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Intermediate Gods

    The Bakers 
The Bakers Members , Unholy Family of Hillbilly Horrors (Jack: The Swamp Man)
Left to Right: Lucas, Jack and Marguerite.
  • Intermediate Deities (Jack is closer to Greater given his stronger Regeneration and Mutation)
  • Symbol: An improvised Weapon (Jack), a Swarm of Insects (Marguerite), and a Clown Mannequin (Lucas)
  • Theme Songs: Garage (Jack), Lucas Boss Fight
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Neutral Good (Lucas is actually Neutral Evil and always was)
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Brainwashed and Crazy, Cannibal Clan, Deep South, Disease Bleach, The Family That Slays Together, Eat human flesh, Laughing Mad, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Family, Southerners, Cannibals, Infestation, Mind Control, Strength
  • Followers: the Angel Gang, the Buckners, the Altruist Cult
  • Allies: Leatherface, Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy
  • Enemies: Chris Redfield (Mostly for Lucas), Joel and Ellie, Gambit, Simon Henriksson, The Parr Family
  • Acquiantanced with: Albert Wesker (Mostly Lucas)
  • Interested in: Alma Wade, Samantha Maxis, Erma
  • Meet the Baker Family, a family of lunatics and murderers who one day showed up in the pantheon and caused a big ruckus after they starting kidnapping and murdering random passerbys. They were eventually apprehended and relocated to a temple (Which was designed to be an exact copy of the Baker State) so they could keep them at least contained in one place. The history of why the Bakers are like this is hard to explain, the used to be normal people who just wanted to help those who were part of a shipwreck near his home and Jack ended up finding Eveline, who proceed to brainwash and infect them, turning them into what they are today.
  • It's always advised to not approach their residence, not because they are protective of it but because of being very dangerous psychopats and being caught up in their home won't be pretty. Even then, they can easily go seek out someone and kidnap them to add more to their "family".
    • For anyone who gets caught up with the Bakers, they usually keep them trapped and try to give them "Eveline's gift", which either kills them or transform them into one of the molded. There could be worse fates, like being forced to play various of Lucas Deadly Games.
  • The ascended members aren't actually the only members of the family. Jack's and Marguerite's daughter Zoe wasn't with them, and with good reason since her infection wasn't as strong as the other members of her family. There is also Joe Baker, Jack's older brother who lives isolated in the banks of the marshes and apparently never figured out that his brother's family was being infected by a virus.
  • Consider Leatherface to be an honorary member given their shared horror settings, plus Jack is also prone to use chainsaws. They usually invite him over to their house to keep the "guests" in check and nobody escapes, similar to what his family orders him to do.
    • The same could be said about Piggsy, who they have fed him with some of their victims to keep him sated. How they met Piggsy was different though, as Lionel Starkweather was stoked to make a documentary about the Baker's everyday life and as a bonus can keep Piggsy tied somewhere where he won't make a big mess.
  • While all three members are violent and sadistic people who won't hesitate to murder people, they nonetheless received a lot of sympathy because they used to be just regular and well-meaning people who were unjustly punished by being brainwashed by Eveline. This doesn't apply to Lucas though for other particular reasons.
  • There were a few particular deities that the Bakers were obssessed with, mostly given their uncanny resemblance to Eveline. Alma Wade was the first one, both Jack and Marguerite tried to take her back home which got them thrown into the Almaverse (Lucas was smart enough to bail out before anything happened) but surprisingly they survived their encounter, possibly thanks to their insane Healing Factor and Alma just let them go when they understood she didn't want to be bothered.
    • The second one was Samantha Maxis, she was much nicer than Alma but the zombies that resided in her temple were not. It wasn't that a big deal for the Bakers, after all their house is filled with Molded which are very similar and they don't cause much trouble to them, but because of Samantha's essence being bound to the M.P.D. they weren't able to bring her with them.
    • The third one was Erma, who was just perplexed that these people started calling her "Eveline" or "Daughter" and just tried to avoid them. Eventually Jack tried to kidnap her, which made Erma lash out at him but Jack shrugged off most of it, until Erma gave up and just phased through him since her attack weren't working.
  • Exclusive to Jack:
  • Exclusive to Marguerite
    • The Matriarch of the Baker family, Marguerite is not as strong as her husband Jack or as smart and cunning as her son Lucas but she instead has a swarm of infected insect following her around. She always sets up hives in key point of her temple and even outside in the pantheon and the wasps usually attack anyone who gets close to it. She doesn't take well when someone destroys them, with incident reported that she has murdered quite a few pantheon dwellers for daring to do that.
    • Another way to piss off Marguerite is to reject her food, even if it's totally gross and unpleasant she will waste no time in murdering anyone who badmouths her dishes, even her children aren't excempt from this. This trait already existed way before her infection but it wasn't as bad back then.
    • She seems to be familiar with many of the pantheonic insects that reside in the House of Insects, particularly wasps who often follow her around so she is in good terms with Queen Sectonia, Beedrill and Swarm. She is also acquiantanced with the sister house of Arthropods, mostly the Centipede creatures like Scolipede and the Mikami.
    • If pushed too far, Marguerite would assume a more deranged form akin to a spider. It has digusted a fair number of deities considering how her crotch (and and weak spot) is filled with maggots.
  • Exclusive to Lucas
    • The son of Jack and Marguerite and arguably the worst of the three in terms of callousness, Lucas is both sadistic and insane and he likes to force people into playing his sick games, mostly because he just feels like to. Originally he was the sole Baker who managed to escape unscathed but he was later taken down by Chris Redfield after he decided to go after him and because Lucas killed three of his men in very gruesome ways. Lucas didn't go down without a fight but Chris proved to be the superior of the two and won in the end, something which pisses Lucas a lot and swears he will get back at Chris.
    • Contrary to the rest of the Bakers, Lucas broke off Eveline's Hive Mind and is totally Not Brainwashed. The only reason he kept the facade is that he just enjoyed all the cruel things he did and he was always a Jerkass anyway, even if Eveline's infection turned him into a huge psychopath.
      • There is also his ties with the Connections, which were severed after he was killed by Chris and even then, they are not too happy that he just murdered all the personnel they sent to work for Lucas just because he felt like it. Instead, Lucas has been in contact with Wesker, since he is interested in knowing about his relationship with the Connections and also wants to get back at Chris.
    • His MO is very similar to the likes of the Jigsaw Killer, the Riddler and Junko Enoshima, which Lucas wasted no time in making friends with. Even then, he is fully aware that they aren't the most trustworthy of fellows and they feel the exact same about Lucas, so their alliance has been a rocky one (Not helping Lucas' tendency to off anyone who works for him)
      • At least with Junko they get along better than with the other two, mostly that they aren't actually that different (Junko also has that bad habit). In turn, those who has been to the Killing Game hate Lucas as much as Junko, he even might more dangerous than her considering his mutations. Lucas isn't afraid of a bunch of teenagers anyway, and if they try to stop him he will just subject them to his "Happy Birthday" game.
    • His part of the temple is filled with explosives and booby traps. He got really paranoid ever since he was killed and prefers to be alone else someone goes looking for him. He is also a Dirty Coward and prefers to not engage someone head on unless it's the only option.
    • Likes Clowns, the evil ones at least, considering he carries with him a creepy clown mannequin that resides in his temple (specifically the "Happy Birthday" room).
  • They can also be found at Fearsome Archetypes.

