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Greater Gods

Osiris, He Who Lost the Most Noble Organ (Broken God of the Afterlife, Julius Kane)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His mummy-bandaged crook-sickle and flail.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Good King, Back from the Dead, Inhuman Human, Our Zombies Are Different, Distressed Dude (one time), Dark Is Not Evil, Sinister Scythe, Epic Flail, Mummy Wrap, Didn't Need Those Anyway! (except for a certain one)
  • Domains: Afterlife, Egypt, Castration
  • Followers: John Bobbitt, eunuchs, castrati, many living Darwin Award honorees.
  • Allies: Geb (his father), Anubis and Horus, Zia Rashid, Anakaris, Yugi Muto, Judai Yuki, Flynn, Death of the Endless, Death the Horseman, Ichigo Kurosaki, Frankenstein’s Monster, Ariel, Rikuo, Exodia
  • Rivals: Hades, Sobek, Zeus, Azir, Odin, The Black Knight
  • Enemies: Set, The other Hades, Eliza, Lord Raptor, Bruce, Dracula
  • Other relationships: Big Bird (Long story)
  • The Lord of Egypt’s Underworld thought being part of the Pantheon would finally give him the chance to regain his… lost member. To his eternal dismay, joining the Pantheon instead made his condition permanent.
    • Any jokes that he is “ dickless” will be met with ripping the offender’s spirit out of their body and taking them for a round of torture in the Egyptian Underworld. Just ask Lord Raptor, who made that very same insult.
  • Even though he technically is a zombie, Osiris is unique since losing limbs and other body parts doesn't hinder his movement and actions as they remain as "phantom" spirit versions fueled by his Ba, that are just as powerful as his real ones. Once losing everything, his spiritual Ba form is quick, able to walk through any solid hindrances and still attack with the same power and ferocity if he still has all his body. Unfortunately, the only body part that is unable to regenerate is naturally his "noble organ". Trust us, he's tried!
  • Being his pantheon’s Lord of the Underworld, he spends most of his time in the House of Life & Death. His relations to both Death of the Endless and Death the Horseman are quite friendly. He also gets along with shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki, whom at first winced hearing about his unfortunate condition. At least Ichigo knew not to disrespect Osiris.
    • He was surprised to see two Hades in the Pantheon. The first one was familiar to him, only for Osiris to be slightly shocked to see how his attitude changes once he removes his helmet. The second one, however, gave him nothing but disgust.
  • Osiris is also pleased that his father is in the Pantheon alongside other good pharaohs such as Anakaris and Atem/Yami within Yugi Muto. Under their advice, he also allied himself with Cosmos under the GUAG.
    • Yugi's friend, Judai Yuki, apparently is a very big fan of his, saying he is part of a dorm that bears his name. Curious, he travelled to his world and was stunned to see how shabby and run-down the Osiris Red dorm was. He did not let his anger get the best of him, though, and commended Judai for honoring his name by being part of that dorm. He did wonder why he was named Slifer in that verse.
  • Upon seeing Azir, Osiris thought his son Horus had finally ascended only to see his mistake upon closer inspection. Still, they decided to test their strength against one another. The Broken God barely won just before his Ba energy would dissipate. The Emperor of Shurima enjoyed their bout and vowed the next confrontation he would be the victor.
  • He is grateful to Flynn as he helped his wife Isis find his body after Set dismembered him. He doesn't hold any grudge since his precious organ was never recovered.
    • Isis did manage to create a new one out of gold in order to give birth to Horus, but he really wishes he had his real one back.
  • Despite what many think, Osiris holds no ill will towards the fish that devoured his beloved organ and doesn't take out his anger on fish-based deities in the Pantheon. In fact, he thinks highly well of Princess Ariel and Lord Rikuo. Bruce, on the other hand…
  • He is very jealous of the Black Knight. Unlike the Knight, he is still able to keep fighting despite losing body parts as his spirit form fights on; but unlike Osiris, the Knight regains all his body parts once he is reborn. That last bit stings him greatly.
  • Once, he dressed up convincingly as Frankenstein’s Creature. Dracula thought the Creature mastered new weapons seeing Osiris hold his sickle and flail upon seeing him, only to be attacked. After being informed of his mistake, Drac swore vengeance on the Egyptian god.
    • The Creature itself reacted with indifference, but at least mentioned it was a good likeness.
  • Was not expecting to cross paths with Big Bird once again. When asked why Big Bird terrified him, he sheepishly admitted that he made a rash decision to ban the ghost of a boy pharaoh from the afterlife due to having a heavy heart. Big Bird proclaimed how unfair this judgment was because the boy had been alone for 4000 years due to a curse from a demon and thus had no one to love him. Set couldn't help but roar in laughter at how this six-year-old bird chewed him out. Big Bird himself has warned Osiris to never do that again, but is willing to lend feathers if needed to judge hearts in the future..
  • If you still haven't figured it out, he lost his penis.

