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Greater Gods

Lofwyr, God of Corporate Dragons (Hans Brackhaus, Gold Master, Gold Snout)
Lofwyr overlooking Portland
Hans Brackhaus, his Translator and metahuman guise
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The logo of Saeder-Krupp
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but has a Chaotic Neutral worldview
  • Portfolio: Corporate Dragon, The Ageless, The Voiceless in Dragon Form, Affably Amoral, Bad Boss and Benevolent Boss, Despises Being Locked Out of the Loop Concerning His Company, The Chessmaster, Control Freak, Morality Based On "Givers" and "Takers", officially the richest being in the Sixth World, The Social Darwinist, Supernatural Gold Eyes
  • Domain(s): Dragons, Corporations, Gold
  • Translator: Hans Brackhaus who's actually his alias as a metahuman
  • Herald: The Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company
  • Followers: Fafnir, Elma Joui, Glint, Griffen Mc'Candles (Dragons Wild), Luca Rohner, Joshua Rain
  • Allies: Io
  • Rivals: Other Mega Corps in the Pantheon, mainly BnL, Scrooge McDuck, The Corpus, Philip Price, Tyrell Wellick
  • Enemies: Tiamat, Smaug (currently under an uneasy truce), the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Grand United Alliance of Destruction, all Eldritch Abominations, Ornstein (and Smough), Grima, Acnologia, Anankos, Fafnir
  • Distrusts: All robots and AIs, all undead
  • Opposed by: Bahamut, Alexstrasza
  • Dragons are usually known for their hoards. Corporations are known for having lots of money and power. And thus the imagery of a dragon and the idea of a corporation combined gave rise to the trope Corporate Dragon.
    • In the world of Shadowrun, its leaders aren't national presidents, monarchs, or prime ministers, but MegaCorp CEOs, and most if not all of those CEOs are dragons. And the richest of them all is Lofwyr, the CEO of Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, which is the second largest MegaCorp in their world, beaten only by Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, which started as a Yakuza laundering front that became lucrative in its own right, but that's another story.
    • It's because of his reputation and company's success that Lofwyr was sent an invitation to Pantheon Godhood. Seeing it as a new frontier and an opportunity to expand his business (though he's told that his assets and earnings there will be exclusive to the Pantheon and cannot be brought over to his world), he accepted the offer and became a new player in its corporate stage.
    • Technically speaking, he was already present in the Pantheon as a follower of Smaug, God of Treasure Hoarding, and he had been biding his time there for his eventual rise by observing all the corporations already present.
  • After the usual business of… setting up shop in his two designated locations at the Halls of Draconic Beings and Businesses and Corporations, Lofwyr took the time to fully evaluate his new surroundings. In the Pantheon, he was no longer a top dragon, and there was a whole new set of corporate players, all with differing agendas. Oh, and nations are still a thing in power.
    • It was certainly interesting to see that in here, some Corporate Executives are still able to hold the moral high ground, and some managed to remain afloat despite being a lot more blatant in their shadiness. Sure, his company is big enough to encompass an entire continent, but in the Pantheon, his influence is not quite as big. Yet. He plans to change that eventually.
  • In regards to communication with other deities, he has two methods of communication. For deities of relatively equal power as him or greater, he uses telepathy. For "lesser" lifeforms, he employs a Translator to speak on his behalf.
    • As for why Lofwyr uses a Translator in the first place, here's why: 1) their psychic voices are utterly inhuman and psychically "loud", are rarely enjoyable, and can permanently mentally scar some folks, and 2) they can't communicate through electronics like microphones or TV cameras.
  • Lofwyr's Translator is a human named Hans Brackhaus, a mid-level executive in Saeder-Krupp who corresponds with runners (read: mercenaries) a lot. However, according to him, he does not serve Lofwyr. That's because they're one and the same.
    • As for the whole being Hans Brackhaus deal, here's the reason why. All Great Dragons in his world can take on a metahuman (human, elf, dwarf, ork, troll, etc.) form. While this allows them to be their own Mouth of Sauron, most of them don't do this, as they're easier to kill in human form. That's why Lofwyr keeps it a secret, though he's aware of the "safety net" that is the House of Life and Vitality, but he prefers to keep people guessing, even if there are those who can see through his charade quickly and are powerful enough to take him down even in dragon form.
    • Besides, the name Hans Brackhaus has been used by a number of S-K Johnsons to keep runners guessing or to give the impression that they're dealing with Lofwyr directly (to motivate them to do the job perfectly). Some elements outside of S-K have taken advantage of this fact, and have used the name to set up a false flag operation on occasion, though he eventually catches on to these, acting against them if their goals get in his way or against his image.
  • As a dragon, Lofwyr eventually got into meetings with the other dragons of the Pantheon, starting with the main three.
    • First up was Io, the progenitor of all dragonkind. Lofwyr definitely sees just how powerful he is, but fortunately all he cares for is the safety of dragonkind (and won't get involved with inter-dragon conflicts), so the Gold Master can rest a little easy with him.
    • As for Io's direct descendants however, there is considerably more friction. Bahamut is displeased with Lofwyr's ruthless business acumen but ultimately just avoids him most of the time, only crossing paths when one of Lofwyr's plots ends up being something Bahamut doesn't approve of. Lofwyr for his part thinks Bahamut is wasting his efforts being a paragon for the lesser races, but given the time period Bahamut is from, he doesn't voice this out loud.
    • As for Tiamat, matters are lot more hostile, especially when she not-so-subtly courted him in a bid for more power. Having met her brother first, who had compared Lofwyr to her in a few ways, he was resistant to her advances, seeing her worldview as barbaric and nothing else (not to mention being a sore reminder of Aden, whom he's butted heads with several times, and Alamais, his brother and arch-rival). Unlike Alamais (and Sirrurg), Lofwyr is not, strictly speaking, a dragon supremacist. He believes that respect is the due of any being of great personal power and influence, not that dragons deserve it by default. She shortly lost her temper after that, attacking his company to "teach him his place". This forced him to intervene personally, something he's rarely had to do.
      • That said, even with himself and his best guards in the fray, Tiamat proved far more dangerous (with her multiple heads and multiple breath attacks), and a more seasoned combatant. Thankfully, having suspected that she would make contact with Lofwyr eventually, Bahamut and his allies (Alexstrasza and Ysera) got involved and drove away the five-headed dragoness.
    • Smaug, whom he used to be a follower of, and is now a neighbor in both Houses, eventually attacked Saeder-Krupp when one of his hired Shadowrunners took some of the Middle-Earth dragon's loot back to Lofwyr's temple, resulting in another scuffle. Fortunately, Smaug wasn't as powerful as Tiamat and Lofwyr soon had him at an impasse. After returning the stolen loot (and disposing of the perpetrator), the two dragons came to an agreement; as long as Smaug doesn't attack Saeder-Krupp again, Lofwyr will leave his hoard alone and do what he can to keep others from daring to take from it.
    • Smaug wasn't the only neighbor he had problems with, though. Others include the very destructive Sindragosa and Grima, given their genocidal agendas. He also opposes Arthas and his Scourge by extension, who killed and revived Sindragosa in the first place.
    • Crossed paths with Fafnir when he wanted to stake a claim on Lofwyr's hoard, though the former dwarf was ultimately disappointed that most of it wasn't even gold. Still, the Great Dragon wasn't going to let this pass and they've been enemies since then.
  • Given his reputation against dragons, he's got his eyes on the Dovahkiin and takes efforts to not come off as a priority target by subtly directing him to his enemies. After all, despite the threat this Dragonborn poses to him personally, when "used" correctly, he can be an extremely valuable asset.
  • As CEO of a MegaCorp, Lofwyr has eyes for others of his size or greater in the Pantheon. Mainly, these are Buy n Large (which was big enough to encompass the entire world, and then ruin it and take its customers to space, which he did not like), Scrooge McDuck (not only has he made it big, he did it without any underhanded shortcuts), the Corpus (with its reaches spanning planetary systems, though their use of robots does make things tense between them), and E Corp.
    • He's also got other people under his radar. Such as the multiversal merchant family of Annas, even if their clientele isn't much to speak of (only weapons, magic tomes, "stat-boosters", fanservice photographs, etc.). While Rodin is just a humble weaponsmith, there's also the fact that he's a fallen angel turned demon, and very powerful to boot, as some of his employees were able to gather from rumors.
  • In his mind, "it is the duty of the enlightened sovereign to guide the lives of his inferiors, to lead by example (and to reap the rewards)." In short, the strong deserve to rule. This has drawn Lucifer's interest, despite Lofwyr's controlling tendencies, and he's invited the dragon to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. No conclusive reply has been made as of yet.
  • After the last one who said it ended up getting swallowed whole by him, no one dares call Lofwyr a "corrupt, self-serving corporate headmaster", even if that's mostly what he is.
  • Even though Saeder-Krupp isn't at all racist or biased against any race, metatype, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or awakened status, Lofwyr has no tolerance for AIs and other sapient machines, holding a serious mistrust for them, though his company can occasionally hire one as a freelancer. Apparently, this is because as synthetics don't require food, money, vice, or anything else the corp could offer them as benefits, buying their loyalty is virtually impossible, and enslaving them is dangerous. One good reason for this is that one rogue A.I. his company had created was used in a plot to wipe out dragonkind — and once freed, started its own plot to enslave a Great Dragon. As such, he's gone to war with Grand United Alliance of Machines and distrusts machines of all alignments, but as stated before, he might hire the help of one in certain cases.
    • He also has a dim view of Infected, ghouls, vampires, and other (near-)undead, due to his knowledge of the connection between the Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus (that makes ghouls in his world) and the Horrors.
  • Out of principle, he opposes those who would destroy all of existence. Not only would it be bad for business, but it's also a reminder of the Horrors he and the rest of his kind are keeping at bay. He also has it out against Eldritch Abominations in general, and desires to remove them permanently by any means possible.
  • "Never deal with a Dragon."
  • Also has a seat in the Hall of Draconic Beings.

