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Greater Gods

Biollante, Deified Plant-Animal Hybrid (Biolante, Biolannte, Biolantte, Erika Shiragami)
Rose Biollante 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A sihoulette of herself
  • Theme Music: Her theme from Godzilla: Unleashed
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Healing Factor, Lightning Bruiser, Planimal, Mix-and-Match Critter, Combat Tentacles
  • Domains: Monsters, Plants, Teeth
  • Herald: Dr Genshiro Shiragami (her father)
  • Allies: Poison Ivy, Fate Testarossa, Rei Ayanami, Yuuka Kazami, Grass type Pokemon, Chaos, Tikal, Swamp Thing
  • Enemies: Godzilla (Maybe Teeth-Clenched Teamwork on the rare occasion), King Ghidorah, Gigan, Hedorah, Mordremoth, Ragnaros the Firelord, Mesogog, SHOU TUCKER
  • Unknown Connection: SpaceGodzilla
  • Pitied by: Gamera, MechaGodzilla III/Kiryu, Mothra and Leo
  • Biollante was created via the cells of a rose, Godzilla, and a scientist's deceased daughter. This particular kaiju has two forms: a relatively peaceful rose in her first form and a towering behemoth that's more aggresive and toothy for her second form (not to say that her first form isn't toothy; after all, her tentacles have teeth on them regardless of her form).
  • There's a debate on what's the genetic relationship between her and Godzilla. While their own universe don't consider them related in a family sense, others would disagree. Though, whether they can be consider siblings or parent/child is still a debated issue.
    • So far, Godzilla and Biollante haven't interact with one another. Some think this is a good thing since the last time they met, they were savagely ripping against one another. However, they can put their difference aside when facing evil Kaijus like King Ghidorah, Gigan and Hedorah.
  • When some deities look into Biollante's history, many were confuse on how she still existed. You see, people from the Future transported a pre-radioactive Godzilla out of the place he would of been radiated. If that happen, she wouldn't exist as Godzilla got radiated much later then when she would be born. Yet she still exist regardless. In fact, there's even theories she was the cause of SpaceGodzilla when her body dissolved and floated into space.
  • Members of the House of Metal and Minerals have tried to bar Biollante from entering their temple. That's because she always spread spores that cause the desolate landscape to grow flowers. It's unknown why she does that. Though, it could be a desire base on her father's wish to bring life to desert lands.
  • Biollante became very close friends with both Fate Testarossa and Rei Ayanami since all three are artificial beings of a person's love ones. However, compare to Fate and Rei, Biollante never had to deal with a abusive parent.
  • Poison Ivy has shown sympathy towards the plant Kaiju. Ivy is also one of the few deity to be able to communicate fully with Biollante since she is part plant as well. She also became close to Yuuka Kazami. Yuuka does care for Biollante like any other plants. And because of that, she willing to unleash wrath to anyone who would hurt her.
    • Swamp Thing has also expressed interest in helping Biollante, due to experiencing his own plant-based existential crisis.
  • Just like Godzilla, Mesogog has shown great interest in her genetic material. She wants to gain samples to use for his new Mutation Army.
  • Like many deities who are plants or are connected to them, Biollante despises Ragnaros the Firelord. The Fire elemental dismisses her as another worthless insect and is planning to burn her down.
  • Mordremoth wanted to assimilate Biollante into the Mordrem as one of his minions, so he sent a small horde of Mordrem and one of his commanders to capture Biollante for him. It is not known what the outcome of the battle would have been, but it was interrupted by Godzilla's arrival, forcing the remaining Mordrem to retreat.
  • Can also be found in Miscellaneous Flora.

Intermediate Gods

    The Chimeras 

The Chimeras, Collective Mix-and-Match Critters
Some of the many Chimeras (top from left to right: Monkalrus, Horsantula. Middle: Parental Kangashark. Bottom from left to right: Ostrelephant and Muttshroom)
Top: The Bucket Brothers. Bottom from left to right: Mr. Pump and Dryguy
  • Intermediate Deities overall. Individually range from Demideities to Intermediate deities.
  • Symbol: The Map of the Chimera Lab.
  • Theme Songs: Troublesome Guys, Intense Guys, Back Beat Battle, And El Mariachi, And Yet, El Mariachi, More Troublesome Guys, Even More Intense Guys, Accelerondo, Wasteful Anthem, Smashing Song of Praise
  • Alignment: Range from True Neutral to Chaotic Neutral on their own. Chaotic Evil when commanded by Porky Minch or the Pigmasks. Neutral Good (Bucket Brother, Dryguy and Mr. Pump)
  • Portfolio: Mix-and-Match Critters, Mooks, Body Horror.
  • Domains: Animals, Chimeras, Objects, Power, Science
  • Superior: Porky Minch (except for The Bucket Brothers, Mr. Pump and Dryguy)
  • Allies:
    • The Bucket Brothers, Mr. Pump, Dryguy: The Good-Aligned Mother Deities (Especially Lucas), The Undertale Deities.
  • Enemies:
  • Pitied by: The Undertale Deities (especially Flowey and Alphys), Mewtwo, The Gaea's Avengers (especially Viridi)
  • Source of interest for: The SCP Foundation, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, Shou Tucker, Promestein, Victor Frankenstein, Yapool.
  • The Chimeras were created by the scientists of the Pigmasks reclutantly guided by a kidnapped Dr. Andonuts, designed to serve various functions, from mundane things such as supplying water to outright war weapons. Though not really evil, their aggressiveness made them terrifying weapons and prone to attacking everything else, they ranged from snakes with chicken heads to cyborg animals armed with cannons and weapons. When Lucas pulled the final needle, what became of them is unknown, though some speculate they were reversed back to normal creatures.
  • Were ascended as the Court of Gods considered them the ultimate and most logical example of Mix-and-Match Critters, the sheer scope and numbers they had were the main reason they got accepted into the Pantheon as well as their reason for being made being literally to have mixtures of many things, not just animals.
  • Immediately upon ascesion were commanded by their leader, Porky Minch, to scatter through the Pantheon for the sake of entertaining Porky with their destructiveness, to Porky's displeasure Lucas and the other heroes of his world made sure to drive the Chimeras back into their temple, assisted by the benevolent ones: the Bucket Brothers, Dryguy and Mr. Pump. Porky has plotted to create stronger deadlier Chimeras to be rid of Lucas and Claus, knowing fully well of the many chances for advancement and improvement present in the Pantheon.
  • They've become a source of interest for many evil scientists, as they can range from somewhat stronger creatures than normal animals, to outright weapons of war like the Mecha-Drago (which was not ascended as Lucas had made sure that the Pigmasks would not control it anymore.), among these interested clients are the Evilutionists of Mad Science, who lack any qualms about using the Chimeras to create their own atrocities for their plans and as such plot to ally with Porky to gain access to the Chimera Lab and creation method. Others include Shou Tucker, who also made a chimera out of his daughter and her dog and was pleasantly surprised by the creativity of the Pigmasks (in a very twisted way).