Ancient Ogre, God of Generic Mesoamerican Cultures (Toshin, The God of Fighting, Stealer of Souls, True Ogre, Monstrous Ogre)

    Stahn Aileron 
Stahn Aileron, God of Heroes From The Country (Stan Aileron)

Lesser Gods

    Alex (Street Fighter
Alex, God of Cool New Yorkers (The Young Blood, Awakened Talent, The Shoulders Bearing the Next Generation, Shadaloo Test Body #222222 [by F.A.N.G])
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Headband
  • Theme Music: Jazzy NYC (Underground Edit, Latin Mix, NY House Mix, Untamable New Blood, Super Throw when sparring or out on the town, The Sleeping Lion in more serious fights; '99, Subway Station, or Power Age when teaming with Ken), Full Throttle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cool New Yorkers, Battle Strip, Flash Chop, Three Perspectives of New York City, The Hyper Bomb Super Art, Spirited Competitors, Headbutt, Short-Tempered Yet Cool People, Headbands, Big Brother Instinct, The Protagonist of Street Fighter III
  • Domains: Combat, Wrestling, Protection
  • High Priest: Casey Jones
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Poison, Remy
  • Headbutting Warriors With: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Alex DeLarge
  • Commonality Connection With: Daniel Bryan
  • To describe Alex personality-wise, he's a simple guy from New York who can be both chill and short-tempered, and is known for being brutally honest; this boldness tends to run him into deep trouble at times. He's a firefighter whose parents died when he was a young boy, and was afterwards taken in by a friend of his father named Tom. A military veteran and a refiner of fighting moves, Tom trained Alex in street brawling and wrestling at his gym, giving him a fighting style combining Mike Awesome and Hulk Hogan. Tom and his daughter Patricia are considered family to Alex now, and anybody who threatens them are going to be buttkicked by his power. This is how he became archenemies with the Emperor of the Illuminati.
  • When he learned that Gill had joined to the Pantheon, Alex trained his butt off to prove that he could go up against him if need be and thus was worthy to ascend. This got the Court's attention; however, what got him on board was that he is something of an embodiment of cool New York.
  • Along his initial travels against Gill, he came face to face with Ryu. The outcome of their battle isn't known, except that the two both respect each other as a Worthy Opponent.
  • Rips his shirt every time he enters battle, this makes Hulk Hogan proud.
  • He and Dudley are considered as the worthy successors of Ryu and Ken. They, along with Elena, are arranging the ascensions of the New Generation of Street Fighters, though he knows that one of them, Remy, is a French jerk who doesn't like Street Fighting yet recurs to it. Remy ended up getting many of the others into the Pantheon.
  • Definitively not confused with a teenage sociopath named Alex DeLarge. Matter of fact, he doesn't like that kid very much and would like to teach him a lesson. Out of decency, he's waiting for DeLarge to come after him first before he does anything.
  • Got on the wrong side of Kaito Kumon after he showed his true colors by approving Helheim Forest's invasion in order to liberate the weak. Alex doesn't condone his actions and he's ready to kick his butt, even if he understands Kaito had a good reason to do so. Since that day, they tend to fight.
  • He made a comeback (or rather, a chronological debut) in the finale of the bridge of events. The very first glimpse we saw of him was fixing a car in his hometown, outside of Cafe Eliza.
    • There was a moment when Alex was captured by low-rank Shadaloo soldiers. He then was awakened in a special area, where F.A.N.G would send holographic projections of Street Fighters to test him. Alex singlehandedly defeated them, and almost broke out of the grid, forcing F.A.N.G to release him in order to avoid damaging it.
    • He later took part in a wrestling event in which he defeated lower competitors before ending up in a tag match with Laura Matsuda against Zangief and R. Mika, and beat Dhalsim in a brief fight after mistaking him for a mugger. The supernatural yogi instead kindly asked Alex for a white chess-like piece that he'd been trusted with not too long prior. As the piece had no significance to him, Alex willingly turned it over.
  • Along with Zangief, he gained the attention of the House of Plants, due to their motto of "Plant people, not trees!" when fighting.
  • "You can't escape! Real fighters know their true calling!"

