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    The Love that Moves the Stars 
The Love That Moves the Sun and the Other Stars, God of Happy Endings (End of All Desires, Highest Joy)
A pale shadow of the Love from a distance
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Three circles that are one circle
  • Theme Song: Paradiso by Robert W. Smith
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Happy Ending, Comedy, The Power of Love, The Good Guys Always Win, Happily Ever After, Heaven, God Is Good, Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?, You Cannot Grasp the True Form, Brown Note, Take Our Word for It, Good Is Not Soft, Evil Will Fail.
  • Domains: Love, Hope, Faith, Joy, Beauty, Intelligence, Art, and Finality
  • Herald: Saint Beatrice (the greatest beauty to be found in His creation; the End of All Desires cannot be fully comprehended by humans, so He primarily befriends and beckons others through her)
  • Followers: Those who reject the Seven Deadly Sins, like: Plato, Lily Potter, NOBLE Team, Alexander Hamilton, Bert and Ernie, and Sir Galahad the Pure
  • Friends: Those who fit in the Spheres of Paradise, including Sol Badguy, Liu Bei, Oliver Twist, Gomez and Morticia Addams, The Librarian, Joe Joestar, Juror #8, The Guru, Heart Aino, Pit, and Eru Ilúvatar, The One Above All
  • Rivals: The Highest Joy has a strange relationship with others who claim to be the capital-G God; YHVH is only one really concerned with deposing the End of all Desires, but He also ends up in awkward situations with God-figures like Aslan, the God that likes Bob, The Presence and Arceus, as they also have equal claims to being the capital-G gods in their worlds; He does, however, agree with the Presence's assessment of Superman being "a good and faithful son" and praises the Man of Steel for choosing a Happy Ending for the entire DC Universe during Final Crisis
  • Enemies: The Love that Moves the Stars can only "hate" evil and nothingness in themselves, whether it be personified as Azmodan, the many Deaths or the abstract members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction; still, He has nothing to fear from these beings, since His existence is strictly necessary; the only being He is known to fear is The Joker, who confuses His deep mind's omniscience
  • Pities: Those doomed to the Circles of Hell, including The Kinkou Order, Fighter, Aphrodite, Gluttony, Wario, House of Hatred and Rancor, Oberon the Fairy King, House of Slaughter, House of Trickery, House of Betrayal, and Melkor
  • Opposed by: Often clashes with William Shakespeare over his many tragedies, not that He doesn't like Hamlet or Othello, but the Highest Joy finds it quite anticlimactic to end before seeing King Hamlet and Desdemona's ascension to Paradise
  • Legend says the End of all Desires is one of Dream of the Endless's many attempts to introduce Eru Ilúvatar as an entity within stories themselves. It may be his most successful attempt, and regardless of that legend's truth, ever since his ascension The Love has guided all stories to a Happy Ending. Even those stories with a Downer Ending only end so because the characters had the freedom to reject the Love's gift of Happily Ever After and eventually, the Love has made it so that The Good Guys Always Win.
  • Originally dwelt in the House of Love, but He was expelled by Aphrodite and Captain Harkness after calling their garden a "whirlpool of lust and depravity." He likes to spend His time helping J.R.R. Tolkien and his friends, the Heptapods, write stories. Unfortunately, His happiness is so great that it is more than capable of disintegrating their lodgings, so the Highest Joy generally resides in the more-durable House of Otherness while sending Beatrice to the other Houses on His behalf.
  • He has no role in the already-crowded management Grand United Alliance of Good. Although He sustains all-goodness, He wants no part in forcing people to accept what's best for them, lest he ends up like YHVH.
  • He sustains whatever goodness is in existence and has written a Happy Ending for all beings... except the Joker, whose origin the Love knows nothing about. Even the incarnations of the Joker that seem to die still make the Love ever so slightly afraid, if only because He has no idea where the Joker's soul rests. Because of all this, The Highest Joy has a special respect for Batman, although He feels the pain Bruce suffered to continue his war on crime. Still, He knows there is at least one story, where Bruce finally found happiness...
  • The Love has tried to find ways to ascend Superman's son, Jonathan, to the Pantheon, as a fitting reward a righteous and noble man who always wants happiness for everyone.
  • The Highest Joy has blessed Wander and his quest to show people the joys of happiness without forcing them to do anything. The Love's closeness to Wander has also led to his eminence to reach Paradise, where Saint James has adopted a comment by Wander into a hymn sung by a chorus of dancing fires of glee that circle the universe's outmost stars.
    Wander: I only present the positive path, I don't force you to follow it.
  • Despite His awkward meetings with Arceus, the Love feels pride in Ash Ketchum for never allowing difficulty from stopping his search for greatness and treasuring the simple joys in life. If there is one thing Arceus and the Love that Moves the Stars agree on is that Ash deserves a happy ending. Perhaps it is through the Highest Joy that Ash will find the true meaning of being a Pokémon Master.
  • The Highest Joy watches Shido Itsuka's journey with great interest, knowing that Shido is a kind and benevolent young man who wants the Sprits to be happy. He also knows of Shido's true origin as a reincarnated human/Spirit hybrid, but He does not reveal it because He believes Shido deserves to come to terms with that knowledge on his own terms.
  • James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard McCoy felt wary around the Love at first, as they previously encountered an entity that claimed to be God. Knowledgable that such entities litter the Ninth Circle of Hell, the Love understood the Enterprise trio's hesitance and gave them His blessing to continue their journey. Amazingly, Spock does not dismiss the Love's existence, as doing so would be illogical, much to McCoy's amusement.
    • On Kirk's suggestion, Jean-Luc Picard became acquainted with the Love through His herald, Beatrice. Unsurprisingly, Beatrice and Picard became good friends, with Picard suggesting Beatrice's master should humble Q if he ever enters the Pantheon.
  • Mario and Link are some of the Love's most enduring examples of the triumph of good over evil. He still pities Bowser and Ganondorf because their black hearts damn them to eternal shame and humiliation; not helped at all by Bowser's stubbornness and the borderline tragic circumstances of Ganondorf's creation.
  • Although the Highest Joy approves of Dexter's accomplishments, He has done what he can to suggest knowledge is nothing without the wisdom to appreciate it. Dexter, a worshipper of science, doesn't know what to make of the Love, but he intends to the Love's messages. After all, questioning the obvious is not scientific at all.
  • Despite the many tragedies he endured, Samurai Jack completed his journey and returned home. For that, the Highest Joy considers his story an excellent example of the happy ending He intends for all men. He especially takes joy in Jack's reunion with Ashi in the Pantheon.
  • The Devil who finds it better to reign in Hell has loudly gone on about how he intends to destroy the Love with his infernal power, but despite all his pontificating, he has yet to advance an attack. The Beast and the Saddam Hussein's Husband have similarly kept themselves as far away from the Love as possible, which two of the other Satans use as evidence that none of them are the original Devil. Having been rejected by all of them, the Love leaves them to their own ruinous devices.

Greater Gods

Zoffy, God of Finale Character Debuts (Ultraman Zoffy, Space Ranger Zoffy, Ultra Brother Number One, Andro Melos I, Savrin, Fire-head man)
  • Greater God, with borderline Overdeity-level ranged capabilities
  • Symbol: His Ultra Sign
  • Theme Song: Zoffy no Uta
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Ultra Brothers, Chest of Medals, Commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, The most capable and powerful of the main Ultra warriors, Evolved from a bit character into a key recurring role in the franchise, Arrived too late to prevent Ultraman’s death, Frequently protects the Earth from outer space, Single-handedly defended Earth from numerous off-planet invasion force during the Showa era, One-Man Army, Hand Blast, Had a spare Beta Capsule to save Shin Hayata’s life, Badass Cape, The Stoic
  • Domains: Protection, Giants, Heroes, Leadership
  • Heralds: The unascended Ultra Brothers (Jack, Ace, Taro), Melos, Ultraman Xenon, Ultraman Hikari, Professor Ohtani, Captain Shingo Sakomizu (former hosts)
  • Allies: All benevolent Ultra Series deities (especially Ultraman, Ultraseven (Ultra Brother subordinates), Ultraman King (Rumored Grandfather) and Ultraman Mebius), all heroic Toku deities (especially Zordon), The New Alliance of Free Stars, Captain America, Superman, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Gamera and Toto, Anguirus, good-aligned deities from the House of Light and Brightness, The Crystal Gems and their associates, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, The USS Enterprise crew, The Green Lantern Corps and their allies, The benevolent Dragon Ball deities (especially Gowasu)
  • Rivals: Godzilla, King Kong
  • Enemies: All malevolent Toku deities (Especially Belial, the Zettons, Yapool and Alien Empera), the malevolent members of the House of Extraterrestrials, King Ghidorah, Shocker, Unicron, Deathwing, Colossatron, The Dalek Empire, Lavos, Melkor, SpaceGodzilla, Ghatanothoa, Frieza, Zamasu, Darkseid, Oryx, Nightmare, Queen Beryl
  • Opposes: The House of Military and Warefare, especially Ares
  • Odd Friendship: Makie Sasaki
  • In Summer 1966, an Ultra warrior came to Earth from the Land of Light and bonded with a human named Shin Hayata in order to defend the Earth from hordes of kaiju and alien invaders. However, these adventures came to an end in Spring 1967, when the Zettonians launched an all-out invasion of Earth, culminating in Ultraman dying in battle against their ultimate weapon, the Space Dinosaur Zetton. Suddenly, shortly after the SSSP managed to best the kaiju with the use of a new anti-gravity weapon, a second Ultraman appeared from the sky. This Ultra was Ultraman’s superior Zoffy, who had come to Earth to resurrect the fallen hero. After Ultraman pleaded to his commander to save Hayata’s life as well, Zoffy complied and revived both Ultraman and Hayata, before leaving with the former to return to M78. Since that day, Zoffy returned to Earth several times to aid subsequent Ultramen in their never-ending mission to protect peace and justice across the universe.
  • It was a quiet day in the Pantheon when a large red orb, similar to that Ultraman flew in when he first came to Earth, appeared in the sky. As the orb floated down, it dissolved to reveal another Ultra. Announcing himself as Zoffy, leader of the Ultra Brothers, he explained that he had arrived in pursuit of the Absolutian army. Overviewing his story, especially in regards to his humble origins as a bit role at the very end of Ultraman’s first adventures, the Court of the Gods allowed him to ascend and join the good-aligned deities in their endless quest for justice and peace.
  • Upon ascension, he was greeted by the numerous Ultras of the pantheon. In addition to reuniting with familiar deities from the Showa-era Land of Light, he was surprised to learn of Ultramen from other universes, including Tiga, Cosmos and Geed. Nonetheless, he was happy to find that the Ultras’ creed of justice had expanded across the multiverse, and he remains to open to guiding these younger Ultras, especially Orb, who borrowed some of his powers in his Thunder Breaster form.
    • As one of Ultraman King’s former heralds, Zoffy met with him shortly after his ascension to discuss the future of leadership among the ascended Ultras. Preferring his pervious hermit lifestyle and, more importantly, having faith in Zoffy’s millenia of combat and active leadership experience, the all-mighty entity granted Zoffy his former duty, which the Ultra Brother gladly took him up on. As the Ultras’ new acting leader, Zoffy aims to take initiative as their representative by strengthening alliances between M78 and the GUAG and benevolent alien factions, starting with The New Alliance of Free Stars.
    • In addition to the Ultra deities, he’s formed alliances with other benevolent kaiju deities, especially the Mothras and Gamera due to their nature as respected authorities among the pantheon’s kaiju. Like his subordinate, this hasn’t yet extended to Godzilla and King Kong, who he sees as too unruly and destructive to be fully trusted. While he’s willing to work with Godzilla’s more friendly incarnations, he’s always ready to fend off his GMK and Earth counterparts should they manifest.
    • Most surprisingly of all, he’s formed an Odd Friendship with Makie Sasaki over their shared love of gymnastics. In fact, the two have been seen practicing in the House of Sports, with Zoffy shrunken down to human size in order to use what would ordinarily be relatively-tiny equipment.
  • Lacking an attack team of his own to share a base with, he elected to use his temple mostly as a portal to the Land of Light, allowing him, and the other ascended Ultras by extension, to stay in touch with the unascended Ultras. Even Ultras and allies that don’t originate from the M78 universe are allowed to use the portal. Zoffy is hoping that the strengthened bonds between M78 and the Pantheon will enable more Ultras to join the Pantheon.
  • While he allows the other Ultras to fend off most kaiju menaces, he’s taken initiative in defending the Pantheon from greater-scope threats such as alien invasions and the remnants of Alien Empera’s army. He’s made himself a mortal foe of the Daleks, the Harvesters and the Martians through single-handedly vaporizing several of their invading legions. Despite mostly fighting space-bound threats, he’s always willing to return to the Pantheon grounds and fend off earthbound menaces. However, he usually only does so if a patrolling Ultra can’t do so by themselves.
    • In addition to alien invaders, he’s made it his mission in the Pantheon to prevent space-born kaiju and threats from striking the Pantheon in the first place or, at the very least, deter them long enough as to provide the Pantheon’s heroes with ample time to prepare. As a destroyer of civilizations across the cosmos, King Ghidorah has earned Zoffy’s ire to a greater extent than nearly any other monster in the Pantheon, with the two clashing regularly in the House of Space and Cosmos. Similarly, Frieza’s long history of planetary annihilation, coupled with the enslavement of their populations, has made him and his brothers a high-ranking target.
    • Of the evil Ultraman deities in the pantheon, Belial easily loathes Zoffy the most due to the commander’s friendship with the Father of Ultra and the Mother of Ultra, with the two having fought ever since Belial first attempted to invade the Land of Light. With extremely powerful allies such as Darkseid and Oryx on the fallen Ultra’s side, Zoffy knows that defeating Belial has become more of an uphill battle in the Pantheon, requiring him to search for allies beyond the M78 Ultras in order to stand a chance.
  • Despite his roles as leader of the Ultra Brothers and Commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force, he views his responsibilities as a defender of peace rather than an active enforce of justice. In this regard, he heavily opposes most the House of Military and Warfare as instigators of conflict and violence, especially Ares for his tendencies to intentionally create conflict and suffering through rousing humans to fight. The God of War returns Zoffy’s opposition, viewing the Ultra as a narrow-minded pacifist. Nonetheless, Zoffy keeps a wide berth away from Ares, as to not instigate conflict with the rest of the Greek Pantheon.
  • Early into his tenure, deities frequently asked him why there were now two nigh-identical Ultramen in the Pantheon. He still has to regularly point out his Star Marks, which he earned after helping repel Belial's first attempt to invade the Land of Light and through his service as commander of the Inter Galactic Defense Force. Although he won't admit it, he's slightly dreading the confusion that would arise if Jack, Great, Powered, Neos or Ribut were to ascend.
  • Gods who are used to interacting with more compassionate Ultras are often surprised by how stoic and emotionless Zoffy can be, even when working with his closest allies. Since his debut appearance had him nonchalantly consider leaving Hayata to die, some have accused him of being too dedicated to justice to the point of alienating even his closest friends. However, the ascended Ultras insist that he simply takes his job quite seriously and that deep down, he cares deeply for his allies and humanity.
  • Despite his near-stellar combat record, Zoffy has earned a bit of ridicule from the less friendly fire deites for the Curb-Stomp Battle he received, complete with his head being set on fire, from Birdon during the kaiju’s first appearance. Unfettered, he’s pointed out that he had single-handedly annihilated the Volcano Bird Monster the next time they dueled.
  • Unlike most of the other ascended Showa Ultras, he has little to no opinion on his manga counterpart, in no due part to the fact that that universe’s Zoffy is actually an older Shin Hayata instead of a counterpart to any of Zoffy’s own human identities. At the very least, he’s trying to figure out if a M78 Zoffy even exists in that universe, given that the events of Ultraman occurred beforehand.
  • Has extremely mixed feelings about his Shin Universe counterpart. While Zoffy respect his incarnation’s dedication to unyielding justice, he was horrified that he had attempted to destroy the Solar System as to prevent mankind from being used as a resource to produce kaiju-sized weapons on the basis that the ends justified the means. Even though Shin Zoffy eventually relented and spared humanity, this brash attempt at genocide was the deciding factor as to why Zoffy, unlike Ultraman, didn’t select his Shin Universe counterpart as a herald.
I am the Inter Galactic Defense Force member Zoffy of Nebula M78. Come back with me to the Land of Light, Ultraman.

