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This is a downtown-like area that functions as a commercial center for the House of Crime, where goods produced by other Houses and occasionally the mortal world are sold. Naturally, this is the most criminally-active part of the House, with deities from the other subhouses of Crime frequently coming here for potential targets. Gang wars for control of the local businesses happen constantly, with isolated criminal incidents being just as common due to the chaotic atmosphere. If things get really bad, select members of the House of Justice are granted permission to intervene.


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Intermediate Gods

    August Heart/Godspeed 
August Heart, God of Lethal Vigilantes (Godspeed, Detective Heart)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Golden Lightning Chest Insignia in a White Background
  • Theme Song: His Theme in The Flash (2014)
  • Alignment: Started off as Lawful Good, Became Chaotic Evil as Godspeed and then went Lawful Neutral to Atone Himself; currently Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Vigilante who Believes Murder is the Top Example of Getting Things Done, Initially a Partner and Friend to Barry, Thinks He can Freely Commit Executions, Thinks He's doing Justice when that's Not the Case, Knight Templar, Is Motivated by the Death of his Brother, Keeps Barry's Identity as The Flash to Himself, An Absolute Jerk though he Does Gradually Improve Himself after Realizing the Error of his Ways and Seeks to Make Amends with Barry, Rather Similar to Hunter Zolomon
  • Domains: Speed, Judgement, Friendship, Vigilantes, Revenge
  • Allies: Dexter Morgan, Darth Vader, Sasuke Uchiha, Atrocitus, "Hero Killer" Stain, Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Goro Akechi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hunter Zolomon/Zoom, Tohru Adachi
  • Rivals: Darth Maul, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Enemies: Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Cain, Brian Irons, Wild Hunt, The Dark Judges, Scott Shelby, A-Train, Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird, Big Bird, The Black Organization
  • Complicated Relationships: Barry Allen/The Flash, Wally West
  • Respects: Judge Dredd, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Rust Cohle and Marty Hart, Night Raid, Akame, Yuri Lowell
  • Opposed By: Most of the House of Justice, Members of the Hero Association, The UA High School Staff Faculty and Students, The Investigation Team, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • August Heart was once a detective in the Central City Police Department and a good friend of Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. His primary motive for being on the job was because his brother was murdered by a criminal who got off scot-free and he has desired justice since. Figuring out that the crime was committed by a criminal organization called Black Hole, August went to confront, only to be shot and then strict by a bolt of lightning generated by the Speed Force, granting August access to it. With his newfound powers, August decided to fight crime Barry, but unfortunate circumstances soon began to warp August into a darker path, preferring to kill criminals, disregard the Justice System and regard himself as Judge, Jury, and Executioner, christening himself as Godspeed. In time, Godspeed's actions began to result in the deaths of innocent speedsters, which he initially was horrified by. However, his vengeance consumed him so much, it was inevitable him and Barry would begin to battle against one another.
    • Over time, however, August began to realize the error of his ways regarding his actions and decided it would be best to try seeking forgiveness from Barry. Together, they enlisted the begrudging help of the Reverse-Flash, Eobard Thawne, into defeating Paradox to prevent him from erasing the Flash's history. Unfortunately, this heroic act of August would be last as Thawne murders him shortly after, while gleefully admitting that he was the one who killed August's brother.
  • Despite his death, August would eventually find himself be given a second chance. Waking up, the first thing he noticed was a very different realm from the one he was familiar with. Travelling around and gathering as much information as he could, August realized that he was in the Trope Pantheons. Interested in this new world, plus catching word that Barry is also an ascended being, August decided to resume his quest. He's got a new priority, namely to punish and kill Thawne and decided to mark his presence in the Pantheon, one way or another.
  • August is... controversial to say the least. He is nowhere near as bad as Eobard Thawne and seems to be more comparable towards Hunter Zolomon in the fact that they became villains due to tragic circumstances, and just so happened to be police officers who were friends to Barry and Wally respectively. However, while Zolomon suffered from insanity, August was rational enough to know what he was doing. Both do what they do because they believe they're doing a service, but August comes off worse, being willing to kill innocents if it meant gaining more speed and achieving his goals faster. As a result, he's not so sympathetically received in the Pantheon, though August predicted that to an extent and thus, doesn't come off as sociable.
  • As an atoner, August managed to develop some sort of kinship with Darth Vader, who was driven to rage and villainy due to the death of a loved one, namely his wife Padmé Amidala. More often than not, Vader is one of the few people that August would actually bother to open up towards. Vader basically tells August to man up and take responsibility, a sentiment which the speedster conceded upon. It helps in that their relatability has allowed them to be an effective tag-team duo when the situation dwells for it. That said, August does have a fixated goal in killing Thawne, a fact that Vader is not really keen on, even if he understands the reasoning behind it.
    • By extension, August also came to meet up with Nagato, a former leader of the ninja criminal organization Akatsuki. Upon ascension, Nagato decided to form another group that would bring in former villains who felt alienated under other heroes' presence and decided to help them out covertly. Realizing that he's not up for options at any time, Nagato decided to offer August a placement in his new group. Despite the presence of Captain Cold in their ranks, August decided to join in, feeling that he can use their help in better achieving atonement and making amends with Barry.
  • Given that he was an exaggerated jerk during his tenure as Godspeed, it didn't take long before he had a competition against Masato Kusaka. Both expressed some sort of surprise as they got to learn about one another; August and Masato were incredibly callous and condescending. However, there was a bit of a difference in that August committed bad actions because he felt he was doing a service to The Flash whereas Masato took his guise of Kamen Rider Kaixa as a means to eradicate the Orphnochs and win the affection of his crush, Mari Sonoda, as exaggerated vengeance and self-entitlement respectively. Ultimately, both began to see each other in mixed regards; Masato thought August was being an idiot in doing something that was the furthest thing to good whereas August himself thought Masato was an immature and petty brat who couldn't handle things not going his way. Still, they did respect each others' dedication, but that's about as much as they're going for positivity.
  • When it came to evil speedsters, one came in the form of A-Train, a celebrity superhero who was also one of the members of The Seven, marketed and distributed by Vought International. Catching news that Godspeed was a dangerous metahuman who needed to be stopped, A-Train confronted him into battle. August initially didn't care, but A-Train insisted that they do battle, after which August wasted no time in pounding him and dragging him around in a bloody victory lap. To rub salt, August called A-Train pathetic but held back from killing him, realizing that he was to gain nothing out from it, not to mention Barry would certainly call him out for it, so he decided to dart out. The fight did break A-Train's confidence for a while, but he's since motivated himself to train harder and become strong enough to match himself against the other speedsters, Godspeed included.
  • As a former police detective, he's not seen kindly by the House of Justice and this honestly doesn't surprise August. They do sympathize that his brother's death was what led him to a dark path, but given the number of innocent speedsters killed to satiate his own desires and his brand of "justice" just being used as an excuse to kill others and justify himself, they can't offer much when it comes to support. August will fight against them if they happen to stand against him, but makes a point in not trying to kill anyone, especially given that Barry must be a notable guest and renowned by the House. He does, however, get the feeling of how his detective life could have been like had his brother not been killed on that fateful day.
    • However, he actually does pay some degree of respect towards Judge Dredd, because as far as he knows, Dredd is the only law enforcement officer August knows that is brutal and uncompromising by nature and gets the job done with excellent results. That said, that mentality is more like because of the world Dredd lives in and Dredd himself finds August's brand of justice as childish and immature, much to his dismay. Despite butting heads, the two don't actually fight against another due to the Dark Judges, who declare life a punishment that should be punished. Even August thinks this is too extreme and in a rare moment, will ally with Dredd when it comes to taking on the Dark Judges. He doesn't expect any high praises for himself though.
  • Both the Investigation Team and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts are not on optimistic terms when it comes to August. To make matters worse, he actually came into an alliance with Tohru Adachi, though in the case of the latter, while not fully redeemed and sometimes helping his former enemies if need be, he can see why August is dissatisfied with how the Justice System works. The Phantom Thieves see August as someone who is very likely of developing a palace within him and thus, are keeping in tabs with him in case something goes wrong. Sure, August is thinking of redemption, but the two groups, particularly Naoto Shirogane and Makoto Niijima aren't optimistic about it, given the fact that August used to be a former cop.
  • Inevitably, he would come into contact with Hunter Zolomon. The two realized that they were very similar to one another and angsted over the fact that Thawne is the primary reason why their lives are miserable, to begin with. That said, while they can relate with one another, they found each other hard to work with, with Zolomon insisting that they should inflict tragedy towards others to make them better people whereas August is more caught up in wanting to earn Barry's forgiveness and wanting to kill Thawne, so their work ethic tends to clash every now and then.
  • Predictably, he was listed as a dangerous threat by heroes and staff members from both the Hero Association and the UA High School thanks to his connection to the Speed Force, his multiple ways of using his speed and for his vicious reputation as a villain and fighter. Godspeed himself that Zolomon may have had a point when it came down to many of the heroes in both facilities; both have a large number of heroes who are motivated by self-interest and fame, unlike Barry and the Justice League who were stalwart in doing their superheroics for the safety of their family, friends and their worlds. Godspeed does respect Izuku Midoriya, Saitama and their circle of friends due to the former's determined nature to one day, be as great of a hero as All Might was and the latter for being blunt and honest about lecturing other heroes, even if Saitama's tendency of being lazy and being a hero "for fun" is rather absurd in August's mind.
    • Furthermore, this also led him to the "Hero Killer", Stain. Initially not happy with what he used to do, Stain warmed up to August after realizing his villainous circumstances and attempt in atoning. He did freely admit that he preferred Zolomon, if mainly because their principles of how one should become a hero go along very neatly, but he does get August's motivation for revenge. Stain said that August should aim to become a better person, which August thought was rather rich, coming from someone who technically was a villain, according to the UA. Stain decided to take it as a compliment and, while they don't do fieldwork that much, would sometimes hang out with August in their spare times.
  • Given his experience, he is naturally enemies to those who have killed their siblings, particularly for petty reasons. It's why he doesn't like Cain all that much, and whenever they do meet up, All August thinks about is grabbing Cain and drag him across the floor while he speeds around the Pantheon. Heck, August doesn't even register the possible idea that Cain may feel remorseful about Abel. The First Murderer couldn't be bothered to listen to what August says, much to his dismay.
  • While he has figured out that Black Hole were not responsible for his brother's death, he still hates them as they are a criminal organization that have disrupted and threatened Central City numerous times. So it came as expected that he would oppose the Black Organization for being willing to kill thousands in order to get the job done and the organization has kept itself hidden from law enforcements' sights for a long time. August will be making sure that they'll learn that they can't hide forever, and not even the morally good ones like Kir and Bourbon are safe either.
  • He caught the interest of a trio of birds that decided to take matters into their own hands to protect the forest that they dwelled in after receiving a prophetic confirmation that the forest would fall victim to infighting and a terrifying beast. Instead, the bird trio became far too oppressive to their home, instilling a judging system that prevented the fauna from having any harmony or joy. At the end, when all seemed lost, they combined, turning into the very same monster that was foretold in the prophecy. August personally found the situation rather disappointing and has no interest in forming an alliance with the birds. That said, the trio, particularly Punishing Bird, has expressed some desire in wanting August for their own uses, given that they're lethal and warped upholders of delivering justice.
  • He wouldn't personally admit to it, but August does pay some sort of respect to vigilantes who take lethal action as the most preferred option, such as Jason Todd and Frank Castle. He would like to work with them, but given that Jason has ties to the Batfamily and Frank is normally a solitary worker, he's laying it off for now. He also expresses some admiration towards Rust Cohle and Marty Hart for being dedicated to a case that was being faded away and managing to solve it, even if it took them more than a decade.
    • Atrocitus has come to see August as a potential recruit for a Red Lantern due to the grief and rage he suffers over the loss of his brother. August admits that he does feel tempted to take the ring, but has refused, stating that he has his own stuff to do and that now might not be the right time. Atrocitus conceded but does affirm that a Red Lantern Ring may seek him out whether he likes it or not. But for the time being, they remain in good contact with one another.
  • Despite his death Barry managed to alter the timeline enough to the extent that August was able to play a significant role in Barry's life to the point where he has an exhibit dedicated to himself in the Flash Museum. Furthermore, a streak of yellow lightning blurred on his tombstone. Some are stating that Godspeed has been returned to life,though the speedster hasn't commented about it yet.
  • Is also a member of the House of Justice via the Sub-House of Justice Bringers, much to the dismay of many.
Y'know...when I was trying to come up with a code name for myself, I thought of calling myself the new and improved Flash. Because you clearly weren't cutting it. But instead... I realized that with these powers...I am judge, jury and executioner. So I call myself... Godspeed.