Intermediate Gods

    The Corpus 
The Corpus, Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare (Refrigerators)
  • Intermediate Gods altogether
  • Symbol: Their common logo pictured in the right
  • Theme Songs: Corpus Greed, The Profit, March of the Moa, Granum
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings on Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Remnants of the Orokin Empire, Proud Merchant Cult, MegaCorp, Facial Markings, Powerful enough to contend with the Tenno, Grineer, and Infested, Morality based on Profit, Numerous Crewmen and Proxies, Drone Deployer, Most weapons tailored to punching through armor, "Conflict is Opportunity", Anti-Magic
  • Domains: Merchants, Drones, Forcefields, Armsdealing, Corporate Warfare, Profit, Greed
  • Allies: Sundowner, Commander Rourke, Felix, Miles Quaritch, Hunter J, Kano, Sir Crocodile
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Apollyon
  • Business Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Jonathan Irons, BnL, Nute Gunray
  • Enemies: The Tenno, Ordis, The Grineer, The Infested, The Vex, 2B, Aigis, 9S, Epsilon (Mega Man), Green Biker Dude, Ayato Amagiri, Kirin Toudou, Shido Itsuka Tohka Yatogami, Origami Tobiichi, Yoshino, Many Pokemon and Pokemon trainers, Gray Mann, Null Sector, Zonda and the Seven
  • Opposed by: Many robots and cyborgs like the GUAM, Torbjorn Lindholm
  • Establishing themselves as a powerful faction in the Origin System after the fall of the Orokin are the Corpus. Described as a merchant cult, they seek out ancient technology like the Warframes as a means to make as much profit as they can. So bad is their greed that they worship the concept of profit itself and even the Orokin condemned them (despite their own infatuation for gold in their architecture). Technologically advanced, while they lack in manpower they more than make up for in their Proxies with a wide assortment of tasks. They're known to deal a bountiful amount of weaponry, a large reason as to why they can compete with the military might of the Grineer or take repeated attacks by the Tenno.
  • Thanks to a mysterious meteorite crashing in the House of Weapons it suffered a nasty attack from the Infested. While the Tenno fended them off thanks like how they did back in the Plains of Eidolon, much of the firearms have been lost in the attack. Meanwhile, GUA battles started to escalate and the need for munitions has risen. Arriving in their rectangular and grey ships, the Corpus have arrived to fill those needs and deified themselves to ensure their stay. Their armaments caught on, even after other arms dealers took notice and the House of Weapons recovered. They have come to market off of the denizens' technology and the Patheonic Wars, realizing that it is lucrative and that the conflict between the alliances will never truly go anywhere no matter how hard any of the Alliances try (although, the Lawful faction being reformed slightly worries them). Their respective enemies back home are none too pleased by their arrival, and the feelings are mutual.
    • Although they have set up shop in Acts of War and Businesses & Corporations, they are also found in other Houses. They built a facility powered by electrical power in the Hall of Electricity and have been field testing their projects within the House of Machinery and Technology within its simulations along with assembling their Proxies. Not to mention their outposts are primarily located within the arctic regions in the Hall of Ice and Cold.
  • Leadership is mostly comprised of Corrupt Corporate Executives, from the Ponzi scheming televangelist Nef Anyo, the surprisingly influential Sergeant, to the credit stealing Chairman Frohd Bek. There are Corpus that go for more productive means: Darvo Bek deals with the Tenno very often, a lot of the time putting himself in danger. Ergo Glast leads a renegade faction of Corpus using their trade to bring order, and helps in dismantling Anyo and Bek's plans. Even the condescending Alad V was willing to lend a hand to the Tenno if it meant stopping the Sentients despite his gruesome history with them.
    • Although a rival in their business, Sundowner frequently deals with Frohd Bek, so expect Desperado equipment used alongside Corpus tech. The Tenno along with everyone else recognize that nothing good can come out of their partnership. Things like Unmanned Gears using Anti-Magic Corpus equipment and energy weaponry are the tip of the iceberg of potential projects.
  • Like the Grineer, they are open to hiring outside forces should a conflict become too hectic for them to win alone. Those who aid them in their victory in the event are, of course, paid handsomely for their troubles. Should someone make the poor choice and side against them in such a event and they will be targeted by the Zanuka Hunter (despite its creator having issues with fellow Corpus). It serves as their assassin but should the target be of interest to the Corpus they will be instead incapacitated and taken off for experimentation and integration to their technology (its why they're pretty unpopular with technological deities if not outright enemies). The Tenno are quick to say it's a fate they don't wish on anyone. They often hire Rourke to raiding lost civilization's relics that they can use, the pay being pretty high. Felix and Kano also tend to be hired for their dirty work.
    • They have tried integrating Vex technology into their own despite its very nature and the Vex's active stance against it. They have been more successful despite the various dangers and have manged to create weaponry and Proxies based on them albeit lacking the temporal abilities they have. They are interested in the armaments in the Treasury magical and technological alike as Adamantium is something they wish to include in future projects and Demonica for the massive amounts of potential.
    • Pokemon have also piqued the Corpus' interest. A wide variety of them like the Tenno, but not by the product of the Void. Nef Anyo decided to hire Hunter J to acquire them for the Corpus' own ends. She didn't really buy the Prophet of Profit's words, but he pays well. This caught the attention of many Pokemon and trainers alike.
  • They profit off of war, and are not afraid to keep it going if it means to continue rolling in money. They decided to partner with Apollyon since she desires perpetuating war, although she does it to separate the "wolves from the sheep" and not for profit. They do help to trigger conflict still since she's in a bit of a Medieval Stasis, this time more subtlety than when she triggered conflict between the GUAL's Tyrants and Reformers.
    • Ayato Amagiri and Kirin Toudou are given bad memories of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation once they first heard of the Corpus since both are willing to do horrendous actions for profit. Shido Itsuka and his harem aren't fond of the Merchant Cult either, since they are reminded of Deus Ex Machina Industries.
  • Their reliance on robotics has reminded many Overwatch deities of the Omnica Corporation. While not evil, their blunders with their creations led to the Omnic Crisis. Torbjorn understandably doesn't like the connections, though Corpus executives say they keep theirs on a tight leash thanks to their Ascaris. Ergo Glast is quick to point out that the new Ambulas MOAs were equipped with a network AI which could of spelled doom for them had not he asked the Tenno to take care of it. Really, Torb's not wrong to be cautious.
  • Rumor has it that the title Celestial Conglomerate of Corporate Warfare was not the first title they suggested to the Court of Gods. Indeed, they were to initially acquire Celestial Mega Corporation but upon hearing that it was taken they tried to then usurp it since BnL's presence was limited at the time. That was, until they found out they still operated in the background, always there to provide. Some even as went to say that the meteorite was intentional so they could cover up the attempt spring into action and profit off of it. The Corpus Board denied such imaginary claims, but it's no secret that the Corpus as a whole don't seem to be amicable with BnL.
    • They share a lot more hostile relationship with Gray Mann, finding him a pathetic old man from a primitive era who has no right to act arrogant especially when he bit the dust from his own Mercs. This escalated to enemies when their respective forces suddenly started fighting each other, though no one knows what started the fighting. Regardless, they seek to replace him as the security in the House of Commerce, believing they are much more qualified.
  • After pulling a few strings, Nef Anyo managed to bring the Index to the Pantheon. It can be an easy way to earn money and prizes through fighting... if it wasn't shamelessly rigged. Nef Anyo always participates and expect to go in his favor like the Corpus bringing in reinforcements to outnumber the challengers, or how the Corpus only need to win one match to be victorious. Though it's still possible to win, Anyo will be forced pay and reward the winners. This is how he formed a heated rivalry with King Dice: He caused him to lose a bet in the Index. Future matches involve both parties cheating. This goes for other greedy figures participating.
  • People who tend to cross them when it comes to making profits specifically tend to jump pretty high at their hit list. While initially dismissing them as common riff raff, they soon found Null Sector quite the nuisance when the Omnic extremists attacked and took over one of their facilities. As far as they’re concerned, they find the Corpus disgusting for “enslaving their brethren for business”. Similarly, Zonda and the Seven have been staging raids on long them before they revealed their ascension also attacking another one of their facilities and taking it over as their own temple.
  • "May our ledgers become ocean, may our margins see Centauri, in the name of Profit, I commit thee to the void."

