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Intermediate Gods

    The Corpus 
The Corpus, Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare (Refrigerators)
  • Intermediate Gods altogether
  • Symbol: Their common logo pictured in the right
  • Theme Song: Corpus Greed, The Profit, March of the Moa
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings on Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Remnants of the Orokin Empire, Proud Merchant Cult, Mega-Corp, Facial Markings, Powerful enough to contend with the Tenno, Grineer, and Infested, Morality based on Profit, Numerous Crewmen and Proxies, Drone Deployer, Most weapons tailored to punching through armor, "Conflict is Opportunity", Anti-Magic
  • Domains: Merchants, Drones, Forcefields, Armsdealing, Corporate Warfare, Profit, Greed
  • Allies: Sundowner, Commander Rourke, Felix, Miles Quaritch, Hunter J, Kano, Sir Crocodile
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Apollyon
  • Business Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Jonathan Irons, Looten Plunder, BnL, Nute Gunray
  • Enemies: The Tenno, Ordis, The Grineer, The Infested, The Vex, 2B, Labrys, Aigis, 9S, Epsilon (Mega Man), Green Biker Dude, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Shido Itsuka Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Yoshino, Many Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, Gray Mann, Null Sector, Zonda and the Seven
  • Opposed by: Many robots and cyborgs like the GUAM, Torbjorn Lindholm
  • Establishing themselves as a powerful faction in the Origin System after the fall of the Orokin are the Corpus. Described as a merchant cult, they seek out ancient technology like the Warframes as a means to make as much profit as they can. So bad is their greed that they worship the concept of profit itself and even the Orokin condemned them (despite their own infatuation for gold in their architecture). Technologically advanced, while they lack in manpower they more than make up for in their Proxies with a wide assortment of tasks. They're known to deal a bountiful amount of weaponry, a large reason as to why they can compete with the military might of the Grineer or take repeated attacks by the Tenno.
  • Thanks to a mysterious meteorite crashing in the House of Weapons it suffered a nasty attack from the Infested. While the Tenno fended them off thanks like how they did back in the Plains of Eidolon, much of the firearms have been lost in the attack. Meanwhile, GUA battles started to escalate and the need for munitions has risen. Arriving in their rectangular and grey ships, the Corpus have arrived to fill those needs and deified themselves to ensure their stay. Their armaments caught on, even after other arms dealers took notice and the House of Weapons recovered. They have come to market off of the denizens' technology and the Patheonic Wars, realizing that it is lucrative and that the conflict between the alliances will never truly go anywhere no matter how hard any of the Alliances try (although, the Lawful faction being reformed slightly worries them). Their respective enemies back home are none too pleased by their arrival, and the feelings are mutual.
    • Although they have set up shop in Acts of War and Businesses & Corporations, they are also found in other Houses. They built a facility powered by electrical power in the Electricity sub-house and have been field testing their projects within the House of Technology within its simulations along with assembling their Proxies. Not to mention their outposts are primarily located within the arctic regions in the Ice & Cold sub-house.
  • Leadership is mostly comprised of Corrupt Corporate Executives, from the Ponzi scheming televangelist Nef Anyo, the surprisingly influential Sergeant, to the credit stealing Chairman Frohd Bek. There are Corpus that go for more productive means: Darvo Bek deals with the Tenno very often, a lot of the time putting himself in danger. Ergo Glast leads a renegade faction of Corpus using their trade to bring order, and helps in dismantling Anyo and Bek's plans. Even the condescending Alad V was willing to lend a hand to the Tenno if it meant stopping the Sentients despite his gruesome history with them.
    • Although a rival in their business, Sundowner frequently deals with Frohd Bek, so expect Desperado equipment used alongside Corpus tech. The Tenno along with everyone else recognize that nothing good can come out of their partnership. Things like Unmanned Gears using Anti-Magic Corpus equipment and energy weaponry are the tip of the iceberg of potential projects.
  • Like the Grineer, they are open to hiring outside forces should a conflict become too hectic for them to win alone. Those who aid them in their victory in the event are, of course, paid handsomely for their troubles. Should someone make the poor choice and side against them in such a event and they will be targeted by the Zanuka Hunter (despite its creator having issues with fellow Corpus). It serves as their assassin but should the target be of interest to the Corpus they will be instead incapacitated and taken off for experimentation and integration to their technology (its why they're pretty unpopular with technological deities if not outright enemies). The Tenno are quick to say it's a fate they don't wish on anyone. They often hire Rourke to raiding lost civilization's relics that they can use, the pay being pretty high. Felix and Kano also tend to be hired for their dirty work.