Intermediate Gods

    Sun Jian 
Sun Jian (style name: Wentai), The Sexy Gray-Haired God (Emperor Wulei, The Tiger of Jiang Dong)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword next to flag of Wu
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Officer and a Gentleman, Almighty Janitor, Hunk
  • Domains: War, Attractiveness
  • Heralds: Sun Quan (his eldest son) and the rest of the Kingdom of Wu.
  • Allies: Sun Ce (his other son), Joseph Joestar, Sonsaku Hakufu, Litchi Faye-Ling, Sub-Zero
  • Rivals: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Musasahi Miyamoto
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Ghetsis, Relius Clover
  • He ascended after many characters noted his attractiveness with his graying hair. Of course when he ascended he was immediately greeted by his son Sun Ce and his reincarnation, Sonsaku Hakufu after the latter thought it was her father who ascended.
  • He has been constantly hit in by various girls in the pantheon. He politely declines everytime. Of course this won't stop some.
  • As a proud warrior and father, anyone who attacks them will feel the wrath of tiger. As he will cut you down.
  • Like his son he confused Litchi Faye-Ling for his son's bodyguard Lianshi but he quickly noticed the difference. He doesn't exactly condemn her actions and has made a valuable ally in the process.
  • He's encountered his son-in-law Liu Bei and it's gotten rather awkward as he was angered at the fact that he attacked his youngest son Sun Quan, but given the reason Sun Wentai himself would've probably acted the same way.
    • Not to mention the big family he and his wife have to look after with a few other sworn sons-in-law in the mix (and one of them even having a relative from Wei)... Sun Ce and Xiahou Yuan can only shrug...
      • Also realizes the dangerous potential of his youngest son Sun Quan drinking wine alongside his other sworn son-in-law Zhang Fei. Sun Jian orders Sun Ce, Zhou Tai and Zhang Xingcai to just outright snatch everything from them if the two decide to party with alcohol. However, thanks to Cao Cao's input, they've had to also account for his middle son, Cao Zhi, as well. Those three younger siblings (Zhang Fei, Sun Quan and Cao Zhi) will soon become a handful nowadays....
  • He once faced Musashi Miyamoto at some point, but was interrupted by enemy soldiers.
  • He is absolutely overjoyed to hear of his sons' accomplishments hearing how he became a conqueror at a young age while he is a little sad that they didn't remain loyal to the Han. He'll accept it as it's not his choice to make.
  • It's very confusing when Hua Xiong is brought out as some say he killed him while other say that Guan Yu killed him. Chances are that The Tiger slayed him according to official records.
  • He tends to be very wary of ambushes as he was killed by one in his lifetime. Though he managed to get savvy and use the Imperial seal as hidden shield or managed to effortlessely avoided using his instincts.
  • His skill with a sword is top notch on top of the sound-based attacks he uses (from his sword's rings) make him one of toughest warriors in all the land. However, he may or may not have used his Guding Dao/Kotei Tou (lit. Ancient Lock Blade) that was previously used by Zhou Yu.
  • Don't ask how there's an oversized yellow tiger suit within his house, or if he goes around the Pantheon wearing that. Best you can peer from it is that it's made by his daughter Sun Shangxiang.
  • When he heard that there was someone named 'Kuai Liang', Sun Jian is eager to pay him a visit, maybe asking how it feels to orchestrate his death as a mortal. When it turns out that this Kuai Liang was no advisor of Liu Biao, but instead one known as Sub-Zero, their meeting goes into another way more positively.
  • Sun Jian remembers he was also called a "scoundrel wolf" by a man named Gongsun Du, upon reading the Book of Wei for himself...he decided that he and his son Sun Quan should instead be likened to noble wolves instead, so "to hell with that insult, I'll be both a tiger and a Sirius of Jiangdong".
    • Is also annoyed that both Sun Quan and him have the same on'yomi renders for their names (Son Ken)....heaven forbid that it ends up with Japanese dialogue whenever both of them are talked about; but at least their style names are different enough.
  • "Why yes, I did beat the shit out of pirates and bandits when I was younger. I will forever be the justice this land needs, and this time, it's going to be harder to just up and kill me."
  • That aforementioned imperial seal wouldn't do anything for him in terms of trying to use it to become an emperor (his prior benefactor Yuan Shu learned this the fatally-hard-way), but Sun Jian claims he'll hold onto the seal to make sure he can give it to someone who can use it well for the sake of the people, lest he has it fall into the wrong hands.
    I can't do anything with this seal...but it is far better than letting more worse folks get their hands on it.