Intermediate Gods

    The Eden Travelers 
Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Selicy, Hazel, Terra, Shiso, Violette, and Shopkeeper, Divine Cast of Nobody Dying (Saffron: Saff | Selicy: Slicey, Irelia | Hazel: Hey-Zel | Terra: Terrable)
Clockwise spiral from the top left: Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Terra, Shopkeeper, Violette, Shiso, Selicy, and Hazel
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Eden itself
  • Theme Songs: Main Theme (general) Drawing Dead (Saffron) White Knight (Reva) Garoad - Hot Blooded (Gunner) Fairfrozen (Selicy) Perpetual Motion (Hazel) Unbreakable (Terra) One Step From Eden (Terra as Terrable) Cloak and Revolver (Shiso) Neverending Song (Violette) Triggered (Shopkeeper)
  • Alignment: Generally on the neutral side of things; Saffron and Reva are Lawful Neutral; Gunner, Hazel, Violette, and Shopkeeper are True Neutral; Selicy, Terra, and Shiso are Chaotic Neutral; Terrable is outright Chaotic Evil; reaching Eden has made them lean towards the good side
  • Portfolio: Roguelike, Science Fantasy setting, Improbably Female Cast, Fight Like a Card Player, Shout Outs galore, Secret A.I. Moves, Dueling Player Characters, No Plot? No Problem!, Mercy Rewarded, Allied bosses save the chosen character in the Golden Ending
  • Domains: Roguelikes, Cards, Travel
  • Allies: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE, Eugene Chaud, Iris.EXE, The Robed Figurenote , Madeline, Diogenes, Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, The Human Child/Frisk, Iji Kataiser (more-so pacifist version), Oboromaru
  • Odd Friendship:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Naofumi Iwatani (Reva)
  • Frequently employed by: Stella of the Falcons (Saffron and Hazel)
  • Rivals:
  • Unknown Rival: Dr. 0 (Saffron and Hazel)
  • Enemies: Zonda and the Seven, Deviljho
  • Disappointed in: Darkness (Reva)
  • Wary of: Bass.EXE
  • Saffron, Reva, Gunner, Selicy, Hazel, Terra, Shiso, Violette, and Shopkeeper. These nine travelers hail from a home torn apart by war and their only hope is reaching the promised land that is Eden. Yet the road to such a place is treacherous. Various monsters stand in their path, yet the most dangerous hurdles come from each other. Inevitably, they have to come to blows and best them to continue on but in order to truly make it to their destination each and every last one of them has to be spared, save for perhaps Terra after her brief stint as the final opponent on that routenote  If even one of them is executed on the way there none of the rest actually make it to the titular place all thanks to Serif, Eden's guardian, smiting them for trying to force their way in through the gate. Just one step from Eden, if you will. Worser still is the scenario in which one of them going out of their way to execute the rest there, which would include the Shopkeeper, as they end up being its very destroyer by way of actually taking down Serif herself. And that was just after fighting their way through Eden itself. In short, sparing people really has its boons here. It saves lives, yours included.
  • The nine travelers are as follows:
    • Saffron, the starting character and poster girl for the game. A military scientist before embarking on her journey, she's apparently had a hand in designing a number of spells and technologies and prefers to think through when it comes to her problems. One of the more friendlier faces and is open to cooperation, but was stated to have a hand in some pretty dangerous spells and isn't above using her foes as field testing. That, and she's still as much of a beast when it comes to combat like the rest of her comrades.
    • Reva, the veritable knight in shining armor. Even after escaping from a war-torn world her ideals remain stalwart as her shield, Eschaton: There are still people out there worth protecting from whatever dangers the world has to throw at everyone. She will not shy away from fighting if it's the sake of the defenseless, but that doesn't mean she'll particularly enjoy it, killing even less so. It's to the point that she expresses the most remorse out of the entire cast and of out of all the bosses she has the highest default spare ratio numbering at 21%. In fact, Reva outright calls out many of her fellow travelers for their actions in the past. Reva came to accept them, however, especially as they pretty much improved themselves after the whole journey in the end.
    • Gunner's a mercenary hot-shot with a preference towards firepower through guns and munitions to solve problems. Yeah, who knew, right? Apparently, he's got quite the reputation on his hands with hundreds of kills to his name before starting out his journey. Befitting his occupation he has quite the professional attitude, even treating the path to Eden as just another mission. This notably makes him one of the more unscrupulous members of this band despite being one of the youngest, at one point even telling Reva that whether she likes it or not everyone days sooner or later.
    • Selicy is a girl who proclaims herself as a queen of the North. She's fond of the simple things in life: She loves the cold, sharing what she loves, and getting up into enemies faces. She’s a cryomancer, if you couldn’t tell, but her demeanor is anything but chill. Definitely one of the rudest of the group, even for her young age, making her quite the bratty tomboy. Her attitude improved a bit after getting to Eden, but her love for ice puns remains.
    • Hazel’s her name, Hexawan engineering is her game. You can tell because she’s lugs around a person-sized wrench on her body at all times. Hazel knows her way through all sorts of machines, most notably more dangerous sorts of tech that serve as weapons. Skilled as she was, however, it wasn’t enough to prevent whatever kind of disaster that befell her old home. Nor was it ever enough to surpass Saffron in any achievements, something Hazel has greatly resented. Their rivalry continues but thankfully after making it to Eden they’ve pretty much made up and it’s more on the friendly, but heated kind of competitions.
    • The “leader of her new world”, Terra carries the elegant aura of such a figure and possesses great skill over black magic. As a result she gives off quite the menacing and sometimes even malicious aura, fitting as she ends up as the Pacifist route’s Final Boss under the form of “Terrable” despite being spared earlier. It’s unknown why she suddenly decided to turn on the group though there’s evidence of it being an Enemy Without type of deal. Might stem from some dark power and/or artifact, but who really knows at this point. What’s certain is that she genuinely has a change of heart after being spared yet again. Also, she likes to break things.
    • Face-obscuring scarf, jet-black shades, overall dark clothing, Shiso’s is the closest to your archetypal rogue. A selfish loner, he's perhaps the most remorseless with the lowest default spare ratio everyone with a measly 5%, tied with Terra. Of course, like everyone else he probably got a bit better at least after having traveled to Eden. Maybe sparing the rest/being spared himself done something good underneath. His decision to use the Lynchpin and low opinions on magic may also point to him being a bit old-fashioned too.
    • Keep to the beat when Violette is around. You may not even have a choice in the matter, anyways. This violinist has quite a dignified, charming air to her, and remains just as graceful even in battle. An older woman like herself might be a bit pompous, but she is always grateful to those who have the time to appreciate her music. It’s an exhausting art, sure, but it’s also what gives her life and nothing else even comes to making her happy besides it.
    • You’d think people would look to safer, stabler places to set up shop but when has business ever been truly halted by danger? Shopkeeper has wares if you have coin and they usually include artifacts, spells, upgrades, and even removals. Other than she can also refresh her stock, take blood in exchange for money, or form pacts for free that prove rewarding if one can take the heat for a while. On Dark routes, stock that costs money now takes health as well. Usually pleasant to talk to, until she isn’t if the attitude she shows in her character select and when encountered in Dark roads are anything to go off of. Then again, it’s probably a more stressful venture than looks so maybe it’s best to give her a break.
  • Following the outcome in which all of them make it to Eden and Terra is shown mercy, the nine heroes have since settled their differences to live peaceful lives there. And yet seems as though none of them could quite escape that call to adventure. At one point did someone among this band catch wind of yet another faraway place and out of curiosity (and maybe against one's better judgement too) decided to undertake yet another trip. Maybe Shopkeeper wanted to expand her business, maybe Gunner was tasked with a new job, maybe Reva was beckoned by the prospect of more people needing her help, or perhaps Saffron and Hazel wanted to prove something, it's quite unclear. What was clear was that they ended up incidentally galvanizing the rest of their compatriots to travel together once more. Good thing too, the road ahead of them was not only as long as the road to Eden but there was a great deal of dangers, some familiar and others none of them have ever seen before. Still, they made it and found themselves at the Pantheon's doorstop.
    • Stepping inside, they were congratulated for making the trip all the way out here. As per customs, all nine of them were offered a short trip around and were at one point offered placement within the place as Gods. The lot of them were pretty skeptical at the offer, as expansive and awe-inspiring as the Pantheon was they found it hard to give up Eden after everything they went through though lucky for them they didn't necessarily have to choose between the two. Should they accept, they're able to freely travel between the two worlds whenever they like. Weighing in their options, personal interests, and concern regarding some of the other gods and goddesses coming onto Eden, they ended up accepting the proposition.
  • Given that their game of deck-building combat in a tile-based battleground takes great inspiration from the Mega Man Battle Network series it shouldn't come off as that big of a surprise when many of the deities from said series took time out of their days to meet them. Lan Hikari, MegaMan.EXE, Eugene Chaud, and Iris.EXE had little trouble getting along with them, even including the more aloof members though hailing from the Pacifist route might have something to do with that. There was only one god absent from that day's line up and upon being asked out about Lan and Eugene explained to them about the existence of Bass.EXE. Since then they've been cautious of him given his disdain for humans and their perceived betrayal, even if he is more-so focused on MegaMan.EXE for besting him.
  • Given that the whole point of their adventure was to make it to Eden they've made friends with the likes of Madeline and Diogenes, even if their journey was more high stakes and dire. They're also friendly towards the robed figure, though with its views on conflict due to the state of the world it's most comfortable towards Reva. Counting its weakness to the cold it would rather not be within range of Selicy whenever possible. Max Rockatansky and Imperator Furiosa's journey oasis by comparison in more in line with their experiences and they relate to that more easily.
  • As they follow the "Pacifist route" of their game they made friends with Iji Kataiser, Frisk, and Oborumaru. This is in spite of the fact that the former runs by indirect and technical killing while the latter two run by no deaths period. Then again, the "pacifism" only really refers towards each other as opponents after beating the crap out of one another and not the various monsters they run into on the way to Eden. Still, the travelers promise to have their backs if circumstances permit.
  • One day Saffron came into the temple bragging about she had acquired herself a new job. Not long after that Hazel came in doing the same and the two of them got into a lengthy back and forth conversation. It wasn't until that Dystnine came to their doorstep did they realize they were both hired by the Gargantua company run by Stella. That was awkward in of itself but then on the way home from the first day a floating brain in a jar named Dr. 0 ranted and raved about surpassing him in science before leaving in a huff. All in all, pretty weird day.
  • Through Stella, she warned them of an organization known as Eden that is comprised of Adepts like herself. Unlike her, they're quite hostile to mankind thanks to their past experiences and many of their actions have been working towards carving out a paradise for themselves, often at the cost of all humans. Knowing the threat they would probably pose to Eden they stand ready to guard it from them. With the members of the Seven there's quite the match-ups to be made. Selicy versus Tenjian, Hazel versus Asroc, and Violette versus Ghauri in particular would be interesting to see indeed.
  • During a slow day where Saffron, Reva, Terra, and Selicy were lounging around their temple they heard a bloodcurdling roar of a monstrous beast. Turning to the direction it came from none other than the Deviljho, a particularly voracious predator. While bigger, the four of them managed to make it turn the other direction. While the rest of them clapped their hands for a job well done, Reva was quite concerned where the giant monster was running to but Selicy assured her it probably wasn't anywhere important and that more-than-likely the House Guardians and Monster Hunters would take care of it soon enough but Reva would have none of that. The shieldmaiden's intuition would be correct as the Deviljho's path lead right towards the House of Health and Diseases. Thus, they were forced to finish it off lest it try and devour the various patients and visiting gods. The honor went to Selicy and the Brute Wyvern has resented them ever since.
    Chihiro Fujisaki: W-Well, a-a combination of a meteor and the long term eff-
    Selicy: The Ice Age!
  • Saffron only:
    • Perhaps fitting Saffron's brilliant mind she's a Jack of All Trades and her default loadout is not only a good mix of different spells but she's able to fit into any desired focus of spells she sees fit. Anima, Glimmer, Miseri, if you can name it she can probably fit into it. If she has to pick a favorite, though, she does favor Ragnarok. It's even her sole spell in one of her alternate loadouts, the aptly named Solo, which encourages the execution of hostages for extra max HPnote . And speaking of alternate loadouts, the other one has her trade out the Field Bracer for a wristwatch that slows down time. As an opposing boss, her patterns aren't all two different from spells acquirable by the player though she does gain a plushie of her likeness which can retaliate against attacks done to it. In both instances as a character and boss she's able to Auto-Revive by way of Second Soul.
    • Even though she is a mage, one who worked on her fair share of outright dangerous spells, the fact that she is also a scientist shouldn't be neglected. With that in mind she makes trips in both the Houses of Magic and Science in her pursuits. Doesn't really go on and making enemies left and right there, though she does harbor quite the distaste for Calypso and Lord Tirek. As far as colleagues go, she works well with Susie and Ciel, though Saffron admits she's more comfortable around the Neo Arcadia scientist than the Haltmann CEO. The fact that Saffron's appearance takes a lot of cues from Ciel might have played a part in that. This has lead to her doing some work for the Gears Of Liberation movement here and there.
    • It's said that she's hit with quite the stupidity in her boss fight. While still a dangerous caster who is able to revive herself after being downed once she has the habit of attacking the plushies of her likeness. You know, the ones who's effectiveness crux on the fact that they retaliate against whoever damaged them? Not your finest moments, Saff. This was how she was able to befriend Draco Centauros, of all people, despite not nearly being bad at as her (although we're comparing combat to Puyo Puyo, so take that with a grain of salt). Seeing her interest in athletics, Draco sometimes trains her in martial arts even if Saffron is really confidant in her casting for her to consider other options.
    Saffron: Friendship!
    • Even though she's quite satisfied with what the House of Magic has to offer she does have one place she wants to look into one day: The Imperial Colleges of Magic, located in Ulthuan of the Warhammer World. The biggest hurdle when it comes to that place is the High Elves' superiority complex that pushes others away, something that Teclis (the very founder of the colleges) have been pushing towards overcoming following its introduction to the Pantheon. For her part, Saffron has been working on spells that would serve as milestones in her career.
    • "I guess you could call me a magical girl."
  • Reva only:
    • In both loadouts she's able to outright reflect oncoming attacks with her shield (self-damage included). While her default loadout focuses on building up as much shields as she possibly can through Phalanx spells, even through something as simple as moving, her alternate loadout of Beat conversely doubles down on retaliation with any hit (again, self-damage included) resulting in a attack of some sort. Fittingly as a boss she doesn't have much in the way of offense but besides obviously making up in defense the attack she does dish out will hurt. Oh, and she can summon Slashers to help her out. No biggie or anything.
    • The first ever deity to greet her after setting up shop in the Pantheon was Mash Kyrielight after helping her stand ground against the Marauders. After things settled down, Mash got Reva to meet up with other shield-wielders she managed to befriend in the Pantheon such as Captain America, Shield Knight, and Steven Universe. Getting along with them turned to be pretty easy thanks to Reva's desire to protect and her activism.
      Reva: The world could use more people like you.
      • As for other shield users, she didn't have that much problem getting along with Maple despite a) her power coming from a video game and not wanting to feel pain and b) using poison in her arsenal, Miseri spells exist, after all. Even if she's not quite a defender Reva has no problem with her being friends in the personal sense. Same goes for Brigitte, though it's more in line with her relationships with the other shield wielders and Reva respects the engineering talent she incorporates with her teachings from Reinhardt. As for Reinhardt himself she nods at his motivation and can see why Brigitte respects him so much. Kind of ironic, considering he's loves fighting but at least he's better about it than his younger self.
    • She doesn't get along with just everyone with and/or shields, though. Reva had a hard time partnering with Naofumi after hearing about the fact that he owned slaves and had trouble trusting women. It was only after hearing the circumstances that befell him that she decided to ease up on him. Still quite a shaky relationship, don't forget that, but Reva at least admits he's better than the other so-called heroes of his world. For his part, Naofumi respects the fact that she's at least true to herself and her ideals even after calamity struck civilization as she knew it before coming to Eden. As for Darkness, Reva could only be disappointed. Despite being a paladin, it's pretty obvious that she only takes up the role of defender to satisfy her masochism and for that Reva wants no part in that. At the end of the day, though, neither hold a candle to Gregor Clegane, whom she sees as a corruption what knights embody. On his part, he couldn't care less for what she thinks, though that only helps fuel the idea that she has absolutely zero qualms wasting him when given the chance.
    • Apparently, if Hazel's dialogue against her is anything to go off of, she has something against robots. Probably has something to do with whatever catastrophe that befell her home, or it may just be for the fact that they're often used as weapons of conflict. Either way, the Pantheon's various robots kinda complicates that mindset because you've got all sorts good and bad with them. To at least help adjust to the changes Hazel looked into some robots she could interact with and arranged for her to meet with S.A.T.8, AA-12, and Orisa. She at least figured they'd interact well. Getting past the former two's eccentricities, the engineer was right on the money and the meeting went well.
    • "We don't have to fight anymore."
  • Gunner only:
    • If you fond of gunplay then you've come to the right place with this guy. The Manafire loadout has him start out him some decent spells but with zero mana regen. Thus, his source of Mana would mainly come from hosing just about everything in your sights with M4 Manafire to bombard the enemy with his spell arsenal. Bullhell, however, strays from the use of spells (starting with only a Bomb Toss) in favor of riskier up-close and personal relationship with M3 Triwing. In both loadouts, shuffling the deck increases his attack so always be on the offensive when he's without spells and later on he's able. Later on, he's also able to trade in his gun for a M2 Hunter Seeker or a M1 Liofire. That big gun of his is powerful enough to boost himself and he takes it a step further in his boss fight to either get the high ground or ram himself right into his enemies.
    • Commonly stops by the House of Firearms to check on his armaments. Many of the users there use more lighter and more dated firearms than what he prefers, but at the very least he sees eye-to-eye with Seras Victoria and the Heavy Weapons Guy even if the latter remarked at how much of a baby he was. Not that he wasn't wrong, he is around Selicy's age, after all, so he just accepted it. It was through the Heavy that he meet his fellow mercenaries Mr. Jane Doe aka the Soldier and Tavish DeGroot aka the Demoman, who shared his preference towards explosives. Associating with them apparently earned the ire of the Classic Team, but he doesn't give it much thought. Perfect opportunity to wipe them out with his little friend. Ruby Rose, who like him also utilizes recoil boosts, was pretty interested in the various big guns he wielded being the designer of her own weapon.
    Ruby: You always blow me off by saying "Go ask Saffron" every time I come over to inquire about your guns, and she's always busy every time you say that. I get that she designed them, but you're their wielder! Would it be too much to ask a couple little questions at least?
    Gunner: I suppose wouldn't kill me to oblige. Go on, shoot.
    • Has aspirations about wielding the BFG 9000, he just isn't very vocal about it as many other people. It's not an uncommon sentiment, though. Any heavy weapon user worth their salt would be awed by such a tool of destruction such as it. In the meantime, Gunner has been retooling hit kits to prepare to deal with the Doom Slayer's various demonic foes on the possible chance that he crosses paths with them either on the job or by coincidence.
    • "Stand right there."
  • Selicy only:
    • What you see is what you get with Selicy: Slice and dice with some razor sharp ice. She's built around Frost Anima spells and her default loadout of Snow encourages her to zip around the battlefield and inflict Frost to lead into her Snowpiercer. Likewise, the Invade loadout encourages this tenfold with Fairfrozen allowing her to get right into the enemy's face and lane while moving as much as possible with Cool Shoes restoring her mana for each and every movement. As an opposing boss Selicy is incredibly mobile and really doubles down on getting up close and the giant icicle blades she sends out don't help.
    • Honestly, the existence of a House dedicated to the arctic temperatures was all that it took to get her hooked onto the Pantheon. So much so that she maybe, sort-of, flaked on her fellow travelers setting up their temple to go hang out at the House of Ice and Cold for a bit and stake her claim on some of the land as self-proclaimed queen. Wouldn't you know it, the House was everything she could of asked for and keeps in touch with many of its denizens. Outside of that House she managed to befriend Elsa, the Ice Climbers, and Glaceon. While Selicy is more friendly around these deities most agree on the fact that she's still a bit of a jerk.
      • Even as a jerk, she's not really evil. Even back then prior to reaching her destination. Contrast that with the likes of Lord Fredrik and Kaldr, two villainous individuals with affinities to ice. While she has no problems choosing to oppose them Selicy admits they're both admirable in a way. She'd really like to be able to summon ice dragons of her own one of these days and views Kaldr's control over the cold as something impressive. This respect is not something she shows to Frost or Ghiaccio, however. The former practically embodies the concept of arrogance and wastes no opportunity in putting down Selicy's own control over the cold while latter is a lowly drug dealer that's, ironically, quite easy to set off.
    • While walking around the Pantheon bored out of her mind she managed to catch wind of Teddie making some really lame bear puns. She was obligated to waltz up to him and call them out as such, admittedly also motivated by the fact she had nothing else better to do. It soon degenerated into a pun war and at some point Sans joined in on the action and it became a three-way. The only loser that day would be Papyrus, San's brother, for having to put up with all those puns in such a sitting.
    • "Ice to meet you."
  • Hazel only:
    • Hexawan spells are basically Hazel's thing. Build up structures with her initial loadout, starting off with turrets she is able to shield up and increase the firepower of to gain some protection herself. She's even able to redirect her creations and enemies alike to get them where it benefits her. Alternatively, the Teardown loadout encourages her to do the inverse with the dismantling things like Walls and Blast Crystals to gain Mana and Spellpower for herself as she launches the fragmentation right at her foes. As a boss, she brings the best of both worlds to the table. Flamethrower turrets, rows of giant missiles, or giant trash compactors that crush anything in their wake.
    • Wanted to make some friends with similar fields to trade some tips here and there. Her path ended up taking her to the likes of Dell Conagher, Vulcan, and Torbjörn, all capable machinists who just happen to also be well-versed in the art of turrets. She friendly to all of them, although she had to admit things are bit sour when regarding Torbjörn distrust for robots, even with the circumstances of his world it's completely understandable.
      Hazel: Machines are people too!
      • Speaking of Torb's world, Hazel found herself at a bit of contention between herself and Vishkar Corporation employee, Symmetra, when regarding her various "medieval" turrets due to their general lack of elegance. The ones involving crystals are a bit better, but they're far too behind in design compared to her constructs. Frankly, Hazel doesn't get all the fuss. If it works, it works. If there's one thing that they agree on it's the danger that the Eliksni (particularly the Devil Splicers) and Father Elijah represent in their technological pursuits. But other than that, nada. Hazel finds the fact they can't get along quite the waste, she really likes the hard-light technologies she brings to the table.
    • Came to know about Aperture Science's turret product line from the Engineer and Torbjörn one day and was curious on looking into the matter herself. Pretty soon Hazel found herself in a passion project that involves improving the Sentry Turrets in all sorts of ways. As far as she was concerned it seemed a bit bogus that they turned out pretty helpless thanks to Aperture Science's eccentricities. The singing is cute, though.
    • "I can make stuff for you too!"
  • Terra only:
    • Contrasting Saffron, Terra is a user of more traditional magic. Her name literally denotes her default element of manipulating the terrain for her benefit with Hearth spells. As such, controlling the battlefield and the space in which her opponents move is crucial to her success. The trend continues with Pyro where she's setting everything on fire instead. As an opposing boss, as either Terra or Terrable, she really only utilizes the former loadout as per her namesake, but she's formidable nonetheless if one isn't quick but methodical in moving around. Anything less would play right into her hands.
    • What do you know, Terra likes to visit the House of Earth and Rock. What a shock, or rather, what a rock? ... Anyways, she's usually there if she wants to test out some new spells and improve her craft. Generally people don't mind her despite her less than clean past and she doesn't mind them. The only exceptions to this are Medusa (cause of that stony gaze) and Sakazuki, who thinks she was let off easy by her fellow travelers as Terrable. Terra doesn't have anything to say to him that hasn't been said already: His so-called "justice" is just utter rubbish.
    • Aside from Earth and Rock Terra also frequents the House of Craft to satisfy her fix on breaking things since things pretty much always changing there. Built, torn down, built again, torn down, it's quite the busy place. She also helps out the House when it is periodically assaulted by the titanic Shen Gaoren and its various variants.
    Terra: I'm just here to break things.
    • Can get very easily confused for Terra Branford and the Keyblade Wielder, Terra, because there isn't a nice way to easily differentiate her from them that rolls off the tongue that she's also satisfied with. Surprisingly, she was able to get along with those Terras quite easily. Primarily, this stems from realizing that Terra means no ill-will anymore and that they were victims of becoming evil themselves.
    • "Dust do dust."
  • Shiso only:
    • For Shiso, the weapons he has on hand are more important than the spellpower dished out. For Execute, his revolver is Cast from Money with half of what he currently has determining the final damage dealt, and he is returned some when dealing a killing blow. Thus, one must hoard as much currency as one possibly can while getting things that either soffen up his targets or hold them still for a good chance to administer the killing blow. Kunai, by contrast, is more straightforward. His focus regards Slashfik spells, specifically starting out with the ones involving throwing knives. And speaking of being straightforward, it's a pretty apt description for his fight as a boss. Not too crazy on throwing stuff out, demanding reaction time instead to pull through lest one's offensive options get greatly diminished by the amount of jams and shuffles he induces.
    • Being a gunslinger himself it obviously wouldn't do for him to not interact with the Pantheon's other peerless pistol-users and has earned the respect of Jesse McCree, Rushuna Tendou, and Guido Mista. Though he reciprocates the sentiments he does tend to darkly joke at the fact that Mista is a bullet-sponge for his own bullets. Erron Black, meanwhile, sees Shiso as competition. He doesn't mind, however, being curious as to see what the Outworlder is capable of. The test of skill wouldn't hurt too badly.
    • Wasn't all sunshine and rainbows with the various gunmen, though. Yosemite Sam and Hol Horse wanted to square up against Shiso, thinking he's not all that tough if he has to rely on a little bit of magic to get his way. Alas, he really was quite the skilled marksman. Meanwhile, Shiso encountered the likes of Jude the Dude and Vincent Godfrey as hostiles during their aimless rampages. While he did deal with Jude quite easily, the match against Vincent left both combatants gravely wounded. Shiso doesn't look forward to meeting him again, but he'd be damned if he's just going to keel over when they do indeed have a rematch.
    Shiso: Some guns you got there.
    • Apparently, some gods and goddesses say he gives off an aura not too different from the likes of Neo and John Wick. With the way the three of them work Shiso hasn't had the chance to properly meet them, and it times it slips from his mind in favor of other things, but he has shown interest in doing so one day.
    • "I've been saving this one for you."
  • Violette only:
    • Dance and battle are both one and the same with Violette, as both player and opponent. In Doubletime, she's a Dance Battler where different moves after playing her violin grant different effects. Most of the time, she's building herself up as a Glass Cannon as every instance of being inflicted Fragile gives her more and more Spell Power in return. Combined with the ability to also restore Mana, stack up Trinity, and even Shield herself and Violette can dish out. Aria, by contrast, is something of the opposite. She remains still playing to refill her Mana but also poisons herself and in every single battle she starts off poisoned but also heal whatever damage was initially dealt. Ergo, Violette is to stave off the poison at any opportunity which can do by resetting the timer every time she plays but the Mana she generates should be used to end fights very quickly. Her fight as a boss takes the most liberties out of everyone, attacking to the flow of her own theme and at times forcing her opponents to dance to the music too. To say nothing of the pillars of light or the speakers she calls forth that really restrict any wriggle room.
    • Was glad to be given the opportunity to play with fellow violinists such as Kaori Miyazono, Yurika Kirishima, and Contender. Beyond that, she also had the pleasure of performing alongside Kousei Arima (Kaori's lover), Kaede Akamatsu, and Skull. She was visibly saddened when she heard that Kaori and Kaede both passed away in their respective universes, but wasn't that way for long. After all, they're both here now alive and well. Plus:
    Violette: Music never dies!
    • Holding music and performance in such a high regard, classical in particular, she doesn't like Maestro Forte and the Mad Piano for bringing a bad name with them. She particularly has it out for the piano for the sheer cacophonies it plays. And the eating people part, that's also pretty bad. James Marcus once came to one of her concerts one day and after it was over he went out of his way to complement her for her skill. At first, she was quite flattered but it wasn't until Violette discovered that "Marcus" was actually a leech monstrosity affiliated with the Umbrella Corporation was when the complement hit a little different. Just a bit. Then there was Scaramouche, who for whatever reason was hired to go after one of her fellow travelers. She intercepted him and was able to fend him off, and in such a melodious manner in their fight, but she doesn't look forward to clashing with him again.
    • "Lucky you! You get a free concert!"
  • Shopkeeper only:
    • Thus far, she holds the title to having one of the most unusual of playstyles out of the playable cast, revolving around money like Shiso but to an exaggerated degree. Her current amount of money dictates the maximum number of health she has with attacking and taking damage costing it. The upside to all of this is that Shopkeeper can access her own shop at any point with the spells and artifacts being free to buy. So what she may lack in durability she can certainly make up in offense. More than likely the very last character to be unlocked as doing so is only possible through defeating her as a boss. Now, as an opposing boss... good lord is she fond of screen filling attacks. Shopkeeper does not mess around. Picking a fight with her will certainly leave a lasting impression, figuratively and literally.
    • An enterprising merchant on the dangerous road to Eden, she got along swimmingly with the likes of Recette Lemongrass, Anna, and Tressa Colzione despite being technically business rivals, even getting past that... unpleasant side of the Shopkeeper. At times, the Shopkeeper has been known to quote Recette when dealing business. She also gets along with The Merchant and Crazy Dave, seeing past their eccentricities and instead looking at how they're quite successful businessmen. Getting along with the latter has set off Dr. Zomboss, although even he's cautious when planning against her.
    • Despite her strength, there are those in the Pantheon who still underestimate her for what she's truly capable of. One time while touring the House of Commerce for some new clients she was robbed by the Murkrow Flock and a bunch of other thieves. Normally, when someone tries to cross she'd give them the benefit of the doubt before pulling her sleeves but since they stole her products she threw away all sense of mercy by point: It's a cardinal sin to get personal, you know. Now, while Foul Play is indeed a fearsome attack, the Shopkeeper doesn't slack behind in terms of heavy hits herself. Thing is, she's also got them on quick succession. And we're also talking about a girl who for whatever reason possesses the Yami spell, which is integral to killing Serif on a Genocide run. With that said she had no hesitant in coming after the flock. On a totally unrelated note, the hospitalization rate involving falling ATMs has coincidentally skyrocketed.
      Shopkeeper: This is so sad. F.
      • Word of this incident eventually reached the Kecleon Brothers' ears and it immediately earned their respect given how they deal with thieves. Since then, she has kept in touch with the two dungeon merchants.
    • Used to carry a giant backpack with her when setting up shop but she has since dropped it and kinda just pulls out her wares out of the ether. When asked about why she made the change she just said it was heavy. That's it. It's not a philosophical question or one that deals in rocket science, it's just that simple.
    • "Check out my stuff!"