    • They have tried integrating Vex technology into their own despite its very nature and the Vex's active stance against it. They have been more successful despite the various dangers and have manged to create weaponry and Proxies based on them albeit lacking the temporal abilities they have. They are interested in the armaments in the Treasury magical and technological alike as Adamantium is something they wish to include in future projects and Demonica for the massive amounts of potential.
    • Pokemon have also piqued the Corpus' interest. A wide variety of them like the Tenno, but not by the product of the Void. Nef Anyo decided to hire Hunter J to acquire them for the Corpus' own ends. She didn't really buy the Prophet of Profit's words, but he pays well. This caught the attention of many Pokemon and trainers alike.
  • Many deities ask what was going through Frohd Bek's mind when he starred in a advertisement involving the Ambulas Reborn transmission. More specifically why he chose the 1980's style of advertisements isntead of something more fitting within the far future, or something less awkward. Didn't stop people from quoting: "Growth. Profit. Grofit?!" every time he comes up.
  • They profit off of war, and are not afraid to keep it going if it means to continue rolling in money. They decided to partner with Apollyon since she desires perpetuating war, although she does it to separate the "wolves from the sheep" and not for profit. They do help to trigger conflict still since she's in a bit of a Medieval Stasis, this time more subtlety than when she triggered conflict between the GUAL's Tyrants and Reformers.
    • Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Toudou are given bad memories of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation once they first heard of the Corpus since both are willing to do horrendous actions for profit. Shido Itsuka and his harem aren't fond of the Merchant Cult either, since they are reminded of Deus Ex Machina Industries.
  • Their reliance on robotics has reminded many Overwatch deities of the Omnica Corporation. While not evil, their blunders with their creations led to the Omnic Crisis. Torbjorn understandably doesn't like the connections, though Corpus executives say they keep theirs on a tight leash thanks to their Ascaris. Ergo Glast is quick to point out that the new Ambulas MOAs were equipped with a network AI which could of spelled doom for them had not he asked the Tenno to take care of it. Really, Torb's not wrong to be cautious.
  • Rumor has it that the title Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare was not the first title they suggested to the Court of Gods. Indeed, they were to initially acquire Celestial Mega Corporation but upon hearing that it was taken they tried to then usurp it since BnL's presence was limited at the time. That was, until they found out they still operated in the background, always there to provide. Some even as went to say that the meteorite was intentional so they could cover up the attempt spring into action and profit off of it. The Corpus Board denied such imaginary claims, but it's no secret that the Corpus as a whole don't seem to be amicable with BnL.
    • They share a lot more hostile relationship with Gray Mann, finding him a pathetic old man from a primitive era who has no right to act arrogant especially when he bit the dust from his own Mercs. This escalated to enemies when their respective forces suddenly started fighting each other, though no one knows what started the fighting. Regardless, they seek to replace him as the security in the House of Commerce, believing they are much more qualified.
  • After pulling a few strings, Nef Anyo managed to bring the Index to the Pantheon. It can be an easy way to earn money and prizes through fighting... if it wasn't shamelessly rigged. Nef Anyo always participates and expect to go in his favor like the Corpus bringing in reinforcements to outnumber the challengers, or how the Corpus only need to win one match to be victorious. Though it's still possible to win, Anyo will be forced pay and reward the winners. This is how he formed a heated rivalry with King Dice: He caused him to lose a bet in the Index. Future matches involve both parties cheating. This goes for other greedy figures participating.
  • People who tend to cross them when it comes to making profits specifically tend to jump pretty high at their hit list. While initially dismissing them as common riff raff, they soon found Null Sector quite the nuisance when the Omnic extremists attacked and took over one of their facilities. As far as they’re concerned, they find the Corpus disgusting for “enslaving their brethren for business”. Similarly, Zonda and the Seven have been staging raids on long them before they revealed their ascension also attacking another one of their facilities and taking it over as their own temple.
  • "May our ledgers become ocean, may our margins see Centauri, in the name of Profit, I commit thee to the void."

Sundowner, CEO of War Profiteering (The Californian Wild Fire, Wind of Destruction)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Bloodlust (his twin pair of scissor machetes) surrounded by six explosive shields
  • Theme Song: Red Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Instigating war for the heck of it, explosive reactive shields, flashy and hardly efficient techniques, supplying countries for war, fighting as dirty as possible, being in touch with his inner child (its cruelty, to be precise)
  • Domains: War, Arms Dealing, Child Soldiers.