    The Dukes of Hazzard 
Beauregard "Bo", Lucas K. "Luke" and Daisy Duke, Triplet Deities of the Deep South (Bo and Luke: The Dukes of Hazzard, Lost Sheep, Daisy: Bo Peep)
Clockwork from top: Daisy, Bo, Luke
  • Lesser Deities as a team, Demideities individually
  • Symbol: General Lee, their car
  • Theme Song: Gold Old Boys
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for Bo and Luke, Neutral Good for Daisy
  • Portfolio: Living With Their Uncle Jesse Duke, Those With Dead Parents, Odd Names
  • Domains: Pursuit, Rule-Breaking, Cars, Fanservice (even more so for Daisy).
  • Allies: Atticus Finch, Scarlett O'Hara, Dominic "Dom" Toretto, Misty, Jonathan Kent, Weird Al Yankovic
  • Rivals: Mario
  • Enemies: Bray Wyatt, actual Evil Policemen in the House of Justice.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Hank Hill
  • On the Hit List of: Rosco P. Coltrane, (sometimes they got an Enemy Mine with him).
  • Long has Rosco kept an eye on the roads for his archnemeses. Such people call him out for his less desirable traits, but he knew that there will be a time when he has to do battle with the Dukes of Hazard. That day finally arrived when he caught sight of a car with the Dixie flag on the side. At last, he saw his chance of redemption. The chase ended in 30 seconds with his car in a ditch. A furious Judge Dredd sent him to desk duty as punishment for not informing other officers. Rosco knew his future actions against the group will not be liked, but he felt a sense of pleasure of taking up the challenge once more. And the teens are eager to meet it.
    • Rosco certainly has competition, a number of other deities want them off the rode. Javert is always ready to put them behind bars, but is frustrated with their lack of regret. Meanwhile, the Dark Judges have a more... permanent solution in mind.
  • There was a bit of controversy with their ascension, namely the General Lee along with the Dixe flag on the side. After a bit of discussion, the Court of the Gods let them by, citing that there are far worst people in the Pantheon. That and the kids, while mischievous troublemakers, are generally good natured.
  • Among the first questions that they had was where were the races. It turns out there were plenty of challengers. The group enjoyed racing with Mario in particular in his races
    • The trio even got an invitation from Dom, divine Badass Driver. He is interested in recruiting them to his crew of drivers. The kids are intrigued at the prospect though they are wary of potentially working with the government.
  • When looking for like minded fellows, they came across a farm house with a Wrestling Family. He Wyatt family were overjoyed to have new blood enter their family. The warm greetings wore off quickly as soon as nightfall. While the kids wanted to drive off the next day, the Wyatts wanted them to stay longer. It quickly became a horror show as the Dukes made off into the night screaming.
  • One of the few deities in law willing to vouch for them Finch has made various pleas to lessen their sentencings with great success. That and his kindred spirit has formed a friendship with him. It appears to have an effect on them; they tend to behave better whenever Finch is around them.
  • As expected, Bo and Luke have fallen head over heels for Southern Belle Scarlet O'Hara. The two boys have never hesitated to give her a ride whenever they ask for one. Daisy has been less enthusiastic. She has heard rumors about how she manipulates men to do her bidding. She also suspects that Scarlet doesn't care for either of them, only that they may help her get back with Rhett. There are worries that her charms could lead to a fight between the brothers.
  • Daisy's Ms. Fanservice appeal is legendary to the point that her iconic short shorts are named after her. It didn't take long before many suitors came after her. But it will be tough pickings; not only is she picky with who she goes out with, her brothers are extremely protective of her. They won't hesitate to defend her if she doesn't like what she sees.
    • She had a respectable run as High Priest to Misty. While some grumbled about her placement, Daisy holds no grudge with the Pokemon trainer.
  • There has been a few attempts from Hank Hill to try and convince the kids to do things more productive. The few times they did agree to help him turned out to be an excuse to use his toolbox. With that said, he is impressed with their mechanic skills and getting his car fixed is the one task they are willing to do with no catch.
  • Jonathan Kent gave them a shoutout when he handed them a replica of the General Lee, courtesy of one of his avatars. That person played Bo and even had Luke's avatar join in on the fun.
  • Weird Al asked them if the ashtray he found at Ebay was authentic. The kids could only shrug in reply. With that, it looked like it could never be proven.

    Grey Cloud/Nightwolf 
Grey Cloud, God of Indigenous Shamans (Nightwolf, Mahpiyagohta)
  • Lesser God (with the potential to go Intermediate)
  • Symbol: His facepaint with his two tomahawks
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Indigenous Shamans, Being the Sin Eater, Special Attacks (Composed of Attack Reflection, Energy Bow and Thunder Bolt), Heroic Sacrifice, Warrior Poets, Being the Number Two for Raiden/Haokah.
  • Domains: Magic, Combat, Weapons, Good.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Syzoth/Reptile
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: The Wendigo
  • Uneasy around: Werewolves
  • Nightwolf ascended thanks to his vast usage of shamanistic spells in Kombat. Was one of Raiden's chosen heroes in the Third Mortal Kombat Tournament, and remains a force of good throughout the realm, using his magic attunement, making him worthy of the title.
    • For better or for worse, when Raiden resetted the timeline, Nightwolf had the bad luck of getting slain while sacrificing himself to eliminate an evil version of Sindel. By default, he would end up being a revenant of Quan Chi during the 25 Years Prophecy... However, thanks to some tinkering by Raiden and the good deities of Trope Pantheons, especially fellow Shaman Thrall, they managed to give the proverbial middle finger by Quan Chi and yanking him away right before the deal of 'heroes turn to revenant' can take on full effect. Quan Chi might have gotten himself a Nightwolf revenant in the MK-verse, but in the Trope Pantheons, it was mostly known that it's the heroic Nightwolf that stands.
  • So far, he's the only Kombatant to openly dislike Sindel due to her infamous massacre in the retelling, to the point of calling her "Monster!". And he's the one who sacrificed his life to stop her once and for all. However, when it comes to the Pantheon, Nightwolf could only shed tears that he knew that the Sindel of the original time was a honorable queen and would end up that way if it wasn't for the new timeline mess, hoping that she would receive the same treatment as him and get out of The Fallen.
  • There was a time when Nightwolf discovered that Freddy Krueger was breaking havoc in Earthrealm and as a result, he banished him back to the Dreamrealm, basically making freddy immortal again. Krueger likes to make fun of Nightwolf for his terrible mistake, but he remains staunch that he will rectify the mistake.
  • He was glad to meet other native americans that happened to be ascended as well. She frequently likes to chat with Pocahontas, Michelle and Julia Chang.
  • Gets along with Thrall because he is a fellow shaman like him. Nightwolf is interested in getting to know the culture of the orcs and see if he can learn a few new tricks from him. Furthermore, as mentioned, Thrall was the one suggesting how to 'save' the revenants.
  • Is not happy to see Onaga in the Pantheon, due to the incident he got involved in the Previous Timeline.
  • He heard from Thrall of the fabled Wendigo, a creature that he heard and believed that was a myth. Nightwolf could be the key person that could finally purify the body of Hanah and let her rest in peace.
  • In the previous timeline, Nightwolf became a Sin Eater, people who are able to completely absorb evil energies whilst retaining his psyche and vanish evil creatures to the depths of the Netherrealm. While it's unknown if he can channel those powers again, Azmodan has been really wary about the Shaman.
  • There was a time when he used to be rather Tech-savvy and served as the Mission Control of the Earthrealm warriors. While he isn't like that anymore, he likes to visit the House of Machinery and Technology from time to time.
  • Fitting to his name, he actually is very close to wolves and is able to communicate with them. This in turn made him friends with San, who is also close to wolves.
    • However, he feels uneasy around Werewolves, given that in an Alternate Universe he was once possessed by Shao Khan and it transformed him into a Lycanthrope. Although he likes to visit people like Greymane or Valkenhayn to be prepared in case said situation happens for real.
  • "Ancestors, give me strength!"