    Vandal Savage 
Vandar Adg, God of Crimes Spanning History (Vandal Savage, Cheops, Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, Cain, Hath-Set)


Lesser Gods

     456 Ambassador 
The Ambassador of the 456, God of Abducting Children
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The number 456
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Abducting Children to Use as Drugs, Starfish Aliens, Knight of Cerebus, Mass Child Harvest, Hero Killer, Creepy Monotone, Evil Ambassadors, Utterly Depraved
  • Domains: Invasion, Narcotics, Abductions, Cruelty, Ambassadors
  • Followers: Rosine, Kryb, SCP-918
  • Allies: The Coachman, Pennywise, Ragyo Kiryuin, Black Doom, Azazel, Palpatine
  • Enemies: Every human child, JACK HARKNESS, The Doctor and his companions, Ood Sigma, Night Raid, anyone opposed to drugs or Harming Children, Agent K and Agent J, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Giorno Giovanna and his gang, Max Tennyson, The Blorg Community, Raiden, Shido Itsuka, Link, Ayato Amagiri, Lux Arcadia
  • The 456 is a mysterious alien species first heard in 1965 through the radio, their name from the wavelength used. Possessing advanced medical knowledge, they would help cure an anti-virus for a price-human children. Later on they threatened to end humanity if 10% of their children weren't surrendered to them. For what reason do they abduct kids? To be used as drugs, recreational drugs to be precise. Their actions inspire the darkest sides of humanity, and of the universe they come from.
  • Even in a universe where Daleks and Cybermen exist, the ambassador representing the species is considered exceptionally vile. This is due to his target of children, the lengths he's willing to go to get them and reason being as petty as using for drugs. The Doctor was horrified to learn something like this happened when he wasn't there. In addition Ood Sigma hates the 456 for exploiting people even worse than what humans did to the Ood. All his companions despise him, particularly Amy and Rory given their daughter was stolen as an infant.
  • Permanently banned from the House of Childhood and Adolescence with no hope of repeal, and rightfully despised by every human child. What's worse is that the children aren't just killed and cooked to serve as drugs, but harvested over a lifetime. And he's a drug dealer who uses his product. Only a handful of gods in the pantheon are morally depraved enough to use them. Even Jabba the Hutt doesn't want to touch the product despite his criminal gluttony. Raiden utterly despises the 456 given his personal experience of stopping the illegal selling of children's brains.
  • Horrifyingly enough the Coachman approached the Ambassador of the 456 for a deal. He sells him the kids he catches for riches. The ambassador was happy to do so, but wanted enough of the donkey-children so he could test the product. He found the fix from these kids an "acquired taste, but would sell well in a specific niche" then responded to the Coachman he wants him to help take more children for him due to being banned from the House of Childhood and Adolescence. Earning even more enmity from them.
  • Black Doom respects the 456 for their desire to harvest human children. They don't apply much of a meal as grown humans for the Black Arms, and while he prefers to not mess with his head by doing drugs does think they'd be useful. Ragyo Kiryuin is completely willing to sell out human kids.
  • Agent K and Agent J were disgusted with the lengths that the Ambassador went to for his fix, and the disaster that was trying to deal with him. As does Max Tennyson due to his despicable tastes, and being a grandfather. He has considered scamming the SCP Foundation to get more kids, but has decided against it because he doesn't have a chance in hell of it working out for him. SCP-993 might help him out though.
  • Most in the House of Crime consider him repellent, even the evil deities. Walter White may be a ruthless drug dealer, but he's not going to subject kids to a Fate Worse than Death. The Phantom Thieves of Heart hope to see him consumed with guilt after stealing his heart. Giorno Giovanna considers his drug dealing a thousand times worse than Diavolo.
  • Was interested in Pennywise due to how he feeds off human children. While the 456 keeps the kids around for drugs, It eats kids while harvesting on their fears. It has never experienced a high, but felt the ability to harvest the chemicals of a child's brain scientifically may enhance the taste of kids. It made a deal with the Ambassador to mutually benefit of the suffering of humanity. Azazel is able to work with the 456 due to feeding children demon blood.
  • Invariably disgusts Shido Itsuka and Link since they go after those who kidnap kids, and Ayato Amigiri and Lux Arcadia due to their child experimentation. Palpatine and the Borg Queen approve of their actions due to the fact they kidnap kids for their own purposes, though the believe they the 456 is lacking in ambition.
  • Contacted through radio transmissions, his own name or name of his species being unknown. Communications in the pantheon are being checked to make sure he doesn't hijack it. The radio communications ended up in him getting in contact with the Blorg, who despite their friendliness were immediately horrified and disgusted by how he gets high.
  • Due to little being known about the 456, it's possible they lack the technology need to destroy humanity and were scamming humanity big-time. There is also the possibility that it was a solo mission, and he was like the Slitheen in being one bad egg in an otherwise moral species. Most don't want to think about this.