  • Followers: Many Arms Dealers and various warmongers
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Raiden, Bladewolf, Solid Snake, Cyrax, We3, Valvatorez, Martin Walker, Kiritsugu Emiya, Mercy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ryuko Matoi, Sheele, Cut Man
  • Opposed by: The House of Children and those who are really protecting of them.
  • Scares: Jontron
  • Sundowner is the leader of the Winds of Destruction, a mercenary group of Cyborgs that are under the service of Desperado Enforcement. Sundowner himself is a bloodthirsty and psychopathic, so is no surprise that he decided to aid Steven Armstrong in hopes of sparking war so he can use it as a living. Yes he really loves war, or in his own words.
    Sundowner: Give war a chance!
  • Tried to make his way into House of Combat first as a God of Ridiculously Efficient Shields. It didn't last, to say the least, mostly due to him angering both Kenshiro and Asura when he casually mentioned the concept of child soldiers and how effective they are, especially when they are warped by war atrocities. Proof is, explosive shield means little if your opponent can punch through it and not flinch a bit. Since that incident, Sundowner's been hanging around House of Commerce, since it's not half as dangerous for him to be around, trying to advertise war and selling his services to the highest bidder. Thankfully, Mario and The Courier are able to fend him off once he starts becoming too volatile, though he always returns.
  • Likes to gloat that he's "FUCKIN' INVINCIBLE!". While this was proved wrong by many different gods, he still can give an opponent a hard time with his "gimmicky shit" like explosive shields or scissor blade or just the fact that he constantly has attack helicopters behind him as a back-up.
  • Dell Conagher is not very fond of him, mostly because both share Texan accent and Sundowner so happens to give rather "not-friendly Texan" vibe. The cyborg is not afraid to tell the engineer that his technology is no match for the military equipment of Desperado.
  • When he found out he wasn't the only God out for War for Fun and Profit, Sundowner started planning a sinister takeover of Millenium's position in the Conquest Army. It.....didn't work out so well.
  • Sundowner has been going on warmongering business ventures with Roman Torchwick on the mortal plane. When the latter was brought before the Court of Gods, Sundowner got Armstrong to pull some strings and help Roman ascend. The two have proceeded to work together for mutual gain.
  • The GUAD has contacted him and his Winds of Destruction interested in their services. However, Sundowner in a very surprising move turned them down. After all, you can't make profits if you lay to waste the entire world.
    • He is associated with the GUAC, given Armstrong's position as one of their leaders. Philosophy aside, he has no issue collaborating with the GUAE, if the price is right...
  • Was met with heavy opposition by a lot of people who oppose to or thin War Is Hell. The biggest enemy he would have in this regard is Martin Walker, who ironically shares houses with. Sundowner just laughs at their pathetic attemps to stop his business and challenges his oppossers to visit him any time.
  • Sundowner and Sektor initially became allies given their shared views of cybernetization and how it improves the capabilities of soldiers and they are also working on a secret project that has put some people on edge. This in turn made Cyrax all the much more antagonistic towards Sundowner, given that it may or not involve turning people into cyborgs against their wills, which Cyrax is a victim of.
  • After learning about the existance of We3, Sundowner was fascinated by them and he is very likely to try making a similar group just to further his business. Of course the trio is not friends with Sundowner given that they are tired of dealing with people like him and they also are friends with Bladewolf.
  • Firmly believes that Children are cruel and that Child Soldiers are the best way to make a living. Of course when people discovered about the plan of Desperado of using little children brains to make an army of soldiers, they were horrified about it. The protectors of Children are certainly taking measures in case Sundowner decides to pull something similar.
  • Sundowner wields a pair of Machetes that make a scissor called "Bloodlust" and he makes effective use of them in combat. Other who wield scissors don't think too highly of him and consider Sundowner a Mad man. Though Gremlim and Nui Harime are friendly towards him.
    • Jontron is scared shitless of the cyborg and his scissors. Sundowner often likes to mess with poor Jon when he least expects it.
  • He also decided to collaborate with other big warmongers and terrorist among the pantheon. He has been seen alongside folks like Zoran Lazarevic or Reaper making business and the GUAG doesn't like it one bit.
  • "All we are saying is: Give war a chance!"