    • Dr. Borous was also interested in learning about the chimeras, having done many "chimeras" of his own, his opinion on Porky's own ranged from finding them pathetic/laughable to admirable war weapons. That said, he's a bit disturbed by learning of how the chimeras have their positive emotions suppressed to make way more aggressive and obedient, given that he himself tried to act nicer to his creations by nurturing them instead of abusing them.
    • Yapool was amused by seeing what the chimeras were and decided to take a deeper look into them. He was pleased to hear that Porky didn't just stand around and let the potential of creatures from his world go untapped, but instead proactively modified the creatures to suit his needs of amusement and destruction. He has thought up of modifying a few to create new Choju, but has decided to let Porky be for the time being.
    • Victor Frankenstein found the similarities they had to his creation, Frankenstein's monster, to be quite interesting. He's been making visits to the House of Hybrid Beings in order to study the Chimeras' appearances and behavior, hoping to put what knowledge he gathers into newer experiments. That said, he does remain conscious about the danger they pose to all other living beings and thus keeps his distance from them.
  • The Evilutionists of Mad Science are interested in learning the means through which Porky and the Pigmasks created the Chimeras and made them funcional, fully aware that the work would have been impossible without assistance from Dr. Andonuts, though it seems Porky gained back the means through which create them, how he did so is unknown but some suspect he might've had a hand from The Grand United Alliance of Evil.
  • Many deities came to pity the Chimeras for their sorry state and the monsters they've been forcefully made into, chief among those was Dr. Alphys, as the monster scientist had created similar "chimeras" in the form of the Amalgamates, though in her case these chimeras were not intentional and were an unfortunate side effect of trying to help free monsterkind, she was very much horrified to see them first-hand, nearly crying when she was given bad memories of her mistakes and knowing that the Pigmasks' Chimeras were deliberately made to be the way they are now. Another one who pities them greatly is Flowey, as the flower was accidentally made into a similar "abomination", he really feels bad that the chimeras have no choice in the matter of their actions, beyond those more benevolent, and really hopes one day they can be turned back to normal. Frisk tried befriending the Chimeras after becoming friends with the Bucket Brothers, Mr. Pump and Dryguy; but was soon turned back when he found out they couldn't be reasoned with and thus had to be fought, which he was not quite prepared for in this scenario given his fiercer and deadlier opponents. All of those deities were also sad to hear that their components were once peaceful and that the tampering made them aggressive from the get-go, as the Amalgamates for all their Body Horror were benevolent beings.
  • The Gaea's Avengers was distressed to see such creatures made out of the natural inhabitants of Earth, they used it as proof of how corrupted mankind was and the need for their extermination, as well as hoping to reverse the effects of the process made to create the Chimeras so as to return things back to their place. Viridi was quite disgusted to hear that the Nowhere Islands' fauna was peaceful and kind before being forcefully turned into monsters by the Pigmasks, recalling how angry she was at those who created Mewtwo, she views the Chimeras' nature as a bastardization of nature and has further teetered her on the edge of unleashing her reset bombs everywhere as payback.
  • Few chimeras are willing to work with their fellow member, The Ultimate Chimera, as it will attack them as much as everything else beyond its masters, the good-aligned Chimeras are outright enemies for this reason. Other Mother series enemies include Giygas and his Starmen, for being enemies of Lucas and wanting to conquer Earth which is their home and will result in their enslavement or displacement. Only the ones under Porky's control are on the other side due to Porky calling the shots on them
  • As a result of being the only benevolent chimeras of the bunch, Mr. Pump, Dryguy and the Bucket Brothers are straight-up allies with Lucas and friends, as well as the Undertale deities, they've been glad to find a place to fit in and continuously perform their harmless duties in. Similarly, Frisk and co. were happy to see some Chimeras who weren't all bad or aggressive but instead were friendly critters.
  • Given the circumstances of his creation (in some versions), Mewtwo greatly pities the Chimeras for being created to be weapons and being modified from peaceful animals and put through what couldn't have been pleasant processes for their creation, especially when he heard the case of some like the Mecha-Drago (which wasn't ascended thanks to Lucas' interference) who went from a peaceful and lovable creature to an evil aggressive cyborg that killed Hinawa, Lucas and Claus' mother.
  • They're not in very good terms with the Avatar World Deities, as while the many creatures of their world can be considered chimeras to outsiders, they're natural creatures that follow their instincts, whereas the chimeras are hyper-aggressive creations of the Pigmasks save for a few cases. The capacity for destruction they have only furthers this wariness.
  • Their varying levels of danger have made it so that SCP has put under a firm watch to prevent any possibility of the Chimeras spreading havoc across the Pantheon. As they are already familiarized with containing anomalies, keeping the chimeras in check has proven to be a far easier job, though still remain wary of the possibility of a newer deadlier chimera in the same vein of the Ultimate Chimera.

    Ichigo Kurosaki 
Ichigo Kurosaki, God of Heinz Hybrids (Strawberry, Carrot-top, Berry-tan, The Number One Guardian, He Who Protects, The 17-Year-Old Ginger With a Badass Sword)
His new outfit after unlocking all sources of power 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Visored form, Overdeity in Mugetsu form)
  • Symbol: Zangetsu (the sword), near a broken Hollow mask
  • Theme Music: *Asterisk, News From The Front by Bad Religion, Number One, The Styx (shared with Hiei)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Substitute Soul Reaper, The Natural Born Hybrid of Human, Soul Reaper, Hollow, & Quincy, Heroic Protagonist, Soul Purification, Really Big Swords, Acts Brash but Has the Heart in the Right Place, Superpowered Evil Sides, Ghost-spotting, Divine Empowerment
  • Domain: Afterlife, Death, War
  • Heralds: Zangetsu (as in both of them), Isshin Kurosaki (his father), Karin & Yuzu Kurosaki (his little sisters), Kazui Kurosaki (his son, shared with Orihime)
  • Followers: Grace T. Sciuridae, Zeladis Graywords, Eldarion
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ryuk
  • Enemies: Yhwach, Tenjuro Banno, Shiro Tagachi, Nevermore the Shadow Fiend, Father Homunculus, Fused Zamasu, Loptr, Mard Geer Tartaros, Death Phantom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sora Shiun'in
  • Conflicting Opinion
  • Complicated Relationship: Shukuro Tsukishima
  • Opposes: Cthulhu
  • Fears: Retsu Unohana
  • A sarcastic, grumpy, punk-ass teenager who puts on a front of being a macho tough guy to mask how powerless he feels to help either the people around him or the spirits of the dead he can actually see. One night he encountered a Soul Reaper, his world's variant of Shinigami, who imbued him with her powers in order to receive his help, becoming her Substitute in Karakura Town as a result. This act turned out to be a taboo in Soul Society, worthy of execution. He and his other friends, who also awoke to spiritual powers of their own, invaded Soul Society with an attack on the Seireitei to save her, becoming branded as Ryoka invaders as a result. As it turned out, this was the beginning of the true revelations surrounding Ichigo Kurosaki's true power and lineage, as well as his connection to a vast number of conspiracies enveloping Soul Society, most if not all of whom were centered around a villain's interest in one aspect or another of his powers, which he invariably would go on to awaken solely in order to defeat that villain.