Azumi, Goddess Of Deadly Graduations
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbols: Her Sword And Cape
  • Theme Song: A Battle Of Soul
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Little Miss Badass Action Girl, Ambiguously Bi, Badass Cape, Blind Obedience, Chaste Heroine, Child/Teenage Assassin, Cute Bruiser, Dangerously Short Kimono, Determinator, Master Swordswoman, No Social Skills, She Cleans Up Nicely
  • Domains: Assassination, Edo Japan, Swordplay, Orphans
  • Heralds: Naichi and Nagura (her assassin comrades)
  • High Priest: Zabuza Momichi
  • Allies: Himura Kenshin, Miyamoto Musashi, Xiahou Dun, Samanouske Akechi, Samurai Jack, Ciri, Haohmaru, Arya Stark, Gunvolt
  • Friendly Rivals: Heishiro Mitsurugi, Taki, Isabella of Rivain, Red Sonja, Oberyn Martell
  • Enemy Kill List Includes: Nobunaga Oda, Tira, Gregor Clegane, Tywin Lannister, Cersei Lannister, Shay Cormac
  • Worthy Opponents: Jaime Lannister, Ezio Auditore, Peko Pekoyama
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hideyoshi Toyotomi
  • In the forested regions of the Pantheon, a young Japanese girl walks down a dirt pathway. Then, she is stopped by armed bandits that somehow infiltrated the Pantheon. Haohmaru, Samanouske Akechi, and Himura Kenshin - while arguing about sword techniques - both witnessed the girl carve through the bandits like a hot knife through butter. The girl's description is down to the letter, as she is quite infamous for not only wiping out a village full of bandits, but also killing Bijomaru Mogami. Azumi has entered the Pantheon.
    • Upon hearing of her ascension, Miyamoto Musashi wasnt surprised. He had seen Azumi in action, and her skills in bujutsu are second to none. For the bandits who survived (if any), they will rue the day they crossed Azumi. Azumi would remember it as a Tuesday. For her part, Azumi was happy to be reunited with her friend.
    • She has also made friends with Samanouske, Haohmaru and Kenshin, despite nearly attacking the trio, beliving them to be part of the gang of bandits that attackes her earlier. Once things calmed down and swords were sheathed, Samanouske, Haohmaru and Himura explained the rules of the Pantheon, warming her that her exploits as a mortal has already made waves in the Pantheon. Azumi thanked both men and went about her way.
  • Jaime Lannister discovered her after seeing her handiwork on Gregor Clegane (as Ser Robert Strong). While Qyburn was busy putting the zombified Mountain back together again, the Kingslayer sought Azumi out. After watching her decimate his Redcloak escort, Jaime challenged Azumi himself. And lost. Jaime had to admit that Azumi was good. Real good. Jaime did take his loss in stride, promising that the rematch will be quite different.
    • The fight was secretly witnessed by Peko Pekoyama, ultimate swordswoman extraordinaire. Having becoming bored with the competition in the Pantheon, seeing Azumi duel the Kingslayer makes Peko anticipate the day she crosses blades with Azumi herself. Azumi replies that when that day comes, she will be ready.
  • As an assassin, Azumi has earned the attention of the Pantheon's assassin community, both good and bad. Ra's al-Ghul knows talent when he sees it, and has offered Azumi a place within the League of Assassins. Azumi refused the offer, saying that she works best alone. The offer to join up is still open, Ra's promising not to make Azumi join by force.
  • Ezio Auditore found out about Azumi's rampage through the bandit village and watched from the sidelines as Shao Jun and Azumi crossed blades. Ezio brought the duel to a halt...and invited Azumi to his temple for tea. Ezio knew that Azumi was doing her own thing, and didn't ask her to join the Assassin Order. As Shao Jun can use a sparring partner, Azumi is welcome at Ezio's temple at any time.
    • Then there's Shay Cormac. The backstabbing Assassin turned Templar operative found out about Azumi's visit to Ezio's temple. Believing that Ezio is trying to recruit Azumi, Cormac attacks Azumi. In doing so, Cormac discovers Azumi's own hidden blade; a retractable blade built inside her sword's handle. Cormac avoided getting his throat slit with the second blade and retreated.
  • Azumi's kindness and compassion has earned her another ally and friend in Gunvolt, who also believes in some of the sa.e principles as Azumi regarding showing kindness.
  • She doesn't look it, but Azumi swings both ways. This little detail made Isabela of Rivain perk up. Azumi also has an admirer with the deified Dornish prince, Oberyn Martell. The pirate goddess and the Dornish god are now in conpetition to see who can woo Azumi first.

    Leverage Consulting & Associates 
"Alright, let's go steal a profile."

Leverage Consulting & Associatesmembers , the Godly Crew Of Feeling Good Doing The Right Thing and Justified Capers (Leverage International, Nathan: The Mastermind, The Brains, Nate, Sophie: The Grifter, Katherine, Alice, Karen, Michelle, Elizabeth, Lara Devereaux, Eliot: The Hitter, Alec: The Hacker, Hardison, Parker: The Thief, The Mastermind)

