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Greater Gods

Ultimecia, Goddess of Magic Barrages (Sorceress Fusileer)

Intermediate Gods

    Aqua (Kingdom Hearts
Aqua, Goddess of Full-Contact Magic (Keyblade Master Aqua, Blueberry Mom, Anti-Aqua)
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess with the Master's Defender Keyblade)
  • Symbol: The Mark of Mastery and her Wayfinder
  • Theme: Aqua, Destiny's Union (Shared with Ventus and Terra) Aqua -Dark Dive- during her "corruption"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral as Anti-Aqua
  • Keyblades: Rainfell, Stormfall, Master’s Defender
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Action Girls, Magic-Inclined Knights, Friendship, Athletic Combat, Powerful Spellcasters Lacking Defense, Magically-Empowered Swords, Maintaining Poise During Combat, Heroic Armor-wearers, Gratuitous Outfits
  • Domains: Magic, Knighthood, Heroism, Light
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, Lady Tremaine, Courtney Gears, Scar, the Evil Queen, Maleficent, Larxene, Zeref, Dr. Nefarious, Clockwerk and Neyla, Number 96: Black Mist, Sauron
  • Connections with: Luke Skywalker
  • Ascended after becoming hugely popular despite only one appearance thus far, though very un-subtle Foreshadowing hints she'll return. She did, but not as herself. At first, people thought Xehanort had turned her into one of his vessels, but thankfully, that turned out to not be the case. Because of that, Mickey, Sora and Riku had an easier time rescuing her.
  • Though she wields a Keyblade in battle, she firmly prefers magic over physical combat. She uses her Keyblade as a medium to channel her powers and enhances her Keyblade strikes with her magic in turn.
  • Was absent from the Pantheon, as she challenged Master Xehanort to combat to try and keep him from ascending. Thought she stalled him for a time, she was trapped in the Realm of Darkness in the aftermath of the battle. Fans and her fellow gods await forthcoming information in future games in her series to explain if, when, and how she'll be freed.
  • Some in the House of Love have accused Aqua of stealing worshipers from them, as her gratuitous character design rivals theirs. Aqua has the good grace to order the defectors back, but aside from the occasional bout of blushing from all the attention, she doesn't seem to mind them.
  • Aqua once allied herself with Ratchet and Clank to help them deal with Courtney Gears. They, in return for her kindness, help her deal with Lady Tremaine and her daughters, who's plotting to murder her step-daughter, Cinderella following a terrorist attack on Blackwater City.
    • With Gears ascended, Aqua is now constantly patrolling the pantheon to spy on her and prevent her from trying to brainwash robots and programs with her music, or ally herself with highly suspicious villains.
      • Moreso following the ascension of the Tremaines. In fact, she was the one who filed their positioning, disgusted with their attempts to murder Cinderella. However...
      • Aqua would later on receive a rude awakening, when she was browsing through the grand library of the Pantheon and found a certain book, and realized... there were alternate realms where one of the Tremaines, Anastasia, when given the chance to live long enough, ended up having a change of heart, thanks to either finding love with a baker or getting tricked into marrying Prince Charming out of her consent, enough that she called out Lady Tremaine for it. On further investigation, Aqua realized that both realms could not garner enough influence and thus were left weak and forgotten. As a result, Aqua only met the irredeemable version of Anastasia, the one that turned into an Unversed at her heart's worst and the idea of a Heel–Face Turn hasn't even crossed her mind, because that was the only version with enough influence to be recognized by the Pantheon canon. Closing the book, Aqua shed a single tear for what could have happened to Anastasia if darkness did not prey on her at her worst moment, which she believed would result in her redemption. However, she will not take back her position that the Tremaines in the Pantheon, Anastasia included, probably are the same Tremaines she met in her home universe, had evolved into different beasts than the originals because of the influence of the Unversed and by extension, Vanitas, and they must be stopped, without any hesitation in her eyes.