  • Initially considered enemies to Soul Society only to become among its most staunch allies, Ichigo and his friends routinely found themselves embroiled in the Seireitei's wars with enemy factions and even the occasional filler traitor. The original task of a Soul Reaper, to guide the souls of the dead and to purify tainted souls known as Hollows, would be largely lost in a sea of gratuitously awesome shōnen battles and powerups. One of said battles took him into the grounds of the Pantheon, during which a young looking man made an offhand comment that made Ichigo look at his fellow Soul Reapers and really see the truth about their situation. He really didn't like thinking about it that much, but he then realized that his own family was going to have to go through this screwed up system eventually — hopefully after a long and full life — so the only way to clean it up is... grimace: become respectable and become part of the system. He would ascend to the Pantheon as a God of Shinigami shortly thereafter.
  • Ichigo's crew protects other benevolent Grim Reapers when they're just escorting already dead souls to the other side. He defends against The Heartless and any other entities that consumes souls or otherwise disrupts the perceived natural process of death.
  • Apparently gives out the vibe that he isn't interested in girls, and thus gets extremely shy and flustered when women around him start to... tease him. Unfortunately, this made him the victim of teasing from both Excellen Browning and Selena Recital. He's destined to marry Orihime, so this won't last forever.
  • Is part of the "Shonen Big 3", along with Naruto and Luffy, and the latter two often drag Ichigo along to act as judge for their various competitions whenever he has free time. Although he went along unwillingly at first, he has since become resigned to his designated role. Rumor even has it that Ichigo will sometimes join in on the antics, though he denies it profusely. Despite his denials, there's indisputable evidence that he's actually competed in a contest judged by them, a sparring match against similar-voiced fellow aloof swordsman Zero. He still won't mention the result since he'd rather not acknowledge the match even happened.
  • There has been talk about how to classify Ichigo, since it has been revealed that not only is he a Human that has Shinigami and Hollow powers, but Quincy powers to top it all off. The amount of times a hidden aspect of Ichigo's power has been conveniently awakened ended up getting the attention of various deities.
    • Son Gohan made no secret that he considered Ichigo's constant new power revelations annoying, complaining about it openly on a semi-regular basis to where word got to Ichigo. Ichigo's response was a zinger aimed not only at Gohan, but his father Son Goku as well:
    • For a long time Ichigo was engaged in a meme war (it's a fancy word for bickering) with Ryuk over what being a Shinigami means. Ichigo felt that Ryuk, rather than properly ferrying people who were honestly dead, was taking advantage of those who were arbitrarily damned by a psychopath with a book of names. Ryuk, on the other hand, called out Ichigo's multiple-sourced powers and tendency to do more fighting than actual soul ferrying is proof that Ichigo was never a true Shinigami.
    • An incident took place with Sora Shiun'in when they first met. Ichigo himself doesn't understand how this happened, he was just minding his business when the young card game duelist popped out of nowhere screaming "KUROSAKI!!!" and attacked him. The fact he immediately curb-stomped the intruder (only for self-defense, mind you) in spite of supposedly being of the same power-levels really has made the gods think he might need a re-classification.
    • Others who noted this pattern petitioned for Ichigo to get his trope changed instead, to represent the fact that Ichigo is a natural hybrid of all four types of souls in his world and as a result bears all of their most powerful attributes.
    • All of the above turned out to be the result of a mistake in classification. Ichigo and Ryuk were both handed the same trope in their ascended titles, that of Shinigami, an oversight on the part of the Court of the Gods which they scrambled to try to correct as soon as it was pointed out to them. Catching sight of the above petition, they found the answer they were looking for right under their noses and converted Ichigo's temple to the Heinz Hybrid God, leaving the Shinigami title exclusively to Ryuk.
  • Both Ryuk and Gohan claimed victory over Ichigo's change of trope, much to the Strawberry's chagrin. He decided in the end to leave it alone. Despite this he still has to deal with Ryuk going on and on about it every now and then. He just tells him to shut up by forcing him to dodge a Getsuga Tensho whenever this happens. Ichigo has even admitted that he doesn't have much of a real gripe with Gohan and Goku and actually greatly respects the latter, having allied with him on a number of adventures where the Shonen Jump multiverse crossed over.
  • While Rem is of the "Death Note" variety of Shinigami much like Ryuk, Ichigo is actually on good terms with her as she is far more good-natured (if cynical) and less annoying in comparison. In fact he considers her one of the benevolent grim reapers that he's been assigned to protect.
  • Surprisingly, Sora Shiun'in was one who didn't come back to rub it in at Ichigo's expense. Instead, he found the duelists Yuto and Ruri, the latter of whom shares his surname of Kurosaki, who informed him that they were friends of Sora's. Ichigo thought Yuto was about to insult him much like Sora, but was surprised when Yuto apologized on Sora's behalf and cited that Sora had changed and become a more decent person now. Not having much of any real grudge with Sora, on top of being used to things like this by now, Ichigo accepted it nonetheless. Ichigo would also wish Yuto well on his relationship with Ruri, noting that it's similar to the early stages of his bond with Orihime, which Yuto accepted while being flustered.
    • When Ichigo finally did meet Sora again later on, it was a chance encounter during a night out with his wife. The boy immediately put on his charm offensive to get Orihime to give him some money. She was about to do so, but Ichigo recognized him and saw through the charade. The boy apologized, then asked Ichigo whether his cutesy demeanor had any effect on him, only to receive a blunt nope for his trouble. Admitting it was worth a shot, Sora walked off, but left an interesting message as he did so.
    Sora: [while waving off to Ichigo behind him] By the way, I'm really sorry about attacking you before, Kurosaki! Maybe we should hang out sometime!
    Ichigo: Quit trying to charm me, you little dumbass! I told you I can see through it!
    [Sora turns his head back to Ichigo with his tongue sticking out, a more genuinely cutesy yet punkish moment. Orihime laughs at this, while Ichigo looks dumbfounded the whole time.]
  • If anything, don't present him any Martial Arts Headband. He thinks it's either trying to make oneself unnecessarily nerdy, or he suspects that it's just a trick to embarrass him, like claiming it has special powers and can only be activated if he yells out of blue: "AMAZING HEADBAND OF JUSTICE IN PLACE, AMAZING ARMOR OF JUSTICE PROTECT ME!!!", only for it to do nothing. One day Naruto tried to give him a standard Konoha ninja uniform and told him it would transform on him and make him invulnerable to pain. After putting on the uniform, including the headband and flak jacket, he made the aforementioned incantation — but then pulled a quick swerve which caused even Naruto himself to burst in laughter:
  • Encountered Charlie Nash a few times due to Nash's multiple trips through the line between life and death. Ichigo's ability to balance out when it's time to be Hot-Blooded and when it's time to keep a cool head left the captain impressed, but Charlie thinks him to be too trusting.