    Gild Tesoro 
Gild Tesoro, God of Casino Episodes (Casino King, Gold Emperor, Monster of the New World, Guild, Gildo)
Golden Tesoro
  • Intermediate God (Greater God through Devil Fruit Awakening)
  • Symbol: A stylized capital G with a golden star behind it.
  • Theme Song: Gold & Jive ~ Silver Ocean, Tesoro's Past
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Gold Manipulation, Rags to Riches, Sadist, Bad Boss, Evil Overlord, Gratuitous Italian, It's All About Me, Powers Do the Fighting, Tragic Villain
  • Domains: Gambling, Gold, Tyranny, Slavery
  • Heralds: Tanaka, Baccarat, Dice
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, The Devil, King Dice, Fafnir, Eugene Krabs, Wario, Dr. Eggman, Balrog
  • Rivals: Donquixote Doflamingo
  • Enemies: Five Elders, Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Smaug, Nami, Sanji, Franky, Usopp, Tony Tony Chopper, Brook, Rob Lucci, Spandam, Sabo, Akainu, Cuphead and Mugman, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Gladstone Gander, Celestia Ludenberg, Ultra Greed, The Grandmas
  • Respected by: Giovanni, Piglins
  • Odd Friendship with: Butters Stotch
  • Opposed by: Fisher Tiger, Peacock, Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie
  • Opposes: Lofwyr
  • A former slave to the Celestial Dragons, Gild Tesoro outgrew his impoverished early life to become one the most powerful people in the world through his wealth. Operating on his personal cruise ship, Grand Tesoro, all of his illegal activities were excused as Tesoro was recognized by the World Government and his former enslavers as a world power. What Gild Tesoro desires are to become the most powerful person in the world, forcing his former slavers to bow to him in the end. Ironically, Gild Tesoro would enslave others through debt traps his giant gambling capital deploys and is as cruel as those who abused him beforehand. What is not helped is Gild Tesoro's Gol-Gol Devil Fruit that controls gold which he encased Gran Tesoro with, granting him near omniscience and invulnerability in his own city. He was fairly comfortable with his position of power until he tried to turn the Straw Hats into his property with so many others. Though Tesoro was an extremely powerful foe who could have easily squashed these rebels, he was ultimately defeated by a pummeling from Monkey D. Luffy and his Gran Tesoro was torn apart by his own hand trying to defeat his enemies. Gild Tesoro was supposed to be sent to jail by the World Government for endangering so many and losing the protection he enjoyed prior, though he managed to escape once again and into the Pantheon. To be honest, it is a long story that he does not like retelling due to how long it was. Tesoro would say there would need to be a thousand chapters and you would have to be insane to write all of that.
    • But we will retell it anyway. Gild Tesoro was NOT happy to learn that the Straw Hats were in the Pantheon and knew he could not just go after those who destroyed him yet. His Devil Fruit may be powerful and he can use some Haki, but it would be suicide to rematch a person who is considered an Emperor now. He had to rebuild his empire once more, and Tesoro knows which stepping stones to use. Bringing back several of the illegal businesses that shot his wealth up, Tesoro had another giant cruise ship constructed for himself to become his new Gran Tesoro. What Gran Tesoro needed most (aside from new staff) was gold needed to coat everything with. It's not just for his Devil Fruit, it also serves to pronounce the pizazz of his character. So you know what he did to get the gold? He stole it all from Smaug's hoard. It was surprisingly easy due to his Devil Fruit and the dragon waking up to find half of his gold gone was not a pleasant moment for anybody nearby.
  • Seeing as a dear friend of his was killed in slavery and was too branded a slave, one would think Gild Tesoro would be lenient on slaves. No. No, he isn't. In fact, he is just as cruel to the people he has enslaved as the Celestial Dragons that Tesoro wants to overthrow on the social ladder. He could have funded the Revolutionary Army to have the World Government literally overthrown but chose not to out of his own selfishness. Fisher Tiger would be so disappointed that a slave he freed ended up becoming a similar tyrant. The additional irony is that Donquixote Family was his main business rival (who he stole his Devil Fruit), being led by Doflamingo who was a former Celestial Dragon. It could be inferred that Tesoro needed the World Government existing to grant him the status that he coveted, something that he does not seem to be bothered by. Even Rob Lucci has to pause, thinking how much of a horrid human with barely any principles Tesoro grew to be.
  • A person who helped prop up Tesoro's return was Lex Luthor, who heavily invested in the questionable businesses that Tesoro managed. He called it a good investment on his end, knowing how powerful the Gold Emperor will become. Plus, he taught Tesoro a few things to keep his money from prying eyes. If a rich person hires the right lawyers, those people who come to collect federal taxes will be scared off. The IRS or whatever will just harass the poor while they, the ones in the social hierarchy, can laugh it up in their yachts while children die starving. When Luthor met up on their said yachts (made of gold too), they shared drinks to signify their strong working relationship with each other. When Tesoro asked why Luthor would invest in his businesses, Luthor cheekily replied that he really wanted a nice vacation spot to frequent towards.
    Luthor: If you try to bury me with gold, you'd wish you'd be sitting in a cell.
    Tesoro: Noted. Want to sit in a sauna naked with some sexy ladies?
    Luthor: I am not taking a bath with you.
  • If there is one person who is watching Tesoro heavily on whether or not he pays his dues, it would be Lofwyr. Not that Lofwyr particularly cares if the government gets their money, but he is doing this to deflect attention away from his own tax evasions. Well, not exactly "evasions" by definition but "getting away with not paying the government through legal avenues" would be a more proper term. Lofwyr chooses Gild Tesoro for his business of gambling not providing much for society besides the numerous jobs his giant city offers. Also, he lost some money in one spin at Gran Tesoro. The man will surely pay for what Lofwyr is sure was a rigged machine.
  • When it comes to franchising, Eugene Krabs can either jump on the entire idea or simply not. It is not a choice born out of business strategy, it is more of whenever money presents itself to Krabs at that moment. He opened a second Krusty Krab but that is as far as he has taken it. So when Gild Tesoro tried out a Krabby Patty and believed that this food would be a good menu option to fatten his guests up with. Especially those Americans with high cholesterol giving them heart attacks would surely love some good burgers. Krabs was initially not on board with the entire idea of having his secret recipe used by anyone else, though seeing as Gild Tesoro offered him tons of gold in the process, he could maaaaaaayyyyyybeeeeeeeeee strike a deal with him. More pounds of gold later, Tesoro and Krabs forged a deal on having the Krabby Patty brand be used in Gran Tesoro, fattening up consumers as he likes. Except for that Krabs actually got a good deal out of it. Because the "secret recipe" Tesoro used was not actually the Krabby Patty Secret Formula that so many covet. Tesoro just paid a giant premium to use the Krusty Krab brand without even knowing. If Tesoro would ask why the Krabby Patties taste different between their chefs, Krabs would say that wet burgers cannot be helped.
  • King Dice introduced Gild Tesoro to the Devil and the demon and Tesoro struck a deal. The Devil would provide an extra security entourage if people's souls are forfeited as the final thing they could gamble. In the new Grand Tesoro, those who have already lost enough to be indebted to Tesoro have one chance to lose their debt and walk away without consequence. If they lose, their souls belong to the Devil and they will be put to work at Gran Tesoro with Gild Tesoro as the one will they work for. The Devil gets more souls and Tesoro gets more workers. Working with Tesoro is already like being dragged to Hell, so the Devil did not mind giving some workers away. What the Devil DID mind was when Cuphead and Mugman showed up to gamble at Gran Tesoro, not learning from their prior incident. When Cuphead and Mugman went to find the Devil was again taking contracts, they proceeded to blast him AND Tesoro with all their might. Though they still have their agreement, both the Devil and Tesoro are pissed that their work was undone by two cocky gamblers.
  • Scrooge McDuck finds Gran Tesoro repulsive as he thinks it is a dumb place filled with dumb people who gamble their dumb income to lose it to dumb tycoons. It is pretty easy to infer that Scrooge believes that Gild Tesoro is a rather dumb man. Tesoro was hurt by this statement and offered the duck a free swing at the machines to catch a whiff of the gambling arts. Scrooge was going to blow him off, though if it is free, he cannot refuse an offer. A few hundred pulls later and Scrooge was down to one penny left. Tesoro was going to celebrate that he nickel and dimed a person who spoke badly about him, only to be shocked that Scrooge proceeded to win his money back plus more a few pulls later. The duck explained to the bewildered Tesoro that karma always runs favors the bold before running off with his winnings. Tesoro is not the kind of man to throw the ban banner on harmless people, though that does mean he cannot take his anger out on others for this mess. Him encasing someone with gold is his specialized mute button.
    Tesoro: Who dares send me a funny meme that I do not find humor at? If those beneath my heel try to humor me without MY expression permission, then you'd wish that you were born blind and crippled.
  • Wario has been a frequenter of Gran Tesoro, and a fellow casino owner as well (it is not surprising to those who did not know this). Wario has been one of the few who could hang out with Tesoro and is not looked down upon, with Tesoro finding Wario good company from blatantly evil capitalist to capitalist. Wario has been trying to sell his casino to Tesoro, believing that rebranding it with the Tesoro name would increase profit margins significantly. Though Tesoro acknowledges this is a potential outcome, he rejects it as he feels that it would cheapen the Tesoro name, his name to be exact, by putting his name onto any dingy casino. Wario is still buttering him up regardless, to no avail.
  • There are so many places that Eggman has visited that involve gambling, it was easy for Gran Tesoro to hook Eggman into the game. Though Eggman drowned in debt almost immediately though was surprisingly paid it off without any hiccups. The engineering business is so lucrative for Eggman that he could just sell a machine he made to some government, where his funds would replenish almost instantly. Not to say Eggman is an addicted gambler always, he just finds himself losing big time. What makes Tesoro not outright enslave Eggman is that the man is genuinely a good mechanic, having fixed and upgraded machinery within Gran Tesoro as payment. The inventor returning becomes an opportunity for free tech work, if anything. Though Tesoro did lament that for some reason, the machines Eggman creates have crushed animals between the gears that start smelling up.
  • Oogie Boogie has been having fun in Gran Tesoro since he won big there. He used his entire winnings to make his own specialized roulette in the casino so actually lives are on the line. Some poor "employee" would be tossed into the ring and those betting can win big prizes or have said employee tortured as a loss. This section became a Sleeper Hit for Gild Tesoro who had to hang it to Boogie, not even he could have come up with such an ergonomic idea.
  • Celestia Ludenberg is on Tesoro's shit list. He can rig all the machines he wants, he could flip hands all he could, but she keeps on winning. He had to resort to actual cheating after seeing her sweep up the casino for so much money, Tesoro could not afford a new yacht for himself. Being an oligarch, it is a societal rule for him to own a boat whenever he wants. Tesoro is sure that this young lady must have killed his subordinate to take the Luck-Luck Devil Fruit since he has no explanation on how she could just go past every obstacle he could throw at her. It is because of her that Tesoro had to implement a rule in the casino that if someone cheats, they will be charged for twice of everything the place on the line. He cannot just simply ban her, as that would be a humiliation onto itself, that he is so afraid of someone who is notorious at the gambling scene. He already brought one famous gambler down, and it should not be this hard for him to bring another one to her knees. Not in that way.
  • Ultra Greed has been utterly decimated by Tesoro multiple times, being farmed by him for his gold. Tesoro can handle the Greeds just fine as his Devil Fruit is that powerful. Whenever Ultra Greed comes out, it is just a cakewalk at that point since Tesoro could just hurl all the money back at ultra Greed's face. Ultra Greed could simply just not throw the thing that is damaging him, though programming dictates he cannot stop. Then when Ultra Greed turns gold, Tesoro just tosses it around as if it were nothing since he controls gold. After beating down Ultra Greed, Tesoro just extracts all the gold he could of the creature to leave. Since Ultra Greed farming takes time, Tesoro does it when he wants to stretch his legs out and the slaves could not handle the beatings anymore.
  • Giovanni had Team Rocket HQ be under a casino, but never truly had the casino be that elaborated. When seeing Gran Tesoro, Giovanni was blown away by how gigantic the place was. The gold plating, the women who wear bunnysuits for some reason, and the cheery atmosphere made for a good distraction. So much of a distraction, Giovanni nearly forgot that he blew a thousand at poker. He now looks back retroactively and believes that he should have put more effort to the casino disguise of his headquarters. Or maybe he should have not let a minor inside who completely defeated him and his cronies.
  • A bit of an employee for Tesoro is Balrog who constantly fights in the boxing matchups at Gran Tesoro where he earns quite a keep for himself. Then Balrog would proceed to gamble all of his money away where he would then go back working his money back. Tesoro is surprised that he did not need to enslave the boxer as the man is enslaved to his tendencies as it was.
  • The Piglins could be seen hanging around Gran Tesoro for the sole reason that the entire place is made of gold. They could try to fit as much of it as they can into their pockets, but they still will not put a small dent in the ship's mass. Tesoro keeps them around because he has his employees pretend that they are his guards he will send to those who do not wish to pay up what the owe him.
  • There is a weird genuine friendship between Butters Stoch and Gild Tesoro. One would think Tesoro would just dismiss this child though instead, listened intently as Butters kept talking. Butters had conviction with what he spoke about, a trait that Tesoro values. Perhaps being a pimp that one time and being hopped on soda brought out charisma that Butters seldom uses. What Butters went on about to Tesoro was a way to have money stashed away through investment in useless art, a scheme that Tesoro really likes the idea of. The issue for Tesoro is that he can only vaguely understand what Butters was speaking about. He lets Butters prattle on about it as they played TV Tropes Pantheon TCG together.
    Butters: It's all stored in the blockchain, so it's proof that you own this piece of art. People can right-click it all they want but its a receipt that shows you own this art of this fancy looking monkey right here.
    Tesoro: Please make your move. I have been waiting to throw my Tesoro build at you for ten minutes.
  • Glukkons have been some good regulars at Gran Tesoro and could actually afford to lose a lot of money. They could make it all back within a week and buy another yacht soon after, so good drinks and good games are what the Glukkons enjoy. It got to a point that when Tesoro looked at the numbers, Glukkons made up 30% of Gran Tesoro's revenue. He wonders he should open a strip club too just to add another section of his moneymaker.
  • Mustache Girl, Bloody Marie, and Peacock would be sympathetic to Tesoro for his past as a slave if it were not for the fact he grew up to be similar to his slavers. They do not want to cross paths with him not out of fear, it is due to the fact that they are wrapped up in their own business to take on a tycoon. He could wallow in his fortunes all day but they know he will get what is coming to him.
  • Two ducks that Tesoro wanted to be trapped in debt was Donald Duck and Gladstone Gander. Hearing the latter's impeccable luck, Tesoro devised a plan to have Gander and Donald Duck be in a gambling competition that he will charge people to watch. As Gander repeatedly causes Donald to lose, at the final stretch where Gander has the clear edge, Tesoro would goad Gander to put everything on the line where Gander would be rigged to lose. Donald Duck would come out alright though Gander would be in ginormous trouble with him. A thrilling end to an event and one big ego boost for Tesoro. That being said, that event never came through since when Donald Duck slipped trying to get a quarter, causing a chain of events where all the slot machines proceeded to explode. Tesoro was so pissed over this temporary loss of revenue that he forgot to make the event entirely.
  • The Grandmas piled onto Tesoro once as revenge for him killing a few of them. Tesoro apparently thought ugly gold statues he found lying around were actually Grandmas made of gold... to which he smelted to become part of the floor. Even his Devil Fruit abilities could not hold back elderly women choking him out. Not wanting to use the gold of Gran Tesoro against another enemy, Tesoro decided to book it and hoped onto his yacht, sailing to the reaches unknown. As of this writing, he still is not back from wherever he is. Either way, Gran Tesoro thrives though the Grandmas can be seen playing the slots frequently, just waiting for Tesoro to come back.

"That's the way of the world, I'm afraid. Gold... rules over everything!!!"