      • There is also a universe where Lady Tremaine was at least willing to admit Cinderella's existence to the prince, though like the versions Aqua met, she and her daughters perished; this time, through starvation. However, she was still as cruel as ever, going as far as to chop off parts of her daughters' feet if it means marrying the prince.
    • The daughters have since been removed, but if they want to return, they must atone for their crimes first.
  • Aqua is very protective of the Pantheon, and would spend her days patrolling to keep order and ensure things like the "Morality Civil War" or "Project: Alternate!Gentaro" are not repeated. Among those who are in her sight include Neyla, who seems to be plotting against Halloween Town.
    • Vanitas's ascension has caused Aqua to lose more than one night of sleep, especially when she learned that Vanitas was planning to forge the χ-blade. Allegedly, using Madoka, though Aqua is well aware that she herself is also a potential target, as signified by her own very brief fall to darkness.
  • For some reason, several Pokémon trainer cards have a picture of Aqua on them, causing rumors to spread that she may be a Gym Leader, Elite Four member, or even a Champion! Aqua has denied all rumors, as she's never seen a Pokémon before, or even heard about them.
    • Dawn even sounds like Aqua. Ash, Pikachu, and Brock were quick to take notice.
    • In addition, Aqua has sprung up an alliance with Pyrrha Nikos for them sounding alike when they speak in Japanese. Unfortunatly, Pyrrha was killed a few months afterwards. And in a cruel twist of fate, her murderer happens to be an evil version of Cinderella.
  • Serving as a mentor for Kairi, to ensure she could protect herself in the case someone ever attempts to steal her light. Aqua has even commented on how much Kairi has grown; the last time they met, Kairi was only a little girl, and pretty much forget they even met.
    • Aqua also considers Sayaka Miki to be a "little sister", and has taken her in as a protégé following the Second Keyblade War.
  • Thanks to the events of the Friendship Asylum and the corruption of Sly Cooper, Aqua, Carmelita, and Chun-Li formed a group called the "Delta Cops" to help keep order in the Pantheon and ensure an event like the Asylum never happens again. Unfortunatly, Aqua was later suspended when she went under Carmelita's Black-and-White Morality.
  • She was thrilled to see Ven finally ascend. The Wayfinder Trio had been reunited within the Pantheon at last!
  • Aqua sympathizes with James because of how his evil aunts, Spiker and Sponge, treated him in the past. Though she is proud that James stood up for himself against them, Aqua wished she was present at the time to check if they had any Unversed under their control, since it's impossible to drive all the way to New York from the UK, underwater. Such survival has made her suspicious.
    • Aqua is especially disgusted with how the aunts treated James, and even called them worse than Lady Tremaine (or equally evil if the canon from Aqua's home verse is taken). Her hatred for them worsened when she learned that they kicked a family out (and took their money) after a girl innocently asked if she can touch the giant peach, even going as far as to let Raiden know about them.
  • After seeing the happy endings that Cinderella and James got away from their abusive families, Aqua somewhat blames herself for being unable to help Carrie White escape from hers, nor stop a horrible prank that ended in over 440 deaths. She has to remind herself that not all stories have a happy ending, and she can't help everybody.
  • In addition to mentoring Kairi and Sayaka, Aqua is also doing what she can to help Sora develop his skills. She is also working to develop new techniques of her own; not only has she learned several Water-type attack spells and ninjutsu (she can already use the Water Shark technique and is working on the Water Dragon), but she is also doing some research and practice to try and reverse the technique that lets Keyblade-bearers teleport their Keyblade to them, in order to let a wielder teleport to their Keyblade after it's been knocked away or tossed in a Strike Raid attack, which could open up a new branch of offensive and defensive techniques. If she succeeds, she plans to then teach it to the Pantheon's other Good-aligned Keybladers.