    Malty S. Melromarc 
Malty S. Melromarc, Unholy Prophet of False Rape Accusations and Compulsive Liars (Myne, First Princess of Melromarc Kingdom, Bitch Goddess (literally), all offensive names as allowed by royal decree, Witch, Whore, Mary, Fragment of Medea Pireth Machina)
  • Rank: Lesser God (Fragment of an Overdiety in one timeline)
  • Symbol: The Slave Crest placed on her when she was on trial.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Betrayal, Magic, Royalty, Corruption, Dishonesty
  • Heralds: Every other Fragment of Medea, the Corrupt Church of the Three Heroes, Tact
  • High Priests: Lila Rossi (Compulsive Liar), Bob Ewell (False Rape Accusation)
  • Allies: Raynare, Crimson Court, Junko Enoshima, Belial, Tomie Kawakami, Penelope Mouse, Mannfred von Carstein
  • Enemies: Naofumi and his Party, Issei Hyoudo, Hilda, Salamandinay, Tusk, Shiroe, Akatsuki, Night Raid (especially Tatsumi and Lubbock), Emperor Calus, Atticus Finch, Princess Pretty Cures, Carcano M91/38, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (Especially Ren Amamiya)
  • Rivals: Dahlia Hawthorne
  • Conflicting Opinions: Prime Minister Honest
  • Evil Counterpart to: Ange
  • Opposed by: Embryo, Kokichi Oma, Prince Hans
  • Malty Melromarc is the corrupt and vile princess of Melromarc. Having posed as an adventurer named Myne, she gets close to Naofumi and pretends to be a loyal party member, only to stab him in the back by robbing him of his equipment and framing him for attempting to rape her, turning Naofumi into a cynical man unwilling to trust women. From there, Malty goes out of her to antagonize Naofumi sadistically and abuse her authority to ruin other people's lives, all the while conspiring to take the throne of Melromarc through any means necessary. After her mother returns to Melromarc and exposes her for the despicable liar she truly is, Malty is spared from execution, at the cost of losing her royal title and having her name legally changed to "Bitch", the vile former princess still schemes to kill off her family and Naofumi, which results in an attempted coup that results in her being send off as the 10,000 plaything to the King of Faubley. After being saved by Tact, she then uses him in an attempt to conquer the world and kill her enemies, only for Melromarc to easily defeat Takt's forces and force him to watch his comrades be killed one by one. Naofumi approaches her with an offer that he'll let her go if she renounces Takt, only as a means of breaking him further, which Malty foolishly accepts without hesitation. Instead of being released after betraying Takt, she is burned at the stake as a witch before her soul is fed to Soul Eaters, ensuring she can never harm anyone again.
    • Despite this, the Pantheon got a rather nasty surprise when Naofumi's party and some of their allies were investigating the House of Crime for reports of a mysterious distortion. A nasty and haughty laugh was heard, and to the horror of Naofumi's party, Malty had made her entrance into Pantheon despite her soul having been devoured in the mortal world. Malty doesn't know how it happened nor does she care, since she now has another chance to take power in a new world. After barely escaping everyone's attempts to capture her, Malty decided to lay low and find a new opportunity to turn the situation around.
    • Nobody is sure how Malty is alive, though some have suspected that Malty's original incarnation in another time, Medea, had used the last the of her power to ensure an alternate Malty would survive and end up in the Pantheon. No matter the case, the Pantheon is now high alert, since Naofumi knows from experience just how dangerous she is to everyone around her.
  • While she falsely accused other people before, her ascension came from her long streak of treachery with the Heroes of Melromarc, particularly with the Shield Hero. Naofumi never took it lightly, especially since she only got close just to rob him and frame him for attempted rape, making him a pariah. Malty in turn wants to get revenge on Naofumi for humiliating her by having her name legally changed to "Bitch" and getting her stripped of her royal title, even though she brought all of that on herself.
    • Speaking of which, being called "Bitch" (In the presence of children, however, she's called "Witch") is her biggest Berserk Button. She hates Naofumi for changing her name like that, but nobody in the Pantheon cares for her thoughts on the matter, since she brought that humiliating name change on herself and it reflects her personality perfectly. Even other villains who are willing to work with her secretly snicker about it behind her back and call her "Bitch" when they're sure she's not in the same area as them.
  • A lot of goddesses and their female followers took serious offense to her actions. Those in the House of Royalty were the most offended over how she abused her power as First Princess so malevolently in a matriarchal system and even conspired to kill her own mother. None of them showed any sympathy when she was humiliatingly stripped of her title, literally renamed Bitch (and other similar names as allowed by the Melromarc royal decree), and became the subject of the same crimes she falsely accused people of as the 10,000th wife of a sadistic king.
    • That mostly applies to those on the Good Alignment. Even though in the Evil Alignment are wary of her due to her nature of biting whatever hand feeds her. Only a few chosen deities are able to sneak her into this House.
  • Among all Royalty deities, Ange was pissed off the most, covering Tusk's ears over what she says. Hilda was second behind Ange's sentiments since even her initial behavior towards the Breakout Princess did not compare to what Malty did; Hell, she would prefer Ange's former princess self over her. Salamandinay joined in on their farewell of good riddance when her Humiliation Conga came in.
  • Issei also took her crimes personally, for it reminded him of his relationship with Raynare. Her friendship with the Fallen Angel never made anything better. Issei even worries that he might have ended up in the same position as Motoyasu if he let his desire for a harem blind him to common sense.
  • Shiroe would not have a positive opinion of her crimes against the heroes and especially Naofumi. He would, however, enjoy the karma inflicted onto her in the mortal realm. While Akatsuki has a habit of kneeing those who attempt to say anything perverted, she would view Malty's false charges as quite despicable.
  • Malty is on amicable terms with Prime Minister Honest. The Crapsack World of the Empire he runs would be a perfect place for her to thrive if he was not running it from the shadows. Her experience with another Fat Bastard is believed to be the source of her doubts.
    • Speaking of the Prime Minister, Night Raid also marked her for death.
      • Among all members, Tatsumi seeks to put her down for actions are worse take on what Leone did to him on their first meeting.
      • Lubbock is next in line for how she toyed with the Spear Hero. Not that hasn't had experience with fighting women, but his role as an assassin and real love for his Boss makes cautious over other girls.
      • Among the female members, Najenda and Akame find her actions unacceptable in any government system. Mine and Chelsea are both ticked off by her antics.
  • The Phantom Thieves of Hearts have marked her as another target for how she abused her power as a princess, used lies and petty cruelty to get her way, and even framed Naofumi for attempted rape. Ren Amamiya had been wrongly accused once, so Malty's crimes are the most personal for him. Though they're left to wonder just how distorted her desires are when they learned of how she continued to lie and play the victim, even when she basically had a magical Lie Detector placed on her. Ryuji and Morgana even lampshade how stupid she was to think she could actually lie her way out of that kind of situation.
  • Emperor Calus had people like her thrown to the baying mobs as penance for their crimes against the people. If he and Matly's mother ever met, he would have agreed on the same kind of punishment, except having her Cruel and Unusual Death go a little faster.
  • The only section in the House of Royalty that accepts her is the Crimson Court. Appearances aside, she fits well within their group and gives a few laughs over the crimes she committed.
  • Junko Enoshima gets along with her well and relishes in the despair she inflicts. That won't stop them however from attempting to backstab the other if it means getting what they want (Junko when it comes to despair, Malty when it comes to a better opportunity).
  • Malty has come across other liars, each with a different view of her:
    • Belial admires Malty for her dishonest, treacherous, and two-faced nature, actually recruiting her as an ally to his cause.
    • Ceno outright shows disgust towards Malty. She may not be honest herself, but even she would never stoop to the corrupt princess's level.
    • Kokichi Oma admires Malty for her lies... or so he claims. He's really just looking for an opportunity to play a humiliating prank on her and prove he's a better liar.
  • Malty finds a kindred spirit in Tomie Kawakami, who like her, is a beautiful and seductive, but sadistic and vile lady who ruins other people's lives for no good reason. Naturally they got along very well, and Malty actually hopes to use Tomie's charm to get back at her enemies.
  • Malty has met other backstabbers who betrayed people who counted on them for their own gain:
    • Malty is quite similar to Penelope, since they both acted like a nice girlfriend to Naofumi and Bentley respectively before eventually betraying them for their own selfish gain without regret. They have agreed to form an alliance against their former 'boyfriends', feeling that they wronged them, while also waiting for a prime opportunity to backstab the other.
    • Malty has a lot in common with Hans, since they both tried to seize power through unethical means. However, while Hans was driven by desperation and is smart enough to try and earn people's sympathy, Malty is just a Spoiled Brat in a grown woman's body and a Smug Snake. Even Hans can't stand someone like her.
    • Malty became quick allies with Mannfred von Carstein, a backstabber who proves to be worse than their father and played everyone like a fiddle. These schemers are now plotting to seize power for themselves and eliminate all of their adversaries. Malty has also shown a great interest in Mannfred's necromancy, most likely due to inheriting some of Medea's interests when she came into the Pantheon.
    • Malty and Dahlia are the most alike, to the point they can't effectively cooperate together and get along at all even if they wanted to. Both of them are just too self-serving and treacherous for their own good.
  • One alternate timeline revealed that Malty was a part of of the equally sadistic and vile goddess Medea, who reality-warped her into existence to cause as much ruin as humanely possible. When Malty and all of her human pawns were either cast aside or destroyed, she decided to take part directly, even going so far as to raise all of Naofumi's deceased allies (including Malty's human mother Queen Mirella) as undead slaves, only to be destroyed by own power and erased from existence by Naofumi. While the Malty here seems to come from a timeline without any of her divine origins, Malty is interested in Medea and hopes to claim the same power for herself so she'll be free to do whatever she wants without consequence. Nobody, not even Embryo of all people, is willing to someone as vile and irresponsible as her claim such power.
    • When she learned that an alternate Malty was part of an equally sadistic Goddess, Ange was sure that she would be in cahoots with a certain Tuner. It came to a shock to her and all other female deities that even Embryo opposed her, his official reason being how her use of Waves destroyed multiple worlds into nothingness all for the hell of it, rather than creating new worlds to start over. Ange is still highly skeptical of this and such an alliance has left a taste she will spend gallons of mouthwash cleaning out.