  • Can also be found in the House of War, probably trying to recruit somebody for Desperado.

Lesser Gods

    Conal Cochran 
Conal Cochran, God of Sinister Consumer Products

    Recette Lemongrass 
Recette Lemongrass, Goddess of Shop Keepers (The Moe Capitalist, Merchant of the Gods)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Recettear Store Sign
  • Theme Music: "Open Shop", "Closed Shop"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Young Entrepreneurs, Getting The Customer Whatever They Need, Dungeon Crawling For Loot, Loyal Mercenar- err, Friends, Cheerfully Overcoming Life's Problems, Misunderstandings That Start Bad Religions, Friendship And Forgiveness, Well-Decorated Buildings, Moe Characters, Catch Phrases (Capitalism, ho! Yayifications! Oh, carp!), What the heckles?!
  • Domains: Commerce, Adventure, Wealth, Charm, Friendship, Endurance
  • Herald: Tear (her fairy Advisor)
  • Allies: Anna, The Merchant, Konata Izumi, Nanoha Takamachi, Luna Lovegood, the entire House of Weapons
  • Followers: Hachi, Ramus, Will of Rynoka Village
  • Although Recette began with barely a penny to her name and a crippling debt hanging over her head, she turned her house into an item shop and not only paid the debt, but also hired her Fairy Companion and former loan shark Tear on as an accountant, amassed a small army of loyal friends who also double as her dungeon-delving muscle, and built up a wealth that earned her the ownership of an item shop on prime real estate in the Trope Pantheon. She now spends her days selling artifacts of great power to deities and adventurous mortals, making new friends, and building up an inventory that will soon be large enough to warp time and space in her stock rooms.
  • Recette's rapid climb from obscurity to internet fame almost entirely through word-of-mouth advertising provided Konata Izumi, Goddess of Viral Marketing, the last bit of power necessary to secure her rise from demigoddess to true divinity. As such, the two became immediate friends. Lately, Konata has been spotted hanging around Recette's shop while developing a line of Trope-tan collectibles.
  • Seeing as Recette earned the friendship of half her mercenary crew by cheerfully beating them in the face, Recette also made immediate friends with Nanoha Takamichi. As soon as they met, half the Pantheon was heard groaning and saying, "Not another one!"
  • Due to her tendency to put the right information together into the most mind-boggling conclusion possible, Recette has also found a kindred spirit in Luna Lovegood and is being considered for a seat on the Council of Cloudcookooland. However, since Recette puts all her energy into her item shop, any seat awarded to her would likely would be little more than honorary.
  • Rumor has it that a formerly missing Maximum Security Artifact was discovered on her store shelves, apparently pawned off to her by a mysterious stranger who claimed it was a family heirloom. The SCP Foundation eventually persuaded her to release it into their custody, but only after she managed to convince them to pay an obscene amount of money for it.
  • Kratos once challenged Recette to a fight, choosing the website GameFAQs as a venue in the hope that he would have an advantage. Kratos inevitably won, but Recette's followers and allies turned up to support her, which resulted in Recette putting up much more of a fight than Kratos had anticipated. This incident resulted in rumours that Kratos was falling victim to The Worf Effect. Kratos strenuously denies the rumours, and brutally murders anyone who brings them up within earshot of him.
  • Formed an alliance of convenience with Flynn, who keeps her shop well stocked with the "relics" he gathers here and there. While she appreciates the influx of rare stuff, and truly enjoys the fact she hasn't been robbed ONCE since Flynn became a regular customer, Recette is somewhat leery of him - Flynn prefers fixed rates for the items he sells, and with his skill and demons, she's in no position to haggle with him.



    Anna (Fire Emblem
Anna, Goddess of Secret Shops (The Secret Seller, The RNG Goddess)
  • Demigoddess (Possibly an Overdeity in disguise)
  • Symbol: An image of her face, with her index finger over her mouth
  • Theme Songs: "Open for business!"; this outside of her merchant work
  • Alignment: Always Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Plucky Girl, Ascended Extra, Massive Numbered Siblings combined with Name's the Same and Uncanny Family Resemblance, Bonus Bosses, Physical Goddesses
  • Domains: Gold, Secrecy, Memories
  • Herald: Jake(s) (her boyfriend, or at least for the Annas that have one)
  • Followers: A few Fire Emblem fans, and those that carry a Member Card.