    Hugtto Pretty Cures 
The Hugtto Pretty Cures, members  Quintumvarite Goddesses of Endings That Take Place in the Distant Future (Hana: Cure Yell; Saaya: Cure Ange; Homare: Cure Étolie, Ruru: R.U.R. 9500, Cure Amour; Emiru: Cure Ma'Cherie)
From left to right: Ange, Ma'Cherie, Hugtan, Harry, Yell, Amour, and Étolie
  • Rank: Intermediate Goddesses, Greater Goddesses in Cheerful Mode
  • Symbol: Their Mirai Crystals
  • Theme Song: "We Can! Hugtto PreCure"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Music, Crystals, Dreams, Future
  • Heralds: Hugtan, Hariham Harry, and the redeemed members of the Crisis Corporation
  • Allies: All ascended Pretty Cures, but especially Cure Black and Cure White, The Human Child, Nanoha Takamachi (especially for Ruru), Wander, Sylvia, Steven Universe, Sailor Pluto, Sita
  • Enemies: Flowey, Fused Zamasu, SHOCKER, Dio Brando, Reverse Flash, Angra Mainyu, Dr. Wily (Ruru only), Killer BOB, Dark Danny, Boris the Animal,
  • Odd Friendship with: Vegeta, Future Trunks, Tim Taylor (Saaya only)
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Homura Akemi, The Medic (Saaya only), EMIYA/Archer
  • The tale of the Hugtto Pretty Cures all started when Hana Nono encountered two fairies, Hariham Harry and Hugtan, who has come from a future caused by the Crisis Corporation where time had frozen. The two gave Hana the ability to transform into Cure Yell. From there, Hana, along with her allies Saaya, Homare, Emiru, and a reformed worker for the Corporation named Ruru, battled the various members of the Corporation and purified them, causing them to under go redemption. In the end, Hana and her friends were able to purify George Kurai, the President of the Corperation and Hana’s future husband, changing the future for the better.
  • During what seemed like a normal event in a Pretty Cure world, something astounding happened- the Cures canonically met each other. At the center of the meeting was the Hugtto Pretty Cure team. Once the Cures has returned to the Pantheon, Nagisa and Honoka, who had traveled to the Hugtto world twice, petitioned for as many Cures to ascend as possible. The Hugtto team jumped at the call, and, once their tale had ended, were ascended.
    • They were given the trope of Distant Finale as their series concluded with a look into their restored future. Saaya became a doctor, Homare resumed her ice skating career, Emiru fully became a pop star and helped Ruru’s creator in her creation, and Hana, despite knowing all the horrible things that George did, married him anyway.
  • Applies to one or more members:
    • The team became friends with many deities who approved of purifying the enemy and making them good instead of killing them. At first, in fact, they were given the option to kill their foes, but turned it down. When Flowey learned that, he was beyond angry, as that went against his “kill or be killed” ideal. Later, though, he did admit to the Cures he was simply keeping an act up. The Cures still pretend that he’s their foe so that most gods won’t suspect a thing.
    • There is some debate as to if the members of the Crisis Corporation, who ascended with the Cures as their heralds, count as Cures since they became Cures during the final battle. For their part, none of them wish to comment on the matter.
    • Being the Guardian of Time and Space, Sailor Pluto approves of them saving the future from a state of perpetual limbo. They, in turn, approve of Pluto protecting time and space from threats, though Hana does get a bit of PTSD whenever Pluto brings up her powers of freezing time
      • In terms of deities that freeze time for offensive purposes, that also sets off Hana’s PTSD. As a result, they naturally hate Dio, but are having a hard time with Homura. They think she can be redeemed, despite irreplaceably damaging the Magical Girl Sisterhood.
    • The group also formed a Odd Friendship with Future Trunks and Vegeta, the former for being similar to Hugtan as Cure Tomorrow and the latter for being cool. They weren’t happy to learn, however, that Zamasu was unable to be stopped in his genocidal rampage and the timeline had to be erased. Now Zamasu has yet another enemy in the Pantheon because of this.
      • On the subject of Dragon Ball, an anonymous god posted an April Fools joke that they would crossover with the Dragon Ball multiverse, during the event when Goku battled the canon version of Broly, to be specific. While this never happened, they find the joke quite amusing.
    • As is usual with Pretty Cures, they became enemies with SHOCKER after learning they, too, wish to mess with the flow of time.
    • The Cures wish to try and purify Angra Mainyu, despite all the horrible things he’s done by corrupting various gods. Angra often scoffs and mocks them for trying.
    • The group was asked to join the Sisterhood by Cure Black and Cure White, which they accepted without a second thought.
      • They especially like Nanoha on account of her also befriending the people she fights, including androids. They often join her on her missions as backup. It helps that she sounds similar to Ruru.
    • The Cures were impressed when Sita told them about her trial by fire to prove her purity and her survival of it. They quickly befriended the goddess.
    • The fact that BOB enjoys corrupting people’s minds into committing horrible acts not unlike George caused them to despise the entity.
    • The Cures feel uneasy around EMIYA because he also comes form a bad future, although his action of trying to kill his past self is far worse than George’s plan of trying to freeze time. Although EMIYA did tell the Cures he doesn’t do this anymore, they are having a hard time trusting him.
      • The Archer Servant did warn the Cures about Dark Danny, Boris the Animal, and the Reverse Flash, who all hail from bad futures and are just as evil as some of their enemies. They especially don’t like Dark Danny on account of him choosing to destroy everything in his bad future.
  • Exclusive to Hana:
    • Hana has been compared, as Cure Yell, to Amu when she’s Amulet Heart. When she met Amu, she was quick to befriend her.
    • She also likes Plusle and Minun for being Cheering Pokémon, since cheering people on is her speciality.
    • While she gets along well with Carrie, on account of her being bullied at her old school, she was disgusted to hear that Carrie snapped and murdered her classmates after they pushed her too far. She thought that made her no better than the Crisis Corporation members prior to her redeeming them.
      • On the subject of bullies, she helped Hibiki deal with issues related to anyone else who bullies anyone in the Pantheon.
    • Hana actually gave birth in the final episode of her series. This shocked many deities and her colleagues, considering how the baby was none other than Hugtan.
  • Exclusive to Saaya:
    • Saaya is the class representative of Hana’s school. She is a kind and caring individual, often compared to an angel. Although she was originally unsure of what to do in the future, after one member of the Crisis Corporation was nearly murdered by another member, she healed him and decided to become a doctor.
    • Keeping with her dream of being a doctor, Saaya frequently inhabits the House of Physicians when she has time, helping gods who have gotten sick.
    • Saaya formed an odd friendship with Tim Taylor because of his interest in tools like her.
    • Reiji and Xiamou were very concerned when they learn someone named Saaya had ascended. But when they confronted Saaya, she told them that she was not the Saaya they had several encounters with. They promptly befriended her after that.
    • Saaya thinks that the Medic’s use of medical practices for experiments is detestable as well as his work for the two mercenary factions. For his part, the Medic argues that she’s seeing things the wrong way.
  • Exclusive to Homare:
    • Homare once was an up-and-coming figure skater, however, she suffered an injury that ended her career. Although she has since healed up, she became rather stoic towards other people, though she has since warmed up herself.
    • Homare can often be found skating in the House of Ice and Cold. She has requested that her best friend Henri be allowed to access the Pantheon to skate with her.
    • Because of Kirby’s close connection to the stars, she finds interest in him and his nature.
    • Skadi, being the god of skiing, asked Homare if she finds skiing to be fun. Homare said yes and the two became close freinds.
  • Exclusive to Ruru:
    • Ruru was originally a member of the Crisis Corperation, working at it as a part-time job. However, when she decided to spy upon Hana and her friends, she began to gain feelings, and following a battle after being reprogrammed, joined the Cures as a fellow member, eventually becoming Cure Amour.
    • Ruru often can be found enjoying meals at the House of Food, as she finds human food delicious. Some wonder why her creator would have her eat human food instead of things you’d expect a robot to consume. In addition, she has sampled every food there, no matter who prepared it.
    • Considering how they were also robots designed for evil purposes but turned good, Ruru was quick to make friends with Androids 17 and 18. However, she was displeased that 17 killed Dr. Gero rather than trying to purify him.
    • It has been implied that Ruru was a Replacement Goldfish for her creator’s original daughter. Astro Boy asked her about this, and while she could give no definitive answer, she did find him to be another robot she liked.
    • One of the androids she finds closest to her is Alisa. While Alisa has done some questionable things, it was to try and destroy Jin’s Devil Gene so that he would cause no further crime.
    • Ruru absolutely hates Dr. Wily for building robots for evil purposes and often helps Mega Man fight the ones who have ascended under his command. On the opposite side of the spectrum, she does like Dr. Light for treating his creations like children and has become less stoic towards her creator as a result.
    • A similar person to Ruru is Chase, who is also an android with a purple color scheme who defected to the heroes’ side. Ruru quickly befriended him after learning his story.
  • Exclusive to Emiru:
    • Emiru is the classmate of Hana’s younger sister, Kotori. She idolizes the Cures and what they do, and wanted to become one. Eventually, her wish was granted and she became Cure Ma’Cheire.
    • Emiru can frequently be found playing music in the House of Music for loyal people. Sometimes Ruru joins her and makes the music even better.
    • Emiru idolizes Miku and considers her ability to be whatever her songs tell her to be a perfect reflection of the ideals the Cures in her team have.
    • Emiru often tries to help the lancer version of Elizabeth Batory avoid committing further murders and focus more on her idol career. Elizabeth is grateful for the help and the Cures understanding that anyone can be a good person.