Sundowner, CEO of War Profiteering (The Californian Wild Fire, Wind of Destruction, Jacked Bezos, Buff Bezos, Jeff, The Bastard, Weeaboo Vin Diesel, The Bald Scissors Dude)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Bloodlust (his twin pair of scissor machetes) surrounded by six explosive shields
  • Theme Song: Red Sun
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Instigating war for the heck of it, explosive reactive shields, flashy and hardly efficient techniques, supplying countries for war, fighting as dirty as possible, being in touch with his inner child (its cruelty, to be precise)
  • Domains: War, Arms Dealing, Child Soldiers
  • Followers: Many Arms Dealers and various warmongers
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Raiden, Bladewolf, Solid Snake, Cyrax, We3, Valvatorez, Martin Walker, Kiritsugu Emiya, Mercy, Setsuna F. Seiei, Ryuko Matoi, Sheele, Cut Man
  • Opposed by: The House of Childhood and Adolescence and those who are really protecting of them.
  • Scares: Jontron
  • Sundowner is the leader of the Winds of Destruction, a mercenary group of Cyborgs that are under the service of Desperado Enforcement. Sundowner himself is a bloodthirsty and psychopathic, so is no surprise that he decided to aid Steven Armstrong in hopes of sparking war so he can use it as a living. Yes he really loves war, or in his own words.
    Sundowner: Give war a chance!
  • Tried to make his way into House of Combat first as a God of Ridiculously Efficient Shields. It didn't last, to say the least, mostly due to him angering both Kenshiro and Asura when he casually mentioned the concept of child soldiers and how effective they are, especially when they are warped by war atrocities. Proof is, explosive shield means little if your opponent can punch through it and not flinch a bit. Since that incident, Sundowner's been hanging around House of Commerce, since it's not half as dangerous for him to be around, trying to advertise war and selling his services to the highest bidder. Thankfully, Mario and The Courier are able to fend him off once he starts becoming too volatile, though he always returns.
  • Likes to gloat that he's "FUCKIN' INVINCIBLE!". While this was proved wrong by many different gods, he still can give an opponent a hard time with his "gimmicky shit" like explosive shields or scissor blade or just the fact that he constantly has attack helicopters behind him as a back-up.
  • Dell Conagher is not very fond of him, mostly because both share Texan accent and Sundowner so happens to give rather "not-friendly Texan" vibe. The cyborg is not afraid to tell the engineer that his technology is no match for the military equipment of Desperado.
  • When he found out he wasn't the only God out for War for Fun and Profit, Sundowner started planning a sinister takeover of Millenium's position in the Conquest Army. It.....didn't work out so well.
  • Sundowner has been going on warmongering business ventures with Roman Torchwick on the mortal plane. When the latter was brought before the Court of Gods, Sundowner got Armstrong to pull some strings and help Roman ascend. The two have proceeded to work together for mutual gain.
  • The GUAD has contacted him and his Winds of Destruction interested in their services. However, Sundowner in a very surprising move turned them down. After all, you can't make profits if you lay to waste the entire world.
    • He is associated with the GUAC, given Armstrong's position as one of their leaders. Philosophy aside, he has no issue collaborating with the GUAE, if the price is right...
  • Was met with heavy opposition by a lot of people who oppose to or think War Is Hell. The biggest enemy he would have in this regard is Martin Walker, who ironically shares houses with. Sundowner just laughs at their pathetic attempts to stop his business and challenges his oppossers to visit him any time.
  • Sundowner and Sektor initially became allies given their shared views of cybernetization and how it improves the capabilities of soldiers and they are also working on a secret project that has put some people on edge. This in turn made Cyrax all the much more antagonistic towards Sundowner, given that it may or not involve turning people into cyborgs against their wills, which Cyrax is a victim of.
  • After learning about the existance of We3, Sundowner was fascinated by them and he is very likely to try making a similar group just to further his business. Of course the trio is not friends with Sundowner given that they are tired of dealing with people like him and they also are friends with Bladewolf.
  • Firmly believes that Children are cruel and that Child Soldiers are the best way to make a living. Of course when people discovered about the plan of Desperado of using little children brains to make an army of soldiers, they were horrified about it. The protectors of Children are certainly taking measures in case Sundowner decides to pull something similar.
  • Sundowner wields a pair of Machetes that make a scissor called "Bloodlust" and he makes effective use of them in combat. Other who wield scissors don't think too highly of him and consider Sundowner a madman. Though Gremlim and Nui Harime are friendly towards him.
    • Jontron is scared shitless of the cyborg and his scissors. Sundowner often likes to mess with poor Jon when he least expects it.
  • He also decided to collaborate with other big warmongers and terrorist among the pantheon. He has been seen alongside folks like Zoran Lazarevic or Reaper making business and the GUAG doesn't like it one bit.
  • "All we are saying is: Give war a chance!"

Vought-American, Unholy Company Of Incompetent Corporations
Their corporate logo.
  • Intermediate God-level influence (though the products leave something to be desired)
  • Symbol: Their logos (see above)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Making Compound V To Make Supers, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Incompetence, Inc., Karma Houdini That Starts To Slip At The End
  • Domains: Corporations, Incompetence, Callousness, Superhumans
  • "Products": The Seven
  • Interests: Lex Luthor, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • Allies: Mr Burns, Sundowner, Conal Cochran, Moneybags, Manfred Von Karma
  • On speaking terms with: Mr Krabs, Herbert Garrison
  • Respects: Thief
  • Rivals: Buy n Large, Morris
  • Enemies: The Boys, The Justice League of America, any genuine superhero, Steve Rogers/Captain America, every American soldier from WW2 or the Vietnam War, any honest workers, Theodore Roosevelt, Mike Schmidt, The Fazbear Gang, Pepsiman, Rudol von Stroheim, Abadar, Wright Anything Agency, Sae Niijima, honest lawyers in generalnote , The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Elliot Alderson, Gunvolt, Copen, the Sumeragi Swordsmen
  • Opposed by: Most of the Houses of Military and Warfare and Weapons, any U.S president that's not Mr Garrison or Nixon's disembodied head, Wizard and Boomstick (temporary contractees)
  • Some companies and corporations make so many mistakes, are so sloppy you wonder; how have they not gotten bankrupt? If you're Vought-American, you use a crack team of lawyers and money to wave complaints away. Vought-American's most recent business is superheroes, though mainly utilized for publicity, and they want them in the military. Given the supers were basically "raised by Walmart" this didn't end well.
  • James Stilwell is the head of VA's super business, and is functionally an Anthropomorphic Personification of the company. As such, he usually serves as their voice in the pantheon. And he is quick to remind that yes, the company cuts corners and makes shoddy products, but it knows how to make money and keep itself from avoiding legal issues. Though supers have proven... bad products.
  • Started out as a shoe-making company... and they didn't even make good shoes. Their Compound V was meant to be used by the Nazis, but they got co-opted by the Americans and used to make products. With the Super-Soldier serum out of his reach, the Red Skull is working to buy out the company or at least convince them to work with them. After all, if the pantheon sees them as evil, why not use that and serve his military ambitions? Stroheim just wants to steal it for Germany and liquidate the whole thing.
  • They started as war profiteers, but their efforts in the Second World War and the Vietnam War were utter failures and those who fought in either way rage at VA for getting people killed in their incompetence. Hell, their guns for Vietnam were so bad the Viet Cong could only use them to mount heads on pikes. And all the meanwhile they only care about the bottom-line; people are expendable. Sundowner likes how they exploit war and offers them a cut of the profit, but just not use them unless they want to pull a Springtime for Hitler stunt. Naturally both the Weapons and War houses scorn them.
  • Nikita Dragovich mistook the company executives for being Soviet sleeper agents. After learning they're just a bunch of incompetent assholes, he laughed at the fact an American corporation is inadvertently helping him with the downfall of "The West". Colonel Volgin joined in the laugh that the Americans are sending faulty equipment to their troops while he's enjoying much better Soviet equipment.
  • Superheroes across the board agree that Vought-American is almost comically evil, as you'd expect from Ennis' opinion on greedy companies. Their teams are twisted rip-offs of the JLA, Avengers and other groups. Amusingly Deadpool is trying to bring them down once and for all by suing them for copyright infringement. And many honest lawyers like Phoenix Wright are ready to take the case.
  • As an advertisement superhero, Pepsiman feels he has a responsibility to bring Vought-American down. Mike Schmidt would love to have them liquidated because their ineptitude and callousness to human suffering might surpass Fazbear's. The animatronics certainly agree and are hungry for their blood.
  • On the complete opposite side of the coin, Lex Luthor wishes to buy out Vought-American and use their superhero serum for something larger scale and more in his anti-Superman favor. He critiques their take on superheroes by making them childish and hedonistic, though their TV incarnations are more dignified. He had his own superhero program, though liquidated a number of their members when lied to that he'd be incompatible with the project.
  • As mentioned, their crack team of lawyers and manipulation of law lets them silence complaints. The Trope Pantheon may be more optimistic than the world of The Boys, but it still has a number of evil deities that use and abuse the law. Manfred Von Karma has been hired by Vought American to defend their assets. They've been flustered by the likes of Abadar defying their bribes and dirty deeds.
  • Basically the exact type of people who are at the heart of societal rot and corruption, and as such have been targeted by the Phantom Thieves. Given how they changed Japan's society for good and defeated Yaldabaoth, Vought-American is genuinely concerned at the idea they might finally get major Laser-Guided Karma. Sae Niijima would love to see that.
  • As a corrupt plutocracy, they are the very thing Theodore Roosevelt spent his political career and presidency busting. The fact they got a brain-dead dupe as vice president makes them even more problematic. Pretty much every president thinks they're garbage for their absolute failure of dealing with 9/11, except for Nixon's head because of his own Cartoonish Supervillainy, and the sheer pettiness and lunacy of Herbert Garrison. The latter has considered having his fingers in their proverbial pie.
  • Elliot Alderson dislikes Vought for being filled with corrupt businessmen, entrepreneurs and for having a wide influence that comes off as very toxic. In short, very similar to E Corp. Philip Price and Tyrell Wellick are more reserved on their feelings, as for quite some time they were corrupt corporate executives but have shifted to being more morally ambiguous until their deaths in Season 4.
  • Seeking economic domination, Vought-American competes with Buy n Large, along with Morris due to his Predatory Business. They've teamed up with Mr Burns in full, as he shares the trait of "don't care about people and cut countless corners and safety regulations" and doing so to make as much money as possible.
  • Mr. Krabs is impressed by their sheer cheapness and success, though depending on his mood Even Evil Has Standards occasionally shows itself. Vought-American themselves are impressed by Thief's sheer legal and fine print magic. Moneybags simply wants in their business, and Conal Cochran thinks he can sell his products better allied with him.
  • The company has the enmity of a number of deities from the Azure Striker Gunvolt universe, for various reasons:
    • Gunvolt views the corporation as no different from the Sumeragi Group with their corruption and greed, and has no qualms with trying to topple them. Not helping Vought is that he was kidnapped and experimented by Sumeragi, granting him Adept powers he wields now before escaping and turning on them.
    • Copen shares sentiments with Gunvolt. His gripe comes from the similar irresponsibility Sumeragi has in meddling with superpowers for their own benefit, something he views a purely dangerous. It's a sentiment he shared with his late father, and he believed that Sumeragi silenced him and his concerns to steal his research. On a one-man crusade against superhumans as a whole, Copen holds little remorse in burying Vought-American as well.
    • Ironically, even the Sumeragi Swordsmen themselves are also against Vought-American, their leader Nova Tsukuyomi viewing much of the company as too idiotic to allow to continue existing. While much of the Sumeragi Group is indeed rotten, he at least is trying to usher in a new age of order and peace as the current world has been destabilized by the Adepts.