  • At one point it was implied that she had succumbed to the darkness, when it was shown that Mickey, Riku, and Sora would find her in that realm, and that she would be quick to attack them and engage in battle with Sora while proclaiming that all that's left in her heart is misery and despair and she wants him to feel it. This understandably shocked many in the Pantheon who were close allies of Aqua, including the Delta Cops, with Carmelita Fox suspending her from the team as a result, and has made her a possible target of many deities that prey on such things. Rumors that some would believe included that she'd become one of Xehanort's Thirteen Seekers of Darkness, to which Xehanort has stayed quiet on, and that she'd been attacked by Ansem and his guardian prior.
    • Ultimately, this was a false alarm. She'd been trapped alone in the Realm of Darkness for so long that she never believed she would be able to get out, leaving her vulnerable to absorbing some of its influence and embracing a nihilistic outlook in order to simply survive. However, once her friends were able to subdue her and bring her back home, the despair of Anti-Aqua was quickly lifted and she even helped free Ventus from his slumber. Still, when it came time for the Delta Cops to reconvene in order to help deal with larger threats, Fox refused to cut Aqua an easy break. It took Aqua reminding Carmelita of her own spell of corruption in which she actually tried to kill Sly under the influence (though not control) of the Mask of Dark Earth, before Carmelita... rather quickly gave in and reinstated her in response.
    Carmelita: Good answer.
    • When Fox revealed that she had a spy on the inside of the Black Organization, Aqua wondered aloud where this came from. Carmelita explained that she's gained a new perspective on thieves and criminals, now knowing that there are some good ones around that she can keep in line by working together with them against the real threats. The spy, Hidemi Hondou, as well as Chun-Li's new allies Mako, Bolin, and Chief Beifong, would all be added to the Delta Cops as they reconvened within the organizational network assembled by Josiah Bartlet.

    Haruto Soma/Kamen Rider Wizard 
"Now, it's showtime!"

Haruto Soma, God of Combat Wizards (Kamen Rider Wizard, The Ringed Wizard, Red Wizard, The Wizard of Hope)
Kamen Rider Wizard 
Infinity Style 
Infinity Dragon 
Infinity Dragon Gold 
  • Theme Song: Life is SHOW TIME. Last Engage in Flame Style, Mystic Liquid in Water Style, Blessed Wind in Hurricane Style, Strength Of The Earth in Land Style. Just The Beginning or Alteration in his Dragon Styles. Missing Piece in Infinity Form. The Finale Of The Finale in Infinity Dragon.
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as Infinity Style). Borderline Overdeity (in Infinity Dragon form). Overdeity (As Infinity Dragon Gold)
  • Symbol: The "Wizard" Magic Circle and his Wizard Rings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Hope Bringers, Sarcasm, Wizard Rings, Smug Supers (downplayed), Determinators, Eating Lots of Regular Donuts, Magic Knights, Invincible Diamond Armor, Badass Longcoat, Beware the Nice Ones, Diamond Heroes, Surviving a Deadly Ritual, Housing a Powerful Dragon, User of Powerful Rings, Being the Most Power Magic User (In his own world)
  • Domains: Combat, Hope, Magic, Elements, Heroism
  • Followers: Ayaka Kagari, Sync the Tempest
  • Herald: Koyomi Fueki, Shunpei Nara, Rinko Daimon, Shigeru Wajima, Mayu Inamori/Kamen Rider Mage, WizarDragon
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Kyoko Sakura
  • Enemies: Every member of the Demonic Legion, The Incubators, Skull Face, Lord Voldemort, Quan Chi, Lucifer, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Friendly Rivalry: Doctor Strange, Edward Elric, Negi Springfield
  • Opposes: Sou Fueki/Kamen Rider Wiseman
  • Odd Friendship With: Homer Simpson, Aoi Asahina
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi (former ally)
  • A proud graduate from the Toku Base, Haruto was one of the members of the Toku Base's Magic Division who later stepped up as a leader alongside his Super Sentai and Power Ranger counterparts Kai Ozu and Nick Russell before he ascended into the proper Pantheon to take the fight to every despair-loving deity, and to spread hope along with his fellow Hope Bringers.