  • Ichigo came to the house of Heroes to actually visit Zero once... only to catch none other than old foe Shukuro Tsukishima trying to cut Naruto with Book of the End. Quickly alarmed, he abandoned his original plan, warned Naruto what Tsukishima was trying to do, and joined the battle against the Xcution mentalist. Police chief Lin Beifong arrived and intervened to interrogate both sides, and after each side claimed the other was the aggressor, Lin asked each of them which house they were from. Ichigo was the only one who didn't claim Heroes; she deduced from there that he couldn't have been the perp and promptly chased off Tsukishima.
    • Ichigo had been unsettled by this incident, and not only because Tsukishima was the one enemy that truly horrified him by inserting himself into the memories of Ichigo's loved ones, either. He knew that the aftermath of overcoming Tsukishima and the other Fullbringers in Xcution should've precluded Tsukishima committing any more villainous acts like that. Still, he kept his suspicions to himself until it was time to act...
  • Orihime introduced him to Nero, who thought she looked and sounded similar to a girlfriend of his. In turn, she thought he sounded just like a slightly more uncouth version of Ichigo. Furthermore, it turns out they're both hybrids. The similarities were too strange for either to process right away, although Ichigo soon realized Nero's more like Gohan, a two-part hybrid whose humanity imbues him with incredible potential said to go beyond his not-entirely-human father. That, and fortunately the white hair makes the two easy to tell apart.
    • Many deities would purposely call Nero and Ichigo by each other's names after that. Once Ichigo realized what was going on, he just sighed in boredom at the stupidity.
  • Is on good terms with the deities of Twincest, Haruka and Sora Kasugano. While what they're in the Pantheon for definitely squicks him out, he too knows what it's like to lose a mother as a child and once nearly lose one of his sisters in a life-and-death situation in Hell, allowing him to relate to them.
  • Discovered Dust, who is a creature made of two opposite souls, which reminded him of his own hybrid nature. They both became allies in a battle with the Shadow Fiend.
  • Despises Tenjuro Banno for being a Control Freak, as it reminds him of Yhvach's evil agenda.
Gohan's run in the Tournament of Power, and Nero's resolute stand to preserve his family in Red Grave City, Ichigo has begun sparring with the half-Saiyan and quarter-demon, especially during the brief time where they were both his housemates. These spars get interrupted by Ryuk's taunting a lot, unfortunately, though Gohan and Nero both know he's capable enough to deal with it and are more than content to let him do so.
  • Was encountered by Undyne one day, who was excited to meet him and even challenged him to a fight. The two sparred a little bit before calling it a draw on good terms.
  • Ichigo is appalled that Shiro Tagachi abused his powers as an Envoy (a Psychopomp like the Soul Reapers) for his desire for revival and revenge. The assassin himself hates Ichigo for being a reminder that the other Envoys banished him to the Realm of Torment after his second death. Shunsuke Amagai and Kugo Ginjo come to mind very easily, and Ichigo doesn't see any of their sympathetic traits in Tagachi.
  • Has gained a friendship with Gentaro Kisaragi due to the fact that one version of Ichigo looks eerily similar to Gentaro, minus the friendly attitude. They became good friends after Ichigo learned how Gentaro would let himself die if it meant being able to help someone. This attitude also extends to the Kamen Rider Club and Ryusei Sakuta (although Ryusei now reminds Ichigo of Uryu Ishida in some ways).
    • As an extension of this, he and Shirou Emiya both also formed a bond with Takeru Tenkuji, as the three of them share the same heroic ideals of wanting to protect the ones they care about, as well as all went through a point of having their ideals being torn down before they got better in the end. Takeru notably looks up to Ichigo and Shirou, hoping to learn more from their heroic acts in their stories.
  • As orange-haired teenage swordsmen go, he was challenged to a sword fight by one Scott Pilgrim, who heard of him and was apparently a fan. Ichigo beat him, but Scott surprised him by promising to keep getting better and challenging him until he can force Ichigo to have to use his Soul Reaper powers against him. Ichigo looks forward to each spar with Scott, as the young man does continue to improve.
    • Later found even more in common with Scott when he found out about the Nega Scott, a manifestation of Scott's faults which he initially treated as an opponent (and which, in one adaptation, is capable of taking over the world out of spite) before ultimately accepting as a part of himself. This reminds him of his relationship with Hollow Ichigo AKA White Zangetsu, his inherently-Hollowfied true Zanpakuto spirit, albeit with a couple differences.
  • While not fully aware of Unohana's background beyond the perfect motherly medic she appears as most of the time, even he knows not to mess with her.
  • Of course, Ichigo himself is a very deadly threat. With his full power capable of frightening Yhwach empowered by the Soul King into naked pragmatism and still ultimately killing him, several villains have him on their radars as an enemy to be contained or destroyed. The Philosopher of the West knows that his newfound power through the Great Philosopher's Stone can be upended if he ends up in Ichigo's crosshairs, while the likes of Zamasu, Loptr, and Mard Geer see the Substitute Soul Reaper as treading too close to the territory of mortals being able to make divine claims, which they deem as either impossible or absolutely forbidden.
  • As he and some of his friends got married and had kids in the epilogue of his story much like Naruto and his band of companions, he's incredibly protective of Boruto and Sarada whenever he's around them. Similarly, he'll step up to protect Carol Anne Freeling when called upon, as like him, the pure and innocent girl has had experience with seeing ghosts.
  • When Tsukishima was revealed to have conspired with Zonda and the Seven to try and steal Tenchi Masaki's powers, Ichigo finally felt the question of his actions had gone too far not to be addressed, enlisting Beifong and Wonder Woman to help take him down and get the truth out of him. Once they did so, Tsukishima, while surrounded by the Lasso of Truth, talked of himself and Kugo Ginjo being tortured in Bleach Hell. Ichigo knew this was total bullshit for one simple reason: they'd been rescued in Soul Society after death and helped out against Vandenreich. However, the Lasso of Truth meant Tsukishima couldn't have been lying... which meant someone else had messed with Shukuro's memories. It was not a pretty picture that played in Ichigo's mind that day.
    • When a further investigation revealed that Tsukishima had once encountered the avatar of a mind-warping supervillain called Death Phantom, the four then went to see the Sailor Guardians. They confirmed Ichigo's knowledge of the truth via the Door of Space Time, then used the combined power of their Silver Crystals to purge the influence of Death Phantom's Malefic Black Crystal from Tsukishima's mind. Then Ichigo made an inquiry of his own:
    Ichigo: Actually, there's something I've been wondering. How the hell did you make it into the Pantheon to begin with?
    Tsukishima: Hm? Oh, that's simple. I stumbled into a portal out in Hueco Mundo that was sealed, and I cut into its history with Book of The End so that it would've remained open until I found it. It just happened to lead me here, to this crossroad of dimensions. ...wait, I thought I told you this shortly after I came in. Why do you ask?