Lesser Gods

    Conal Cochran 
Conal Cochran, God of Sinister Consumer Products
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Silver Shamrock Novelties company logo
  • Theme Songs: Chariots Of Pumpkins, and perhaps more infamously, his company jingle
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Part Evil Sorceror, Part Corrupt Corporate Executive, Turning Halloween masks into weapons of mass destruction, Sacrificing thousands of children to appease the ancient Celtic gods, Very polite and jovial despite what a warped individual he is, Contrasting Sequel Antagonist, Utilizes combined magic and technology, About as monstrous as Michael Myers despite his seeming lack of combat prowess and advanced age, Possibly a demonic entity and even older than he looks
  • Domains: Sacrifice, Technology, Witchcraft, Consumerism, Death
  • High Priest: Ivan Ooze
  • Allies: The Joker, Norman Osborn, Oogie Boogie, The Leprechaun, Slappy The Dummy, SCP-1048, The Horned King
  • Rivals: Dr. Facilier
  • Enemies: Jack Skellington, The Kids of Sector V, Freddy Fazbear, The Power Rangers, Mr. Freeze, Robocop, Just about every kid or teen Deity who've heard of him, Dr. Doofenschmirtz, Batman, Spider-Man, Laurie Strode
  • Interested in: Michael Myers
  • As terrifying as the Shape himself is, he isn't the only one you have to watch out for in the Halloween universe. First appearing in 1982's Halloween 3:Season Of The Witch as the enigmatic head of Silver Shamrock Novelties in Santa Mira, a seemingly innocent toy company with a horrendous jingle, Conal Cochran's true plans were horrific on a personal level to any loving parent or carefree child. Using a stolen mound of Stonehenge (he had a time getting it here), Cochran would infuse his latest line of Halloween masks (a Witch,Skull,and Jack-O-Lantern) with ancient, deadly magic. With Halloween approaching, Silver Shamrock aired distractingly cheesy commercials advertising "The Big Giveaway at 9:00", encouraging children to wear their masks when watching a special commercial. This would in turn activate a microchip on the back of each mask, spawning deadly insects and other vermin that would kill the wearer and any family/friends around them. Cochran planned this mass slaughter supposedly as a means of appeasing the ancient forces he served, having hailed from the time of human Sacrifice in the dark ages on All Hallows' Eve, but also because he likes "a good joke, and a joke on the children." Eventually, two outsiders tried to thwart his plan, and he was last seen disintegrating as his factory burned to the ground...until now.
  • Having set up business in the Pantheon, Cochran has decided to branch Silver Shamrock to a few interesting partners. Two of his favorites are Norman Osborn (whose impressed with what Cochran accomplished through running a novelty company) and the Joker (who shares Cochran's twisted sense of humor and wished he'd thought of something like the "Big Giveaway"). In turn, he's upgraded their arsenal with magic, from pumpkin bombs that burst into swarms of flesh eating worms, to Smilex that mutates people into cackling goblins. This in turn has earned him the utter enmity of their respective nemeses, both enraged how this man would abuse such power.
  • Given that he's pretty much an even worse version of the original OCP chairman, Cochran's become the latest addition to Robocop's database of criminals he'd personally enjoy taking down. Mr. Freeze has no respect for Cochran either, especially since a similar businessman nearly tricked him into helping destroy the world for his dystopian vision.
  • Oogie Boogie is impressed with how Cochran turned Halloween into a bug feasting ground, and in turn Cochran has complimented him on nearly killing Santa Claus. Jack, on the other hand, would like nothing more than to give the insidious Irishman the same treatment Oogie got when his Santa-napping went south.
  • As he's from a fairly obscure 80's film and is overshadowed by more mainstream villains, he sympathizes with the Horned King. He's even offered the King a job in Silver Shamrock's research department to share his expertise of black magic with the toy industry.
  • He sometimes sends his android mooks to observe Freddy Fazbear, since he's intriqued by the logistics of a sentient animatronic. He always gets them back in pieces.
  • Very interested in the Terror Mask. Not everyday that a sentient demonic mask can catch his interest. Next time he plans his mass-murdering schtick, he will use the power of the Terror Mask to amplify the power...even if it means hacking the Mask off of Rick Taylor's face.
  • Despite the nature of his targets, Cochran has gone on record to say he doesn't hate children-he just sees their deaths as a necessary cost to restore the world to a forgotten age of dark magic. Needless to say, this hasn't made his reputation any better, and he's sitting damn high on Sector V's list of adults to permit lethal force against.
  • He has a mild fascination with his fellow Halloween menace, Michael "The Shape" Myers. Cochran theorizes that Michael may be connected to the same entities he is in service to, and hopes to find a way to control and even communicate with him. Fortunately Michael, who doesn't like being manipulated by power hungry idiots, has made it clear he wants nothing to do with him and would carve him like a pumpkin if they ever cross paths.


    Anna (Fire Emblem
Anna, Goddess of Secret Shops (The Secret Seller, Secretive Merchant, Traveling Merchant, The RNG Goddess)
Collage of different Annas from different realms
  • Demigoddess (Possibly an Overdeity in disguise)
  • Symbol: An image of her face, with her index finger over her mouth
  • Theme Song: "Open for business!"
  • Alignment: Always Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Plucky Girl, Ascended Extra, Massive Numbered Siblings, Uncanny Family Resemblance, Physical God
  • Domains: Gold, Secrecy, Memories
  • Herald: Jake(s) (her boyfriend, or at least for the Annas that have one)
  • Followers: A few Fire Emblem fans, and those that carry a Member Card.
  • Allies: Roy, Marth, Lyndis, Ike, Chrom, Robin, Sigurd and Seliph of Chalpy, Byleth Eisner, Recette Lemongrass, the Kecleon Brothers, Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny
  • This is actually just one Anna. Anna is part of a family of sisters that all look alike, each one reading from a book of their combined memories and learning the way of the Secret Shop merchant. Believe it or not, they take up more jobs then just that, including everything from tutors to inter-dimensional tour guides. This particular Anna has been raised for years to set up shop here.
  • Each one of this Anna's sisters are only somewhat different, but although the merchants and the princess all share a certain... eccentricity, the merchant Annas tend to be more along the lines of tricksters, as you'd expect from someone who owns a secret shop that cannot be found.
  • Rumors abound that the Council of Shadows may be involved in her ascension, as it is also rumored that Anna is a concrete avatar of the Random Number God, as the RNG Goddess. The latter theory may be confirmed. The boss of the final bonus chapter Apotheosis is even stronger than Grima, and she is one of the Annas. Either way, it’s possible she may be more than she lets on.
  • Recette Lemongrass was overjoyed when she finally ascended, and the two became rather quick friends. Recette Lemongrass has promised not to reveal the location of her Secret Shop, which only a few gods know.
    • In fact, the fact that her shop is secret may actually be cutting profits. It’s a miracle she had enough money to get in the House of Commerce.
  • This particular Anna has no relation to a similar group of lookalikes, the Jakes. Do not confuse her with those that do.

    Apu Nahasapeemapetilon 
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, God of Asian Store Owners (Steve Barnes, Slime Q Slimedog, Apu DeBeaumarchais)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The "Kwik-E-Mart" logo
  • Theme Music: This tune is one that often plays in the Kwik-E-Mart (or Spook-E-Mart during the Halloween season). Otherwise, there's the following: Eight is Too Much, Incriminating Caffeine, This Little Piggy; those observant of the Fourth Wall may hear these musical cues
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Indian Store Owner, Ascended Extra, Bollywood Nerd, Octuplets, Proud Of His Immigrated Nation, "Thank You Come Again", Biological Kevlar, Puts 120% Into His Work, Funny Foreigner
  • Domains: Immigrants, Stores, Hinduism, Fatherhood
  • Followers: Mr Bang, Mr Patel, Carol Zimmer, Ming Lee
  • Heralds: Sanjay (his brother and coworker), Manjula (his wife) and his octuplets.
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Anna, Recette Lemongrass, Great Tiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Ned Flanders
  • On good terms with: The Simpsons family, The House of Love and Affection
  • Customers include: Krusty the Clown, Moe Syzlack, Jeff Albertson, Ralph Wiggum
  • Enemies: Sideshow Bob, Stewie Griffin, Plankton
  • Opposes: Chakravartin, YHVH, the House of Crime and Transgressions
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Avoids: Beerus, the House of Ranged Weapons
  • The city of Springfield offers a number of stores, but few are as convenient as the Kwik-E-Mart. In charge is Apu Nahasapeemapetilon. An Indian immigrant, he went to the United States for a doctorate in computer science. By the time he finally got it he came to love America, and has dutifully been running the store. He may not be the best store owner and some of his actions aren't all that legal, but you'd be hard to find an Asian Store-Owner more dedicated to his job.
  • He used to be the Great Tiger's high priest, but has managed to become a god in himself due to his hard work ethic. They immediately forged a proper alliance when he ascended.
  • Incredibly passionate towards his job, with a lot of stresses on his personal life due to being too busy with his work. He once tried to kill himself with tainted meat when he got fired. While friendly to his customers, he's not above using exorbitant prices and browbeating customers into crappy merchandise. He almost never leaves his temple, which is a replica of the Kwik-E-Mart in Springfield. He once worked for 72 hours straight, which drove him mad and made him think he was a hummingbird.
  • He has been seen working with Recette Lemongrass and Anna as a fellow shop owner. He admires Recette's passion with her work, and Anna for her utility.
  • Moe, Comic Book Guy, Ralph Wiggum and Krusty are usually as regular customers. Apu is really grateful for Krusty as his fondness for pornography helped keep him afloat in those difficult early years. Krusty has made him a recommendation for the House of Lust to order their smut from.
  • He has an arranged marriage to Manjula, who while he feared it at first came to love her. It's not a Perfectly Arranged Marriage as their marriage has been stressed by the octuplets, and he ended up finding solace with the Squishee Lady. To his credit Apu tried to apologized and let himself be demeaned by his wife in atonement, though most believe she went too far when she made him eat a lightbulb.
  • Though Indian, he is proud to be an American immigrant and truly loves his adopted country. As such, he hates people who are racist against immigrants and is still annoyed Springfield voted against illegal immigrants. He wished that he could vote more than once against Mr Garrison when his policy against illegal immigrants was to "f*ck them all to death".
  • Stewie Griffin has been permanently banned from the Kwik-E-Mart for kidnapping him, simply so he could say he took Apu. Bart found it funny but thought it went too far. Eric Cartman is on watch when he visits due to his numerous racist comments.
  • Him and Ned Flanders often butt heads due to opposing religious views, however at the end of the day they're friends and will team up to save the day, such as when they united to save Homer when his house burned down. And while Apu's more lax in terms of faith to Ned's fundamentalism, they both agree that YHVH is an asshat-especially Apu since YHVH is actively oppressing Hindu deities. He doesn't trust the likes of Chakravartin either or his connection to reincarnation and samsara, but it's not like he could hope to do anything about it.
  • Has been constantly shoplifted, mostly by Snake. As a result he has more lead in him than any normal person has any right to survive, to the point he survived a shooting when one bullet was deflected by another bullet. Understandably, he doesn't want to be in the House of Ranged Weapons at all. This may be why he takes an aggressive stance against shoplifters when he can, such as when he got Marge Simpson arrested for 30 days when she accidentally stole some bourbon.
  • Customers should make sure to have a stomach pump on hand or just a good eye when purchasing food from the Kwik-E-Mart, since Apu will try to sell meat past its due date. For the sake of the House of Commerce, Beerus cannot visit even if Whis has to come in and stop him. And while he might try to sell rotten food, he isn't going to sell Plankton's food much to the latter's chagrin.
  • Apu: "Thank you, come again".