  • During his team ups with his successor, Kouta Kazuraba, Haruto taught Kouta a few lessons about what it means to take up the moniker "Kamen Rider" during their battle against Amadum, as well as further pointers on the importance of Hope during the Bujin Gaim Incident.
  • Haruto gets along well good friends with Vash, Homer Simpson, and Aoi Asahina, courtesy of their mutual fondness for Donuts. The three can usually be seen hanging out while enjoying some.
    • Many deities have tried to make Haruto eat donuts that aren't just plain sugar. Even the Fresh girls have tried by taking him to Kaoru's donut shop. But somehow, he always ends up ordering basic, sugar-coated donuts.
  • His mask is commonly referred to as "Mask of Hope". At least by Hata no Kokoro. Though she refuses to wear it, citing it's critically important to Haruto, just like her own Mask of Hope is to her, she admits that it is prettier than the "New Mask of Hope" what Miko made to her.
  • Is very close to the Puella Magi, since both he and they dealt with similar themes of Hope and both Phantoms and Witches were brought forth by despair. He has attempted multiple times to save magical girls by using his Engage ring to destroying their inner Witches with Wizar Dragon, but he hasn't met with any success doing so.
    • He was saddened at the events of The Great Upheaval, which resulted in Madoka losing her powers courtesy of Homura, who then leapt off the slippery slope. Haruto has tried many times to get Homura back to her senses, with about as much success as his attempts to use the Engage ring. Despite this, he refuses to lose hope and keeps trying.
  • Wasn't very happy that Sou Fueki was also in the Pantheon. He been keeping a very watchful eye on him, just to make sure he doesn't try starting another Black Sabbath.
  • Has made many new allies in the pantheon. Many of them are Hope Bringers, like Superman, Kenshiro, Makoto Naegi, Naruto Uzumaki, Aang and Korra. He is especially close to Naruto, both having supernatural beasts living inside them that they befriended, and Aang and Korra, for using the elements combined with martial arts.
    • However, with new allies, he has also made new enemies as well. They include Kyubey, who reminds him entirely too much of Wiseman and his tactics of using young girls to turn them into witches. He also loathes Skull Face for having a sick view of Hope. At the top of the list, however, is Lucifer the Morningstar, for causing such turmoil for the Magical Girls, and also for everyone else.
  • Became really close to, and protective of, the young homunculus magi Illya. She reminds him a bit of Koyomi. He was also near tears when he heard about her backstory. He also became friends with Shirou Emiya as well, another young magus who was able to move forward despite walking through 'hell' that was the Fuyuki City fire despite being just a kid.
    • Was very impressed with Rin Tohsaka for her ability to mix magic with actual martial arts. Jokes have been made that maybe she is his female counterpart since she wears red and was a Magical Girl.
  • While close to many of the ascended Kamen Riders, he is closest to Gentaro Kisaragi for they both lost their parents at a young age, but were able to keep moving forward and never lose hope.
    • Haruto is also close to Kouta Kazuraba, for being able to not fall into despair despite all the crap he went through. He's sided with the Armored Rider in his attempt to stop wicked scientist Ryoma Sengoku and his ever-enduring quest for the Forbidden Fruit.
  • Has joined both Squall and Lightning into making a Gunblade trio. Though, he doesn't get why Squall's doesn't transform
  • Once mistook Judai's elemental heroes cards as capture Rider cards. Though, he was corrected by Judai that it wasn't the case and that they were just Expies of the Riders. Haruto wish there was a Wizard one.
  • Back in Haruto's own world, he was described as the world's most powerful magic user. But with with his ascension, there are many other magicians just as powerful like Dr. Strange and Negi Springfield who Haruto has a Friendly Rivalry.