    Atticus Finch 
Atticus Finch, God of Kindly Alabamans (One-Shot)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pair of spectacles, one lens much thicker than the other
  • Theme Song: To Kill a Mockingbird Suite
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Crusading Lawyer, Deadpan Snarker, Determined Defeatist, based on Harper Lee’s father, Gentleman and a Scholar, The Hero, Nice Guy, a real estate lawyer appointed to defend Tom Robinson, Papa Wolf, Retired Badass, Smart People Wear Glasses, Stoic Spectacles, Good Parents
  • Domains: Good, Law, Respect
  • Heralds: Jean Louise “Scout” Finch and Jeremy “Jem” Finch (his children)
  • Allies: Phoenix Wright, Perry Mason, Miles Edgeworth, Rika Furude, good-aligned gods in the House of Family and Relatives, Marge Gunderson, Hank Hill, Naofumi Iwatani
  • Enemies: Chin, Calvin Candie and Stephen, Manfred von Karma, Malty S. Melromarc
  • Opposes: Scarlett O’Hara, Eric Cartman
  • Admired by: The Nostalgia Critic
  • The oldest prominent lawyer in the Pantheon, Atticus Finch represents the moral ideal of both a lawyer and a human being: he is brutally honest, highly moral, a tireless crusader for good causes (even hopeless ones), and a virtual pacifist. He has the most dignity of any god in the courtroom, and other gods respond by settling down a bit while in his presence. Unlike other lawyer gods, he doesn't see the courtroom as a battle between himself and the prosecution, and has never so much as raised his voice. "Never ask a witness a question whose answer you don't know," he's said before.
  • Though he doesn’t reside in the House of Justice, he can be found working on several cases there. Among those in the house who work well with him are fellow lawyers Phoenix Wright and Perry Mason, who respect him for his actions in the court.
    • From Phoenix, he met up with Miles Edgeworth, who was given odd looks as he noticed his resemblance to his father Gregory. Perhaps it’s because of this that the two were able to work together in several cases.
    • On the other hand, he doesn’t like Manfred von Karma for his Amoral Attorney tendencies.
  • Gets along well with Marge Gunderson due to both of them being law-abiding nice people. The Nostalgia Critic even cited both of them as two of his all-time favorite characters.
  • Given the racism-based conflict being a Central Theme in his story, it’s no surprise that he has his share of enemies. He was particularly annoyed with Chin’s modus operandi being driven by blind racism. He also doesn’t like Calvin Candie and Stephen for obvious reasons.
    • He also doesn’t like Cartman as he couldn’t believe how much of a dick he is at such a young age. He also despises Malty for having herself tried to set up various people with false rape accusations, much like how Bob Ewell did so against Tom Robinson.
  • As the Goddess of Determined Defeatists, Rika Furude respects the lawyer for his determination to defend an innocent man despite knowing fully well that the jury would not acquit him.
  • While a single parent, he treats his children with nothing but love and respect, and a big part of his character is that he refuses to do anything that would lower himself in the eyes of Scout and Jem. As such, many good-aligned gods in the House of Family are glad to help him out. He is also on good terms with Hank Hill, who is another father that resides in the South.
  • What's with his One-Shot nickname? Well, there was one time a rabid dog comes slinking into the neighborhood, and he dispatched it cleanly with a rifle. According to, Miss Maudie, that was his old nickname for his expert marksmanship. One reason he won't hunt anymore is that he's too good and it's not fair to the animals.
  • “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view - until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

    Franklin Paddock 
Baker: "Paddock! Can you get me and Holden up there?"

Paddock: "I could get a piano up there!"