Bubs Concession Stand, Divine Owner of the Only Shop in Town (The Thnikkaman, The ThnikkaStan, Bubsy, King Bubsgonzola Supreme, Baron Darin Diamonocle, Big Green Job, The Thin Green Duke, MC Green Beans, "Cutest Couple")
  • Demigod (Lesser God as King Bubsgonzola Supreme)
  • Symbol: His Concession Stand
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Incredibly Shady Salesman, Sells Basically Anything, Ample Top Proportions, Has Flippers For Hands, Friend in the Black Market, Has A Permanent Toothy Grin
  • Domains: Stores, Black Martkets, Disguises, Chicken Wings
  • Heralds: Coach Z, his best friend (Usually)
  • Allies: Homestar Runner, Marzipan, Grunkle Stan, Nigel West Dickens
  • Enemies: The Talking Toilets
  • Annoys: Scrooge McDuck
  • Rivals: The Eds, Phineas And Ferb (One-sided)
  • Vitriolic Best Buds With: Strong Bad
  • Bubs is a resident of Free Country, USA and the owner of the self-named "Bubs Concession Stand". Having dropped out of the sky one day (At least, according to Strong Bad), his Stand is the sole market in the entire country, and as a result provides basically every business you could reasonably think of: a general market, a repairman store, an internet service provider, you name it, it probably provides it. Bubs himself, a self described "self-made man", is a rather shady, if enthusiastic, participant in the black market, openly admitting that his black market goods are of higher quality than his legal goods. Despite this, his Stand is frequently visited by the other residents for various needs, and as a result is often seen hanging out with them, particularly with the usually unpopular Coach Z.
  • His ascension was naturally as silly as you'd expect from a Free Country resident: Bubs was minding his own business, restocking his "unlicensed unlicensed" merchandise for later, when suddenly he and his Stand was engulfed in a bright light. By the time his eyesight had recovered from the sudden brightness, he found himself in a new realm, where it was explained to him by the local court that he was now in The Pantheon. The court explained that, since his Stand was the only real shop the country had, and provided them with basically everything, he was chosen to represent Only Shop in Town, something that a confused but enthusiastic Bubs agreed to. He later discovered that some of his other customers were there as well, where he then found out how he was chosen in the first place: turns out, his on-off employee Strong Bad went through all the trouble bargaining to the court for a spot for him all so he could fix his computer. Bubs didn't really mind: if it ended up giving him godhood, then hey, who was he to complain?
  • As soon as Bubs set up shop, he immediately realized the irony involving his title: not only was he not the only store in town anymore, he now hadn't to compete with hundreds of other, more quality stores as well. He initially decided to advertise his stand as a general store that sells just about anything, and for a while it ended up getting him a few customers that needed something specific. Unfortunately, his habit of intentionally selling dubious products quickly caught up to him, and as a result his Stand was reduced to selling to more dim gods that didn't realize that they were being scammed. That's not to say Bubs doesn't still have consistent income though, as since his ascension his fellow Free Country deities prefer to shop at his place despite the abundance of better options, often attributed to force of habit.
  • One day, Bubs said "screw it" and decided to go explore the realm's other stores so that he could get to know his competition, where he ended up stumbling upon a suspicious looking tourist store titled the Mystery Shack. Curious, he thought a quick visit wouldn't hurt, and he ended up meeting the owner, Stanley Pines, who offered to take him on a tour of the "Museum of Mystery". As a fellow conman, it didn't take Bubs long to realize that the whole thing was an elaborate tourist trap, and from how Bubs described his own store it took Stan even less time to deduce the same thing. Before long, the two were having a genuinely friendly chat bonding over the various ways they've conned their gullible customers, with Bubs impressed at Stan's determination to rescue his formerly missing brother while Stan was amused by the absurdity of Bubs home world. The two ended up leaving on good terms and could since be frequently seen hanging out with each other. They occasionally do try to con money out of each other, but they generally take it in stride.
    • On a similar note, he ended up being approached by notorious Snake Oil Salesman Nigel West Dickens, who offered to stock him up with a special elixir that'll instantly grow hair on anyone it's used on. An intrigued Bubs ended up agreeing, but he quickly realized that the elixir not only didn't work, but it gave people terribly itchy rashes over anywhere it's put on, as Homestar Runner learned the hard way when trying to grow a sweet Mohawk for reasons he won't elaborate on. Surprisingly for W.D, Bubs continued to sell his products even after finding out, already selling dubious goods and figuring that one more couldn't hurt. Since then, the two have been regular business partners, with W.D usually coming up with some scam Bubs could sell for some easy cash from the Free Country residents, who are alarmingly willing to waste large sums of money on Bubs's new products.
  • One day, Bubs was tending to his "Bear holding a Shark" merchandise when he was suddenly interrupted by a rampage enacted by the Talking Toilets, a gang of sentient toilets obsessed with eating everyone in sight. Upon seeing Bubs, one of them thought that he'd be an easy snack, it launched itself at Bubs and, after some struggling from him, managed to eat him whole. What the gang didn't expect was for Bubs to suddenly bust out of the toilet, rapidly growing to gargantuan size, complete with being absolutely pissed at the Toilets. Cue a metric ton of broken toilets and destruction. When Bubs calmed down and shrunk, he rather casually explained to the nearby onlookers that the incident was what happens when he's flushed down a toilet, recalling a time when he went on a rampage in Free Country because they touched his chicken wings. Since then, Bubs remains one of the few gods the toilets will refuse to eat, lest they summon the wrath of "King Bubsgonzola Supreme".
  • Sometimes, Bubs will disappear for a suspicious amount of time, and in his place will be a mysterious being known as The Thnikkaman, a stranger who's highly popular in Free Country. Nobody's quite sure just what the Thikkaman actually does: the most we have is him showing up, saying "Yeah, shut up kid!", and leaving. Despite this, he's beloved by Free Country for finding him inexplicably cool, to the point of celebrating him on Decemberween. What very few people know is that Bubs and the Thnikkaman are one and the same, though why Bubs pulls the stunt is similarly unknown. While it initially seems obvious, the disguise literally consists only of a piece of paper taped to his chest and sunglasses, it manages to completely fool everyone he meets, even the smarter ones like Marzipan and Strong Sad. This carried over to the Pantheon, where he immediately became a mysterious yet inexplicably popular resident that fools even genius level gods. Oddly enough, Homestar is one of the few that's aware of The Thnikkaman's true identity and seems to think everyone's in on some joke, not that it stops him from idolizing him as much as anything else.
  • Bubs usually claims that he's a "self made man", apparently having made his business through entirely legitimate means. Anyone who's known Bubs for more than a couple of hours, and even those that haven't, can tell that Bubs is lying out of his ass, annoying those who legitimately have worked for their money. The most notable is Scrooge McDuck, the richest duck in the world and one of the wealthiest gods in the Pantheon, having worked hard for every cent in his vault, who once overheard Bubs claiming this to a customer while he Wars passing by. Having heard of his unscrupulous reputation, he warned the customer of Bubs before giving him a scathing talk about how Scrooge worked hard for every penny in his vault, and that people like Bubs were giving hard workers like him a bad name. Bubs was not only completely unphased by said speech, but shortly afterwards he put up a sign that advertised that the store was "chewed out by the worlds richest duck", using the publicity to attract new customers. After that stunt, Scrooge stopped bothering to talk sense into him, figuring that he wasn't gonna learn anything.
  • It should be noted that the easiest way to tick off Bubs is for someone to set up shop close to his Stand. He'll immediately take it as a personal challenge and start competing with whatever business is there, no matter how legitimate it is. The Eds learned this the hard way after attempting to set up a lemonade stand (they were actually using Limes painted yellow, by the way), setting up ten feet away from Bubs's Stand, which was also selling dubious lemonade and inadvertently pissing him off. Despite Bubs claims that it was an "epic battle", neither side really got a lot of customers, though to his credit the money they were making was tied (Read: not much). In the end, the Eds decided to just move their stand somewhere else, partially because they picked a bad location, but mostly because out of annoyance at Bubs constantly nagging at them. Either way, Bubs considered it a victory.
    • Shortly afterwards, Bubs ended up getting another competitor in Phineas and Ferb, two fun loving kids with an impressive knack for technology. To Bubs's horror, the lemonade stand they set up not only was leagues ahead of his own, with its own tables, drink dispensers, menus and more, but it sold actual lemonade. The result is the most people the area has ever gotten, with triple the amount of usual customers coming to try the boys drink, and nobody ever came to Bubs's Stand. Phineas did feel bad for Bubs and even offered to trick out his Stand, but Bubs stubbornly refused, with Phineas never catching on that Bubs was jealous at them despite overwhelming evidence proving so. The boys ultimately ended up closing the stand after a suspicious incident involving a runaway laser blast, and since them Bubs has refused to ever talk about the incident.
  • Occasionally, during a hot summer day, Bubs will occasionally leave his Stand to open up a baloney sandwich truck (Sorry, "sammich") and drive around to various areas to sell them to gods suffering through the heat. Bubs has a all types of sammiches for sale: regular ones, ones shaped like ice cream, ones with bites already taken out of them, you name it and he probably has it. Despite the rather odd concept, for the most part it's one of his more legitimate businesses, aside from the absurd prices for napkins and his tendency to nearly hit people when driving in, with the Free Country residents in particular treating it like it was an actual ice cream truck, and often mourning when it leaves. On a related note, a few gods have noted that it looks suspiciously similar to the truck the Thnikkaman occasionally drives on Decemberween, but most gods brush it off as a coincidence and don't think much of it.