  • Like most other Kamen Riders, Haruto is pretty much a nice guy, until you push him to far. He was absolutely furious when he heard about Monokuma's actions during the School Life of Mutual Killing, making students fight against one another to the point of them killing each other. In fact, he hasn't been this angry at any one person since he discovered the depths of Gremlin's depravity.
  • Was rather surprised to find another red dragon in Issei Hyodo. However, he has refused to let the boy borrow his invisible ring or small ring. He knows what Issei would use them for. He's always ready with his Dress Up ring for any Goddesses who fall victim to Hyodo's Dress Break.
    • Also found an interesting ally in Mordos Kull, who shares the dragon motif and for being an unusual kind of hero. Haruto knows that Kull would become a Hope Bringer in the future.
"I promise to you, I will be your last hope."

    Touma Kamijou 
Touma Kamijou, God of Punching Mages (Kami-yan, Imagine Breaker, He Who Cleanses God and Exorcises The Devil (by Kaori), La Persona Superior a Dio aka The Person Higher Than God, Ape, Troglodyte (both by Kuroko))

Lesser Gods

    Ciggma Khint 
"We have a contract. You'll get your money's worth."

Ciggma Khint, God of Spell Blades (The Spell Fencer, Ikuma Naerik)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spell Blade, Magic Knight, Nothing Personal, Perpetual Frowner, Professional Killer, Significant Anagram, Can Imbue His Blade With Silence As Well As Poison And Death, Only in It for the Money, Leaving When Things Go Sour For His Client Unless The Payment Is Exorbitant Enough, Technically Fulfilled His Goals: Paying For His Ill Daughter's Treatments, In Hiding In The Sequel
  • Domain(s): Spell Blade, Mercenary, Money
  • High Priest: Fayt
  • Rivals: Other Bounty Hunters such as Boba Fett and Agent 47
  • Enemies: Airy, Ouroboros
  • Additional Relationships: The Heroes of Luxendarc (sans Yew and Magnolia)
  • Dislikes: Talkative types
  • The Heroes of Luxendarc first encountered Ciggma Khint while he was under the employ of the K&P Merchantry in Ancheim. Twice he fought them alongside the Jackal and Erutus Profiteur separately before eventually ditching them when they started losing. His final bout with them in the first loop was alongside Eloch Quentis Khamer VIII, the then-ruler of Ancheim. Having been paid the entire treasury for his contract, Khint fought Tiz and company to the bitter end.
    • Prior to that, even before he claimed the Spell Fencer Asterisk, he served in the Eternian Duchy as a squadron commander, with Holly Whyte—who would eventually hold the White Mage Asterisk—as one of the members of the unit under his command. She and Einheria Venus—eventual holder of the Valkyrie Asterisk, and someone Edea Lee looked up to—viewed him in high regard.
  • Is in hiding during the events of the Glanz Empire's attack, he was approached by a Pantheon envoy and invited. For reasons only he knows, he took the offer, and was eventually ascended as a deity.
  • He doesn't hold his defeat to Tiz and company against them; that's just part of the mercenary life. And he had ultimately got what he wanted by the end. And since he's a mercenary, should they wish to, he's willing to accept them as contractors.
  • As part of his position, he's been granted the abilities of his Spell Fencer Asterisk, which he heard was now in the Treasury. This includes Asterisk space to prevent escape, though it goes away if Khint leaves the battle.
  • He used to have exorbitant surcharges to likely help compensate his sick daughter should he end up dying, which is what happened to him before the Adventurer saved him (and many others Tiz and company defeated) from the brink. But since Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, Khint was required to reassess his fee system before joining the market again for contracts. The Eight Travelers are among his more frequent employers.
  • Many mercenaries look down on Khint for his dynamic contract fee since they deem it unprofessional to back out on a client when a price is agreed on.