  • Allies: Roy, Marth, Lyndis, Ike, Chrom, Robin, Sigurd and Seliph of Chalpy, Recette Lemongrass, the Kecleon Brothers, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny
  • This is actually just one Anna. Anna is part of a family of sisters that all look alike, each one reading from a book of their combined memories and learning the way of the Secret Shop merchant. Believe it or not, they take up more jobs then just that, including everything from tutors to inter-dimensional tour guides. This particular Anna has been raised for years to set up shop here.
  • This Anna has no relation other than name to Princess Anna of Arendelle, nor do any of her sisters. In fact, they don't really share anything. Each one of this Anna's sisters are only somewhat different, but although the merchants and the princess all share a certain... eccentricity, the merchant Annas tend to be more along the lines of tricksters, as you'd expect from someone who owns a secret shop that cannot be found.
  • Rumors abound that the Council of Shadows may be involved in her ascension, as it is also rumored that Anna is a concrete avatar of the Random Number God, as the RNG Goddess. The latter theory may be confirmed. The boss of the final bonus chapter Apotheosis is even stronger than Grima, and she is one of the Annas. Either way, it’s possible she may be more than she lets on.
  • Recette Lemongrass was overjoyed when she finally ascended, and the two became rather quick friends. Recette Lemongrass has promised not to reveal the location of her Secret Shop, which only a few gods know.
    • In fact, the fact that her shop is secret may actually be cutting profits. It’s a miracle she had enough money to get in the House of Commerce.
  • This particular Anna has no relation to a similar group of lookalikes, the Jakes. Do not confuse her with those that do.

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, God of Asian Store Owners (Steve Barnes, Slime Q Slimedog, Apu DeBeaumarchais)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The "Kwik-E-Mart" logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Indian Store Owner, Ascended Extra, Bollywood Nerd, Octuplets, Your Cheating Heart, Proud Of His Immigrated Nation, "Thank You Come Again", Biological Kevlar, Puts 120% Into His Work, Funny Foreigner
  • Domains: Immigrants, Stores, Hinduism, Fatherhood
  • Followers: Mr Bang, Mr Patel, Carol Zimmer
  • Heralds: His octuplets
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Anna, Recette Lemongrass, Great Tiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Ned Flanders
  • On good terms with: The Simpson family, The House of Lust
  • Customers include: Krusty the Clown, Moe Syzlack, Jeff Albertson, Ralph Wiggum
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Stewie Griffin, Plankton, Herbert Garrison
  • Opposes: Chakravartin, YHVH, the House of Crime
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Avoids: Beerus, the House of Ranged Weapons
  • The city of Springfield offers a number of stores, but few are as convenient as the Kwik-E-Mart. In charge is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. An Indian immigrant, he went to the United States for a doctorate in computer science. By the time he finally got it he came to love America, and has dutifully been running the store. He may not be the best store owner and some of his actions aren't all that legal, but you'd be hard to find an Asian Store-Owner more dedicated to his job.
  • He used to be the Great Tiger's high priest, but has managed to become a god in himself due to his hard work ethic. They immediately forged a proper alliance when he ascended.
  • Incredibly passionate towards his job, with a lot of stresses on his personal life due to being too busy with his work. He once tried to kill himself with tainted meat when he got fired. While friendly to his customers, he's not above using exorbitant prices and browbeating customers into crappy merchandise. He almost never leaves his temple, which is a replica of the Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield. He once worked for 72 hours straight, which drove him mad and made him think he was a hummingbird.
  • He has been seen working with Recette Lemongrass and Anna as a fellow shop owner. He admires Recette's passion with her work, and Anna for her utility.
  • Moe, Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum and Krusty are usually as regular customers. Apu is really grateful for Krusty as his fondness for pornography helped keep him afloat in those difficult early years. Krusty has made him a recommendation for the House of Lust to order their smut from.
  • He has an arranged marriage to Manjula, who while he feared it at first came to love her. It's not a Perfectly Arranged Marriage as their marriage has been stressed by the octuplets, and he ended up finding solace with the Squishee Lady. To his credit Apu tried to apologized and let himself be demeaned by his wife in atonement, though most believe she went too far when she made him eat a lightbulb.
  • Though Indian, he is proud to be an American immigrant and truly loves his adopted country. As such, he hates people who are racist against immigrants and is still annoyed Springfield voted against illegal immigrants. He wished that he could vote more than once against Mr Garrison when his policy against illegal immigrants was to "f*ck them all to death".
