraction to Shinji, Becoming a Less Pleasant Person After 14 Years of War, Would Hurt a Child(?), I Have No Son!, Becoming Disturbingly Similar to What She Opposes
  • Domain: Leadership, Love, Bitternessness, Vengeance, Regret
  • Allies: Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Souryu/Shikinami, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, Leone, Tsunade, Motoko Kusanagi, Homer Simpson, Amuro Ray, Mai Shiranui, Commander Shephard, Releigh Becket and Mako Mori, Genjuro Kazanari
  • Former Allies: Shinji Ikari(?)
  • Enemies: Gendo Ikari, Arael, King Ghidorah, Hedora, Char Aznable
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yui Ikari
  • Dislikes: Zapp Brannigan
  • Misato Katsuragi, a woman whose apartment is an utter mess. A woman who drinks a whole bunch of beers. A woman who's maybe a bit too flirtatious. However, these habits are born after surviving the Second Impact and are a testament of her tragic life.
  • Misato couldn't deny the fact that on some levels she does find Shinji attractive. Especially with the implied offer of comfort sex and kissing him. It was because of this that she tried to avoid Shinji when she first ascended, feeling ashamed for what she did. It was useless, however, because once Shinji found out she ascended, he desperately searched for her. And when he did find her, he gave her a big hug. Taken aback, Misato reciprocated his hug.
    • Was actually surprised when she found out Asuka as well missed her former guardian. Misato was worried, however, when she noticed that she had some kind of split personality that would change ever so often. She has spent more time with Shikinami given that both fought together for 14 years.
  • Misato's relationship with Yui Ikari is a bit rocky. Might be because that whole 'Shinji attraction deal' and the whole guardianship. They do however have respect for both being mama bears for Shinji and Misato sacrificing her life for him.
    • Their relationship took a turn for the worst after 3.33: the scientist calling her out on her treatment to her son and her hypocrisy in holding all the guilt of Third Impact against him while the commander called her an even bigger Hypocrite since she manipulated Shinji to further her goals and has no say in the consequences of what happened.
  • Became very close friends with Usagi Tsukino after the two noticed that they both sound very similar. There's also the fact that the two act very similar to each other, both the good and bad qualities. And just for fun, Misato actually dressed as Usagi's Sailor Moon form on at least two occasions.
    • She also became friends with Mai Shiranui as they are a bit flirtatious. Unfortunately, there's no photos of Misato cosplaying as the ninja.
  • Has been hit on a couple of times by Commander Shepard, both male and female. She always declined, however. And even though she is tired of it, it's not as bad as Zapp Brannigan's constant howling.
    • She is on good terms with Genjuro Kazanari as they both care deeply for the kids they are in charge with.
  • Really hates the rumors going around that she's some kind of slut and sleeps around. She only slept with Kaji.
  • She was actually surprised when she found out she had a teachers degree. Because of this, she is employed in the School House.
  • Gain a couple of drinking buddies in Homer Simpson, Tsunade, and Leone. She seems more closer to the last one as they have some similar personalities. Not only that, they even sound similar when they speak in English.
  • The House of Technology have built a couple of personal roomba cleaners for Misato's temple since she leaves it in such a mess.
  • The GUAG has offer Misato a position as lead coordinator for all mecha battle strategies. They are currently looking for Bridge Bunnies for her to work with.
  • In some universe, Misato would sometime flirt a bit with Amuro Ray. Usagi thinks this is a bit funny as Amuro sounds just like her husband, Mamoru Chiba.
  • Despite the contrary, Misato isn't a crazy driver. As in Chiyo-chan won't go catatonic. She may also like cars in general.
  • Has swore that if Gendo ever does anything to hurt Shinji, and proxy Asuka and Rei, she wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through his head. Death Is Cheap be damn.
  • After the events of 2.22 and 3.33 she has disowned Shinji and warned him that should he become a trigger again, she and Wille will kill him. However, some deities did noticed a level of hesitation in her voice and hope for the best.
  • Also resides in House of Love.
    And remember tropers, there be plenty of fanservice on the next episode.