Izetta, The Goddess Who Made Magic Disappear From The World (The Last Witch, The Second Coming Of the White Witch)
As "The Second Coming of the White Witch" 
  • Themes: Izetta: The Last Witch and Cross The Line
  • Intermediate Goddess with access to a Ley Line network or with the Magic Stone (Demigoddess without magic, Quasideity following the Final Battle in her universe)
  • Symbols: Her white dress, anti-tank rifle, and her half of the Magic Stone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Permanently drained Europe's, and possibly the world's, leylines of magical energy, Immediately proving herself to be a woman of action upon awakening, Wields massive anti-tank rifles that are longer than she is tall, Saving the entirety of Eylstadt several times from certain doom, Becomes a normal girl when deprived of access to magical energy, a leyline, or the Magic Stone, The Magic Stone taking a toll on her life energy, Goes from a shy and reluctant magic user to Eylstadt's hero, Is only 15 years old, yet fights on the frontlines, Wears White once she becomes Eylstadt's Hero, Hero of her series, Willing to give her life to end the Germanian Empire's wonderweapons campaign and abuse of magic, Being the last witch of her world, Wears bright colors, and fights for the side of good, One-Woman Army, Swore undying loyalty to Finé and Eylstadt
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Lance
  • Enemy Mine: Lord Recluse
  • In the 1930s of an alternate timeline Europe, a young princess and witch would fatefully meet one another and become fast friends. It got to the point that this young princess saved the young witch from being killed by an angry mob armed with Torches and Pitchforks. This show of kindness and bravery would forever indebt the witch to Undying Loyalty to her in the event they would ever meet again. Cut to the year 1940, a small Alpine country called the Pricipality of Eylstadt was invaded by its hostile neighbor, the Germanian Empire. In a devastating series of surprise offensives, the Eylstadt military stood little chance, with many of their meager defenses overrun in a matter of hours. In the midst of this chaos, Princess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt was captured by Germanian Forces in Westria, as well as a witch named Izetta, who was being kept in a special capsule to be experimented on. During a transport flight from Westria to Neu-Berlin, both were kept together and held captive by members of the Germanian Army. Thanks to Fine's defiance against her captors, she was able to free Izetta from the capsule, and both promptly escaped the Germanians, with Izetta blowing the transport plane up with magic.
  • Within days of their escape, and seeing the increasingly hopeless situation before them, Izetta volunteered herself to become Eylstadt's savior, much like the White Witch of Eylstadt's Legend before her. Immediately, Izetta tore through entire battalions of Germanian infantry, tanks, and even aircraft. Seeing an opportunity present itself, the now-Archduchess Fine was advised by her closest associates to turn Izetta into a Propaganda Hero and Hope Bringer to Eylstadt. The Archduchess agreed, and thus ended up revealing Izetta and her powers to various journalists from different parts of the world. Sure enough, she soon became a celebrity both within Eylstadt and out, and a constant thorn for the Germanian Empire. The Kaiser of Germania in particular knew of the threat Eylstadt's new White Witch posed, and promptly dedicated a ton of resources to find a way to take her down for good. With Major Berkman's Special Unit and the Design Division of Elisabeth cooperating, the Germanian Army was able to find a radical new counter to Izetta, and more. The end result? A perfect clone of the original White Witch Sophie, as well as a number of new wonderweapons designs derived directly from magical energy.
  • Despite granting Eylstadt a few months of peace and tranquility, once the Germanians deployed their new Secret Weapon, Izetta was easily beaten by Germania's Witch, with most of Eylstadt including the capital Landsbruck falling within two hours. Only the timely Heroic Sacrifice of the remnant of Eylstadt's military prevented the Second Coming of the White Witch from being in Germanian captivity. While this denied the Germanians the satisfaction of having their number one enemy in their clutches, it was still a major strategic and propaganda victory for them. Following the fall of Eylstadt, the Germanians would then further abuse magical energy for their own agendas, by bombing the Britannian capital in a coordinated terrorbombing campaign. It ultimately culminated in the Germanians developing a Hexenium-powered nuclear missile prototype, capable of wiping out entire cities on the map. Izetta herself would finally get a chance to fight Sophie on more even terms, when Sieghart Muller of the Eylstadt royal government discovered the other half of the Magic Stone in his family's possession. Meanwhile, the Eylstadt Forces, having captured Lt. Colonel Berkman after a botched attempt in capturing the Archduchess, was forced to reveal this classified infornation to his enemies, who also revealed to them that the Empire planned on bombing Landsbruck, the capital of Eylstadt, with the prototype, as a show of force.
  • With this stark revelation, and seeing no other choice, Izetta decided to make a difficult decision: to drain the entirety of Europe's Ley Line network of magical energy using her half of the Magic Stone. In effect, she would be killing two birds with one stone. She'd be able to defeat Sophie and render all of the Germanian's new weapons of mass destruction useless. And so it was. Izetta, with the power of her Magic Stone, was able to fight Sophie on much more equal terms, lure her away from the Germanian base and delay the missile launch for enough time, and then ended up draining all of Europe's and arguably the world's magical energy, channeling all of it into space. All Germanian wonderweapons powered by Hexenium, crystallized magical energy, were rendered useless, with all existing Hexenium reserves automatically depleted as well. Sophie would also end up dying in a Disney Villain Death thanks to having no more magic to back herself up in flight, the combined strain of the Magic Stone and trying to keep Europe's magical energy from disappearing, and her own Clone Degeneration taking its toll. Izetta herself would ultimately survive this Final Battle, albeit without the use of her legs, and would live out the rest of her life peacefully and no longer under persecution from anyone.
  • In the Pantheon, meanwhile, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Lt. Mike Powell, and Lt. Karl Fairburne, have already made plans to infiltrate the Eylstadt Royal Palace, now ascended as a Pantheon Dominion alongside the rest of the Principality of Eylstadt. With the help of The Tenno, who provide enough of a diversion against Sophie and most of her forces, they manage to either slip past any remaining German patrols guarding the palace or silently kill any they can't. Eventually, the four of them split up into groups of two, with Rogers and Barnes looking for the room containing Sieghart Muller's family heirlooms, and Powell and Fairburne looking for the White Witch Shrine in a hidden section of the palace. With vials of a female magic user's blood, which in this case was donated to them by Koyuki Himekawa aka Snow White, they try to look for any sign or trace of the Magic Stone within the palace walls. The latter fail to find anything when the vial of blood refuses to react to anything, not helped by the shrine having been investigated heavily and subsequently ransacked by Berkman's men. Rogers and Barnes, on the other hand, get the reaction they were looking for, and immedaitely come across a mysterious-looking diary which, sure enough, contains the fabled half of the Magic Stone. Wasting no time, they get the hell out of dodge, especially in the wake of German reinforcements inevitably arriving to investigate. Unkbeknownst to the four Allied soldiers, Lt. Colonel Berkman had been observing their very actions. Instead of following them, he radios Sophie, telling her that the Allies are doing everything All According to Plan.
  • As it turned out, rather than waste precious time, men, and resources in finding the remaining half of the Magic Stone that possibly didn't exist in the Pantheon, Berkman decided to let the Allies and the rest of his, HYDRA's, and Sophie's enemies find the Stone for them, and confirm its presence. And indeed, with Captain America and his companions finding the Stone, Berkman had what he needed. Furthermore, with the Magic Stone now in Allied hands, it would lead the Germans to the rest of the biggest threats to Sophie. In essence, this would kill two birds with one stone, with Berkman, Sophie, and the Nazis getting their hands on the Magic Stone's full potential and power, and the Allies losing their biggest chances to defeat Sophie for good.
  • With the Magic Stone now in Allied hands and in their controlled territory, they now wondered how they could use it to get Izetta into the Pantheon, given that Sophie herself wasn't ascended by "conventional" means. Fortunately for the Allies and the magic users accompanying them, a solution is found in the form of Dr. Stephen Strange. Strange, who had seen the threat HYDRA posed with their magical energy-powered weaponry, elected to provide his close ally Captain America with the way to summon a person from an Alternate Timeline into the Pantheon through one of his spells. And so, Strange began chanting a complicated spell that required concentration, using the Magic Stone as a catalyst and to gather enough of the magical energy needed. The process, however, was complicated, and required the Sorcerer not be disturbed in the midst of it all. Unfortunately for those present, that was when Sophie and the Germans attacked their position. Rogers and Barnes, despite being heavily outmatched, opted to hold Sophie back to buy Dr. Strange a precious few minutes of time, while Powell and Fairburne fought back the German soldiers that accompanied her.
  • Despite their best efforts, Sophie does manage to partially botch Izetta's ascension by managing to get Strange to lose concentration at the worst possible time. While Izetta does make it in, she doesn't ascend with her powers initially, and ascended without the use of her legs. Worse, thanks to the mayhem going on, the still unconscious witch is captured by the Germans, with Sophie delighted at this success and chance to get revenge on her killer. The only thing the Nazis don't manage to obtain was the Magic Stone, which is still safely in the hands of Dr. Strange. Immediately recovering from the surprise attack, Captain Rogers reorganizes the ragtag unit with him, and begins organizing a way to rescue their new hope in defeating HYDRA and their new "Champion".
  • Under orders from Schmidt, Berkman and Sophie are ordered to seal Izetta in a capsule similar to the one the Germanians sealed her in, so that she can be studied extensively in a secure facility in War-Torn Berlin. While Sophie is initially frustrated at this order, Schmidt promises her that she can have her nemesis tortured to death once he's done studying her. With Berkman's convincing, Sophie ultimately agrees to this arrangement, and allows Berkman and the Special Unit to collect Izetta for transport to Berlin. Rather than transport their VIP by plane like with what the Germanians did, Berkman arranges for Izetta's capsule to be transported via a special train, HYDRA's Schnellzug EB912. The radio broadcast these orders are sent through are eventually intercepted by Allied intelligence, who then relay the info to the Allied Forces in Eylstadt.
  • Now with solid intel on Izetta's location, Captain America and company decide to intercept the HYDRA train, in spite of the huge risk that this might be yet another trap intended for them. And so it was, with Rogers, Barnes, and Powell boarding the train. Sure enough, an entire platoon of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites were waiting onboard, guarding Izetta's capsule. And leading those troops was Rudolf von Sturmgeist, one of Schmidt's top enforcers and himself a tough nut to crack. Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, the three of them manage to fight their way through waves of elite German troops, killing several of them in the process. Making their way into the car that contained Izetta's capsule, von Sturmgeist, alongside three Nazi Storm Elites, confronted the trio and tried to deny them access to the witch, despite being heavily outnumbered and outmatched. A stray shot from the firefight ends up damaging the capsule, causing Izetta to awaken and emerge from it, still in the process of fully regaining consciousness. Rogers, seeing an opening, pulls the Magic Stone out of his pocket, and throws it in the direction of the witch. Seeing a most-familiar object, she immediately grabs it, and with it, her powers are immediately restored to full.
  • Seeing unfamiliar soldiers in trouble, and men resembling Germanian soldiers and officers pin them down, Izetta ends up saving them by knocking out the Storm Elites and knocking von Sturmgeist aside with her newly-restored powers. With the White Witch of Eylstadt now aiding them, and seeing no other choice, Sturmgeist has the train they're on separated from the locomotive (with Sturmgeist himself fleeing on the locomotive), with the train car the Allied soldiers and Izetta are in rigged to blow as well. With little time to spare, the four of them manage to make it to the back of the train and jump off, just before the train explodes in a huge fireball.
  • With Izetta now in friendly hands, Rogers, Barnes, and Powell bring her to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who briefs her about the Pantheon, why she was summoned there, the Nazis and HYDRA bringing back her old nemesis Sophie, the situation of her beloved home of Eylstadt, and their need to stop Johann Schmidt's Evil Plan involving Hexenium-powered weaponry. Izetta ultimately agrees to help the Allies stop the Nazis' and HYDRA's operations, though she does warn them that prolonged use of the Magic Stone now in her possession would end up burning out her life force. She is then approached by Dr. Abraham Erskine, who offers her a solution to prevent this from happening: a dose of Super Serum he personally developed. However, before Izetta can agree or not, she's also approached by Dr. Stephen Strange, who offers her a much less drastic solution: a spell that can neutralize the effects of the Magic Stone on her body, as well as permanently allow her the use of her legs even without access to magical energy. Strange tells her that while the Super Soldier Serum could also help her, it woul also come at a risk of amplifying both her positive and negative traits, or as Erskine himself put it: "Good becomes great, bad becomes worse".
  • With that out of the way, Izetta is provided a new anti-tank rifle, white dress, and is given new flying bombs for her own personal use. The latter were reverse-engineered from the ones used by Sophie and the Germanian Empire using captured blueprints, and in essence, were similar to the Republic-Ford JB-2, an American reverse-engineered copy of the V-1 Flying Bomb. With these new weapons at her disposal, the Allies can now launch retaliatory attacks against various Nazi and HYDRA bases scattered throughout the occupied areas of the Pantheon. Unlike the Germans, who used their flying bombs as terror weapons and indiscriminately went after both military and civilian sites, Izetta and the Allies exclusively targeted German bases, factories, and military headquarters.
  • Sure enough, these attacks, coupled with Izetta helping destroy a huge Hexenium deposit near Fort Schmerzen, eventually draw Sophie out. Rather than be pissed at her old nemesis, however, she acknowledges respect for Eylstadt's new White Witch for having bested her in the past. However, despite this apparent Character Development, Sophie, at the end of the day, still considers her as that, an enemy that must be squashed alongside Eylstadt. Their fight in the Pantheon is an epic one, to say the least, involving Mach 1 speeds and a High-Altitude Battle all over different Dominions throughout the Nazi and Allied controlled portions of the Pantheon as well as over neutral territories. Prior to this battle, Dr. Strange warned Izetta that draining all of the Pantheon's magic was incredibly dangerous and risky, with much more fallout and consequences should it actually be done. What's more, compared to in her universe, where magical energy was much more finite, the strain the Magic Stone would have on her body when draining said magical energy would be much more severe, with the risk that the spell meant to protect her from the effects of the Magic Stone would wear off as well. Instead of trying the same trick she did back in her Europe, she ultimately decides to hold back on using the Magic Stone's full power, opting instead to create a diversion for the Allies by luring Sophie away from the German facilities now exposed to Allied air and ground attack. Sophie, realizing her mistake in following Izetta, immediately retreats, vowing to get back at her old foe the next time they meet. While Sophie does manage to prevent all of the Hexenium facilities and existing reserves from being destroyed, production of more weapons has, once again, been pushed back by a few months, buying Eylstadt and other locations in the Pantheon more time.
  • Having dealt a serious blow to HYDRA's plans by taking out even more of their Hexenium-based weaponry and reserves, Izetta and her new allies press on their attacks, destroying German and HYDRA bases, garrisons, and supply lines left and right throughout their occupied territories. With at least part of her home of Eylstadt now liberated, including the capital Landsbruck, Izetta then asks a favor from her newfound allies: to help her ascend the rightful leader of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, into the Pantheon. Her reasoning for asking so being that she not only considers the Archduchess her best friend, but also that the people of Eylstadt, who have ascended into the Pantheon alongside their nation, need a proper, competent leader who can help guide them onto the path of the future. President Franklin D. Roosevelt agrees, and promises the Second Coming of the White Witch that they'll arrange her friend's ascension soon.
  • Following her failure to protect the Hexenium from harm and being told by Schmidt to finish her missions, Sophie begins arranging for a renewed counteroffensive against Eylstadt, still vowing to destroy the accursed capital Landsbruck and wipe it off the face of the Pantheon. To this end, she begins asking her friend Tanya von Degurechaff for help in defeating Izetta. While normally unwilling to work with the Nazis, Tanya makes an exception with Sophie as well as Berkman, the latter of whom had also been blamed by Schmidt for the loss of their Hexenium reserves. Tanya ultimately agrees not only to help them fight their old adversary, but also to help them create more Hexenium reserves using her own magic skills.
  • As for Izetta, she begins exploring the Pantheon in earnest, coming across both new friends and enemies alike. Most prominently, many of them are themselves magic users like herself. Ironic, considering that her most famous moniker is "The Last Witch".
    • Sure enough, upon learning of Koyuki Himekawa, one of the deities responsible for getting her into the Pantheon, she thanks the Magical Girl for doing so, even saying that it was brave of her to stand up against Sophie and her Nazi allies despite having nothing to gain from it. Koyuki replies that she did it since she's dedicated her life to hunting down rogue magical girls, of which Sophie is one such example. In addition, Izetta approaches Dr. Stephen Strange once more, asking him to teach her more of his spells in order to combat any future attacks led by Sophie. Strange ultimately agrees, knowing that he himself won't always be around to help her in dire situations.
    • On the other hand, Izetta also finds other evil witches similar to Sophie, but acting with their own interests in mind, such as Saira and Kaira as well as the Hag. These three are, in essence, the opposite of Izetta, being older and uglier looking witches that more resemble a classic Western depiction of such. Outside of the Nazis and HYDRA, it's witches like these that Izetta ends up opposing.
  • Thanks to their mutual interest in Izetta, as well as their agreement that "HYDRA's new Champion" and the new Nazi wonderweapons would still be a major threat to both the Allied Forces, good-aligned magic users everywhere, and anyone caught in-between this Forever War, Dr. Erskine and Dr. Strange got to work on a new serum specifically intended for Izetta. This new serum would give its user, in this case Izetta herself, enhanced strength and magical powers, while also providing the Healing Factor present in previous versions of the serum, which would now restore Izetta's use of her legs permanently and even without the use of a spell. And so it was, with Izetta finally accepting and receiving Erskine's and Strange's improved Magical Serum. Aside from the aforementioned traits, it turned out the Serum also allowed her to use the Magic Stone to even greater effect, although Izetta purposefully held herself back in using the Stone's full potential due to the greater risk this entailed to the world around her. In essence, this part of Izetta's story in the Pantheon served as another miror to Sophie's own, with Sophie herself instead receiving HYDRA's version of the Super Soldier Serum, which only enhanced her physical strength and granted her a Healing Factor that undid any existing Clone Degeneration and physical strain her body and the Magic Stone took on her.
"I swore I'd protect Eylstadt. Even if doing so means I have to shorten my own life."

    Kamille Bidan 
Kamille Bidan, God of Downer Endings (Lieutenant Kamille Bidan/Kamille dai-iformerly , Doctor Kamille)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The AEUG Logo and his Zeta Gundam
  • Theme Music: "Zeta - Toki wo Koete", "Mizu no Hoshi e Ai wo Komete", "Metamorphoze"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Character Development, Ace Custom, Piloting the Zeta Gundam, having a Gender-Blender Name with pointing out being his usual Berserk Button, Chick Magnet, Hot-Blooded Good Jerks, Generation Xerox, Newtype Powers
  • Domains: Robots, Tragedy, Pilots, War
  • Superior: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Heralds: Fa Yuiry (his main Love Interest and girlfriend), Emma Sheen, Four Murasame, Judau Ashta and Roux Louka (his successors)
  • High Priest: Shin Kazamatsuri/Kamen Rider Shin
  • Signature Mechas: MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam (his main mecha and creation, shared with Judau and Roux) and RX-178 Gundam MK-II (shared with Emma)
  • Allies:
  • Respected by: Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Rival: Jerid Messa
  • Enemies: The GUAE Mecha Cohort, Haman Karn, Bask Om, Gendo Ikari, Tenjuro Banno, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • Complicated Relationship: Char Aznable
  • Kamille made his ascension into the pantheon after the end of the Gryps Conflict where he, along with the AEUG, had managed to defeat Paptimus Scirocco and the Titans faction before his mind was wrecked by his fallen Arch-Enemy as a payback for his demise, as well as most of his close allies like Emma Sheen were killed in that said conflict which brings his other nemesis Haman Karn as the sole victor of the war before she successfully restores Zeon from its former glory.
  • Kamille is happy to work as a pilot once more, and reunited with Amuro Ray and Bright Noa. Kamille, now becoming a free agent working in the Londo Bell. On the other hand, Kamille is not pleased that Bask Om is present in the pantheon proper since he and the Titans were responsible for ruining his life in the first place, the same goes to Haman as she was waiting for him to ascend so that they can settle the score once and for all.
    • Char tried to be a mentor to Kamille Bidan but failed miserably. Kamille did actually view him as a brother figure despite not taking any of his advice, and their relationship has been strained ever since learning of his role in the Second Neo Zeon War.
  • There are rumours about an alternate universe where he has a happier ending, the Gods, however dispel the rumour by showing everyone the 50 episodes of Zeta Gundam.
    • Aside from that, there are some speculations that he becomes better after his long recovery during the first Neo-Zeon War, in fact, he never lose his touch as a Gundam pilot.
  • Many Gods are impressed that a kid was able to punch a guy bigger than him, successfully kick his ass, get arrested, kick the officer's ass, and steals 3 Gundam Mk. II's from the Titan's base all during the same day.
    • Due to this, Kamille gained the respect from Bully Hunters like Kaito Kumon and Jimmy Hopkins since they regarded him as a strong person for his act of being able to stand against the tyranny of the Titans.
  • People often mistake him for Luke Skywalker because of a soundtrack that got released making him look like him, Kamille points out his hair is blue.
  • Has formed a friendship with the Gunpla Fighter Yuuma Kousaka after he was impressed with his piloting skills during Gunpla Battles and was also amused of his latest signature Gunpla the "Lightning Zeta Gundam" which reminded him alot of his own signature Mobile Suit. No wonder that he might get interested in this non-violent sport just for fun.
  • Spends his free time in the House of Technology editing his Zeta Gundam, to avoid thinking about his tragic love life.
  • He became close friends with Kohtaro Minami while he also sympathizes with him after knowing his story of how his life became a living hell during his earlier days as Kamen Rider Black while he was also happy that his life becomes better since he became Black RX. Same thing with Ange since her life became miserable when she lose all her respects from her kingdom after she was exposed as a Norma until she had gotten better after her and her comrade's war against Embryo has ended. It should noted that both Kamille and Ange have similar personalities and users of their respective transformable mechas.
  • He also became supportive towards Shinji Ikari and Go Shijima since they shared the pain of having their fathers being a bunch of complete bastards. Like being said, he also became enemies with Gendo Ikari and Tenjuro Banno due to their horrible treatment towards their respective children.
  • Knight Gundam was overjoyed that someone else that he recognized had arrived at the Pantheon, but quickly remembered that he would not remember their adventures together. The two are still friends, seeing as how Knight helped him to presumably marry Fa Yuiry in his world.
  • Due to him being one of the icons in the 80's, Kamille became associates with Kung Fury, the two would support each other as they fight together against their respective enemies.
  • He has put both the Reagan siblings on his hit list because at one point, they're making fun of his name before they kick their asses for crossing the line.
  • Remember, whenever they try to mock his Gender-Blender Name, this will be his response to them: "KAMILLE'S A MAN'S NAME AND I'M A MAN".