  • Stewie Griffin has been permanently banned from the Kwik-E-Mart for kidnapping him, simply so he could say he took Apu. Bart found it funny but thought it went too far. Eric Cartman is on watch when he visits due to his numerous racist comments.
  • Him and Ned Flanders often butt heads due to opposing religious views, however at the end of the day they're friends and will team up to save the day, such as when they united to save Homer when his house burned down. And while Apu's more lax in terms of faith to Ned's fundamentalism, they both agree that YHVH is an asshat-especially Apu since YHVH is actively oppressing Hindu deities. He doesn't trust the likes of Chakravartin either or his connection to reincarnation and samsara, but it's not like he could hope to do anything about it.
  • Has been constantly shoplifted, mostly by Snake. As a result he has more lead in him than any normal person has any right to survive, to the point he survived a shooting when one bullet was deflected by another bullet. Understandably, he doesn't want to be in the House of Ranged Weapons at all. This may be why he takes an aggressive stance against shoplifters when he can, such as when he got Marge Simpson arrested for 30 days when she accidentally stole some bourbon.
  • Customers should make sure to have a stomach pump on hand or just a good eye when purchasing food from the Kwik-E-Mart, since Apu will try to sell meat past its due date. For the sake of the House of Commerce, Beerus cannot visit even if Whis has to come in and stop him. And while he might try to sell rotten food, he isn't going to sell Plankton's food much to the latter's chagrin.
  • Apu: "Thank you, come again".

    Drebin 893 
Drebin 893, Divine Seller of Suspiciously Acquired Goods

    Jonathan Irons (Call of Duty
Jonathan Irons, Representative of Extremely Powerful Corporations (Kevin Spacey, CEO and President of Atlas Corporation)
  • Demigod by himself, Intermediate God when commanding Atlas
  • Symbol: His corporation's logo
  • Theme Song: Want it all or The New Face of War
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: PMCs, believing that power determines who's right, Being extremly friendly with his employees provided they don't opposes him, Wanting to control the world to achieve world peace
  • Domains: War, Commerce, Technology, Health & disease
  • Allies: Palpatine, Richard Wilkins, The Illusive Man, YHVH, BnL
  • Enemies: Alex Mason, Captain America, Shepard, most of the Heroes House. Steven Armstrong, Mordin Solus and a great deal of the House of Health and Diseases, Heihachi Mishima, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Rivals: Looten Plunder, Sundowner, Marcus Kincaid
  • Was given the position when it was learned that in his home dimension, his corporation had been granted a seat at the United Nation Council.
  • Upon his ascension, Irons requested that some of his soldiers be allowed to join him. He has since began to rebuild Atlas within the Pantheon and his objective is to makes it its main police force to, in due time, gain control of it. However, the more hectic nature of the Pantheon makes it that he settled (for now) on just be given a seat in the Main House.
    • He has since tried to recruit some Gods in Atlas although he had little succes so far. He tough he was onto something with the 501th Legion but they obey only to Vader. The Wonderful 101 likewise globally refused, even though some of its members signed up.
    • However, since only his soldiers are equipped with exo-suits, this made some deities agree to join Atlas, if only temporarily.
  • The Snake brothers are extremely wary of him since Manticore remind them a lot of FOXDIE.
  • Upon hearing about Steven Armstrong, Jonathan Irons tried to forge an alliance with him. That was before learning Armstrong's true goal which are a complete opposite of what Irons wanted. He is, for the same reason, the enemy of any Chaotic deities, even though he recognize their use and even used some in his original world.
  • Contrary to what many had thought, Irons had not declared Bn L Atlas' enemy but had even forged an alliance with them, arguing that they operates in different sectors and thus could complement each other. Many Gods fear the day Atlas and BnL will try to take control of the Pantheon itself.
  • Tried to recruit Marcus Kincaid as Atlas' new weapon manufacturer, but it was unsuccessful.
  • While Manticore has been confiscated by the House of Health and Disease, Irons had been allowed to keep a very small supply in case of emergency.
  • Strangely, everyone willing to join Atlas has to pay their respect to Jonathan's son, dead in a US intervention in Seoul..
  • "People don’t want freedom. They want boundaries, rules. Protection. From invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who can give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay. You give them that, and they'll follow... And that's where I come in."