    Wolfgang Schreiber 
Wolfgang Schreiber, God of Evil Eunuchs (LDO XII, Hrozvitnir, Anna Schreiber, Schreiber of the Sturmwind, The Ashen Knight, Einherjar Albedo)

Lesser Gods

    Uzu Sanageyama 
Uzu Sanageyama, God of Tiny Package and Kendos (Athletic Committee Chairman, Monkey, Monkey King, SanageYamcha, Ninja Turtle)


    Shinya Kogami 
Shinya Kogami, The Tall, Dark, and Handsome God (Enforcer Kogami, Inspector Kogami, Ko)
  • Demigod (Used to be Lesser God due to his defection from the C.I.D.)
  • Symbol: The Criminal Investigation Department Logo and the Dominator.
  • Theme Song: "Abnormalize"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, later Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Byronic Hero, Hunk, Tall, Dark, and Handsome, Smoking, Badass in a Nice Suit, Cultured Badass, The Profiler, Vigilante Man
  • Domains: Law, Investigation, Hunkiness, Vigilantism
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Allies: Akane Tsunemori, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu (Shin), Kiritsugu Emiya, Jin Kazama, Yuri Lowell, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Domon Kasshu, Kanji Tatsumi
  • Enemies: Shogo Makishima, The Joker, Gilgamesh (Fate), Bryan Fury, Tenjuro Banno
  • Kogami used to be an Inspector for the Public Safety Bureau, but after learning his partner got killed, things went downhill from there and he got demoted to Enforcer. He worked together alongside Akane Tsunemori in stopping Shogo Makishima, but in the end, Kogami went on the run. If there's one thing that's consistent about him, it's that he's pretty handsome.
  • Upon his ascension, he was reunited with Akane Tsunemori because she was very happy for him being able to ascend in the pantheon. On the other hand, Shogo Makishima was not very pleased, yet thrilled, to see him again after their last encounters back in their world. Whenever Makishima attempts to commit the same atrocities, Kogami is happy to work with Akane again to stop Makishima's plans.
  • Due to being a former law enforcer, Kogami had found a kinship in the form of Shinnosuke Tomari as the Kamen Rider had sympathize with him because both were demoted due to them unable to protect their respective partners in different circumstances, although the Rider makes him wonder too that Kogami is sounded like a certain Roidmude that copied his Rider System from a certain incident. However, Shinnosuke's partner Krim Steinbelt sees Kogami as another potential user of the Drive System as he gives Kogami the Shift Wild and a copy of the Drive Driver in case a new known battle awaits.
  • His status as a Vigilante had impressed the dark knight itself, Bruce Wayne, due to their dedication of hunting criminals outside of the law. It is interesting that both shared their hate towards the Joker for committing heinous acts as both Bruce and Kogami starts to work together to stop the Joker's plans. This also made him allies with Yuri Lowell due to them sharing the same status as well.
  • Kogami had found a kinship in both Takatora Kureshima and Kiritsugu Emiya for three reasons, both having the same superior in their respective stories, they shared some similar traits, and they shared the same style of clothing.
  • Kogami became allies with Jin Kazama due to them being Tall, Dark, and Handsome, as well as the latter was impress with the former's fighting instincts as both men had decided to train each other in a hand-to-hand combat to improve their fighting skills.
  • He also made friends with both Domon Kasshu and Kanji Tatsumi due to them are sounded alike to each other. On the the other hand, he made enemies with Gilgamesh and Bryan Fury as well due to the same reasons.
  • His opinions on Tenjuro Banno is shared with Akane and Shinnosuke, he's nothing but a Abusive Mad Scientist bent on taking over the world through his master plan. Because of this he joins forces with them to stop Banno's ambitions.
  • Insists that he is not the spokesperson or mascot of Hyper-Oats despite some trying to make it look like such. Others find it amusing he would say something that sounds ridiculous in a serious tone.