  • "'Stands a chance'? It's not like I exactly stood a chance against any of my other enemies, either. I just defeated them because I had to. That's all."

Kuneko, Goddess of Cool Combination Creatures (Anime catgirl, mysterious catgirl, Shining Kuneko, glowing anime catgirl)
Shining Kuneko 

  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Symbol: Her smiling face with a peace sign
  • Theme music: Kuneko's Theme
  • Portfolio: Half-angel, half-demon Cat Girl, Duality Motif, raised by ninjas, Air-type, Unique Enemy, Art Initiates Life, wants Felix to be proud of her, Jack of All Stats, Defeat Means Friendship, the only monster that can use Cosmic Kunai
  • Domains: Anime-style, cats, wings, original characters, the classical elements
  • Superior: Felix
  • Allies: The other Cassette Beasts party members, Gallantmon, Ramo, Lola, Quill, Snap White, the Four Horsemen, Bayonetta, the Thundercats, Naruto Uzumaki
  • Enemies: Imperius, the Demons of Sanctuary
  • Of interest to: Aang, the Spectral Familiars
  • Kuneko is a half-angel, half-demon cat girl who was abandoned on Earth as a baby and raised by ninjas, who trained her in the arts of ninjutsu and friendship. When she grew up, she went on a quest to find the four elemental shrines throughout the land to unlock her true power. She was also the first character that aspiring artist Felix designed as a teenager, when he was going through an anime phase. He's deeply embarrassed by her... so it was very awkward when he was suddenly transported to New Wirral, and Kuneko came to life.

    Kuneko was desperate to fulfil her destiny and please her creator, no matter how much he told her that she didn't need to. With help from the player and (reluctantly) Felix, Kuneko found the four elemental shrines: Fire, Water, Air, and Plant. After defeating all of the rogue fusions guardian them, Kuneko became furious with Felix for rejecting her, and absorbed the powers of the elements to become Shining Kuneko. After defeating her in battle, she calmed down and gave the player a recording of herself. Now, she travels New Wirral, and transforms into Shining Kuneko whenever she falls in battle for the first time.
  • It had been several month since the Cassette Beasts party went their separate ways, back to their own universes. While Kuneko still enjoyed travelling New Wirral, she was starting to miss her creator, so she went to the one-way portal out so she could go to whatever universe Felix was in. To her shock, this didn't lead her to his home universe, but the Hall of Shapeshifters. Felix was surprised to see his creation follow him into yet another world, but him and his friends were much more welcoming to Kuneko this time. They took her to the Court of the Gods to see if they could get her ascended, and the Court thought she embodied Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot better than its previous holder. Felix blushed. When Kuneko learned that they'd lost most of their tapes, she allowed them all to record her. Since she's a nomad, she doesn't have a temple of her own, but she hangs out at their temple a lot.
  • Afterwards, Kuneko went on a quest around the Pantheon to find gods like her, and made several allies along the way:
    • The first was Gallantmon (AKA Dukemon). He's the canonical Mega digivolution of Guilmon, another boy's drawing that came to life. Kuneko wants to learn the arts of chivalry from him, while Gallantmon thinks that New Wirral is similar to the Digital World because both universes are by-products of humans' collective imaginations.
    • Ramo, Lola, Quill, and Snap White are all living drawings, though the way they came to life was different. Ramo, Lola, and Quill had travelled to different painting-worlds, and Kuneko was fascinated to hear about their travels. Snap and his creator Ruby had already heard of Kuneko because they're friends with Felix, and they showed her around the ChalkZone.
    • The Four Horsemen are also half-angel, half-demon. Kuneko cried when she learned how much they care about each other despite having to commit genocide on their own kind. Similarly, Bayonetta is the product of a Forbidden Romance between an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage. Kuneko likes to fight Bayonetta for fun sometimes; whoever's attacks are the most over-the-top wins.
    • The Thundercats are also anthropomorphic cats. While Kuneko looks the most like Cheetara, she gets along with the combat-oriented Lion-O the most. Secretly, Kuneko is jealous of their camaraderie and wishes she had a team of her own. She knows that begging Felix to create friends for her will annoy him, though.
    • Kuneko has a lot in common with Naruto Uzumaki — probably not coincidentally, because Felix created her while going through an anime phase. They're both super-powered, elemental ninjas who run on sheer willpower. Just like how she became friends with the Cassette Beasts party after being defeated, Naruto has made several friends by defeating them in battle. Kuneko wants to learn even more about ninjutsu from him, but has asked a few insensitive questions about the Nine-Tailed Fox within him.
  • Due to her backstory, she caught the attention of several deities who use the four classical elements. Aang is an Avatar, meaning he's the only person in his world who can master all the elements, and just like Kuneko, he started with Air. The Spectral Familiars are also talking, one-of-a-kind Mons, and they represent two elements each. While they're far more aged and experienced, so Kuneko struggles to have a conversation with them on equal footing, they're intrigued by how human imagination comes to life in New Wirral. While the Sanctuary has plenty of man-made monsters, they were all created intentionally.
  • Kuneko is hated by both Imperius and the Demons of Sanctuary. Since she's half-angel and half-demon, they consider her a Nephalem, so both sides consider her a taint. Never mind that she was the creation of an edgy teenager; if anything, that makes Imperius hate her more. Since humans in their world have demon blood, Imperius wants to exterminate them all. Meanwhile, Mephisto just hates everyone.

    Nero (Devil May Cry
Nero, God of Uneven Hybrids (The Young Devil Hunter, The Remarkable Devil Hunter, Deadweight [coined by Dante])
Click here to see his younger self in Fortuna 
Click here to see his Devil Trigger 
  • Intermediate God Greater during his True Devil Trigger
  • Symbol: His Devil Bringer or Red Queen and Blue Rose cross together.
  • Theme Songs: Shall Never Surrender, Devil Trigger (Teppen remix), Silver Bullet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Badass Longcoat, Having a Powerful Devil Arm Hinting at His True Power, Being Vergil's Son, Getting Together With a Redhead, Blue and Red Right Hand Stuck in Devil Trigger for Years, Son of a Whore
  • Domain: Demon, Swords, Guns, Rebellion
  • Herald: Kyrie (his love interest)
  • Allies: Dante Sparda (his uncle), Sparda (his grandfather), Nico Goldstein, Lady, Trish, Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime Inoue, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Squall Leonhart, Laharl, Rutile, Mana Tatsumiya, Kat (DmC)
  • Enemies: Mundus, Nui Harime, Mard Geer Tartaros, Satan, Zeldris and Estarossa {Ten Commandments}, Mother Harlot and The Fiends, Alice (SMT), Beelzebub, Vega (Street Fighter)
  • Complicated Relationship: Vergil (his father)
  • Annoyed by: Ryuk
  • Opposes: AJ Styles
  • When Nero first ascended to the pantheon he thought he heard his girlfriend Kyrie. To his surprise, and a bit dissapointment, the person was actually Orihime Inoue who sounded and kind of looked like Kyrie. He was in for another surprise when she introduced him to Ichigo Kurosaki who sounded just like him. And then was surprised again when he found out Ichigo was also a hybrid. Nero was totally weirded out by the similarities. One wonders how he'll react when he learns about Ichigo and Orihime's adventure in Hueco Mundo.