    Scott Shelby 
Scott Shelby, God of Detectives who Turn Out to Be the Culprit (Scott Sheppard, Scottie, The Origami Killer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His raincoat. Alternatively, the origami figures.
  • Theme Song: Scott Shelby Theme
  • Alignment: May seem Neutral Good at first, but he is actually Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Badass Longcoat, Dirty Cop, Hardboiled Detective, Actually Nice, Private Detective, Big Bad, Killer Cop, Serial Killer, Would Hurt a Child, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Investigation, Cover Up, Murder, Family, Trials, Children
  • Followers: Ryuzaki, Mark Hoffman, Danny Mallon/Sleepman
  • Allies: Tohru Adachi, Jack the Ripper, Goro Akechi, The Jigsaw Killer
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Investigation Team, The House of Family, Manny Pardo
  • Respects: Bryan Mills, Asura, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposed by: Most investigators in the Pantheon as well as the House of Justice
  • Scott Shelby was a private investigator who was hired by the families who were victim of the notorious Origami Killer, a Serial Killer who would kidnap children and drown them till they were found, leaving Origami figures before as clues. Truth is, Scott was never hired by said families and never was after the Origami Killer, but he was actually the Origami Killer all along, looking to get rid of all evidence that would link him to the crimes.
  • While he is a child murderer, there is a group of people that actually sympathize with him. As it turns out, when he was a child he witnessed the death of his twin brother and how his abusive drunk father never bothered to save him. That would be the motivating factor in turning Scott into the Serial Killer he ended up becoming, looking for a father who would do everything to save his son.
    • That said, while many feel sorry for the loss of his twin brother John, not many defend the countless lives he took just to find someone who would fit his very particular description of a good father. It's implied many of his victims' parents either perished trying to rescue their children or never understood the meaning of the Origami figures-
  • How Scott's story concluded is up to debate, but the most common assumption is that he finally managed to find the father that would sacrifice everything for his son in the form of Ethan Mars. He would have gotten away if it weren't for the intervention of journalist Madison Paige and FBI agent Norman Jayden, the latter stepping in and engaging him, resulting in his death.
  • Hates the deities that form the so called Child Abuse Supporters, as you can very well know that those kind of people are what lead him to become the Origami Killer. Some were quick to call him an Hypocrite for trying to pretend he was morally better than those even if he ultimately broke a lot of families because of his desire to see a father that would fit his insane criteria.
  • Among deities who belong to the Police forces, Scott is seen as a disgrace by virtue of being a Serial Killer but making it worse by pretending to be a private investigator. Some are more lenient because Scott has shown that he can be actually nice to the people that are supposedly his victims (To the point that he would look like he is just sabotaging himself).
    • He is also an ex-marine, explaining why he is so proficient in the art of CQC combat and why he is such a good shot. That said, ex-marines like Frank Castle or Leroy Gibbs think he is the worst of the worst and they don't want to be associated with him.
  • On the other side, he seems to be on good terms with detectives Tohru Adachi and Goro Akechi, more so with the latter since he also had a rocky relationship with his father (Not helping Akechi's status as an illegitimate child or how his father was a Corrupt Politician) and that ended up both shaping them in becoming killers. Shelby getting along with Akechi actually made Adachi quite upset at the fact that Scott doesn't have the same kind of mindset as he did and that initially caused some form of vitriol between the two, mostly since Scott's motivation are hardly motivated by childish reasons like Adachi as supposed to his more revenge-driven reasons for becoming the Origami Killer. Though Adachi's decision to make amends in his own way led him to admit that Scott and Akechi had even worse upbringings than him. Both of them at lesst respecting how Scott was motivated to find something they never had themselves.
  • Being a Killer Cop, Manny Pardo has tried to capture and murder Scott so he would gain good PR in the eyes of the pantheon denizens, even if that would be no different for what he usually does. Not to mention there are some people who thins that Scott, an actual child murderer, is not as depraved as he is, a statement that seriously damaged his ego.
  • Scott and Jigsaw get along a lot, both having similar MO by kidnapping their victims and making them go through a series of traps although circumstances are different for each of the killers' victims. Scott also seems to respect Jack the Ripper in some way, particularly the version where he is revealed to be commissioner James Gordon.
  • Any father that is very protective of their children has earned the respect of Scott. People like Bryan Mills, Asura and Gabriel Belmont are among the ones he holds in high regard, but they are ashamed of what Scott is and every last of them have sworn to punish Scott for his actions, not to mention what would happen if he would target their children.
  • He suffers from asthma, but he is actually quite competent as a fighter believe or not. He ocassionally gets himself treated in the House of Health and Diseases even if his reputation is at all time low.
  • The Pantheon is well aware of what he does, so his crime sprees as the Origami Killer have not continued in the pantheon, most probably because he was satisfied with Ethan Mars and his death put the final nail in the Origami Killer. The one punishment he received from the pantheon authorities is him being unable to see his brother John, which actually broke Scott to the point of secluding himself in his temple for a while. Nowadays he tries to stick to being an actual private eye, but had little success since people aren't willing to forget who he is.
  • Can also be found in the House of Justice.