Sgt. Franklin Paddock, Patron Saint of Soldiers Hailing From The Countryside (Paddock, Kansas Boy, Mr. Deathwish)
Paddock as part of the 101st Airborne's recon teams during Operation Market-Garden, September 1944
Paddock as part of the 502nd PIR during the Normandy landings in June 1944 
Paddock: "Hehehe...You should see the look on ya'll's faces!"
Doyle: "Did you forget the password?"
Paddock: "Naw, I remembered...Flash answered by thunder and all that. I could see plain as day it was Red from 3rd squad."
Doyle: "We could have shot you."
Paddock: "Well, damn good thing you didn't, right? Shit, I'd have been mighty ticked off."
Doyle: "We should keep moving."
  • From then on he would be working alongside Hartsock and occasionally Baker during their missions in Normandy. Among these would include ambushing a German artillery convoy in a French hamlet, relieving the 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment near Hell's Corners, and helping Hartsock and Corrion stall a German offensive outside of Carentan.
  • Following Hartsock's own promotion to Sergeant the day after the Battle of Bloody Gulch, Paddock was assigned as his squad's Assault Team Leader. It was in this position that he helped Hartsock and the rest of 2nd squad clear Carentan, fight their way into Baupte, and help clear St. Sauveur le Vicomte.
    • Paddock would continue leading Hartsock's assault team in this position well into Operation Market-Garden. At one point, he assists SSgt. Matthew Baker in clearing a German-occupied church. In the process, he ends up saving the Sergeant from a German sniper, by pushing the German out of a window. As it turns out, said sniper was responsible for the death of Lt. Col. Robert Cole, an officer that both Baker and Hartsock had been under command of during the Normandy battles.
Paddock:"Hey, I'll be sending the rest of your friends your way real soon!" *Pushes German to his death*
  • During the fight for control of Veghel, however, things would change, arguably for the worse. While Veghel was successfully captured and held by the 101st and XXX corps, a mortar shell ended up badly wounding Hartsock, killing "Friar" Winchell, and wounding several others including Baker.
  • This event would ultimately lead to Paddock being recommended for promotion by Baker. As a Sergeant, Paddock would take over command of 2nd squad and take orders from Baker, helping the Staff Sergeant take the Dutch town of Koevering. Here, he served as a Target Spotter for Allied artillery, and ended up accidentally causing more than a few friendly fire incidents...
    • It was also revealed following this promotion that Paddock also was able to correctly deduce who in 2nd squad was most likely to get killed in Holland, namely Marsh and Friar, who were indeed killed mere days after he predicted this and told it to the rest of his squad. It's also revealed that that he even regretted saying this, and genuinely felt like he had sent his own friends to their deaths because of it.
Paddock: "I was just tryin' to point out a hole in our unit. I didn't mean to sound so cruel..."
  • Paddock would be last seen alongside the rest of 2nd and 3rd squad during Baker's Rousing Speech at the end of their story. His whereabouts and fate following this are thus far unknown, no thanks to his and Baker's story being unfinished.
  • Having already been in the Pantheon for a while as one of Hartsock's and Baker's Heralds, Paddock, having already been promoted to Sergeant even before being dropped into the Pantheon, is given his own Temple by none other than Major Winters, having witnessed Paddock's skill and bravery in combat firsthand. Unlike the two Sergeants as well as Jasper and Connor, however, he has no Herald of his own, due to his previous subordinates having been killed in Holland, and having parted with them on very bad terms no thanks to his own words.
  • Like Pfc. Jasper and Pfc. Connor, however, Paddock, on occasion, still assists both Baker and Hartsock on their missions behind German lines. With his own Temple now, however, he also frequently accompanies other US and sometimes British soldiers on other missions, usually against various Nazi soldiers and officers.
    • He's one of the few American soldiers who actually approves of The Basterd's methods due to being a Blood Knight himself, though he still thinks that carving swastikas onto their heads is a bit too far.
    • He's also pretty close with B.J. Blaskowicz, no thanks to also being good at killing Nazis and being enthusiastic about it. The "Kansas Boy" frequently accompanies the Nazi Hunter on more than a few dangerous missions, just so he can get a piece of the action.
    • Surprisingly, he's been recommended by Lt. Mike Powell to be part of the attacking force on the planned raid on Fort Schmerzen, thanks in part to Paddock's surprisingly good deduction for where the Germans would likely place defenses.
    • Paddock has also been working closely with both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes as an honorary Howling Commando. It helps that the Sergeant from Kansas was able to help them locate an apparently hidden HYDRA facility in a seemingly uninhabited forest.
    • Of all the ascended American paratroopers, Paddock is most often seen working alongside Cpl. Boyd Travers. And thanks to Paddock's past experience with destroying German artillery pieces, sometimes singlehandedly, Travers has asked the Sergeant to help him in the planned assault and destruction of Der Flakturm, alongside several other paratroopers including Hartosck and Baker.
    • The only Allied soldier who doesn't fully welcome his help is the OSS agent Lt. Karl Fairburne, given that most his missions are mostly of the stealthy kind and involve sniping. Someone loud and specializing in close quarter combat like Paddock could jeopardize his missions and end in either the capture or death of both of them.
    • While also a Blood Knight like Cpt. Spiers, even he considers the Easy Company commander to be a bit too terrifying, especially after hearing about quite a few terrifying rumors about the man.
  • During one mission while serving under Baker, he ends up saving the Staff Sergeant once again from a Waffen Senior Trooper, a sniper variant of the Waffen Infantry. And once again, he ends up shoving the German soldier to his death. In fact, every time he comes up against these German snipers, he now begins doing this on a regular basis.
  • During his first encounter with the Valkyrie Jager, an elite German paratrooper unit, he was astonished at their arsenal, which were so much more effective than the Grease Gun he was using. Despite this, however, he was still able to outwit them and survive, even capturing a few of their nice weapons and handing them over to other Allied soldiers for their use.
  • While accustomed to dealing with Waffen-SS and Falschirmjager units (having already fought both kinds of soldiers in Normandy and the Netherlands), even this couldn't prepare him against the far more competent and deadly Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites. To Paddock, the Waffen Storm Leaders were essentially the Panzergrenadiers but on steroids, given that they have a similar arsenal as the former but are far more competent. The Nazis Storm Elites were a different story for him, however, as he was immediately startled at how durable each of them were, not to mention their Improbable Aiming Skills with a light machine gun. Had it not been for Cpl. Boyd Travers accompanying him during this particular encounter, Paddock most certainly would have been killed in action.
    • To say that Paddock was surprised when he later found out that there were worse, and far more powerful Nazis in the Pantheon, would be an understatement. And not just bulletproof Nazis like what he had just encountered, but also vampire Nazis, Nazis with mechs, etc.
  • Pvt. Robert Zussman gets along rather well with Paddock, thanks in huge part to the Sergeant reminding him of Cpl. Ronald Daniels, another Southern-Fried Private. Like Paddock, Daniels is known for being brash, insubordinate, but also a very competent frontline soldier.
  • Like Jasper, he gets along well with the 501st JFW, though for a while he genuinely thought the Karlslandians were affiliated with the Krauts, which initially led to a Mexican Standoff that was ultimately ended when the aformentioned Jasper vouched for them. Thankfully, his trust in the Military Mage unit is earned when the latter save himself and a few other of his fellow paratroopers from a Neuroi attack.
  • At one point, he almost ends up throwing a grenade into the Oarai Anglerfish Team's Panzer IV, before realizing that the Panzer IV he was attacking wasn't in German markings, much less knowing that the crew members weren't hostile German tankers. A similar incident happens with Maho Nishizumi and her Tiger I tank. While the outcome of his realization and subsequent apology isn't known, what is known is that Paddock must be kept away from them in order to avoid a repeat and any potential innocent casualties.
  • Unsurprisingly, gets along really really well with America, especially with regards to "playing hero". They also both share some really weird mindsets, which also helps.
"Cease fire! Cease fire! They're dead!"

    Groundskeeper Willie 
William "Willie" MacDougal III, God of Violent Scottish Folks (Groundskeeper Willie, Greenskeeper Willie(at the golf course), G.K Willington Esquire, William MacMoran)

    Marge Gunderson 
Marge Gunderson née Olmsted, Goddess of Nice Minnesotans (Margie)

    Sandy Cheeks 
Sandra "Sandy" Cheeks, Goddess of Texan Genius (Miss Appear, The Rodent)