    • Because of the similarity between Nero and Ichigo, deities would purposely call them by the others name.
  • Became the unfortunate desired target of one Nui Harime. Nero is utterly disgusted with her and her psychopathic antics. The fact that she shares Kyrie's English voice makes it even worse.
    • This shared animosity has made him an ally to both Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu. Though, he declined in trying out Senketsu.
  • Mundus has become very wary after Nero's ascension once he learned he was blood of Sparda. Though, he has some sinister plans for him once he found out who his father is.
  • When Dante heard of Nero's ascension, he was pretty much happy and decided to mentor the kid. Though, he doesn't go all out in their training, yet.
    • Has heard the speculation that Vergil is his father and thus Dante is his uncle but doesn't fully believe it yet.
  • As a welcome to the Pantheon gift, Dante has given Nero both Cerberus and Agni and Rudra.
  • Can play a mean air guitar.
  • Is hated by Mard Geer because of their conflicting views on humans; Mard views them as nothing but insects, but Nero believes being human is something special and makes them stronger than demons.
  • His family matters are a little bit of a touchy subject for him. His mother was a prostitute and he doesn't even know who his father is. Some of the Pantheon believe Morrigan Aensland might be his mother. She denies ever giving birth to him because if she did, she wouldn't be able to have a taste of the demon cutie. Others think it might be Jeanne, but as she was under Balder's control at the time, she doesn't think so.
  • Has been acting as a sort of big brother towards Rutile. He cracked up when she mentioned how she and Stella broke Satan's rips.
    • Because of his friendship with Rutile, he met her other friends Sapphire and Almaz. And once again he was shocked that the two sounded just like Kyrie and himself. And unlike Ichigo and Orihime at least for the time being, these two were in a relationship.
  • For some odd reason, Nero still has Yamato despite Vergil ascending with the demon katana. Not only that but whenever Nero is even near Vergil, his devil bringer would glow bright blue. Because of this, Nero is determined to find out what's the connection between the two. This is despite him having brushed off the notion of being Vergil's son when it was first brought up to him by Fortuna's evil Pope.
  • Had an utter facepalm upon seeing how Dante and Vergil's second counterparts turned from partners to enemies after winning their war. So much Poor Communication Kills all around, from the way Vergin announced his plan for him and his brother to rule and then reacted to Donte's refusal almost as though he thought he already said it to the way Donte immediately got so incensed it led to the two trading blows and severing their previous bond all the while Kat watched helplessly when she could've been the voice of reason between both brothers' perspectives. Watching his slight temper tantrum, the original Vergil dryly joked that Nero sounded like a disappointed father.
    • Despite this, Nero did later find and befriend Kat in the Pantheon. He respected that she survived such a rough life and was so outmatched by demons yet still managed to be such a courageous help against the demons controlling her world, while she saw similarities to both versions of both brothers in the white-haired rebel of Fortuna (aside from the backstabbing tendencies of Vergin, that is). Speaking of which, he couldn't help but offer this parting shot at the tail end of one of their conversations:
    Nero: By the way. If your two friends ever show up in the Pantheon, tell 'em I said they're idiots.
    • He could've sworn he heard her actually laugh as he walked off.
  • After a few years, Nero found a happy life with his girlfriend Kyrie, starting his own demon-hunting business and cutting his hair shorter. Then a mysterious enemy came and took his demonic arm, and he had to pay a Wrench Wench to get it replaced with a Cyborg arm. Then he, the lady in question, Dante, and others all found themselves standing against a demonic incursion empowered by an evil World Tree. How the hell did this end? Well...turns out the mysterious enemy was Vergil, desperately seeking power to heal himself after his body broke down and even casting his human and demon halves apart for the sake of this goal. Ultimately the demon went completely off the rails and became the new King of Hell, while the human, who called himself V and the demon Urizen, stood alongside Nero and Dante in their fight to stop the carnage. After Dante defeated Urizen and V merged back into him, the recombined Vergil told Dante to recover and fight him later, following which Dante finally confirmed to Nero that Vergil is his father after a heated argument.
    • Now that he finally had a chance to (A) save his family like he couldn't do before with Kyrie's brother Credo, and (B) deal with Dante and Vergil's sibling rivalry personally in a way that Kat couldn't in her version, Nero was determined enough to stop the two brothers from killing each other that his missing arm grew back in full human form... and then his whole body went into demon form, having finally unlocked his Devil Trigger, so he could reach their battle in time to stand between their killing blows and eventually drive back a worn-out Vergil (who himself had just learned for certain about his son). Then the two went to the Underworld without him to seal the hell portal that Urizen had opened, Vergil leaving Nero his book of William Blake poetry until he returns. And yes, as he watched them depart, Nero called them idiots.
    • To commemorate Nero's moment of truth as a trusted leader of Devil May Cry, Kyrie was officially brought into the Pantheon as his herald.
  • In one alternate universe, he's an amnesiac Harry Potter, who was taken from the Dursley residence and ruthlessly trained and tortured until he lost all memory of his old life, before waking up on a cliff overlooking Fortuna with nothing more than clothes to wear. Nero eventually decided he had no interest in remembering who he used to be, when inquired as to whether he wonders where he came from by Kyrie, saying he used to, and when questioned on as to whether he wants to go back replies that he is home.
  • While on an impromptu date with Kyrie, he suddenly heard Devil Trigger blaring from the radio of an oncoming vehicle a very familiar van driving full-tilt towards him and his girlfriend. Knowing exactly who this was, Kyrie got out of the way, while Nero stood his ground; the driver spun the van into a complete 180, stopping mere inches from giving Nero a van-assisted broadside. It was none other than the "weapon artist" herself.
    Nico: Sup.
    Nero: (barely winded) Welcome to the Pantheon, Nico.
  • Later, Nero, Nico, and Dante (returning from his trip to the Underworld) got ambushed and kidnapped by a set of demons called The Fiends, including Alice and Beelzebub, under the directive of Mother Harlot in the hopes that their bloodline and powers could make The Fiends stronger. To everyone's surprise, Vergil was the one who appeared to rescue them. They all rode home in Nico's van, and while awkward and quiet for a number of reasons related to Vergil, it went pretty well with no hint of malice on anyone's part.
  • Occasionally spars with Ichigo, especially after the Substitute Soul Reaper's change of trope and houses made the two of them now housemates half the time. Trouble is, Ryuk keeps coming over to taunt Ichigo about said change of trope, often in the middle of their spars. Whenever this happens Nero just sits back and lets Ichigo chase him off with his signature Getsuga Tensho attack, then makes some clever quip about the "pestering Death God" before picking up where they left off.