    Drebin 893 
Drebin 893, Divine Seller of Suspiciously Acquired Goods

    Eugene Chaud 
Eugene Chaud, God of Young Corporation Leaders (Enzan Ijuuin, Afro Enzan, Disco Enzan, Chaud Blaze)
Click here to see his Cross Fusion with Proto Man.EXE
  • Demigod, Lesser God after undergoing Cross Fusion with ProtoMan.EXE
  • Symbol: ProtoMan's insignia
  • Theme Songs: Chaud's Theme; also ProtoMan.EXE's theme, until/unless ProtoMan ascends
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Young Corporate Leaders Who Are Also Leaders of a Team, Having Daddy Issues And A Missing Mom, Being The Most Important Rival, Always Being Known With The Last Name (sometimes), Total Pricks With A Gold Heart, Stoic Teen Geniuses, Having Black And White Hair, Wishing For A Parental Approval, Having A Worthy Opponent
  • Domains: Commerce, Leadership, Internet
  • Herald: ProtoMan.EXE (his NetNavi)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Bass.EXE, and the other Bass as well, Geo Stelar, Solo, Sirius, Byakuya Togami
  • Enemies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Prometheus, Pandora, Tron Bonne
  • Conflicting Opinion: Repliforce, Copen
  • Opposes: Wizard and Boomstick
  • Superior: Mitsuki Saiga
  • Eugene Chaud is the son of Shuuseki Ijuin, president of the Ijūin PET Company (IPC), as well as the operator of the NetNavi version of Proto Man. His mother passed away when he was still young, and becoming the vice-president of IPC contributed towards his initial cold attitude towards Lan Hikari. The two first met while Chaud was investigating a water shortage caused by WWW. He was first established as a ruthless operator who took his job seriously and would delete any NetNavi in his way, and saw Lan as a pest. But as the series progressed, Chaud grew to respect Lan and open up to others, smiling more often while never losing his serious outlook during battle, nor acting impulsively before thinking. He grows up to become the worldwide leader of International Officials (or becoming his father's successor as president of the IPC in the Japanese version).
    • ProtoMan was personally created by Chaud, who also trained him to be a fighter. Originally ProtoMan fought by himself without Chaud operating him, but once MegaMan bested him in combat and explained how his connection with Lan made him stronger, both the Chaud and ProtoMan began to reconsider the way they operate. They became one of the few teams to effectively rival Lan and MegaMan in combat while still remaining allies. While ProtoMan couldn't ascend with his operator, Chaud was able to temporarily call him into his PET when the situation called for it. Chaud is currently awaiting the day his NetNavi will ascend at his side officially.
  • Ascended after being one of the people that defeated Dr. Regal and Nebula, and also being the leader of Team ProtoMan. Chaud is also the vice-president of a famous company. As a 12 years old, no less.
  • Many people are confused by his "specific" name. Some know that Chaud is his surname, but others think that it is his first-name, not helped by the fact that one particular Alternate Universe has his surname renamed as "Blaze".
  • Heard rumors about Proto Man being one of the gods in the Pantheon, he runs to see him.. only to discover that it's not the NetNavi that he knew. On the other hand, Proto Man is not so different from his Alternate Self, being a defender of the universe in spite of being an Aloof Big Brother.
    • When Chaud meets Zero however, it was another story. At the first sight he immediately noticed Zero's similarities with ProtoMan.EXE, given that both are red-colored robots with long hair who are also swordsmen. Chaud is also disgusted by the fact that Omega is Zero... or more exactly, used Zero's original body.
    • Is also confused by the fact that both Alia and Ciel looks similar to Roll.EXE, one of the NetNavis in which ProtoMan.EXE is also an ally. Not helped as the former seems to have a crush on X.
  • Speaking of that, Chaud is not amused by the fact of having too many "Megamens" in the Pantheon. From the original one to Vent and Aile, it was very hard to find both Lan and MegaMan.EXE in the Pantheon. On the other hand he seems the original Mega Man as a powerful being, just as strong as MegaMan.EXE. Note that he doesn't have any grudge towards Mega Man, it's only because of Chaud's deals with Lan. His "descendants" are no slouch either, specially X.
    • Seems to be also interested in Geo Stelar, as his way of being "a Mega Man" is a Fusion Dance, not unlike a Cross Fusion. Then again, it's implied that Geo is a descendant of Lan. Speaking of that, he also notices that Luna Platz is similar to Yai due to both girls being rich ladies and having blond hair. Interesting, Luna still has zero interest on Chaud and still wants Mega Man (read: Geo's superhero form) to be her boyfriend.
    • Speaking of Cross Fusion, Chaud has learned that Lan's PET was upgraded to allow him to perform Cross Fusion without the need of a Dimensional Converter. Chaud has his PET upgraded similarily, and he also accepts Lan's Battle Chip Gate so they can send each other Battle Chips when they need it. While ProtoMan hasn't ascended yet, Chaud can temporarily call him onto his PET to allow him to perform Cross Fusion.
  • For the villains, one thing is certain - Chaud is just as disgusted of the villains as Lan and MegaMan.EXE, but especially Dr. Wily. Even through he's the lowest in the villainy food chain, Wily happens to be worse that the one from Chaud's universe, as the original one was the one behind the Maverick Wars. He's also disgusted by Sigma, Serpent and Dr. Weil.
  • Speaking of villains and bad guys, Chaud is not amused with villains like Team Rocket and Backdraft Group trying to provoke him to fight. He even tells that they're no different from the World Three.
  • Aside of his rivalry with Lan, he also seems to have a mean streak towards Bass.EXE. Chaud also noticed that some of his dead ringers (like the original Bass and Vile) are also in the Pantheon. Interesting, Chaud himself is sometimes forced to team-up with Prometheus and Pandora, much to his (and their) own dismay.
  • Once Chaud meets the Repliforce from the first time, he gets shocked, because not only Colonel reminds him of a NetNavi with the same name, but also because said Navi's operator is a hero turned villain. Likewise, Iris also reminded Chaud of another NetNavi with a similar name, but they're pretty much different appearance-wise. It should be noted, however that both the Reploids and the Navis have one thing in common: They were supposed to be a singular being before things goes different.
    • Chaud does eventually meet the Iris from his universe. Although Iris is concerned about his impression of her, considering she's the sister of Colonel.EXE and was made to control military weapons for Lord Wily, Chaud surprises the girl by telling her he doesn't hold Colonel or Lord Wily's actions against her. After all, Lan showed Iris how good people can be and also taught her to be brave, which contributed to her opposition of Wily. This, as well as Lan vouching for her even before he made his statement, has instead caused Chaud to praise Iris and see her as an ally, while promising to help her if anyone tries to use her as a weapon.
  • Just like Lan, he's also allies with most of the internet-related deities, like Tron, Lain Iwakura, Kevin Flynn and Beck.
    • Is also allies with Kirito and Asuna, but especially the latter as both were born in a powerful corporation. In fact, Chaud wasn't pleased into seeing Sugou again, especially considering that not only he's a maniac which did too many atrocities in both the real and the cyberworld. The fact that Sugou nearly raped Asuna pissed him off even more. Meanwhile he seems to have a good view of Sinon, as she wields two different weapons, thing that is not uncommon in a NetNavi like ProtoMan.EXE.
  • Is surprised by the fact that he sounds a lot like many different characters, especially as said characters are also rivals:
    • Ash noticed that Chaud sounds like Drew, May's rival from Hoenn. Meanwhile, Van, Fiona and Thomas also noticed that he also sounds like Raven, Van's most important rival. It doesn't help that said rivals also have a companion (Roselia and Shadow), not unlike Chaud himself which has his ProtoMan.EXE. Interesting, he's also pretty similar to Ash's rival Gary, as both started as arrogant rivals until a certain event while which somewhat softened them.
    • Outside of the rival department, Chaud also noticed that one of the Blitz Team members, Jamie Hemeros, sounds like Chaud himself, and in both japanese and english. It doesn't help that Brad, Jamie's teammate, sounds similar to ProtoMan.EXE and IceMan.EXE. As a joke, Brad has the longest hair of the Blitz Team members. The other members are no different: Leena is Sal, Bit is BurnerMan.EXE and Doc Toros is World Three member Yahoot.
    • He also sounds similar to Garnet. Doesn't hurt that Garnet herself is a Fusion Dance between two gems.
  • Somewhat yaoi fangirls in the Pantheon like to take advantage of Chaud's relationship with Lan by shipping them and writing doujinshis about them. Chaud himself is not amused. But Lan is.
  • Don't tell him about the moment that he had to wear a Funny Afro. Just. Don't.
  • Chaud had heard of a Death Match between five incarnations of Mega Man (Classic, X, Legends, Battle Network, and Star Force), and heard that MegaMan.EXE won the battle at the cost of causing collateral damage. Even though that was just a simulation, Chaud is very angry at Wiz and Boomstick for traumatizing MegaMan.EXE, intending to have some words with them for even coming up with something that unethical.
  • Chaud is conflicted about Copen, since while he doesn't like what he's done, he does see a lot of himself in Copen. Chaud admits he probably would have ended up just like him if he hadn't made any friends at all. He also admits he's willing to work alongside Copen's Alternate Self for a common goal, but with Copen still hating Adepts, Chaud will oppose him to protect the innocent.
  • Chaud generally respects Byakuya Togami, since their both Jerks with a Heart of Gold who opened up to their allies (even if it took longer and more effort for Byakuya to do so) and they're heirs to their family's business. The two are determined to be the best at their positions whenever they can and provide aid to their allies, though Chaud admits even he wouldn't have strung up someone's body like Byakuya did with Chihiro, something that gets on Byakuya's nerves.
  • Can also be found in Child Archetypes.

    Jonathan Irons (Call of Duty
Jonathan Irons, Representative of Extremely Powerful Corporations (Kevin Spacey, CEO and President of Atlas Corporation)
  • Demigod by himself, Intermediate God when commanding Atlas
  • Symbol: His corporation's logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: PMCs, believing that power determines who's right, Being extremly friendly with his employees provided they don't oppose him, Wanting to control the world to achieve world peace
  • Domains: War, Commerce, Technology, Health & disease
  • Allies: Palpatine, The Illusive Man, YHVH, BnL
  • Enemies: Alex Mason, Captain America, Shepard, most of the Heroism House. Steven Armstrong, Mordin Solus and a great deal of the House of Health and Diseases, Heihachi Mishima, Ghetsis Harmonia
  • Rivals: Sundowner, Marcus Kincaid
  • Was given the position when it was learned that in his home dimension, his corporation had been granted a seat at the United Nation Council.
  • Upon his ascension, Irons requested that some of his soldiers be allowed to join him. He has since began to rebuild Atlas within the Pantheon and his objective is to makes it its main police force to, in due time, gain control of it. However, the more hectic nature of the Pantheon makes it that he settled (for now) on just be given a seat in the Main House.
    • He has since tried to recruit some Gods in Atlas although he had little success so far. He tough he was onto something with the 501th Legion but they obey only to Vader. The Wonderful 101 likewise globally refused, even though some of its members signed up.
    • However, since only his soldiers are equipped with exo-suits, this made some deities agree to join Atlas, if only temporarily.
  • The Snake brothers are extremely wary of him since Manticore remind them a lot of FOXDIE.
  • Upon hearing about Steven Armstrong, Jonathan Irons tried to forge an alliance with him. That was before learning Armstrong's true goal which are a complete opposite of what Irons wanted. He is, for the same reason, the enemy of any Chaotic deities, even though he recognize their use and even used some in his original world.
  • Contrary to what many had thought, Irons had not declared Bn L Atlas' enemy but had even forged an alliance with them, arguing that they operates in different sectors and thus could complement each other. Many Gods fear the day Atlas and BnL will try to take control of the Pantheon itself.
  • Tried to recruit Marcus Kincaid as Atlas' new weapon manufacturer, but it was unsuccessful.
  • While Manticore has been confiscated by the House of Health and Disease, Irons had been allowed to keep a very small supply in case of emergency.
  • Strangely, everyone willing to join Atlas has to pay their respect to Jonathan's son, dead in a US intervention in Seoul..
  • "People don’t want freedom. They want boundaries, rules. Protection. From invaders and from themselves. People need a leader who can give them both the support and the constraints to keep chaos at bay. You give them that, and they'll follow... And that's where I come in."


    Kecleon Brothers 
The Kecleon Brothers, Gods of Dungeon Shops and Shopkeeper's Revenge (Kakureon)
  • Quasideities (Normally), Greater Gods (if someone steals from them)
  • Symbol: Two red zigzagging lines
  • Theme Music: Stop By, Take A Look; switches to Thief! if stolen from
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Protean
  • Gender: Male
  • Nature: Adamant
  • Movesets:
    • Purple Brother: Knock Off, Drain Punch, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
    • Green Brother: Skill Swap, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Ice Punch
  • Portfolios: Holding up shops in dungeons, Being able to Change Typing, Hollywood Chameleons, Going into Unstoppable Rage if stolen from
  • Domains: Shops, Chameleons, Rage
  • Followers: Any shopkeeper in a Roguelike
  • Allies: Pikachu, Recette Lemongrass
  • Enemies: Every one from the House of Crime and Transgressions (at least the ones related to robbery).
  • These two Kecleon (One green and one purple) which run a small shop, usually located near Recette's Temple. However, the green one usually leaves to sell his goods somewhere else around the Pantheon.
  • Usually, the two of them are really docile... Unless you steal from them, or you destroy their products, in which case they fly into an Unstoppable Rage, summoning more Kecleon to ambush the thief. During which, the otherwise subpar Pokémon becomes one of most dangerous things you can see.
  • One of the grand missions of House of Crime is to steal from them and be able to escape without a scratch. So far no one hasn't been quite brave (or foolish) enough to try that. Not even Issac and Miria, who are said to be a few crayons short by most of the House of Crime, would steal from them.
    • Even so, when they did do this, due to Issac and Miria's immortality, everyone watched as a group of Kecleon kept pounding them into oblivion for three days straight. It wasn't until Issac and Miria offered them some of the gold that they had on hand did they stop.
      • Similarly, the House of Friendship and Camaraderie has been tasked to find a way to calm down the Kecleon Brothers if they get angry. So far this has been a really difficult task.