Klonoa, God of Bittersweet Endings (Klo-oa, Dream Traveler, Cabbit)
Door to Phantomile design 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His 'Wind Ring' (moon inscribed within ring optional). Alternatively, his hat and/or ears.
  • Theme Music: Stepping Wind (Wahoo Stomp) (Namco X Capcom remix) and Sign of Hero
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Dream Traveler, Destined to save dreams from destruction but forced to leave them after, Indeterminate species but has the traits of rabbits, cats, and dogs, Ear Wings, Fluent in Phantomilian, Constantly changes clothes but has a distinct style, Adorable but mentally scarred, Adorkable, Kid Hero, Badass Adorable, Blow You Away (and can summon thunder in one universe), Unable to swim and quick to drown, Owns and rides a hoverboard, Wahoo!
  • Domains: Bittersweetness, Forced Goodbyes, Dreams, Wind, Cuteness
  • Heralds: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz
  • High Priest: Maximillian
  • Allies: King of Sorrow, Reiji and Xiamou, Every Hero deity involved in Namco × Capcom (especially Felicia and Morrigan), Kirby, Bandana Dee, Ysera, Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Dream of the Endless, Ned Needlemeyer, Princess Luna, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Cream the Rabbit, Miles "Tails" Prower, Presea Combatir, Unico, Niko, Avatar Aang, Sora
  • Arch-Enemy: Joka
  • Enemies: Saya, Nightmare, Every villain deity involved in Namco × Capcom, Freddy Kruger, Wizeman, Barbatos, Pitch Black, Dimentio, Marx, Dr. Eggman
  • Rivals: Nack the Weasel, Babylon Rogues
  • Pities: Madotsuki, Bedman
  • Wary of: Beerus, Hypno
  • Once believing himself to be a native inhabitant of Phantomile, specifically a denizen of Breezegale, Klonoa is in truth the "Dream Traveler"; a hero who is destined to travel to different dream worlds and save them from destruction, with Phantomile being just one such trip. Which Klonoa has no problem with, being a naturally kind-hearted kid who never refuses anyone in need. However, the big catch with being the Dream Traveler is that Klonoa cannot stay in a dream world after it had been saved, needing to leave for his home dimension or be forced out of the dream if he stays too long, as had happened with Phantomile. Which sucks to say the least for Klonoa as he's quick to form close friendships with the inhabitants of those dream worlds, and he (sometimes) depends on some of these inhabitants to power his weapon, the Wind Ring, so he has to make friends with those in the dream worlds to accomplish his task. Though as sad as it is to say goodbye to friends, with minimal chance of seeing them again, Klonoa maintains an upbeat attitude and continues to selflessly do his duty of restoring balance to dreams.
    • In an alternate version of his universe, dubbed the "Heroes universe", Klonoa is a normal boy of Breezegale who dreamt of obtaining a "Hero Medal", a mystical and highly coveted item of his world. Said world being a singular planet that unifies the dream worlds of Klonoa's "Prime universe", with the locations and inhabitants of Phantomile coexisting alongside those of Lunatea and more. After a chance encounter with the bounty hunter, Guntz, Klonoa of the Heroes universe would achieve his dream of getting his own Hero Medal and would then save the world from an eternal nightmare alongside Guntz and a bomb expert pangolin named Pango. The Heroes version of Klonoa has a much less troubled and lonely life compared to the Prime version but was much less heroic until some serious reflecting.
  • Klonoa first entered the Pantheon the same way he entered all other dream worlds, having been sent there as the Dream Traveler to protect it from destruction. After accomplishing what he had been sent to do, however, Klonoa found that he was not forced out after sticking around for a long time. At first, Klonoa was confused but then realized he finally had a waking world to stay in and less eternal goodbyes to make. People would need his help again and again, people could follow him now that he was a god, and people could keep crossing paths with him in his duties. At last, Klonoa had found a proper home. His ascension was finalized when he was given the trope Bittersweet Ending due to the endings of his main adventures being among the most heartwarming yet tearjerking of their kind.
  • During his ascension process, Klonoa found the King of Sorrow at the Court of the Gods, which was a big surprise for the Dream Traveler as he last saw King of Sorrow dying in his arms back in Lunatea yet here he was alive and well in the Pantheon. King explained that he had manifested within the House of Despondency shortly after the aforementioned death in Lunatea and was taken to the Court of the Gods to determine his fate in the Pantheon. Because Klonoa and King of Sorrow were familiar with each other, it was decided by the Court that King of Sorrow would act as the Herald for the newly ascended Klonoa, which the two boys heartily agreed to. Even though King started off as an enemy to Klonoa, having attempted to consume Lunatea with sorrow and attacking Klonoa to atone for that world's sins, Klonoa knew that King of Sorrow was acting from trauma-induced insanity and was more than willing to accept the Hyuponian as a friend after all that had been sorted.
    • Over time, though, Klonoa began to miss his friends from his past adventures: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz, and desired to be with them again. When the option to make them all heralds was offered, Klonoa immediately took that opportunity to bring those four into the Pantheon. Many Tears of Joy were shed as Klonoa, Huepow, Lolo, and Popka embraced each other in reunion, while Guntz just gave the Dream Traveler a friendly pat on the shoulders. And Klonoa convinced the Court of the Gods to ascend King as a deity so he wouldn't feel like a left-out fifth wheel herald but rather a fellow deity ally, with the Hyuponian also able to make his own friends in the form of other deities and his own heralds.
      • However, with regards to Huepow, there's a serious Elephant in the Living Room between him and Klonoa over Huepow giving Klonoa Fake Memories of having always lived in Phantomile, as opposed to being an outsider to the dream world who was sent to save it. Klonoa and Huepow both know they have to talk about it but for the time being want to enjoy each other's company again after being apart for so long. Klonoa at least has no hard feelings about it as he knows how regretful and apologetic Huepow is about that whole thing. Though that doesn't stop many deities, including King of Sorrow, as well as Lolo, Popka, and Guntz from criticizing Huepow for doing that to Klonoa, pointing out how unnecessary it was and how it ultimately made Klonoa's departure from Phantomile ten times more heartbreaking than it could've been.
  • Immediately upon ascending, Klonoa was merged with his incarnation from the Heroes universe, retaining that counterpart's memories and experience, and gaining his abilities and equipment. Though still having a preference for fighting with his Wind Ring, Klonoa took a liking to the sword and hammer weapons and can not only be seen training in using them but will utilize them in serious fights if his Wind Ring cannot be used to its full effect. Klonoa also greatly appreciates the new special move in "Thunder Hurricane" since it lets him damage multiple enemies in a spinning attack while stunning others with lightning bolts. Klonoa also gained a great respect for pangolins and bombers, provided those bombs are used for good purposes, and wishes in hindsight that he chose Pango as a herald alongside Huepow, Lolo, Popka, and Guntz. Though Guntz, who also gained the memories of his Heroes incarnation, assured his cabbit friend that Pango would've wanted to stay in his village with his son anyway.
  • Klonoa's role in the Pantheon (when not up to his usual duties) revolves around consoling those who are experiencing separation from friends and loved ones, as he's experienced more than enough cases himself. Though, nobody ever asks if he could use some support. Overall, he's surprisingly upbeat about his past and his fate, and can often be found talking with other deities in the House of Despondency in attempts to cheer them up.
  • As the Dream Traveler, Klonoa is naturally drawn to the House of Dreams and Nightmares and spends most of his time there; which got to the point that he's considered an unofficial member of the house. And since Klonoa's role as the Dream Traveler is to save imperiled dreams from destruction, he quickly gained the favor of Ysera and other "dream guardians": NiGHTS, Princess Luna, and Haruto. Klonoa loves to hang out with each of them and share experiences with protecting dreams. And while the worst aspect of being the Dream Traveler is circumvented by being in the Pantheon, Ysera, Princess Luna, and Haruto are looking for ways to remove the "forced departure" of the Dream Traveler role, allowing Klonoa to remain in dream worlds as much as he likes, if not travel to them voluntarily as opposed to the current involuntary way. Klonoa is nothing short of thankful to the three for their efforts.
    • Of the "dream guardians", Klonoa gets along best with NiGHTS since he's the most devoted to protecting dream worlds, just like himself, yet NiGHTS has such a fun and flighty personality (moments of rudeness notwithstanding). Klonoa also admires NiGHTS for being a Nightmaren, directly created by Wizeman the Wicked to expand Nightmare, but decided to rebel against his master and be the savior of Nightopia instead, which made Klonoa start to consider that not all nightmares or nightmare creatures are bad. The Dream Traveler couldn't help but remark that, with that origin in mind, NiGHTS is almost a good version of Joka, both being clown-based nightmare creatures but NiGHTS had the good sense to rebel and protect dreams, while Joka remained devoted to his nightmare master and helped him to bring about the permanent end to a dream world. Klonoa is also intrigued by NiGHTS' ability to dualize dreaming people, which the Dream Traveler compared to his Wind Ring and its dependence on others to fuel it. NiGHTS, in turn, is fascinated by Klonoa's Wind Ring and praises Klonoa for his heart and determination to help dream worlds and those within despite never getting to see those worlds and their people again. To allow the Dream Traveler a dream world he can visit time and time again, NiGHTS invited Klonoa to Nightopia where the two can have fun.
    • Soon after getting acquainted with the good dream deities, Klonoa would have an encounter with Dream of the Endless, who revealed himself to be the one who had summoned the Dream Traveler to the Pantheon in the first place and allowed for him to be ascended. As the personification of dreams, the Sandman had an awareness of the many dream worlds in Klonoa's universe and took notice of the traveling protector of those dreams. Grateful for Klonoa's accomplishments and efforts in saving dreams from destruction, Morpheus decided to summon the Dream Traveler to the Pantheon during a particularly disastrous event in the Dreamscape and then contributed to Klonoa's ascension as a reward afterward. Klonoa was nothing short of flattered upon learning of this and immediately befriended Dream, even if he found the Sandman to be intimidating.
      • Klonoa could not help but ask Dream if he was also the one who made him the Dream Traveler in the first place, but Morpheus answered that he did not and does not know who or what made Klonoa the Dream Traveler; Dream even ponders that being the Dream Traveler is an inherent aspect of Klonoa, just as being the personification of dreams is to himself. Nonetheless, the Sandman took pity on Klonoa for the forced goodbyes his role enforces, relating a bit with being isolated due to one's function, and told the Dream Traveler to just focus on the work and cherish the memories of his friends, which the cabbit took to heart.
    • Of course, it didn't take long for Klonoa to meet the "nightmare" members of the house and the Dream Traveler toom an instant dislike for them. With the exception of the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, who is harmless all things considered, the likes of Vaermina, Nightmare, Wizeman, and Freddy Krueger make Ghadius look tame (which is saying a lot) and Klonoa is quick to join the rest of the dream protecting deities should those fiends start spreading nightmares. Nightmare in particular had become a pseudo-Arch-Enemy for Klonoa as he's not only the most like Ghadius in nature and personality but the Emporer of Darkness took on Ghadius as a High Priest and ascended Joka into the Pantheon, which the Cabbit cannot forgive. As for the Perfect Trumpet Thingy, Klonoa still doesn't think highly of the thing and its tendency to spook people in their sleep for not being "perfect", always making an effort to tell the trumpet off whenever it does.
  • Indeed, Klonoa was beyond furious on learning about Joka's ascension, having hoped that the Pantheon would be untouched by the clown fiend. Though Joka is more often a bumbling fool and is always second-fiddle to a bigger threat, the Dream Traveler harbors the most hatred for Joka for killing his grandpa to obtain the Moon Pendant; even after coming to terms that he and grandpa aren't actually related, Klonoa is still enraged over the callous murder of an innocent life who regarded him as family despite true circumstances. Klonoa also knows from that moment that Joka is not to be underestimated, and has become further worried by the trouble Joka can accomplish on learning that he took on Garlen and Janga as heralds, both being dangerous villains who can easily cause mass harm alongside the clown fiend. Klonoa always makes an effort to confront Joka with whatever the harlequin is up to, be it assisting a villain in their evil scheme or trying to win in a tournament, and become extra determined to defeat Joka. And whenever Janga is involved as well, Klonoa can count on Guntz to help him out, since Janga killed Guntz's father and has it out for the cat's blood.
    • It goes without saying that Klonoa has a heavy dislike for other monstrous clowns in the Pantheon, with Dimentio standing out to the Dream Traveler for being most like Joka but being much more competent and sinister, with his ultimate goal being possibly the most despicable of all. That Dimentio is close allies with Joka only makes Klonoa extra determined to defeat Dimentio.
  • Klonoa and Guntz (specifically their Heroes incarnations) were one of the heroes Reiji and Xiamou encountered during their first recorded adventure, and naturally the two were pleased to see the young hero and bounty hunter again. It took Klonoa and Guntz a while to recognize Reiji and Xiamou, having not seen them in so long, but once they did Klonoa excitedly greeted the Shinra agents while Guntz simply shook their hands. Soon after, Klonoa and Guntz got reacquainted with the other heroes they encountered in that adventure with Reiji and Xiamou; Klonoa rekindling his friendship with Felicia in particular, who was overjoyed to see her fluffy, long-eared friend again. Morrigan was also pleased to see Klonoa again, finding him too cute to resist. Guntz, however, remembered how obsessed all the girl heroes were with hugging the two of them and quickly fled from the gathering, swearing like crazy as the girls gave chase to hug him. Klonoa, however, was content with the hugging (provided he could still breathe).
  • Klonoa met with Kirby one day while browsing the House of Food for a burger stand and the two adorable dream heroes became immediate friends. As they ate their favored foods, Klonoa and Kirby conversed on their past adventures, and the two were astonished by how much their respective worlds have in common with each other; the resemblance between basic Moos and the Waddle Dees being just the tip of the iceberg. The two also noticed how similar their default methods of attacking are, requiring them to "grab" and then "toss" enemies. Though Kirby is able to do way more with his ability to absorb the power of any enemy he swallows, which Klonoa found cool but also really creepy. Though Huepow, Lolo, and Popka were quick to tell Klonoa that he shouldn't be one to judge with the amount of Moos he tossed to their deaths.
    • Klonoa was soon introduced to Bandana Waddle Dee by Kirby and was immediately reminded of "Heart Moo", who a version of himself played volleyball with in one universe. The supposed "King of all Moos", Heart Moo is a standard Moo who wears a green bandana with a yellow heart symbol to distinguish himself from the rest of the Moos, just like Bandana Dee, and is also the friendliest of the Moos; rejecting the prize money and trophy in favor of keeping the volleyball as a friend should he win the tournament. The bandana'd Waddle Dee was amused by this revelation and hopes to meet Heart Moo one of these days, and took up an interest in volleyball in the meantime. Klonoa can often be seen playing some volleyball with Bandana Dee.
  • Klonoa initially didn't know what to think about fellow dreamwalkers, Madotsuki and Bedman, as their origins are as mysterious as his own, and their violent tendencies didn't help him in determining if they were friends or foes. But the Dream Traveler eventually learned about Madotsuki and Bedman's respective pasts and came to pity them; Madotsuki for living a lonely life and unable to accept reality, preferring to live in her dreams. And Bedman being stuck in a coma alongside his sister due to their bodies being unable to handle their great intelligence, with Bedman becoming a hitman in the hopes of finding a way to save himself and his sister. While Klonoa understands Bedman's plight, he frowns upon Bedman killing people in their dreams, though he's aware that Bedman doesn't like his killing either and hopes to use the power of his dream dimension to resurrect his victims. In any case, Klonoa avoids conflict with Bedman and has attempted to help both him and Madotsuki with their problems. However, the Dream Traveler found himself powerless to be of any aid since their troubles happened in the waking world of their respective universes, Klonoa unable to influence anything outside of their dreams. It doesn't help that Madotsuki actively avoids Klonoa whenever she encounters him in her dreams, preventing him from learning more and trying to be of emotional support to her.
  • Presea Combatir was shocked to see the mascot of Altamira's theme park within the Pantheon, whom she owns a costume of, and was delighted to meet Klonoa in person. Klonoa was suprised to learn that he's a mascot in another world and amazed at how realistic Presea's costume looks, and became fast friends with the girl. Klonoa felt sympathy for Presea on learning of how she was reduced to an Empty Shell due to experimentation and does his best to help her feel good emotions again. Likewise, Presea makes an effort to hang out with Klonoa for some more friendly fun that he could use, in light of his bittersweet fate.
  • Klonoa took an interest in Ned Needlemeyer when he learned about the boy's chronic nightmares, and became one of few deities who visits Ned's temple expressly to brave those nightmares. As to be expected, Ned's nightmares are no match for the Dream Traveler, Klonoa defeating them with ease, and very soon the cabbit became good friends with Ned. Klonoa often tries to help the boy with his anxieties that cause his nightmares, and Ned in turn seeks out opportunities to have fun with Klonoa, having become aware of the Dream Traveler's heartbreaking ordeal and wanting to be another friend he can play with.
  • Pac-Man recognized Klonoa as another character from his flagship company and was pleased to hear of his ascension, especially being aware that the Dream Traveler is one of the more overlooked members of the company. Klonoa in turn recognized Pac-Man as the character on his hat, which amused Pac-man to no end, and got along with the Yellow Fella. The two can often be seen eating together in the House of Food, Klonoa partaking in a hamburger (without tomatoes) while Pac-Man helps himself to... Everything he feels like eating.
  • Klonoa became acquainted with Sonic the Hedgehog after being mistaken to be from the hedgehog's universe by numerous deities. On meeting Sonic and his friends, Klonoa could see the resemblance between them and himself, especially in his appearance from Lunatea and onward, and decided to befriend the hedgehog and his allies. Sonic himself took a quick liking to Klonoa, being a fellow young hero of the wind who selflessly saves worlds from destruction (and also can't swim to save his life), and tries to comfort the Dream Traveler over his forced departure of those worlds.
    • Of Sonic's friends, Klonoa gets along best with Miles "Tails" Prower since they are both heroic boys who've suffered trauma (Tails having been the victim of bullying before meeting Sonic) but maintain a cheerful attitude. Certainly helps that Tails has the closest resemblance to Klonoa among Sonic's friends, the two loving to joke that they are long-lost relatives. Klonoa is also fascinated by Tails' namesakes, and doubly so that the fox is able to fly by twirling them super fast, while Tails is curious about Klonoa's Wind Ring.
      • Klonoa also loves hanging out with Cream the Rabbit, who has the heart of a hero and adventurer despite her pacifism and he likes to accompany her on her many wanderings through the Pantheon. Klonoa and Cream also bond on their ability to float in the air with their ears, though the cabbit is a tad envious that Cream is able to float for much longer and for much greater height and distance than he himself. Lolo also enjoys hanging out with Cream due to having mannerisms similar to herself, while Huepow is shocked by how similar-looking Cheese is to himself.
    • After meeting Sonic and his friends, it was only a matter of time Klonoa would meet their enemies. And to the Dream Traveler's great displeasure, he would be encountered by Dr. Eggman, who reminds Klonoa a lot of Garlen; a recurring enemy of his who is also a round, comical Mad Scientist specializing in robotics and constantly makes schemes for world domination. Though Eggman is a much bigger threat than Garlen could ever hope to be and his long list of crimes alone disgusts Klonoa to no end. The doctor himself considers Klonoa to be a potential annoyance and begun studying the cabbit to make countermeasures for him.
      • Klonoa and Guntz would also soon come across Nack the Weasel, also known under the name of Fang the Sniper, and Klonoa was absolutely baffled at the similarities Nack and Guntz shared: both being canid hunters famed for wielding guns and even own distinct hoverbikes that they named; "Red Clan" and "Marvelous Queen" respectively. Naturally, Guntz and Nack developed an incredible hatred for one another, calling each other ripoffs, and immediately got into a gun duel, forcing Klonoa and other nearby deities to take cover as the two shot at each other. Of course, since Guntz's guns actually fire bullets whilst Nack was shooting corks, the fanged sniper had to resort to dirty tactics to keep up with the Golden Killer, but Guntz proved the superior of the two in the end. Nack swore vengeance and fled on his Marvelous Queen while Guntz smiled with satisfaction at besting his copycat. Though that joy was short-lived as the Pantheon's law enforcement showed up right after and sentenced Guntz to fix and clean the area he and Nack shot up, with Klonoa being to serve that sentence as well since Guntz is his herald and thus his responsibility. That experience didn't endear Nack to Klonoa, and on learning more about the treasure hunter came to regard him as a rival: viewing him as Guntz without any honor or redeeming qualities.
      • Deities have also noted similarities between Guntz and Shadow the Hedgehog, both being the dark-furred, edgy and mean foils to blue-clad and friendly heroes. And on meeting Shadow, Klonoa and Guntz could see what those deities meant. Fortunately, there are enough differences between the two that Guntz and Shadow don't view each other as fakers and have become allies due to their shared sense of solitude and justice. Though Shadow really wishes Guntz would speak with a cleaner mouth, as the swearing combined with his firearms and hoverbike reminds Shadow too much of how he behaved in his own game. Klonoa himself is on good terms with Shadow, recognizing him as a fellow hero, even if he feels Shadow could lighten up and be more friendly.
    • Klonoa would also soon meet the Babylon Rogues, rivals to Sonic's own team, who heard about Klonoa owning a hoverboard and challenged him to a race. The Dream Traveler put up a valiant effort to beat the trio of birds and did manage to get ahead of Storm and Wave in the final stretch, but Jet was just too fast for Klonoa to beat. Being a good sport, of course, Klonoa complimented Jet for his skill and vowed to improve his boarding to win next time, which the hawk stated he'll be looking forward to. Since then, Klonoa has been practicing his hoverboard skills and meeting with Tails for some upgrades to increase its speed.
  • Klonoa became befriended by Sora when the Keybearer heard about another hero who travel to many worlds and saves them from destruction. Both being one of the most loving and friendly heroes who are also young yet really tough boys, and wield iconic weapons that are among the most unusual (a ring and a key), Klonoa and Sora naturally get along great and consider each other kindred spirits to an extent. Sora was also amazed at how Klonoa is able to enter people's dreams, at least until the Dream Traveler told him about how he has no choice in where he goes or how long he can stay. Sora immediately felt sorry for Klonoa, knowing how much he'd be bummed out if he was unable to freely travel worlds and revisit old friends, and even though the Dream Traveler assured Sora that the Pantheon allows him to be with his closest friends again, the Keybearer comforted Klonoa by telling him that so long he keeps the memories of his friends in his heart, they'll always be with him.
  • Klonoa also became good friends with Avatar Aang, being yet another All-Loving Hero who is a young boy attuned with the wind and was born with the divine task of maintaining his world's balance. Aang could relate all too well with Klonoa on the burden of being a "chosen hero", as the revelation of being the Avatar caused Aang to be left out of games from the other airbending kids and then nearly separated from his beloved mentor, among so many other things. Though the airbender admitted that that's nothing compared to the burden of being the Dream Traveler, not wanting to even imagine having to leave behind his friends for an indeterminate amount of time. Of course, Klonoa thinks that the burdens of their respective roles are equal and is simply happy that Aang is in a good position now. Aang appreciated Klonoa's thoughts and praised the Dream Traveler for his heart and strength, and then offered to assist Klonoa in any situation. In the meantime, Klonoa and Aang like to get together to practice their wind abilities.
  • When Klonoa first saw Beerus, he thought that the god was Emporer Jillius, ruler of the Empire of Dreams whom he had helped before, and greeted the purple cat before realizing Beerus was someone entirely different, and a great deal bigger than any emporer. Though Klonoa's first encounter with Beerus turned out amicable, the feline deity having been in a good mood on being met by the Dream Traveler, Klonoa became very suspicious of the Destruction God for his job description alone. The Dream Traveler's wariness of Beerus only increased when he learned from other deities about how ill-tempered, petty, and jerkish Beerus can be, destroying whole planets just because a few inhabitants annoyed him. But realizing that he and his allies wouldn't stand a chance fighting Beerus, Klonoa makes an effort to stay on the deity's good side and try to get him to be a nicer person.
    • On a similar note, Klonoa does not trust Hypno at all due to the Pokemon's resemblance to Bagoo, Emporer Jillius' treacherous advisor, and Hypno's penchant for kidnapping children only cemented the Dream Traveler's distrust. Only things keeping Klonoa from deeming Hypno as an outright enemy is that the Pokemon is actually harmless, all things considered, and is not only allies with NiGHTS and Ysera but enemies with much worse deities.
  • Klonoa can often be found within the House of Sports on his free time, partaking in as much as the place has to offer. The Dream Traveler found himself being particularly fond of baseball, having no less than three different outfits, the last one reserved for the Christmas season. And of course, Klonoa never misses a chance to go snowboarding with his hoverboard, singing "Stepping Wind" all the way to the ends of each snowboarding course.
  • "Rupurudu!"