Iniciando el protocolo Sombra

Sombra, Goddess of Hacking Anything (Sombrero, Olivia Colomar)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A sugar skull
  • Theme Song: Sombra Origins
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Alternate Reality Game, Child Prodigy, Color Motifs, Confusion Fu, The Cracker, Dark Action Girl, EMP, Enigmatic Minion, Evil Tastes Good, Femme Fatalons, Hacking Her Enemies, Hidden Agenda Villain, Hit-and-Run Tactics, Manipulative Bitch, Pragmatic Villainy, Purple Is Powerful, The Sneaky Gal, Wild Card, "Boop!"
  • Domains: Hacking, Conspiracies, Technology, Blackmail
  • Allies: Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist, Moira O'Deorain; other than those, she isn't interested in allying with other people unless it suits her needs
  • Rivals: Aiden Pearce, Laura Matsuda, Scarface, The Spy
  • Enemies: Overwatch and its allies, the GUAG White Hats, all Good-aligned robotic deities, all Digimon deities, Clu, Nora Valkyrie, Rubick, Harry Dresden, Dr. 8, Liberion Arcadia (especially 9S)
  • Nobody knows who Sombra really is, but many have heard what she is capable of. She is one of the best hackers of her world and that caught the attention of Talon, who recruited Sombra for their sinister schemes. Her identity and motivations are a complete mystery, but there have been rumors that she is looking to uncover a big conspiracy that has been acting behind the scenes and is behind a lot of events in the world of Overwatch.
  • Sombra's knowledge of her world's technology plus the augmentations she underwent to get better at hacking has made her able to hack pretty much anything. Her hacks are strong enough to disable McCree's ability to roll or make Soldier:76 unable to run… or even allow Junkrat to lay his explosives or Roadhog to toss his hook. Now that's something nobody gets at all, and the duo are cross that she can somehow do that.
  • Before she ascended, she left hints and clues about her whereabouts, teasing those who found them with countdowns and unhelpful messages. After a drawn out investigation (she actually made misleading hints that she's going to be in the Main House or something), Sombra relocated herself in the house of Technology without the Main House noticing but after a while they let her stay.
    • Somebody once tried to decipher a code of hers that was supposedly caught in the sky and even made music out of it. She found that really funny.
  • Very happy that her buddies Reaper and Widowmaker are already here. Unlike her, they are not so thrilled about her but they have no choice but to deal with her. After all, it doesn't hurt to have another member of Talon.
  • Sombra likes to take a more subtle approach when it comes to combat, and thanks to her Thermoptic Camo she is able to go around unnoticed. That's until the cloaking runs out, because she has a nasty habit of announcing herself before attacking someone. Though thankfully she does this much less often as she did before.
    • Many found her very similar to the Spy in terms of combat, but Sombra believes that the Spy's technology is outdated and can be easily seen through. Though she knows that turning her back on him can be a fatal mistake, so she is sure to never do that.
  • She likes to annoy people by booping them in the nose, and she does that a lot. On another note, Nora doesn't like her boops, mostly because it just very similar to hers but used in a trolly manner.
  • There was one time that Sombra decided to mess with some of the Defenders of the Ancient. After a succession of weird and unusual events, Rubick stole her hack and somehow fixed everything. Don't ask
  • Apparently, a few deities keep confusing her with Laura Matsuda given their similar haircuts. This made her curious about Laura for a few days…until they actually met. Sombra found the Brazilian fighter easy to relentlessly troll because of her friendly disposition and casually loose fashion sense, but overall, they are worlds apart both as fighters and as people and Sombra is content to let it stay that way.
    • When it turned out their native countries of Brazil and Mexico would face off in the elimination stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Laura challenged her to a bet for the equivalent of $100 USD in their native currencies. Sombra accepted, hoping to gain new funds for her plans. However, Brazil won 2-0 and she had to cough up near $1863.30 in Mexican pesos. She's plotting how to get that money back.
  • She is one of the few deities that has found her way into the Grid, even having her own avatar there. Many virtual deities fear what she might do there and so have taken extra measures to keep her out, but she always finds a way to get in.
  • Many robotic deities are openly opposed to Sombra not only because she is able to mess with their programming, but because she also able to use an EMP at any given time. This was one of the only reason why no on wanted her near the House of Technology but she sneaked her way in anyway. She even has a temple there.
  • People like to call her Sombrero given her heritage. She doesn't find it that funny to be honest.
  • Due to her first target being a somewhat corrupt corporation (LumeriCo) and having a rather affable personality, Sombra is often seen as some sort of anti-corporate freedom fighter that is on the same level of Lucio and his fight against Vishkar. Sombra just chuckled at that; they can think whatever they like about her, but she really has 'other' motivations, while those fools just assumed the anti-corporate thing as some sort of confirmation bias when she struck against LumeriCo for her own reasons, and maybe the day will come where she'll manipulate Lucio. But speaking of Vishkar, she kind of enjoys annoying its ace Symmetra by booping her on the nose when opportunity presents itself.
  • She dislikes Harry Dresden due to his magic damaging her technology. After her first attempt at messing with him resulted in her technology being almost destroyed, she keeps her distance.
  • "Everything can be hacked...and everyone."
  • Can also be found in the House of Technology.

    Walter White 
Walter White, God of Better Living Through Evil and Using Knowledge for Crime (Mr. White, Heisenberg, The Cook, The One Who Knocks)


    Beat (Jet Set Radio
Beat, God of Unlawful Tags
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Beat's Logo
  • Theme Music: Humming the Bassline
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Graffiti, heroes with a red color scheme, Useless but SWEET shades, Gloves that don't cover the fingers, Running away from home, Punks who start their own gang after being rejected by every other one, "Netrium"-powered rocket-propelled magnetic skates, Weaponized paint
  • Domains: Art, Crime, Skates, Youth
  • Followers: The GG's
  • Allies: Most Sega deities (Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, NiGHTS, Ecco, Opa-Opa, Gilius Thunderhead, Amigo, Ryo Hazuki, AiAi, Billy Hatcher,Kiryu Kazuma, Jack Cayman), Team RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long), Team JNPR (Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos, Lie Ren, Nora Valkyrie), Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Inklings, Miles Morales
  • Rivals: Shadow The Hedgehog, Subaru Nakajima
  • Its Complicated: Axel, Adam, Blaze
  • Odd Friendship: Mario, the other Beat
  • Respects: Segata Sanshiro
  • Enemies: Metal Sonic, Caleb Goldman, Inspector Javert, Carmelita Fox, Kurtis Stryker, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Nobuyuki Sugou, Copy X, Satya Vaswani
  • Once upon a time in the Pantheon, strange art had been plastered everywhere. Nobody knew where it came from or who had done it....That is, until Beat was caught in the act several days later. After evading capture for several days (during which he tagged the backs of anyone who tried to catch him), he was granted godhood. He doesn't care, though. He's just happy to leave his tags where he can while listening to sweet tunes.
  • He's on extremely good terms with Sonic the Hedgehog, who is one of the few deities to understand his odd mentality (that is, valuing freedom above all else even if it makes him a villain). They sometimes even race, both on foot and in vehicles. Sonic even once wore his clothes
    • Metal Sonic is a point of contention for him. He once had to fight robotic clones of himself and so he really dislikes the Blue Blur's robotic doppelganger. He will lend his aid to the Blue Blur to take down Metal whenever he can. Same goes for Copy X, for the same reason.
    • He is also on relatively good terms with other Sega deities such as Kiryu Kazuma, Gilius Thunderhead, Billy Hatcher, etc.
  • Beat likes to spend all of his time not spent on going around spraying graffiti in the House of Music. He really enjoys listening in on all the great tunes and will just dance for hours on end if left to his own devices. Most of the deities there don't mind, they are even glad that he likes their music so much.
  • Not to be confused with the other Beat, the one who thinks with his gut. They're not exactly friends but they aren't on bad terms either. This Beat is perfectly fine with that Beat, and that one is fine with this one so long as he stays away from his sister. They have a mutual understanding.
  • He steers clear of the House of Justice, though most of those deities don't have too much problem with him in the first place and are even willing to overlook his criminal activity (since he usually doesn't hurt anyone). Inspector Javert and Carmelita are hell-bent on catching him and putting him behind bars. Stryker's willingness to use overwhelming force is not unlike Captains Onishima and Hayato (the former of which Inspector Zenigata resembles).
    • He has a very strained relationship with Axel, Adam and Blaze. This is due to the fact that they are fellow under-appreciated SEGA deities yet are on opposite sides of the law. They are more than willing to help in arresting him, but feel an uncomfortable kinship with him. Like Zenigat they're prone to overlooking his shenanigans in favor of focusing more on far worse criminal activities in the Pantheon.
  • He holds a special animosity for all corrupt corporate suits and anyone who would destroy or otherwise suppress artistic liberty and expression. This love for individuality has inadvertently earned him the friendship of both Teams RWBY and JNPR.
    • The ONLY corporate representative that he doesn't dislike and even outright respects is Segata Sanshiro. This is because if not for him, Beat's own existence would never have come to be and so he feels that he owes Sanshiro his life.
  • Although he dislikes authority he is perfectly fine with being in charge, and so has been making strides to either reuniting or recreating the GG's in the Pantheon.
    • The first person he attempted to recruit was Subaru Nakajima, due to her being the Goddess of Skates (something he knows all too well). She turned down his invitation, but offered him her support as an ally.
    • The next individual he tried to recruit was not quite as forthcoming. Shadow the Hedgehog did not appreciate his aggressive approaches and so launched a Chaos Spear at him. Of course, Beat managed to dodge it and after an impromptu race/chase the Ultimate Lifeform declined his offer but agreed to an uneasy alliance.
    • Eventually, his effects persevered thanks to a chance meeting with Lúcio. Beat heard of his DJ and skating life and how he uses music in the line of being a freedom fighter, and went to ask him if he wanted to become a member of the GG's. To Beat's surprise, not only did Lucio accepted the offer on the spot, but would later start promoting him as well as the Jet Set Radio music station through his own music. Due to this, Beat has since in return utilized frogs more often in his work as a symbol of freedom, and became the best of friends with Lucio. Symmetra could only just sigh and groan in annoyance at realizing there was someone else like Lucio in the pantheon. Some days while cleaning Beat's more complex graffiti off her temple she wishes he would just try to steal from her.