    William Wallace 
William Wallace, God of Brave Scots
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His claymore
  • Theme Music: Braveheart Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Crusading Widow who received a Historical Hero Upgrade, Genius Bruiser, gave a Rousing Speech, ultimately Defiant to the End by Maintaining his Independence
  • Domains: Good, War, Rage, Freedom
  • Allies: Groundskeeper Willie, The Joestar family, Connor and Duncan MacLeod, Merida, Bill and Ted, Travis DeGroot/The Demoman, George Washington
  • Enemies: The Kurgan
  • Opposes: Queen Elizabeth I, Henry the Eighth, Count Dooku
  • Annoys: King Arthur
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Odd Friendship: Nightwolf
  • Special Relationship: The Rock of Ages
  • It was rather easy to pinpoint when William Wallace first appeared in the Pantheon. A loud voice shouting "FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!" could be heard throughout the House of Culture. That day was remembered well by the millions of Scottish followers of the Pantheon. It was the day that their most famous rebel fighter had ascended. It was William who helped bring about the reputation of Scots as brave, hardy souls who are willing to fight for their cause.
    • Spurred on by the death of his wife Murron, he helped the Scots fend off the English for many years. In the end, he met his demise and was hung drawn and quartered for his troubles, but not without inspiring others to keep fighting for many more years to come. Nowadays, he is by far the most famous Scot in the past.
    • This version of the real life warrior was different in the sense that he played a far greater importance than his real life counterpart did. There were various other heroes who played a part in the Wars of Scottish Independence who were either incorporated int his character or did not appear at all. In response, William Wallace paid their respects by etching their names on the outer walls of his temple. Inside, one can find information of various Scottish freedom fighters.
  • Previously the most prominent Scot in the Pantheon, Willie was elated that his namesake had finally arrived at the Pantheon. He pretty much confirmed that he was named after the Folk Hero. Their followers peacefully exchanged clergy and even worked together in harmony, a rarity for the usually violent Scotsmen.
  • The Joestar family comes from a long line of Scotsmen. While they don't strive to show off their heritage, they still cheered when Wallace managed to ascend.
  • Many wonder if the film Braveheart was influenced by another highlander based film that appeared a decade earlier. Connor and Duncan Macleod were born centuries after the legend of William Wallace, and were glad to see their hero in the flesh. Of course the two also joked about how there were other heroes during those wars. Regardless, both were eager ally with him.
    • There was one more Immortal to visit him. The Kurgan came by with one goal in mind: to bring the head of William Wallace to his rivals. The two clashed with their swords for the following fight. Wallace was sadly outclassed in terms of strength and was overwhelmed. Thankfully, Joseph Joestar was nearby and drove the Russian off. Expecting a rematch, Wallace unearth defenses to give him more of an advantage the next time he faces the Immortal.
  • Travis DeGroot the Demoman on the other hand has completely bought on the legend of William Wallace. He even gets into fights with those who don't believe he can kill a hundred men single-handedly and shoot fire from his eyes. Wallace allows Travis to continue his belief to boost his morale.
    • The only English monarchs in the Pantheon ruled long after his death, but William Wallace declared the two obstacles in the name of Scottish liberation. The monarchs see him now as nothing more than a nuisance now that unification was all but assured.
  • King Arthur does not get as much hatred from William Wallace due to his fictional history, but the Knight of the Round Table is annoyed with him for a different reason. Wallace claims that the story of Arthur is actually based on Scottish warlord named Arthur Mac Aedan. Given the dire implications to English folklore, Arther has vehemently denied these claims.
  • If there's one thing he is at least grateful for, it's the fact that one of its former colonies managed to break from their rule. Much of that War of Independence can be attributed to George Washington. Wallace commended him for his leadership in battle and in rule. He also appreciates that the First President had no intention of ruling for long, preferring that others will take up the mantle after him.
  • One consolation is the fact that there is a Scottish princess in the Pantheon as well. He has sworn loyalty to the archer Merida in the hopes that she may become a new legend in Scottish lore. He was impressed with the way she asserted herself as a warrior as well as a princess and has pledged to help hone her swordsmanship.
  • Just because he focuses on the freedom of Scotland doesn't mean he's blind of the oppression of other people. He went over to the domain of Nightwolf, resident Magical Native American, and the two likened each other as brothers. William hopes that Nightwolf's people may gain the amount of appropriate he wishes his people may have.
  • The same cannot be said for with Lelouch, the British god of Rebellion. Besides being the heir to the Holy Britannian Empire, he also does not like how detached Lelouch is for the loss of life his plan causes. Regardless, the nature of the two people often require cooperation between the two which can cause a lot of tension.
  • He has been even more blunt with the likes of Count Dooku. He has no sympathy for how Dooku was duped into following the orders of the Emperor, ultimately destroying his cause in the process. Wallace out right stated he wants no part in his revolution.
  • His depiction in the film has been divisive for quite a few people in the Pantheon. Yet he is not sure of that of the Rock of Ages. On the one hand, he was annoyed that his version was vanquished by the historical version of William Wallace. On the other hand, he was intrigued that the later performed feats many believed to be mere myth. That deity has been forgiven for now.
  • His presence was at his greatest in 2014, when Scotland was given the option to vote for its independence. His name was used as a rallying cry for those hoping to be free of the UK. It was a contentious campaign in the Pantheon with both sides turning to deities for help. Ultimately, Scotland decided to maintain that partnership. William Wallace wishes he was in the Pantheon at that time, but is now ready to represent the Scottish people if such an opportunity arrives again.
  • When Bill and Ted walked down on a street next to him, William's eyes widened. He confronted the two and stated he recognized them. It took the rockers a few seconds, but they eventually agreed with him. He was initially one of the people they wanted to take to the presence, but he scared them off. It was common for such people to be scared of time travelers in their first appearance. Now that he's used to it, William wanted the two to create music for Scottish liberation. Bill & Ted agreed and asked him to get back to them once they finished.


    Borat Sagdiyev 
"Jagshemash! My name Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!"