    Anne Shirley 
Anne Shirley, Goddess of Blithe Spirits and Spirited Young Ladies (Anne of Green Gables, Anne with an E, Anne-girl, Carrots, Cordelia Fitzgerald, Elaine, Anne Blythe)
Anne Shirley when she was 11
Anne in her later years 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her red braids under her straw hat
  • Theme: Anne’s Theme. Or Kikoeru Kashira for her Japanese audience
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Blithe Spirit, Is Very Sensitive About Her Red Hair, Bookworm, Drama Queen, Fiery Redhead, Friendless Background (at least before coming to Green Gables), First Love (to Gilbert, whom she ended up marrying), Genki Girl, Happily Adopted, Ms. Imagination, Doesn't Realize That Gilbert Likes Her At First., Plucky Girl, Public-Domain Character, School Marm, Spirited Young Lady, Youthful Freckles (loses them as she gets older)
  • Domains: Orphans, Redheads, Imagination
  • Followers: Jane Eyre, Margaret Hale
  • Allies: The March Sisters, Pollyanna Whittier, Sara Crewe, Mary Lennox, Pippi Longstocking, Candice White, Willow Rosenberg, Madeline, Dick Grayson, Pyrrha Nikos, Amélie Poulain, Princess Anna, Elizabeth Bennet
  • Enemies: Eliza and Neal Reagan, Eric Cartman
  • Respected by: Most Japanese deities
  • Pities: Asuka Langely Soryu
  • Heralds: Diana Barry (her bosom buddy), Gilbert Blythe (her husband)
  • Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert intended to raise a boy to help them, but a redhead little girl named Anne Shirley arrived instead. Anne Shirley, at first, is all catastrophes and accidents, but slowly the mistakes get smaller, and by the end, Anne is quite a graceful and accomplished young lady.
    • Anne's guardians prior to Matthew and Marilla used her to look after their own children, neglected her education, and did not always provide her (and possibly their own children) with enough to eat. One of these guardians, Mr. Thomas, was frequently intoxicated and Anne was exposed to his violent behaviour.
  • Pollyanna is glad to find another orphan girl like her. The two get along well, noticing certain parallels between each others’ stories, notably moving to a new home with a stubborn woman as a new parent figure who grows to like them.
    • She also became friends with Sara Crewe as both are girls that used their imaginations to escape a harsh, unloved life.
  • She is good friends with the March sisters. Like her, they are young women who grow up and try to find their place in the world. She's also good friends with Elizabeth Bennett, being both book lovers and Spirited Young Ladies who don't strictly conform to society's expectations.
  • She has a liking for Candice White due to their similar personalities. The two would often discuss things like being poor country girls finding a place in life and why there are bad people even if there’s a good side to them.
    • Their friendship has also drawn the ire of the Reagans as they don’t like how the redhead is influencing her.
  • Given her experiences with teaching at a local school, she was employed as a teacher in the House of School.
  • She has a deep appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and often visits the House of Nature, especially at Mary Lennox’s place.
  • She was surprised to see a number of redheads residing in the Pantheon. Although she doesn’t find her red hair to be pretty at first, she eventually grows to accept it. She found herself intrigued with Pippi Longstocking’s adventures. She also likes Madeline for her brave and spunky attitude. Among other redheads she likes to hang out with, they include Willow Rosenberg and Pyrrha Nikos.
    • She couldn’t help but show pity towards Asuka. It might be because of how her personality and attitude are shown to be psychological defenses against crippling low self-esteem. She would visit her temple to try to help her.
  • Befriended Amélie Poulain after hearing about her friendless childhood, not to mention that both have an active imagination to entertain themselves with. Sometimes, the Frenchwoman would cheer her up whenever she’s in the “depths of despair”.
  • Eric Cartman wasn’t pleased upon hearing that another redhead ascended. His first order of business? Smearing feces on her temple. It didn’t take long before Anne caught him in his act. Since then, she has to keep an eye on him while he is working on another revenge scheme.
  • Anne was surprised upon learning that her story is popular in Japan, even inspiring an anime adaptation. Most Japanese-based deities visit her temple to pay her respect.

Queen Penelope of Ithaca, the Goddess Who Waits Back Home
  • Symbol: A Woman Waititing With Her Cheek On Her Hand, alternatively the weaving she used to fool the suitors
  • Theme Song: Afternoon At The Park
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domain: Love, Mother, Weaving, Test
  • Portfolio: Waited 20 years for Odysseus to come back Guile Heroine, Bluff the Impostor, Birds of a Feather to Odysseus, has 108 suitors, Keep the Home Fires Burning
  • Allies: Odysseus (her husband), Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, those received unwanted attention like Belle and Esmeralda, Leonidas, Achilles
  • Enemies: Gaston, Frollo
  • Pities: Cassandra
  • Opposes: Medea
  • Unwanted Rival with: Hera
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Kratos
  • There is many legend and speculation about how Penelope ascended and her reason for doing so. Some say that she is sick of waiting for Odysseus to return to Ithaca from the Pantheon and afraid of him cheating on her again. Some say that the Council is touched about her story and decided to ascend her. A few even say that Penelope wills the temple into existence through The Power of Love that keeps her waiting for 20 years. However, there is no disagreement over whether or not she deserves her position.
  • Odysseus was reduced to a babble mess and beings to cry uncontrollably when seeing his wife in the Pantheon. The pair shares an emotional reunion with Penelope promises that she will join him in the journey this time.
    • However, anyone that brings up the affair Odysseus had with Calypso that prolonged his journey much longer than necessary will be escorted out of their presence.
  • Penelope asked the House of Magic to put up a spell around her and Odysseus’s private quarter in order to only let in people who stay faithful on their spouse. Not many Greek heroes pass the spell, but those who did earn her respect like Achilles and Leonidas.
    • She one time discovers that the spell reacts much more violently towards a visitor. Turn out it was her great-great-grandfather-in-law Zeus. Needless to say, Odysseus is furious when discover the incident.
  • Being one of the few women and stories in mythology who has a happy ending, Penelope is a source of constant jealousy of many of her fellow Greek women.
    • She feels incredibly sorry for Cassandra and her eventual fate, even if she is on the opposite side of the Trojan war from Odysseus.
    • While she has sympathy for Medea, Penelope thinks that the latter’s reaction is a little extreme.
    • Penelope finds herself on a nasty unwanted rivalry with Hera. Part of this is due to Hera is jealous of Penelope’s marriage but the biggest offense is the fact that in many cities she was worshipped as the symbol of marriage in place of Hera.
      • This event caused Penelope to seek protection from unusual allies. One of them is Wonder Woman, who is also on uneasy term with Hera and Circe. Another one is Kratos, who Penelope sympathize with losing his family but don’t agree with the method.
  • Being on the receiving end of unwanted sexual attention, Penelope very much sympathize with those who has suffered similar fate like Belle and Esmeralda while despises those who commit similar act like Gaston and Frollo.

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