    Sandor Clegane 
Sandor Clegane, God of Admitting To One's Crimes (The Hound, Dog, The Gravedigger, Colonel Sandor)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The sigil of House Clegane; Three dogs on a yellow field, Alternatively his Hound helm
  • Theme: Gravedigger
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Known as the Hound, Anti-Villain, Acknowledges his own crimes, Much faster than his size lets on, Noble Demon, Knight in Sour Armor, Professional Killer, note , The Alcoholic, Despises his brother Gregor who gave him his scars, The Cynic, Deathly afraid of fire, Does not like being called a knight, Left for dead by Arya Stark, Has his title and helm stolen by Rorge, Came to care for Arya, Killed his brother by throwing them both into the flames below the Red Keep
  • Domains: Warfare, Crime, Cynicism
  • Allies: Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Guts, Scar, Erik/The Phantom Of The Opera, Colonel Sanders
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Eddard Stark, Robb Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Roy Mustang, Zuko, King Arthur Pendragon, Aragorn, Sir Lancelot, Saint Martha and Saint George, Link, Belle and The Beast
  • Enemies: GREGOR CLEGANE (his brother), Joffrey Baratheon, Tywin Lannister, The Brave Companions, The Night's King, Solf J. Kimblee, Gaston, Prince Scar, Ozai
  • Fears: The House of Fire & Heat, Melisandre
  • Opposes: Samus Aran, Fa Mulan, Chun-Li, Motoko Kusanagi, Tomoe Gozen
  • Opposed By: Foghorn Leghorn, Chanticleer, The Chocobos,
  • Sandor Clegane, also known simply as "The Hound", is considered one of the most powerful and dangerous swordsman in all the Seven Kingdoms. But despite originally serving as King Joffrey's bodyguard, Sandor's life is more than just black and white. when he was six-seven years old, Sandor played with a wooden toy knight that had belonged to his brother. Unfortunately for him, his brother just so happened to be Gregor Clegane, "The Mountain that Rides", and when he, who was five years older and serving as a six-foot tall squire, found out, Gregor grabbed his younger brother and shoved his face into a brazier, holding Sandor there screaming as the burning coals turned his left side into a charred and cooked ruin. Their father tried to cover it up, claiming Sandor's bedding caught fire, but the damage was done. Sandor came to be a ruthless killer, a warrior feared and despised throughout the realm and, as mentioned earlier, a loyal bodyguard to the young Joffrey Baratheon. Things quickly changed during the Battle of The Blackwater, where his fear of fire got the better of him, forcing The Hound to desert the Lannisters and ride north. From there, he traversed the Riverlands in search of a purpose... which eventually led him to Arya Stark. After attempting, and failing, to ransom the young Stark off to her family, Sandor was brutally wounded in a battle and left for dead by Arya, despite him asking for the gift of mercy. He was saved by Brother Ray, who gave Sandor a new purpose in life, which eventually led Sandor to join the Brotherhood Without Banners, aid Jon Snow in fighting and defeating the Night's King, and finally, confronting his brother in King's Landing, and ending their long-standing feud once and for all.
    • After plunging into the fire, Sandor awoken and found himself in what appeared to be Winterfell's great hall. There, sitting at the high table were two men the Hound had not seen in years. Lord Eddard Stark and his son, Robb Stark. At first, Sandor was confused, thinking he may have gone to one of the Seven Hells as punishment for his crimes, crimes he himself admitted to, but Eddard was quick to correct the swordsman, revealing that they were not in the Seven Hells, but rather a realm known as the Pantheon, where many other beings could be found. It was then that the Lord of Winterfell offered a place for Sandor to stay while in the Pantheon, along with a title. Sandor asked why Eddard was doing all this, considering the last time they were in the same place, Ned was about to be executed on false charges. The reason why? Eddard was not only thankful for Sandor aiding the North against the Night's King army, but also for keeping his daughters, Sansa and Arya, safe and alive, and for that, Clegane was welcomed into the Pantheon.
  • Eddard and Robb weren't the only Starks in the Pantheon. As it turned out, not only was Jon Snow present, whom he fought alongside during The Long Night but Arya as well. The hound has had a complicated relationship with the young assassin to be, what with her initially hating Sandor for murdering her butcher boy friend Micah, who he slayed on King Joffrey's orders. After travelling together, the pair began to form a begrudging respect for one another, though she still had him on her kill list. He later developed a fatherly bond with her, even getting her to quit her desire for revenge out of fear she would go down the same path as him. Then came the surprise. Turns out it was Arya who vouched for Sandor's ascension in the first place. While he initially was confused, he finally acknowledge how far she had grown and is, in his own way, proud.
  • To say Sandor was not happy to learn that Gregor was in the Pantheon would be a grotesque understatement. He was furious beyond belief, even attempting to march straight to his brother's temple in a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. He was stopped though after running into a black swordsman named Guts, who was on his way to rescue Casca... from Gregor's temple as well. The two quickly joined forces, thrashed the Mountain and got Casca out of there. After that, the two became allies and drinking buddies, though Sandor takes most of the drinks. Whenever Guts is off dealing with either the Godhand or Griffith, he actually entrusts Sandor with protecting Casca from any threats that may come knocking, and commitment the Westerosi takes with stride.
  • Sandor quickly became acquainted with the Scarred Ishvalan, both having been anti-villains who later undertook redemption arcs to aid in defeating threats far beyond their initial scope of revenge. Clegane sometimes comes to Ishval to help rebuild, and while in the Pantheon, he has come into conflict with the Crimson Alchemist, Solf J. Kimblee, the man responsible for giving the Ishvalan his trademark scar.
    • He also found company with the Phantom of the Opera, Erik, due to their shared facial disfigurations and cynical, tragic natures. Sandor though isn't much for theatre, but he will sometimes come to a performance or two. If only to keep an eye on the Lannisters.
  • Thought he may act like a knight, the one thing you should not call Sandor is Ser. He looks down upon knighthood, viewing them as simply thugs with shinier armour, weapons and a horse, and treats their chivalry and honour as hypocrisy. It may also be because his brother, a notorious brute himself, was knighted by Rheagar Targaryen, whose wife and children Gregor would murder years later. As a result, he shows disdain to most of the Pantheon's knights, despite having to work alongside them from time to time. King Arthur and his fellow Knights of the Round Table have proven that they weren't clean of their sins, but even that wasn't enough to satisfy the Hound. They've tried to be lenient with him though, but they still occasionally slip up and earn a Death Glare from the Hound. The same applies to Link, who despite his mute nature, has expressed distrust for Clegane. The Hound doesn't care for the "elf-boy's" opinions, only that he helps out with dire situations.
  • Following the Battle of the Blackwater, Sandor does not want to associate himself with the Lannisters, with the sole exception being Tyrion, and even that one is begrudging. Lord Tywin and King Joffrey tried to win back his support, only to be met with a quick and blunt, "Fuck the King." It didn't sit well with the young king, who ordered for Sandor's execution.
  • Sandor, while a brutal warrior, is deathly afraid of fire, thanks in part to his brother burning his face long ago. He fears it so much that he won't even let people cauterize his wounds to prevent infection. It was also the reason he deserted the Lannisters during the Battle on the Blackwater in the first place. It's also why he keeps well and truly far away from the House of Fire & Heat, not wanting to see what they are all capable of. The good-aligned members though have called out Sandor's behaviour, citing her was still able to overcome his fear and win a duel against Beric Dondarrion, despite him wielding a flaming sword... not to mention him joining the Brotherhood Without Banners and following them north.
    Sandor: "It's my fucking luck that I end up with a band of fire worshippers."
    • Despite aiding the Brotherhood and befriending its Red Priest, Thoros of Myr, Sandor wants nothing to do with Melisandre, given her obsession with burning people alive.
  • While he may still be afraid of fire, Sandor has been seen working alongside Fire Lord Zuko, a young ruler who also received a severe burn scar thanks to a family member; his father Ozai, that is. The pair have been speaking with each other, along with Colonel Roy Mustang, to try to keep the Phoenix King in check... while not running him through with Sandor's sword. That last part is the hardest in Clegane's mind.
    • He also came to oppose the lion prince Scar, whose murder of Mufasa reminded Sandor of how his brother murdered his father and younger sister. The lion doesn't really care much for the Hound, but he doesn't want to end up being impaled by the human's sword. Sandor also came to oppose Gaston, another Disney villain renowned for his arrogance and muscles, even forming a begrudging alliance with Belle and the Beast to keep him and his angry mob away from their temple. After all, Sandor may consider himself a thug, but he has shown to be more honourable than most of the knights back in Westeros.
  • Sandor has had a few close shaves with death, the closest in fact was brought about by a chance encounter with a woman named Brienne of Tarth, who fought the Clegane following a severe misunderstanding. While he did survive, he still considered the battle a humiliating affair, one the entire Pantheon would never let him forget. The fight also resulted in him opposing most of the Pantheon's resident warrior women, some of whom weren't exactly big fans of him anyway. While he's had to lock swords with Fa Mulan and Tomoe Gozen, while avoiding Motoko Kusanagi's martial arts, it was the bounty hunter Samus Aran who gave Sandor the hardest time. Not because of her vastly superior technology, but because to the Hound, Samus resembled a younger, more attractive Brienne, which set him off more than anything. She quickly thrashed his ass upon first meeting and after that, he's been waiting for a rematch.
  • It turns out one of the Hound's favourite foods is chicken, enjoying it on a rather ridiculous level. He would even fight other soldiers over it from time to time. As such, he unintentionally earned the ire of the Pantheon's local birds, most notably the local Chocobo flocks, the singing Chanticleer, and Foghorn Leghorn. Sandor doesn't care much for their opinions, though he does find Foghorn to be an obnoxious, loud-mouthed schnook worthy of a serving plate drenched in a nice orange sauce. On the flip side, he's begun to show great interest in how people in other worlds make and prepare chicken, even going so far as to visit Colonel Sanders' temple to try out his Kentucky Fried Chicken. After the first few servings, he was surprised and delighted. Still, he wasn't happy about having his face being plastered on the Colonel's buckets for advertising.
  • Rumours run rampant that while Sandor survived his encounter with Brienne of Tarth, in the original timeline, he was left for dead by Arya following a tavern fight. No one was quite sure what happened to him after that; the Lannisters believed he was terrorizing the Riverlands, though that was actually the outlaw Rorge wearing the Hound's trademark helmet. Others claim he survived and was taken in by the Elder Brother of a septry on the Quiet Isle, where began work as a gravedigger. Sandor doesn't care much for these rumours, only that people don't bother him about it. That being said on rare occasions, one might catch a glimpse of a large man tending to the graves in the House of Life and Death, his face concealed to all the world.
  • Yes, he is well aware of Cleganebowl. He partook in Cleganebowl. The less he can hear about it, the better it is for his sanity.
  • "A Knight's a sword with a horse. The rest, the vows and the sacred oils and The Lady's Favours, they're silk ribbons tied 'round the sword. Maybe the Sword's prettier with ribbons hanging of it, but it'll kill you just as dead. Well, bugger your ribbons, and shove your swords up your arses. I'm the same as you. The only difference is, I don't lie about what I am. So, kill me, but don't call me a murderer while you stand there telling each other your shit don't stink. You hear me?"