    Lazlo (Suikoden
Lazlo, God of Earning the Right to Life (Lazlo En Kuldes, Protagonist IV)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His two short swords crossed together with the Rune of Punishment placed over them
  • Theme Music: Rune of Punishment
  • Alignment: Neutral Good to Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Being Blessed with Suck, Before Turning it to Cursed with Awesome, Tenkai Star, Happily Adopted, Dual Wielding, Person of Mass Destruction, Game-Breaker, Heroic Mime, The Stoic, The Scapegoat, Has Loads of Fangirls, Earn Your Happy Ending, Actually From Noble Heritage
  • Domains: Heroes, Swords, Power, Navies, Forgiveness, Royalty
  • Heralds: the rest of the 108 Stars of Destiny from his era.
  • Allies: Jeane, Viki, Commander Shepard, Eucliwood Hellscythe, Miyuki Hoshizora/Cure Happy, Link, all of the ascended Fleet Girls, many of the good-willed thieves, pirates and such
  • Enemies: Luca Blight, the Abyssal Fleet, Exdeath
  • Formerly a Gaien Knight from Razril, Lazlo was falsely accused of killing a man named called Glen and was exiled from his nation. However, he quickly became the leader of Island Liberation Navy of Obel, and by gathering people to assist him, started to fight off against the Kooluk Empire.
  • Lazlo possess the Rune of Punishment, one of the 27 True Runes. It possesses great powers, being able to wipe entire naval fleets in one attack, and grants its bearer inability to age. However, it slowly drains the life out of the user and is practically a Doom Magnet, making sure that its bearer uses it. However, by showing kindness and forgiveness, the Rune eventually settled down to a "Forgiveness Phase", a state where it stops draining the bearer's life and instead heals them. So Lazlo essentially turned Blessed with Suck into Cursed with Awesome. And good thing, as it allowed him to life through one last usage of it, allowing him to get a happy ending.
    • Because of this, Lazlo is really dangerous. And killing him would be a huge gamble, as the Rune of Punishment jumps into the nearest person around it as soon as its current owner dies. So If you were to kill him, you would be stuck with the Rune until you die.
  • His ascension wasn't taken that warmly, as his tale is considered one of the least liked of the bunch. Though the fact that he is currently the first Tenkai Star chronologically probably help him come here over the other Tenkai Stars.
    • He seems to sympathize with Link as one of his own adventures was criticized due of how tedious the sea travel can be, like with Lazlo.
  • Where he might be the obvious counterpart to Eucliwood, he does wish that she would find a way to control her powers better.
  • He, like other Suikoden protagonist, has an impressive Magnetic Hero having a record of something like 107 man and beast of different breeds and backgrounds recruited. Including multiple pirates, thieves and assassins send to kill him. That is why he has rather good connections with some of the good outlaws.
  • As a former commander of a naval fleet, he seems to get along with the ascended Fleet Girls. And as such, he has a certain dislike for the Abyssal Fleet.
  • Is still bit oblivious to the fact that he is the Prince of Obel who got lost. The fact that he ended up working for his father in the end is rather amazing.
  • Besides the fact that there isn't that much appealing about him, he seems to be rather popular with the ladies, even when not taking account his role as a Magnetic Hero.
  • He has a bit of a dislike for Exdeath due the fact that he also had to deal with an evil tree of sort in his own world.
  • Not to be confused with the boy scout of the same name.

    Princess Pitch 
"Let's rock!"

Princess Pitch, Goddess of Endings Where Everything Explodes
  • Intermediate Goddess (Overdeity during the moment she uses Galactic Princess Buster)
  • Symbol: Her Brick cannon
  • Theme Song: Title Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist, Stories Ending With An Explosion, Alliterative Name, Weapon Shoots Bricks By Default But Can Change With Power Ups (Ice Thrower and Rainbow Laser), Having a Blast, Finishing Any Foe With A Piledriver, Pink Pretty Princess Powerhouse, Shouting Shooter, Ruining Christmas Because She Didn't Get Any Christmas Gifts, An Ass-Kicking Christmas, Gets An Explosive Gift In The Normal Ending, "Galactic Princess Buster" Destroys The Entire Galaxy In The True Ending
  • Domain(s): Explosions, Princesses, Anti-Christmas
  • Heralds: Catstrike, and her mother the Goddess of Explosions (ironically)
  • High Priests: Carl Spackler, The Goon Show cast
  • Allies: The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon, Mr. Torgue, Princess Morbucks
  • Enemies: All iterations of Santa Claus (the man himself, Nicholas St. North, and Robot Santa Claus), Bowser, Jack Skellington, all the other Guardians of Childhood, the Powerpuff Girls, Iji Kataiser (both iterations), Chronormu
  • Respects: Star Butterfly (one-sided)
  • Opposed by: Mrs. Claus, Princess Peach, Buddy Hobbs, David, basically everybody who likes/celebrates Christmas or/and not having their planet/galaxy blown up
  • Princess Pitch is a girl with a grudge against Mecha Santa and a desire to put a stop to his plan to spread joy and presents all over the world, all because she didn't get any presents from him; if she can't get presents, no one should. With her trusty Catstrike, she plans to take him down before the world becomes a happier place. After storming his factory and dealing with all of his minions, turrets, and bosses (all specifically made to hamper Pitch), she eventually reached Mecha Santa himself and kicked his ass six ways to Sunday. She was seemingly placated after he offered a gift at long last, but when it turned out to be a bomb that blew in her face, she came back to finish the job.
    • And if she received the blessing of the Goddess of Explosions (her mother) beforehand, she not only blows up Mecha Santa, but the Moon, Earth, Sun, and the Milky Way as well with the Galactic Princess Buster. That bit is why she snuck in an ascension form to the Court of the Gods as a reason to become a Pantheon goddess, having been up already as a Follower of Bill Rizer and Lance Bean. Yes, she can solve things without violence; that is reserved for Santa alone, as well as anyone that gets in her way.
  • As an enemy of Santa, she's naturally become an enemy to all versions of Santa Claus in the Pantheon, earning herself a lifetime ban from the House of Celebration. Not that that's going to stop her from trying to barge in every December in an attempt to stop them. That said, she's got her work cut out for her, for each Santa in the Pantheon is a badass in their own right. The original has been able to bypass everything Darkseid's forces could throw at him, Nicholas North has support from the other Guardians, and Robo-Santa is a planetary threat in his own right. Pitch clashes with the last one more often than the others since he's also mechanical and more likely to explode. And in regards to the other Pitch, while the Boogeyman hopes to lure her in to be his ally, the fact that she could destroyed the galaxy meant she couldn't be reliably trusted. Can't harvest fear if there's no life to harvest it from, after all.
  • Besides Mrs. Claus, it's by default that all who like Santa Claus would loathe Princess Pitch. And on top of that list would be Christmas elves, though no notable ones have ascended to the Pantheon yet. While not one himself, Buddy Hobbs was raised by them, and he was upset upon learning about Pitch at first, but then decided to try to help her like Christmmas again like he did with his biological dad. Pitch for her part was hostile to Buddy at first, but stopped attacking when she sensed he's a bit different. That said, Mecha Santa setting up a bomb for her disguised as a peace offering after she whupped her ass the first time means that it's just too hard for her to consider changing her ways, but for Buddy's sake, she won't hurt him.
  • Bowser's army once confused her for Princess Peach and tried to abduct her. They were child's play against her Brick cannon. And when Bowser himself went to check what was taking his minions so long after the Koopalings failed to report back, he saw why, and decided to take Pitch on herself. One Princess Buster later, and he swore vengeance ever since. Word of the incident soon reached Princess Peach as well. But after hearing of that kid's crusade against all Santas, she doesn't like her either.
  • As people who deal with explosions, the Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon watch her with rapt attention, and she likes seeing them do their work when she's not plotting against Santa. Megumin of Kazuma's party has also taken interest in the "princess", as an enthusiast for explosions herself. Mr. Torgue, a CEO of a company that produces explosive weapons, found Pitch's ability to blow up a galaxy "F$$king Awesome", having entertained the idea of blowing up a whole planet himself. Granted, he wasn't aiming to hurt anyone there and simply didn't think about the possible consequences. And Pitch has took a sort of liking for Creepers because they are creatures who try to explode themselves when they are near someone.
  • As someone who also tried to ruin Christmas for every kid because she didn't get what she wanted, she actually made a new friend in Princess Morbucks. No, the fact that Princess is just her name doesn't really matter to Pitch. Now they've become planning partners for their next anti-Christmas rampage. Of course, as a willing collaborator with Morbucks, this has naturally brought her in the crosshairs of the Powerpuff Girls. Other anti-Christmas deities she's gotten along with are Burgermeister Meisterburger and Winterbolt. The latter in particular likes her style and has offered to be official allies with her. The former sees a kindred rotten soul in her and while he has nothing to offer, he's rooting for Pitch from a safe distance; her explosions are too much for his old heart.
  • As someone who likes to destroy planets for fun, Lord Dominator wishes to hire Pitch to do the same with her Galactic Princess Buster. If she can't just steal it from her somehow, that is. The "princess" for her part has mixed opinions on this, since her priorities are on destroying Santa. Destroying the galaxy with the Galactic Princess Buster is just a side effect. Pitch also admires Star Butterfly for her destruction of Magic in her universe, since in her mind this would've killed Santa and anything associated with him, as she also likes her for being a fellow collateral damage-heavy princess, amongst many other things. The mewman for her part was definitely upset that someone as crazy as Pitch approves of her destroying Magic, with all the innocent people that ended up killed.
  • For reasons beyond her comprehension, she felt a need to meet up with Ittle Dew and Tippsie. While she's good terms with them, they're not full-on allies, though given what kind of person Pitch is, this is she best she can accept. For similarly incomprehensible reasons, Pitch also paid a visit to Iji Kataiser's temples. However, they've already heard of her anti-Christmas escapades as well as her finale, and that meant that both iterations dislike Pitch out of principle alone. The Berserker in particular really wants Pitch out given how she and her own world ended up destroyed as a resilt of her mistake, and Pitch's casual statement of the explosion being awesome is more of a reason to.
  • That said, her first adventure wasn't actually where she debuted; it was actually during the Garden Gnome Carnage, where she helps out a gnome trying to keep christmas elves away from a building he's hanging from, and she would appear after he completes a challenge. Pitch has considered looking around the Pantheon for other gnomes to ally with for her fight against Christmas or other dangers. Being really nice gnomes, neither David or Chronormu are interested in her at all, and if need be the latter is willing to take on the "princess" to protect her own allies. Gnome Chompski meanwhile, happened to appear in her temple once day, so Pitch decided it was good enough and strapped it above her temple just like that gnome from before. It seemed to work for the most part until the Gnome mysteriously disappeared again.
  • "PRINCESS! BUSTER!" (suplexes the boss) "Awesome."

    Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana 
Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, Co-Gods of Finale Credits (Yuzuru: Otonashi, Kanade: Angel/Tenshi)

Lesser Gods

    The Cosplay Research Society 
The Cosplay Research SocietyMembers ,Goddesses of Bizarre Endings (President: Pleiadian, Elnath)
Clockwise from the middle:Subaru, Itsuki, Hikaru, President, Nanako, Aoi

    Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano 
Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano, Co-Deities of "Supposed" Happy Endings (Hina: 100% Sunshine Girl)
Left: Hodaka. Right: Hina.
  • Quasideity (Hodaka), Lesser Goddess, with latent Intermediate-to-Greater Potential (Hina)
  • Symbol: Rainfall with an Umbrella laying on the floor
  • Theme Song: Is There Still Anything That Love Can Do? by RADWIMPS
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Runaways, Meet Cute, Rising Water, Rising Tension, Headbutt of Love, Happy Endings which seem anything but Happy
  • Domains: Runaways, Love, Water, Desperation, Family, Endings
  • Heralds: Nagi Amano, Keisuke Suga, Natsumi, Moka Suga, Ame, Mr and Mrs Morishima, Megumi Amano (Hina's mother)
  • Allies: Shoto Todoroki, Ren, Kumatetsu, Melody, Star Butterfly, Annie, Max Caulfield, Gladion
  • On Good Terms With: Chaac, Ariel, Captain Planet
  • Opposes: Maxie and Archie
  • Complicated Relationship: Houses of Justice and Love and Affection, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, Gaea (and by extension, the Nature Uprising), Ian Malcolm, Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Weather Report, Tenshi Hinanawi
  • Interested In: Kyogre and Rayquaza
  • Hodaka Morishima hates his hometown of Kozushima due to having a boring lifestyle and living in an abusive household. He leaves the town to live and earn money in Tokyo, where at a McDonalds food chain, he comes across a girl named Hina Amano, who possesses the ability to manipulate the weather to whichever design she likes. Together with Hina's younger brother, Nagi, they decide to use her powers to allow the Sun to shine so that they can pay bypassers to witness Hina's ability. All seems to be going along well until a series of supernatural and realistic complications soon start to show, Hodaka and Hina are forced to confront them and one another, a test for one another's loyalty that would blossom into love. Such was the case when Hina's excessive use of her atmokinesis would kill her. Even worse, she was chosen to be a sacrifice to ensure that the Earth's climate remains normal. Hodaka wouldn't allow that to happen, choosing instead to release Hina from the shrine where she was intended to be sacrificed... which ultimately caused the world to experience an endless series of rainfall, alongside the two of them and their friends to be arrested. The two remained separated for quite some time, with Hodaka being given probation and being sent to live with his parents again and Hina and Nagi being sent to social services for orphans before being reunited.
  • The aforementioned reunion sparked a conversation regarding the GUAN. Gaea and Captain Planet were astounded by how willing Hodaka was willing to go through in an effort to save Hina's life, even if it meant that the world's climate would be subjugated to an unrecorded time of constant rainfall. Captain Planet personally found the situation irresponsible regarding Hodaka whereas Gaea was mixed; water-dwelling animals would thrive, though terrestrial creatures would have to adapt fast. After a few hours worth of thinking, Captain Planet decided to allow Hodaka and Hina into the Pantheon, though not before chiding the former for what he did. This was followed by Captain Planet becoming sympathetic towards what Hodaka was going through during that time and the former became a bit softer towards him. He's forgiven Hodaka, though does tell him to be careful of his decisions next time.
  • Hodaka is a rather... interesting character to talk about in the Pantheon. While he was motivated by love and hence gets some measure of respect from the House of Love and Affection, the House of Justice, for the most part, are not his biggest fan for the fact that Hodaka was constantly pursued by cops for breaking laws and trying to earn money illegally, an act that also had Hina caught in the act as well. As for her, she's given a lot less flak as she was undergoing a bad family situation (Hodaka too, although his actions began to overshadow that aspect).
    • Even with the GUAN's acceptance, the House of Justice did have to bring Hodaka and Hina into trial for what they had done to Tokyo and the world as an effect for Hodaka trying to desperately save Hina. The Wright Anything Agency, while sympathetic and willing to defend them, did tell the two that what Hodaka had done would not have bode well for many. Others like Inspector Javert have a negative outlook on the two, seeing them as meddling idiots who overestimated their desires for one another, causing the massive rainfall that's been ongoing nonstop.
  • After receiving a pardon from the Court of the Gods, Hina currently retains her powers of atmokinesis, although he now seeks to lessen the use of her powers, given how overexertion of it would physically damage and eventually kill her. To her surprise, she was surprised and excited to see that there are a lot of beings in the Pantheonic world who have similar or identical powers like her.
  • While they have some ties with the GUAN, like being in good terms with Captain Planet, they don't count as members out their own choices. Hodaka and Hina are simply more focused on leading a simple and happy life without a heavily focused prospect of battle and conflict. That, and learning of the extremes Gaea is willing to go through to ensure the safety and prominence of nature is too intimidating.
  • While not exactly as highlighted as altering the weather to increase the sun or rainfall, Hina is capable of weaponizing her powers, such as utilizing electrokinesis to jolt a bolt of lightning onto a vehicle. Granted she only did this to stop a cop from chasing her and Hodaka, but she's open to stating that she's not happy with how she was forced to use lightning. According to Hodaka and a few others, she would use electrokinesis only if it meant protecting her loved ones. And even then, she keeps to distancing herself from any other major conflict as she doesn't want to risk her life again in a fight.
  • A trip to the House of Knowledge had Hina eventually discovering that there was once a major climate change at the end of the Triassic Period where the Earth was subjected to worldwide rainfall for 2 million years straight. The very thought of rain occurring for this long was difficult for Hina to process, especially learning that such an event would have killed off so much life. Still, in her world, people have been taking strides to adapt to a planet subjected to seemingly-endless rainfall. Maybe the rainfall that her and Hodaka started will end, but how long will it go on or if it is eternal is up for anyone's guess.
    • Hodaka and Hina's story caught the attention of Ian Malcolm, who read and analyzed through what they had been through. He theorized that had Hodaka not had a rough home life, Hina would be hopping job-after-job. Still, she would have used her powers for money, though she would have needed someone else's assistance. Whether Hina died in this possible scenario is dependant on how much she chose to exert her power and if there wasn't someone who wasn't willing (or in Malcolm's words, foolish) to save her. Before someone asks, Malcolm stated that he doesn't wish for Hina's death.
  • As runaways, Hodaka and Hina came to become associated rather well with others who underwent a similar predicament like Gladion, Annie and Melody. The former can additionally relate to Hodaka for having Abusive Parents as a motivating factor for them to escape their household, along with said parents becoming somewhat better overtime. Annie can sympathize with Hina over the fact that they don't have a proper parental figure, with the former being more shocked to discover that Hina also needs to take care of her brother Nagi as well. The latter wanted to explore beyond her home and thus can see why Hodaka wanted to come to Tokyo.
  • The Weather Trio, Kyogre and Rayquaza in particular, were topics of interests for Hina, especially considering just how much power they had over their representing environments. She and Hodaka do wish to see the two one day, and if they're lucky enough, ride on one of them. It also helps that Hina's atmokinetic abilities benefit Kyogre as it would allow water-dwelling beings to thrive, though Rayquaza itself can be pretty conservative in its attempts on keeping nature and the weather balanced. Groudon, however, stays wary of Hina, given the whole "dooming the world to rainfall" scenario, though the two of them don't have anything negative to say about the Continent Pokemon.
    • They did not like Maxie and Archie for trying to use Groudon and Kyogre respectively to expand upon an environmental field, not considering how devastating and drastic it's changes and damages it would cause. Their eventual realization of what they were doing and them beings GUAN members isn't mitigating Hodaka and Hina's thoughts either. That said, Maxie and Archie did have their own retort; with their cases, at least the damage they caused was eventually reversed whereas, with Hodaka and Hina, their actions bringing in a seemingly-eternal rainfall apparently cannot be changed and who knows how many lives they've ruined. This actually broke their morale somewhat, until Captain Planet stepped in to cheer them up.
  • Regardless of the rather questionable stance of their conclusions, Hodaka and Hina do have some friends out of the predicament. Shoto Todoroki commends Hodaka for standing up to his family as he understands the pressure and hardships of having an abusive father, with Hodaka often hanging out with Shoto in the House of Family. The decision to save Hina was seen as relatable to Max Caulfield and Star Butterfly, albeit for separate reasons; Max had the option of dooming Arcadia Bay to save Chloe Price and Star Butterfly destroyed Magic in her home universe, both actions which proved to be controversial in their perspective. While those events do unnerve them slightly, Max and Star are still willing to tag along with Hodaka and Hina, admitting that the latter can bring them some fun with her atmokinetic powers.
"I was rushing desperately, trying to reach the light. When I thought I did, I reached a dead-end instead. Then I decided I wanted to enter that light. And at the edge of it, I found you."
Hodaka Morishima

"I think I became a sunshine girl last year on that day. I prayed for good weather all day long the day before. I wanted to have one last walk under the sun with my mom."
Hina Amano

    Marcus Wright 
Marcus Wright, God Of Last-Minute Ending Changes To Appease The Test Audience
Undamaged Marcus
Click here to see 

    Peyton Westlake/Darkman 
Peyton Westlake, God of Leaving the Scene After Saving the Day (Darkman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The word Darkman, with a sihoulette of himself forming the second "A"
  • Theme Music: Darkman 1 Main Titles
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bandaged Face, The Grotesque, Mood-Swinger, Anti-Hero, The Cowl, Can Use Masks to Disguise Himself, Giving Up his Identity of Peyton Westlake
  • Domains: Instability, Disguises
  • Allies: Ash Williams, Kent Allard, Kabal, Joshua Graham
  • Rivals: Batman, Robo-Cop
  • Pities: Two-Face
  • Enemies: Kingpin, The Invisible Man
  • Wary of: The Spy
  • Peyton Westlake was once a normal scientist working on synthetic skin. His days of being a regular human being came to an end after he was attacked by mobsters and left for dead. He survived, but was left with horrible burn scars, increased strength, and a fair amount of mental instability. After going after the men who tried to kill him, Peyton realized that any chance he has of a normal life was never going to happen, thus he became known as Darkman and has fought for justice from the shadows with the help of synthetic skin that can last 99 minutes. Being a vigilante from behind the shadows, whenever he gets some sort of crime stopped, he isn't one to stick around for long and goes somewhere else once all is said and done.
  • It was yet another ordinary day for the Pantheon and there was a man who looked pretty normal walking amongst a crowd of people. Someone then noticed the man going down a manhole, but they decided to leave him alone for the time being. Night came to the Pantheon and with it, some criminals who attempted to attack innocent people for no real reason. A man with a coat, hat, and bandage wraps across his face showed and began beating up the thugs who tried to harm the innocents. The innocents, who had ran off earlier and witnessed the confrontation, then tried to approach the man who had just defeated the criminals, but he had already disappeared. One of the people who witnessed the battle (who noticed the man from earlier go down a manhole and had a stopwatch with him) took a bit of time to piece things together and noticed that Darkman, a masked vigilante who specializes in making human masks, was the one who fought the criminals and surmised that he'd be useful in stopping crime from spreading further.
  • When it comes to disguises, Peyton needs to take a picture of someone he intends to disguise as and be able to match the tone of their voice perfectly. Given the 99 minute time limit he has with the masks, there isn't much room for error when it comes to finding out if there's any suspicious activity going on. Whenever he appears as a normal man, he has talked to some benevolent scientists on how to make a longer-lasting synthetic skin.
  • He had an encounter with Ash Williams thanks to the demonic book from the latter's world bringing Ash over to the Darkman's world. They both teamed up to stop the Deadites from overruning Darkman's city and while Darkman and Ash Williams don't meet with each other too often in the Pantheon, they will team-up if necessary.
  • Those who are involved with criminal empires, especially if they lead said empires, are a significant target for Darkman's wrath, especially if those crime bosses do something not just to endanger civilians, but to put Darkman in serious trouble. Kingpin has tried eliminate Darkman every so often, seeing how Darkman fighting against a criminal empire was not that different from Daredevil trying to take down Kingpin's own plans. Kingpin working with others associated with criminal empires such as Vito Corleone has given Darkman another reason to stop Wilson Fisk.
  • Batman, who also spends his time in the shadows to take down villains, and does his best to avoid having to kill his opponents, doesn't have many good things to say about Darkman. He understands that he's for the most part good-hearted, but their methods and outlooks on dealing with criminals differ too much to be allies at all. Darkman, on his part, respects Batman for committing to avoiding having to kill his enemies, and overcoming his trauma of watching his parents die. While he believes that he himself is too far gone, he does try to learn from Batman primarily to do his own job better when it comes to bringing bad guys to justice, though Batman doesn't appreciate it given how Darkman's path is something he's afraid of taking should he get too insensitive to killing.
    • Peyton has gotten scrutiny from Robo-Cop, given that the latter is a police officer and the former is a killing vigilante. While noting that their origin stories were unusually similar, being the way they are because of a criminal scarring them for life, meetings between the two usually end with Robo-Cop trying to chase Darkman down, the former believing that Darkman may eventually become even less moral over time as he continues to deal with criminals. But when dealing with unscrupulous deities from the House of Crime, they'll prioritize the other criminals instead.
  • Darkman learned that he wasn't the only one who received nasty burn scars and opted to see who those additional burn victims were. He ended up meeting Kabal and Joshua Graham and was surprised to find out that the two were former criminals before having a change of heart. Graham has assured Darkman that he and Kabal won't cause any trouble for him and that they sympathize with Darkman on the circumstances that led to his burn scars. Contrary to what some may think, neither Kabal nor Graham have wanted Darkman's synthetic skin for themselves, even if it's possible for it to last longer than 99 minutes. Nevertheless, Darkman has remained good friends with Graham and Kabal following their initial meeting.
    • There was also Two-Face whose left-side of his face was also a victim of a nasty acid scar. While Darkman feels sorry for the guy, he always has to keep an eye out for him whenever he causes trouble, which is difficult to predict due to it all being based off of a flip of a coin.
  • Peyton found out from others that some thieves such as Arsene Lupin have used disguises solely to stealing something that could be of worth to them. He wasn't amused at any of it, especially with the whole ordeal regarding synthetic skin and how, no matter how close he got back then, he still has to put up with the 99 minute limit of his masks, whereas the thieves (for the most part) don't appear to have a time limit with their masks.
  • More than a handful of deities have wanted Darkman's synthetic skin for their own nefarious purposes. The Invisible Man is one notable example, especially since he wears bandages across his face like Darkman does, but for a different reason. Needless to say, Peyton isn't going to allow anyone to take off with his synthetic skin, especially if it's someone as insane as The Invisible Man.
  • Kent Allard took an interest in Darkman after hearing about the latter's methods of fighting crime. While Darkman for the most part is one to work by himself and is generally focused on perfecting his synthetic skin, he's able to find time to work with Allard to give criminals a really hard time.
  • The Spy is someone who has been a source of considerable concern for Darkman. Not only is The Spy every bit as good with disguises as Darkman, but he is very unpredictable and could turn against someone he was working with when they least expect it. Trying to follow The Spy around and see what he intends to do at any given moment has been something of a challenge for Peyton, especially if he wants to see if The Spy is doing something far more suspicous than normal.
  • He is not a person who can be considered emotionally stable, but one sure-fire way to set him off is to call him a "freak". This can happen even if someone within earshot of him says the word "freak" without any intent of directing it towards him.

    Sunset Riders 
The Sunset RidersMembers , Cowboy Quartet of Riding into the Sunset (Billy Cool, Cormano Wild)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their respective hats and a pile of money
  • Theme Song: Sunset Riders Stage 1
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bottomless Magazines, Color-Coded Multiplayer, Bounty Hunter, Professional Killer,
  • Domains: Western, Shooting, Bounties, Shootouts, Sunset
  • Allies: The Man With No Name, John Marston, Jesse McCree, Lucky Luke, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Rivals: Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Enemies: Evil Deities from the House of Crime and Transgressions, Yosemite Sam, Hol Horse, Tauros
  • In a calm afternoon, from the sundowning, came four cowboys. These four were fabled heroes who would wander the land in search for bounties, pretty women and booze and doing so they managed to dismantle a powerful criminal organization run by an Evil Brit named Richard Rose. Once the did was done, they rode into the sunset to continue their adventures. Steve, Billy, Bob and Cormano reached the pantheon and decided to continue their endeavors as pantheonic deliverers of Justice.
  • The four usually wander around the pantheon together, usually searching for criminals with a huge bounty to their name and taking them out. While they are good natured, most of the time they are only in for the money but they will gladly help out those who are in need. They even have a code of honor between themselves when it comes to prize, whoever lands the killing blow gets the reward money but they don't mind splitting gains.
  • Steve and Billy are gunslingers whereas Bob and Cormano specialize in shotguns. They are also able to dual wield their weapons without throwing off their aim, which is impressive when you consider the latter two weapon of choice.
  • Wasted no time in meeting other deities from the Western setting. The four cowboys hold a great deal of respect for The Man with No Name, a legendary figure from the Wild West and he is rumored to easily be able to take the four down by himself. They sometimes even invite him on their adventures around the pantheon and he gladly has accepted a couple of times.
    • They met John Marston in one of their usual days where they were bounty hunting. They heard stories about his skills with the revolver and that he alone could make quick work of the four combined. Seeing as Marston has already left the life of an outlaw behind, they don't go after him and even sometimes like to hang out with him whenever he is available.
    • Then they later stumbled upon a very peculiar cowboy, one who wasn't really from wild west but a different era entirely. Jesse McCree has a bounty to his head of about 60.000.000 dollars but they found him to be an alright guy and decided to not bring him in or shoot him down. He even has joined them bounty hunting a couple times and find his marksmanship quite remarkable
  • They don't have the best experience with bulls, once or twice they had run into an stampede of them and almost got Squashed Flat for that. That's mostly the reason they stay away from Tauros.
  • Seeing that Sunset Riders usually go after criminals with a prize money behind their head, Bugs Bunny saw this as a perfect opportunity to fake a wanted poster for one of his arch-enemies, Yosemite Sam. Then he carefully placed it somewhere where the quartet could see it and after Bob took notice of it, they decided to go after the moustached gunslingers. He didn't even stand a chance but the Sunset Riders were dissapointed the reward money wasn't actually real and they prompty left, leaving Sam full of holes and he plans to get back at them.
  • Being Bounty Hunters, they have butted heads with Gondar a few times but they respect him enough to keep their hand for themselves and only dedicate to hunting down criminals from the wild west.
  • Of the four, Cormano is easily the most noticeable of the four. He is the only hispanic in the quartet but for some reason he speaks like a regular cowboy. The most notable aspect however is his outfit, some deities can decide wether the Pink poncho and sombrero fits him or not but he doesn't care about what others think about it.
  • There were times where Steve and Bob were missing and only Billy and Cormano were present to deal with the threat of Sir Richard Rose. They've even received a full name and some added information but they claim that they've never gone anywhere without Steve and Bob.
  • They once saw a poster of a weirdly looking creature and since the prize money was good, they decided to go after it. Not only did they came accross the TMNT but they actually became buddies with them since their game of origin is heavily inspired by an event the turtles took part in and the cowboys really enjoy pizza believe it or not.
  • Often found drinking booze, so it's not strange that the Sunset Riders like to hang out in the House of Alcohol. Bob however, has a hard time following along his buddies, since he either doesn't have enough tolerance for Alcohol or his taste is too refined.