  • As someone who turned to a life of crime to pay for illness treatment, Khint sort of understands Walter White's motivations when the drug lord hired him one time. Though for White's it's his own while for Khint's it's his daughter's. That said, given White's occasional bouts of ego, which can lead to recklessness, as well as how he treats his allies, Khint keeps their relationship professional, and is always ready to leave should things get too dicey.
  • Given the exorbitant bounty on John Wick, Khint is among those who fancy a chance in claiming it. Given their differences in their weapons, he often ends up as just another notch in Wick's kill count.
  • As someone who's undergone the mercenary life, Khint was approached one day by Han Solo and Chewbacca. The former can relate to only caring for his next payment (before turning over a new leaf when he joined the Rebel Alliance), and the latter is trying to encourage Khint to becoming a full-fledged good guy, like he had done with Han, though the Wookiee language is admittedly hard to understand.
  • Also found in the sub-House of Swords.
  • "My contract ends here. I'll take my leave."

    Rita Mordio 
Rita Mordio, Goddess of Simplified Spellcasting (Nerdlord, Angst, Tsundere, Walter, ICEMAN, Karin, Wrath, Milia, Alia, Audrey, Katya, Edelgard, Resi, Cunegonde, Sue, Elizabeth, Cathcart, Terry, Hazel, Fujimoto, Richter, Walter (again), please, Pat)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: A Blastia core
  • Portfolio: Hitting Stuff with Scarves, Breaking Games to the Point of Memetic Mutation, Tsundere-ness, Glass Cannonism, Snarkiness, The Comically Serious, Child Mage, Adorably Kick ass Badass Bookworms, Child Mage, questionably a lesbian, Covert Pervert, Petite Pride
  • Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Power, Ice
  • Followers: Genis Sage
  • Allies: Estelle, Yuri Lowell, Jade Curtiss, Wendy Marvell, Annie Hastur, Lux, the subhouse of Ice and Cold
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned monsters, Xykon
  • In a world of complex and eloquent spellcasting that could take hours on end, Rita rode into the Pantheon with a simple philosophy: just cast as fast as you can. BlahBlahBlah, Tidal Wave was all she needed to wipe out her enemies. While some saw it as a Game-Breaker, many agreed to her approach to spellcasting. It was enough to change her title for such instances.
  • She is impressed with anyone who can shorten the casting time of spells. Many heroes have used her philosophy to make their casting more effective. Often times the most people casters don't even need much movement.
  • Few relationships have such strong evidence of Les Yay than Rita and Estelle. Even Yuri thinks as such in game. Neither girl has commented on this, further adding fuel to the fire.
  • Whatever you do, do NOT ever damage a Blastia if Rita is anywhere near you or else she will burn you into 3 different flavours of dead. It took more than 3 weeks to identify the last schmuck who tried screwing around with something he didn't understand.
  • Jade likes to tease her for her introverted nature and obsession with her research. Despite this, the two respect each other for being intelligent spellcasters.
  • Some could say she was a follower of Child Mage Wendy before she ascended herself. The two get along fairly well enough.
  • Rita has tried her hardest to take care of Annie, another Child Mage but this time with her bear Tibbers. The redhead may seem destructive, but Rita thinks she can get her to do some good.
  • Lux can't stop commenting about how cute she is, especially when paired with Yuri. The light mage wants to be the younger sister she wished she had, even to Rita's occasional objections. With that said, Rita depends on Lux when it comes to learning how to make new friends.
  • The group she was a part of constantly battles monsters in her world, putting her in direct conflict with evil-aligned monsters in the House of Otherness.
  • Her infamous use of Tidal Wave has put her in good graces with deities in the subhouse of Water and Ice. Percy Jackson himself sees it to be like one of his own created whirlpools.
  • She wouldn't dare compare her Meteor Storm with Xykon's infamous meteor swarm. The lich hasn't bothered to know who she is, but he has heard enough rumors to challenge anyone who thinks they could match his power. To her, that's not a fight she would likely win (or survive).