Morris, Divine Representative of Predatory Businesses
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Joja Corporation logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Jerkass, Mouth of Joja Corporation, Pragmatic Villain, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Workaholic
  • Domains: Business, Corporation
  • Allies: Moneybags, Mr. Krabs, Stewie Griffin
  • Rivals: Just about every deity in the House of Commerce who runs a business
  • Opposed by: Colin, Yosuke Hanamura
  • Morris initially declined to ascend, his reasoning being that in his mind, Joja Corporation wasn't "predatory" at all. After he thought on in for a while, though, he reluctantly accepted his title. It would be worth it in the end if it meant attaining godhood, after all.
  • Almost immediately after his ascension, Morris began construction on a Joja Corporation headquarters in the House of Commerce. Ever since its completion, Joja Cola drink machines have littered the Pantheon. Reactions to the cola are mixed, to say the least.
  • Krobus and the Dwarf don't exactly get along, but they can agree on one thing. While they both have a generally neutral opinion on Morris, they at least agree that Joja Cola is terrible.
  • Morris frequently attempts to steal the customers of other businesses in the House of Commerce with coupons and promises of Joja membership benefits. This of course drives the affected parties absolutely nuts. This is a large part of the reason that Morris doesn't have many friends.
  • Though most business owners in the House of Commerce are getting to be at their wit's end with Morris, he and Mr. Krabs have managed to forge a pretty okay friendship. This is likely because of their similar attitudes in regards to the pursuit of money.
  • Morris thinks that Moneybags' method of barring progress until given gems is genius. He frequently offers the bear his compliments.
  • Colin isn't particularly fond of Morris. While he does use money for his own benefit, he isn't a jerk about it. Morris himself, however, is curious about the Silver Card that Colin is banned from carrying.
  • Yosuke greatly disagrees with Morris' methods. Unlike Joja Corporation, Junes, the company his father works for (as manager of Inaba's branch), works with local establishments rather than attempting to overshadow them. Well, after tense relations with them for the better part of a year; no one said cooperation comes easy, but it's worth it.
  • There have been reports across the Pantheon of deities passing out due to over-exertion or other means, only to wake up in their temples with a note from Morris at their side which states that he found them and took them home. These notes always have an attached bill for the service.
  • Morris very rarely leaves the House of Commerce, let alone Joja Corporation HQ unless it's on important business matters. As such, many deities speculate that he may be married to his job.
  • The incident in which Stewie Griffin kidnapped Apu just so he could say that he took Apu proved to be extremely amusing to Morris, even if the joke went a little too far. He can frequently be heard repeating the story around Joja Corporation HQ water coolers. Apu is not amused by this. Stewie, however, is glad that Morris can appreciate the humor in the story.

    Phillip Price 
Phillip Price, God of Evil Corporations
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The E Corp Logo
  • Theme Song: 4.0_9-rom3falls.tmp
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, becomes True Neutral with shades of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Corrupt Corporate Executive, CEO of E Corp, Surprisingly Polite, Doesn't Involve Himself in Physical Confrontations, One Of Three Main Antagonists But Falls off shortly Afterwards, Is Capable of Empathy and Care for Others, Not the Ultimate Opponent of the Series, Revealed to be Angela's Father, Disappeared Dad, Outliving One's Offspring, Defects Whiterose to Join Elliot to take him Down, Killed by Whiterose immediately after Defeating Him
  • Domains: CEO, Corporations, Capitalism, Influence, Desperation, Fatherhood
  • High Priest: Chester V
  • Allies: Tyrell Wellick, Elliot Alderson, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Nagato, Obito Uchiha, Leonard Snart, Seto Kaiba, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Eddie Brock/Venom, Carl Clover
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tony Stark/Iron Man, Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec, Go Shijima/Kamen Rider Mach
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Sundowner, The Joker, Arfoire, Patrick Bateman, Handsome Jack, Tenjuro Banno, Relius Clover, Lex Luthor
  • Uneasy Relationships: Candace White, Sara Crewe, Oliver Twist, Asura, Batman
  • Pitied By: Mithra
  • Opposes: The Grineer
  • The CEO of E Corp, Philip Price has an immeasurable influence and reputation on the world, thanks to his company being the dominant business mogul. Because of his company's role in hiring several people for numerous shady schemes, Price played a hand in the deaths of Elliot's father and Angela's mother and had been collaborating with Deus Group head Zhi Zhang, who also masqueraded as the Dark Army leader, Whiterose. Despite initially appearing to disregard anything other than himself and his company as expendable, Price has shown himself to be a much deeper character and is a lot more genteel to be around with. However, one too many schemes and catastrophic actions from Whiterose caused Price to be disillusioned and be pitted against his close business associate. After confessing to being Angela's father before she was shortly executed and retiring his position as CEO, Price decides to align himself with Elliot to help take down Whiterose, the Deus Group and the Dark Army. With help from Elliot and Darlene, Price succeeded, only to be shot and killed by an enraged Whiterose, distraught after realizing her plans were All for Nothing.
  • Melkor had been thinking about the prospect of a conglomerate for the Grand United Alliance of Evil. Whilst he knew that sundering, destruction and tyranny was his ultimate goal, he realized sooner or later, that there's always going to be some sort of leisure and free-time activities that villains would want to pursue. The God of Evil was amused to discover a company going by Evil Corp and thought that this will definitely play out his ambitions. Taking full precedence, Melkor ascended Philip Price into the Pantheon...
    • Except the following events weren't as planned as he had predicted. Turns out, Melkor had been seeing events through the perspective of Elliot; there was never an "Evil Corp", the company was always simply known as E Corp. Price, not realizing what was going on and finding himself near a skyscraper, walked into a busy city street. Melkor... was not amused by what had happened.
  • It didn't take long for Price to realize that he was in a new world and that somehow, in some way, E Corp also exists alongside it. To his surprise, he saw that the company was running pretty smoothly and that this new world wasn't plagued by worldwide debt and authoritarian control. Not noticing Whiterose's presence and the fact that E Corp was doing fine with a new CEO, Price decided to settle down and retreat to a new household to manage himself and savor up some money. That said, he does get some earnings from E Corp due to his close ties as former CEO.
  • Although Price lives in peace in the Pantheon, its become no surprise to him that the Pantheon, now the new world that he lives in, is locked into a perpetual state of battle between different factions. Price couldn't really do much and stated that he's done his job and that to save the world from fantastical threats is something that he cannot contribute to, even if he wanted to.
    • Near E Corp's main entrance during a quiet midnight, Price was approached by Nagato. The former CEO initially had no idea what was going on, until Nagato told him about how he's secretly getting paid by E Corp as royalty fee. Price stated that he's retired and has since, got nothing to do before attempting to walk away. He was stopped when Nagato told him that Tyrell was also in the Pantheon and is currently unaware of Elliot's success in defeating the Dark Army, in addition to a growing presence of malicious businessmen who seek to use their companies to assert dominance. Nagato politely demanded Price to fund his money to him for the intent of developing tech to use against the many evil forces in the Pantheon. Price however rebuffed, stating that if his money is to be used, than it should be to benefit those in need. Taken aback, Nagato agreed with the terms.
    • Since his admission into Nagato's company, Price currently serves as the financial service, often being the one who provides money and budget to help out with development and planning. He's since made quick friends with Captain Cold as he adheres to standards and understands what Price wants to aim for. Additionally, the more he learned from Nagato, Price has since come to becoming more civil and agreeable with him, considering he also wanted to save the world, just like Elliot wanted to. That said, while he is available for help, Price will not have his money spent on weaponry, partly because a casualty will force him out of his reclusive life and partly because it would damage his reputation and force him into hiding.
  • His true identity as Angela's father and her subsequent death was what finally drove Price to fight for the greater good, although it was more out of a desire to avenge Angela. Because of this, he is in amicable graces with the Hall of Fathers and he genuinely respects and fears those who are immensely dedicated to their children's protection. That said, not everyone is fond of him, case in point, Asura, who is disappointed in that Price could have been a far better father than in his mortal life. Angela not being in the Pantheon doesn't help matters.
    • Mithra does however send her condolences and is willing to help out his grievances and issues in settling and dealing with Pantheonic affairs. Knowing what Asura is truly capable of, Price usually acts his best towards Mithra. It helps in that his jovial and sophisticated demeanor isn't an act.
  • While he was corrupt and amoral throughout much of his mortal life, Price does have moral standards that he won't cross and maintains a sense of honor and civility in his business approach. Though E Corp is guilty of pollution to some extent, Price is willing to try correcting his mistake and thinks Mr. Burns is utterly reprehensible. Although E Corp is one of the biggest, most successful companies in the Pantheon, Price is taking measures to be pragmatic and careful about his connections.
    • He also utterly loathes Eliza and Neil Reagan, mainly because their snobbish and petty attitude completely clashes against Price's demeanor and unlike him, never grow and learn morally nor attempt to be something meaningful in their lives. That, and he thinks their treatment and bullying towards Candace White amounts to nothing. That said, while Price has more respect towards Candace, she doesn't really have much thoughts on him in return, though Price is willing to try helping her out with financial issues if need be.
  • As a redeeming villain, Price is seen with suspicion and doubt by many heroes in the Pantheon. Batman is among the most concerned as he has more than enough evidence to incriminate Price for his company's wrongdoings. Price on the other hand is very cautious about him, especially knowing what he is capable of. They have worked together in order to bring down Patrick Bateman at one point, but even then, their collaboration was incredibly uneasy at best. That said, at least the two aren't enemies.
    • Speaking of Bateman, he initially wanted to work under E Corp as a means to bolster his reputation and look cooler by working in one of the Pantheon's biggest conglomerates. Initially, Price allowed him in... until reports of murdered E Corp employees began to surface in distressing numbers. An investigation was ordered where after a long time, Bateman was finally ousted as the culprit. Ever since then, Bateman has retreated to the GUAE, seeking revenge.
  • He has Chester V nominated as his High Priest, which earned him disapproval from some residents of the Hose of Food. That said however, Price is able to keep Chester V in check thanks to the influence of E Corp and the threat of consolidating Live Corp into E Corp if Chester V ever tries to step away from Price's expectations deliberately. Chester V himself was initially confident in thinking he'll be able to weasel out of Price's control, but after learning of Price's allegiance with Nagato, that seems to be really unlikely.
    • Even then, it's actually made pretty clear that Price isn't exactly fond of Chester V himself. The reason the latter is the former's High Priest is mainly because of pragmatism and to further support the GUAG from the shadows. That, and E Corp still remains relatively unchallenged in the Pantheon given it's scope and general reputation.
  • He was able to eventually track down Tyrell and come into terms with Elliot's success in defeating the Dark Army. Tyrell however felt empty, knowing that his wife and son are not in the Pantheon with him. Price reciprocates with the absence of Angela, but as of now, the two are now thrust into a new world with new opportunities, which both Price and Tyrell are unsure of how to pursue it. Price has accepted to work as a financial benefactor for Nagato, but Tyrell is reserving to lead out a quiet life for now.
  • Despite his murky actions in his mortal life, Price has managed to endure his good reputation thanks to his personality. Despite this, he's not exactly on good terms with other successful businessmen like Lex Luthor, given that he's far too fixated on Superman above most things and that working with him would mean opposing the Justice League and several other heroes, a chance that Price knows won't work out for him. On the contrary, he's quite chummy with Speedwagon and Price has even offered a collaborating relation between E Corp and the Speedwagon Foundation. Despite being genuine with help, Speedwagon has declined mainly due to E Corp's shady reputation, though he doesn't hesitate to personally help Price at times.
  • As amoral as he was back then, even Price couldn't stand Tenjuro Banno. If anything, he ended up making a difficult truce with Go Shijima to make any set of plans to take him on. It helps that with E Corp's power and influence, Price can invest in projects designed to counter Banno's science to some extent, even being open to the idea of upgrading and developing new Kamen Rider suits, but for now, he's keeping himself reserved, so as not to catch too much of Banno's attention.
  • As a way to make up for his actions, Price has tried to be charitable and donate some of the profits he gets from E Corp to orphans and the poor in the Pantheon. It seems like a nice gesture, but another meeting with Nagato eventually led Price to realize that his actions might be seen as a try-hard by residents with the rate he's spending money on. He's since being more careful.
  • After some time, he was able to meet up with Elliot again at some point. Impressed with how they were able to defeat Whiterose, but still grieving over the loss of Angela, the two sometimes try to console with each other, now that their primary enemies are gone. That said, they also have to deal with new threats in the Pantheon, though for the time being, Price and Elliot are currently trying to adjust.
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