  • Has been told that in his new appearance, he resembles a young Cody Rhodes. The claw-wielding matador ninja from Shadaloo known as Vega has Rhodes as a follower in his temple of narcissistic 'beautiful' fighters. The extent of the mind he pays to Cody is wanting his Elite faction to beat the Bullet Club represented by AJ Styles, who he sees could pass for a less-impressive human version of Dante. More importantly, Nero has already heard enough about Vega to consider him bad news, and he doesn't even care that Vega thinks his fighting style is crass and brutish. What he does care about, though, is Vega taking an interest in Kyrie. He's well aware that the struggling and suffering of beautiful women is some odd turn-on for the crazy Spaniard, and as such has made sure Vega knows full well that if he ever lays a finger to harm Kyrie he'll live to regret it forever.
  • Like with everyone else, it was a complete surprise to meet the Legendary Demon Sparda, his own grandfather. The meeting between them was much better in comparison with Dante (Nero tried to kill him) and Vergil (Vergil took his arm). Sparda expressed nothing but pride and joy in meeting Nero, saying that Nero embodies everything that he believes in, and that despite never meeting, or even knowing they're related, Nero is the perfect defender for humanity. He also expressed thanks for finally putting a stop to the hostility between Vergil and Dante.

Silvally, God of Hybrid Monsters (The Synthetic Pokémon, Type: Null, Beast Killer, Silvady)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its memory discs
  • Theme Song: Battle! (Gladion) (shared with Gladion)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: RKS System
  • Moveset: Swords Dance, Toxic, Crunch, Multi-Attack
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Hybrid Monsters, Created for Versatility, Made as a Defence Against the Ultra Beasts, Cryogenically Preserved After Violently Rejecting the System for Which It Was Created, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Similarities to Arceus, Evolving at High Friendship, Becoming Faster by Destroying Its Helmet, Balanced Base Stats, Normal-type By Default, Capable of Becoming Any Other Type Through Its Memories, Confusion Fu, Multi-Attack
  • Domains: Hybrids, Beasts, Genetic Engineering, Elements, Friendship
  • Allies: Arceus, The Eeveelutions, Quetzalcoatl, Raiden, Fiora, Nero, Erik Brooks, Rutile, Omnimon, Bladewolf, Philip J. Fry, The Elric brothers
  • Rivals: Mewtwo, Red Genesect, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: The Ultra Beasts, The SCP Foundation, Jadis, Kaldr, Cell, The Night's King, Indominus Rex, Professor Hojo, The Xenomorph Drone, Doomsday, Esdeath, Father (FMA)
  • Opposes: Guzma, Mr. Freeze, The Ice King
  • Odd Friendship with: Kyurem
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Discord
  • This Silvally was once one of the only three specimens of Type: Null in existence. The three Synthetic Pokémon were created and engineered in the labs of Aether Paradise for the purpose of combating any of the extradimensional Ultra Beasts which the Aether Foundation had been studying, and each individual contains cells from all eighteen known Pokémon types in their genotype. Unfortunately, all of them rejected the RKS system which would allow them to make use of these types and, after being subdued with power-controlling helmets, were considered failures and kept in cryogenic stasis for what was intended to be all eternity.
  • One of the Type: Null was later rescued by the Aether President's son, and the two escaped together from Aether Paradise. The other two Type: Null were set free later on, with one of them joining another Pokémon trainer as a companion, while the other was kept under protection in the labs. After their escape, Gladion spent the next two years training the first Null to become strong enough to put down the Aether Foundation's unscrupulous methods and rescue Gladion's sister Lillie from their mother's abuse. Soon after succeeding in this endeavour, Null finally learned to trust its Trainer and evolved by destroying its helmet. Gladion then gave his partner the new name of Silvally.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon alongside Gladion, albeit in different houses. Due to its mistrust of people other than its Trainer, it was quickly observed to be violent and belligerent. After a small party of gods failed to pacify it, they met with Gladion and proposed to fit Silvally with another inhibiting helmet. Gladion protested against this, and soon convinced the gods he could begin training it to be calm around people other than himself.
  • The SCP Foundation considers Silvally as a subject to be contained, even in spite of being engineered to kill Ultra Beasts. Actually, that might be even more of a motivation to contain it; Silvally could help fight off and contain dangerous SCPs. Silvally has told them to leave it alone, it'll fight those off when it feels like it needs to.
  • It is rumored that Silvally is an attempt to replicate or create another Arceus. The Pokemon's restrain as Type: Null resembled Arceus' ring, and its ability is the RKS System that allows it to copy different types. Father of the Homunculi thinks so and wishes to alchemically experiment as part of his plan to achieve apotheosis. The Elric brothers were far more sympathetic to the chimera Pokemon, due to what they have experienced.
  • As Silvally was sealed away in cryogenic suspension back as a Type: Null, it has a deep-seated hatred of those who wish to bring about mass freezing and malevolent ice figures. There is a particular disgust towards Jadis due to how she likes to freeze people to make them statues.
  • Ironically Silvally likes Kyurem since it can understand the pain the Boundary Pokemon must feel as incomplete. Philip J Fry, having been frozen for a millennium and an animal lover, came to comfort the Pokemon. Also, while it doesn't want to be near them it doesn't have the hard feelings to the other cryomancers that it has to Mr Freeze or the Ice King
  • Has only contempt for the likes of Doomsday and Cell, and especially the Indomitus Rex. While it has an understanding of the latter's pain, it hates that they are artificial life-forms that revel in their own maliciousness and simply want to kill and destroy. Silvally is staying the hell away from Professor Hojo and will attack evil scientists that try to experiment on it
  • Naturally rivals with fellow "ultimate beings" Mewtwo and the Red Genesect, along with Shadow the Hedgehog. Of the three, Silvally has the most sympathy for Shadow due to how he was sealed away for 50 years.

Lesser Gods

Rutile, Goddess of Half-Breed Strength

    Sunny (Wings of Fire
Princess Sunny of the SandWings, Goddess of Oblivious Hybrids (Beetle)

  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Eye of Onyx
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Herald: Thorn
  • High priests: Kharg and Darc
  • Domains: Hybrids, prophecies, fire, deserts, optimism, sapient dragons
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, The Anti-Nihilist, her friends think she Cannot Keep a Secret, Everyone's Baby Sister, The Ingenue, smarter than she looks, Wide-Eyed Idealist, doesn't have Hybrid Power, The So-Called Coward, Plucky Girl, broken cutie, sets out to Reconcile the Bitter Foes, can breathe fire
  • Allies: Spyro, Hiccup and Toothless, Emmet Brickowski, Jake the Dog, Zelda, Caeda, Spike the Dragon, Twilight Sparkle
  • Respects: The entire Hall of Opposing Fate, Kasen Ibaraki
  • Enemies: All evil dragons (especially Acnologia), Melkor, Dark Elves, Queen Sectonia, the Queen of Hearts
  • Opposes: The Monster Hunters, the Dovahkiin, Saints George and Martha, the Dragon Hunters, Dragonslayer Ornstein
  • Fears: Fatalis, Malefor, Deathwing
  • As a war raged between the dragon tribes of Pyrrhia, the Talons of Peace received a prophecy instructing them to find five dragon eggs due to hatch on the same day, and raise them to end the war. Unlike most of the desert-dwelling SandWings, Sunny doesn't have a venomous tail barb, her scales are golden instead of pale yellow, and her eyes are green instead of black. However, she can still breathe fire and radiates heat. Her caretakers assumed she was deformed because she was hatched in a cave instead of beneath the scorching sun. As the War of SandWing Succession draws to a close, she meets her mother, Thorn, who's looking for a NightWing (the most elusive dragon tribe) named Stonemover. When Sunny asks her why, Thorn reveals that he's Sunny's father, who left her one day and never returned. Thorn didn't like other NightWings, so she buried Sunny's egg in the desert in hopes that they wouldn't take her. Unfortunately for her, the prophecy said the SandWing egg was "hidden away", so the Talons of Peace took it instead. Sunny is in denial of this at first, since she's horrified by the NightWings' flippancy and cruelty towards other dragons, but Thorn assures her that she's not a mistake.