    Swiper the Fox 
Swiper the Fox, God of Being Told to Stop One's Own Criminal Actions
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His face and cowl
  • Theme Song: this tune
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (though his future self was perhaps Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Friendly Enemy, Affably Evil, More Frightening Future Self, Harmless Villain, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Is Stopped When Asked (But Occasionally Beats Victims To It Before They Can)
  • Domain(s): Thieves, Thwarted, Villainy, Harmless
  • Heralds: Fifi the skunk in France, Sami the hyena in Tanzania, Fomkah the bear in Russia, Ying Ying the weasel in China (versions of him across the world)
  • High Priests: The Bobo Brothers
  • Followers: Cheeon, Rune, Cowboy X, The Ur-Quan, Hirou, The Mefirst Wizard
  • Allies: Dr. Drakken, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, Mr. Fox, Robbie Rotten, Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent
  • Friendly Enemy: Dora
  • Swiper has already been in the Pantheon for a while now under Dr. Drakken. But he hasn't done much swiping since most of his "victims" were too willing to retaliate with violence (a bat whack from Ness, a Death Glare from Mandy, a preemptive Thunderbolt from Ash's Pikachu, toy weapon attacks from the CMC after they were returning home from a LARP, a blast of magic from Star preempting Marco's karate chop). When he heard Dora was in the Pantheon, he immediately decided to go and try to swipe from her again for old time's sake.
    • After being "properly thwarted" by Dora yet again, someone in the Court witnessed this and the next day, Swiper found himself ascended now.
  • His new temple takes the form of Blueberry Hill and his burrow at the top. Given he's at the House of Crime, this means the bushels are sometimes picked, much to his ire, despite blueberries not even being that high up in terms of worth compared to everything else. He's been considering looking for security measures.
  • Due to his harmlessness, he's an absolute laughingstock for the House of Thieves. And most of his other neighbors wonder why he's even in their House in the first place.
    • There are a few who appreciate him though, such as Isaac and Maria, who—aside from being idiotic thieves—are actually good people with actual friends and are really nice people even to those they haven't met and they don't have the heart to intentionally kill people.
    • Another is Mr. Fox, who invited him over for a nice dinner. They even later established trade, a few of Fox's share for Swiper's blueberries and favors here and there to ensure there are always blueberries for him to trade with.
  • Gods can tell if Swiper’s coming when they hear that distinctive maracas-like (or spray bottle-like) sound. Since most folks in the Pantheon are smarter, this means he might get outed much faster or, in the case of more ruthless ones, get preemptively counterattacked, resulting in him needing to flee, or risk getting himself shot, blasted or getting the jump on.
  • He does have standards, though. If the thing he's swiped is meant to be a gift for someone (especially if it's from Santa), he'll give it back, no strings attached.
  • Even if he does steal something, he normally just tosses it somewhere nearby, often at bushes. Annoying for those in a time-sensitive mission, but then they should already be running, giving no time for Swiper to grab their stuff.
    • No one quite knows why he steals if he's only going to do that when he succeeds. His answer is that he just likes doing it.
    • And he doesn't like it if anyone else tries stealing from Dora; he feels that only he's allowed to do that.
  • Besides his natural stalking abilities (sometimes with the aid of a costume), he also has a great deal of technical knowledge, as he's built a variety of vehicles and gadgets (including a remote-controlled robot butterfly) to help him swipe things.
    • Occasionally tails Tails to observe his gadgetry and get some ideas for his own machines, not once swiping from him; he can show restraint, and it's not like he has to swipe all the time.
  • There's more to Swiper than just swiping, though. He has a soft spot for puppies, he's above swiping from delivery services addressed to him, and he's even once helped Dora on her quest to help a baby fox find its mommy, carrying the infant almost all through the adventure. He also doesn't speak Spanish, and wishes that he did.
  • Admits he's amused with the idea that some people see him as a customs officer. For this reason, some pranksters somehow harangued him one day to get to work at the Pantheon's barriers alongside the Inspector. He refuses to talk about what happened there.
  • Despite his alignment, he's on Santa's nice list ever since a certain time travel adventure with Dora. As such, his swipings have lessened, and he ceases doing so altogether on Christmas; makes sense as there are gifts and he draws the line in stealing those.


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