    Kecleon Brothers 
The Kecleon Brothers, Gods of Dungeon Shops and Shopkeeper's Revenge
  • Quasideities (Normally), Greater Gods (If some one steals from them)
  • Symbol: Two red zigzagging lines
  • Theme Music: Stop By, Take A Look; switches to Thief! if stolen from
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Protean
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets:
    • Purple Brother: Knock Off, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
    • Green Brother: Skill Swap, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Ice Punch
  • Portfolios: Holding up shops in dungeons, Being able to Change Typing, Hollywood Chameleons, Going into Unstoppable Rage if stolen from
  • Domains: Shops, Chameleons, Rage
  • Followers: Any shopkeeper in a Roguelike
  • Allies: Pikachu, Recette Lemongrass
  • Enemies: Every one from the House of Crime (at least the ones related to robbery).
  • These two Kecleon (One green and one purple) which run a small shop, usually located near Recette's Temple. However, the green one usually leaves to sell his goods somewhere else around the Pantheon.
  • Usually, the two of them are really docile... Unless you steal from them, or you destroy their products, in which case they fly into an Unstoppable Rage, summoning more Kecleon to ambush the thief. During which, the otherwise subpar Pokémon becomes one of most dangerous things you can see.
  • One of the grand missions of House of Crime is to steal from them and be able to escape without a scratch. So far no one hasn't been quite brave (or foolish) enough to try that. Not even Issac and Miria, who are said to be a few crayons short by most of the House of Crime, would steal from them.
    • Even so, when they did do this, due to Issac and Miria's immortality, everyone watched as a group of Kecleon kept pounding them into oblivion for three days straight. It wasn't until Issac and Miria offered them some of the gold that they had on hand did they stop.
      • Similarly, the House of Friendship has been tasked to find a way to calm down the Kecleon Brothers if they get angry. So far this has been a really difficult task.

Morris, Divine Representative of Predatory Businesses
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Joja Corporation logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkass, Mouth of Joja Corporation, Pragmatic Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Workaholic
  • Domains: Business, Corporation
  • Allies: Moneybags, Mr. Krabs, Stewie Griffin
  • Rivals: Just about every deity in the House of Commerce who runs a business
  • Opposed by: Colin, Yosuke Hanamura
  • Morris initially declined to ascend, his reasoning being that in his mind, Joja Corporation wasn't "predatory" at all. After he thought on in for a while, though, he reluctantly accepted his title. It would be worth it in the end if it meant attaining godhood, after all.
  • Almost immediately after his ascension, Morris began construction on a Joja Corporation headquarters in the House of Commerce. Ever since its completion, Joja Cola drink machines have littered the Pantheon. Reactions to the cola are mixed, to say the least.
  • Krobus and the Dwarf don't exactly get along, but they can agree on one thing. While they both have a generally neutral opinion on Morris, they at least agree that Joja Cola is terrible.
  • Morris frequently attempts to steal the customers of other businesses in the House of Commerce with coupons and promises of Joja membership benefits. This of course drives the affected parties absolutely nuts. This is a large part of the reason that Morris doesn't have many friends.
  • Though most business owners in the House of Commerce are getting to be at their wit's end with Morris, he and Mr. Krabs have managed to forge a pretty okay friendship. This is likely because of their similar attitudes in regards to the pursuit of money.
  • Morris thinks that Moneybags' method of barring progress until given gems is genius. He frequently offers the bear his compliments.
  • Colin isn't particularly fond of Morris. While he does use money for his own benefit, he isn't a jerk about it. Morris himself, however, is curious about the Silver Card that Colin is banned from carrying.
  • Yosuke greatly disagrees with Morris' methods. Unlike Joja Corporation, Junes, the company his father works for (as manager of Inaba's branch), works with local establishments rather than attempting to overshadow them. Well, after tense relations with them for the better part of a year; no one said cooperation comes easy, but it's worth it.
  • There have been reports across the Pantheon of deities passing out due to over-exertion or other means, only to wake up in their temples with a note from Morris at their side which states that he found them and took them home. These notes always have an attached bill for the service.
  • Morris very rarely leaves the House of Commerce, let alone Joja Corporation HQ unless it's on important business matters. As such, many deities speculate that he may be married to his job.
  • The incident in which Stewie Griffin kidnapped Apu just so he could say that he took Apu proved to be extremely amusing to Morris, even if the joke went a little too far. He can frequently be heard repeating the story around Joja Corporation HQ water coolers. Apu is not amused by this. Stewie, however, is glad that Morris can appreciate the humor in the story.

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