  • After the war, the Dragonets of Destiny founded a school called Jade Mountain Academy to teach dragons from all across Pyrrhia to get along. One evening, Sunny noticed a strange tunnel that wasn't there before on the cavern's ground floor, and felt drawn towards it. Unlike most of the magic in her world, it didn't give her a sickening feeling of wrongness, so she decided to follow her adventurous side and crawl through it to see where it went. She arrived in the Court of the Gods, who said they were proud of her role in saving Pyrrhia and bestowed her title upon her. Sunny cried tears of joy; the prophecy she'd been raised to believe she was a part of may have been fake, but she was finally special.
  • Sunny's temple is an unassuming-looking cave, similar to the one she grew up in. The floor is covered in warm desert sand, and spherical lanterns hang from the ceiling, similar to the ones in Jade Mountain Academy. There's a small hole in the cave's roof, allowing the sunlight to shine through.
  • Sunny tries to see the good in dragonkind, so naturally the first place she visited after her ascension was the Hall of Dragons. The first member she met was Spyro, who she found annoying at first, but came to respect him when she learned he saved his species many times over. She's curious as to how he gained his various Breath Weapons; the dragons in her world only have one at most. She later tried to reason with its eviler members such as Grima, Smaug, and Sindragosa despite their terrifying appearances, only to be distraught when they wouldn't listen to her. She reacted even worse when she learned about Melkor, who created the dragons in Arda to be his Always Chaotic Evil minions. After this unpleasant experience, Spyro warned her about three even viler dragons from other houses: the Absolute Xenophobe Fatalis, the Omnicidal Maniac Malefor, and the Ax-Crazy Deathwing.
  • While Sunny was visiting the Hall of Dragons one day, she heard some of its nicer members whispering about Acnologia. "I've heard he tortures immortals for fun," they said, "and he could easily destroy the Pantheon if he wanted to!" She decided to do some research by asking the other gods, because she's too nervous to enter the House of Hatred and Racnor. She learned that he was a former human who became a dragon, hates both of his species, and committed genocide on his world's dragons. He's the exact opposite of Sunny, who learned to embrace both halves of her identity, and she almost pities him. Almost.
  • She was pleasantly surprised to learn that she's not the only dragon hybrid in the Pantheon. However, she was perplexed to learn that most of the others are half-human, such as Jake Long, Corrin, and Eight. She was even more confused by Donkey and Dragon's offspring. Part of her is curious about how they all came to be, but another part of her doesn't want to know. She's kindred spirits with a hybrid who has no dragon in him at all: Jake the Dog, who was surprised to learn he was half-shapeshifting alien, and it took him a while to come to terms with that.
  • The war started in the first place because a group of scavengers (AKA humans) killed Queen Oasis of the SandWings. Since princesses can only take the throne by killing their mother in most of the dragon kingdoms, and she had three daughters, a Succession Crisis ensued. As a result, Sunny is wary of any human dragonslayers such as the Monster Hunters, the Dovahkiin, Ornstein, Saint George, and Saint Martha, but she dislikes the Dragon Hunters the most. The first time they saw her, they immediately tried to kill her until Hiccup, who was passing through, broke up the fight. Sunny explained she wasn't evil (and everyone else was surprised she could talk), and the Dragon Hunters explained that their world's dragons are invading aliens and they don't hate the benevolent ones in the Pantheon. Despite their apology, Sunny's opinion on them was irreparably soured. On the flip side, she made friends with Hiccup that day because she owes her life to him. Not to mention, he reminds her of the teenage scavengers who helped her end the war, and scavengers are cute. Although, she's not sure why his dragon companion, Toothless, hasn't spoken to her yet. Is he shy? For similar reasons, she respects Kasen Ibaraki, who knows all about how to care for her dragon familiar; and avoids the Dark Elves, who abuse their dragon mounts into compliance.
  • Sunny gets along well with Emmet due to their similar histories. Both of them thought they were special because they were subjects of prophecies, only to realise that the supposed "prophets" made them up on the spot... but they still fulfilled it anyway, because it was the right thing to do. For similar reasons, she respects the Hall of Opposing Fate. It helps that they're all decent people.
  • Sunny ended the war by reclaiming some of the SandWings' stolen treasure, including the Eye of Onyx, a necklace enchanted to choose the most worthy queen and incinerate anyone unworthy who touches it. She didn't think any of the SandWing princesses would make a good queen — Blister was too cruel and cunning, Blaze was too stupid, and Burn was too violent and was already dead by that point — so she gave it to Thorn instead. As a result, Sunny respects caring and noble rulers such as Zelda and Caeda, and hates cruel, vain, or power-hungry ones such as Sectonia and the Queen of Hearts.
  • The royal who Sunny gets along with the most, however, isn't in the House of Royalty at all. One day, she bumped into Spike when they were both visiting the Hall of Dragons, and he told her that he's a princess' personal assistant. Curious, Sunny asked him to introduce her to this princess. Sunny was expecting to see a dragon, not unlike the princesses in her own world... and was surprised to see a relatively small and unimposing alicorn instead. Despite this, Sunny and Twilight Sparkle got along swimmingly. Both of them try to see the good in everyone, founded schools to teach the species of their worlds to get along, have gone on adventures with their friends to save the world, and are modest about being princesses. Also, Twilight's obsession with reading and learning reminds Sunny of Starflight, the dragon dearest to her. Sunny is always eager to ask Twilight and Spike about their world's dragons.
  • Due to her experience handling magical artefacts in her world, such as the aforementioned Eye of Onyx and the Obsidian Mirror (which allows the user to spy on far-away dragons), she's interested in The Great Treasury and frequently visits it to make sure the items are in safe hands. While she's not allowed in the lowest levels, which are guarded by highly advanced AIs, she's deliberately scared away would-be thieves from the Artifacts Library and The Armory. She may not be much of a fighter, but she's still a fire-breathing dragon who dwarfs humans.
  • Also in the Hall of Character Reveals