Borat Sagdiyev, God of Funny Foreigners
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The flag of Kazakhstan, and a fluorescent green mankini
  • Theme Songs: Eu Vin Acasa Cu Drag, In My Country There Is Problem, Wuhan Flu
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A rather clueless Kazakhstan reporter who acts as a racist, misogynist and massively anti-semitic (despite the actor playing him is Jewish), goes abroad to report about the United States, actually does not speak Kazakh but a mixture of Armenian, Hebrew, and Polish, comedic in an outlandish way
  • Domains: Foreign Culture, Travel, Journalism, Comedy, Political Incorrectness
  • Herald: Tutar (his daughter), Azamat (his manager)
  • Allies: Parvana Alizai
  • Enemies: None. He tries to be nice to everyone, except for Jews and gypsies.
  • Opposed by: Judge Claude Frollo, Lady Eboshi, Walter Sobchak, The Inspector
  • Opposes: All Jewish and gypsy deities in the Pantheon and a bit of the American ones, special mention goes to Shylock
  • Complicated Relationship with: Eric Cartman, Mr. Rottweiler
  • Borat Sagdiyev is a journalist/reporter from the far-off nation of Kazakhstan, and has traveled abroad a lot to learn about the culture of other countries and compare them to that of his homeland. Despite being a massive racist, he is a decent person who is more than happy to learn about other cultures even if he is kind of an idiot. In his two trips to the United States, he has shown quite a handful of manners that either shocks or infuriates the bystanders, unaware to both about his lifestyle being different to the typical American and his actions often painting him either as a comedian or at most times, politically incorrect. Despite all the misgivings, he bears no ill will against the citizens and everyone around and comes off as relatively harmless.
  • One day, he left Kazakhstan to embark on another one of his travels after his successful reports about the United States have gone gold, but this journey in particular is extremely different: an unknown landmark that was supposed to cross the globe, particularly that of the East. Upon landing, he noticed something different and reading his assignment, it turns out he is going to the Pantheon to learn about the culture in it and talk with some of the deities present. While he was able to pose as a regular tourist, his (morbidly) hilarious antics started cropping up in various Houses and the authorities caught up with him. After witnessing the culprit and his history, the Court of the Gods decided to grant him a place proper among the Gods. In Borat's own words, it was a Great Success!
  • The Pantheon has great offerings when it comes to the deities' origins, many have come from various nations and cultures, all of which Borat can easily document, if he was not such a big (and admittedly funny) nonce. His racism, bigotry and misogyny are all big culture shocks to many of the Pantheon's inhabitants, likely because they have not achieved the same level of carelessness compared to Borat's carefree attitude, though its more likely because of Kazakhstan's culture, according to him that is. His subsequent trips to America has given him a dose of real life implications of his attitude but he has not changed one bit, well maybe a bit of the misogynistic attitude of his once it was found out that he had a daughter that he raised and perhaps some really hate towards Americans that some rumor, may have superseded his dislike towards Jews.
    • A clear cut example of some of Borat's attitudes not changing is his despicable attitude against Jews and gypsies. Some of his hate stems from Kazakhstan's main problems, among which includes Jews, likely because of the nation's superstitious beliefs against them. His hate for gypsies may as well be with the same reasoning, though not entirely explained as compared to Jews. Some of his attitudes, despite him labelled as a Kazakh, are not entirely from that nation, for one, his "Kazakh village" is actually in Romania and his language (alongside his assistant Azamat) are a mix between Armenian and Hebrew. Some of the stuff Borat gets are actually from Israel... home of the Jews, and if one hopefully does not want to break the news, Borat himself may be an actual ignorant Jew. Still, some of his attitudes are pretty hilarious and can break up the monotony of the Pantheon's conflicts.
  • He was surprised that despite the various cultures and people around the Pantheon, few rarely came from his homeland, until he met a young girl who approached him with sympathy. The girl's name was Parvana Alizai, an Afghan who went to the troubles of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, who told stories of her experience following the prosecution of women in that nation at her time. One of Borat's heralds, his daughter Tutar sympathized with her and asked for her dad's permission to not just befriend her but to consider her heritage. After a few stay-ins within her temple, an enlightened Borat decided to lower his sexist views around the Pantheon, not just for his sake but for Tutar and Parvana's sake thanks to the latter's history.
  • While he is busy documenting the various Pantheonic daily life he is in (read: acting rather weird to many denizens), a portion of his portfolio have reached to other members, particularly the Semetic and Anti-Semetic crowd. Walter was most heavily offended by Borat's history, so much so that his first entrance was shooting down his temple in pure, unbridled rage, though Borat was not there at the time and was busy being accustomed to other needs. He came back in rage once again when he was broadcasting his reports, and even mentioned Walter's name to the point that he charged in and shot Borat point blank before being arrested. The feeling he felt after being shot, then revived moments later, was according to him a Great Success!, with his popularity slowly reaching after a reenactment of a certain show that Borat is a part of now broadcasting in cable, despite the protests of some of the more sensitive audiences.
    • On the anti-Semetic side, Cartman was among the first to visit Borat and enjoy his company for a while. His comments have for once, matched Cartman's equally bigoted takes and lead the rest of the other members of the boys, particularly Kyle, absolutely dazzled that someone also share Cartman's beliefs. It basically became one of his most insufferable times in the Pantheon, though it all changed when Borat showed Cartman a Desert Eagle, a gun made by Israelis. This made Cartman squeal a bit as it triggered his anti-Semetic habits, but what really tipped off their would-be friendly relationship was him looking up at Borat's history and called him a phony racist, or a traitor Israelite for having Jewish blood, living in Kazahkstan and speaking in a weird blend of Hebrew and Armenian language. It was enough for Cartman to call quits.
    Cartman: Jesus, what the fuck was that? I befriended what I thought was an equal brother who turned out to be a phony European. Fucking Euro-
    Kyle: Are you referring to me or him?
    Cartman: What does it look like you Jewish fag?
    • Speaking of racists, none could match equal hatred to Romanis more than Judge Claude Frollo. Stemming from his obsessive attraction to Esmerelda, he has some equal racist comments to Romanis like Borat does. One time, he featured him in Da Ali G Show and was all going fine and dandy until Frollo made an angry speech against Esmerelda and many Romanis. Borat would have agreed with him but before he could speak, the Judge made it clear he not only hates Romanis but would rather put them in genocide, a take that he admits is far too much. After all, his racist takes is just a case of cluelessness and from his culture he grew up with but for Frollo to claim that a Romani massacre would be necessary is stepping into danger territory. Besides, he has other people to mock, like Jews.
  • Even with his changed attitude when it comes to misogyny, his behavior does not sit well to other women but Lady Eboshi in particular has many bones to pick on him for. While both Tutar and Parvana have made him change his ways, the leader of Iron Town has no sympathy for his comments beforehand, stating that his kind have no place in both Iron Town's ground and in the Pantheon. He does try to put up a nice face, which some may find hilarious, she does not follow the same crowd and has threatened him at gunpoint several times whenever he is a few distance within her temple. Some have tried persuading her to calm down and take a laugh at some of his antics but as stern as she is, she has refused mercy on him and anyone else who follow his path.
  • Before Borat's presence in the Pantheon became public, a report came from an unsuspecting Inspector about his observations about their guest. The description notes him of being very talkative and suspicious, often acting estranged whenever meeting him in the Pantheon borders. His peculiar interest would peak when he found out that he was carrying a few bags in his repeated visits. Following Borat's ascension, he comments that the Inspector may as well quit his job as a pesky border inspector and when asked why, he was lamenting about "traditional marriage sacks" which adds up to his suspicion of kidnapping, though good luck to his attempts as the Pantheon may be not as dumb as he may think.
  • As if the wrathful neighbor Woody had enough of Rottweiler's presence, Borat's similar mannerisms has him on edge as now he has to deal with arguably two Rottweilers, in his mind at the very least. Though for the lazy victim, he seems to not really care about Borat's presence despite their similarities, though hints of his jealousy could still be seen in some of the recordings. While the latter does have his fair share of sexist remarks, he does have some fascination with animals even if he keeps mistaking the common animal as a dog or a cat-in-a-hat, which cannot be similarly said towards Rottweiler, who seems to be rather apathetic to almost anyone he meets. Add that to his lack of charm compared to Borat's carefree attitude and some may argue that despite being similar, the Kazahkstani has more sympathy than he will ever get.