    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid 
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Gods of Certain Doom Endings (Robert Leroy Parker and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh, Bandidos Yanquis)

The Silencerz, Representatives of Stories With Unfinished Plot Points
The vehicles used by the Silencerz 
Spoilers! Click here to see their leader's true identity 
  • Theme: Silencerz Theme
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Silencerz logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with many hints of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ultimately having a largely important plot point unresolved, Heavily implied to be a top-secret, government-run conspiracy, Their cars being capable of posing as any other vehicle of similar size, down to mimicking the driver, Both their cars and their drivers having cloaking devices, Being completely silent Until the ending of the fourth film , Having chrome uniforms and cars, Having purple in their uniforms and vehicles, and being the most technologically advanced faction ,Many details regarding them leaked by their creators online , Their vehicles using a highly advanced nanomachine composite, Having built-in EMP devices on their vehicles, Xtremely Kool Letterz, Intended to be the first human expedition to make contact with the Accelerons
  • Domains: Racing, Plot Points, Buildup, Conspiracies
  • Known members: Major Jack Wheeler, Banjee Castille, Alec Wood, Dan Dresden
  • Allies: XCOM, The MIB, The SCP Foundation, The Global Occult Coalition
  • Enemies: The Racing Drones, ADVENT, Nitrous Oxide, Emperor Velo, The Fabrication Machine, SKYNET, The Combine, Sigma, Lumine, Ultron, Brainiac, The Master Control Program, The Decepticons, The Eliksni
  • Rivals: Dom Toretto, The West Coast Cabbies, Captain Falcon, Lightning McQueen, Needles Kane, Bloody Mary, The Dollfaces
  • Can form an Enemy Mine with: The Black Ops
  • Receive interest from: The Question, Kenji Setou
  • A mysterious, quite possibly government-run organization, the Silencerz, for lack of a better name, are a faction shrouded in mystery. All their members wear helmets and visors that conceal their identities, are completely silent outside of using special communications lines encrypted only to them, and have access to military-grade technology that is decades ahead of its time. According to some sources, they originate from Europe, though given they're actually led by a US Air Force Major, this is very likely to be just a cover story.
  • They have 10 known vehicle types, 9 of which are cars and 1 motorcycle. They are: Nitrium, Technetium, Covelight, Anthracite, Iridium, Carbide, Metaloid, Accelium, Octainium, and Magnesium. Of special note is that, thanks to the advanced nanotech composition in all of them, they can freely transform into one another with the push of a single button.
    • Of these vehicles, 6 of the cars and Magnesium are shown being used. Nitrium, on the other hand, is instead shown in the hands of Dr. Peter Tezla, due to having worked for them before.
  • In addition, they also have the X-88 drone series, an advanced lineup of robots designed to assist the Silencerz in both their labs and in the racing realms.
  • First appearing in the Metro Realm, they soon begin claiming Accelechargers for themselves while opposing every other team, all the while concealing themselves and their presence from the other racing teams as much as possible. Their cover is finally blown in the Pipeline Realm, where Dr. Tezla manages to undo the disguise of one of their members' cars, whose driver immediately transforms it into another vehicle in order to escape. From then on, they openly begin engaging in a Mêlée à Trois with not only the Teku and Metal Maniacs, but also against the Racing Drones. Interestingly, they only use lethal force on the Drones, preferring to use psychological warfare or espionage against their human opponents.
  • During a failed attempt to take all the Accelechargers from the protagonists, the Silencerz ended up losing all of the ones in their possession to the Racing Drones when they stormed the Acceledrome that the Silencerz themselves were infiltrating. However, this gave them an opening. With the majority of the Drones occupying the Acceledrome, this allowed one of their drivers to infiltrate the Drone HQ and steal the Wheel of Power from their grasp.
  • Despite achieving their task and having the chance of easily exfiltrating the now self-destructing Acceledrome without incident, they instead choose to help the other human drivers fight the drones. This helps to foreshadow their leader's true identity later on...
  • Their luck also took a huge 180 when, by complete chance, Vert Wheeler, who had used the Wheel of Power portal to escape the Acceledrome, had ended up in the Silencerz HQ, complete with all the Accelechargers in his possession. Immediately, their X-88 drones and their science personnel captured Vert and his Cool Car Reverb, complete with all the Accelechargers.
  • Upon the young driver regaining consciousness, he attempts to sneak away from them, only to be confronted by all of the Silencerz members, including their enigmatic leader. When he asks who exactly they are and what they want from him, their leader decides to give him what he unmasking. It's then revealed that the person who had been opposing his friends as well as himself all this time is none other than...his own father, Major Jack Wheeler.
  • Ultimately, however, this massive cliffhanger following The Reveal has never been resolved, even to this day, with the Silencerz' role ending with that last conversation. This comes in stark contrast with the other characters in the story the Silencerz were part of, where each received closure, were killed off during the Final Battle, or met an Uncertain Doom. And thus, this becomes the reason for the Silencerz' ascension into the Pantheon, as the Representatives of Stories With Unfinished Plot Points. It is due to this that their Character Alignment in the Pantheon is listed as True Neutral, due to their ambiguous motives and equally ambiguous actions that have not been followed up upon. And this applies both In-Universe and out, as both the other characters (including Gelorum) and many of the series' fans, still wonder what exactly they were up to.
  • According to one of the series creators, several of the Silencerz' other drivers would have been revealed had a second set of movies been made. Among them would have been Dan Dresden, Alec Wood, and Banjee Castille. In addition, their motives would have been revealed to be to make First Contact with the Accelerons. Whether this would have revealed them as Good All Along or Evil All Along is another matter entirely...
  • And so...In an Elaborate Underground Base somewhere in the far reaches of the Pantheon, a handful of figures in silver and purple suits make their way into a chrome-colored hallway. From there, they each take a seat inside a tube, which sends each of them down into a garage. Inside that garage, each figure ends up seated in a bare car chassis, with several masked scientists overseeing several large containers containing a mysterious liquid metal substance, which upon the press of a few buttons begins forming up and latching onto each of the car chassis, eventually forming the bodies of each vehicle. Each vehicle, while all sharing the same purple and silver colors, are all distinct shapes. Each car is then put through various tests, ranging from their disguise ability, to their built-in weapons, to even being able to drive upside down or sideways on any metallic surface. Upon the completion of this, all of the cars drive into a precise formation, turning on their Invisibility Cloak in the process, then drive into a portal that leads to the rest of the Pantheon.
  • Upon entering the different houses, they immediately assume disguises by posing as the cars of other deities present there. For the most part, they remain undetected, much less arousing suspicion from the clueless deities unaware of their existence. Using this as well as their X-88 recon drones, they begin analyzing the whole Pantheon. The results from their observations tell them two things: the Accelechargers are not in the Pantheon (yet, anyways), and that the Racing Realms are inaccessible as they are not among the Domains.
    • What they do come across in the Pantheon, however, are the Racing Drones, their old enemies from the past. Gelorum, who had been aware of the Silencerz' existence during the events of their series, at first doubts that they could even be in the Pantheon at all. It's only when several RD-06 and RD-02 units mysteriously begin acting against her orders (actually Silencerz cars in disguise) and the loss of several drone probes to Silencerz X-88s that she realizes that they're in the Pantheon.
    • Eventually, their activities do not go completely unnoticed by the rest of the Pantheon, resulting in several rumors about them circulating. Kenji Setou thinks that the "invisible cars" are a Feminist conspiracy (which, of course, is very far from the truth), while The Question manages to deduce that they're somehow linked to the US Government, hostile AI takeover, and alien activity, given that they only make their presence known whenever hostile aliens or rogue robots appear. Unsurprisingly, Hisao Nakai doesn't believe the former, brushing it off as just another random internet fantasy, while several of The Question's fellow heroes, in particular Batman, begin investigating on whether or not they're related to Amanda Waller.
  • With none of their intended objectives in sight, they decide to fight the Racing Drones and their newfound allies while maintaining their presence a secret as much as possible. This mainly includes aliens, hostile AIs and robots, and hostile alien robots working with the Drones.
  • To this end, they begin working alongside other secretive organizations in the Pantheon, due to them also preferring to conceal their existence from the Pantheon as much as possible while also fighting various threats to the Pantheon's safety. Among these organizations include the MIB, XCOM, and the SCP Foundation, whom the Silencerz know would never leak Classified Information much less their identities, which is why Major Wheeler decides to unmask himself to them.
    • Agents J and K themselves are quite impressed at the Silencerz' vehicles, due to possessing technology rivaling the one used in their own car. K himself also finds it pretty impressive that the US government in the Silencerz' universe actually knows about the existence of aliens, not to mention the Silencerz themselves managing to work in total secrecy comparable to that of the MIB. He even offers their members neuralyzer tech so that they can implement them into each of their vehicles.
    • The Silencerz also begin sharing intel and technology with XCOM, due to both being US government-sponsored organizations. The latter begin reverse-engineering the nanotech used in the Silencerz cars for their own use (specifically, to combat their own threats head-on), while the former use the intel they've gathered to begin waging a secret war against ADVENT, who are very likely to support Gelorum and the Drones.
    • In addition, the Silencerz also begin mounting weapon designs provided to them by XCOM and the MIB into their own vehicles, due to the threats in the Pantheon being more diverse and powerful than just the Drones.
  • Despite opposing their methods against other humans, the Silencerz decide to share intel and work alongside the shady Black Ops, as they already have experience with dealing against some of the Racing Drones' allies, namely The Combine, Sigma, and even Ultron, who are all more than willing to help Gelorum wipe out humanity as a whole.
  • Among the Earth-based deities that the Silencerz find to be a significant threat is SKYNET, no thanks to them also having mastered the art of creating nanomachines and liquid metal in the form of the T-1000 and T-X Advanced Prototype Terminators. In addition, all Terminator models have a scanning ability that can see through the disguises used by their cars, with the T-X even able to hack into their cars as well as their other technology.
  • One group that interests the Silencerz are the Eliksni. Like them, they possess similar technology to them, namely having a similar Invisibility Cloak to the ones used on their cars. Knowing of their nominal neutrality, they choose not to actively engage them unless they attack first, which they know is very likely given their hostile reputation.
  • Another hostile alien entity that catches their attention are the Decepticons. Unlike most deities, they are capable of seeing through the Silencerz disguises thanks to their scanning abilities, which, consequently, also allows the Decepticons to take on the forms of their cars as well as all of the abilities that come with them. This gives the Silencerz a huge problem, as now there's the risk of their own cars actually being Decepticons in disguise, not to mention that their facilities are now at serious risk of being compromised.
  • Outside of dealing with hostile aliens and robots, the Silencerz also begin going after any Badass Driver types. Their method of dealing with them involves either using psychological warfare or espionage against them or eliminating them with their advanced tech.
    • The deities originating from Twisted Metal are of particular interest to them. They have the driving skills to rival their own, but all of them are also known to be very much evil-aligned. And while they're also the type to oppose the Drones and their allies, they aren't exactly worthy allies either. Should they ever find out the existence of the Accelechargers or get their hands on them, they're very likely to wreak havoc by abusing the Accelechargers' power for their own nefarious purposes. And so, the Silencerz begin keeping an eye on them by blending in as their rival racers.
    • With regards to the likes of Dom Toretto and the West Coast Cabbies, the Silencerz, again, simply disguise themselves as their rivals' cars in order to divert their attention away. Eventually, they manage to get a glimpse of them when they all witness the Silencerz vehicles decloaking right before their eyes, but not before EMP-ing their vehicles into stopping and thus making them unable to follow the secret group's cars.
    • They also end up opposing Nitrous Oxide and Emperor Velo due to their interest in racing. Should the Accelechargers end up in the Pantheon, they would be among the first deities to go after them, due to them allowing a racer to overcome any and all obstacles on any form of track.

    Soprano Family 
The Sopranosnote , Patron Family of Unresolved Resolutions
The Main Family from Left-to-Right: Carmela, Tony, A.J. and Meadow.
Left: Junior. Right: Janice.
"Someday soon, you’re gonna have families of your own and if you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments like this, that were good."
Tony Soprano

"More is lost by indecision than by wrong decision."
Carmela Soprano

"The state can crush the individual. And if we can have our rights trampled like that, imagine what it’s like for recent arrivals."
Meadow Soprano

"Death just shows the ultimate absurdity of life."
AJ Soprano

"For every 20 wrongs a child does, ignore 19."
Janice Soprano

You steer the ship the best way you know. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can."
Junior Soprano


    George and Harold 
George Beard and Harold Hutchins, Gods of Full-Circle Endings (Fluffy Toiletnose and Cheeseball Wafflefanny)
George (right) and Harold (left).
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: George: On the right, his tie and flat-top. Harold: on the left, his T-shirt and bad haircut.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Theme Song: A Friend Like You
  • Portfolio: Classical Anti Heroes, Those Two Guys, The Trickster, Book Dumb, Class Clown, Harold's bad haircut, Gay Best Friend (for Harold)
  • Domains: Children, School, Craft, Storytelling, Friendship, Happiness, Celebration
  • Allies: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, The Three Stooges, Pippi Longstocking, Richie Foley, The Powerpuff Girls, Dennis Mitchell, Eloise, Bart Simpson, Kevin McAllister, Weird Al Yankovic, Discord, Lilo and Stitch, Matilda Wormwood
  • Enemies: Professor Poopypants, Agatha Trunchbull, Dolores Umbridge
  • Special Relation: Principal Krupp/Captain Underpants
  • This is George Beard and Harold Hutchins. George is the kid on the right with the tie and the flat-top. Harold is the one on the left with the T-shirt and the bad haircut. Remember that now.
  • These kids are not bad, but they should do like having fun and are known pranksters in Jerome Horwitz Elementary School. Like rearranging the letters on the sign and make some gross humor like "Welcome to the Pantheon," to "We come to Pee."
    • They met the actual Curly Howards/Jerome Horwitz when they decided to throw a food fight in the House of Foods, which caught the Three Stooges' attention by way of a pie in the face.
  • They are basically in charge of watching Principal Krupp because they are concerned of him becoming Captain Underpants and getting himself into trouble. There's also the fact that they need to return him back to normal so they need deities who can manipulate water to help them catch him.
  • They like drawing comics based on their own superhero, Captain Underpants, under their "company" Treehouse Comix Inc. but not many of the mature deities take them seriously: what's with the crude drawing, bad grammar, and the killing off the gym teacher. However, the child deities seems like to like it.
    • Despite their comics, they respect the big comic book figures like Stan Lee in which they were rather amused of their comics, in which they were in need of inspiration.
  • One of their pranks involves the Database as they realized that Professor Poopypants gave them a good idea. They decided to replace the names of all the deities and use the name from his dumb chart to make up dumb names for everyone. For example, they made one for Agatha Trunchbull, Stinky Gerbilbrain.
  • He manage to find some pranksters like Dennis and Bart, and much to their surprise, a planner of house traps named Kevin. They decided to work together to make a prank against mean teachers and bad guys, especially the former considering that their school is filled with them and act cruel toward the students. They are known pranksters and manage to get away with it because the teachers aren't very smart.
  • George and Harold owns a time travelling port-o-potty and went on an adventure through time. When they decided to look into their future, they became inspired comic book writer and artist, respectively. They found out that Harold ended up marrying another man and adopted several kids.
  • Once made their entire school listen to several hours of Weird Al Yankovic way back in their first book. By the time their first movie happened, Weird Al actually returned the favor, much to their ecstatic delight. They sometimes drop by his temple to discuss ideas for comics and songs.
  • Apparently, their "Haha-Guffaw-Chucklomatus" is much larger than other children, which is a big reason as to why they are so perky and happy. They are so big apparently, that they can even withstand a powerful blast from a "Anti-Humor Ray", and even when the machine was powerful enough to subdue them, all it took was the mention of Uranus to get them fully back up and running.
    • Discord was intrigued to hear how if they were "normalized" their essential character would be destroyed (at least according to Harold), and how this was essentially true once the "Anti-Humor Ray" was on full power, only to recover once they heard the world Uranus, and how it kind of mimicked how Discord was almost erased from existence when he tried to become normal for tea party with Fluttershy. With their permission, he decided to test how powerful their laughter really is by discording them before showing them a tape about the King Of All Cosmos wanting his followers to remodel Uranus. Without wasting a second after the first Uranus was heard, they started laughing hysterically and essentially undid Discord's magic, impressing him to the point he sometimes helps them out with their pranks (not that he wouldn't do that anyway should they failed, he does love a good laugh after all).
  • George Beard and Harold Hutchins, recently met Lilo and Stitch, two friends whose depth of love rival theirs. The love Stitch's inventive pranks, and though they admire Lilo's efforts to be good and reform herself and others, are bound and determined to get her "to loosen up a little", especially after they heard a rumor that she pulled a prank on an entire beachful of tourists as revenge for them being rude to her. Lilo, on hearing about Mister Krupp and Captain Underpants, cheerfully asserted, "So you're teaching him! Like me and Stitch!" The two boys have a tough time disputing this.
  • Initially thought of Matilda Wormwood as a "Melvin", but a prank she pulled on Mr. Krupp sufficiently impressed them.
  • With the ascension of Professor Poopypants, the two now have to deal with not only stopping his schemes once again but also to help prepare other children for his plans to get rid of creativity in the world, starting with draining the kids of their creative sides.
  • When everything seems like it return back to normal, they saw Mr. Krupp walking and see a deity snapping their fingers, which turn Mr. Krupp into his Captain Underpants persona. As he flies, they chase him. "Oh no!," screamed George. "Here we go again!," screamed Harold.

    Peppa Pig 
Peppa Pig, Goddess of Endings Where Everyone Heartily Laughs (Pippa Peg, alivebacon)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A mud puddle
  • Theme Song: Peppa Pig intro
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cheerful Child, Little Miss Snarker, Aloof Big Sister to George, Bratty Half-Pint, Everyone Went to School Together, Alliterative Names, Species Surnames, *Oink, oink*
  • Domains: Pigs, Youth, Naming, Endings
  • Heralds: Her family and Friends.
  • Allies: Curious George, The Cutie Mark Crusaders, Pinkie Pie, Yotsuba Koiwai, Chiyo Mihama, Haruhi Suzumiya, Mr. Rogers, Babe, Porky Pig, Babar, Pumba, Lucina, Dora, Otis
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Dag
  • On good terms with: The House of Arthropods and Prehistoric Beasts
  • Peppa Pig is a young anthropomorphic pig girl who lives in a village full of other animal friends. She lives with her parents and her little brother George and she likes to visit places and learn new things. One such place was the Pantheon, having paid a visit here with her family and she liked it so much that she asked the Court if she could have a temple for her. Given the tendency of her show to end with everyone having a good laugh after the episode is ending, she was given a title for that.
  • Given her young age and tendency to get herself into all sorts of trouble, she resides with her family although officially Peppa is the official deity. She is given free range by her parents to do whatever she likes and along George they tend to explore the pantheon to their heart's content.
  • Peppa was welcomed to the pantheon by a huge party organized by Pinkie Pie and Rarity to celebrate her ascension. It was meant to be a fancy tea party with all her new friends, which stressed Rarity since the likes of the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Yotsuba couldn't keep etiquette. Peppa decided to just ditch the fancy part (and even Rarity agreed that it was getting out of hand) and she, Pinkie Pie, the CMC, Yotsuba and Chiyo decided to go to play in a muddy puddle. Why? Because according to Peppa, everyone likes muddy puddles.
    All: Hahahahahaha!
  • Apparently, she likes Haruhi Suzumiya. This surprised a lot of people given that she is very young and from Britain. Haruhi appreciated the gesture and wanted to invite Peppa to the S.O.S. Brigade but Peppa found it boring and decided to do something else. They are still good friends otherwise.
  • She discovered that there were more pigs around the pantheon like her and so she set off to find them. She immediately befriended Babe who while she found it strange to see him standing on four feet, she nonetheless had a blast jumping with him on muddy puddles. Likewise, she gets along great with Porky Pig although Peppa tends to find his stutter funny. While not a Pig, Pumba was happy to teach Peppa the ways of the "Hakuna Matata".
    • That said, not all pigs turned out to be friendly. Peppa was warned to avoid Napoleon at all costs but said warning fell on deaf ears and Peppa ended up looking for Napoleon anyway. Once he met him, she found him quite scary and he tried to win her over, tried to teach him how things are supposed to work on his world and invite Peppa since after all, she walks on two feet. Thankfully, her parents came and took her away before Napoleon did anything to her.
  • Peppa is quite curious and often asks the adult deities about several things she hasn't seen in her own world. Her curiosity eventually led her to Curious George, who found Peppa to be quite perplexing. Together they tend to travel the safer parts of the pantheon looking to learn new things and the first thing Peppa taught the little monkey is how fun is to play in muddy puddles.
  • Often hangs around Mr. Rogers and Babar, both of whom Peppa adores. The former because of how friendly and approachable he is and her stories never bore her. The latter because he reminds him of her friend Emily Elephant and her family and also belonging to a world full of animal people. Dora also has invited Peppa to join Dora in her adventures.
  • Her little brother George loves dinosaurs and when he heard that there was a house full of them, he demanded Peppa to take him there. Peppa initially had no interest and it took George crying for an hour before she relented. They were escorted by The Raptor Pack so the two wouldn't get into trouble and thankfully everything went well for the two little piggies.
    • Peppa is also friends with spiders. In a rather unusual case for a young child, she doesn't find them scary but really friendly. Well at least her spider friend she met back in her home was, the other athropods weren't that friendly looking but Muffet instantly smothered Peppa the second she heard she supported spiders and gave her a tour through the house.
  • For some strange reason, some people have discovered that Lucina was wrongly attributed to being Peppa's Arch-Enemy. Shortly after the latter's ascension, Lucina went to clear up the misconception and she ended up befriending Peppa and her family.
  • She released a music album titled "My First Album" and it received mixed reviews in the pantheon. It was also brought to Peppa's attention that she is a "Gangsta" icon for some reason after one time she allegedly played grown up music.
  • There was one time where Peppa was almost eaten by Dag after he tried to lure her into her temple promising her candy. Thankfully, Otis the cow was there to prevent Dag from eating Peppa and since then her family has been grateful for saving Peppa's life.
  • Can also be found at Laughter