    Scarlett O'Hara 
Katie Scarlett O'Hara, Patron Goddess of Southern Belles (Scarlett, Katie Scarlett Hamilton, Katie Scarlett Kennedy, Katie Scarlett Butler)
  • Quasideity, with some moments of Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A woman dressed in southern clothing
  • Theme Song: "Tara's Theme"
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can pretend to be Neutral Good
  • Domain: Love, Manipulation, Farming, Determination, Family
  • Portfolio: Determined to survive to not go hungry again and protect Tara, Southern Belle, Spirited Young Lady, Big Eater, can charm men to do what she wants, City Mouse, HATES being pitied, Gold Digger, loves and idealizes the deep South, loves Ashley for what he represents and not realizing her feelings for Rhett
  • Heralds: Susan Elinor "Suellen" O'Hara and Caroline Irene "Carreen" O'Hara (her sisters)
  • High Priestess: Blanche DuBois
  • Allies: Anna Marie/Rogue, Shizuru Fujino, Cana Alberona, Rarity, Remilia Scarlet
  • Enemies: Calvin Candie and Stephen, every zombies in the Pantheon, Lady Macbeth
  • Opposed by: Every deities who were ever a slave, Charlotte LaBouff, Atticus Finch, Leonard McCoy, Romeo and Juliet
  • Opposes: Those who cheat on their spouse (surprisingly),
  • Odd Friendship with: Willy Wonka
  • Uneasy relationship with: Hank Hill, Flandre Scarlet, Gambit
  • Anti-Hero Counterpart to: Anne Shirley
  • Respected by: The House of Family and the House of Earth and Metal
  • Came upon the Pantheon after her famous break up with Rhett Butler and moaning her former sister-in-law Melanie Wilkes's death. Seeking a source to distract herself from the Trauma Conga Line that is the last several years of her life, Scarlett accepted her position in the Pantheon.
  • Instantly made friend with Rogue for both came from the Deep South and being two women who fights through an incredibly difficult time of their life.
    • However, she has a much more tense relationship with Gambit because he can't get past the fact that she owned slaves and the works that she came from is deeply apologetic to the Confederate.
  • Despite their superficial differences, Scarlett and Cana Alberona can sometimes be seen together talking about their daddy issues and also because Scarlett reminds Cana of her Edolas counterpart.
  • Made friend with Rarity who is also another Southern Belle and also because of Scarlett's love for horses.
  • Because the work she came from is deeply apologetic to the Confederate, has casual practice of slavery and has some racist undertone (even though Scarlett herself isn't particularly cruel to the black characters), her standing is... complicated with various deities in the Pantheon:
    • Obviously, anyone who was ever a slave has a big opposition to Scarlett for what she represents but they were a lot more conflicted when actually meeting her in person because Scarlet isn't particularly racist or cruel to black people in her story.
    • Charlotte LaBouff, while she admired Scarlett's fashionable wardrobe and is also from the Deep South, can't really get pass the racism in her work, especially that it hurts her best friend Tiana very deeply. The same thing also happens to Atticus Finch, who is somewhat racist but doesn't like slavery and Hank Hill, who loves traditional values but draws the line at slavery, not to mention being friends with a number of black people.
    • However, Scarlett absolutely despises fellow Southerners and slave owners Calvin Candie and Stephen for how cruelly they treated the slaves in their time as mortals.
    • Leonard McCoy doesn't particularly like Scarlett because he perceived that she and her lifestyle represents what the future considered backward about planet Earth and the Deep South especially.
  • Has a weird friendship with Shizuru for their interesting love life and the fact that when Shizuru speaks English, she has the accent of the Deep South.
  • Because of her screw up love life and multiple marriages not for love, Romeo and Juliet don't particularly like Scarlett, double so after meeting in person and finding out that she and Juliet sometimes look the same.
    • The same story happens with Lady Macbeth but is much more intense in their hatred due to the fact that Scarlett doesn't like killing as much as her.
  • Because Scarlett hates of ever going hungry again, she would happily utilize her ability to carry a gun to eliminate any zombies that came near her temple after hearing how they can never be satisfied and always going hungry, not to mention ravaging her beloved farm Tara.
  • Made quick friendship with Willy Wonka for their... fondness of free labor and can sometimes be seen testing his new chocolate flavor.
  • Has a good relationship with Remilia Scarlet for both being mysterious and sensual women named Scarlet(t). She has a less friendly relationship with the other Scarlet sister, however, because of Flandre's insanity but pities Remilia because she can understand having to take a mentally ill love one.
  • Anne Shirley and Scarlett has a sit down and talk with each other after discovering that they both have an interesting set of shared characteristics. Both came away from the meeting on friendly terms but agree to never do it again because each reminds of the others the path they could have taken if not for their different outlook on life and tragedy.
  • For all her flaws, Scarlett is incredibly respected by the House of Family and Earth for her ridiculous determination to survive and protect her family that she is willing to lie, cheat, steal and even kill to achieve that. Criticizing what other traits she might have, questioning her devotion to Tara and her family is a sure way to piss her off.
  • Once mistook Superman for one of her suitor because they had the same voice. While she was embarrassed of the misunderstanding, Scarlett still went to congratulate him for being married to a strong willed woman.
  • Is very much not amused that there's a certain Ghost Lady devoid of flesh who dressed up like her but is too hysterical to ripping off whoever came to her, painting a very bad image after her overall traumatic life.